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The Carrollton sun. (City of Carrollton, Parish of Jefferson, La.) 185?-1???, September 29, 1860, Image 1

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' Yes, sir,' said'the man, running his
hand through his shaggy looks, his
harsh face showing unusual intelligence,
'mining in this region is a hard life,
but I think we've all been better since
little Pinky went away.'
'And who was little Pinky?' asked the
gentleman, while the dark eyes of the
lady at his side sparkled in anticipation
of a story.
'Well, you see-it be something of a
tell-and if ye'd move farther on in
the shade of the old oak yonder, it'll
mayhap be pleasanter for the young
miss, for the sun be hot.'
The lady and gentleman followed
the brown and weather-beaten man to.
the cool shadow of the oak and finding
aseat for the young lady on a convenient
root that came squarely up from the
ground, the miner began with his usual
'You see-Pinky were the son of
Jesse Pinkham, a young man, and a
regular good one, as the saying goes.
I reckon Pinkham was the only one
of us as ever said the Lord's prayer,..
br any other prayer. He were a nice
young fellow, that's the fact! . But,
we're a rude set, sir, we of the_ a0e$,
and specially in this place; we di1Vtf
like anything that was like. ogt
ball'd 'pious.' Sunday, sir, ris 4ºbe
regular-well I might say, dev 'e day,
tith us. It was nothing but drinking
aid. dancing, pitching, cardK, and
sweaiing.' .
SW'ell; sir-, you see-Jesse he got mar
iied t~ 4 tegular lady-like girl, sir, and
it tiirjie' out a pious one. They didn't,
'ii'one df 'em-that is, Pinkham, his wife
aind old iiother-jine us in our merry
hkIkirpgs on a Sabbath, but sometimes
the young i}tia and Bessy-that's hie
..irfe. sir. ould;ialk five miles to l e ir:
Sa pars -- a t- We was all "
upon Jesser; ryou see the real tzng
'as he ai'de 'us ashamed of ouQselves,
by his goodtiess, and I was wbSe than
the rest, tryinig tny best all the time to
pick up a quarrel with him. Well;
sir, one Saturday night whit did we see
but a notice stuck up oh this very
tree, that there'd be a parson from
Frankton bon the morrow, td preach o
us. We didn't like the news, and we
could tell pretty well where the move
omine from; 'cause you see, we knew
Jesse was pious. So we determined,
the greater part of us, that we wouldn't
have any psalm-singing-no canting
prayer-no reading out of the Bible.
'Weoll, the minister came, and he
found a Babel. Wo all got together,
andweo raved, and laughed, and pitched
quoits, and made such a noise that the
parson had to give it up. lie tried
agin and agin, and came right ainong
us-iho was plucky, I tell.yea-but we
hooted in his cars, and threw mud on
his bettorinost clothes, and so ho was
fairly driven off-'cause you see we
had liquor enough in us to set us all
Poor Jesse!-how we jeered him after
that! but he bore it meekly, sir, tadt I
was orten ashamo of myself, though I'd
died afore I'd confessed it. But I iam
sorry enough for my part of it, for one
day there camei a rumbling heavy noise,
shaking the earth, and then a crash
like rattling thunder bIeneath our f,'t,
and we know that somebody was buried
alive. It was ill tlhe wrking shaft
whero Jesse was, andl thler, didn't
hapein tobe a aoal in thle ioe etxcept
him, poor fellow! They'd all .,-onW into
another shaft, where hle diiha't like to
follow 'eII 'c*casie thlIy were such "t
wicked set;. and as they wis Atiit
their diffhee M' h hie , ff cident
'We dug him out, sir! lie was awful
crushed-all Ibut his face-that looked
smiling and peaceful like, and we
couldn't bear the sight; it made us thiuk
how we'd treated him. So we carried
him home to lessy. She didn't cry
and take on, as most the men's wives do,
'vhen an accid!ent hjplens, but it wae
awful td' see how still uho
were! Awful, sir, and I to
see a sight like it agi.
'We all t libd-ft ' -
hadn't h
dilel b e tn
then ss
if I'
ve by
ated so
., sh r o }I&
thoughts, idl4hei St', ot`
I ain't spent pion l t
hope'll be merciful tb
'Well, sir-his wife
thing, took the death sado
They said the shock
sudden, dried up all bhr
She never cried on't onf
and pined, grew thinnr'i
died just three month
That was how the littl
'little boy-came to be an'
hWell, we all determine
of the litts one, and so
every monith to see which should
have the maiutenance of him. It used
to come to me pretty often, but I done
it willingly, sir. because I considered
I'd been hard to the man-hard to poor
'The boy was pretty, sir, but lie didn't
grow much. You see ho hadn't no
rncther'slov to thrive on. The women,
they thought they did well by hri,
but they sort o' hustled him, and hel
wanrted sot othhi' diflurct, coiing of,
a delicato stock I don't s'pose not I,
iiiy, sir, can give a child that feelitng
thrt having somebody to love tand ,ll t
incther does--no, not all the cossetinl
in the world, by strahg;r s.
'Well, the y:ars passed,and thi little
fellow began to be haundy in the mine.
It seemed a pity to see him begin that
herd sort o' life, but then we are not
nallo to take care cof mnor thliain ine
halphless hand, and lthere was plenty
ya,.ung as lie wats hlowni there. irt lie
was 9o differenit from all tie rest of the
children, lie looked, for all the world,
before he could get the gi rin in his
face, like the geuitlernman's clhilI, sir.
IHis skin was like the shells you some
times tee with a little red tingo on 'cml,
and lie hadi his mother's large brown
eyes, and his father's ctirly hiir; atl,
then, he was so slim-like anid girlish.
Bit Itho had spirit beyond hiis strength,
and gloried in his w,,rk.
'Things were going ,n aihont as.uisn:,i.
except that I was 4airdlcr dcownle roll
girtl than ever. [email protected] soft fc'ling.9
w're of(f nmy eairt, at1U I think I hated
wlh was pious w~*F nol b
(mr'S unddas was tiihr' i ':-ng
good--verythiig e-.il, ju-~as evil as
'evil could be.
:P' sir, one lday the litthle fll w'was
on my heat, anrd ie hald dEtoue ui, his
work quick and airly, s,, lie st',,,,l somi
time beside m,. ta:lkitn-- I i:evir hliardl
such strange thiii.s l4-", -'-'. So says
" hi,, E. I w'i. thxjtin'# ¶y , EE.E'
(,me fr.,r ti. - ,rth," - ,
·~·.1.~. · ·. . . .
'I prided myself on my little learn
ed so says I, "Why, nater made it,
Pinky; we used to call him Pink and
Pinky. -.
'Well what madeebter, Keene ?"
he kept on asking.
'Why-why .nater inade itself !'
'Oh, no !" hefa e.d ; and with a sol
look as ev any face and,
don't know
anything like
ark !'
if a man had
,where did
e godd man told
Sman 7" I asked, and an
g came over me.
at reoached at mammy's funeral,'
'And where'd y , et him ?" I sort
o' growled, like.. , .
'Out in,thoe I seed
him on a ho e up and
rided m k, and
told m
'I, didn't
y lamnp
thing that
in a good
ave to wait
e-for the
d so I said:
y, they'll be here
shaky, for he was in a
of the pit.
don't feel afraid Keene;
se God's close to us ?'
; I filt my blood trickle
ery wind that came down
y I .thought was his breath,
of God!
the hours passed away, and
came. P1resently, says Little
, 'I'll go for you, God will show
the way.' and I heard his little feet
ratting along them dangerous rlaces.
It was awful!. r1'he sweat started out on
me thick, and it seemed like I couldn't
breathe. But when I called him back
he shouted with his little voice, 'God'll
show me the way !"
'It almost makes me tremble when I
think on't, sir; the boy went over the
worst road in the 1pit, full of sink shafts,
anl dau',rou's placeL, witlhout. no :1 !
), sir when they casel to ntlm with plnlty
of light, 1--I c:nllnl 't believo it sir, I
co:,ldiln't ; and thoug h lehsy k'ept telling
that l'iny was safe, 1 tell you, sir,
that I thou"ght it was a lie, tell I so,(
hin and h,,d i liil cry II t, 'l'lu i-'.r.
l ,. n . - l .h, w n,, ltih va" !
i L; tr el ; but t'Ii'; (fl, 'tis as truie Its
woin('erfil sir; 1nal I tell Vyol I was I"
dill'erint maln after that. N\t lhaat I
grew good at, 011n(''- 1n, 1 (iln', kIln.:
tr1 e.yi thei,, sir I (lij't fe l lilke littl,
l'inky; I didin't fetil 5llrle that G Ol '
show nw, bat 11,E did.
'()nte dy, afte'r I'inky had ,oy,i
working hlard1, lhe se ,! ie was dry, 4a',1
his lhad a'hlied. N'11. wrl'4ilwilys 'x
p)oc'tod sn ,o thinii 'd al:ilia hin --r-., t,It
night I (-arioed l 4 ,, i11 iliy allV , :l1d
laid hlim (ill his dlI , and 11e vi , .ir,' -
the lllil r 'i oke.d 1 for t 11 tnlwll'l ,It .r .w'
one rough ltliand ari'l,-e i-; I 4, t ll4ri
away a ,ri',f sc',,1a1, th n . idf ill r' a'I -
--'l oi - ti r got up fro, it hlii:elf
egaiil. Fe"v ery night I o'ie h110141 lb
w",aS ' wiVr)i 111al wrs' ., 1i1,1 1 tell you I
felt as if Ill the light I ever s"e was
• l n Vlring ho' ' , :1 1114 l i'
w eak 4i e . . 'W oiilg in't 1 . .0 ! flr tI
go..o l .1Jlianll that 14r, ' , '1 f;r hi.
Illy hiourt to do thal ith 1 , a I, fr,
lfig, tlit pIurs5('i t hi rf , f1 1 in aI l
pIuaying. "Thli-eoern' ,t1 I,, tI, .. i
g .!'Aid'l Os the il :*- ,r ; . in
with tlti" 1 ( f , -. o , t1 1 : ,! ,
4Il , ,, , , . .. . . . . . . ,
and over his goat bronzed face there
swort an oxpression of an almost wo
manly tendorness.
'l)id he dio then /' The question was
softly asked, and the dark eyesi~f thb
lady were full of tears. -
'Oh, my dear miss-yes, yes, he died
then. He grew very bright and lively,
though, and we'd all set bur hearts on
his getting well, wh4i there was an
other change, and the color left his
face-and his little hands had no
strength in 'em. The minister came
again, and he stoolied down, says he
-'My dear child, are you afraid to
go ?'
'And what do you think, sir-what
do think, miss-he said 1 Oh, how it
went through me !
'God'll show me the way !'
'And he showed the way, sir. IT
never see anything like that dying, sir
,never. Heo held my hand, lie said,
'Keeoone, you love God, too.' Ile gave
a gasp, then smile,. and then the
came a bright ory light over his white
face that made it shine all over-Oh,
sir, I--I can't tbll It.'
The man hold his hoeid down and sol*
bed like a child, and his .ie not tht
only tears. The next morrntg was the
Sabbath. A near bell was heard ; a
plain white meeting-house stood iin
sight. The stranger and his daughter
met the miner, who pointed to the
heavenward spire, exoliimin* as a
smile broke over his fgoe :
'You see, sir, God shows us all the
way.-Family Treasury,'
With the breath of flowers panting,
Comes the breeze,
And the birds their loves are chanting
In the trees;
So I know that summer reigneth,
And thatrwhilo her throne remnai neth,
Every heart is full that drainethl
Joys like tllchce
I cc.n listen to the thrushes
As they sing;
I can quaff the life that gushes
From the spring;
But I cannot tell the measuro
Of mly heart's supremnest plenasre,
As it grasps the lavish trtnasurn
Which thcy blrin;g.
Gentle spirit of the sluniIItt r,
Itlny, till stay!
''lhou wilt 1ii nIll, warnr wtletu:io
II'ii,'1 away;
\N0«w'lr11 will the ficlils Ie gree(lrll,
()r tl' s.llnlll r 4ihnis 5s'r'lIit r,
( t I uet ' !ll 1 ei ,  p[1, 1t'lla'sur kl.(ll t'r,
. 1iirts 1'' g y.
':,> 'ry ,m 1 n11' 1'r i c. wvhisper
'i'rni tie shilire
'hliei ta fruiti-Lii's geilDln hiltarv:st
Is i ,tor re;
Whre- joy flow-t like a river,
AX irl tihe ilit,. c('(,t18 Th II 'c 'r,
But a g-ory 111i1n1-tha iv-cr-
ALONE.-- IBy n:. Ilicuvyw.
I' 41i4 1i ,t" -eit.l.y 'romi iI iii( sti-ili!ng,
liir. -t - of miit:ic 'rzounld 1111' 1e, lime',
((li-' Aver( il mily ownV i:
'lilows~ri 'r i, i 1 '" di(ir,'-\Vty lint'riing,
I ri ef i 11. v'I1r"y h61.( -str-ing' i flif 'rin.,
"1"1II 1m1 I 'i aili , .
S lriný -t, i i , j1 y , w it h tlj o 'r"+11 , .i l ,
umll l' - li,Wl'-r sw .t pl,,rlila in ",
1) II my pait hw y ii-,';
NV intt r"'s 4llews"4 ari-l' roiiu I 1i1", hen, '1,j.
fi l 1 v .ry 1.,l is L'-..i..
" t -r Ii,' ni * r-shimi.
]", ir'l ii lie W.ht r,'iuu rI 1 ,. .lpin -,
]kat~i', :4i i , I v, 'rt il 1' tli i ng
li, .nr- i.,,-i ti -!il , a i urin-,
Children, webs of glory woeaving,
Dream not of the sad bereaving
Of their mother's days.
b(]Jiui the evening shades are falling,
Angel forms around seem calling
Seeds of light are sown:
Then, methinks, I hear their ringing,
Olden joys around me winging
Then I'm ne'er alone.
VEDNEsnAY,-September 19, 1860.
Present: IIon. A. S. Forth, Mayor
and Messrs. J. Davouport, F. Fischer,
Chrles Engleman, G. Iloerrio and F.
Absent : nMessrs. J. R. Ilutchison,
Williai Mayo and George Brookes.
The minutes of August E2nd and Sep
tomber 5th wore read and approved.
Trenaurer Korn's Reoport for two
weeks ending September 5, was read,
showing a balance of $15 96 cash on
hand that day.
Treasurer Kern's Report for two
weeks ending this day was road, showing
a balance of 96 cents cash on hand.
A report was read from Mayor Ferth,
tlinhat heo had approved and accepted the
bond of F. Kil'n Treasurer and Colleoo
tor with H. II. Gogrove as his security
for $5,000; and that hld advertised
the Forry Pitvilego for o on the 9th
inst. Also, suggesting some action of
the Council for the fotootion of the
Barri gles on Can venue.
n tiotion, tho.lep t was reooeved
a t.rderlid iled the action of the
Mir follwmg tions offered by
Mr. D)avenport iwer' road and adopted
after suspending the Rules on his mo
I. Resolved, Tlhatthe Mayor isautlhor
izoeto barricade alnd close Canal Avenue
to public use for lho tlrnl of two
2. Re.splvcd, That for removing or
breaking down the larricadels placed
by dirc'ctioli of the Mayor ioni ('anal
Aveimao and .for drivillg any vehicle
ontill said Avenue between time hlrrieades,
the plerson of'lndiiig shalll lhe liaillo
for a filue of Tenil )(ollars for Ielchl
('c llt rventicnl1.
A report was rteal fr'm S11 re ltry
Porte , tha in nlc (ord1tlci(o with Section
2 of the (( har1tlr fl e lit liiI .1p1 intlll tll d
(Couaissiolers anild v1orlh4rVd mho Ainnual
ilcction fil aIl Mlaylr allnd fou r ('onln.
oilbrnen, anid ithat said Ehl.tion wouldl
ho held in th:l C;oJuncil lnll, al Monday
tlih first day (tf (Oc(Itob1, r, INl;O.
()1 1r))tio) , 11l,1h rep'lort wis rec 4iv'ed
mldi4l the1 itclion of the( Secretfrry 4ul
('I+iliii.)1$,n )'ly 1)'ibol's 4r'l,,4 rt of work
4111 1 i the l,114) lev , n4) 4 lr ls i. Ai +t4l4-.
wa.4 renluI, rc'.iv 14 l 4444 44rd)) r)1 lihed.
I lll. 1i' enll ti o4lllJijvt)l4 'l ir i]. ), ). k ;
1µt, frailii C'0 niln(.ililnll A nlivn, nskitlg
lii4vi , of .'b1")1.4 f,,r 4ono) 44i)4t1. )On
m)l n1 4n,4 it wa1 s grIntill,.
2 ld fromn ' lr. N. {('1o nl)1I4l4I4lur t,'l nI
('ring his, resigllnaLltioi I4s )irector o' tlhe
'lbll)ic S 4chools. 44 i o l in0 , the, resin
ullti)ll) of 1M r. ('Inlulllli4 4 uli4' r ,e14s i4a4
Jrd ''rool 1'. Kern, S, erl'tirv, inviting
the; Mal yur liliml l'oun il toi ilu tiripliti
ileivl+")rllatii thel. 'l ventiti nnivi r ry
Sof IIe 1nrr t (' ,'1) 11 , Fir. I ')l)) 4,4ny No. I,
n t11 l ie. )1ho 0 Oct'(Il.er', I 'l;i . (il 4l4i 1ti ln,
lh,4 i1ivitutii'ln wa )uc:1 ept,,l .
Silindrº y ills wirl, r1111 alid nf't+ r µ1r
p nilding t.lt, rdiles, hll0, 1 l n vnr wit., ult 11 r
iz'.d 4 to rh1 w wI 1 rru1' t. l t,,e f.hllowin4l'
I 41. 14llll i,>'. I4 : -. S. ll4,\. 2 1 75
I 1i.\f niill 4 G 11 ,I . h11'Iµ-. ;'1 4I( .1
1] . .. - 11.)4'4 ) !,11 . -h.! 11". 1 1.t .' i,
l 0.. / n, no *r , .r: I l >-II,,I - .. . , 1
.1, 11. fl , g ,, I' . I fr . I,,,' r, r . 1 ; 1i
\" I 'I'. T 4i. I. , I I , , ii .
i';x; :1. 1 1r ;- !{ . . 1. ,: -.. . . ,lt) 4M1
1 'x l"rI - .h.... . .. .... . tI g .
".1 144t4 fr 144 44 4 4 rt444 I "2.5
A 4ill If 1 ,'. ",. , fr 'il t, rr0l1
I ..I\ 4' i,, ll , ,i* . r / l r Ilt . 4 h 4 .
4 !4 . d. i', c , . r Itob3I4 4 r1 4-- i 4 ,4,'
. ' l ii4, 4< '.4k, 14 1. 44*41 i I i
.414 14'44(4"44Y

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