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W. "
-Terms of
VOLUME Ill, of the " u. -
on the 23d June, lm ts
heretofore, on good tIn
issued to Subscribers
of 104 numbers, if p r b ''
the volume; if paid for ixt ADVANCE, d' be
the close of the first half-volume o1 I*m-'
bers, four dollars wil be received for the entire
volume; but if not paid before the end of the
full volume of 104 numbers, sil do!lars will, in
all instances. be requird.
No Subscription will be received for a less term
than the volume, unless paid for IN ADVAN
and so stated at the time; the paper will
be discontinued until all arrearages areset
unless the publisher should choose to dg-so.
Rates of Advertising a
All Adrertisements will be charged 61 (o trlSlia,
per square of TEN LINES Olt LESS, for the first
and fifty cents for each subsequent insertion.
All Cornmuhicatioos on personal matters, if admlit
ted, will be subject to DOUBLE the above rates,
and must, invariably, be paid for in advance of*
their publication.
Advertisements inserted by t.month or for a
longer period, will be chard according to the
rates: one square, of ten lines, (or less) one
mouth, $4; two months, $8 and for
S Smouths: f6months: 2lmontbs.
1 square......* & 00......$10 00......$12 00
2 squares.... 15 00...... 16 00...... 18 00
:8 do ...... 1800 ....... 2000...... 22 00
do ...... 20 00...... 24 00...... 26 00
do ...... 22 00...... 28 00...... 81 00
,lo ...... 25 00...... 80 00 ...... 85 00
7 do ...... 80 00...... 35.00...... 40 00
8 do ......... 82 0 ...... 40 00...... 45 00
Sdo ...... 40 0 ...... 45 ..... 50o oo0
10 do . 45 00...... 50 00...... 55 00
il do ...... 50 00...... 55 00...... 60 00
12 do ...... 55 00...... 60 00...... 65 00
For State Ofces...................... $10 00
For Parish Offices, .... ........ ........ 8 00
For Town or City Offices. ....--...... 5 00
'To Establilsh a uniformn rate of Li- ta
censes on Professions, Callings uc
and other Business, and on Car- gi
ringes, Public Tad Private Vchi- tu
clen. li<
Be it Ordained .j the _Maayor and Jt
Council of the Citt: of. Carrollton, That 'o
from and after th rst day of January,. J
1861, the Licenses for Professions, fit
Callings and other Business, throughout ni
the City of Carrollton shall he fixed, of
assessed and collected anl)n)nally at the fc
rates and sums speciallyV set forth in ec
the following sections and subject to w
the conditions hereinufter named : in
SE"rios 1. Every tavern or coffee- e
house keeper, retailer of liquors and '
wines by the drink shall pay $100.
SF.c. 2. Every General Store, selling
}pirituous and malt liquors or wilmes,
not less tha4 one pint, -iot to be drank
on tihe pre ise,;:$1;O0.' .
S c'. 3. .Eve GC n nl Store, exclud
ing spirituous and malt liquors and
wines, 850.
SEc. 4. E'very grocery store, exclud
ing spirituousjiand malt liquors and
wines, $20, pnd with liquors and wines
to he sold' in'quantities .hot less than a
pint $70.
Swt(. 5. Every dry goods, feed, hard
ware, glass, or crockiery store, $~0.
SEi. G. Every ciothing and shoe store,
selling clothes anis shoes, not their own
manufacture, $20.
SEC. '7. Every public. billiard table,
ten pin alley. pool table, pistol gallery.
or ownS thereof, shall pay $10.
SEc. :.. Every public, subscription,
or society ball, $10.
SEw'. 9. Every theatre, show, circus,
or other smusements, for each perform
ance, $10.
Si;e. 10. Every public cart, carriage,
cab, car, buggy, wagon or dray drawn
by one or more horses or kine, $10.
SEC. 11. Every private wagon, cart,
or dray, drawn by one or more horses
or kine, $3.
SEC. 12. Every resident pedler or
hawker, ,$25.
SEC. 13. Every non-resident pedler
-or hawker, $50.
SEc. 14. Every Soda and Mineral
VWater shop, every Segar shop,' every
Fruit s.tand or shop. every Cake stand
or shop shall pay $3.
SErC. 15. Every Oyster shop, exclud
ing liquors and wines, $5.
Sit:. 16. Every Livery Stable, in
'cluding carriages and excluding carts
and wagons shall pay $50.
SEc. 17. Every Auctioneer or Auction
Store, $10.
SEc. 18, Every Ieerhouse selling
wines and malt liquors, $40.
SEc'. 19. Every drug and apothecary
store, shal pay $10.
SEC. 20. Every beer bhttler, or other
,persons selling beer, wines or cordials
'in this city, away from his preiimises,
shall pay $40.
SE. 21. Every v ',ulard. every Saw
mnill, every lri'ckyard, $50; Every
L.umber yard $25.
SEC'. 22. Every Street Mu-ician or
Singer $10.
Src. 23. Every physiciinn, lawyer or
dentist, $10.
SE(C. 24. Every nion-r,.sident mnineral
or sodai water .seller, ^hlIll pay, $5(t.
SEC. 25. Every snap cart, dlliqg a
box of soap of not less than a nds.
notenu- NC
ore $50.
Sper- Ar
soni o censesA
for specified, and ail- Sc
in to aout .same before the 15th
of January,-of each year, except tbosq Fa
for one day and night; shall pay a fi
of no less than $10, nor more than $
and all laws or parts of laws,
with this Ordinance, be,
are hereby repealed.
Be it ordained etc., Th
of all licenses must bepaid
except those over Fifty doll
the first half, sa _ be paid in
the balance in to due on
July, nextensui and endorsed to the
satisfaction of the Mayor; and on the
production of the Treasurer's receipt
for the payment as aforesaid, the Com
troller shall issue a license, and licen
ses taken on or after the first of July,
shall be paid entirely ift/cash.
Be it ordained, etc., That persons
taking out a lice for the sale of spirit
uous and malet "uors or wide~, ::ShA-ll
give bonds and sicurity in the .m of
two hundred and fifty dollars. That all
licenses shall ate from the first of
1 January, exce~ those required for any
t business opened olommenced after
January, which shall date from the
first of the month in which the busi
t ness was opened and only the pro rata
of tno yearly price shall be require
e for licenses taken after January, c
culating from the first of the month i
wn hich the business was" commenced
in whichAthe license should be
except those given for one da
d night, and those the price of
ten dollars and under, and no .
shall be transferred, except on
of the Mayor and Council r
JOn motion of M1\
were suspended a
words " also, that
d 'not aplly to t
"Cakes, Confcct'
I- "Country, Milk,
d '-Cheese and Ve
" "part of Ole
a "concernligg
were strict.
e, lion to
:3rd, 18
19, 1855.
S1. Be it Ordaine y the Mayor and
y. Council of the City of Carrollton, 'T'hat
when application is made to the Mlayor
n, in accordance with Article 7, of the
Soriginnl (O)rdinanee for the use of a
Stall or Stand in the lMarket, the ()ath
-of the Appliant shall countni n a decla
ration that 1the applidnit is not the
Lessee of the Market aul is in no wwry
' interested, either dlirectly or indVirectly
( in the Lease or Heveinues of the Market.
2. Be it further (Ordained, That the
rt, Lease of the IMarnk t and1 the collection
Vs of the RIcvenies thliriof, shlll not he
transferred without the consent of the
or Mayor and Council pl're' v i,,sly oltaiinedl,
under a penalty of fifty dollahrs.
3. Be it further Ordlined, That all
persoins are forbiddhlen to comiiit any
rl il nisance or nets 4otfensive' to decency
inside of the Market lIlouse, or deposit
any offensive tainteld or hdecayed MeI ats,
d Vegetables or other matter therein,
under a penalty of five dollars for ,aeh
id- offence iall persons are foIrlidden to
make use of and give utterance to naths
in- and oh scene and vulgar laonuagiil and
rts noises in said Market, under a punilty
of five dollars for each offence; all
,n vnd rs in said Mark eth", lse a:re re
,luirdl to be cldenim il ' ,a and tlri.'-s,
iand civil and ,,olit, to ,lrc'h'lsi ,s anI
others visiting the NI Market thv shtll
nmot refuse to -Iqlly Nl.t ., V\gtahlls
,ry r oth,.r articles not .·,,1,1. t,, l,''rs,,s
who will 1,ay for" thrn, und'r a al.' ty
or f live ulilars for eiach Iflnie, anl
,ti ,L1i 1uri f l,,infg made t, thi Ma ,iir
, , it i. i uloitiini of this Artiile in any
o M riitI: the Niavir shall withilraw the
nee at't ii:,l' with Article 7, if the , ri
ni,1 'tililirnice, and such lorsin shall
or t h, illowed the i-c ,f any Stihl ,,r
.t iiiil ill said .Mal Trket mit any time
C VImpItifnt Magistrate. and all (rdi
la(cs (Vr parts, of ()rl'imlnLiiI coil
a tlicting herewith are herelly r(hi-.al, I.
.., "..C. C, PORTER, Sec'y.
areell to an Old Shore--By O.m. 1N Ea
Friends must part, and man is fated Bo
Still to leave or to be left; mo
Long and well have we'been mated- sox
Now I am of thee bereft. .
Trimly, once, in glossy brightness,
Thour in street and parlor shone;
Neatly fitting, without tfghtness-
Now thy glories all are flown.
Art, alas ! no more can mtake thee
Smoothly-fit or .Mightly .iine; f
Scarce the barefoot beggar ~ take thee,
I no more must call thee i'ine. se
Fashion never more can brook thee; mi
ings long have worn away;
s and binding quite forsook thee,
ire has marked thee for his prey on
thy stle ,and upper leather,
mly sewed bly Cxispin's art, ml
'd united on tgether- a
ow, alas I tl re forced phiat.
d by t asoften~ in'
Noile rkene m,
While at 1
Stoleua me
C ,li
1 .
mBete--B A
nsrweet pe r
t e 'fills the aie, t
its modest worth,
or al my watchful care.
And though perhaps, to other eyes,
id its beauties are not seen,1
t I love the best its simplest flower, t
1 And leaf of brightest green.
SThough some may love more gaudy i
S hues, .
And brighter, gayer dyes,
Before them all this little flower
o Finds favor in my eyes.
SAndi ever it shall he my choice,
ly For I will ne'er forget
To prize the sweet and fragrant flower, d
'C My little Mignionette.
Ie "Paintin a Reglar Trade." - The
, late "IenrT Inman used to relate the
following story :
wll Ilo was sitting in his studio, then in
IY Murray street near Broadway, one
"`Y morning, when a jaunty looking youni
Sit rmoan and woman entered, and wanted
s, 'to "sio the picture he had painted of
S'phiar G-, in 13 street." It
clI was unfinished, hut was readily shown
to to them by the always obliging artist.
lis "(l). ain't that good! ain't that good !
nI1 particularly the romb! That's S'phiar's
It coimb for all tmhe world! I should ha'
Ill known it anywhere !"
'r'te apljreciative young lary's cr m
Sp:anon ndmiitted that it was good; and
I illaddedl flaltteringly to the airtist:
11 "After all, painiitin' isa reg'laTr trde,,
is'nt it ?"
Hie lcdil his eomnpaiiion, ho wewvr,
thatn "th'he ,est way t lo1,,k at n picture,
" i )-,1 wanlltl( d t, throw it off, is sc."
icr il le stoo,,ed dowlnv allol I,,oked 1I mint
' it through his logs! Soor.il,, ly laul
I ,oli ably t ,I l him thia t distni ,' w as
the oii ,'tiiro,.s givwii to a lanldmii.e-i ' 1b7 that
,h ,ro.d his ih prov d hol s uniavaihtlu ll to
rhis ',m-p--nion.
4 :'; '" t o day a f rllow st,,l i s;w.
i- awl on trial toll the' ,judi ,.l ,, h ,e ly took
iy it in a jogkc. "*How fur oli, you ' ,, ary
i- it ?." asked the jilge. -' Two mil,
Steamboat Dialogue.
Hoosier, (stopping up to a Down
Eastier)-How are ye, stranger Ar
Bound to Neeoo 'Leans, 'spect ? What
mout be your business ? Want to buy thzi
some trn or oats ? tall
rYa. e-Tolerable, thank you, how we
be yearself? Bound to any place in It
4qialsar ? In for any kind of trade ? at
1V6osier-What kind of trade have lot
yel t et
Yankee-Wall, it's a patent right. pr(
Hoosier--Patent right for what? at
Yankee-Patent right for a machine all
for making all kinds of seed out of or,
wood, from a shell-bark down to grass ati
deed. Have also a patent right for the km
mirage life-preserver. ha
Hoosier-1 eerage-.wat's meerage? mi
Yankee-It's a maShine to be fixed ed
on the front of a looouaptive or steam- ou
boat, with reflectors of great power, to w(
ihow the image of anathing ahead, no ty
matter how far it be off-anything under so
a hundred miles. of
Hloosier-I-n't say ! And are yer the fo
inventtr? '' di
Yankee-I be. Pt
Hoosie .or'ro a hlorse. Woat te
mout be name ? M
Ya- of. fin. r
JIr H ered tell of your famnily. th
u ar~'~ relation of the man that in- cil
n hams and pIlaster-paris ull
a brother once, hadn't ci
cidontally choked with wi
neck? or
w the man-wasn't a in
nI '- second cousin to me of
li sistersaunt'sbrother's cousin.- pl
hat might your name be ? g.
sier--t might be Smith, but it m
Calculhe it's Caster. o.
yee-Kaowed yer family well, m
Sgeatlgrandfather down. You tl
of two. l.' One was a hand- vi
to, .ed little chap, and T1
ugly, born fool; 9'
e cute one died. s(
t'-bell rang. ti
e Lord .Dundonald.- The b
ft Il _lishmainof distinction i
I~ob on the 31st ult. IHe was r
of the most prominent of the Eng- a
obility. Hie was born in 1775. b
e'nta he entered the navy,
h be soon distliguishod himself. h
1 'ae took a Spanish frigate o
great odds, and was made post- fi
In 1807 he represented West
'r in Parliamen~t ,but Iincurred the
iy of the Government by his
ICal opinions. In 1814, on the c
report of the abdication, he took advan
tage of the rise in stocks to sell out. h
When the report was discovered to be
false, lhde-w charged with originating
it for specul&tive purposes He was
tried, convicted of 'fraud, sentenced to s
pay £ 1,000, stand inthe pillory, and be t
i, imprisoned one year. The pillory pun
ishmcent was remitted, but the lEadt was
Sexpelled from Parliament and degraded
from the orderof the Bath. llis con- t
stituents had such faith in him that they
paid his fino by public subscription,
ir, andu sent him back to Parlianment. 1)nir
ing the struggle of the Greeks for in
t.l"pend,.nce he assisted them, but, on
lie the accession of William IV., and a
ho whig Government, returned to Eng
landl, where he was reinstated in all his
n former honors. lie continued in favor
II on the accessiin of Queen Victorri; iln
sit 1851 ecamenc Admiral of the White, atdl
Of in 1854 Rlear Admtiral. Lord I)undo
It aiil was a writer of some ability, and in
si 1847 pulblished his "'Ob e.rvations on
1! Rural Affairs ;" in 1851 his "Notes on,
r's thec(' ondition of the Britis'h West. India
a' Island," and in 158 his " Narraltive
n- ,if Services in the Liieration of Clili,
idl P',,ru, and Brazil,"in two viiumi's.
de, IE''"Th''li pst oflice iln oilr village,"
writs' It \'inermint lady, '"was k,,it in
or, the heir riom 1of th c hive'rn, a grnat re
nt rimarkkill,' hr ,is (i,,irii'i ,.M . ao l inifi
. i ,,lijlv tlhi, hii go,,I mannie'r, was V it
Int (c il ai ' x 'hii, the Met, l iu ,'t pr ea
, l hr. ii l ' n1r, eit'rel a-k1I d-i
(ril Swipe,- n kid hisltily, "Are yu
',,k 'I ao,''" t'.:i'"iitly r'pldieil the inin
-. i- i,' , l ih . ,I vil i (?"
I.., Iv r I' I , I I ,' l,ii, t , 'lr. IIIt,1 L.f 1tth 11 '
Gold D.iscovery in Arkansas.-The
following paragraph is frdm the Dee
Are Union :
In our last issue it was announced
that several specimens of gold halbeen
taken from the bore of the .artesian
well which is being dug in this la
It was thottght by many of our 1t4
at the time, to be shoax upon the o u
lousy but further and more particular
search has brought a very rich and
profitable Vein of gold to discoovery
at least suchl se st to be the opinion pf
all, who have aimined the pieoes of
ore which have been washed The
attention of Mr. John AnderaotPt well
known citizen, and a gentleman who
has had several years experience in
mining througl~Calif0ornia, wasattract
ed tothe kind of atnd *hiohwas thrown
out of the well last P'riday, after tle
workman had reached the depth of twea
ty feet with the auger, He gathered
some of it Into a pan, and at the bottom
of which, after the washing process, he
found nearly a teaspoonful of shining,
dusty particles, which proved to be the
pure precious metal, unde*, chenmial
test. Saturday afternoon lUowIng,
Mr. J. 11. Quisonbury washed gut sov
oral particles, which averaged two or
three grains each in weight. The ox
citement consequently becamo glbtt
and contagious, and almost every spe
cies of pans was brought into use, to
wash out the glittering treasure. Sev
oral others were successful in finding
more or less of the ore, and speeimens
of it were sent to the jewellers of Mem
phis by the steamer Admiral. The au
ger threw up a large quanity of the
metal on Monday last, which was wash
ed from the. sand by a half dozen or
more people. Mr. Russ Evans found
three lumps, the largest of which is
valued at a dollar and eighty cents ;
Mr. Warren, blacksmith, found it nug
get worth two dollars, and Mr. A der
son himself has washed out many ,eau
tiful and valuable specimens. Iti- the
opinion of Mr. Anderson, Mr. Quo. un
bury,and several othl s who have I, it
in the mines of Calil e ,, that thi- is
one of the richest viens ever discovered.
The sand in which the gold was found
at this place has been pronounced to
be identical with that of California,
both in character and color, The gold
fever is on the rage here now, and we
have been informed that a company of
our most reliable citizens has boon
formed for the purpose of linking a
shaft on the bank of White river, solec
where in the vicinity of Des Are.
A Pretty Fatwy.--Taylor, of the
Chicago Journal, ays :
When the day begins to go up to
heaven at night, it does not spread a
pair of wings and fly aloft like a bird,
but it just climbs softly up a ladder.
It seots its od sandal on the shrub you
have watered these three days lest it
should perish with thirst; then it steps
o to the tree we sit under, and thence to
the, ridge of tlhe roof, to the chimney,
and from the chi nin'y to the tall elm,
F from the tall elh to the church spiroe,
and aithn l to tho cloud, and then to the
Lthreshold of hourven; and thus from
round to crimson round, you can see it
go as though it. walked upon red roses.
A l'orest Mnster-- F'rllig of the Lar
Sest. 'f'ree in C(tnada.-- --tecently a nuain
noth tree in MlIt;ittafb towiisliilp, Ciian
daii West, Wias fell:dt and sold to a New
a York firm. At ono f,,oot aLbovo the
r- rto it mnLasured thirty-six feet in cir
is euiiference. For ten feet Up the but
r was rolllld, nnd then oval to the dis
u ltao lof fo;rty-five feet, h 'ro the
briiaielii( coi'menced with four great
Ii limIs, thlt ailtppeareid ils large in theiir
- girtlis as s511 oft thle surroenldiig itri"e.
SAs it lay, the lit itaisured in perp'ein
dicuhtr hliight, I welv ftet,amol for imoro
Sthall twent y foot of its lnig*'. ;
Is A (,'ilul'.s Irmney/i l f or ,,sC.rssrln.- -
il child i rn 'Iliiitit.lh sitt asked her fit
tiler tie mnitaiiiaig ofu tlhe word "llliilon,'"
whicli hit frttqut'ntly occiiruu in the 1tpis
idtiit's IlHilMtligl. SIheI tCw s tl hlI ht it.
rteferred tot tlihe relatitin exist i ing beItwe,,i
"thel Iiiited 8ttltc~ ; titrit thly hlad loten
livii' ttgrtlier hianrmutnioitsly Itir Iiiiiliy
yitiS, bhut ? mil tie of thitil had 'l w t tllt It
ic~ wW idltn, tIl wit ,ll iid t, te('Odt, or
t' hake o , ll the Unitnt timid einimig askil
S whi lt ughi Ii b)tt dbetlim i to ' lit tieiing
t a Stlat , ira mpll tly reltliid, that it oiuglht
gr". i, s i-thllat expeldlihnt? [N. Y. Muii.
r!p ' My deaiir Julin,' saidl one lrt.tty
l gi llto l tlih. r, 'carll ytoilt al ke utp yml r
' 'iy, lily ,lt.:ir,' replied Julia,' I
i I,, li . :coill tiak, hiim it ai pinch.
' 11 f-T ° *lsiiitp, yo 'il clan escrihe iLt1?'
Ik- 'hj l iz, ,f a stplelh, has iiidiat rultter
lie w i;gs. ntl stil.> triiig tail; he sets with
hi.+ ejos shut, itnd bites lilk, the devil"

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