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The Carrollton sun. (City of Carrollton, Parish of Jefferson, La.) 185?-1???, January 02, 1861, Image 1

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BY I. G. DAVi S o:s, '' si'' SI1ES FOIR ALL." PUBLtISHER.
Terms of tW .
VOLUME 111, of the "Carroll
ou the :h3d June, instant: it
heretofore, on goodi typ andf
issoued to Subscribers at fve dollare
of 101 numbers, if paid for before
the volume ; if paid for IN ADVANCE, or bebW
thIIt cl, se of the first half-volume of 52 nan
hers, four dollars wil be received for the entire
villllte ; but if not paid before the end of the
fll volume of 104 numlbers, six dollars will, in
11l instances, be requird.
No Subscription will be received for a lesi term
thanll the vollllle. nlesll paid for IN ADVANCE
and so stiated at the time ; the paper will notl
be disetoultiunied until allarrearages are seLtled,
unl.",s the tpublisheir should choose to do so.
Hates of Advertiiung :
All, Alvertisemint.5t will be chargedlt1 (one dollar,
pie. lltar uof TEIIN LINES ilt. 5, bfior the. fist
and fit'ty cllts for each subsequent insertion.
6All Couulutlhicttions on personal satters, if admit
ted., w ill be subject to DOUBLE the above rtates,
and must, invariably, be paid for in advance of
theiir iptbiieatioO
tdvertiscmulent inserted by the .onth or for a
longer period, will be chargeCord ing to the
rates : one square, of ten linaes (or less) one
.noutl., $4; two mouth~e, $f; and for
s months : 6 montht M.i' uomoth,:
l t e ...... $ . 00 ..... 410 0.. 412 00oo
2 square...... 15 00...... 40. .:'.. 18 00
a do ...... 18 ...... 2 (1.lf ,... 22 00
Dn ...... 0 4)0...... 2* 00...... 26 00
d. ..... 22 t I.... 28 (100 ., .. 81 00
do ...... 25 00...... 80 00,.t.. 85 00
Sdo ..... 80 00...... 35 Q(1..... 40 00
8 tlo 30ff 0...... 40 08...... 45 00
9 do ..... 40 00...... 45 00...... 50 00
10 do ...... 45 (0...... 50 00. ... 53 00
il do ...... 5) O ...... 55 00...... 60 00
12 do ...... 5 )...... 60 00...... 05 00
For StateOtiees,.......... ........... $10 00
,For I'irish Olices, . ........·--...... .. 8 00
por T'own or City Olfices..... ........ 5 00
"'o Establi.'a t nlliforlm rate of Li
co¢neen on PIrofle,ioln*, Callilngs
tand other ItlsinlsiCi, and on ('nr
* rintg'., lPnblic add Privatt Vhlai
cle*m. 3
l,' it Ordained ..f he AlTayor mi(/
"CO'n,,il <1f the City i+,f C(,rr,//;tn, That
from andl after the fir-:t (lay tof ,Jauatry,
I,'tI, the Lice.nses fr l''of'ssions,
('alling's: and ,,t.rl i .ls tim.-h,- .thirou.,_v.- t
the ('its' of (C 4rrnlita ,d aall 1e fied,1
ass1.csse'd -'m, c,,lhlc.-w l a+,nnual:l y at th .
rates and sums (l p'cia(lly -t foirthl inl
tlhe f,,llowintl " sl , ihnI s 1 ij :1 1 .i0 ct to,
.the ca,,,ditions herciu 7; 'r m , (1d:
S]:' r"usx 1. Every inv,.rn or cffe++e
Iho(,s( keeper, retailer of lini rs :IIl I
wines by the drink shait ll y .1().
SeI. 2. Every (General -Store, sllin,;
,si}irit(IOIs and uialt li(qutrs o( r 1 w ,'( -,
lnot less thah ol.po pitnt, jiot to lie drank
on the pr'misUes... .0.
S e'. ;:. Ivc{-'i ( ineral tore. excluhl
ing slhirituous. and malt litiU ,:n ai.l
wines, ,9 ''1 "
w'?1I. E.ver' erv S'toe , exclu(d
img sl.iritumus a'nI''tlt linlurs and
wvnil ., $), and -with liiqu,jl(s 1111(I wines
to he i dPl hi (t qtnltities not les's t11]an a
pint 171).
's:(.' . E 'vry dry go,(ds, fet, ird
wVa(re, hi.:S, or crlke*'t'y ,to'rec , "2(1.
S (. . l'.\"'1ry (obthinl g"alunltshowf" More.
sellig clothe1s anid shoes, not their own
ian u tl t tutre, t.'2t.
Stir. .. ?very public hillalird ibl.le.
tell linI..llh'y, ool) tblidl(, 1 1isto4 l galhi ry.
or owriic'r thu'ef, shall pay i1).
Si;(-. .' Every puhIlic, sublscription,
or Society hartll, 81t).
S 9c. 2)..Every theatre, -how, circlu
or other ti.nusenlnts, 4for .ach lperform
ance, l)0.
S:C'. 10. Every Iriblic ('arl, c(' 11rri:laL'
cal, car, huggy, w\g(4'(2I or dlray iri h'aVIl
by one or more horses (,r kini', s 1., .
by S.(. 1 1. Elvery e i)i\,'we \ im,, . t art.
or dray, drawn 1y) ((( ' n 11ir (r" ' .n1e
or kine. :L.
SEa'. i12. Every re. ident 1dller or
hawker, ..-3.
S :'. 1:. ]'very n nll-rce idelnt plell.r
.or hawker, 4510.
SE'. 14. Every Sada and Minrola
TVater 5shop, ev(ery S,,, Iar hlp, ev\ er\"
,Fruit stan14 or1 sh1' , every (' ke stanllI
,,r shop slhall ply 8.5.
Si,ec. 1I. Every Oyster -1,p, exclud
ing li1 rs and w\in( es, .(. W.
S`:('. 1lL. Every Livery Stail,. in
elu(lini·g cEarE(ri-s (tn1d exc(uNlinig eInlt'
and wagl shal pay .9).
SEc. 17. Every A uctine11 lerr t al ctio
Store, 81-.
SeC. 1t. Every lHerhIIise "illing
wines andI malt liquors, . 1).
S . 1. Every ,drta;i a,, ,,t1th4earv
stre, 'h1 11 pay .5lt.
S " ,. 20. 1"verv 1 r ],,,tth r, ,,4th, r
' ( tli, (itv. w(\\ 1' ' fro4 i- pr fr " -
S :.:21. 1.v',rv' ,..1 :r '. every Saw
m ill. ,- r1 li- k1,4 "~!. :40: Every
l.imbtr ' ord 8" .
S '. "2". w'( v st ,., t ,',1 I- i'(tn (,ri
Sil,- r .
n, S4 i'.n . l' ,rv I ::,' ,.'t ~1.
ilti t, .:- ,.
4]) of not ` 4 1.4: 1
itpt enu
Be it any per
son req velinses,
for purpose speified, aAd fail
ing to take out the gamea beforetki 15th
of January, of each year, except *0,0
for one day and night., shall pay a #ie
of no less than $10, nor more than $25,
and all laws or parts of laws, co
with this Ordinance, be, and
are hereby repealed.
Be it ordained etc., That
of all licenses must bapaid in
except those over ty dollars
the first half, sh paid in nc
the balan'ce in a due on the
July, next ensuing and endorsed to the
satisfaction of the Mayor; and on the
production of the Treasurer's receipt
for the payment as aforesaid, the Coan
troller shall issue a license, and licen
ses taken on or after the 41rst of July,
shall be paid entirely in cash.
Be it nordaiLed,Nctco, That persons
taking out a license. for the sale of spirit
tu ns and Inlt liquors or wines, sh:all
give hoiAds and security in the sadiT of
two hundea'd and fifty dollars. That all
licenses shall dce froam the first of
.Ja;nLary, except those. required for any
:usin;ess opened or conmmenced after
.1niarv, which shall date from the
first of the mont. in which the busi
ness was open'e ul only the pro rata
of tie yearly i shall by required
tfor licenses tak. after January, cal
c(lutia. firotm the first of the imonth in
whic(h tII Ihusiness was comnmenced or
in which the license should be taken;
exclept those given for ,o*e day an
iiighit, and those. the price of which
ter idollars and under, and no lie n
shall Ie transferred, except on consI
of tl:he Mayor uan Council previous
(to motion of Mr. Engleh
were it, lt"'nded nod hi
words '" also, that
'nlct apply to tho
"('takes, ('onuftio ,
"C'('otntrv, Milk, Wo ' t
"Cheesl'' miid Vege`
"'part of Artic leOdi
we'rc '.t ricke
lion to
:;rd, 184
l1), 1855.
1. Be it (htiained by the Mayor man
Conol'il of the ('it v of Carrollton, 'l'ihatt
when appli(ltii.µt is uijdo to the 1y(1 r
in ntitor(lanulet' withl Article 7. of thto
original ()irdit+man'' for" tlhe ust' of a
1'1tll 0 "or "ta:ill i thell l ril .k t, l ' (lthe ath
of the A t1lplii'nc t sh 11 to.intaii a l i d l('al
r;Ition tihat, the' ai1iplicaant is noH t the
less'ee of the Markiet a1d is in no way
inuterested, either diir, t tll ,,r -indlire tly
in the Le'nse' r lhoivcni's of the Miarket.
2. li' it fur'ther ()rn'ied. 'I[h:at the
,,'aw of" tl t Marke.t 41(lI tihltl. <,olleh'tion
(,,' the ,evenules the't'.. > ll not he
tra:nsfe'rre' l witho,,t the r,,n(.-.lt of the
.\lavor and Council previ*,lt-I ( ' ,Ibtain.d,
ttnl tr Ia pe'nalty V of fifty dolhllars.
"1. Ie it furthe~r Ord(lint,(l. 'lhl t mill
1l1'r.,Ins are for isllhn tl e. '10nlit ltEv
nIl si:tc ll or lets i )t'. i tl t( I llt'lelln y
inýI1 l ll 'o the M 'irktit i n or " ltiji p itl
atly - ,1f ' nsive 1 l 'ilt'td or tl , (1(( ' ,1 i , .(tr.
V 1liialhs or other mattr t,' r, in,
IIU ,b rr :I lw" ' llt f ( i v," i l l (Ii ar- for (",'i 1
,,fl'(."In al- l pcer-(,lls ,re, folitl\n to
l;, ITS'ts " iof l 1 .' ivi 1 tt r a, to ' (Nll l' t .s
ui ( s io c (u( i , l .ark let, u lseh'r ;1. l,('p |;llý"
of fiv , do,,ll:rs fot r e, h (t",1TH.'': til
q uir ., t' Ie hla | in l, - i '" ' a '. ''r ,
sitting on this winter night
Beside a cheerful blaze;
I, musing, mourn the rapid flight
Of .these my youthful days.
I wonder if that somebody
Who haunts my fancy still,
Will make o true nd loving wife
And then--I think she will !
'Tis strange that every word she says
My memory should recall;
'Tis strange her little winning ways
My heart should thus enthral. y.
will she ever deign '1I
vacant chair to fill
hough I'v ever question'd her
etimes tL she will.
ry odd that I should seem
sad and lonesome here,
strange I should deem
er littiQ .
Thkthought to -4
Will usent
as much
to akerto
t i . iniribone
al. .Tho
Soton, tie'
reumference w
rn the head and to 1
uptlyzs though brokon, after
ing trilcedl nearly nine feet. At their
terliunLtion4 tthey mieasured about Six
teeni inchlies ii c(ir cunifrciice, 14'auliJgp
unto rupporuS( the"y w«ere in thte'ir naturalt
aii Illf4lli shide to S411 fou1' r i('11 h4(Il. 'lhli ,
(inatIi4il was uirrlniiged inll trli'niver' s
lityeir's i h ulllnils acr'oS the sirt'itie of
the toothli, uidi fr'l(lii this w+ worilld 1-1]
w "se. th(e iiilnl ll whi t'u li: e ur1 t 11 0' '1 11 "
resclnlallnce to tl".. . iatic (h-phl:l dt of
the pr's,'nit day. '1'h4 ribs rit e sotli',i d
411~ Iluli;tr chlr4 l teIri ticgliýtcle111t their
'T'h," h}wad of th, l'oinhr in lasur,!d
nod wa,( in n a .nexcllI ut Mate of lpr, -'r
V';ti ,u. 'Fro th ' llil ll ]ll. futllrllli, lls
<l...., .i .. i!.. . ....... i fawl'iiil ' ,'t" Ili4'
IloL tir s h ill iz' o"l thl1 l iml' 1 , to whi(14'
these," u,, ,,s blIni l .,I. T''I, ile" lsti,,
of i 't,"er t nl w' i- t, wlhtt _ il C( tl it
Ih r .,ri', , 'hi t ,i' i i1
l ri ,. .la .-s I.ii , v ,ry anI , if , . I d y. ,
it' , t'.,r d i -. r i . /,,, i .. . , h,
Anecdote tof old Ironsides.-Tho fol
lowing is well calculated to make the t
rising generation proud of the noble I
spirits who have shed so much lustre t
on their country's name during the t
memorable war of 1812, with the then <
proud mistress of the seas.
The most brilliant naval action of the
last war was undoubtedly that of the 1
old American frigate Constitution (44), i
commanded by Commodore Stewart,.
when she captured the two British cor
vettes Cyano and Levant of a greatly
superior force, each of themn being
equal to the old fashioned thirty-three
gun frigates. The handling of the Ame
rican frigate was throughout, scientific
and unexceptionable.
By no mancevuring could either of
the British vessels obtain a position to
rake the Constitution. shift their ground
as they would.' a Ironsides was be
tween thenl, bilazliig away upoll both
vessels at thesante time. I )irileg the
whole actii ,the comnindlore' ii. tead'l
ount horseilotk, sat in ait
.... ttLtion astride the hMnh
kn  ahe betterto ohser o th I
an is antagonists.
s the first to strike to t
i an-Il I Ht Ili Ulli
vessels during that i
4 ieutenunlt L( l
nodore, to announOc
pard ship has struck, sir,"
M r.
sir,' rpl' 'd1 (O commo
alf won."
haIId to striki upi
ank ir,?" inquired the
ho the coiniodore took a hugo
of anff, antd then answered
a"Iad we not bctter whlip the othMer
*t, ? 7"
< i Y-vY sir," rolpli.d( tihe lieutcenant,
'= "' 1int, and went to his quar
a short time aftewards the Levant
the cross of old England toi
rs and stripes, and the battle wasL
he lieutenanl being somewhat re
buked at his premature exultation upon
the surrender of the first vessel. was
rather shy of approaching his coim
mlitndIer .gaitLiU; but Stewart, beckoning
to hin,. said, with a smile:
'Don't you thiitk the band halld 1ol
ter strike upl Yankee D)oodle now,
i:r !"
Ili an instant that spirit-stirring
str:ain was iloatin.g ofn thi breeze. played
:ps , ,ltr lthllll n 'ithYa nke haIlnud ui,lllI
jlI4y it, lnid the gallilit (riew I -hoiutied
,,rtlh their cheer tis f % it'l,Iry as irone1
oIthrl tllanl a i :YatiLnI crew otlln shlut.
A ]V, w J)i.vi,,r,'rry in .I, 4turl, Ili/.t
.,-. -.\ ne.w species lft n t.l4 ial ifi- . l itv1
he .',1 4 1 at. thl ' I'i- ton i l l ri. iiti tli itl z,,4
l-Iinl gLarl'ens. -- It w sil drEJIgIIl il
abi,,,it fifty f'lth nlers watfer, a few Illilh.
1fr P, ('.tie Anu , m114 brhli, ht ti, t li.
cit.) Ily the fish.lerl:41n. It is ItttlI.;ih.lI
to a It u llik ---if thl.' sp1"ciis JT rit4( ni. , ,
,, r;,,',4,."tgitti, to w lhich it ij .. j,],,,,.,
tt f ,'t,.n it'.-ltf for the ,il't r 14i" i)f i4
itg c I4rrie l frIIII Ihtlte 1 pi j ,e. 1'r
ft. ,r A -a--ix. wh,, ,,it ''}lT r.-,hII' vis
itel tlhe gti Ill4I-, IIh t 4'lt'.d it tlI ' I in
tlltirly I .' 1 w p ....i S, Iti)i l ;t,;,,iiitl.d
4 tl 14 . 44 14 , ll ,1 , Irihlay w ith :I ,i 4 .r . I
It 4 n4444 tllh. Sl-ci,'- :nI tp 4,v4 V lr w
i144g t.414,il if it. It i- 44.14, 1hi4 intenti ,
1l brill,4_. it t h, i 4h, t , il4 41' th4 4.a i..4
-'44 1iit irail hi-tery 11 t th1ir niJlt l i44.4t
It i- i .' .. - i1, t1 4, lt,..,riib4 th 4 h.. 4.l44.4
, 4 . . 4 4 4, i ', 11 it, 4i 4 ,
4,,. ,-,r .ii 14 irC 4 t t  - , i
;, fl. ./4 " '. J, ' ,
Becauty.-lheauty is not to be meas
ured by an inmmutable type, though
I'Plato has so nflirnled in his sublime vag
aries. It varies acctrding to the time ,l
the people, and the di'groo of mental
culture. T'l'hio "V'enus of Milo'" was,
two thousandl years ago, the most be-is-.
tiful womni of the Archipolago: I do
not hoelive that. she would ibe, in 1860,
tihe prettiest woman in Paris. Intro
duce her to-amantua-maker of the Plaoo
'enudomxe, and to It milliner of the Rue
do la laix. In all the saloons whore
you shall lpreseint her, she will haveloss
succeSs thtiti Ittdatn suchl It o11e, or Iso
anud so, who has features less correct,
and a nose loess struiglht. One conld
admire a woman geomtrically beautiful,
in the time wloui womani was an ohbject
of art, destined to pleasel the eyes with
out addressing the nitind - liird of I'uara
tlist', of whici wOr eittintllate til, lltuln
age) without desiri.ng it. ever to sing. A
beuttiful At\hl-nitan wlnau wits aits well
proport i<nuied ils white andl ias tlhi l u1s the
colhtlnn 41 a tit tlli -e. Al. AlM-'ilry hjits
proIved to noin in a hook, that the Ini
',1lumn11 was mily a wonum, dlisguised.
Th'1, port itico( n'tthe mliple f ol" rcc lith ellm,
alit. the A.(r ,iipolis ,of Athiieus, reIst still tilt
foItur Athl-ni7n1 wolitll of the aglt of Per
ieles. 'Till wmtin of tio-duiy iei little
wvilu ll hlings, light, rlst lless, liand es
pe.illy thluiugittl'itu -- it'iild tl not to car
ry teli'ipts otl - IthI hienilds, but. Itoill iviktein
g ,llius,tt, l]igit u111 l tih u-',t. aniultllluti iullr
u1go.t, atil illiunitile the worhl wil i t lishiis
iof tlheir wit. 1VlWht we love il lltih 'i.,
itldt whaitu t ltslil th ir Il' i111ty, is iot .
in insiltredil i'giltriti y I" their ft'auirt ,
it is the lively iull cht1 luti u(i- l txji-'
sion ofi " se tiiii'n ts 1i 1 ori' h'-liiuto, thal
ouirs; it is railiattion of tihe -ol Iroiiudtl
that. lfratgile frtiuitt whivlu li is 11 it suiliten-itl.
to contiiill it. ; it is the letil:ililt plhy t) f"
a sprightly countellltiace.
C5"7 't'here is (lilt ill Arkansrs. 1142.
Fort Sliti.h, It fuiili). If'llow Iby the nIIlulio
of Bright, ove"r w'hol4,s drioll tadvertis,
meltl s 'e have einjoyed ia laugh,. 11i're
are aI fIewV HJ)(olilti'ls:
" I'N AIiFMuNTAl il'tiiNi'll'I 1i8.- I0t
Coil, betlis, c(i(rt', rice, m ,itl, s i";lgir,
coffee, llLaIssoNe, and slaui-Ironl InolW oll
hltnd." "J)1. O1RDERIZEI)II Comlisit-
And beautifuil, unsophisticlltted rnacike
rel, ttaken dlrigll their kittlillhoolld, Ianll,
of c('Olrl', viery tettidlir, flut, mul good.I
"l):.'M V ýiv'I.it 4 VIi'Ii'an ! Sirni lit.
treat yours-lf to, t' hisit ll:slho, Iliy
oyst. rs, highft'idillt iii lilis, altld Jitiuter-i
.j wil +l hll.lIt Ftr:t, tii, keItlb , 111itt11 i 4''d with
keti hul,, t ii .l h.t.I.'., ,,s, a r , i tt ' ht. s,
i rl "li. - , l l n i. ii, ii" 711 l4 E psom i+lts."
i tl ia ri t i ivt s.t! - lu, rli t oil, li sae ed oil,
elit s ir oil, nwt t, lt oitl, htir , inl, hiel ty"sil,
I atin rs n il, ' , l tt1 ,1 il , ,f gl , ilissi."
", vl'aii i-< 'llti ' i , vlryiih i 'Il~ rt l-rilt
IIig, ",e1 'i ,liI", 71,4l p ,- uill l-ftoulrill -
],loulh, w:.'rri 114,1 to Ii,.k the hI dI,.r
ov', 1r the f, ,, nlhal't it r lttie, sllt
sa 'in the - -'xp-. I ,,'" ~ t i w t1 ' ih."
",i A,,1old I1ll 1 401, , 11t It iIllf
d l,,l+r ill the 41'4"0 . '(ll, lil.l, thil l is
mlline,' ra id i t k1:,"4 l( .1,1 r7,: (cl, 'so
lih lla it ov ,r.' -Did1 r l,'- h iv t a 1l, ,
in ii.' di,.l,, III, , : . 'Yts,' rpli,,l
11e 14 r.' "1T ,) 1i',2 not thine,' ,mildly
r4,ili,, 1l4 ~,, Ild ma l. 'T h .'' 1(1,s1 . 1 a".'in
(~ 1,, 1ittil, 1-hluo i,+ r ,i,.xt l.1i111 ., 1,1y
Th' . ]',tits torresp's ondell nt . f th" N, \'(Vwalk
. 1,- ve b,'i r, 1.:i - it ýIý 111 ('()!111111),1%4114ti(' 111
: L. i e l:t , i ;, + i -n; r !lit 1x1i n t , s t, '4

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