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Of she City of Caurollton, and of thb
Every Wednesday and Saturday,
In bOIty of Carrollto,,Parsh of Jefferson, La.,
By X, G. DAVIs.
a&$1 On Dublin, between Scond and BurthLe etreetes.
WEDNESDAY, January 2, 1861.
, ird JudioiaI Distriet Court:
• f ON. JUDGE BURTHE, Presiding.
sday, January 9, 1861.
State of Loulsiana vs. Henry Evans and
"'John OGnn--Selling Liquor to slaves.
State of Louisiana vs. C. C. Lacoste-
Assault and Battery.
Thursday, Janla 10, 1981.
No. 276. State of Louislana vs. James H. Green
Stabting with intent to kill.
, bber -Arrested. - On Saturday
3iygijast, special Officer T. LAZARE,
of4his parish nabbed one of those
t after he had displayed his qkill
Sfesslon by knocking down
Mr. W1*inson, of Greenville, whilst
on his way honia from the Railroad
1$tationa't that place. When taken by
the Officer the pocket book of Mr. W.,
was found in his possession with
some money-also implementsused by
pick-pookets and burglars. Ile gave
his name as Georgeo Claude.
Horse Thief Arrested.-Officor S.
KERNER Of this city arrestod on Sun
day last, in the city of New Orleans,
a man by the name of John Kelly, for
stealing a mule belonging to John Dunn
.of this place some two weeks ago.
The Mass Meeooting at the Hotel on
the evening of Saturday last, convened
by the "Southern Rights Association"
of the Parish of Jeffersou for the
ratltiIetinti of the nomination of candi
dates t, the Convention to be lhld at
Baton Roitne on the 23d Jattuary, inst.,
was nuinei ttly htieoiled.
The nomil'wos, (Melcsrs. 'Luld and
Ogden) were inmiuimously proclaimed
the candidate$s f- .the S. R. Association
bf this parish.
The Meeting "a s ably addressed by
the gentlemen above namned, and also
by Mr. Conolly, on the questions which
must shortly come before the people,
and which should comnmand due con
sideration by every American citizen,
whether native or adopted.
NEW YEAR'S DAY-- Yesterday-und
the day preceding, were two of the
most gloomy ever experienced by tile
true patriotic and lover of free ovkrn
ment, during the last half century.
'rh!ere is scrcerly left a hope for the
safety of our institutions or the perpe
tuity of this great Allnriean It niion.
Want of Employment.--Tho New
port (R. I.,) l)aily News of the 'Oth
ultimo, after furnisuhing its readers with
a homily upon ('rimness:lid? tcirtCaus's,'
the inlCense oif fires, ile',, etc., in sg
gesting the remedy,/ for ail, the editor
begilns as follows :
''fihe ionly' rnildv flor idleness is
eitplOii ut'l. This, ill tiluoes of finl l
inlt distre.s, or in n conuunn ity of limu
ited industriail inlltns, nlltly ltt ialwvvs
be ,"possible; yet under the inllfnfhillI' of
interllnal inllprovenents already ill their
illnception, \\e mayv hole, ere llng, that
It new imilletus wil lie givers to tui" gene
ril indu'stry, iand hi t :ill cant lie well
and protitaiblly emnploy'd-"
-.7' Vory signiiitcant (if the morals
of Votllnr llice, Mrl. lli nlllllll l. VW e
1her1 hlave not 'et roaihed that. hi.th
grade oif civilization lto whihh yllou la
clililli, thltrl'fort', we are (,X ilmpt froil1
Latest from Washington.
I'J~r" I. d r ,tl (;.,11'11rnment and S,Sdtt
('arolinft-- W\AtliINtiTwiN, I ec. 3l.
a special IlImssllgI', ill refrzence tio I1te
('ve'nts ill Soiuth ('liin(aii1 .
It is ilso iielieveld that It decide1d
policy ii' retferc'l l' el to thile' Ill ntill nn'llilllce
of hlie flirts nI'li1r ('hirlrsthni ha.lois 1,111
ndipited I - thle \Var I t)pIrtmlnnt,
wherle IGt'il. Scott hits the Inslat few duIys
hooln in ('cunncil.
Irne left New Yurk this mlorlliing fIr
('llurlh'ston, with sclcld ilrdOrs.
It is be1levedC hire tlut S'ecretalr'
''Thlomson, of the D)opartment of the
Interior, and Secretary Thomas, of the
Treasury, will certainly both resign.
The Cabinet.-The Cabinet have
decided that it is impossible to restore
the military status, with reference to
the Charleston forts.
Messrs. Floyd. Thompson and `'
mas hold that the constitution guff4rg
tees the right of secession.
The Committee of Thirty- Tkree.--In
the House cominmitto of thirty-three
Mr. Taylor, of I'ouisiana, said he was
satisfied nothing could be effected, but
he should retain his place, to join .the
minority report.
On motion of Mr. Adams, of Massa
chusetts, the enabling bill for the ad
mission of ow Mexiep was ordered to
be prepared by a vote of 12 to 10.
Mr. Floyd's Resignation Accepbd.
-President Buchanan has accepted
Secretary Floyd's resignation.
Gen. Wool on Secession.-TRoY, Dec
31.-In a letter published in the Times
of to day Gen. Wool says if Fort
Sumpter be surrendered to the seces
sionists, 200,000 men will be ready in
twenty days to take vengeance
upon all who will betray the Union into
the hands of its enemies.
Proceedings of the Senate.-WAsI
IN(iTON, Dec. 31.--In the Senate the
Kansas bill has been postpcned till Mon
day. Mr. BenjanP4, of Louisiana, is
now speaking on t4 ffairs of the
Later from Washing WASHING
TON, Dec. 31.-The 8 tary o the
,Treasury has refuse` tbi
the l overnment "l
cent. discount.
Conflagration inr': M
WAUKI:E, Dec. 31.
gan Flour Mills were
last night. Loss,,
20,000. Als
'ging to Messrs."
ss $15,000, upon
na insuraxsae.
The city officoes and
on the na
devourtlg ele
The lBond Robb do
theft just discovered r d
partment lf the federal gov t
no doubt a typo of whit s
every other departmei d
small degree account r the co
of Buchanan ~6hd'li7 advisers la cc
nection with the political affair
nation. When, two years ago
ministration entered the il l? t
the deomocracypf Illinois and etc
abolition candidate to the Senate
United States, we were well sa
that other reasons animatad Be
and associates than l)rsonal hatred
Judge Douglas; and when, subsequen
tly, in all the free states, they were
operating to the same end, and have re
cently committed the government to
an approval of, its own destruction, we
no longer doubted that their object was
to produce a condition of things so dis
ordered, perplexed and chaotic, that the"
enormous villanies perpetrated by their
satellites should pass unheeded and
never be brought to the light of a pub
lie exposure. Ju this it seerns they are
in part at least, to be disappointed, for
not only has this gigantic theft in the
delpart ImenIt o(f tlhe in terior been Irought
to light. but good reasons exist thatthe
true autlhors, tas wcell as tie actual im
mediate perpetrator of tlhe rIblbery,will
be l'),4Xosed to publlic execration if nIot
lbroughlt, as they sho1lhl Ie, to lpublic
justice. It up1lp'rs tlhat lusscel. of
Klnsas, who, with his partltners, was the
conlt i1('tOlr with tihe war deipnlltlllet f4,r
tlhat m1loSt tfigitiously corrult joh, the
Lt ah translortationu of thlree years since
hcld large ,moun~nts of pr, m4 ises to pay,
issued by Mr. Floyd, chief of the d,
t4artment, having banking and other
assol.jitielns in WVashingtol besides the
conf11ide14c4l of all &'oncerl'lnt'd, he easily
foullnd out a phI'cir where-from to raise
the wind until Se('retar'." Ilo'd should
be able to plu,4C hiai, in funls. lhow
tlr h' . c i . 11 ian- t utheior., will 1) able
to) 'xonu'4atte th 'uusel , os fu'om' legal
conijliil " ip. th,' theft is not vet kn lwn,
n41' 112441"o t1hIa.| is whet hlc t 4' war an1d
interi, r deph'.rtm1eonts1 r, ih . the~r rc
peel i', "dllminist.ration- enttilyv egx
euipt from part iil,44ti4n in the ini'thoEos
act p14r4l etrat,',l and n1 lw expo,,,ii,. It
is t14 le u ,eepl,'y r,'grett ,d -that u'i :h1
| iart i's (conc'4 ' l44oel as 'wcl i e1. ' 4 I"
principals ar1e ,,t" southern conn1ef4nf,41
and it is to he 1 ,',l tIh.alt ('44m4 , 14.!4 r14
v,,lati,,ns will narr,,w ,h -wn t14 guilt to
th e ian ,e ia te t' ,loh a n ,! ,,th ers ,t eq u al
ly obscure plsitiou.- 7rue ,',:.
Excitement is Piambrirg.
The New York Tribune of the 25th
Great excitement was caused in
Pittsburg yesterday by the aniiunce
mont that a number of heavy ocrdcatice
was to be shipped from the Allegharny
Arsenal to points at the south where
there were new forts not yet mounted,
and where the secessionists could get
them. The Qbvernment at Washington
was called upon to countermand the
order, as there were indications that the
people would resist their removal.
In the N. Y. Express of the 26th
find the following dispatches:
Pittsburg, Penn., Dec. 24.-- tet
excitement exists here to-day, in
sequenoe of its being made public
U. S. Quartermaster Talifioro
negotiating for the. shipment fromt
Alleghany Arsenal of seventy
guns to Newport near Galveston Is
land, Texas, and forty-six more to Shi
Island, near Balile, at the mduth, of
the Mississippi ri ll he apparent ob
ject being to strip' Alleghany Ar
senal, and place '7 a where the
secessionists could .,
Major' ymingt, aryland, in
command of the Arsexal, declined to
give the Press any information on the
' I' seems the points referred to are
vw forts, never yet mounted,: se
'gMts were designed for their a
Thee guns are ten-inch Col
and are thirty-two pounders. C
for them are being ate at Va
N.W fi. r
Gene r4. MgFrhead, our 1Ie
Coniress, immediately telegr
Mr.c Stanton, Chairn of.the
Committee on
formati n reig tter
at r  raped to
4o e seoun
th t pie
a -
d sion was t
-an unbound
a ignation against
Neaer was eloquence b r
never had an argoment fairer play,
lea't 1,000,000 British men and women
read or listened to the book in the silence
of their homes, and the fair advocate car
ried the syspathies spellbound to the last
line of the last page. What is now the
result a We are a fair and reasoning
people. We have looked into the con
dition of thIe negro, as describhed by the
novelist. We have "realized" the "in
stitution." We have apprehlended the
greatness of the fact, and ask onrtselves
-What can he done ?" We have com
pared the evil with evils of our own, and
reflected with whdit dificulty we get over
-if we get over--our own social mischief
;ianrd scandals. IThere is no rse in violent
rlingnage, we say to ourselves: wrllit a
to le dine ? That is the qupestion. We
have, too, been made aware, and have hlod
it broultht rlone to our coscience, thlia'
wI'e cinsume largely slave grown cotton,
id sic gar, Rnd cof lill indl thaIt the vtery
thero hic ic mtit tiin copies o\'t fn(cl
fTim the Caimi.n's here spread ver this conr tl
tryl it does ie fro t s lave produce. flr
lRetluorning thus tro r irnr ti;l', to ou,
tcliit ilirtakey ki4 ia ci ltc l Iietr vieWt it
the 'dtnonestl. ell stittutio , 1i.''lXe frilci
filir the suile ns btlitI, nwe l oralso for tlrle
ml ste\-rs, rnd we live satisfied rniursilv-l
Srt it c u'es. n ri gito t irs fllr rr c'i\m r t.i
it'huse tire latter. tile re w re ll it t'lt, ,,f.
flnt slavcr.y wis i rit isirIc ist tic
thre iRttcic. Awll thise lio r m|idiic·rtirIm -
oirsw triid 1 It is tco tl'ii thlucit the Cii ..
iwrierl e ,, thi- I nitiil Statt s is Aiilri ,<- .
ii.'l irs it- in.riiinltnri. lI"ir wlit w,,,lh
N rew Y.,'lk lit, with,,uc t "liicrv . Th.it,
what c. ala-! would liv erp l+cland cn l - -
h1,1h i tr ? 11 hict this netrlitrj cllis . a('n
nit all tiie irll Iltcirs in thi- lllsici's ulit
thue ,l'r rr ,l , in id th in k w hr .,t c 'r lie
cliche ic rn ili..':ntc t hat it i- sic ditiult tic
ih ,,li-h ' i'irlhicips w e s ,,:ik tc thi d air .
tit cnn' thin i is icttcr tihaii dividinig
houli.i, ciiid 5cr.vccirt in;rnirst c tnat-r. in
the must riciri:: niticdnc inc the ,nlnl.
Letter from Jay`
SIj The N. Q. Ps
day says:
The fol
New Y
a mee
pub ..
in the th
not g
further eg the
meetrge a on of L
s~e c e a major
ng a s hiep ti at will join us
. We iot ain Washington and
"Star-Spangle Banner,' and to
t of the Union all the States
t fairly and promptly con
requirements of the con
8 6arate secession would
nding a ship to sea without
omp ass or ilot.
ectfully, bedient servant,
[O FI C L:A L. )
WTEDNESDAY, December 26, 18t60.
Present: Hon. A. S. Ferth, Mayor:
and Messrs. Charles Engleman, John
Daveliport, George Ierrle. F. Schuler,
Pete4i ~Stoulig and F. C. Zeller.
Absent: Messrs. William Mayo and
F. Fischer.
The Minutes of "N emlber 2Sth and
December 12th were read.
A motion of Mr. Stoulig to aenmid
the Minutes of December 12th iby in
serting the words "Private Carrl'iage"
in Section 11 of the License (trdiiaiice,.
was cTied;,and on motion, the Minutes
as amendedlwer. adopted.
jTrrcasdrep KeT4F's Reiport for the two
slo nding this day, was re:!d, show
ga balance of $217 ;2 cash on
A report was read from the Mayr,
at hie did on the 24th inst., adjudinate
Revenues of the Market, foxr i:il.
Ir. Chris. Deibel for l,(;S) and
purchaser had furlishelld his
r by C. 1)hic'ihrah ir
otioni, the'rceport was
tion of the Mlayor
romin the Attorney,
as Arbitrator. had
&L t 'L. Millahdon in
ents of I839,
n the report
eamboat tax:
d to tihe Fi
'from Ir. J. J.
Ilerrie teneriag his resignatio, as a
MeInmb)er of the Board of I)irctors of
the I'ublic Scho, ls: On mo1,tion, the
resitnatiin of Mr. I1errloe was ncceltetd.
A ltterwlas realld frlno "Star IloIk
and Ladd.er ( oni:p:mty No,. ( te,' invit
iung til. Mayor uoand C(''iiil to ittenil
the Am iversary . clhration axnd Ball
of said (',m uiey ,,'n the 1 Ith of
J anary, next; and asking perrmissixn
tu give tie li-all Ifre of ciharg.e for
License. (On motioi,, the "nvita titi was
• ce'pteid atn thle reqiuest grated.
rIt. Entl,e oifh in lIehalf iif tihe li
1n0 'e( (' ,i|nii ittee rep ,,rted verballyi
thalt thl (',,minittee ri.mnmeindi thu
iaymiint of $14 tii ,J. L. BIin'., f.w. c.,
ftir atti in,.. sick pior. Oin nmitiiii
the riiiurt was reuiivud and a ppii,,'i.l
a1,i, lftir siuspienliniig the rhles, t! e
Mtaovir was authiorizuid ti d'a\w a \iir
iillt tmi I, lie ainoiiiilt.
A mtin mIiiade lb tr. Enflh, man
and seiiilih'd hv Mr. Seih'ltr *" thi t
lFlatoumts iay 3" ' a n,,uth instead ,,t
i 10. f;,r lying at tihn laling," was
A ricport was rend from the Streets
tand Liil*ings (omii(, itte' that the N'i w
l evie lel.w Adams street was tinii- i
,n the l'lhi iit. (au ni i tiun, te, rip . rt
was rieii'iidl iiii, ordred filed.
A mitiiin ,f Mr. lnglunan duly
secin iid. "That thi .ills for Materials
t,, thi' Shell In,,ih. .h:ili ie paid ,,n thi
e'ertitiate uif thii Sur. 'vor. ilup ril,',I
ii -thi , ,M;ev ,o r tut li"n a  .e (C o n ni t tie .
\\n c'arrlitd.
4unt:v bills wete read. On iiim, i,,
the' rd,,s wer,,ss p.lt'lded l the M:\. r
u'as nnthiorizd to draw \\'Wir t- ii<
th:t f,,lhowing t,,rs,,ns anI mn,,, ;-.
!"..Mltr'lm'z, fin" l1;7 bi s--h,,ll- SC> 7;
J . Jilam e. fir2 .5t; lbls. Iints... -- ,' "
1 .II. il.t ,,revt,, L~umlber, ('n-:
dhli , . ..... i-ti In itn
t;. \ blelr, haulinz 3 hla,! . . I .)n
I , , ,uu i :.,( |',r , 1 , ,n'.i
i. ,.- et l ,rtr. ,r
r,,tinff Stit,, T" l ean~,.t .. :1" 75
nstabl Foes in
ninal ..... 14 68
o:f J per for $183 05
arefgned to the
-" i"b Council adjourned
SJauary 9th, 1861, at
Yo Beord1'y.
by tbja.EFFERSO .*
"ev. this City, at the HIall *
ip.Vy No. One, upon the m
-- ti.[ef January, 1861.
.,. GE RS.
S. Carl Zeller,
J.D. George Herrle,
bn T. chel, William Mayo,
416lier, F. Schuler,
erlh, 1n. G. Davis,
William P. Duncan,
gleman, L. C. Perret,
tot Stoulig, L. L. I evy,
cln Davenport, (;uy Dreux.
Charles E. Royer, E. Itigaud,
E. Conmmgbre, W. T. Scott,
A. Babin. James Brookes,
J. J. ierrle, J. I). W. Jones,
.A.N. Ogden, Arthur Wire,
.C. Perret, jr.. Peter Williums,
."' Thomas L. IMaxwell.
ºG. Dreux, A. Wire,
E. Commagbre, Julhs Michel,
P. C. Perret, jr..
Qo- Tickets of Adlmissicin............ $1 50.
( Ladies Invitatiots can be had by applying
to the lembers of the Committee. dec2 9
CIAMB to the premises of the
v undersiguJ~ on Sundav Inst,
Dejpember 30, 1 , A LA1R GE
Br.AC1E COW, branded J. S.
or J. ) %.'
The aoli r of the above animal can have the
same b r piaing the expense of this advertisement.
=L- Apply at this Office, to E. BELL. jan2.3t
W A.S brought to the. Pound ot the
nndersigned Syndic.., Left Bank,
(New .(arrpUton,) on Decebcer 27, 1860,
the followving described itnitmltl, to wit:
of the Collar on the shoulder, and White Spot on
her Back from the Saddle, shod all round.
The marks and brand are taken as near as possi
ble. and no other is visible.
The owner or owners of the above described ani
mal are requestedt to come forward, prove property
pay charges, and take her away on or beforet
\VIWI)NESI)AY, January 9th, til, or she will be
sold on said tvday t 12 o'clock, S.
.JACOIt \VEIYEL, Svndiq Left Banlk,
Parish of Jefferson, December 21), 1860,
WTAS brought to the Pound of tlhe
und ersigtt"d 6yndic, Left Bank.
(Nw" (Iarrollton) f TugESUA C, the
11 th day of December, ,6i0.
with a piece cut off the right horn; left ear crop
1p'i, and right ear split.
IThe mat1.s are take. as near as possible, no
other )ark or brandf visiblle.
':lhie o\tltt r ,r oi'im-r olf the abhove descrilbed
tIanIIm I lire, r p(tllt.rt tl It, (me forwaird, prI\ve i'ro
rv. pai ehar;- es:nte itake her Iaway, onor he'
'lifor \\li \Y , i,illlillr 2. 161 , or sthe will hobe
s-'hi oni said dlayv :it o'clock M.
.1 f't ( )it \ ElY 6 I' . ,Svndji I,,left Bank.
Pairish of .J,., 'erson, December b2r. tetl.
Oltitr:tt No. 1. II FAt Qu Itl rF s,.
('arrollton. Ma'y 7tIh, t il I. i,
1' III t o'rulal r meetingrs f this Icrls n ill bel t
L I rlea theirllull.on tIhe I'itST MON.DAY
of a t. t itth. -
'rhl ,orp. will meet hereaf ytyp every Fridaytc
iat 7 t'cic' i' 31it.. for ('? tic ftr )ril.
Ilul't':il att.ad e is x feedted. *.
.1 G ..REUX, Cptain,
SC. t' . It)YEt, Ordrlt clA NS~elt.
i ro ' .. . n u iti te to the. Parish tii n
-ay, he tl, s to, bitl.t,)tvid I1ishlt, ,por r Monroe,
\V'.tWhitt ,pari,h.
'l'The ow'ri is l'requelsted to comet forw 'irtd, provw
property, pay 'iart's nid take him away.
'I(i'Y DItEl-'X, Sitrift'
de'. of thi-Parishl of Jefl'l.rson.
Book-Binder and Blank' ook
No. 23 4 N,. 23
NEW (il -,I;'ANS.
1 ;- Music hbun'! in Ioery 't'hle- eriodicals
I'aplhletsI, Ilaatzines and New'pnpers bound
to ordelr.
Wliiank Beoks Ruled and bound to any
1 :iottn \Veighers' and Sugar Brokers' Books
,nid, to order, inar]l .1y
..' tf )f Lonidon and Paris, j
Chronometer and Watch Maker,
No. 21 Commercial Place,
'I.,' most di'ticnlt acd Delicate \Vatch
1Takte., :itl.ertraken and promptly exerctted;
ak':tirch- ()n Omt;ll''i.utd aind timed fior AstroIIe
11' At wii ,k gi aratlerol and terms madte.
i" /-,;,- si!,'" Sit,! Petail Ittl,,erS in M.t .tS, 'Ot'THrg
ata Ji't)i" ('LOTfII"G, AT.S, .' CAP',
("g RI'E?`TIA.-ll.. ETC:, T,7('
No. 1617 Poydra. Street.
mr- Nearly Opposite the Carrollton
Railroad Depot, New Orleans, c-t,,
Aicklen , & Claren,ir ; 1) t :
iv v o l 'r e Dact ler Mtftrv. s rl
otin[- i s' thss 'id , -t t.
o 2 A, .OY ,,1 " NTI .-;'
ox(AG Iv Ne

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