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Terms oaf
VOLUME 111, Of the "O ol
on the 23d June, inets t:11
heretofore, on good type and
issued to Subscribers at fJive do
of 104 numbers, if paid for before
the volume; if paid for IN ADVANCE, ori re
the close of the first half-volume of 52 m
b rs, four dollars wil be received for the entire
volumle; but if not paid before the end of the
full volume of lO04 numbers, siz dollars will, in
all ionstalnces, be requird.
No Subscription will be received for a less to
than the volume, unless paid for IN ADVAN
and so stated at the time; the paper w114.dot
be discontinued until allarrearages are settled,
unless the publisher should choose to do so.
Rates of Advertising s
All Advertisements will be charged l1 (one olar,
per square of TEN LINES OR LisS. fort e-first
and fifty cents for each subsequent insertion
All Commuhications on personal matters, if admit
ted, will be subject to DOUBLE the above rates
and must, invariably, be paid for inadvitce o
their publication.
.Advertiseme.ll inserted by th month .or r a
longer period, will be aharg~eccordTO)i15O
rates: one square, of ten liOts, (or* 1s) 'one
month, $4; two months, $6; saa4d u
5 no*th* : 6 m0oat0.0 . ... Stb0s0
Isquare......$ 8 )O.....10 00..,.i$.12 00
a squares...... 15 00...... 16 I0..... 18 00
3 do ......18 00 ...... 2o 0.;... S 00
do ...... 20 00...... 24 00..... 2 46 00
do ...... 2200...... 28 00...... 8100
do ..... 25 00...... 80 00...... 85 00
7' do .... 80 00......35 00....4. 0 00
"8 do. 8200...... 40400...... 45 00
'+ do. 40 00....." 4500:.... 50 00
110 do. 45 00...... 60 00...... 58 00
'11 do. 5000. 860-- 55 00...... 60 00
112 do ...... 55 00...... 60 00:.... 65 00
Par StateOfBces,.. .e... .*---******* $10 00
Per Parish Offices,..................... 8 00
For Town or City Offices....... " " ". 5 00
'To Establish a uniforma rate of Li
ceases on Professaoensu, Callings
and other Uasiness, and on Car
ringes, Public a*a Private Vehi
Be it Ordained ,b;y the Mayor and
'Council of the City of Carrollton, That
from and after the first day of January,
1861, the Licenses for Professions,
iCallings and other Business, throughout
the City of Carrollton shall be fixed,
assessed and collected annually at the
rates and sums specially set forth in
the following sections and subject to
the conditions hereinafter named:
SECTION 1. Every tavern or coffee
i1ouse keeper, retailer of liquors andi
wines by the drink shall pay $100.
SEc. 2. Every General Store, selling
spirituous and malt liquors or wines,
-not less than 4depint, not to be drank
on the prdraise% $100.
1J. . .Every Geii Store, exclud
ing ges ana malt liquors and
84c. 4. Every ecry store, exclud
ing spirituous and mnalt liquors andl
wineas~!, and with liquors and1 wines
to be so in quuantities not less than a
pint $70. -
SEC. 5. Every dry goods, feedl. hard
ware, gliuhs, or crockgy store, $2O).
SEC. (. Every cfothihg and shoe store,
sellie clothes and shows, not their own
maln t~c ure, $20.·
Sic. . Every pabli6 billiard tnle,
ten pit4 Rey. pool table, pistol gallery.
or owne-ttthereof, shall pay $10.
SEC. S'Every public, subscription.
'or socitet. ball, $10.
SEC. Every theatre, show, circus.
or other nusemnents, for each perform
ance, $10.
SEc. 10. Every public cart, carriage,
.cab, car, buggy, wagon or dray drIawnI
by one or more horses or kiue, $10).
SEc. 11. Every private wagon. cart.
or dray, drawn by one or ionure horses
,or kine, 5:3.
SEC. 12. Every resident pedler or
hawker, $25.
SEC. 1:3. Every non-residentt pedler
-or hawker, $5).
SEc. 14. Every Soda and Mineral
Water shop, every Segar shop, every
Fruit stand or shop, every t Cake stand
or shop shall pay `3.
SEc. 13. Every Oyster shlop, exclud
ing liquors and wine-; $3.
SEe. 16. Every Livery Stable, in
cluding carriages and excluding carts
and wagons shall payY $50.
SEe. 17. Every A uctioneeror Auction
Store, $10).
SEC. I18. Every IBerhouse selling
wines and malt liquors, $40).
Si-c. 19. Every drug and aptithceani y
store. shlull pay $11).
SE(. "21). Evert- her bottler, or other
pers'o-s selling be e, wiinEs'or eurdialj
in this cit', away front lik prctui-es,
sha ll 1)t'
S :. 1 . verv('yalyar.1. every Saw
.mill, t.ever lIricky~ardl. $";1), :very
Lumbler yard :`'._5
frt. 1". Every Stret M usician or
Siuuger . 10.
St.23. Every physician, lawyer or
Svery non -riesident mineral
sler thunl 25y pounds
Lv snta' cart. selling a
S>s thoul 23 Ipounds,
0 "*tat tenu
e Stoir $50.
- at xny per
son above licenses,
for pp cified, and fail
ing to tae nout before the 15th
of Januvar, of each year, except those
for one day and night, shall pay a fine
of no less than $10, nor more t&an.$25,
and all laws or parts of laws,
with this Ordinance, be,
ai*ehereby repealed. 4
li'e it ordained etc.; '
of .all licenses must be paid in
except those ove ty dollars
the first half, s p aid in &
the balance in te due on the
July, next ensuing and endorsed to th
satisfaction of the Mayor; and on the
production of the Treasurer's receipt
for the payment as aforesaid, the Com
troller shall issue a license, and licen
ses taken on or after the first of July,
shall be paid entirely in cash.
Be it ordained, etc., That persons
taking out a license for the sale of spirit
uous and malt liquors or winosp shall
give bonds and security in the sum of
two hundred and fifty dollars. That all
licenses shall date from the first o
Januarj, except those required for an
business opened or commenoed afte
January, which shall date from th
first of the month iin which the busi
ness was opened, and oul he pro rat
of tne yearly price sha )Le require
for licenses taken after anuary, cal;
culating from the fii9fof the month
which the business was comminenced
in which the license should bi tale
except those given for one dDay
night, and those the price of'whi
ten dollars and under, and Io lice
shall be transtierred, except on con
of the Mayor and Coun6il previ
On motion of Mr. Englemaythe'
were suspended mnd on hi ti
words a also, that
*not iapply to th
"Cakes, Confecti
"Country, Milk, W
"Cheese and Ve
'"part of Artilc
were stric
S a hl /0cat1
Yupp', ·lmcuclal
tionn to
3rd, 1
19, 18554
1. Be it Ordained by th mayor and
Council of the City of Carrollton, TIhat
when application is made to the Mayor
in accordance with Article 7, of the
original ()rdinaice for the use of a
Stail or Stand in the Market, the Oath
of the Applicant shatll co('tait It deela.
ration that the applicant is not the
ILessee of thie Market and is in no way
intmlrested, either directly or indirectly
in the Lease or Revenues of tihe Market.
2. Be it further Ordained, 'Ihiat the
Leave of the Market and tihe collectioni
of the LRevenllues thereof, shall not he
transfterredll without the conseniiiit of the
Mayor and Council previously Ihtnined,
under a penalty of fifty dolluris.
3. IloBe it further Orldainedl, 'Ihat all
perons are forbidlden to coa'mm it any
nisaiilce or nets oftlensiv e Ito dcelncyl
iniside of the Market Hollse, or deposit
snv Olffesive tainted or IhIlival MIa Alts,
Ye4getabless or other ma~ltt-r therein,
inder a penalty of five doIllars for eaii'11
othm1ce* . ull pe4rsous are fo(rbi(hlen to
m111k4 Ilse of 111( give ultterance( to oaths
and oIheiei :miil v ulgar ltagilige ;iind
nloises im s:ai'l \iarkut. unmler a pien~amiy
of five dollars for each o tffIce; arill
¶Ilhiiirs' i1( si ll Markethlo mse ar( re
hjlirihI ti lie clenm iin 1)hishii iiii Iress,
;111l (.ivil and1( polit I to, pu''lrl·chasers andl
itlmers visitilig the Mairkit : thv shall
I) oth r irtilehs mmot ihil, ti hill os i
ito Ii l re ii hii forth m u ndelriti a . pe alt
Mark, l t: h Aa3. hllt Ii- T1 ' Iitivii rmy the~!:
l" 1"i i"" hr cirtificati groat-I in
a ci:mani I with Aria-hi 7, of thi ii i
gminall- or innu nlh iuIh 1" tin-hl
11t01111- . Th p f In Ii l" wl bi thi
( 1r111n1 Cr ,jy em m b .tee a
Tdward the latter part of the summer i
1840,4i lad of prepossessing appearance
entered the bbautiful town of G - ,
situiited at the foot of Seneca Lake. New
York', near thiugtral part of the State.
He had $ra# >idtrom the western part
of Ohio, " hip father, a widower,
had died 'frii one of thos malignant
fevers, so common indfwly'made,coup
tries, while dvorreeing the culti atibn
oIf a large tiaot of land, in order to
re a fortune lost during the dlias
peculations of 1836.
g an only son, and loft among
ers, after the death of his. ther,
e Wentworth resolved to leave
d remove to the State of New
for the purpose of trying his
e. ner that chance
ad pas "" ough
& :4 useh
and n
rq .f oed
a to the
r itt
turned "to
A portion of
pa , who were grouped a
t e rar of the main body,
n to jeer and joke about the appar
ently bad omen, to the evident discorn
fiture of their opponenits.
At lencgth Judge S ---, editor and
publisher of the ( -- Journal, then
a candidate .for Congress, offered fifty
dollars to any persoln who would cliihl,
the staff, and draw the cord through
tin- wheel. The utmo6st. silence reigned
for several minutes, hilt no one ad
va'nced to make the during trial.
"Will no one volunteer?" shouted the
ju Ige, strongly excitedl as a peal of
laughter wenlt up from the ruanks of
the oppos ,ition.
The chuckle had scarcely died away,
however, before George, with his cap
and shoes off, stepped(l Ibefore the Judge
and with a confident look he exclaimed:
"Yes sir, I'll climbt it."
'You, mny lad; you are not strong
-Oh, yes sir; I am used to cliniiing.''
"''IThei go ahead, y little Spart in,"
said the .1 Idge, at the same time giving
bin an encoulragilig put upon the shi ol
Stceadily, hand over hand, his feet
chiitchiiig the IpPIIe Ii a manhiir tint
lprPX(4l huin liii eX pert c(li11P1Pcr, (G'Ei rgf
iiiidl huis way1 ti, the v)Iy tollp f the
stalf, wluichl was - clerii lhr that it
riI it 21I'I II' 211 rn tilE . hP,iPI2 : IIa '.lh
'hio tiini' fp::rl-- l t' t12'P'P I. ' P2 to
fairly r)'2( heul th topp1. 211)1( 1t1h n -',. j
TIh -Per-- that )Pw r()t ti he
*wP'r) tperrthie, ap11,-ifl 12 al alljonn
hi- paie te-ni k : u: :
George noticed the action and ex- f
claimed- ii
"Keep your money, sir, I want no it
pay for helping you to raise the Ami- t'
rican flhig."
"Nobly said my little man, what is
your natne?' inquired the Judge.
"George Wentworth, sir, I am an
orphan and have just arrived here in
search of employment," replied our J
hero, his bright eye glistening with a 1
tear. * t
"Well, you shall live with me, ex
claimed the Judge, "I'll take care of r
you for the future." r
* * * * * *
Five years have passed away since
George Wentworth had been a mornm
ber of his benefactor's family. In the I
meantime +Judge S. had been defeated i
by his political opponent and George I
had been initialed into the mysteries of I
the "Art of Am." Hie had become ,
a great favoritb with the citizens and r
was looked"upon as the abopted son of
t Judge.94t was whispered in private I1
dles *as to be the envied t
he beautiful and accom
Us eJudge's only daughter. i
a had not dared to dream v
ever felt so happy as I
sonce, had it made him n
pish students 1btim f
around the unao i
of his heart. Po 1
pwd the real state O (
thou ht would have r
could he
that I
be ut- I
* of wit, I
soul with costa- r
day in the latter part of
a, h father and George, wore
n the lake in his trim
yacth, the "Swan"-which had
the cupat the last regatta, under
agemont of our hero, who was
ith his hand on the mast,
t the, beutiful scenery on the
osite shore;t;the Judge held the til
-d Ida was leaning over the side
boat trailing her pretty hand
gh the clear water of the lake,
en a sudden gust of wind careened
the yacht so that she lost her balance
and fell into the water. George heard
the splash made by Ida, and before the
Judge could utter a cry, he had kicked
off his light summer shoes, and plunged
in to her rescue. Being a skillful and
vigorous swimmer, he came up with
the struggling girl before her clothes
allowed her to siink, llud entwiined her
waist withit his left arts, struck out with
Ills right. lend keplit her above water till
the Amtilge turned the bout aind camein to
their relief. In a few moimenits they
were safe in the boat again, ra4l plai
((soon recovered from the effects of hier
unexpected bath. The olii .1 n( 4i11
irieuil George anai exclaimed, with
tears startliing from his eyes
"( oil bless yioti, toy *leur boy, you
lhavte saved ty daughter's lifei, ioiw clii
I ever relay youI ?"
"'ly ea'yihg nothing about it," replietl
-1 owve You now It thtousand times
more than I rau ever repliay, aiiil I ant
to hapihui)y ii l iig iilt to ireilr evin
this -.light.:e v e
'lhe lovely hlao eiolhl K:ay nothing,
htir heart ivas ivirflowilign hr t ihe g
iV "il inhi-rli 1iii ioiii- 'viith gn ihhri
rvnthi t I t' a vlue-s. 1:1 faith.I
ifa (..I I 11 as no I m un f r t
fully and neglecting none. You are
now of age; and capable of doing bul-*
iness for yourself,-r have plaed4 ;
thousand dollars in the bank sit
disposal; you can use this sum n
think proper, or lot it remain on -
est, to take charge of my office -
a salary of fifteen hundred dollers f
year in either case you must leave my
house for the present. What do yo
think of my proposal ?"
George was completely bewildered,
and stammered forth a request to be
allowed a few hours for consideration..
This being granted, he repaired to 'his
room and throw himself on the bed Ia s
paroxysm of grief. Could the* adgd
have guessed what himttself shad hardly
dared to hope ? What right had he to
his benefactor's daughter and fortune ?
None! He would biother inid feelings,
and earn an honorable living by his
own exertions.
Various were the rumors set aflott
by the scandal mongers of G- , as
to the cause of yound Wentworth's
leaving his patron's mansion, but their
inuL10111lo01 were unheeded. His brow
wore it More thoughtful expression, and
his cheeks grow paler. The Judge
acted towards him in a straight-forward
frank manner, yet never addressed him
in the kind, fathorly tones. as had boon
his wont before the incident that oc
curred bn the lake. If ho chanced to
meet Ida in his walks, a frondly nod
was all that passed ; still shU felt that
his looks betrayed him, for the warm
blood gushed from his loved heart. and
tinted his cheek with the tell tale blush4
and he cherished the pleasing thought
that her looks were beaming with love
and hope.
A little more than a year had passed
from the time George had left the home
of those he loved. It was the eve of
another election. Excitement ran high
and Judge S was again a candi
date from Congress. For several weeks
a series of ably written articles land ajº
peur)ed in the .Judge's paper. They
were addressed to all classes-farmners,
mechanics and laborers. The original
and vigorous style, clear, conviacinag
arguments, deep ind profenln(O reasoa
ing of those articles, invariably carried
convicton to the parties to wvhoam they
were addressed. All the nowspapers
of arty of the Congressioual 1)is
tri . )p ied them, and curiosity was on
tipt dicover 'the author, as they
were simply signed by two little * *.
The election passed ofl', atai .Jualdg,
N was elected by a large ma
Utoe ono night, when Iaa and her
father werae ret arning froom IL jarty
giveal ill honor of his election, they oh
served it light ill tille printing offie. As
the a"stltlllilinnonam t Wits taslalIly closaI olt,
twilight, it alilleared striolge ith t it
ýhoulld III lit upj lit. thalt hl~ou, no the
ºlllj V"ild tll rmi mailed to larmIii l the ca .ll.'.
"j `'11olstling hi&, Anaghrlter to liclonl (any
limo, the"ý11(- 01n111141 the rstairl ambl u11iet
Iv anlterledthle flicle. A sight mutt thlir
1zi, which mllIsed the heart of onie efl
lai to 1laep violealtIVy AI. the l"41k, aI
Sill lat, diistaaace from the alootr,'aat ( *Ellgel
fast 11sleep, with hi» I l~ rentinlg la
his arim.
As la.'s father st:llipa for(lwari to
11wakenil111 tha slI r, Ii a eV d IL
(ohiO t aal-laln '-i5g 1)1.al11 1 t Ulf thlie tak,
- 11 It frtlEl thly wortten arti("il with ill4'
ill terijll(H " IIttch . 'I I
111th ll"11 upon tll 5(lllli in t In'
1 u1 o -hl" was iollbhtl ' to tlearge for
hie I uIc1 t+. 11, beclkonI t to Idat, whlo
nlli, tre *lhlin to Il i- Ni'le. .lust thl n
lit V iw by till flick lrting .; lump1, IL 411111
1'"'" 1"v Ir tilh lu sh a b r1r'M frill' dull Ile
ma111tt i tll wells, 'f r tI sl1' iii it
4 ... ..1 .. 1. I . i
hurll ofeii ii I ly t oi !'.. i I ii h Ir u

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