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-ehc iolfa (COlronitlr
Saturday, July 29, I%7.6.
To Candidates, and Others.
The columns of the CIHuONCLE
arc taken up with communications
from persons of both political par
ties-certainly, they are of a local
character, and tend to 'ma.le our'
paper of great interest to the peo
ple of this District and parish; but
we never started the paper for the
purpose of being a n;ediuL thro'
which would-be office-holders (or
their friends) could bring them
selves before the people. We are
an independent journal, and in
tend to be one, and we want both
parties to have the use of our
columns, in a legitimate way, to
as great an extent as we can; but,
gentlemen, wz have a right. The
candidate should announce him
self through our columns, under
our heading of "Candidatas' An
nouncements," subject to the nom
ination of his party, and if he is
no party man, and thinks he can
reach the goal desired, because of
his popularity-why, he has the
same privilege. We are no black
mailer, but demand our rights,
and "he who runs may read." By
referring to our terms, on the first
column of the first page, you can
see what a candidates' announce
ment costs, and our rules will be
strictly adhered to-no deviation.
Now, no one can take offense at
this, as it is not personal, but it is
addressed to all whom it may con
corn. We are very liberal in our
dealings, but we cannot afford tb
work for nothing. We cannot
make our paper a blow-horn for
men of both partiestoblazon forth
their names, and enter into and
keep up discussions-and when
they see their articles in print they
can lie back and laugh at their
own smartness, and how heavy
they hit Tom, Dick, or Harry, and
the good they done for themselves
or favorites. Does the thought
ever occur to you that all
this takes us from 4 o'clock in the
till 10 o'clock at night, every day,
with hardly a minute to eat our
meals-to grant you all this-and
then do it without pay? If you
have not read the tale of the boys
.nd the frogs, do so, and you will
see the moral. There is not a
candidate mentioned in all the
communications that has paid his
subscription, and only two are
subscribers. We are under ex
penses of one sort and another
every day that demands cash
everything in our business has to
be paid for on delivery-so give
a fair show, gentlemen, and let
cash accompany your orders. And
in the matter of subscription for
the paper we have to say a few
words. Everyone wants it, but
few pay for it. Now any one who
wants it can much easier raise two
dollars to pay for it than we can
afford to let it out on credit
to about two hundred and fifty
There is not one of you but is
aware of the difficulty a printer
has in collecting his little bills,
and especially from disappointed
candidates. We have had expet
rieuce in this matter, gentlemeu
PI'romises to pay, are not pay. If
our columns are worth anything,
they are worth being paid for.
.. ... ---- b,--4--- ..... .
CoI.FAx, GRANT PI n!!S, L..,
July 23, 17d.
l~htX1 r _'IIoNIoN I. :
The resident citizens of Colfax
feel themselves aggrieved at the
manner in which they have Ibeen
treated by the Merchants' Union
Telegraph Company. The agree
ment was that, if the people would
lend to the company the sum of
one hundred dollars, they would
put up and keep a double line of
telegraph from here to the main
line, in order that they might tele
graph either way, the distance be
ing only one and a half miles.
They have failed to comply with
their part of their contract, in
nearly every particular. Not only
has the hundred do(l:lrs been
paid by our citizens, but nearly
two hundred dollars more in la
Sor, provisions, and charges.
It was a long time after the
wire and posts were pit uip i fore
the battery was sent here, and
when it rame our merchan:ts h:al
to pay nearly the original cost o,1
it before it could be control.d
for their benetit or use. They
also agreed to furnish an operator
at this atation until one of our
citizens could learn--whi,'h t,.y
have failed to comply with.
Yours, M ;NET.
[We would like to hear frotm
the proper parties what they in
tend doing in this matter.-ED. j
A great want is fkit by this conm
munity for better mail facilities.
Direct communication betweCi
here and Montgomery is much
needed, and from there .direct to
Grand Ecore or the next best
place for the benefit of that] town.
drant parish wants more mail
routes and more postoflices, and
it ought to have them. Will not
some of our citizens, best ac
quainted with our Congressmen
make it their business to petition
them on this matter. You will
have a great nuxiliary in us.
CoLFrx, (G.isT PYArIs, LA., )
July 2t;, 1b76. )
The lion has been bearded in his
den, and judging from his roar of
smothered rage, the three-star
communication must have touched
him in a tender place. "Leo,,
with his exceedingly rare concep
tiouns of right, cannot, like a true
"Maltese," behold the question as
others see it, but in his exalted
Iimagination considers it '"too
thin." "This was the argument
of a few of the old Whig party,'
says he. Was there ever a an an
swer more applicable to the point
than the reply of the Theucian to
Alexander the Great: "Was there
ever a more gallant captain of a
more valiant band '" Was there
ever? But we scorn to boast, for
do not the people generally, and
the politicians especially, know
that he has not been easily sub
dued. "A new game,"he says, "by
played-out politicians, third party
politicians, etc; an attempt to de
feat the popular will of a party."
We are not now, nor were we ever
aware, that any party expressed
the popular will of the people;
neither do we accept the more ab
surd idea of the "p'opular will of
a party." Will Leo tell us how he
Sstands with that party, and what
propl)ortion of the "popular will"
he is likely to receive? Does he
not measure our corn in his own
false-bottomed half bushel; aned
will not the same measure be
mueted out to him ? His half-sup
pressed exclamation of surprise at
the announcement of a meeting
to elect delegates for Ward 1,
would fain prodluce a p.tritic re
slponse; but perceiving in the di.s
tant political horizon, a cloud that
voils the "popular will" in unnmis
takable tones of popular indigna
tion, yet tempered with a semi
sarcastical nod of approval, lihe
wonders who will be there to rep
resent it. The whole scheme is as
clear to him as the magnetthrough
which hlie discovered it-it is in
deed "too thin." But events are
daily transpiring that go to
make up the political drama, andl
let thile scue s change as they may.
Leo will never be a star in the
profession, though in the role
of Falstaff he can serve the "pop
umlar will" of his party. ELno.
COl.FAx, July 23, lbTG.
I Edlitor ClR' tNo'ICE:
I have been reading the different
cbmmunications in your paper,
I and smil*d on observing how nu
merous they are, and the subject
treated of. Otffice appears to be
tbe burden of their song, and the
stimulus that stirs them up into
sI uch a state of activity, and their
aim is to get themselves or frieindoi
in ,tiu.e. wlhether the people and r
their interests are represented or
not. Not ceC of them statS what I
sound mlteasurles they are going to I
advocate, with a view of allevia
tiug the oppressions of our mis
governed and tax-burdened State.
I claim, sir, that those who rep -
re.cuit us shionld go in for curtail
Ing the expeucses of our State and I
parish governaments. The salaries I
of Statte oiiicrle s hohld hbe cut
down at least one-half, and as
manyil of those ofiices dispensed
with as possibly can be. We want
reform in reality-not in words;
and we say that the people should
not vote for any candidate who
-will not go in strong for these
measures; and we w:nt the rights
and welfare of the people to be
considered first, and then see who
the men are who will carry such
measures through.
You will hear again from me on
this subject, when I will say more
on the matter. Respectfully,
Tuies. AL.isoN.
CoLFAx, July 27, 1s76.
Now comes defendant, and for
answer to Sam's exception, denies
iii part the allegations therein
contained. In relation to the com
pact on which he lays so mu' h
stress, Sam, although assuming to
understand it, is yet, I see, one
material point in darkness. The
c,.mIpact was not to the effect that
Winn should have first choice,
Grant next and Catahoula third,
for Grant was not at the time of
that agreement in the Senatorial
District; neither was it the under
standing that Winn should have
the first choice, because Catahoula
submitted the proposition that if
Winn would support her in that
campaign, (knowing full well that
Winn undivided could enforce her
demand, having a Democratic ma
jority vote,) that the favor should
be returned. For this reason,
Catahoula instructed her dele
gates to compromise the matter
with Winn, by giving her prefer
ence in the next Convention. To
that end, in the Convention of
1872, the Catahoula delegates were
likewise instructed. Grent, not a
party to the first contract, was not
hound by its provisions; but being
in the minority when she did have
a voice, could only say amen to
the arrangement; yet, with the
unlerstanding that the provisions
of that comprormise should be ex
tended to her in the campaign of
1"76. Sam asks the question,
which is absurd as he imagines
ours to be far-fetched: Has Dr.
Kelly represented his District, as
t Senator? I answer his question
by asking another: Did the dele
gates who nominated him, obligate
themselves to install him in office ?
And like Sam, I can say, empha
tically, No! Neither the Conven
tion, nor the people, through their
Sdelegates, agreed to secure his
election; nor, if elected, to brow
'beat the Returning Bouard, or
counterniand the midnight order.
They did o ly what they agreed to
do,, and nothing more coull be re
quirt:d. And to be more explicit,
I will state for Sam's information,
as I have it directly from the dele
gates authorized by Catahoula to
act in that matter, that if Winn
would ratify the nomnination of S.
S. Bowman, as then maude by Cata
houla, that she would obligate her
,elf to support Wmnu's choice in
Sthe next convention; and just here
I will remark that I dleny the right
of any convention to compromise
Sthe interests of the people by
promising a debt beyond their
ability to pay. As "West End"
says: "The Dr. has had his shuffle,
deal and draw," and I say, if his
adversary oversized his pile, or
t played the Arkansianu's fiftk Jack
,on him, are his constituents to
- Illu e.
t Sam says McEnery is entitled
e to renomination, also, because he
Sfailed to serve the people. Mc
SEnery is entitled to renomination
r and electlon if the people will it
and C. C. Dunn was re-chlcted
on that principle, we doubt not; .
so can Dr. Kelly be elected if he I
receives the largest ballot-but for
no other reasons. Sam asserts
that some of the would be politi- I'
cilans of (;rant and C'atahonla
nominated J. G. Hawks, in viola
tion of their former pledge. It
grant this, in part; but deny that
it was in violation of former l'
pledges, inasmuch as Hawks forced
himself upon the field in opposi- h
tion to those who nominated Dr. t
Kelly. Besides the question is
quite totally irrele!evant to the
question, and while I do not doubt
the Dr.'s popularity, and have -
every respect that is due hinm as ar
gentleman, and with all due defer
euco to the opinions of Sam, I am
of opinion that Grant must have
preference in the next Convention.
Although I shall not promise his
election, nor battle with the pow
ers that be to secure his seat. Let
the act-drop fall as it may, Brian
or Hardy would reflect a credit to
their constituents. DicK.
Our friend, Mr. H. McKnight,
is working hard on his new steam
cotton-gin. It will be completed
in a short time.
The Democratic Nominees.
Yesterday morning, just before
going to press, a friend rushed in,
bringing us an "extra" issued by
the Democrat, at Alexandria. We
have neither space nor time for
comment in this issue; but copy
the latest dispatches:
First ballot--Wiltz 142; Mc
Enery, 80; Nichols, 117; Penn, 32.
Second ballot-Wiltz 139, ; Mc
Enery, 631; Nichols, 139; Penn, 29.
Third ballot-Nichols, 142; Wiltz
140j; McEnery, il*.
When it came to the fourth bal
lot, McEnery withdrew in favor
of Nichols, before the vote was
announced; Penn also withdrew
in his favor; and Wiltz then made
a motion for the n( .nination of
I Nichols to be made unanimous.
Wiltz will be nominated for Lien
tenant Governor.
[ Uid'llr this head we will aatotinte the e
f ,,aPes of c,)ll;t,drlet for any o(flre; our
rharge is ;5, awl the I, rdl w;ll be pudlishel.
f .nects :.y. till Norembtr. The cash
mt1L accou,,Mtay the ordelr it every ie
stli.e': if ,tot, it trill be thrown in our
.e.:e-misk*-I. . 1
I herebv aonnolner myself ase~ i eatndi
Ilate tir Stat* seunator tr this Iistriect.
supject to nomination iy the Deannirant ie
Convention. DAVID HARDY.
Notice to Tax-Payers.
OFl"t.iE iF 4 'I'ATr. TAX Coi..E TIn,
Cit'ax. Grant Parish. July 2t, 'ii.
PENALTIES on delinquent Taxes
I hae" been remitted for ninety dalys.
by Executive authority, under date of
July nth; hut the coats and exp)teniim
attenlling seitzr,, and sale can be avoid
etl only by iimmediate settlement.
.IOlHN H. (;RAY,
State Tax C1olletor, Grant Parish.
TIIlE und1rsigned mvould resltectfully
informn the citizens of Cotlflx and
r vicinity, thltt he will continue to fur
nish coie, BEEF, every c'Wenlnisday
miIorliing. duriing the I'stllimnner mn4thi4s,
- t his u.uai r.ashMilme pric.s, and in
tlie fIl l and winter imonthti hIe l ill
tlrnish Miuttton and P'ork 1l444.
jy2- ly JAMIES h'('()'.
A CONVENTION will I,, hcld at the
J Conrt Iloume., at Col-ix, in the par
1 ish of Grant, rte( ot Louisi:aa, on
SM(ONDAY, the '2.lth of Attgtist. 176, to
uitoli:ate a ('canldidate folr Congress ill
i the 1Fourth CIongressionli Dietrict of
th,, Stait. of Lo, i.iana.
The .,eUral Parish t'ommiott,..s with
1in this t'ougresi.ional libtrict are here
I\" autthorized andl 4 retquirctd to call afl
.eleciton of dl.legate aind to furnish thl
Sd-hlegates choel tieder tnis orthlr with
t prol"'r rervdntirs, properly certified
tiy tihe I'resident anid Secretary of tlhe
e s t'er, il I'.'iish C'ollitt ia i',s, ittand 4s1o
Sforu aid tl Oit: copiest to I1 lit Alexandria,
r The alpii'tionient of repreeultation
Sof the p.irhcs, is as follows :
S aiapidens.... ........................ 5
5 Vernonl......... .................... 1
SNilii3t o..............................
Natchit chel s ........................ 5
i lrant.............................. 3
W inn.............................. 2
0 RIed liver......................... 2
DeOsto...... .... .................. 2
Caddo.............................. 6
eWboictr...... .... ......... ........ ;I
e V'blsir 1
iheuville...... .................... 2
By order of J. Madlison Wells, Acting
a President ,f the 4th Coliigres.ionala Dis
t triet Co:oiitterN.
.I. :4AdISO" WELLs,
Act. Pres. 4hl l 'Il. to inoll niltter. La.
To the Voters of the 14ti Senatorial
District, composed of the parishes of
Wiinn. ('atabioula and Grant :
(GEY.FNEl.EE-- y natie having Ibeetn
placed 1.ftiore the p-ople of this District,
as a alllildate for. Senator nt the Denl
o'Xra'tic ('onselva.I e ticket. at the en
.nit;g lhcttion, I dt.nt it int jnstice to
state that 1 tal i b'jet to tle inouila
tinug Conutention. fully aetluiesing ini
their lact til. Anld here, lpermtit mne to
siay, that otthers whllse nutllles aire to be
pace.d clifore the Ipeople, should maniai
f-st a lilkei willinigness to ablide by v t
jllgitltlit of said CIllvt eti ion and tliheir
failure to doi sºo % ill I- ituainily asecriba
tIlte t oite tact that they, ex'ect. to reach I
the goal by ioiti, other route thall by I
the intelligent suffttrage of their party. v
Respect fu lly.
Grant Pari~sh, la., July 21'i, '71i It
TilIE iilimembers oif thel I:taveti National I
I nion Cil arel herely unotiil to 1
Illect at ai l iti Cattup, ont MONDIAY
veling inext, tl,:ilslt inst. Interestilng
imatters will lie diseuslsel. lanl a full
atttndanlllce is ixlq't-"ied. Evervyone is
illnvited to atteitl.
Ily order of the Presihdent
10,000 Words and Meanings not tn
other )iltlonaries.
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tionalry.--[lHoraice Matill.
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Publlishedl by G. & C. MERRI11AM,
Springhield, Mass.
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executes1 on luos, retisonable t(r-ios.
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