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SATUIDAY, SEFT. 16, 16 h.
.We are now enjoying fall
-".ther--cool nights and warm
_The lesees of the,State Peni
are about to erect a ware
on the bank of the river
9site here,'as a depot for sup
#i for the convicts employed on
*s railroad.
-We had preaching here on
jgadsy last, morning and evening,
Ie. & B. Cooper, presiding elder,
Etiting. The Rev. Mr. Boddie
rO unable to attend, owing to
uaem in.his family.
...Parties who have traveled a
eed deal over this and adjoining
irbhe, say that they never saw
1eotton crop so far advanced
Selirly in the season as it is at
wat, hardly any anopen bolls
cg upon it. This is singular,
the backward spring
-The weather is all that could i
+a4ied for the picking of cot
It is cool and dry, and no
in the meaniug. The cotton
dU-opened, and, as a general
the picker are not up with
-werk They ought to takej
of the present favorable
and devote every minute
the eld, as in a very short
we will have chilly mornings
heavy dews, which will pre
picking till the day is about
..-We were invited by Mr. Jeff.
yesterday morning, to try
of his liquors, which have
recently arrived. We ac
his invitation, and were
on tasting his article of
It me certainly the best
bas. tried for years, and we
those in need of a raeally
article, for medicinal par
er o4srwise, to give him a
13Iu r is so low that our
stea.anr, the Bart. Able,
bet used trip.
C. IL Dnree took her place,
, and is being run by the
and gentlemanly ofi
e the Able. The DlArfee was
while behind time, but it
ewing to a very heavy freight
had for Alexandria! and Pine
which took about fourteen
to discharge it.
.-Tlhe is considerable coin
among our colored citizens,
pofess to be honest, and also
some of oar merchants,
the siteusive traffic that is
em in seed cotton. The
men say that it gives laIy,
good-fornothmng fellows.
hve not raised a pound of
ea good chance of disposing
Jtt they pick on moonlight
fa other people's fields; and
Saahant, on the other hand
5t it is ruinous to him, as
sored individuals he tmrn
agood chance of di.
f their crops in this man
beat him out of his just
lw, we would suggest
, ipt a stop to this nck-f
bs, and that as or. our
to call a meeting and
tea not to purchase
- " etation inhe seed; and
 : further saggest that
Sctton of no sort betwen
ok f 7 p.m and . a.m.
'Ahus xtter.
ia y afternoon the occu
4 the Court House were
6b rapid aring of pistol,
te manini corridor of the
Everybody rushed to
as matter was, but bal
Ii g right and left, and
the coatent of a Ave
~ hd been discharge was
Sof the disturbance
Pha rushed out of his
ares the hall to the
* eao , where he
b.eedi fdar stand
bleeding from at
number of wounds. When asked
if he was hurt, Mr. Ransdell re
plied with the cool nnchalence of
Mercutious, when he said of the
thrust which killed him: "It's not
deep-as a well."
The particulars of the shooting
are about as follows : MIr. Ransdell
stepped into the Tax-collector's
office, and finding no one in, pick
ed up an illustrated paper and
commenced viewing the engrav
ings. While waiting thus with his
back to the door, Mr. Rolla Mad
dox invited him into the hall and
made reference to a private busi
ness aratter. His tone and man
ner were highly improper to Mr.
Ramndell, and forthwith Mr. Mad
dox found himself reeling against
the wall. Maddol then drew a
revolver and commenced firing at
M[r. Ransdell. The first fire did
not take effect. The second shot
struck Mr. Ranadell. in the fore
part of the left thigh, passing eu
tirely through the flesh. The
third shot entered the right thigh
and lodged. This would have
caused death had the ball not been
turned from its course and some
what sta3ed by striking a silver
coin in Mr. Ransdell's pocket-book.
He also received a wound in the
left arm, which is the most painful
of the three. Mr. Maddox re
ceived a slight wound in the hand
Immediately after the shooting,
Mr. Maddox was arrested by
Sheriff Paul, but waived examina
tion, and gave bond for his ap
pearance before the District Court.
The two young gentlemen have,
heretofore, been considered quiet
and peaceable. Mr. Ranadell has
performed the duties of Clerk of
the District Court faithfully, and
won many friends who deeply sym
pathize with him in his sufferings.
When last heard from his wounds
were painful, but Dr Price, his at
tending surgeon,thinks the wounds
will not provejatal.
Bloody Riot in Charleston 8. 0C.
Cuamassroi, Sept. 7.-A serious
riot occurred late last night, grow
ing out of a street attack by the
colored Republicans upon some
colored men who have been taking
a conspicuous part in the Demo
cratic canvass. A small body of
whites endeavored to defend the
Democritic negroes, but were over
power¬i by the number of the
rioters, alter a severe fight, in
which pistols were freely used on
both sides. The Rioters held
King street, the main thorongh
fare, from midnight until sunrise,
breaking windows, robbing stores,
and attacking and beating indis
criminately every white man who
showed his face.
A large number of persons were
injured, mosthl whites. Several
of those shot are in a critical con
dition. Intense excitement pre
vails, the general feeling being
that the trouble is not yet over,
The riotous proceedings of the
rice field strikers on the Combabee
have been renewed. The sitaa
tion is regarded as serious.
The oldest son of the late Gen.
Robert E. Lee is now one of the
most substantial farmers of Fair
fax county, Va. A lcal paper
describes him as having "just
panssed our office, sitting behind a
fine pair of mules that seemed to
'know that a master hand held the
('torLF Ax, GRKt. PRIII, LA.,
August 28, 1i76.t
Under existing laws. all voters
Segisteredl in 1r74 are reqluired to
present their Registration ('ertii
c;teC fir veritiration, at the otici of
the Supervisor of Registratioc, le
tibre tlhe >th day of October. 1876.
Thie ~.uperv-iMr will opeun hi etftice
at the tbfollowing naumed places or
the dates specified:
Montgomery .......Sept. I and 12
Liberty-Chapel.... "" 14 J" 15
Big freek........... - 18 " 19
('. W. TIhames'.... . . 0 " 21
The Saperviser will stop andl reg
ister all infirm er aged men on his
route from Moasngomery to Colfax.
Sapervisor of Registration. Parish
of Granut. Mrl-td.
Amendments to the Constitution.
I No. W.
An act to anmend the ConastitLution of
the state tof Louisiana.
lie it enacted by the .tku' te anad House
of Repra,'.snLt:ttiv\ , of the Ntate of
Lonisiana in t1e 'r:dl Arsesnhly v, ,i
v'er.'ad, two-thirdl of the ant lssers of
each houste agret tog ah'her-tu, 'That lht.
ftila1'4.1stg al5,ndlntlltwtais' ltrtplsa'tld andt
rtanterei uposn tIlie rtaspartive juilrtaL, of I
the esnate atndl lltmse" of RepresesltL
ti\'rlt, \V1it'. (th \'a.s alit l1ll\, l lku 's
tl:eron, an0d the S-ecrara ol f s tat,
slhall .ca;tae. t i samet to Ise paublis1he
three mnialthi be'fore the ntext gentail
ale.tihsa taer ,epresentlatives III the
(Getnertal A.ewmIbl. in at ia;rst ,Iti-* I 5 5tn
PIsiwr ian ..ry parish inl the ht;rte ill
which a net spaper shall li pnlilbisahd,
and ºaid prlt saa l anwdIlentsi, ,hhall be
anlllbittasl to the people, it asild cler
tia:t. iii stth mannea r :ns1i lnrat that the
lieiple aay vote for or or:against eah
asltndoiwnlt seprl stely. i. e.: First pro
ltweil alendewll ut. ' For approival," or
" Agaislt approval." attd in like tlmansner
as to the otlters; ani a injority of
voters, at said election, shall approve
andil ratify such alitllalnldent sir anstclti
Iln-lt.', the lame shall wii appropriately
nulnllwre lt , a11I1d biouier a part of the
eclsatitutits., anal be prailaimed klm ,uch
aL-. the Governolir and, earrtary ofti'tate.
1. TheI ex1istanlturesa of talch .taio ljti
of the lbt.ar;lt .,-altslaily lfir lel.e Illens
andl nileage. of uaewlwrs. for lasayeulneut
of otdi'er.s anti eiILlo ylas, antl t,,r cs,l
tillgent exCpenses, shall not ex'eTed the
s1mlnt of Onte uLIId'sLreal ailt eve'rlt-tive
thonsantd dtllisra : andl utmedlwrs tof the
(;eueral Anwmnbly 'Shall receivi. tive
dollars a day dutring their attetslu lte,
and a snile:tage ofi tIwintyl enlts a ttile
fit acrtnail diisitaca,' frasls tilhe court humLsi
sft their re"ip.ctivc pa;ris~hes to the Mtat.e
2. The last 'sentris-le ill article sixty
six otf tilhe cr.lnstitultio,, 1 hich reals as
tfdllws., tap wit : "If" any hill shall not
wis raturlstisl by til (;,Governor withlin
tive days3a after it shatll have twen pre
m uted to himi. It -hall Is, a Ilaw in like
rsaanser as it 's h:als sil;led it. muiles tihe
Ute',erai Aswtlnbly b' asajailrusi'entt lpre
alit its r0eturns, in .i a1h an-." the saidi
Irill shalt b- ratiirltei oni the htirst slay
oft tihe' uawtiLng of tilt thleLetra.l .L\saits
bly after tile .xt.irLaiaan of saia lfive
days, tr aIt a law." ,lIhatLll tin amenlekl sa
as to rt.ts as llasI,'. Ito wit : "I'f :ln1
bill sh.ll tHor IH, retrirned by the (;o\.
ersor within live fi'at. inot iuls:diing
tInsylivs,. after it sall have tbee pre-
s'nutetl to htm. it slilt11 Isa' a law in like
maalllnsir ai if lw lad signled it. unless the
g;leneral AA.ss'llbll bI' ailjutLrLnUent pr'
vent its returtn. in lwhirlls c;a'e it 'shall
not be as law Iless l sigslal anll Jpromnnl
gated within twienty day's after said
ai joturnm Lletll ."
.L The judicial poier's heretofore
vested inl parish courts are hereby ab'ro
gattted aLnd withir:awnl. The l)itstriet
tcolrts of the state, toutsisde of the par
ish tof (Prlanus, shall hayse originul ju
riadiction it all civil ise wheln the
amount exceeds tin e hnuidred dollars,
exclausive of interest, and appellaste
jnrisliction over eases decided by jns
tties of the pease when the sum in dia
Ipnte exeeds tlity dUllars, exlasive of
inteins. In errmi) ema(r thillt $arl
dietion shall lot- unlitilittl. and they
shall have full jurihdiction over matters
otf iprtlatre anll salteem'aon. Each of
said district jndges shall reseivea sal
ary ,of futsr thsastsnd dollars anuially,
payable quarterly on his own warrant.
Jtstist"s of the pa'e shall have jarie
'dirtio, iln civil -rases when, without re
ferelcie to interest, the amonltt ill dis
pUte .ltes Unt exceed one hLulired dol
larts: with power to pronounce juldg
uws;t for that anllsitlt. and uch iuter
t5st. laot to acaieed eight per sent per
annulllllI. as allsay Is' prolved, aid shall
have. Ltuallithioli to thle C.i. inal jlris
atla sill ltaa'\ \e-ttal its ti'hlet . all such
critmisal j.iri's:itiotn as is now vested in
parit h cuirtis. C'lerks of tll. dliatrict
of arrest. aIttiackslihtet, tseql 14estrrtiI.,
lprovisi5n.1 al eiznre adl injuection ; to
rcisa ' ti Ia:'"1 o tate Wi8lls; to apliaiutit
iattin itat a atat'.s, sxel'e liri.'. cor'alor's.
Itoias'i "attal Isli.re-tutor sn 1 t1 L ae. ust
wiiih nio oppousitlion shall he ltae ; till
osssnaalgate :as'es sLlts, tahleaas andlitt
-tshedualras le debts Ui e tM Lnc opploitiun
is ls tale thereto .their jldglntsl.tts lsenLllg
primla faciale evildence of cortare'tse.ss: to
Lr:stlt orders directing sale- of prloperty
'isitt'llsi'ls t io iastr sionsl or sLitIoisM, lt55l
to gr:lstl olrders os szinre nald saitle b I
e a .tosr' p'savse "-. anid al ball reveive
.ic le I ahl-r'S r ai i u' y Il privided
4. Ths' la aao.',r 'sajl receive a al
ar of 'six tlousansiaad dholltara astsiall]y,
La'yabla qslurterly. . oin his osnu arrallt.
; a. N i ,' or -'rai.l's te's of atslice
,htall ie a.llo' ! to alr rea',.ived by t'le
ITre.wars'r. Aallitr. Attorney euteral.
ur hv dtharaic't ltaria i\.
(Migmull r .. D'. EMTILETTE.
istalkerrs tI lie hitlaa elif Reblreseltttive\i'
(Signasil) C. '. ANTl' E.
Liat'te'allt ('ovvernair alss h'reaidh.slt of
tile .lMlrlte.
Ar.acretary xtl" tate.
The fssreg,,ing wts rc''i\ edl ill the
amt'e ot the tae'rctary osf .trat' .J.liy 17.
l iti.; a -td is Itadte li lihL i:l a 'ct ara~lcL et'
with airticle 147 af the St;alte calanititi
tion, which privihli':
An ainendlsletlit sor amalLenldmrntats to
tIhis ctiullattition 'lly Itw' laroilJed iun
the Set.nate or HoaIs s'f sat'Rilpra.tlrtive't..
aid if thse nsa , hall Is' agreed ltao hv
two-tiirdls tf tii' ainstllwr*lS" ,lhai
edl to ea,-h Isa;so', itebh lIrol-aael
asleninlells lSt o ilaiaaallei~Iu s 'slial li
be euntareal cat 1 ,a. r.'sptli'.e jiaar
slls', H Ist tla' yea's naIld say- s
taketn ther'nt;s atuil the Sera't-arv ut
ttiste aslall ct;slsas thas s.ame to hi. pjals'
r liashbel. thre,'' tmisntlihs bhei're thle lexi
geera'l el'ct iol tfor Reiarian
tstivsl to the General Assesltlya;
every parish in which a newslapawr:
slhall iw pllliiushdl. And sus h proailel
aluelnlshement or amenluluenasts sIhall Ie
sulbmitted to the Iseaple at said lelan
tiln; and f " a majo)rit3 sf the voters
at il telection shall alaprve and r;ati
i" sslch amealdlurletht or anllne-d
Illen:4 the n'llte .lal!l LIe',rne a ipart of i
tlisi cautitttin. If mouria than one
alnllelslnelt shall he s nbniitted at oe
tilane. lhey i shell bie .~ilitmittesl in sn.uch
malnner auls forml that the ipeople may I
vote for Or against each amnendmeut
aeparately. P. G. DISLOEDE,
;lau -Secrs'tary of Stata
[ tU(dr this u ; .l ,e will ,:,, o.n.e the
uBnDeIR (f cendi. 'ntcs for ni, hoer: our
chtrge l $71, ccl J ',r'rl tr;; i, pd, tc l..
f necea.try, till .\',cebcai r. Ar cash
5u1st rat.rosl;.ee:, the )retier in verry in
st'nce: irf rt, it tVill be thrown in ocr
11 are auitwrzited to aet'hofnce the
namlle Of ELIºlE II. 1. J:I.IAN as an
indel.udent candidt te for election to
the Mate `.m ate- ,t .,Louisiana, fronm the
District creIprising tie ,parishes of
\ inn. ('atahoula and Grant.
-i'ucnd .Iutstice of the Peace. Partsh
of irleh'ns.
ILewis Fishel. Agent,
'VS. No. : 1, (alia hi. fa.,)
Mrs. 31. S. Gelstoin.
Lewis Fishll
vs. No. 14l6, (ti. fa.,)
Mrs. Mary Register. fornuerly Mrs
M. S.Gelston.
Lewis Fishel
vs. No. 1447 (ti. fit..)
IMrs. Mary Register. formerly Mrs
MI. S. Gelston.
irsat Jlustice of the Peace, Parish of
Orien as.
Lewis Fishel
rs. No. 316ti, (alias ti. Eit.,)
Mrs. 31. S. Gelstou.
BY VIRTIE of the aeveral writs of
ti fa. and alias fi. fa , inel i, the
alw e- Iuntilwr,.d aunid entitleti suits, I
have seidd. andl will otfer for sale. to
the last anId highest lilder. at the
tlter eol the ('eonrlt tHollou, at eoltfax.
Parish of I;rant. between the hours of
11 A. M. alnd sundow. onn
8.ITUCtD A , tJe .th day if O.
tober, 1sti6,
the fiwlloing descrited 1tomperty, to
wit: Lots numel)ered one, two and
'.even, lmaking tort of the north-east
hlllaltter of sectionl twenty-one. of
tounlslhip eight north. of range nte.
east., ill tile lald District north of erd
Rider. in Leoeisiana. Also,. lots num
beredl t rirlc. tutu' and six. making part
)I, tillhe' Ierth-.,est qllarter of same e,
tion. towwWhip, and range. Alae, the
east hallf o the east half of tection No.
sevenllte'll. aeII low" nslhiip and range
the aggregate amounllet of acres being
FIlour leundred Agres. more or les.
'IT'ens Of gale---C4ani, with the benett
of :allpraiwtnirut.
Sheritfof tGraUt Pariah, La.
Colfax. Sept. 2. '764t.
FOR 1876.
wayS up to the adv c h ubt
of the times. The H Magsisse
taken rank with the liC and
most influential periodicals of the
day. It is on the side of temnper
ante and true christian morality.
Whatever is hurtfal it condemns
without fear or favor, and s.akes
itself felt in the homes of the people
as a pokrer for good.
The Great Household Magazine of
America, is more thoroughly iden
titled with the people in their home
and social life than any other peri
ohdical in the elduntrT.
"**Delserah Norman; her work and
her rewar L" A new serial story by
T. S. Arthur, was 'comnmuumced in
" FITY YEARS AGO; or the
eanhins of the West," hiy iRoselU Rice.
We annollnce this new series of arti
cle. with real plleasulrte, knowing as
wet do thalt it will le ilamonlgst the
most attractive that we shall offer
our readers in 17t76. Miss Rice, be
sides hlIoling the pen of a ready
writer, has in her losstsieon t large
amconut of original material troam
which todraw, and a wide acquaint
ance witll Pleople whose peronual
remuinicence are rich with pioneer
incidents lind experiences.
"lounes for the PeIlple," a series
of madlmiralbly suggestive 'articles on
lhomes and how toe make thenm eleas
aint and attractive, by Mrs. E. H.
'l'lThe torty Teller." This depart
rument will Ie uausually rich. Ikaides
,an aeIttundatce of osle'rt stories, two
ior three serials will hw given during
ithie \ear.
.i'ilsisiwa"y" Potts. the inimita
ile delineator of hlome life and char
iacter, will have anll article ill every
nomi n ler.
lhutterick's newest patterus for
ladie" andl clldlrenu' dresses iuare
giveen b" etei'cial arranugement every
The Mlcthlers' )elprtnment will hi'
carefully clited and have suggestive
articles from our behst antd mest ex
perienedl riters.
Tie llou sekeepers Department
will Inb fulal ad r.ctical, andti con
Itin mnany contributions from ex
larie nce~i houmekeepera.
"The Lion in Love,"o and "'The
Interrupted Reader," two large and
sp)lendid ptremium engravings. Ou
)fthemse is sent free to every sub
'.3.0 a year is the price of As
zize. In clubs: ;3 copies f'r $46; 6
and one extra to the getter up of the
cllub, $12i; ll anud one extrat a).
ai Fifteen cents rmust be added
Sto each subsceription for prepayment
ot postage for tile year. tpecimes,
nlnumbers 15 cents, is cturtrency or
pi o~tage stamps.
P'hiiadeliphia, 'a.
.*EZW* dll lJL
Wonli respectfully alnnoucce to his
ohl custolmers. 1al t4he public generally,
that he has laid in one of the ,erv best
stow-ka of goals ever offewdlin this mar
ket, which, to a certain extent, is com
jrised oft tbh ftýlowing:
My stock in this line is large and of
the sery best qualities. and it shall be
my aimi horiafter to ketp constantly
r'pleuishing. so that at all times I can
eret~1the wants of my ceuttomers in this
line. My stock eonpriaes
}Ilour, Pork. Bacon, Lard. Molasses
Teas n; ar, Cotfee, Rice. Meal,
Mackerel. Herrings, Choice
L Whiskies. Wine, Gin, Canned
and Dried Fruits of all
kinds, Oysters, Lob
sters, Sardines,
etc., etc.,
Coal Oil Lamps, Coal Oil, ad all
aorta of
My steek in this line is large, and
well-aelected, consisting of
Bleached and Unbleached Do-,
Cslieos, Muslins, Sheetings, Shirt
LaIdes' Dres seda,
And a splendi lot of
t. A 1-1T S' W ggs,
Ribbons, Button., Trimmings,
Gloves, etc., etc.,
All of which are otfred at extremely
ow prices.
SA sgphedil asinrtatatr f
on hand.
31y stock in this line is of the best
material and make, and embraces
Ladies'. Misses'. G(entlemen's, Boys'
and Childrens's wea-r. at prices to suit
the tilmes.
My attoek of Clothing is large and
well-selected, and comprises
MEN't AND 1Oi)Y4' Sl'ITS
in great variety and at very low prices.
A very tine assortment of
Gentlemen's Shirts, Undershirts,
Drawers, Hal Hose,
etc., etc.
In this line I have a frst-i:las stock,
and it embraces almost everything my
.ustsamrs stsad in need of. My stock
1s also large, and consiats of shnant
every article reqluired by the hosae
In a word. iny stock is large and com
plete. ,.mbramcing every article that
bshonld he fond in a well-fnraished
store: and lastit, ibut not leasrt, all will
be anrprised at the moderate prites,
iaked therefor.
Paid for
seL, suatrT,
Colfax, La.
Aengst l Ly
W ITH a experience of lfteri. years
in the treatment of disnese incl.
dent to this country. on.rs his profes
slnil service, to th_ citizens of Colfax
and ~orrosnding country, at about one
half tl e usual prices.
-~t- Obstatrics and diseases of females
a speciality.
a C (4ee and residen e at Mirsabeu,
o·u mile below Colkx. Grant parish, La.
C'arpenter and Buildder.
Colfax, La.,
Respe.tfully informs the citizens of
Grant antud adjoining parishes, that all
work entrasted to Lim will be per
formedl in a Ublwtantial and satisfactory
~annsr. n not ly
-HE undersigned takes this method of
I iniforing the critizens of ('olfax
and aurronadling eneeatry that he is pre
pared to furnish the beet et Pine Lam
r, at the Saw Mill, ive mil:s from
Colfax, at Ten Dollars per Thu'aexa
Feeet, or delivered at Colfax, or any'
other point within the Name ditiaxes,
at Fifteen Dollars per Thousand Meet.
ne3 vold -ly
TWO good sixty-saw GIN-8TANIDI.
in running order, cheap for CasIh.
For particulars, apply at this otfice.
Colfax, Aug. d6-It.
Cofax, La.
Everything ia say
line done in a Arm,
tasteful and work
manlike manner. The
patrone of our coqtry farmers is re
spectfully solicited. Vol 1 nmldt
The nndersigned weold aimo Itform
the citizens of Grant and aJoialng
parishls, that he has permaneatly Ioe.
ted here.)nd will carry on the.Wodd
Working busIness, in conneetion with
Mr. Dufy's forge. btuggleand wae"
repaired, plows seke and evrytIag
else in my line attended to, and astin
faction guaranteed J. T. LOYTON.
('olfax, Aug. 6S4M.
hAVING aa meed mby new 8team
Gin, on the t Plies, ea
C ahx , I am prepared to easeas, or
as 'who may favr am w their bsi
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staple guaxan
ta  to the Gina isa GW MILL,
which shall be run every fetd ay, fr
the acommodation ef those whe want
corn ground. AEN. KRAFT.
Colfax, Aug. 1241
rolt aitf

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