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(b Polfar lbroni c.
SATURDAY, SEPT. 23, 1676.
..-We are now enjoying fall
her---cool nights and warm
-The lesees of the State Peni
Intiary are about to erect a ware
bose on the bank of the river
gposite here, as a depot for sup
plis for the convicts employed on
the railroad.
_We had preaching here on
genday last, morning and evening,
Bev. S. H. Cooper, presiding elder,
ociating. The Rev. Mr. Boddie
was unable to attend, owing to
sickness in his family.
_Parties who have [raveled a
good deal over this and a"ooning
parishes, say that they never saw
the cotton crop so far advanced
this early in the season as it is at4
present, hardly any unopen bolls
being upon it. This is singular,
Considering the backward spring
we had.
-The weather is all that could
be desired for the picking of cot
ton. It is cool and dry, and no
dew in the morning. The cotton
is well-opened, and, as a general
thing the pickers are not up with
their work. They ought to take
dsvdntage of the present favorable
season, and devote every minute
to the field, as in a very short
time we will have chilly mornings
with heavy dews, which will pre
vent picking till the day: is ahbont
one-third gone.
--We were invited bv Mr. Jeff.
Pirtle, yesterday nlorliing, to try
some of his liquors, which have
quite recently arrived. We ae
:epted his invitation, and were
ierprised on tasting his ar ticle of
-whiskey. It is certainly the best
we have tried for years, and we
rvie those in need of a really
asticle, for medicinal pur
poses, or otherwise, to give him a
-Red River is so lol) that our
favorite steamer, the Burt.. Able,
could not make lher usual trip.
The C. H. Durfee Ibok. her place,
however, and is being run by tie
well-known and gcentlemnauly offi
cers of the Able. The Durfee was
a good while behind time, but it
was owing to a very heavy fr. ight
she had for Alexandria' and Pine
ville, which took about fourteen
hours to discharge it.
-There is considerable com
plint among our colred citizens,
who profess to be honest, and also
'amongst some of our merchants,
ainst the extensive traffic that is
carried on in seed cotton. The
colored men say that it gives lazy,
trifling, good-for-nothing fellows.
who have no ru~ied a pound of
cotton, a good e of disposing
of what they pick on moonlight
nights in other people's fields; and
the merchant, on the other hand,
anys that it is ruinous to hini, as
the colored individ:Lls he furin
ished have a good chance of dis
posing of their crops in this man
aer, and cheat him out of his just
dues. Now, we would suggest
a way to put a stop to this nefia
nous trade, and that is for our
merchants to call a meeting and
bind theinselves not to purchase
any more cotton in the seed; and
we would further suggest that
they buy cotton of no sort betwen
the hours of 7 p.m. and . a.m.
Almost Murder.
Fror. the Rapiden Gazette.)
On Monday afternoon the occu
pants of the Court House were
trtied by rapid firing of pistol
tots in the main corridor of the
bilding. Everybody rushed to
Swhat the matter was, but bul
Were flying tmight and left,-nd
.o antil the contints of a five
shooter had been r as
the meaning of t1di urbme
8bneff Paul rushed out of his
e4ce and across the hall t the
Ya-collector's office, where he
SMr.a . H. Randedall stand
reet, 8ough bleeding from a
number of wounds. Wihen asked
if he was hurt, Mr. Ransdell re
plied with the coal nonchalence of.
Mercutious, when he said of the
thrust whihh killed him: "It's not
deep-as a well."
The particulars of the shooting
are about as follows : Mr. Ransdell
stepped into the Tax-collector's
-Office, and finding no one in, pick
bd up an illustrated paper and
commenced viewing the engrav
ings. While waiting thus with his
back to the door, Mr. Rolla Mad
dox invited him into the hall and
made reference to a private busi
ness matter. His tone and man
tier were highly improper to Mr.
Ransdell, and forthwith Mr. Mad
dox found himself reeling against
the wall. Maddox then drew a
revolver and commenced firing at
Mr. Ransdell. The first fire did
n ot take effect. The second shot
struck Mr. Ransdell in the fore
part of the left thigh, passing eni
tirely through the flesh. The
third shot entered the right thigh
and lodged. This would have
caused death had the ball not been
turned from its course and some
wh)at stafed by strikinmg a silver
ei in-Mdr. Ransdell's pocket-book.
He also received a wound in the
left.arm, which is the most painful
of the three. Mr. Maddox re
ceived.a .blight wound in the hand
Immediately after the shooting,
Mr: Maddox was arrested by
Siherift Piaul, but waived examina
tin, and gave bouil for his ;ip
)pearance before the Di)strict Court.
The two young gentlemen have,
heretofore, been considered quiet.
and peaceable. Mr. Ransdell has
performed the duties of Clerk of
the District Court faithfully, and
won many friends who deeply syi
pathize with hinm i hi sulfferings.
When last h.ard from his aounds
w, re pain ful, but L)r I'lrlet, hli at
teiiding surgeon, thinks t lie wounds
will not prove fatal.
-- mo w .. - -
.Bioody Riot in Charleston, S. C.
CHABLESTON, Sept. 7.-A serious
riot occurred late last, night, grow
ing out of a street attack by the
colored Republicans upon some
colored men who have been taking
a; conis,iictious part in the Denio
cratic canvass. .A small boiy oft
whites endeavored to defend the
Democratic negrots, but were over
powered by the number of , the
rioters, after 4 seve$ fght, in
which pistojs were fro- ly ¢sed on
both sides: 'the i 1ders helta
King street, the inLun thoroaga
fare, from midnight until sunrise,
breaking windows, rublbing stores,
and attacking anld heating itilis
crininately every white man who
showed his face.
A large number of persons were
injured, mostly w hites. Several
of those shot are in a critical crl
dition. Intense excitement pre
vaibs, the tgeneral feer!ing beitngl
that the troible is not \ .t over.
T'Ii, riioi, t ~ir ic'eedhiir gs if the
rice field 4trikers on the ('ombahee
have been renewed. The situa
tion is regarded as serious.
The oldest son of tile late Gen.
Robert E. Lee is now one of the
most substantial farmers of Fair
fax county, Va. A local paper
describes him as having "jus
passed our office, sitting behind a.
fine pair of mniules that seemed to
know that a mastegand held the
C(LFAX, GR A.E~lflrri LA.,
'nrder existing iaws,
iegiste'ed in 1874 are rtedU -
piresent their Registration ('er
c;aties or verifiertitinn, at tire oticte of
tl ilrepervisor of lRegistration, l
foriee tlie 2thi day of October. Ititi.
Thie ,ipeqrvisor will open llhis utflce
at the tollowing named liaites oh
tlte dl;ates sjlecitied :
Montgomrery ........Sept. 11 aid 12
Liber tyiChapei...... " 4 "15
Big Creek .......... ' 18 " 19
C. V. Thamr7s'...... " 20 " 21
iThe Supervisor will stop and reg
ister" all itfrln or aged liret onl hiis
rmte fror ' nl, tgnllelr," to Colf;x.
1) '. '. wAI,
iSuper ni f I1.gistratiorr, Parish
o,,f rt, - .ep2-ttL
Amendments to the Co t utpn;
Aiý t to anen4 the Cos tutiou of
the Stai~ ofj.ouisi a.
Be itenacteel by the Senet :aid IfItce
of R presentutives of 'thol MtI Of
Louisiana in Geuetral Arsetuljly a-j
lentld, two-thirds tº the .ne·j r lhf
each house agreeing tdiret4,,T it tJe
following anendlnenWl prcpe rIl d aWI
cllentered upon the restplitive journals of
the Senlate and Houlle of Itepreselta
tives. with the yeas anld hllts takeli
thereon, adtl the Secretary of State
shall cause the, saute to be publlished
three mouths befoIre the next generail
election for Replresenltatives inl thl
General .~Asstinbly,,.ill at least ,nlie news
lulaer in tve.ry parish in til. 'tate i,ll
whiclh a neilsaper shall I' publisheid,
and said, proposed c amenllt'lelldentiils s.:all be
subiIlitt ll to tol people, at said -lve
tion, iIn such iHllaelllr and forimi that thei
Ipeople Iay voite ti or a, ai. st each
ancedlltuent sepal:ratly, i. e.: first pro
posed auLl(elidenllllt, ' 1'ur appovaltlor
",lgainst approval," ltand ii lika er
as to Ithe others; and a iaaunjrity iof
voters, at snai 1ettiou, shaill aplpriove
aind ralify slo nint tii r ulntlllll iicil
lnittlls. thli i I 1 I ltlpp'r4 clhi
luttlwldre , rtlie a iart of tht
teiltittill io lroclai cias suchli
by the Govtie ntd $-eerte f taitc.
1. Th.' exletntlituhres of tessnti
of the .GerItal Avnbl1 f 4i tii
and mil'ege of,uwiilite tfor ail yentl i
of oti·ceis atleingltv ind for i'col
tingentil e)pilises, shlal it exccId the
sun olf one hiundriel and stevety-lile
lthonsaid dollars; and ni0iiibers of the I
eurilllr a ite blv shall ireceive live
dollars i d rillg t iheir lttendcctVe,
.1and a nitleabfl tlvecil ticlnts a mileh
ttll act ual dist: ou inhe cL ouirt houise
of their reslpc itie ari lits tio the tiate
4. The last se' .t nceii' ill. article s.ixty- i
six of thie colicitiitioli, l h1ih 1real. as
flilow. to v it : "If anlly bill shall yti
lel returnedll by the Gi vericr wi i'l
ftcie das tt r it shall have ctiel 
slnlited, to hiitc , it shall be a it la ia sii t
anniter as if ll:hld sigelld it. alllec. the
(G'icril Assviubll by ialjouriiiiltt tce
lent its returnllll, ill hiclh e'se the saidl
bill shall ii returnei l on tilt first dliy
~1f ih, ii'ltetifg Iof th l eieral .Asn'li
I li i hl " it e'liilralic of sall ll ivie
li',ti. i he it lat .i" shallle l ailtlte l id s
cNc to reid as he. cccw s, to wit . It aic
bill shalll ntot I it. illuried ) thile (Go
elinort withinl Ilie ldals. tlli inlundiig
Sundays, alltir l shall hal bee In plc -
sA ted to i in s shall el. a la i li ill,
Iilntlier as i h . hai sigined it, iunlltess thi
Genierall Assultildy li laljiruiiuent pre
vent its ret iiir Il. which case it ctaUll
init he a lah\c i, iss signedl aed pr ioniil
gateid Al ithiltci elttu lac cs aftetr sui
T he. NTI, ,di, l po ,.rs liu t flore
vested inll riM h 1 - , 111 I .:ire h1 rc'l.t' abro
gated and iii:i1dral' it. Tie 1)istliit
ttlits iof ti e t li , ioutside ofi tile oaui
ish of Orliai -s. >nall hlave or igieal jii
risilittioe n ii :ill ci ii ta "s \c henu tlhet
aiuut e: lll Is one hundreltd dollaars,.
exclcusive of interest, anid appiellate
jurimlietict o\,r cases dlecided by jns
tices of tltic i ae- whvltf the scue il dis
plite ex il Its ' iy edohllars. txllisive of
literest. In ci iiuninal cases t.cir juris
dictioni shll Ibe iiiifitet, and they
shall eas U c 11 l tios over snatters
of pirobate .'tiand .eessje.ion. Each of
said district .icPc 'es shall receive a Ial .
aryof four tht ,satd dollars ar~ittily,
payable qual tiny on his own warrant.
Justices of the petlaet shall have juris- I
diction in rivnl cases whlen, withqlt re
flreltlle tol itcllist, thel altnouct ill dits
putelul s lll i t excteed ole hIulniedltell doil
lars; with put 'r to, protonlet., juldg
tIect for that atmouneltt, and such iliter
est, lot to xceelt41 eight per telt plr
aieUl, as ay iili t proveItl, itid sli hall
have, iin alditiohn to the c. iniiial ijuris
dict ioni ltw c skil in the-ie, all suchtl
terminaiil jurislictiion as is inow c tetld it
parishi couirlts. Clerks of the dtistrict
couirts shall iiave power toi granlt writs
of aclest, atcl tenet, seI estrrtion,
provisional seizure and ijunictiuon; t
receiv.e ant pirobate wills; to apotint
adminiic istrato, e xecutotirs, curatoirs,
itetors and uiinditer-tutors ill ca.ses ill
v hith no oppoiilsition shall lie adel : to
holologatc a ccii cts, tableaus .11ill
sthedllecics p Ldeblts woisi" oppollitioni
is al. I. thel'it, *i}r jielgeients teing
iritati faec-i tiihtet of torrect.ess; t
gliunt order direcl'ting salel of lptrolil~t'
itlhciuing tic suce.clt ou.uiis icr mictiioe , alI
to gitrait 0ii'-~C tit plizulre aild salc by
ixe.lltory lipr-l ss. ad 1111shall ecei'tt'e
such fits t ici .i.thras tieaiy Ice prlc ded
hy lh. Gent-ll Assemba.uly.
4. ih, (i\titeror shall recic, a aiil
etc of si\ th ctsiniic dotllrs :lei illy,
Pli'.\cicii. ifitaciri 'ly, ecn his eiiw i w iill iiiii,,
.e. Nc' itce-. icr il1tiii..tes t i | ofttict
shall Ice alloei cd to or rce-ivcd cly tli
Treasetrlir. Aulditoiur. Attiriiey e;eci-raa.
or bits disc rit atteirtilts.
(c'iigncdi-l) -. 1). ENTIIET.TE,, .
I'i.,cker'en the lheis.c.f lhi.pet sentlativees
tsigccilnd) C. C. ANTlINE.
Lieutentaiecat fecvi-eliuf"c cid Ir isli"cut elt
ite Se'ilIt.
A tri'i cicplly--. P. (A. i).lEiOI)FON
M iii lil iof ttatc.
The furn gicinit igne reicesi 4 it thi.
otlih o thee t Sec 'iite o if State .Je 17.
l"7T, -aneL is aaice9 ite in .'l.llre. c.
wis* .i ttae lt'e e' the ct etc ioctf -
this c tt tio Ia b cc ropsed in
the ~ceietet' or hlcuse of Itc.prn.s..itativccs,
ciceel if the' ceaei sialli l" egrcci tee icy
tco-thirlds of c Ilie iinecl tl.s c tiii
eel tie ca.le house-, such prope,.lei
aumeitdielciet.lit i' icirieeiiaieitts schtll
cntierd oec their reM-c|tl t jour
itat cc hall ..-i-ice e h tle u iii to lit. puc
lishcl,, thrc.cee cci i sillh ccw t.he iie xt
getictlr I ihlc n ici tor I|pl'rs-.ei
tcetives tict c' the Geireil Assmbiily,
.very lelrith iii which al na,\espplelir
shall 1w pulbli.h.ed. Anid such croiclt.csc.d
sicltbnittet ti the lhIcelhl at s.eici c-hc-c
tioe; aid if a miliieiioit" cit hf ie oetters
at said eleetio shll atplerovei aiid rali
cinlts ctlihe sine shiall It ci-eiine' :C jelert of
this ,ilustit tiot i . If i n'+ thlii oclii,
ameietilcithiit shall lite siluiciil'ted at ecew
time, ihcy shlt-l ic stulinittcd ini such
miuniilcite aced tortii that lht.e eopeh miacy
ccott' for ii against ec-tih amllteiliilect
,cepiaerately. i'. (.. DESLOEDE,
3m .ecretary of Statc
aaal eaad ao atc the
a r cotalda(!r l t )1114'; cirý,
e/aira it$5, ad the Itartl p/ daias/,ed.
If neJessr ya till " oTe cash.
must acoa piny the e'r" y itl
stance; if not, it bthlrocti i, ouar
pasrt -bas/.et. ]
VWe are authorizedt to' * ollnlce the
btaiie of ELIEI( I. I. F IAN as an
i n dillelllnt andi artr election toi
tlrl tate enate l na, from tithe
District oni, parisheit of
\Vi,,,, 'atahoula h ,t.
S.ecolnd Justice o he Peace, P'arlsh
of 4(ftataS.
Lew.tNis Flishel, Agenit,
vii No. 399, (alias li. fa.,)
Mrs. M1. S. G(tkton.
Lewis Fishel
Mrs. Marv Regi.t"lr, llrnerly Mrs
it. t. ;elstoli.
Lewis FishlIel
S .s . J,. 1447 (i. La.,)
Stlar tlr. lotrtlten ar-Mr
a It re, e, 'aisth of
Alrit 3 . , stop.
-)Y VIRTI'' E ot:he" sevea:il writs of
)ll . t . a iw a alila s ti. fa , issuedl in the
:1b1)4' 1unm1trelt.-e aud entithed suits, I.
haivt e il . aItr i l. ill offer tli' sal', tot
tih l, I. d ia.aE tst hiaider,t t the
Idoora (t l 'oil ilt ilouse, at t'tollax,
i'arish e(' It r:iul.t t hlwl')o n te . tha houirs of
11 A. t ats.ti todo i ni , on
'TIlit. , Wte 7/h ,lay o"f Ol'
t A I t eIta tar a l six, tta
ti l '-h itlao ai tdetaritl.d prop,rth. to
wit : Lots ta tilt ''1 one, two and
set elinakig'lt ilst' of twilt nortihleast
qullahtr 44 of .section twen'ty-<4411), of
to" ilnhip ei tl north. of raI ge one.
east., il tlh l.a l tlt District north of litd
Iai ltr. in ltoilt i a. tlso. lots t ni n(
I aned teli4t. liior anlid six, making part
till th aitr-h-0 st quarter of .l e isee
tion, nio t ti ltaip a Ild rantei. Atlra , tll.
Scasl h ;l f t.: l lil t l). 1 lUnif o "f section N ol.
i"'l entelll l, ,in lito !ship 1 41 rang(e -
till' a:llg le h" a il llo llu it o f a c res it b i l
Fo 'lul. l l elU Acrls, \re i orlhl less.
orru. 44 45ale-CAr l, w itht ite bV!idjit
o f li 'a i +'p W 4 l '4 lt .
FOR 1876.
Bright, cheerful, p
ways ulp to the ail "t
of the tinles. The ia
takes ' rank with , I
Slost intitueutil I e
Iai. It ist on th sii
it'e and true at i
Whatever is t lu p a
without fear orat
itself tialt in the ion e
llaln al power lfor ooll
Thile tlGreait Htouseold lh
America, is nore thorou 1 idea
titled with the llpotle il their home
anda social lile thalla any other peri
odictal inii thlet caintry.
•lehioraih Normanu; her work aand
iher rellar." A Itnew serial stllory by
T'. S. Arthur, was commenuced in
" FIF'TY YEARiS AG(O; or the
cabilins of the We.t," tby lsellah Ri'e.
WVe atolaoaaa're this lle'w series of arti
cles with real pleasiirte, nloawing as
we dlo that it will Ilie aliiit gatl the
imosgit alttractive that we shall ,ttia"r
our reldersl' ill lai. Miss Rice, hIe
iades holdintg the peai t" at reatdy
riter, hats ill Iher possellssiloan a Iarge
oulaliut lof original iallaitte'ial tralnt
: lit' todL'i , antd at % ial( llealtlq inlt
ailt. ith I lllt e hli iotl.e at'rala al
tm't'tllatl.etlaa tale artie rich with laionteer
hinliidtrnls ald exll"d oi'lie r.
{ m lik all how a ata o lilak ta phtllals
atit and I i tral' ilt e l .. It . \i 's tall1
'""t' tate Story T.llIr." This dSaeart
Itilalt will lae unusually t tlh. Iha.idas
tall ablallllllaUaa'' ta si atiho't tislit'oi% two
Irll" it tat crialls lA ill bt givitn ulurig
the 'att.
I'lp in.iway'" l ltts, the iniinita
hal. h .llt talr al hoana lil. ti-aa i'aa'
tiat al, V.ill lailv aill ariitlic in i vel'y
hilt rIt.t'lit'lck' lawast pialt'tll for
gilcn a lt titCt ial t lititnt'llatgtl'll'lita tile'
The alIlhtitrs" 1Ieprtnhilnt will tI,
lattta lla di it d .id ia a sllgcsive
|ltilt'c llall ttll'. I a a atta t
will be l itil tlnd lli.i .li'al, IllS d otal a -
tll ati. il aat ho sl ketaptlrs.
t"t' L.:aon in L.ove," tat; t "Tiilae
I latearl'tU ba at ihidll'" two large attiid
*shaltllhd tr'mitttan eligl'a'iags. t lt'h.
of tilhe Ita tlit fr't't tai evt!ry 10th
*t . In l lutb,: :a'opias fo . at _
d ote extra tt tlt! getter aupa of the
Irr" Flifteen cteatts must be added
to each subscription for prepaymentt
ot ajostage for tte year. Sjpeciment
ltutlberts i) t''tita, in curreatcy or
otistage stanlals"I.
h'hiiultil hia. i'ta.
SO L. K F ' 1''T
(dli ld cu 4.44.rI.". uiid ll llrlri4 .:44. I:. Il
th t! l'4 L .4. .4l n1 *44:444", tI t N' %Y it.. ::
:1 1I;, ýta . ill I1' ; s1tin'. *4. .:1 - .444,1
Ils 4444 4 .l::ui; t ,,~ uni It .' 21444
I ' it 1 4.1" l 4:.' 4.- 1.4 it .;! ll l, :4:
III.t li14 44:i1 ;.: W \ .- ":1 11.1 l l44 ill tlI
til44.. 4i.,,4.
Tea, X11I; al', 11.'', l."1 :
. 1.., 1)4 i f.l f 'hri.,- 442 4
11 hi 44, J , kil', 4.4. g. 1.4!.- -
1 ,1 44 l.i l. 1444. al
Coal il Ls l ,. C.1:1 10.111,
.,,1 i.. of
1.44444, 441,et.
DY G001.O:.
Jl4 s tn. k i ii lisjlin4 is lar ge.4 111nd
tIell-s."lel e Itel. (441414*1411
Bleached and Unbleached Do
Caliccs, Muslins, Sheetings, Shirt
Ladies' Dress Goods,
An4d a *l.*Itiidi lot of
Ribbons, Buttons, Tirimrmings,
4424 Ilall
Gloves~r, etc., etc.,
My 41stock ill this hline' i 1 the hest
(materia s11 n t mak11 e. mull u412
41114 (Ii~ldreusl's w4eflr. ait 1421441. to stilt
ily 44144k of l 'Ilthlilg is4 latrgo1 aw24
in great 4Iari42t4 a414 at very 14444 hIo~is
A \'I) tin' urtl4 li.rshirt..
TITII an expcrience of tit't cn years
in the treatment of dtiseubt' muci
deut to this eoan!Try, ott'rs his profrt
SW),,1 5)1 vie' s to the citizens of foluLx
a,1. 0 ..it ro4~udi14g country, at adruvt Olie
hit: ti." usual f rsices.
" 4t..i.r tic .v and discas4 5 01 teWmle1.
.hci~v and residence at Mirale Cu.
n : )l " 4,u r lsifjiax, Grant pri.sd. Lit.
( ii 1ºt. IkiuI aindc I3d~ildlt'."
('rlfax, La.,
!; i :torn ithe :1 itizftis of4
s'... :t-1 uj. ni , parshts, hatal
4 .1) 11 1 i 1ll.- I!I 1.lte
:.'u . i a lll l~a: ( ::iial audsatisl;,r (ettai
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NI'I: .c MII( PHYSICI:A1 1 A N~k ,
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