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The Colfax chronicle. (Colfax, Grant Parish, La.) 1876-1877, October 07, 1876, Image 3

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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,Krue of the Ihi.' II,-r''uus I,
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'Bet* to tilt',,l( i. ,'r · .,, 1,10 "t!
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tai ILL ~I~iJ>D S,
SI Ifd'iai;s
ofPitngeos iiago
try slo OffS' B~IcE.
Beautifully Illustrated.
'I'lie SC1EqTIUkCAjIEMO$ x Donw ill
. :101th reiar, enjoys the wiiiest cir
441141itull t: auk' weekly newsp1apertpl
ot thie kind in the world.
Its eniitehnt,5 eC1t1hr1c4 the latest
and mosict interesting~l iutoiiirnatioii
pulta'illing to tile Irllt~~l Ncr l
~itll, and41 Scientiiic I1'rogre-se of tilt,
dl5scrlipt ionis, with beautiful eulglav
lags, ato new inI'entiolnl4, nlew pro,
4l'es,. and improved inldustries ol
ali kinds; useful niotes, recipes,
Nluggestiouls aIId Iavice, 1by pra'1 ti4'all
Sitte-r, folr worlkmen and elllployers
in all the various tuts.
The Scientific Anmerican is the
(hcl~t'e144t taut4 11e44t illuistratedi '.443kI
I';:1H''' publshed. Every anultultr
111 illn 'fitout 10 to 15 original .
Engouviiug-ill lustratilng ill!plr4v0e
illlIts, dhscoveries, 311nd i rnp4rtillut
toirks Ipeºt.Iiltiml to eitil 1an4 IIIC
rlaalliclll enlginleering, tillinIg, min11
iag ants1 izietilturg ; reco~rds of the
,team31. steamu ellgilweriaag, railwuaa~s,
situ building, l urltile ligliulli~ l tele
grallplh} telegraplh enginieering. elee
t 3icitll, muag13ttletlm light 1a13d1 hieait.
'arunmers, II4Iclhllics4. elngilneers,
ilvl .1t41144, 1l134la~lcttllel,. Cieimiists,
laversi 441 sviel&4(. t4144114r5. clerg%
3ll4'l, lalws eIrl andX lcu~ollle Opt 11ily.r
ýI. 115 a ill b1t41 tlie sientiic
Amllleri~dII useful to Itilitim. It lhouldl
hivea plac iuUt 13 e3 taey umltil3,lilii1ui,
.t utu , ot(C4 e llCd. ancdalitiulg-mn..1 ; ill
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et t edn-" , olege, a
A t. ear's ltuihiers tcontainl -M:2
palges :1111 se ve;ll Ir ua lied 4.rt1mv -
lIula. 'I'housardll a of voiluuimes arl
jL4(5e'.tel firr hlind4i11g14l14 Icferete.
'lie practical recfeipts a1e well
stooil ttell times the suiisrri',tt1143
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3l14.hI~timlg 1lustage. I )isrc.uut tol
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be. hid 4) al inew,·s deaIler½..
PA i E4 +V theaule t` '1 NWith1
AtI'.ux.tul. '.N Mst s. Mlan&III u . &C 14.
344u itetnts 141 haveI33the4ll 1141 b1. iInig
3 jr.liiii ill the world41. Mh-II, than11
li I t holusand ijljllilcl ut iei.l bore
lcea ~iiwiade for llaiteuts thiatgoli13 t It,
1'13t413s aire o)lbtltai 44e 1 on thlest
143 lls. Mode4lsd oft neCw 1ih eil 14413
aw4 a5lIt~tChes 1 CŽ4llll a t tl su3it4 i le
tree4. A slxp£411l n1111lee is tutu41 aln
the Stitlltiuc A )lterica1144 ai ills eii
Inlsllsa I'leIIItd tl rthug1l ttll a3ge l43\
witlre site t1 1341t rsidence lft thle
palltelntee. 'Jltelts lure often S4,141 ill
at t or Whole,, to piersons at trlcteO t
to' the 111v433tio43 h4 su~ch Ioletce. -
sud for palphlet, 0III pages, laws
uIid full directions ol, obltuniug
jlittetlt s.
Adlress for the aialer, or concern.
Ruow, New lou. 11311e1 Iluliltuce,
(turnel of1 F. a3114 SeeV4Ilt st51re-ets,
\\11sl4im-toil, 1). C.
.IU the Papers Quote Frost
It !
TIhe liveli estit of fiai nilc 3ewspa
pers', full o1 intelr1e2stilg lett s, 114t'1
.t 1114', 1umlorlos Sketces, sp"it 1r
llgl111l15. 414. 4111111)14 41411i45 tree.
S~llhserilltioul 121 a year1, potl)45-1i41.
Address H TIU UE
DIetroit, hill Ii
The leadhinc g Ameran Newspaper.
'Iic bestll Ad'ertilsiigneIIl~ue'll I.
Specrainien i 4bll'5ajul ticerism
1ilt'4 lr4'e. WIekI, ~, i~ll 4'l~lhS r,i :11
Cllntiunes f;l"r 11143 )I1nsllt i-ellr it
hiIClatl 3l1111g4'1114.l,ia ~V1r41IV t '.'.i1
4Ii trl4lrt4~illlt~i13 alli t
lT~~r ersl, ~ urac i~n o~r
Inlre'ltls . con1411 . GADIeell,ak
I'lie (ollrier-J4uraal is a 14411g-e
agetlt'cirl, as Witt ul lI.i
It is the People's Imnkitr, devoted
to their inateel.st aidti weaitare.
It is an ipatital riend to all
Inch- anda 'ine siirv t hat brw .t!s.
It is11 th 414w . V.11.):14
rain at the e~l~ettlM 4: IIe
tsl~eeiial pur pos'es of ixposi lt 1ii.'t
iantIds of g4Evel"lLeiit oliitetas, 04SI
laws couctllebtl in llallglirar · c ;rlilialated
tob deceitve the iuiiIer~ftaltliiig, anid
make 11121)11 to its readetrllts. tec llº.º
tivi s. ctaulses and141 Itleis o. genleral
16l1 spietciai lCgisilal t e acits.
Its hlews eniiiaImus 6io1 tauit the
lartest new- s all([l iiltlligrelulvc that
caul he obitailnecd froma tile tfur if tar
tel's of th1e globe, lay mllleans of the
telegirlaih,, ma12ils nd co.uderresollond
Its agricultnrni coluws are t6h.
1eiNst atIIpijtal to the Ilaillti0 of taiita
er'ý. All Eof wholimi are ilvit4'41 to give
tlit-jr exiierit-n' e tultl iresults of nett
idtlas and)4 exlpeE-rimen'1ts of aill kitids
4of ill jro\ei6'lEltIs calculated to ad
(11nn i4Ec of theia iIutltE rr cfCILS
Gitem n mor.~e solt idE. iiq~tii oio g'i'Cld
ilIteihi.gelIe. that.i can1 be had front
filty of tit eao-calledl lit erar' 16aprs.
NoEnie c4a16l Itiv aisidie tile Ealljitiire
withou61t 1altiiit tinlg a vaiai;lhle aduidi
tion6 to 14is (' Lor er' stocki 111 knotw
Its 111rk iet lelpoarts llhave fil years
IN--11tic-i isle'das- th ms
V174611Ivie a1n661 reliabile pitilit (I, .aid
utof gia ea at It, lto o ll: Deaiis,
l'irE641ure15 .111 id 'inl'tE~sull;i 1) rleally.v
It lhas. deptl artmen ts iutti readinhg
r1 he theld anld thle 3i alltlg. F) the
Wl1i.i eirele" 6lilt' ('oIl li lu itilhse
---tots thet itecltlt'CEII .iil nletjaiuie -
i" tie t taiici 2164 and ..ek deal' s, ano d
tot ladlies lllil ge'flel A'1eu ot et erg
ralinmg 161411161 sttlElO lit iliC.
Its tItil llt ll lWow a. aii l iiis class
11'.1ºer calli Ie pi cto~d fil', n the. ,e
queality 111161 ij2at litii et 66 1iittl ilat
ulaittel usedt nolt excel led 023 ally
1)t Ile~s paper. l;\·
IFr" it falt lII th 'rale. A Ci snl461i
fiici' i* *I1% stril:·;l lil c ctftli
PR4) s l'Ec TI.I., FOR 1z'7t,.
1I1 l1 to 11Alh et LC ýM11t1d offllt
Illusitra it hety1a corps od tie hest
Almeicean artists, aud l viutrjiitted to
Iiy the moleest 1t6146ilr hiirnrsts amud
s.atirist off lie dlay.
Wild (fats 14wl tifters sicciCta is'a'l
tipio1 time sixthi *v eai1-Eo Its eXiistelie.
a216 Ihals6 beCorll- tile esita blishuedl is
f16º6oii5 and sat i i-tl paper ofl the
nied the firt liA 't-it AS a 6outlf'v.
111411 14) SrtislV- the (112eiE1u of the
pulile', it 'at:s chlaiged to a tort
nlighit ly. Mill cllt iil hI its groid
woilrk of hlittinig li11% tos it lies, tilid
sin'lg tip the paoli and i211 1)4 jail
hauls 11% its 111121 eail' cart'.ons and 14
1''igent Iedaitorial s, it at lei.' w4ed 4''aCI
gri'atei' siiErlss t1:I ha1(14'41t s".nil Iva.
I'4 4gliZ4'tl ti . tie ailingt .itl114 it u
est 461 its- class .ilCC I ilcll tewe have14
vihlegi still fuldi Iti1 the publc
O.tSr. 'a'a'ek I ! It 1h.4 lii 41tIrall grown''i
into i1ts present shatlpe (6n4 its minti,
siE' ine'tits, heitlg t144 first lauctcesa'itil
w4'el3-L cl~iiiIi·r ci. 162416cr.... ever 166116
iiSue-4 l tIliso Coi~l'a'. 1 111)
~~iid 'lats ill heli~rstela.ii
le t1411tJ teai' 4)6 *tsliieiolI aS 11
wor orihi strio will 1Elier11111
4.24 4t14714 c~itiler Iwiis tattiiu us.·I~
Vili.'st 3olrsc~if ~·it'i~r (cltH
lrt-e Mtl~lttrilaa......1.410-itiol, w
foi· lgb.~~1 t746i of~i4'4. . . ·I.. .11;r.10
'llne JWTSOI1 $4lt\\ilg 1111 a cliii oftc
tve scllsttri hrs ectijr41 ea il e
CII IC a 47tip3 gra...tis~. A IlEaress
COJt LLt INStl... & MIALL, I
I~i~ 'rt~tb;... I'ii. biisiat'rs
tiiuer Ell istirlig ~~1 115,1611 0 'a4tec4
Sltuve Sijr-' t546 wcill Otithl hrris olc
M~tot uerv.....e. 11 and I~t
i ,, .., ' e s .. l'{ t i 7 , . ,;it ,iI-I l
ThiP s pI oell ºllrl. " hli ntIly l agazPlli:lle
its lane forii:" lilt-e in \.ise 1 u atlly
ill the" a41, li. For ieI" lt4 will be
Ip e taity 'ni t 'pr lvl,i. It i!ll lcanltaizz
otI ,ile It lo allat I ll l es. Flttra Ilte
sIple' litll tSit.li . Ilaiis, twelve t'colotld
lirliii latterins, twelv'e It1ila lothl
tcolored- tashiiias, ninle Ihalu 'tIed woodl
cuts, twlt :y-l i .-lli allr .tes of l iusle.
All thist will le girven thlt only Two
I Dlotllars aI .air, postllitia prepllid ly"
the lulbli.shet., or it ldollar less tIhin
Inigazinies ohf t lie class ofIl etersolltn."
are the best iulblished anll lywhere.
All the lmotlst ijtploiull writers are
eTlohiyed' to I* wite oreigialtlly "iPetetlr.
stat." In 18i6, in addlition to the
usul qutantity of hi llort stories, live
origiiill coltil ighlt nivtelet tl will be
giveni., y 1Mi·i. Ann S.. Stehlaltests,
"l'riiak Lee i''llenedic't. Jante U. Ats
tin, .Marietta Holley, iind Daiaey
ahead of all othlers. 'I'hee plates
are eingraved loni steel, twice the uri
nal sizte. and are ulneqtanle tirt beau
ty. Th ey ill be supierbly colorel.
Also louIteholli and othiler rIeceilts;
in shorit, etveyial' thin t itereatiung to
ITo 'very leson gtting up eitlher
Iof thtialle olwing loi ithr l ti will
Lae sent gratis, at ellpy of ouilr Inew
a-ilt s.ltnii ttzz4ittint, thr 'frainith.
(size 21 in.hets lay "-i), "" Watslin
toi's tifastL iiterview a#jtlh his wife."
Tlhi. is a fIile dollar etigraviig., and
tlh. miat desiii ble, pirettiiu ever
tlllhrtle. or la.ge cluis, ias will Ibe
en llowh, al. extra 'opy of tihe
iagaziet t will to sent inl addition.
TE!.11. : (Always in advance) 40 a
2 copies fo .................. 3 :60
12 " " ................ Eo iTt
li'otaiitge' pirepaid tlhe club, with
a copy of the ealllrbi mezzotint (;:1x
)t "*1\ltº iigtin's first latet"view
Wbith His W'lltr " to the eii;aon get
ling up the club.
l. t ol ie at ll t'l it ezzll atl nt, to tile
perlol geti ting lup the ct lil.
ChA,. J. l'raTER UN,
3tilli. tihta t lstreet, l'iiilalt deliali,L
FOR 1876.
1 teultainls out .r 1l0. i" iA*,.i.500 Eu
grtViittigs, lt -'a il l lsllt. lt t ittillte, 1:hai
50 of i 1 ll taest r l .tIerl-s a iid '"egeta
lblt"s, witlh dlir'e tiial.s tfor Cailiure,
I-li led l ilell ., etc. wi' Iliu uIil.e
If l ailll elt..tat wlrlk ofill t e kidt l hi
the worlh. thlt l 2.i ients ltr the
tyeiar, l'tutlllsailed l lleilglisl aitilo
Get alla. Adtdre;s
li.,etheater, N. Y.
THE WtEKLY .N 0Uihti ,
A il'atct iht tot he iPeotlle, it Frien'd ot
the ilfl'tarm lter d Inhlt trltial
Givexi to every $2 subltsrilar.
'rhis picture rt'larest'nta ('tlas. hli
ver 11. Perry it the att af p.as.sing
itrotmni otnell si to inothtler i t atill
olien latsaat, tItiiig I Ite heatt taf laattle.
eXlaosttd to tIne iri a " a hie enenay. It
tiitatlll't'1 I1 lay 22i inicies, ia au'tis
iicatlly tiislthel it thhlteent toalru.
aaitd is undtalltetl" the mIn ost dtt'sira
ale -hlrtlOo ever leth'ietl it sat ae
nitnl. Si anglet 'alpt' olf it se-I tllt
;J*. \Ve hllve alit ia gcati otailly ser
tl'teld thie exclhauic e c nt-ol t tl ata i salt ,
oti it. aitlh tletlrtre iallCe r'aled tti
es'ile't- itl atti lt u o l a ioUs aI.s al laIve.
T'le ENqisatlllli still staid l'
t'aanitsett ata t tir'st-'hlat.s tnt'wiaitl r'l'.
Its vtariepats depaaurtalenti itre atloIttel
Eal itarials, II1nis aOlriots,
t'otrti'Slaontett eiitt, Tl''t.lt./.phnic,
All give evitien'e eal' the e'u'e and
iltail~ taken tea supply its redlet's
witli all tite liews atatat at 'vairiety ail
t'eading that caiort tfail to intt'eSt
e-iea atntal 'tV'lr' Ilat-nte be" a tt o tia tilltete
Ilsdal. Staaeur'iat! lhtoaith tagl r tiatl'tita
ott sa'iitl direit to us.
't'e ele'i'e ant agent tat ettvy pttasl
onhie, antd where oate are ,\Vt ai
pointed, let satiate ot itur Iriactata aip
ply for the agency. Address
k'AAIN & -McLEAN, Paublishers,
!,'maxnuati, Ohio.
,(U(1 Words. (10(1 .oal~ig It'd1 p Ini
(/t))r 114 hoo'i4.i' I.
P1U:1( " <I2.
G ladi t atI n ti- m ticrl inits v.
vo'.- I'rm.'t W~al~ker of Jiarvarmi
very st"hsl.'m kniows irs va·lvme.-
-[WV. 11. l'ieeuot t. the Iliab 'ruain.
T hIl Iiiiist comp1lete I )itionamui o
thme himiguagme.-- [lh. 1i ek, ofi
Scotia rtid .
eli best guide of ntudenmts of our
U e will trlurlnlil his ulillle to latest~
fli(,t eLity.- [('fumctllor Ient.
LtV mui)IiigivuI jii"ti mil")1AN4.'· aiIV!
tytolgial1111-$ 1uI~s L".thnbyealie~r le( nirer~i.---[(;eo.
B eairmg relationii to ILanguagze P'zin
cipteiaoe to I'l iloaopImy.-[k EliLm
EeeIiill all otlhcrs in detining acien
tilic teroln.-li'rest llitciitoira.
o fill- a I know, beat defining I.ie.
joiutali- 1ilotaice lMenu.
T ake it all t gectlier", the aurpassinmg
+ work.--j ýzuwzrt, the Engj;lisah Or
A nenmmaity for eve'ry intelligent farn
ily. atsudent, tcacher amid grurimawious
Haanim. \L tint Lmibrary is comapletce winmi
ouit the reat Eglimi.%n .Dietimmimry I
ILLU Pages k.tavo. W(u) Enigravingsi .
I'!t!('E ri)
The wurk is really a gem of a Diction
:ary, just thie thing ir thme nuilliom.
[A mimrii:oi Edimeiriommal Moumtrlv.
I'milmli.hnIl by Gi. & C. MER1IAM,
Siriugfiuld, blase.
tamlil 11 all ILuikinwkllra.
q mglU-ly
h A l :;, BOOTSI, SH-OES,
Corner Dauphine and Bienville St..,
(imnist ry Mer'lmm mm t& Onlr'r prompmtly
excuedimI i mion m mn~a'iremmabliu termsi.
iiol-v 1
im*.Iim(. ................. GILnG\0
101 St. (aavIacr- St., 101
Ui'ic.m le tIe mt Charmles Theatre,
mu;Il ar (4( I uL'"Imiisuy ("od.I at
he. Ir ,t( iii. 1i: 3di' i o r'.el,
3lazmuiaii mmmcl mmmii IOlim: iti
No ~. ii mlii t.·3 .m. t..u t i.
All ki mimi','l' m1.mrlmle? ~'mrk ex'cmm~tidt.
~)rdim',s ilciimi cjt3 anti emimimitry' Inlmflmlmtlv
mateltbimkm to,. mimm-vi
"t~ Carmimidmimut St.. Coir I'miydras,
inew OrleismA.
Pmimiimiii~ut ;rmiil Ii mmammmmet ltIk~imrileim
31. Al ~LiE, k'r·imjmiimtur.
E. 6& H.ATHONY & UtO.,
591 Sroadwaay, fLew York.
mmmvite ha lt.mLtimumItiiil .1 timetidl.le It, therl
mtmn)Imm~i ~Uatmul iiitiiiI t m~sm tlitiB~, e gUiidi
'I titit ott,m phc~,. htrmmiot, lm.Omi!/i~edtllV (immi
B. & HI. T. AITHONY & C.,,
Upt '~itt Melaruj~ulmta u flute.
IMR,'tLWkt a Y~It ~liTaCT Immm 07
Amendments to the Constitution.
j No. 96.
An a:it to amellti the ('ustlit tllion of
the State of Louisiana.
Ik it emaactcd by the Senite and House
of Repre,eitatives of the state of
I om isiatlia in GIeneral Arsembly con
villtld tani-thirdl Ol tile u iimil wra of
mei li .tuse agree',ing tahereto, ' tat the
flllowlog aIitn i edlli ell t .hi proiriled and
entlllel'rel Ilpotll the re..slceti\ it journals of
theli :,ere .:a 1 ittd li.e- mof ]eprese-lnta
tiv., atithl the yeam an-l antutytaken
tl,.ereon, :and the 'eetrearv- lof Li ite
,hall cause tt,' amile to be published
three mliolltht Ibtoitre. the next genleral
,letiln for l.teprew.ieutatives iin the
tenieral A.tiam ly,iiiat le:ast noe news
paper in every piriah in tihe State t1t
w bhlct a news',ialer -ishall Lt published,
atl ..tid propjose.d ;nellelllllaents shall be
alulittsl totlhe p-eople, at asid el.c
tioll. ill iilih mllailnlier and tuorl that tire
plitili' llIsl \ ote hir or against each
taelli.ndl.limt semparately, i. e.: First rt':.
poseiid at11eldn1iiit, "For approitval." or
".itaiint approval," and in like ianier
as to tlhe, otllers; anud a inajority of
vuitel., itt ,.tid electtion, shall aplprlov
Wl.ll raltity s'icih nintalllhldneit or liueid
tlilts, lthe saile shall Ibe als-qlriia.ely
illlowbered, altd ble.we a part of the
emlstitutioni. anld be proelabimed as such
by the Governorall st ldretary of State.
I. The extirclditures of each session
oif tile Gcleneral Ase bly for per diem
ailtd mileiage of imiemiltmrl, for payment
of outic is atind ellmgloyei, and tor Icli
tiiigent exlalltens, shall not exeual the
snlll of lloe lhunldrted and Lteventy-Live
tlllotalid dllar ; and lilenbers of the
(iGlleral .is.i*hbly shall receive five
dlollars a day during their atted.aclle,
anid a nui!iage of twenlty cents a mile
fto actual distaince fronm the court hlaise
ofi their -wipeeiive parishes to the ctate
i. The last sentlaces is rtiole sitly
nix tof the constitution, whieh reali Ia
tiflbsws, to wit : "If any bill shall not
lw returmelr d by the Governor within
live days after it shall have been pire
.seulte-el to hilll, it shall be a law in like
Iilamnler as i ile had signed it, unlemss uhe
(ie..era, Anuemblily by adlJouurtruent ps
venlt its return, ill which case ta e lsid
hill Ishll beh retmmied on th thirst day
of t he meeting of tle tieneral Asselt
Ily after the etx iratiol of slin live
days, or Im a law, shall be altmenlded so
as to retail as tollow s, to wit . "If anly
bill stall lmit be returntL by the t;v
ernor within five days, not including
amlt:d ys. after it shall have been lpat
senteid to hit, it shall hi' a law in like
utallMer as if le had sigulnel it, uulnesthy
Giwaurral Astsetaly hg alonrnmm ut
vent its r.eturn, in whidl case iI
nut be a law unless signed and promlll
gated within twenty days after said
.i. The judicial powern heretofore
vcnte in parish curts are hereby abro
gatedl alld wiihdrawn. The Dis)itrt
collrts of the Stale, outside of the par
isi of irnleansil, shall have orighmnl Ja
risliction iu all civil cases whlel tI
amtuliiitnt exceleds ione hundred dollars,
exclusive of IlterestL anld appellate
jllrindictio oiver cases decieal bha j'L
t.ces of tue peace whei tle suam in dih
pute ex-elds ti:ty dlhitrs, exeiliaiv .of
iltearet. In crimuinal eases their juria
dictiou shall he unlimited, and they
shall have full i trldictioi over lwattern
of probate sald succession.. Each of
said district judges shall receive a sal
ary of four tliouwsaud dollars annuldly,
payable quarterly on his own -warrant.
Justices of the peace shall have juris
diction inl civil cases wheu, without re
ferenice to intenrest, tie amonut ill dis
p1mite does nlot exceed olle hunlldred dol
laws; with power tu pronolmlpt Jiudg
mleut ti'r that ailmloulnt, and such inter
est, not to exceed eight per cent per
amlllatili, as uiay be lrved, amid shall
Ilave, ill additioln to the c.iimliial juriF
dictiou inowi vested in them, all such
criminai l julridliction as is I ow vested in
pia'ish courts. Clerks of the district
courts snail have power to grallt arita
of aiinest, attachmentlll , sequellitl r m.iiIh,
plrovisioulal seizilre alid imijitnctiin; to
receive and problte wills; to appoint
atulmiiuistatmors, exm-eltors, curators,
iutors andiiL unlder-tultors in cases in
which ino olpposltition shall be made; to
houlilolgate acc'ounts, tableaus and
schedules of dcltst wnon -no opposition
is mads thiereto, their juildglielits being
prima facie evin'zLece of culrectless; to
grant unlera direct!ing sale of pirolperty
iwli·agiug to succesllolas or Ilimoisa, and
tir gran llnrlear o seelarias lmad ld by
cxeemitaory lmrm'c.ss, alid suil receive
sullCllh f'ees tincrellr as may be provided
by thLe Geimmral Assemlbly.
4. The (onvecrir ablke sawimvei sale
ary of six tlhoesand- 'dllallias.amlllly,
jiaale aquarterly, oil his own ywarrait.
-. No teet or pmerqiisi.tes of oilice
salll Iw allowed to or received by the
lreas;murer, Audiltor, Attorue.y lieralll,
or biy distrait attorneys. '
<aigned) k.. D). EsTILETTE,
Sj.akermof the Hlouse of Represyentatives
(SidmLuul) C. t. AN goI5NI, .,
Lieuteialai Govu-Uor and m dept.e
the Seulte.
A trite couy - P. U. DE.LONI)E,
Secretary of State.
The frebumig was weeereld iu the
olmic., ,t thel .ieccretaly of State July 17,
I ,.;, aind is immadli Ilublic illii accorance
w.tl il altictle  of the btate colmstitu
timoIn, which jmrolidmes : -
Aill aiilltd'mimet omr 'u·mendmeotl to
tis contitilltiomm way -be proposed in
to' SaInate miir HiIollue of Rejlreseiltatives,
auil if tllhe sIame stiall be agretel tli by
two-thirds of the eumiiw -elect,
ed t,, each house, such prlmpistt
aluiemllhimeitci or aiueduiellnts shall
l:. eutered oi their reslective jour
nals, w|ith the yetiap alid iWyn
taki'tm flnere-m: imd the star, of
.state shall callm the same to be ,uit
lisiledl, three molnthis before thie Itext
gumoail olectiou for -amtresmi
tativrs to the iean al Aebratj-,
every iLaish iu which a unewsiap;rim
shall be iublished. And uclllh prl, ,l.d
auenudtmemlt or amlenidlients .il 0.1it, e
sumbmlmntted to the splmie at pnln. mA..-
tion; ail if a amajlirity jlf te vtr.:,
iat 'aid election sha all aprove allid ! i
(y such aluelldlamemtument or lan til
nimiat.t the rlaloe shalll becmue a ,arl of
thins eotlltt0tls; If nimw ' tena e
ailicadmeilt shall be submitted at one
timelu, lhey shell be aublmitled in sullchl
imaitiier aimml forum that the ptiple muay
vote tiir or ahistL -db amedsta
neparately. P. U. DELOEDIE, ,
din - ccretary of Ifate
: ,J

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