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Qgc (6oslft xronimci.
atrdmay,Oetah Iber IS, 176.
a1tters in Grant.
At the opening of the campaignl
in Grant parish our people wet.
verc uxj4 disgusted at the impor
tiio of a Eupervisor, both politi
cal parties feelan.g chagrined thai
Do one could be foud to the par.
ish competent of perforwming tbh
duties of reovsixg the registratioa
of the parash and hoidiog the elec
tioiuj, . T4e people, however,. re
gaitileeit 'e jarly fee hlug. ilin
anxious to have a fair and square
elecuoon, treated the iuportee wa tt
the respe,.t sad courtesy due ti
the utice of hupervasor of Reg.a
tration, uutwithatanding consider.
able complaint was made by thi
.candidace and.leading ;voters o.
the Democratic party relative tt
the ufdairuess shown by the short
nees of the notices sent to the dit
ferret points, the ahort time allot
ted at those places, the hur
rial manner of making the circull
sad aot stopping at some Ilace.
at all, the supervisor had pretti
much his own way about than;..
after declaring that in electano
matters.he was "supreme." IThb
matters move d oi apparently un
watched, the D)enocerats feeliui
sanguine in their superiority iL
About the let of October Judgt
Richardson received the appoilt
ment of United States Supe vasoi
of Election, and immuediatel3 quai.
Med and .enterd .upw. iis dut.
When oar tequetstug and-iUsiati,,
Spon his privilege to make a copy
or take a lust of the registered vu
ters, be was promptly refuse- t
The Judge did not feet disinpose
tao'.bluSed in this way, but re
pure! to the ofie and went quiet
l to work. At this our Superviol
took the book from the Judge
stating he did not want any per
sonal issue, but could not ant
would)not fiermit him to make an;
lists fromt his books. Judge Riou
aideon iui{nediatly reported pro
oeedingso the btate Committee
and on Thursday, the 19th inst.
reoeited and presented the Super
visor with orders from Michae
Hahn, State Register of Voters
Precisely what tiese orders were
we do not know, but Judge it. pro.
oeeded to take a list of the voterr
and the Supervisor on the iaex
day, the 20th inst., lift for Lock.
rensie, as he said, to register souw
old and decrepid Republicans; bue
It appears he had other motives,
as he did not return as he said hI
would, but on the 231 anst. tele
graphed from Pineville that he
was going to New Orleans for
ballot-boxes. Now, as to the final
result of all this, we will leave the
publio to oonjectuue,.
Several of our citizens have come
to ColfKa to register, but Mr.
OGaynes, t$alerk of Registration,
Obuld not tsegiber thee. as thi
Supervisor had the book with him,
sad registration closes to-day.
Our people-Democrats and Be
publicas--appear very much an
noyed at the ounduct of 1). A.
Ward. All seem to be of one
opiuiao-that no fair or legal elec
tio ema now be held in Grant par
ish, but they are still determine,
to iue the election if posaible and
poll the full vote of the parish, a,
far as rogistered, and resort to
alawits to vote those who bavy
anot had the cpportunatty, or have
been illegally denied registration.
ge Ihdive of Egypt has aw
priwoe the ambassador of Laog
Job of Ab,alani, who lately ar
riwe to asgwtateaea pce, and
soead proesed to England.
A phaaWin isi ous*e, an.
bwg u ib . of is gae neard*
orgS he Gwomnwent denti
C m_  ------ -· .
The Daily Teaegraph on the
Eastern (elstsol.
The London Daily Telegraph,
in a leading article, says: England,
as much as she loves anid Idesire
5teace, must wage war from etld to
end of the w.orld, rat er than per
,wit the Rlutssian hag to b,. h ,,tel
At Uountanutrople. Lo,rd Ikerh
justly said that for British inter
eats the. Eastern question cen.ereI
in Constantinople; and we hild
it is clear to all sensible and res~,o
late Englishmen that at the first
overt ianvasion f Tirkish terr:
tory the British fldet, with the as
sent of the Sultan:. should most
assuredly cat a.uchor in the Gold. u,
Those to whom such a step
miight appear like help for the
I'lens may take ctifort, for it
would be simply an act vital to.
i British security, aud accomt
plishea in the namte of and for
ithe pibtection of British rights.
If it were not done; Asia, from
I Scutaria to b anghai, would know
º and proclaim immediately that we
Sna abandoned the sceptre of tlhi
E.ast, and the commerce all along
our Oriental lihes would live at
the marchbif a future Blach Sea
The Tines' editorial article aays:
"The hopes we have anxuisly
º cherished must, we tear, at lengtsh
Ie abandoned, and we must re
co4gtlze the fact that negotlattlt~n
are at an end. aJn that the two
belligerents now face to face .iu
I uropeatn Itrkey muot be left t
the consequeuces of their acts.
Another tweuty-four hours has
brought no relief to the teinstont
inder which we were laborung,
.utd events are -evidently mnoving
too fast on the Danube to be ar
rested by the blow proglesa of
even telegra~pm e diplomacy."
•'fThe young uwman ou the Itapide..
Gazette (a Dependent ju)tl .1n re
,urued from New Orleaus recectly.
and does not appear lo have been
benetitted mutch by his trip, for he
s astsore-headled as ever. Losing
the par~el;,d priutang of the Ipa
Ash of Grant has affected himt very
mucrh, and the chagrin he exp.
riences at bavilng to take "Oaiic.al
Journal of the k',ri..h of G. alaL
out of his paper, nearly kails itun
You ougut to abide by the t'euta
Commandment, young Uan), awnl
do not covet what rightfully be
longs to a neighbor. From Ines
cut appearances itluooks as if y,ou
won't be troubld much with samy
official printing after the first of
-January next, when your orecups
tion will be gone ? Wonder if yonl
won't write again, and ask us 'in
nehalf of a downtrodden commit
uty, for the sake of everything
high and holy," etc., etc., to rent
,you our otlice "to start a Demo
eratic paper to vindicate their
The Chinese Fleet.
The Mddtarische Blatler, in an
article upon the dleets of Japan
and China, states that the former
country possesses at the present
time twelve vesselsa of war-an
airuor'plated ram, three iron-clads,
four corvetten, two clippers, a brig,
a gun-boat, two aloops, an llpe
ral yacht and a saulng vessel,
used for transport service. Tre
"deet is mannued by 1200 sailors, of
whom 1"1 are uoticern,, in addltluo
' marines aud artilletrymen. I'le
utoieers and enginteers of tbo navy
receive their educatou in a naval
acuool, capable of receiviug 20J
atadcents, ,stabllhtued at Yetido.
fhe Guianese fleet tunsist ol tnree
equalrous wiat headlquartersa at
Can'ton, foo nuw anhd Sthanghai.
ihe Uanton squadron comprsbes
turee steam junia and taine gun
uats--mclag in all a total ut
tinrtieghlt vtessels. The engines
of trieee vessels were all conotract
ed in ~Engaud, but toe vessels in
the r'o Utlow jlUdrmn are armed]
witsh k'rszi gunsk. XIti ois.
amandei have been hJLhrtO eittei
Amenranus r Euripeans; but the
naval school at Foo Uhow is ie
capable of taking their place. The
Chinesse ae, for pisteot.ing thet,
coasts, torpedoes which they man
ufacture at Foo Chow, the arsenu,
at which place, constructed to
hold a garrison of 600 men ha*
just been stronglyfwutafied afresh
1here was very few fortification.
prIp.'rly so called, the most ina
portaut beuig those which protect
thte onltranceL to the Peiho, wher.
there are two forts, armed with
fifty-seven guns.
MsiTeyCHxar, LA., Oct. 24, '16.
Editor Ctao.w&Q.u :
For the information of your
wmavy readers I will give you a few
:tents from this part of the "moral
vineyard." The first on dit wai
the enthusiastic meeting last Sat.
urday, in response to the notice
of the Hion. Chas. J. Boatner
Demtocratic nominee for State Sen.
ator frm this District.
The meeting was called to order
by Capt. Hardy.
The Hon. Geo. A. Kelly, ol
Winn, the firat spe-ker, being in.
trtdtuced, made one of his. usu:
logical and convincing speeches
Has prIucipal shots were directec
aiainst the position that a few ol
the so-called independents occupy
and from the broadsides pourec
in every one present was fully con
vijnce that their position was to
tally demolished and that thert
was no middle ground in this issue
the can didate s in the field' weri
either Democrats or Hepublicatps
and by their fruits they are to bt
Mr. Boatner being introduced
roon convinced his audience that
all they had heard of him was true
and, behold, the half was not told
MIr. Boatner, in argument, wields
a keen blade, and by the repeated
cLeers from both colored and
wh:tes, he mast have been fully
nmliressed slat Democracy it this
.iart of his district was ready, b3
her polid vote, to let it be known
that Grant Ass in line and con.
tending to be bie of the banner
parishes of reform. Osszavsa.
C~aCIuSATI, Oct. 14.-The offcial
vote iu the First Congressional
L)h rCtt is Sayler, Deoiorat,
*4,114; Force, i.enjsblican. 13,744,
S.tSIeit'. majorit. tijo. lhe. vote
to thie Second D)atract is Bauunniug,
Dm,c:rat, 14,133; Matthews, It,
,puwtcan, 14,058; Banning's MS
jor ty 65.
 asiaros. Oct. 19.-Thbe ofl
cial luajority for Barnes in Otiu is
reourted froum Cincinnati at 6692.
ithe press agent at Columbuis,
however, reports that there are
tour counties not yet heard from.
Lrrrns toN Oct. 14-The offi
cial count of the State electiofire
turns were completed to-dav.
Total vote, 108,604; Miller, Demo
crat, receiving a mnajUty of 33,
992, over Bishop, tepubliama
SAsiI2sNETOt, Oct. 14.-A special
frolm Dcl ver, Colorado, says : La
fayette county, claimed by the .ts
puIllctns, bgves 100 Democratic
majority. I hle RepuLhcaus elect
edt their State ticket by a small
imaijonty, but the offical equnt is,
ietplired to decade the election of
l]DIANOPIIJ., Oct. 17.-The ofi
eial vote of the entire State for
Governor, except Stark county,
ehtiuiating the latter, oakes Wal.
liarn's majority over Hurrison
INDIAXOPOLI5, Oct. 18.-The ag6
gregate vote on the State ticket is
433,4,30 of which Wilhams re
ceived 213,,98, liarrison 2'7,977,
Harrn~agou, Independent, 12,22.6.
Wilham's majority over HarrIsmon
511U. The largest Independent
votue was cast for Newsoi, candi
date for Treasurer of the State
15,945. The Legislature stands:
iouste-Republtcans 58, Dtteano
crat 4-15, ludepenudents ; Senate
Rleublwans 23, Democrats 25, In
det ndents 3.
The following are the United
States Supervisors for this parish:
Martin Samith, L E Torrey, Ia
fayutte Duette, Alfred Sulley, John
v,~tlsrain, Daniel Fletcher, W C.
Harris, Ed. Clark, J: B. B.McCoy,
'_uotnu. Jovaoia ad W. Y.
.dyi na
PrOnumationY the Prlidnt.
I6 Laws a he Enfored ia$sat
Washington, D. C., Oct. 17, '76.
W HaseAs, It has been satisfacto
. ,iy shown to me that insurrectie
and domestic violence exist in
.everal counties of the State ol
icuth Carolina, and that certain
..,binbatioan of men s"iist the
,aw exist in many coantise of said
Sitate known as "rifle clubs,'
abo ride up and down by day nad
tight in arms, amurdering some
e.ceable citizens and intimidatacu
ot hers, which combinations, thougl
forbidden by the laws of the .tate,
can not be contrlled or sup
pressed by the ordinary coarse ol
justice; and
Whereas, It is provided in the
constitution of the United States
that the United States shall pro.
tect every State in this Union, on
applioation .f the legislature. o,
of the executive when the Legisla.
turen can not be convened, againai
domestic violence; and
Whereas, By laws in pursuance
of the above it is provided in the
laws of the United States that in
all cases of insurrection in an=
State, or of obstruction to the laws
thereof, it shall be lawful for the
President of the United States, on
application of the Legislature of
such State, or of the executive
when the Ljgislature can not be
convened, to call for the militia of
any other State or States, or a:
employ such part of the land and
naval forces as' shall be judged
necessary for the purpose of sup.
pressing such insurrection, of
causing the laws to be duly execu.
tedt and
Wberess, The Legislature oi
said State is not now in session,
and can not be convened in time
to meet the present emergency,
and the executive of said State,
under section four of article four
of the constitution of the United
SStates, anzd the laws passed iin
pursuance thereof, has therefore
made due appieation to me in
the premises for such part of tne
United States troope as necessary
and adequate to protect paid State
and the citizens thereof against
doneqtic violence and to enforce
the doe execution of the laws; and
Whereas, It is required that
whenever it may be necessary, in
the jnument at,thse President, ti
use the inilitarv force for the pur
Spwe a orsaid. he shall fortwith. by
pro samation, command sech is
surgeate to disperse and retire
peaceably to their resprtive hopes
within a limited time;
Now, therefore, I, Ulysses S.
Grant, President of the United
States, do hereb nmske proclama
tion. and command all persons en
gaged in said unlawful and insur
rectionary pnrceedings, to disperse
and retire peaceably to their re
spective albods within three cdays
from this date, and hereafter aban
don said combination, and sub-
mit themselves to the laws and
onlstituted authorities~ of ssil
State; and I invoke the aid and
co-operation of all goot citizens
thereof to nphoid the laws and
preserve the public pea e.
In witness whereof I have here
unto set »my hind and cansed the
seal of the United States to be
Done at the city of Washington
this seventeeuth day or October,
in the year ,f our lnrd 187T6. and
of the independence of the United
States the one hundred and first.
By the Presideut:
Acting Secretary of State.
Secretary Caimnon's Orders to General
Washington, Oct. 17, '76.
General W. T. Sherman, commanding
United 8tates Army:
Sma-In view of the existing con
dition of aairs in South Carolina,
there is a possibility that the pro
clamation of the President, of this
date, may be disregarded. To
provide against such a contingen
cy you will immediately order all
the available force in the military
division of the Atlantic to report
to General RgKer, commanding at
Columbia, South Carolina, and in
struect that officer to situate his
troops in such localities that they
mway be most speedily and efdec.
;ivtely sed in case nf reastience to
the authority of the United States.
It-is holped that a cohlraion maay
thus be avoided; but you will in
struet General Roger to let it be
known that it is the fixei pnrpose
of the governmeut to carry out
fully the sprit force of the general
government, :upplenmented, if
neessary, by tim n.jais of the
various States
Very reiqjecsfclly,
Your obediejit servant,
J. D. Cax"ao,
,'eetaeu of War.
hervim Camp.
Lo'os., October "17.-The Stan
dard's dispatch from Constantino
pie says there is great tweasinesa
here, and little hope of averting
war. The poplar feeling against
the Russians is very bitter. Somt
war denpustmton is expected on
the oocasieu if the Bairam, whi,.b
is the great annual Turkish festi
val, abd begins this week. Thr
Turks now tdilk calml', of their ie
termination to fight Russia single
handed. They claim that the.
will have all the money necessary
to carry on the campaign.*
The Vienna corrrewpodent ol
the Standard telegraphs that
Austria has informed -erv a and
Montenegra of her acceptance of
Turkey's- proposal for the long
The Times' Berlin special say:
After spending 20,000,000 roubles
in three months in attempting to
maintain the nominal value of
paper currency, the St. Peters
burg National Bink has avowed
its inability to proceed with the
operation, and will no longer pay
gold for paper.
The Vienna correspondent of
the Daily News telegraphs: It i'
believed. the Czar favors peace, but
it is known the Empress and
Czarowitch, strongly attached to
the new party, are exerting their
efforts to advaIce its objects.
The Times' Belgarde dispatch
aas : The governoenet states that
4000 Cossacks arrived at Kladova
last week bringing 7010 luhrues.
They marched from Deligrade. A
thousand more were expected yeo
A Berlin dispatch to the Times
says : Colonel Detashkoffl' mis
sion in behalf of Russia will ad
mlreas itself particularly to the
military party in the Ansttrian
court, who advise making a conm
mton cause with Russia, and intro
hlcing the policy of com,qies't.
A special dispatch from B3rlin
to the Pall Mall (*azette nays:
The great powers have now re
verted to Lord Derby's earlier
iproposal to conclude an armistice
for six weeks, withoutl .otiditions,
in order to devise during tbht
period a basis for 'a treaty of
peaci,. There et no .tru:h in the
treports of (erma. .ataobili. tiun.
Colonel Dttash.ko , now on i mis
sion to Austria on Lbehrifof Rissia,
is the COar's adjufant.
A dispateh from Vienna to the
Reter Telegrmu Company says :
It is believed in well inform d
circles that an alliance between
Austria and Ru-uis ic' on the p>int
of being concluded, acorring to
which Russia, in 'the event, of
Turkey's refusing a shott armistice,
would enter :ponM military inter
reution, while Austria wouaiil re
main eutlll. Rusai:: wonld ,not
pernuanentty occupy t!n. Turkish
provinces, but shonhl events lend
to the overthrow of the Ottoman
slove mmenwt, Russia would vield to
Austria sNich extelrion of ti rritor
as sie mighlt chlimim, on thli ground
o(f commercial and general ,ºtterast.
The Times, in a Itading article,
points out that peace or war de
pieind upon a prompt reply byy.tl?
Porte to Russia's: dmn"ndi for' a
six weeks' armistice. The Times
repeats its arguments it s iver ,of
the powera nrring Tnrkey to ac
cpt Russia's demanid.
The Pall Mall Gazette, this
afternmn, in a leading article,
cor.tend . that RuBsia is at present
actnally at war with Turkey, and
that any farther efforts at diplomo
cy are useless
A special dispatch to the Stan
dard, fiom Belgrade, states that
unresonable beat is cansing mnuch
sickneis. Last week an outbreak
of the plague occurred at Agenlge
lorvatz, which killed 3118 .ervians.
Their. hut., clothes and bedding
were burned, and the ground
plowed njS, when the pestilence
ceased as sunddenly as it appeared.
The correspondent of the Timus
at Belgrade, discnssing the situna
tio, says: Every diplomatic agent
here believes we are on the eve of
a great Eastern war. The only
diffurenue ofopinion anmong them
is as to whether it will commence
in the spring or almost immediate
ly. All ontward indications seem
to favor the lattar, which wonuld
ive Hnsla and Servia great ad
vantages. StrangeB rnmors are
•nrrent concerning the intended nac
tion of Austria. On Sunday semui
olcial intelligence reached Rel
grade that the Emnporer of Austria
bad informsoed the Czar that Aus
tne wduld remain septrsl, and
would maLe no objbetion to cer
tain limited ocupation ot one of
the Christian pruovine 'of Turlkey.
Dispatches this m-nr"ing repre
sent, officially, that thea Rmuitns
are asemebled in view of the
Bosphor. aind 'e seast . war.m
An act to aaaeud tb.
the State of
be it eaacted bay tie
"f Krqe teatatnti of lhe
Loulsiai ia hoaeearl
Veied, 'ta-tLiala of tb.
each Laoue .aa agiexil ; .
Aellowiag saaty daaW lntbe
iientere pusN the
the 8eouatq. aai Mi Uoaeu(o
tivea, wilh the -yeas
thre, adad theaSdms1
three monthst bqiros .l
tiu{{ti for,
srsj A sJ1tD ', ii
paper in evily parish is
muich a newspaper ah.4u be
and said proposed
asubmittd to thme peeod.
tion, au autac manera
people. iU) vote tout a
aiaeiiduweit sepaaately, A. s.:
}oend aaaeodnas, "her
'LLN'w4 Wiy vr". 4
sa to the others; sund
voters, at said electiuu,
and ratify such aaiwrrdauijt
iasents, the tams ShlfltLet
u uuhurted, and eesema
50iititutIiiy, amd he
by the lowveruoraad
1. The ezpesditusuese
of the (airweral Assemhlyl
and mtileage of recaabe,% %s
of ufwloeaw and emy Ys
tuiagent expeomy, rwll wo)
aun of ane heundrod sod
thousand dollars; sad
Geaneral Assoaaemy shall
dollars a day during tLeie
aund a flaliego of taweuty
lot actual distance £.aa the
of their reapoctibe pariah. tie
X. Thae last sentence is
six of the conetitutmon, which
fullow., to wit : f a y4
ho returnued by the Uovesgr
tinadays afiorit shall have
seutud to hire, it shall be a
Iia&u er as if lie ad uisoi At
tre..er'a Assemnbly by *4j
Vcei its reltur, l WUmii euaw
.bill shalLab rothiamL us lbs
al' tee mee(tfing of "me .twesI
bly alter tte expiaratiw of
days, or be a law, saial he
arm to retd urs lol4,wsr to wair
bill aiall mout b rturnied
ca-aimor within live tlays, a
neend -.h alter it SMMMIL Eate
5eaatl- to nua, it suaIa he a
naevier i aa le haiti aigamd at1
(jener'al Asseulbt by itu
Vent it. relurn, 1N wtbws
out We . sisa salos siganed
gatedl h~iahern~twenty day's
:f. T40 jelhciaal powerdt'
Veslpti inlatre c "aI C.ulti are
5v4 mmi i~usa c~smeM .n
ja.rta MI time atyawallo was
Isis wl bdrone, snail Hav
asdidiamua au aid cli mlt casi
aMount zCCeu., ea)
1 WUatie nil. luOi%*%5f,
j armadictioaa uer cues.
ppuuý eo nej u iy a lamuj
dictioi shall ldw a tlaiaatq
shall laaav. lull juaiaBielau..
lf probes. and sa
paid.distawct j WljS" srli
ary of. fuur t'usaiuad dui
p oblo qusi lertly ol
.1 oatlm 41 tuw jrawymW
daciod iii civil ca.iuae wised,
Sfotnacst -Ornawtat, 'the
Mitetit lr SNaiL oi.its
rtest, I.uL 40 *xsgiej~iip
alumuan, as liany be am
hsioaae isdlmhiua Wl 4a4
oactiaoa ;iume veaiti
crmuai:u Jat tray~st~iadiwm atdia.
jAllttuuta l tolad jtleE~s54Jt
LI)UL'LM auaillO 14,iY tm
of airdit, ai 1'k 'uuowt,
ptuvisioual.MºIsutp stadi
aeceim e, a.4 ptvotalte %iwiq
adiuriaaimtraitdlm, elua
tutors sa4tl Iiind45lsa
llhoilugao ioo'mawte,
stAamoulu. of dbewlvwuaet
Is maade Uuerew, their Jung
!,rruu Blare evidenceor of
514tat taffeta dLUaaoise
uoloaginag to uCeestsujhM or'
to rautor uders u. .shllaste sa
exoceamory proeasL, sod.
such lees tlhurvfur Ma imeg he
by toou. ne·:ral Aaemua01
ir. ila6Uouvruar rY
sty of aix thousand 4uLais
paj able qeanterty~, as haiuidS
a. b~o asomt ul pe~4
shaull bealloIUedLtouoa
Treaurer), Audatoa, lma4
or by sliatriut *oatttmys.
l~ipeur 0 heIosefM
Al tribe apy-P.6
ATherogehag wasree
o~Lbe of the osesartary of a
4e.ti, and ua maude puljpa Na
elth r ticle 147 of tb.aots8S
tiuu, winch pyrovides:
Aur aaaotuaaoairt at
this ~onstlwStiMt las, 00
time beyte or fluticui u q
and if tlO sanueu narul Lao
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