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tc' 0olfax romncld4
ataurday, Voveamnbr ., IS?6.
The Election in Grant,
Thet Supec vi-.r of itrgitrxitilon
aavitcg left the lari.h, cauvi1lg' w ith
hia the botcka of hli edllice, doulbts
-.xit as to the legaiity of aa cle-tion
Ledld withoult his prelseltce*, or riather
of hiz books. We thinak there is no
foundation for this doubt.
The Ce uiatlttiai i of t,: S.ate. hic.
to every citizenl. :;,-d t ee-lnt,,-. )'ell, ar.,
the right to vote--pth., has, t e Ib,th ,ll
year in thie State asul tenr dclays ir th;:
par:;erh-provide lie iha c ritien,;t of thl
CUni tdot bs. Thku'seh.lwews j ate
ed by, the Lecgielatule to ecwre u the
freedoT and pulatl) uf el ttl:,al, retplre
that the voter shall be regimteire tahd
obtain a certiticate to that erl&ect anld
that the elctionu shall be conllhll ed
unlder the aulpices of tmLe tlperVIe.r.
If, uinder thoue lawn, auy countrullion
ca. be arrived at iunder whalll ciltteu
is, d ºais.ed l"of .right to \v,te, thell tIi.4
laW+ are clearly uct:,outi tutieoial. \We
lJiainLlltal, huowe.ler, tIhlt the lawse tlire
The cause of the doubt is the colt
f. ui.dig of "l manda'ury" laws with
laws that ase fouild, or, Iac.le Ieree a l.,
lapeakiag, with la*w that it is aes.ciutl
to comply with their lpr l' teiou to the
tery letter. '!o illustrate: The law
eqtuired that a certtticate sha,.d ble
issued by the celeter'tilg a muarriagen,
wuich certitieate shiall bc a.tteeted by
three witnesses, and that the clerik o0
tae court shall recteld this celtilirate.
,eafppose now, that thile oltfiers Ileglect
their ditty, is the marrlage therefore
null, mul the5 issue mltt.lrds t
The law reqltrea that ,u-re tiwe Ire
riolu to a geueral .lectiou, the Giuver
nor of the State shiall .lle hie ptocla
Iatiou tie that efflct. Suppllose that the
G overnor does not i.:sale his precl;aleea
tiuu. Is the election, theretfuore null
If so the only thing the Governr r ilas
to dois .uot tee issue has preclluatiet,
and thus remain teveruur for lhte.
Fiunally, the law rseliles tnat tl-
poll books shall be pro ett liad alo the
Supervisor of Ie,istratioi. But the
aper'tisor goes auway, carrying wit0+
hint the boksa. le the electionu nll oil
that aearoumt No, anid fter thtee reasels:
its that event thie uouentiituLtaut tight
to vote is dependent ulpon the good w ill
of bupervlsous of Megitetratiou.
That to perpetuate himself in power,
the only thing the tioveruor would
have to do, would be to get the tfulpet
visors of lRegistration to rull away.
To the above it way bee atdled that
a short cut would be for the Governor
to remove the Supervisors and not ap
point seaccweor to thet.
The Eection.
T Ousmiussiaoers have cnu
e aded to carry on the election itj
this pemish on Tueedatvy nert, no
matter how it turns out. The vote
of the pariah may be counteLl and
itl am not be, at will take tiete to
tdl. We 'do't see bow our people
an be debarred the right of frau
chiae by the ctii;h"otl one ta1u.
If the vro da this parish is t.l4rowu
out, the Constitutios or the
Unitedl tates and of the State of
Lou~wseaa becone dead letteur., nud
we have ao juslt aud fair Govern
We advise every voter to go to
the polls and etl his vote in a qua<I
and orderly maner. There s no
use at Ill i parties hanging rontadi
aifter depoiting their ballot. It in
better for theu after doing so, to
go' their hottmes and attend to
their different cUalling. We hope
to ** peseeale. fair and tq .erej
election in Groant, and ts te duty
of 'every voter, black aud white, j
wh°o hles his vote to have wetght [
is thi$: eleotinr, to behave himoselfle
in tbe very beet way,. and it a ill
rob thosoe an autihora· of the power
to see the rssclity they undoubt.
edly intend to t
It toua oak after all, that the
aian thousand aine bounred audi
nizaepl-inmarret of citiase for
"* Ilmmansit regisa~ti" aee noth
g ILptr= ie ve. aovefenest
eLm- -.,,ms Uaromgh with the1
_obilt ~ b esth to Pitkm and NI
and .s. What nerVt
--N. (A D uer/- n
S The edb6r of ta h csh aa ot$
in a tirade agaiiistd depp drsjosu
usals il jais last issue; But tfle
- u Clixitiei.si .l~jipears to be the sheet
6. hlie principally aimed his shafts at.
We like to see the editor ot a news
iH paper bold ad ontspokeu. when lie
*unldenraulits -what hie i . talking
about; but the part. here alluled to
i. so full t blind prejudice that lihe
[ 'ca[il,.t s.e thintgs in theirl prl r
thi light, or,t if he does, lie mitust t iil
, t fuily falsify or misrepresent others,
ol totl rea;ioln best kuowai to himself.
H is nalture is so jaludited thllt he
o 1Iust give vent tq hi* spleen insome
\We would have you to know` Mr.
Vindic ator, that if the CIunOhacLE
is insiqw.tient t- it'is not neutral;
, thereft.,re, we have a right to lpeak
.' as w see it. You s3y: "We
-e would like to kltow upon what au
r uriatlicrity ta~t sliet'tlpeiks · fr the
id Demnocrats of Grulnt Iarish." 'tur
ºi i the resoni already san igneild, neiglh
cit tinr'; taud we would further iliaitrni
"' o "thato i the' Deiii wc-at - of Grant
pariish have used tlhe coluumus of our
e pLiLr miore thani the D)euilcrat of
Sr Natchitechesl have used ryots; tint!
we kilow that the Detitoeltits of'
i trlutit parish don't wunt you to be
cIt- c'lo their vindicator.
-h, Again you ina : "We happen to
uI t knies, thab tise who fjght Ward
I 'nd hlv'ers at Colfax are not halt
s so ruiild t. the Chronicle i wan, who
e llt'vet \wias there." W\ere you there,
be ucibghbor t.Will you he kind eniough,
"' hsince 3¶tl "T'i oWi" & 'ituch, to tell
io us "who fouight" Ward atnd Flewers
at. at Coltlax, when they, like you and
w.t I,- were tl-ýuat oelfax .luring the
ore riot? You Any that tie lllialchards
and ilicknulan, were there. The ten
re- tiauoni in the Colfxt case does not
r- ro've thatlct., :ijf you ktaoeo that
la- they were there, and desire to de
Silniut'ce your ftrietlls, do so, that is
ti-1 nonle of our blhulless. Bly the way,
l1 al halt do on Ollean by L"" tiart
, .lnecs t''' :'That may hbe a cant
htdirae in NiaLtcit..ches that has not
e. comse inlto use at Colfax.
ice You state, eighbor, that we were
te' "ol the muscle" against Ward and
ato. Flowers, and iehtltion the namtles of
un several of oulr .iemocratic citiuas
is: who are "*satlisite with them." WeI
i C;i nlaute twenty timuer as iuanty who
ill are nut aatistied .4th them. But we
can't see any reason whatever forl
ir you coming out with stclh a boonms.
.i- erang article tas the one we allude
to. Whatever we have said edito
tat rially of those parties we
oir reiterate ; asl we will now
p- sholw you, neighbor, that not only I
the Democrac-y of Grant have but
little use for those men men, but the
principal leaders of the party have
no use for them. Whent Geueral
U-; Nicholls and party were here, we'
it henri, Judge Smith Isay that "Ward
tta ud Flowirs did not behong to theiri
Scoincern that he was the (lowi of
id that show, and if WaId and Flowers
traveled with them that himself and
Col. e11Enlery would draw mat and
I g" houme."
Now, neighbor. when neat you
pitch iuto iis I9e governed by the
n advice of Da"vid Croket.-tt: "Be
e sure yon're right; thet go ahlead."
S OrltrE oip illrlislll1eox, Is rAlr )
'IUsLa oe us(SUNrr, .
° N'W OrLE~rANS, IA., Oct. 3th, 16d, 7
I '. . CIN.4, Clhrk RWgistrttiou :
o Nir:-lIf poMibhli. I wish you wouhl
cuae to 3ew Qrl.*ass as soon a.L' poeille.
"ri, T;..vrror of l.i-ti:a:eta dcmlus its
- ittaposdhlie andr prflisiecial ti lift. to hold,
asit Eleetili in aild tir the perish of'
IGrant, tlt tihe 7th day of tNoettelber. Ito7t.
,ITtrs Truly, I
1) A. W*as ,
Stlucervisorof legistr-.ation Ittr toe paribh it
' The almve coimnulc.atinup -f .. A. a
Wastd we believe tU, be a party trick in.
tended for Yoliticial prpuyrl s, a ,d l, 1
attempt t(, deprive. the people of the'
Parish of rarit of ,he sacrcedl right of
stffseae. :,t tnhe General Eleliu on Tues
dJay the 7th ,lay of YNoeiher, 1876. We
believe that there i evry disposition to
hold a teaitCele aund tiir eleedeai, mdcl
Sthe latter of Ward to Gu)yes is a m
fasnons dander n'tpu the citianas of the i
ParLb of Grant.
Tuouia a Juuasow,
mark. t
Presidbet of Pir Orautt Republicea Il
Esuasste Commilaee.
- . LL Ga w,
-realieo  Pat-b £ecutive Comu 4itee
mocrat, o C~ounLevativePart.-. .
C. . Tao.aas,
(aawar UbeMreut.i.e.
N e~)ek RA.U. Wlo y tot
- .: a C. lull
S' X ere P.t ofs.
S(N. 0. P'auue of 26th nit.
Lt The telegram, " "of Thursdae3
6e m'lditing from -South Carolina bruOg
et .idditional proof to the mass ui
t. .estimony, alread, overwhelming
• f the groundless and false clharges
1 wade by the Govt euor fd that S3tte
against his phtccal oppzneuuts
ig lhe reprebeutatives of thie clergy
to end of the business community o"
Ie Ch1irleton In tit, ir lhelress to the
,r pegpiepof the United $tatsle pro
i- testing against the grievous wrong
rs, hish has been done, ezp..e#s eol
f' earnest anld elcqueut terms th.,
•I , on espiracy of the lorrupt iueil wil'.
have snce eded in ecoutrolling ihe
Ute Washlngtonu Adin a:istraetl it fao
their purptsea. -"It. is uint trusIea
I'. to defeat Charulerlaisa, or is it
LE iusnlrtretiUD tor.d tzesaltc Vloletuee
1i; it elect Hampton." Titis is tihe
:k Issue preeute.l to the Americ:ne
~e people by the oppressaed anti' stan
,lered Carioliniuete.
L- But the purpose.of the plot: mat
hle ileverthelesi be acc~oiplh.bed.
"or hi display of arms by the biick
hi- ;ihitia, and their noting lavwless~
nm uess, together with the Ibreeutelgig
ut ipreVetLce of the Federal aru).,
t' w illt ,robaly be suCcessful in c.heck
of tug the tlhreasiLig strength 6f
itI ltupton's ticke.t amltag the ne-.'.,
voters, of the utpper and mulll.
ctt )lhtieM, atul lifutlmltitg It.ii;i
e- from voting hfor him. The ritl
eliatu atra gsing up the few State
to arai in their l~posest4shn, to be
d turned over, uno dnt, to Chalnbelr
t lain'si negro supporters, and possui
o bly 'to be used for moire aiub-.cade
and wunrters.
r' The whites' appear to be endmh
i ng all that eien c.an. Fearful tof
aII Injuring the uatitnal c.eult by re
rSaintancc, tihey have bowed thesl
d heathds to an ignominious and tlotlh
ie seie tyranny. Bitt wilte them
Is hold their hiands from resistuýi
Sthis repuuivse epit,resse,.r, the-y
ot carry the elileatt lticl'e1 the AmcIer
ican petepl..
It is to be hoped that tlh., aill
e c'OtinUlle to leave it) ef'fort uitricli
i* in thun direction, and to pile up
Y, proued i proof of the tuit etlcr.ity
srt of the charge., which t;ieir nu.u·rep.
it Ilouud iiueu'y, the tiovernor ,of thleir
,t State, his prac-laimedl tegaiitt4bhemli.
stil the t riutl shall penetrate everr
re coruer of the land, anld tie vile
Splot,' with all its lufaousa atdjnct.s,
"t shall meet the etuiversal coutdtlelu."
of ton it deserves.
. . --,. . -
(e I --it wase aiupeiecesl by poster-,
i on Wedemstlay heat, thb-C C
re Antoine, (leo. L. 8mi t. o.
rl Willisamsou and other, would be
en i Colfax y.sterd, arid tidre .
Sthe peoplej; but they .tiled to
re Coisax, (axNA PAsl'aut LA.
w" ý Oct. 21, 1 ti6.
Iy Editor Cnauo.srcL :
itt " Necensity is the mother of in
ce ventioe" is an old proverb, ac,,1 I
e bievre it, for if it were not a ne
al eeCmity with soe people to invent
efa;ehouod to inalire uiicce?. why
should they trouble their minds
ir: about theta ? Whet, all reaniee
ti e efforts fail to prodnee the desired"
of et eat' aoth hing uwarrantabtle.
r malieious and untruthfid mast hte
d fabricated to supply that weat.
STtli i in precisely the dile-nia in
which som e very entbhnsiastic op
ponent of mine is placed' in, when
he resorts to the fnhrieation of
' iamouws he, to incur publi, cet
e sure. Another baifrnaiul fab.eeoer
acserta that Dun Flerch.-r, C. H
Thomas and mtself, madle- an effl.
davit to the effect that a pe·anli.
election eChi noUt ibe held withunt
troops. Now ev~-~Lr dy in this
I omnuunity knIowse better, let lie,
I ul alllde well as the trlod lebrcl- I
Spe.-i.ally to theme wholes plrejfldice
muittlk r thei. imnaeincitiul, t.- ccl-.
fc tilre evil lueatel of ri.cd. ?cnc
laity is alto said to kzLnw no law,
i th truth of which is (lcy veridle.,
I ish tlese vile idanher-. The, trws
ing man clntc(-hig at st, awa as a dice
nemtessity. The lnat- spasuioeh,1
. effort to ellihlltlttue w rung ferrightc
"The Hflyeua's howl sand the Bal- I
e dozens conlelaimit.
r H. McKSIHTr.
The Strife In Cuaba.
The celigerent farce (says the
N. O. Bullet nl) that tIIe world ic
compelled to behohli elc the ielael I
*,f Cub:a hais drnaggd its wears
length along for eight yars. SEhilt
the tirelesu scetuer Is beig,otlhfteel,
the chief rctors changed ae otlher,
fad to pleasee, and the perpetual t
hall-fcomedy, hq1f traedy guee on b*
unuder the mnagtc meunt of repjub
II(sen Saix, or rhe)al Spain, ax thn 5I
casLe h'as beern, or n.3 .e'. TbL n
!tAe~, repoirtd phase oit e Cubije
Situation i la the rwmvail uft:ttei
J..nerai JioillUr anid• his n r..
'lOOP ty.DEn. Cmwpo Cs. ctee p
igsd h.ve ijdeeagi each
tt,~er in LIJ uocupautlo of the
aa-quartliirs at kisa a run a
' .onderfiul ibundiance. bey have
,| btn legular and uuform ino the
ig respect of military capacity and
tch activity. S.1n1 btiLhds a Cuptain
-Generail and ten thoumund troope
to conquer the revoilutiousta, then
in recalls the Capltain General, but
Iv not th troops, who have been de
"- artyed by plagues or cut mff' by
: *,a:rnta in the me,ntutim, and seinds
Iout auotber oum1mndelladhr, with au
, ,thlr efficient army corps. with the
. Wiaute re.ultl, and so oin a4d lbiue.
If this be war, it is toe most nn
i :~loui us war oil recrd, and it should
.e excite the disgist of all nat ions,
Ye unt more pa rtactilarly that of the
Sliberty loviing people of the New
S o.rld. Nearly four hundred
y'e mrs ago Cubit was nnaie the scene
, of perljwtnal su.rde aind blood shed
k y Sjaiaishi opplesasion, and to-day
"t ts tveu in a wor).e ci.ditiou than
the annull of the historian then
dleicted it. It is improbable that
4 the new t(cueral C.stup4s will be
mut'h of an imlhlrovemnaut on his
i retleceasor, or that he will accom
pltsh urore implrtarui pratctical re
e. -tlls than their iucapajwity failed
at Ibring aIbIut.
i The Pending Contest in Louisi
- ana.
Fnrom the Holmer Iliad.]
We are glad to , see that. the In
dt'l-'udeint niewtpawupr prei of the
North rightly uilderstaUtls the lupre
Out conltest in the sotth, and is
Sspeaking out on the subject in a
Sproper spirit; aind many straiglhtout
.y leading Republic·an Joulrltanl there
r- HIV aliI) oiillg the amne thing. We
al e glad of this for tOa reveoue-it
11 ia Ni.e the ptarty there, and it
i lot jllbatiee to tllle RIepuilltbieIns
here, Madl villliate s their rcourse ill
l the pleeit carnilaius, pairticularly
Y ilt this state. We feel this lilnt
edly in a personal seinse. Our vert'
ihe ar, bleds to rse the Repullli.lCa
n. party of Louisiaua si mluangled anti
* uirought to eich deptihs of degriada
e titen, amld our only relict is founud in
the taft that tihe ItelibliCanis. ot tlhe
North know anld recognize thIe causes,
nitId do not Ilamle Hlilpullblicans of our
clan--we are in fact doubly prould to
know that they advise us to do, and
to act ,rrisr.y as we ate doing and
acting. They tell' u to support
i. Hayes and Wheeler, anid Ikt the
t ortS lIuere at ht ane, rlinder its pre1
elt organIizatiotl and leadership, go
U to pieees-the soonler the better.
We have however striven and hoped
firvently to avoid thai; lave in taet
followed in the tracks and train of
politiral iulln,ility and unworthi
it)ess-do, wuright treklelssess and
heartless .venality, not to say bt3 -
ttalitn--long aund patientl , in the
Shouli anhd belieif tmhat a chatinge for
the better " withini ranks," wonld
finally counie; unltil now, in thie midst
of this caunelnmigu, Reputlicannu here
in tihe loutth--lhere in Loiniasina
a of oar attaeeleita and iwrlpoies, i
h;avilng a proper relaiect unitl care!
for the original aimis and Iurlisasº
of our party. find that we eanniot
any longer follow after the vain and 1
lying proumises of this shasmeless
train ald wake--nor will we. The
u It*l)ilcanl of the North tell ns not
to dho so. They tell ues that is not
i exlected oft i dtwent Rtepubiicnn of
f lanidiana, hino mslrts laves and
SWheeler, that he stnld also stit
r Im tt the pr sent Stte iecket, an.d
etntiain the pmreent o'rgniz;latioin of
tile pInrty herei. Amld we ira t,, we I
are tint going to do it; tRepubtlestss i
Swho siasnI firmi helie ii.t-he -nuthl
igailnst Seee.nonj alld sustaiUned and
defeinlded sinh llen asi CITIarleT. ml
hIer in their glorious wntiioents of
I frGohm, shopl4 not -ad.,anmWt I mt,
e tpeeteld now thins to nscltii-1
their reom-, . "Is thy s ervantt a 4ldg,
that he shlhml d this thing t" No, t
Ile is not ii dlg, amil hle will 51t take
a dog's Ibe, mnor do thie dirty work (
oft adbg. It is hardtjHmtgh for i aly t
Hepimlianun. with an., piewir .elf.
r-speltt,to haI,.e to smUWitbt tihe Na
tinmal tlck,-t. With thie presemnt Elee-.
tral tioket iof this state; amd it is
ii conte-mpst fr a pertiusa ef.this
ticket that we ihave taken dow,
from uir mnnt-head tile naicaes of
Hiyes and Wheluer. Tlme IMlbliai
oann Electoral ticket of Limiuiouana, as,
a whole, wiJh all the circumnttewa. I
of it frlmation dti.ly ousldered, in i
pertrflctly itehekrable, 5ind a ineot
coiol nand wiCked .eutrage. 4nnd. o
altogether, we do not hesitate t4 ti
say that it wodd be hbettdr tor
Llisiauana i thleeal, and betgt foer
thie whole othL, if not for tl entire
Natiim, tlha' HaIye anthd Wtheeler
5hould he deatcd, with al tihe
present Repulicajn pruiograname, tham
that all should be elected together.
It wouhid be a most wrethed aund de- e
hased and debautug trkaiumph.
But we sball !own see .how it L
shall all terumiunate; and in the )
nmeantihn e e shalll' go alhead-or'|.
stand stall- atr~r t petimfr ear
best josible diity to our wLobL q
.eunutry, regrdle, alike of tne l -
einemers and low trimmooers o"f a
parties and of all factions
h buildings of tte P'iaria Ex
e bii i n of 1978 wall Over a space
a #f.O0I) square irds. lThey
ye are t& be of roa dileh.d in with
Ie Lrick work, and iill have the
d form of a PYthaigurean table; i. e.,.
if passed tmoough in one direcwou
Ltae tailiar pruIducttius of differ
S ecut,L ont,'tr re; n a* to ur.peoted,
u while if crosesed in tue other ,Afre -
it tiou the various pioducts of aly
e- one cuntry u be passed tso
i{ Pblio Ethcnls in Grant.
Names of Bohool-Housee Established
i by the School Board, May 15, 1816.
S- . C. Curry, President of the
id School Bari of Grant parish, hats
a, f.ruiheaed as witu the following
SsatWaneut for publhcatiou, sho~wnug
w the number of school-houses in
4 the parish, how lhng ciho.,l w.w
e taught in each of t iean, thos.e that
d have pot been taught, andl th.,e
, taught osessions; ali) lin- '
n schools. The President desires u.
n to state that those who have not
at had schools at their stations, can
e have thew now if they will send
is ualitied teacohers with thetr peti
a- tiona. On such application being
maile; t6e schoohls shall he granted :
Coolfaxi Scool-House, conen.Ced
May it), Mrs. Amelia Shacke-llori,
teacher; taught six aic,nths.
Mirabesu ackool-house, clored,
cnommenced May 16, Urash lkile-,
teacher; taught 3 mouths.
Gilencoe school-bouse, colored,
ooutuenctd May 16, W. '. l.egget,
e teacber; taught 3 moentls..
S Sawear'k-'lahgland school-house;
s nu aeosou. .
S 'oreuza ischool-l:ove, colore.d.,
I dmmnrced May 1i, S. A. laun,.
a teacher; taught 3 months.
t andolph achool-,ous,e, com
,nwn ,,,.d May 14, J. A. \t uolard,
tea her; taught a nLonths.
Hadu:ott as lhol.hute, ('ommieLUe
ed May 22, --. lfzadeott, teachter; ,
Staught 3, aonths.
. Prospect Church adfl-lebnna
id egtucnr"-ed May . 21, -. E.rre
- alaaijzs e4, and S. L. ltworek i
u put in his stekd June 5; taught 3:i
zmonibs. v r
* Clear Creek scbool-hbeause, com-,r
neotttdl April 13. L. E. Toarey, ,ij
t her,',it ul'tt 3 montlhs. L
. iiCre q GCmgp -archol.-houww, p
t oold sned msay 8, -. I(t Rhard- ii
se iW, teacher; taught 3 months.
 .tgCreek Church schooL-hou.e; 0
no il' s icin. .
S Mill (reek school-:, us,, e di leJ
S31th August, I. McDauiel, teachea; j
Statghbt3 months. jt
S'Little (wek schol-,house, (ob
Cpee 4you., Mrs. kIsawtLhoru,
teruer;, t.tuht aumoutih, . Ai
al' e Mii ,Fish (t're.L 1. "i-hol- s.'
i houl4, 'emwented Jw n Ja c,, L V.
K.tup teacher; tiaught 3 tun,thsc. d
Liierty Chapel rhoolt oans o, se
- Io. hett, teacher; taught 'l p
Black Creek e ho-h-leonse. Mrs. o
*a;-e, e taew"er; taght :l nttlt. ,h
Union IcShoAl-bose-.aa, J. I'. Pat
Iten, tea4er; ,taught 3 mi '.hl. jt,
ia rt (; ureb eshoai-house-, Cain 'h,
me ueed Juaily 5., J. C. I'et"'her, ,
teacher: tsaght 3 u.nth- . i,.
'New Hope sclor,!-houaee, comr- :
antiicd June 5, P. P3clanue,:.ý
telbher; taught , montjIs. • to
CIhapel Gr.ve _t.hoel-hoaete, J. er
McCasiu,, teacher; taught 3 inmoths.
e MImtgrinery schoo0-house. , Jules
ltinerseat teehbe-r; taught 3 at
Smotuiiis .
Fredileu school-house, commono- I
ed MaY 29, \Wn. A lAdditt, 's
teachet; atugbt'3 months o.
I" tUdoni AcL~leeiy. oefmmeneed
Sanuanttr, W. Y. 11d4du, teacher; S"
Stalughtbt mIethM. ' L
i t'i~a schelol-honuse, comnueucde
October 4), 1. J. Applewhite,
teaher; t*tught 3 months.
Tyeon school-beaeea kne'ed ool.
Mlae' Moll school-hotwe, a lane;
school, Sila Mourri teacher; taught os
3 tuntio.a
acanou StAevoaF trwo queuson. .
Union Behool-houee, comwaencedt
Oetobbr 1, J. P: "aitten, W. c.l
C'arr~ W.: ). f I.r*ia aud Emar y
Prealtt, t*achers itaibght m68htls.
_tMasgower)? aeol-hou, e, corn-.
mejL , Oct. 24. J. 2 1. cL.iu,
t aer; -a.g.ht tor '3 mouth .
I, 'OItE A.S 00-' -..as ,
Sorvicd oar IluYs,i #Kas Co., C u
.- ubrgap, Togg )/"
Tb.i rket~ 94 .Cs Art at tIe Eplowis 'g
quotatioas :
'inf,iJ . . ..'.' " " " " 6 to " tie
k' r VtI bt..a ........ ;... st to C at
(Aod xrt aay ...... ..... to us Lii
riJ1Og .: . ...... to .11
a ~--... .. .......10t'to. lt 1v
ey A e to
he An act to aend
the btate of
e., t I, enacted by the
Uof repreaentatutzv of
r'- Louiaiua in Gelneral
d, i erted, t1wo-thirds of
each house agrering
rtoluw ulg ailnd&ueltagb
)" !entered upou the res
Itll e aeuate and lHous
tives. with the ell'
thereon, aml the
shall cause the maie to
thlre iaouuI lIaoe.r .
elect'on for Ltepresea
id teneral Aawraub-l, iai
ipaper in every larish'
wn.ich a newspaper shal
uad said prulopud
sunbmittedl to the peep
ia tion, in e eftc an ers -
lpeople may vote for rt
amendument sepasraely l.
nposeld sumindmi et, '!ief
"Againast approal," djlia
t as to the otheras; Va
,5 voters, at salid electloa,
S ult ratify' ltchi
olulls, tlhe oJme *u i'"
e mllalliabeled, and j gLdi
Colmattttionu, aukl
" by the Goverag and
1. The ealwnditifre
of the dleneral.
t and mtileage f ltemblerI
uof poflthctr s au ,,t u .
tiagent epeln"ss,all
Su,, of oli' hunudd red
thousaaud dollars; iqd
Grural Aembly shall
g doluhar a day during
and a mileag eof twta
for actual distance frodt
of their res1ctive
.1 Capitol.
L. The liast sentence, IM -
six of the cuuatitutwou,
tollows, to wit: ""1' n
1, be rm'turnled by tihe
lveddJys after it shalI
sllnteil to him, it thll bhe a
lmalluir as if aiH had oilmeg i
i, GeiLera. AseallAby'ly
, velat its return, in waher
hill shall be returuci . llt
(of the Imeeting of the
Sbly after thie expiratioU
:dals, or Iee a law, shall be
i. as to read as tllows, to .it.
bi!l shalt Iut be returLped
ernor, withii bite days,asm$
hund.; ., after it atoull l
1- wnte to h:ay, it shall bul
(, s.lru.t as ii L, had .iggl
uGelir'l A oiabI ly b.V
'Yvent it. rttuli, Il win e
SnotI bt is lawit uili signed'
; latt withinl twentl dale
J. 'Ike jdicial lasweni
vtIple lid awartrl4 ' c ts
i, (,,lrtb oi: the biate ,
* i.%h of Orleans, hdlli
risilict4uu an all ilvii
hialUlit e dCr( , th * h
jutledi 3 tioit Ovel uss
, LJauualwttwl a!r oaf al
t.,s ol tse peaice .lien 1
diction saull be uilinh
A l iillu v fill o ti
iof lprolibut: a Msat
esid disc Ict judge .
at y of fear Sbotanda,
plliable tlai!ter.ty uRo h
Junatie-s of the peace
dictionil im. ckil asemlbl-ri,
Iereite to interest,, Li.
ptne dte* not exceed one
"lers; with power to
ut enlt Lot ltatL W Mt
s'e.', not to exceed I
lianala, as way I*e
have, ill a:i4iton to
diction nol w et ed I
uriiiaaul Jarishil eshse as .
hparishli courits. Clae
crita shaill haIve Iporr ti
of asl ret, attaekamdit
ltot ijlt Mi enilzure 5a4
r aeceive aeid probetR
tutors an d
w hiL 'h, oppoelitii '.
h'Iunologate smteoegat,
e hediml ae r of deblt whe t
iin cade thiretmo,1a1lr
li 'uusa flwit. evatlemmtu .t
grant oi.-r, dsirectitg
ellltlotnging oi IcCei be1
*ýto psaNt aeps V&t n n
erceeisory rikaess, and
alsn feei therefr as "'".
by tt tiU-erg Ambi .
; . .Tl lee "or
shall be llowetd so or
tiou ireri A)dtir, e .'A
or ditrict attoru e
th Slud) i .i ''
iasenuad ut Gori la ,
the wI)ate. 4
A trurmeoy- Ii.
ltli, aead to ish pebbe
Iwith article 4. of. " ,
tioul c i oln p :kr) ll . -
qad if tie asesie alts vee
twra.,dIs of the
oild to e'ch hIu,
mieut"daneat or
taken tlereunmi; eadil ttiu
isabo4, taLSo th2 d
tilus's to san Gemual
4tisatINhmeor aied08ia6
eiswsitsl So tom taUsJ as
tion; bad if a iiarlty .is
ta used disasshto approve
tains noemitsgaes. 4 ap
tis, sasy sheir
vota, 4.og 8incb
sejmre~l. i~
.-.: cc~(W1u

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