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oe Qolff:i Qbronicle.
"J. 31. S~IENEY.
afturday, Nov nmber2r, 1e76.
Latest from New Orleans.
New Orleans ,iapes by yHvste'r
d.y's 'nail coultaiued very little
nrure Lews than that received ial
pre iions dates. The lhtrnling
Board hadl been in session for
three diys, andi its count agrese i
with the tall %sheaets in the pes
etesion of the Di-muocratic Coni
mlittee tll I' :lecttmis.
- ~. t--
Latet from Sou:h Caroiina.
The lttett news froml Soluth Cit -
olinl:t is to the elt-ect tinat Hampilltonlo
iseleetetd 1,y 12440, with a Demes
eratic- majority in the House and,
Sonate. The election of Presiden
tilI Elethars was nmt settlet 4Ip to
the 21st, though thi State is claim
ed for Haves.
The Picayune on. the Apect of
ithe situation,
satutr'f' Pica3 une says : "The
Radical argurLent in reference tto
the electonral vote of Lotuisi it is
earily sttld. The co:,,sitution ,,
the Unitedt States providlen 'h;,t
each rtate shall c(hl,oe its Pl'c.-i
dential electors in such runacnr as
it mna itself select. In sOlllte States
the elect.rs L:re cbhseu by the 1""'
ple directly, in other, by tih; Leg
islature. In Louisiana th,.y at t
aplointed by the Returning Board.
It is true that the petple goi
through the form ain't ceremont' of
voting, but the ultimate decision,
however arbitrary and at variancet
with the expressed will of the saf
frtgante of the state, rests with I
the Returning Board. It may be t
admitted that tie maj'rity voted
for the electors whose names were i
presented by the Democratic and
Conservative party; but that coes
not alter the case in the least. The
Returning Boa:rd may in the exor
cise of its discretion, or its imag
itati, n, conclude that under con
ditionus the majority would have
voted the other way, and so de-i
clar, the result as it might haeo i
been rather than as it actually is. li
The Governor, de jure or de facto, T
it matters not which he is, will fidl el
back upon the ltrovi:.ions of the act <:1
creating the Returning Board and tl
vesting it with plenary powers tl
both ministerial alnd judicial. He
will accredit the *electors who1, Ti
names are presented by the boIari, I
anal then wash his hands of the tit
whole business. Congress, for its gi
part wzll have n, other duty than P"
a merely clerical one to plrfort,, C o
and will be utterly powerless to go th
behind the Governor's signature ta:r
3 tans the electoral vote of Lonis- of
isna will be cast for Ciandidateq to c al
whom the majority of its citizelns d
are politically olpposed, and against t
whew t.heir votes, were actualv
bast. ,,or
"T'hat is how they pro o-e to do
it;,'ad there is tno doubt in the it
mindi of any uan at'quiai:ted with
the dark ways of the unscrullpiuloil5 tnr
adventuremrs who have the work in cIi
hand that they will carry it out to
the bitter end. Tei ory Lopel of d
the State, and of tihe coutry, un
les the electoral vote of F'lorida tke
or ~iuth Cartlina ibhnltl li .e- l,
cured by the Demtwrats, will de- wi
pend alupon the direction which th
pultc opiniuo n may take in the f
North. Itisfur than reason that
we ai aMliots that the distin- 1 .
guined gentlemuen of both partihes, lo
who have come hither to look ato, "
thil matter from other Sectioug o~ Ie
the Ulnou, Lshould remain withl us CL
and watch the modus opr'raudi of1 h
the canvass of the returns. \e a
are wotidenut that we wlal ine able j
to presetwat uor ease to tum so
pliualy that the most ardent ite- oli
pyubhcaln amonotag tenm can noal
longer doubt that uibi S tate j O44
m4~~i"-- UJQF~I·k UliLI
tho wet ghan by stating, worthless
. though itf.nay i. wW sa't bt5r
sited npon Congress sont in
other influenI l quartetl l ilthe
freie"1u, of 'MV.r1s.1 so anto musfie
I :tis 4e.d. lLtertefore it is that w-e
.have fIi ri timt, to time argued the
RISH. untctlistii ttii nality of the.. ,tturr
og Board aiit thei iHnlahlty'of the
whol,.: Keliuogg (GotleruItneIt. These
Iprop!-slr tio)i we think have lbeen
ter- w11 lsustained aldi will "noti be
ittle witiuttt a measure of weight, we
;hope, upon the fiial determination
111h tl the uillioyity ' hi has exCeted
for ,,,,l di Stu: hedt tLe nation.
e I "Tie lpoiuSttu ,ubnuitted l,
1- i lur Diu'cr.ti: vilultrs to the e-l11
te- let Ltc b,l blicau le:ulers who have
tctZlOe Ltire upl)'i the ,auLe missionl
t~ co.lcr', with a view to tbh exetr
ItuLt .l tutirt jO:ut ulntineue to se
:,--. ie il lt I l iul;tltial canvaus, strikes
iton ul1. is e'umilnmeuly ,liactical and pa
tlu tul''tuc. I .t. tlo ueitheur the Sute
thj l01or the L'tl,i, any ..ar.u !oaget at
en- the exait t tUt, "L.i bottomu frt.'
to rte liet l Itttl, Board may or aiao
itui- COtl, Couteatl to atlfol Sluch a CUllO
u1.ttee of ,otunf' reue,. the itaeitte.
lrcc.rilI to a ht1U lltiei.tisgtifn i1
its prl',t:e ediugs. It at doest retns,,
the uouuhtry all ti uiturstanut tit(
•Le ri'a.o:.; if it does not, the' tr'Ltl,
It t"1:,e. 1, all we want, will conms to
is li"gtt. C0 ire.i halds ntut llthertit
S,,) f-lt it,·elf |-),vuriess to di:sregart
,Lt toe dtcrCes of the Returnmng
i iBoard. The \\ heeler compromise,
s nrati'ied by the lower heuue, seated
tea candi.4ates in the iGeueral Assenm
it,_ y thrown out by that bod%, and
ue..ll4ittudl othere whom it h.- I
! ,tvtuntvud in. The President ham
•.. sellf admitteel, by inference, that
.o it:; decrees are not to be regarded
of a absolutely deeisi.e, when he re
)n, quested certain leading politicians
,, to come here in order to watch the
if- calivass. If, therefore, the pro
th postd joint committee of investiga- I
tiot shiould ctuclude that the cau
ed vass has been fraudulently made,
re it can with all consistency and
ad fairness r commend the nation to
Severse itd conclusion.
be [Froes our own Con.espoqdent.] I
r" aUR RADIX 'tETE. t
n- Nlw Yoax, Nov. 6, 18;6.
\" Editor Cautoyrcra: f
. The whole atmosphere of New u
e York is prickly with eletricity
$. like the air before a summer storm.
, The horizon of the country, from
i end to end, is thick with gatheriung t
Lt clouds which Iortend the battle ot g
d the elements, but the blackest are ti
s, those which are roiliutg together a
over the nietrepolis and which on 1i
STuesday will burst over our heads u
The efllorts of the opposing p:tr-L
ties during the last'few days Iof
grace are simply gigantic, and
party enthusiasm is raised to a
correspolialg pitch. Every night
the moo)n and stats pale before the m
smuoky flare of tt us of thousands t
of torches, the blinding gleamsa of pt
(c:alciuLu ,ghtst, ;tnl the r iinbow
Sdaitles(' of all pcrval/ing tireworks. I
ass i- tlrintg after mass meeting
is c'lled anld anrwuh-d, the foremost th
o)raLtor of the land p)olr forth all ru
Ihheir re'servesa of eloquence andulP
invetive frtolm rstrum and balcnmr )
while the nulttttles cheer and r
tremble withl excitement. The tl
Schlnax Splroieihcs.
Well, thaik Ilaven, the agoes
wdil soon be over; the c'lohset cam.
ptgdn at I thirty years will he set
thed, and a g,,oa mutny Jatriut~_
tah, f we onli knew which otns
will get hew ihats enough to tid
them over anothet four 3ears. 'It h
beautiful uncerI sity of tile retul uu
haI cIion('.gud IhttnIg to ain ir a
uit~:tl s t6ut, and the Iup-tosssu,
.ol rrwnas are the busiest places- tI
an Ntw York aulwcy exCepting thb ,:c
heatdquarters of the two Nati,'nal oi,
C.ummuttees, which are like bee- .o
hlves in clover time. No one i,
apathettic. I have talked wath ia .
great mIany men, manil) of whot ruol
as a rule keep entirely aloof frop
politic,, but have yet to fnd th
man who is entitled teo a vote and ave
dosn't propose to east it. • me
'Mr. Johbl Rogers sather of thbe r
·iPitable ".ikgpr's Or'ro ,'sh
atItr . embodnents e t" ewrf ,- t
less teristic incidents in American life,
ii- ýas Ilturned t*, his elegant fiew
in ratudio, corner do Bliaidwa; and
tbe went-seventh stieet, froru bte
flath shua,ni-r rt si.ldeice in Co~uectatcut,
t we bri.lgig as the r bult of his vacra
the '"on a new wa"lk which shines
irlu- ,auI tt I .he t ,popular of its older
the comlpaions. The last group is
lest camli d "W\\ighing the Baby."
,etn Eldwardi S. Sokes, who from his
t twl murder of Jim 'laitk has become a
we public chaiacter, canuplet:el hls
han loar ycatra of iimprlsu.nment for
Ltad i bt olieuce on October :2th, and
has Iatdllairtl to this city. He at
ly L'e c.dalled on Comaodlore Van
on- derbilt to thank turn for kinduess
ave extetdedl luring his incareeration.
ion Hie expresses his satifeacttl.on at
&r- getting out in ime to to see the Cel
te. trunll, which will be his next
pa Pu.ADLLou.Xa, Nov. 4.
e Up to the tirst ,i N.,v-m.iber trt;
at ltod of pail admisalous to the t
i.. CbntenLtai haittai up over 7 LNJ.0UAO
S and the ia wh rt.- acits $;;,36i0,U0, i),
Sehbic, if ay ,uema.ry ,.t vvae we, 1a
s le a lar;.;e-t receipt of any World's
1a k'aur. Pait., an 16;, onily took in
ietteen teu aid eeve, million
L( ficucs, or a little over $2."!,0(,000U 4
tL, lle colmantte onu the pr,. S
to teaiaatue ,or Nov.rtit- to hia,-, h a. v
. re liutshedt. theLir wsak. The to.
l d iwiang iilarratnt. .a, hilot, vetr, 'edt
ur vr to ther canng tereluoui;+l, i
n.,o('U b G(itaerai Hawley. 'The a
e ,l ,le rti, will be tlalt In ,bhe
li- a,,u budhilng, on the afteruooaa of la
ul Nov. 1,, and Pranlaet-l Glrant it, to
Sattend. there will be vocal anti
In- uancruweurald rusit, under the
at general direcuion of Theodore T
ed thouas, and on a scale fully as v
.b grand as that signalhzulmg the ,,apen- I
ua, dug on the lLthi of May. '1he vo
e cal performancu is to be by the 10t
o sinfgers comprised in thae Yuiladel- s
R.phis Choral Association - the t
un same that sang on opening dui ca
e, The spf-eches wad be brief, conai. t
id ing of remarks befitting the occia. H.
tion byv Chairut tn Morrelli of the it
'Executive Cominmittee, Drector J
General Goshorn, PresMdeut Haw
ley and President Welsh. Upon ue
the contiliasioa of the addressesnt ie t,
President of thu.e uited States wail ou
formally declate 'hat the Lnteruaa- at
tional ExhL, btio of 1i1T6 is closed. r
the President wdil un stop the
C orhlis engine either by hias own a
hands or through another person ha
, to whom he will trausmit tele- r
,t graphic directions from has post in r
the maue building. hu demon.
.r ,trawiou wil wind up with sadutes Pc
lfro vesseitt an port and of a hun- alra
dred guns on Ueoiges' HilL On on
ihe e eiug of thbe th a reception "r
and banaquet ais to be given jointly sac
ty the Centennial Commisuision and u
.he Board of Finance, in it.
t George'C Hall, to the foreign ool
anlnssioners President Grant, his
Cabinet, the Judges of the Su- p!
f prtie Court, and the Diplonatic ree
Corps will be prolably iltled to for
that farewell meeting. a ar
It had been arranged that on to
Ithe 30th lat. the ExbhLition bluild- tl
lugs ai Iel.oaongnlgs C hbuld be put A
utp tIt public auction, ba.t owing to tIr
ae I Presidentt's ThitukLgivu ir pro- l
aiiwatlou the sh. is postponed tillU
tte next day, Dec. 1, when, if any
,nle of your ralmers wants to buv.Pl
Agcncultlral hall, or the Mlailnth
lSailhllng to set lip in hli bck
!ard, a chauce will be givaen him. ad
ILwii. whi
River ¶ewa. nan
She, MIt.in.appL ia (fdliag; the bret
UDlo on the l*3at Ilit. was sing arc
at Lattsburg, stutloahir, at CaUix'tl- er
nati, iand i..lliug .ta La navai lilv; Ialtd L
O)nachfat and .-rrk;aais.s river., lre
a:alen low, otL R t a is we ae liLla i
oOiiCe raLsn ow we ta.ay naturall on t
tiook tlur a rise an them.
'he ocutnweat.tern - TelegCtnai L
s,, s: Ite nuavag.attaun ol iktid ru a oal
aron here out to the l.diasseap, '
(a exceedingl) uceirtain, o.4y ; a for
iuches of water to be found on tii. LiaI
ahioulest bars, ass tarwe fret tha 'a
average deptn ui the cnaannel. Thize 'ii
nad banik aut!tae auamc of th spr
river as an lmost uauPaebule ,h
vtructaon, at which plae woe tt L
es BHlkier is engaged in hght r .paU
-g st¢e15, . .-, - * .
1 AT .ST iN WSi
,domth Carolina.
C Coirus.a, Nov. 17.--The Sn
ptLue (tfurt l,-Jt|y i3bL 1 atWIl
t, 111ar order Instructing the Boar(
* of CLaULassesS ttJ proceed in strict,
I i1ullteilei cl t(lu'\, cat a688 returhil
r and suilit tit S"ame to the court
1 hie Board of Canv.,ssers,jist met
Shave decided to admiit five gentle
Itheni of each side to witness thi
isanvus. The result will probablj
a be reawhetd to-nwght.
i o tinal declione is made by the
Supreme Court in the Imatter o;
r writs of nalundamus and prolibi.
d u,,n against the Canvasasing Board,
t but the court has granted an inter.
mediat'ory order authorizing the
canvausers to aggregate the state
uments in the county election. -
Coulaºiissioners will ascertain who
,t oave received the greatest nuinrl
of vote'., uud certify the result to
the court. h171s 1i etlltely in
lthe ]hte, of the writs askol fur, tind
tc,utiues the board to the 'minis
terial dlnty of canvassing the re
l turns. Under this order the luard
i, are at work, a committee of Dew
,,cr.its and Republicans being
'resent. Tiie. will tirst canvass
the vote for Presidential electors.
d 'l'LLAHA.saI, Zov. in, ruidight.
SA ntllllbt.r of Northeru I.ltubli
,'.ais her'. c(.lit.edtle tlit State tA tthe
Demntocr:ais for t i'vernur by about
445 i ajorlt,, but e!ami a small
ueijo,,rtl . for iiates. 'lIhih Demo.
cl.mi" s.'liiltia tite Statte hleA gout]
:,r rilide. , as te1f as the state
ick. t, (wi l 1 to ctullliiies vet to.
.car from, by f(J5 ;majurltyr. lte
&t:rns are all exqperidl to this week
anid the cn';Lvais swill tWiin early
Ilext week A larg nulwber iof
IproUiilIitent i)e'lii.a('r .t are here.
Turkey s Preparations.
LoNoo.. Nov. I .- lbe Stard
ard l' Vienna eorreapolideut siys :
The Porto, ili view of a Winter
l:anI[iii gui, uirernils to keep 40,0()I
fel in .llolnte-negro anld Hterzego
vitsli, 401,I1041 (ion the hord:irs of
(irethce, and 8I,1,(N) to watch Servla.
A telegriamr from Coiustantioplh,
a. s: Accordintl g r., relanlel uii.r
ilitioi, taill xtrairdiuiary Calintet
co'eiil will )be hchl here to mnor
row to detiuitelv decide re~pctall.
the luestioIl of a conlferenie, buei
Br' ii (cabilnet hatlvg r'ehewidil
its wt rget.c denuuisl on that subL
Russia's Preparations.
LoiLvs, Nov. 1 -Co(' respo,nd
enta say lie elitire contingent of
thle Ilsanilt. :lruay haLs.-bee, setl
out .f ithe Ptl..h pra.vilices for
service 11I liel tic;il. lrssiatr gIar
rOlis I'en:tlll ill Wlaraw anid other
Polish cities.
A nulinber of ltrzialn offleers <
who int-ended to qult Belgrade
have beeln '.de~redl tIIo i(ilalii.
Soldiers oli furl',igh in Ireland1
are ordered to join their regi
A lienter's diaspltch from St.
Petersliurg says the Czar, in ad
lressing his generals and officers
,n thae close of a review at Tsars
kne Selo, on W'edncsehlay, said :
'lentlenaeo, let us wish the best I
iuccess to the commanders of our
r uies.
England's Preparations.
LONDON, Nov. 17.--Reuter's inil
tury intelligence,, dated Chatamn,
!ov. 10, represents that the com- a
)any of royal engineers which was 3
ecently placed under orders for (
oreige service, is now undergoing
,'course of Instraction preparatory
o eimbarkuig.
The Staudard says: Great ac- 0
itty prevails in W llowiih arsenal. l.
Un iwperial order was istiuid yet
ertly that the productliu of rifle
all clrtridges be increased toP
,0lt)0,00) per wsek. The u.nnasli
uanlitly mnUllfaltntured is jUu,00tu. i
Ilhe Standard, Telegraph, andu
all Mad Gazette do nlut bellieve
at England can remainu neutral.
LoNnos, Nov. 16i.--The Stand
rd'b Vlenlls spocial say. the force L
hich Iu..,lia idll inotiize iu ac- tl
lda'lnce with Lne recentt ordi- ttl
inuces nuanlerl 195, 2 ntantry,
,,Td c.Lav.alr\ 0i1 6(-4 rilded
reccuI-ltiatllig caitlllolbs. h riles t hi
ir of Lti Am, riu.lla Bl u pat ,ld
£Ja.'.armia a.f tlhc ut.tt of tule We.5
ser, iiltiary' tlulir eC-it i-iate that gt
sat a D i lh wtl et required ble- '
re Ule tforce cai bet coucentltratI d r
the tPruth.
Austria, .
Losuos, Nov. Ih.-The curree- L
>iueitt an AILwartu couniemilahtew,
partlal mrunlbzation of bea eary,
r the .easot that sue tliniks' e
ubna wh call in xltX year's cull
IgIutLL attct'UtU, uunbternlg g0-, u
•) Iueln, ilatled tof mLiug til iLI
rird, the usnal tulne. L
Ealad. .
Lord 'Dert i on the1 point of h li
L'Uleag a protes to Lh th re du
isulL the mobdizatlon of gbriig
r Russian army. This requires cot
rL... tiornit I true,the couferele
willbe uadaeis. Everything, how;
S. ev. combines to disconrage thou
Lz. who hopdfor a peaeeful isaiue.
'ard The latest from trustworthy, br
let- unofficial returns, show that 2
r as i battalions of iufa:trv, 7 regiment
urt. of cavalry and 0 guns have bee:
met, alreidy told 4for the Easkt shoutl
tl- their services e necessary for th
the protection of British interests.
bly Poland.
* Lowxo, 50o t6.-The Stand
ths Ard's Berlin iaoatch says: Intelli
Sof Fence from WaRrhaw indicates at
ihi- iupending Polish rising. 'lb
trd, Government has posted plaerds
er- in Warsaw prohibiting any gather
the ing in the streets.
rte- In this connection the Financiei
- says: t news of the pr:dlamwa
rho tion of a 'tate of -siege in Polanit
her arrived in London last night.
to Indiana.
MiiaoIt, Nov. a6.-At a larg(
and very e4thulsiastic meeting of
i" the )euocerauy of this city, held al
re- ttie court h.,nse this eveuang, the
rd i following Ipresni,ale and resolution:
iI were ilutroduned by Hiln. John tR.
ir Cra~luns, on bebalf of the Commit
"5 tee of li'soluats, us, and were
Suzaniuilltiy lulhptecl :
Whrteas, The presh.nt nillstis
ht. fActry condatitoi oft our punlic af
i lairs s caisi.ig, i -riuit. alppreh-un
he sion as t tthe Insure la ,;lfrL if iult
it the very e~xiternce of the Republlc;
all and
'w Whereas, It is the d:.!, f l1
,e citizens of the United -~. ,,
te 4we an Un'iasitail,). ",,!".;,:j
to of their vIw4s an regurd to the in
e- pklece-dentcld airi danllgerous :om
ek plications of the lires,:Jnt conlditiou
1v of affair.; LIo, efotr.e lbe it
of lUesulval, 'tat ac p .l iotic anld
law abitliig ittiLiZaih. Our lies het
faith and utteuiiite hlplt, are Oh the
jlist d'trciaiain f th. l, alult Ibox,
1J t d" t icrhrt 1' s .l ip,,i tic pailri
S: ti ie and law-ltdulllig c.ttizens of the
eut lie.blle tio unlnit wirlI t11 it de
J'n auding that the cthoicb of the;
ti- people.of the Utl rtel Starts, as
of txpriessed at the l,acli)t-lbox, shall,
a. be respected awl 'isl-, as tle. will'
I. at the peopk-; :utlt we ido hero.t,
r"- pledge otlrsetei to u~ybly, e.elty
t. l.,wful leaacr ti.c u::) It' jec a.
Snsry* tco plei-s?*'ve Le ' C'e s itutin, l
a i nd ik lFw.. oad thciab theise
the lptCac-. 1.r 'o.c:l'it. prower andc]
4 perpeturlt ,,i : s,, ila -p.i l e.
The Returning Board.
SN. U. Democrat, EI.]
The Returning Officers 'were;
: slow in appeeria t4t the State
Hauwse Mat W ells only appetiri
early in the morninug, and so
aireted himladcl in a ramn just thak
s of the Secretary of State's asds
opposite Kellogg's. There the
two, Wells and Kellogg, conferred
several times.
Casanare was the .second to ap
pear, in charge and undler guard
of two negros. Anderson acnd
the other negroes were not in sight
at 12 an., the hour appointed for t
meeting. t
At 12 m. Senator Trumbull, ,
Judge Stallo, Governo,r Palmer t
and other iiepresentatives of. the d
Northern Deam -cracy appeared and
were admnitted to the roiom.
Messrs. Zacharie, Gtantbreanx,
Cavsnta and other representatives
of the Louisiana Cnommittee on the
Election; II. C. Brown, chairman
of the Democratic Parish Coinm
mittee, and represenrtatives of the
the press, were also ad mttecl,
pretty well crowding the two little -
roomus.ot the boardl.
it is annuounoed bbat five tepre-' I
sItautaves of each: patty,', fie
Northern Dumacratse and tive
Nordhern Republhcans, wdl be ad
nutted during the sessions of the
board. A mecinber of tie board S'
thought that rrepreeitives of
the l.ouisanaa Lemnocracy would
be aalintted to thle seelous. 'tiis,
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,li  Cl Eit- & BAKER i. M~
It'; No. 3 C haitrey str-et, New
L II. r RU'
.11 October 21-4m
'1112: iktLf AT Ijh.I
ia -
-or TEE
I'- Centennial Aw
S Committee
e - -O THEsa -
SE' t.NG E I I.Cil
The United. States
mission annuance the f.dlo
as the Lbeais of an aw to
bath, N. J., for tzeir Fa.M1Tu
e A Shuttle Sewing M
inmg the following pointeof
viis: A needle bar epe
end of a rotating ~ehbt in
k ing arm; a ahmstle
r shuttle carrier, Imoveql
the fd] b,, meanes of a
ting sthaft; a four-moti
feed, and a straight -eeEI -
eyee parallel with the
Four the following reone .., _
. Family Machine, embedying,
Sest nuw !,er of wmot apyroved
r devices to impart positive
the varias parts, dimpin y
struetion, good workmaaehilp
quantity and slaimily of 1 ki -
r oarginality, andl for ctap
y display. A. T. GeTo. o,
J. it. iwaw.st,'
Attest--MYa Acags, A"s
C1M'L1\Y., /
No. 91 istrnl etaqr
Colfax, Nov. 25, 76-m
I )iezhiu*redzixpremly
Tailors, Shoemaikers,
Saudlers, and
A. I. Howe, Singer,
Weed, . Wiseleu 4
&duced 'to 40 ltdal per
.ohwe'th Eaghih spoo k '
.er awd laker Sewing Machile
.uJd l iisa. Nya', jazze .oern il.
S.ae at LU TEST CAal A ,AL 6.,
.0o. 6 Chartrzti seet, l4.6i

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