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The Colfax chronicle. (Colfax, Grant Parish, La.) 1876-1877, September 15, 1877, Supplement, Image 1

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CH RANT , A., S.
PItOCEEI NI G 0-S thel
- OFr TuE- Hr
September 10th, 1!7i. i out
The Police Jury, of the Parish of Al
Grant, met pursuant to adl.ournumet. M
Present : Messrs. Reeves, Fitz, Craig, aski
Nugent, Tyson and Swatfford. Chu
On motion, Mr. Reeves was elected Salt
President pro tem. neal
Minutes of previous meeting read A
andl adopted. snni
By Mr. 'taig- -
lie it ord:ained by the Police Jury of Pol
the Parish ot Grant, That a road, lead- (
ing from opposite Planters' Landing, anu
ria the helif Nantachie Lake, atnd Sill
intersecting the Montgomlery and lar- aln
risonburg road-at or near Walters' (
Mill-be laid out and opened, and that I
* Daniel O'Quinu, J. O'Quinn, J. Sauter, i the
8. F. Rligsby, R L. Craig and Wiliami roi
Spikes, Ihe appointed as a Jury of Free'- cot
holders, to t lace and lay out such road Hke
to the greatest advantage of the in- ro:
habita:lts, and as little as may be to dii
the prIejdiie' of enclosures; and to ne
assess such damalges as any persou may Ci
susltain 1) by the IltlpenUg of such road. Ilthi
Saidl Jry to report to thle next lmeetilg WI
of the Police J.lIry and to the o\cI.'rser t11
appoillnlted tocunt said road. Saihl o\vr- th
sect, to applýi to the aplortion,'rs for L1
hand'. a: lt11lt.'t'eed at once to open waidll at
roadl, according to-law.
td. h i! 1tirttier ordained, That Rui- t'
tdll Ilhl l ti'ert tI,. and lie is hcreb ap"il
pointted o\et.lecr of said road dl
Adopted. S
Ity Mr. Craig
SIle. it ordained by the Police Jury of P
the l'arikh ofIt Grant, That a Perry be i
Sestablishd at a pjointopposite Planters' li
Landing. in Grant parish, to Platers' ti
Landing, in Natchitoches parish, and r
that the C'lerk of the Police Jury be
ordered to notify the Clerk, of the a
PQlice Jury of thg Parish of Natchi- It
toches,4slAtg their co-operation. .'
Adopted. -
By.Mr. Crinig
Be it oidained by tl lolice I
the Parish of Grant, That a road, lead"
inig from C('lfax tM Montgomery, thro' I
thle swamp, ,2y or near the mouth of
Bayou Nantachie,,  at and that
sail road he divi t4
onp from Colff!r. ,Nan
other from the Nantc ie
M&. Be it .further or n if
Narcisse lredien, 'W* . Rogers, and
Ca p. D. Morrisoea .1 appointed re.
viewers, d-.r , gdsetf a mao
emt that portion of said read iending
4rom Colfa* to theydkechi ei atat
Iltriek S~aith, F. M. SharpMi A. W
11, p appointed refewers, to selet'
"g oa t ot that piaao ledisnglhO
the Nantaclaie to Montgomery.
:3l. Be it further ordained, That John Be
S. Moore be appointed overseer for that the
portion of said road leading from Col- port
ftax to the Nantachie; and Samunel qut
Harder overseer of that portion leading of r
from the Nantachie to Montgomery, dut;
and that said overseer apply at once to trici
the road apportioners for hands to cut Dial
out said road. of e
Adopted. the
Mr. Swatflord presented a petition, Jur
asking for a road from Liberty Chapel 24
Church to ,Colfax, intersecting the Cle
Salchler's Mill and Colfax road at or said
near the lfZyou l)arro. tiot
An opposition petition was Ire- A
sented. C
The question was discussed by the I
Police Jury, and the road granted. the
O. C. Watson was appointed overseer, doll
and Wmi. Stevens, James- Watson, Jas. izet
Sinquelield, B. F. Moore, E. T. Biddle' mra
and Dr. Goode, reviewers, cha
On motion-- aIl
Be it ordainedl by the Police Jury of sea
the Patrish of Grant, That a public 2
road be and hereby is established, to Do
- commence at or near the old Nestor nec
I iouse, on the Alexandria asid Colfax th(
road, and runingin a south-western sai
o direction through the hills, passing die
o near Mr. Jaes' residence ; t hence thro' hi
y Col. E. G. Randolph's place, crossilng
i. the Bayon Dairo at or near Cotton
wood landing; thence thronugh the .N
"r hiotrtoui. Ipassing near Mr. Alfred Lewis'; Po
r- thi. ce Itetween the Bank I;mand and
ir llivkk'man's, to the road on lRed River, e
i it ior near the Catholic Church. be
2d. Be it further ordained, That A.
i- t'. Lewis, A. G. TbolipO Thomas
. Iliekman, C. H. James and E. G.
dlohlph, be.appointed reviewers to
sali road.
." :I. lte it furthes itaiin4TTM . -
of P. Myers be appointed overe
he road, with power to call out all
ra' liableto rNit in a distance of
rs' three miles * o ,
nd road.
be 4th. Be stt
Ih ap no r ioferS it o
h i- head O ,point the fol- to
T-ow to twork'said rest : All.
the Cdlomb plac irhoma e
': place, E. 0. Randolph's I
4place, stoLsnt s amd James'
ad place, and all othec d$ being withi
iro' bounds and not otierlid assigned.
of Adopted .
SBy l. Fitz
ordaind by thq Pollee Jury of
'is0 of Grant,*"t B. B. W I~*
Sseed, ~d ria and em
poWmAi Cam' a small portion of
m the mesmry sod t. Mauricee road,
mnd fo artp st thecoleerof the Antny
In- Eau on or jpeaI a section line
t the said bld roed wher
ling tl ewRdht. road now aiterseets; and
ibat that th6 oteraper of said road be in
structed, o recognize and wor] it as
iet' the lgal ..
Ply Mr. Fitz-.
Be it ordained by the Police Jury of
the Parish of Grant, That all road ap
portionera be and they are hereby re
qutred to perform the additional duties
of road reviewers, and itahall be their
duty to review all the roads in theirdis
tricts ten days before each term of the
District Court, and repast the condition
of each road in their said PDitrict and
the overseer thereof to the Grand .!
2dt. Be it further ordained, That
Clerk of the Police Jury shall
said real oners of the
tions of this o
On muotion- '
Be it ordained by the Po
the Parish of Grant, That E. O.
dolph is hereby appointed an author
ized agent of the parish of Grant in all
matters having reference to the pur
chase of lots for public purposes, and
also town lots in Colfax, the parish
seat of the Parish of Grant.
2d. Be it further ordained, That Fifty
Dollars, or so much thereof as may be
r necessary, is hereby appropriated for
the payment of sau -exlenses as the
i said E. G. G. Radolph may incur in the
4 discharge of said duty:, to be paid upon
' his own warrant. P
OnI r.mtion of (.'- . 1 itz, MeHatew -
a I ugent, Jr., and W. J. 'isou, were ap
pointed a Coulnittee on Claims.
d On motion, the I'olice Jury adjourn
r ed until Tuesdayr the 11th of Septem
ber, at 10 o'clock a.m.
S'" President Police Jury pro tem.
'Clerk B1licd Jury.
AX, LA., Sept. 11, 187i7.
Jury met pursuant to ad -
f on Climu- made no re
. _e following r,'solutioni was intro
re Be t ordained, lThat tlhe Ti'ax-Colleo
i- tor a authorized and instructed to re
l emsie la payment of all back taxes all
Las elaims approved by the Conmmittee on
h's Flnane; pro$dttl, that no claim shall
es' lbe reeselvable in payment. of taxes of
gia thterears than that iii which it was
Ors motionu-
B.jt ordained b. the 1'lice try of
0o thb Parish of Grant, That $1 .3of
filb Parish Vjrrants, returned J. R
mi.- Gray, hae Tax-Collector ol
1of Patlsh, be received by the p ru o
and burned to ashes in thl Pid ton
sad, the Jury, and tre aforest id. L. G
tuy placed to the credit o
nParsh reasnrez. "
_Ule Adopted, and bdn ce Jury ued
1e On motion, the P od in ]o
and to meet on the tir--.
in- ber, 77. RAN.
Clerark o *
".~ ·

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