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. a en esLosu,.ea S aID . as AesvwA.
The river is rising.
' Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is fa
eons for its pronmpt and erectuael cures
ot aeughs and cokla. The mwot severe
**td may he kw'oened and relieved by
a few doiar. of this valuable remedy.
For sale by M. A. )unn.
Judge H. L Win and his
Sdaugihter, Miss Beatrice, a pretty
young lady in her teens, have been
sojourning at the Tiger hotel for
r- the pest week
Croup can always be preivented by
giving Chamberainn's Cough Remedy
as maon as the child becomes hearse. It
is pleaisnt and safe to take and pet
jssely reliable, Price 50 tas per buttie
e r sle by M. A. )Duna.
S Town Talk notes a new chain or
Sbucket pump attached to the cis- i
turn in the Alexandria court house
:jw: d i.-a nice new cocoa matting
,e s ailing of thecourt room,
W strips of matting on the stair- i
aysad pncipal passages of the
Pisights are new being carried
ei erd ir boats cheaper than at ?
pey ce-half on the cm rates of
co1880 usthbeid by the pool liners.
u bdp*e. n& steamboats Ben- b
a;t11 te D a have done it with C
s irlilee hperatehet
,· eo r vlast issue, Mrs. W. T.
'oaudman, whoe we mentioned as
Sy III, has died. Her death co
` na oMan board the Decotsah at
Sý c e the ternoom at Maelnday, -
~ 7h at Plaisanoe lsading.
'Is .. m s werera shipped. from
SA l to Washington, La., by
Capt Boardman has the qi
Sait d qmpthy of a large a m
r dit rise l a ad equatsimo ante
itoasdungi'r t givisng Cam stt
Cogh R ssely at. childrenas as
meststss me lesatles aetsetauce he- 1
sM es It e asequ ased fer colds and
.ChtitrehatIike is. Fer sale by
. :rDu, r ie Star 8drug seoe.
°t# rampane t Republican friend
IL.Web lis jubilant over the sti
suqoes of his party, particu- us
over the preferment respceta- .
r:ar L Beds sar receiving, bu
ihe tisatstes pretty plainly of
se' ofa the milk and water t
who have acsoepted cam- ta
boo4ie and then sold out to He
i paliticisans, will stand mi .
abaaee with the powers that be. Ol
.La Daigres District At
the7aisy ,a. Andrews~ and several M
'ther imbsf b the law, enjoved
bird hunting cm two or to
etee losr dringa our late term Tmi
~ earst. Th partridges have not ard
Wfhwataul eebots for coqa- *c
u y mer, ad as aonteqyene tohad
' *uirt ad begged palet of _
PaiL . S.. et.. ik
N., 1984 3e8U
sm tWmsled with hemmatieM ,
i s h pal1ar ad 4kj.
E Whr.*ps eIisr at~. ise h
Demoorat felici
Ian the conceit that _
Jay Golln the diret .ukb E
waited on him at the
depet sal Invited him to
Stwep i the thrhe m adh -
btpositivelyde- a&
~;i~" ·~~-Ei~c~~,~ rt be.
itis a~-·
i~i~~i _all
rIt District Court Items.
Court adjournod at noon Thursday,
having wound up all business ready for
No civil business of importance has
,,,d been transacted, except that mentioned
last week.
Andrew Jenkins, convicted of resisting
an officer, was sentenced six months in
- parish jaiL
Willis Brown, for shooting at with in
tent to kill, gets six months in parish jail.
Earnest Wells, larceny, three months
in parish jail.
In Henry Wells, for assault and carrying
rea oconcealed weapons, received 30 days in
by parish jail in one case and 15 days in the
dy. other.
In the case of Willis Jenkins and Perral
Jeannette, charged with murder, the jury
his returned a verdict of not guilty. Mr. W.
tty C. Roberts and his father were attorneys
en for Jenkins, the principal, and deserve
for credit for the skill with which they man
aged this diffiult case.
The New Diaoovery
Yov have heard your friends and
neighlors talking about it. You neay
Syou'rself be onue of the manyl who knIcw
tfrom l'persnal experielnce. just how
Sgood a thing it is. If you hare ever
tried it, you are one of its stanech
frie.ds, because tile wonderful thing
or labot it is. that when, once givetl a
is- trial, l)r. King's New Discovery ever
after hoils a place in tie house. If
e I .yo have never uned it and ishould be
or afflicted with a cough, cold or any
tlhroat, lung or chest tronble, scR reer
a bottle at ,onice and give it a fair trial.
m, It is guaranteed every titue, or money
ir- refnutded. Trial bottles free at C. C.
he Nash's store. 6
Notes by a.Rustler.
Editor Colfrx Croidcle :
'd The report read by the grand
at jury in open court states "the pub
e- lih roads are in splendid condition,
to excepting in districts where mea
sles prevaiL" Holy Moses! was
the whisky good or bad that in- i
spired this report? The road from
o- here to Boyce is passable, that from '
,h Colfax to Daro bad, from here to
Summerfield almost impassable,
and the foreman of grand jury rode i
r. around 5 or 6 trees in the Mont- '
a gomery road, and one tree opposite ,
Kelly place has lain there 6 years. y
Capt. Boardman's wife died of t
5 swamp fever on steamer Dacotah b
r, at Plaisance, on her down trip.
Allen Faircloth's wife died Mar.
20, 1889.
n Capt. C. . Teal and Mrs. Mc
7 Knight's little daughter Willie, are
e quite ill.
Jno. Fletcher lost a child recently.
George Rome, aged 15, was
probably mortally wounded at Lena !"
station by Chas. Cook with shot- en
a gun. Cook escaped. All colored. m
SWoman in it. th
Mr. A. Bloxom has sold out to LI
Dr. Buckelew. SMART ALEcL.
A Sound Legal Opinion. ai
E. Bainbridge Itunda3, EFG., counnty
atty., Clay Co.. Tex., says: "fae pr
used Electric Bitters with most halpy en
result. My brother also was very Re
low with malarial fever and jaundice, Bi
but wias cured by timely tuse of tlcis
medicine. Am satistied Electric Bit
ters saved his life." Mr. D. I. \Wiicox
son, of Horse Cave, Ky., adds a like
tesmatinlculy, stayilg: He loMitie.ly be
lieves he would have died, had it not
been fir Electric Bitters. 'Thi's great.
remedy will ward off, as well as cure
all malarial diseases, and for all kid
Bey, liver aled stonlmarh dis, iso..rartllds
mnequaled. Price 50c and $1 at C. C.
Snskab OrN". g
Marston's Prolific Cotton Seed.
Parties deUiring these seed can procure
them at the rate of one dollar cash per
bushel by calling at the Caomnir clffsoe.
This cotton has the best "all around rec
ord" of any in the market, both as to
standing drouth and percentage of lint
to seed, having an average of about 40
per cent, while the staple is far superior
and rules as middling fair. Read what
one of the most prominent firms of cot
ton factors in the city has to say about
the quality of this cotton:
Naw OaItas. Dee 7, 188.
To whom it may concern
We hereby cesrtify that we have slo!d the cotton
crop* of B W. Mrrton. of ast Point. La., for
t h sai ceo.e.uuve Irf ;st pst; that tes aid
for .5eandsra. and has alwars somaadad a
praminm tu its stars and sta~pe.
G. W. ,ENT, ELL & CII.
"I have uMsd St. Patrick's Pills,"
says Mr. Reynolds, of Mayfleld, Ky.,
"and pronounce them superior to any
I have ever Iwfare used. I do not hea
hate to recolrm,c,dl them, knowing
them tihem to iw reliable." They are
thoroulgh, yet ge-tle ie theiraction and
and lhave the system in sldendid con
ditio-. As a eathartie, or tordisorders
of the liver, St. Patriec's Pills have no
equanl. For sale byv M. A. IDen.
Our address is now 8imaboro,
La., instead of Choudrant. We
hope our correspondents and ex
changes will make a note of this.-
Farmers Union.
Appe~l.rmlsn for te year lees.
First 5ede--y-4'olfsx. Ii a. m. and I p. sa.
Beuls. ItI . m. Gry's  rek. Ipa m. wil
r;eoed 'tnd:decy-Hackory Gror 1l a.m. Pal
isina. 11 a. . mand 7 p. m. lh Ba . p.e m.e
Third Sandayr--Libert .l a. . Mabh Crete,.
S p. . O Ulive r~anh, (Soe's) It a . Pr.. 4
pect. $ p. m.
Fourth Suday-FPslloult. U P. andlp.
-n. Oak 3ro1e, pct as. .
...allow -
Pork Brad
apiT Ceifta, rewt Psrish l4. pw
A Full Line of Fall and Win.
ter Goods just received by
s 0. NAt 8$ ,
Colfax. La.
Having bought directly from Northern
San Eastern dalers he is prearepar to of
for his c, stoamers nnparecedeatted bargains
from a complete stock of
eonsisting of Calicoew, Bleached anld Un
bleached Cottons, I)rilluags WN',,ºI anRd
I.nen Fabrict oe all kidl-. Hosiery and
Gloves, Hirmulabq, Stlions, etc.. etc.
Hats for Ladies and Gentlemen.
Plantation Supplies. Agricultural Ilnple
ameats, Cana,.l und ind .el Goods, Shot and
Powder. Caudiea, etc., etc.
Cotton Shipped Free of Charge.
All cotton bronght in by his cnlastolrs
will Inb sahiplpd to the acucount of the cus
touter with,ut any charge
atdl'The highest Market Price paid for
all kinds of Counttry Produce. 15
Twe!fU Judicial District Court, Parish of
Grant. La.-No. 509.
Alonzo Nu'gent et al vs. E. 8. Gray Natural
Tutor et al. i
By virtue of an ord' r issued and to nme
directed ii the atorve styled Iad umbher.d
suit, I will offer for s-i a at ipubllc sau tinlu. i
in, irnut of thi court h -.ue door, in the
town, of Col!ai. La., between the hours
prescnbed by law. on
8ATURDAY, April 27, 18t9,
the following described land. situated in it
GOant Ial isa. La.. to-wit: :
otLahesat qr of se gr sec 11. t 1 n, r 2 w,
and nw q qqr of s-c ll, tdn. r 2 w,
atsd sw r of as qr see II, t , u, r w. and i
uw qrof nw qr bac 13, t S ,r2w.aad he
ns qr of no qr s"e 14, t t n. r 2 w, cuntau.
hag two han-lared ares more or I. as.
Terms of sale-with benefit ofapprsase- :t
ment, and ta:t pulreii.ner or puracl'suers to
pay ou-e thiid ul tihe purchase prieo in cash
on day of sale. td to execute thim or their e
two pnaissa"ay aoavs. in my favor. of equal
lustallue,,ta. buoting a pr ee t per annum
interest Irons date unti paid(, daly paraph- l
ed "ne va-terst" beL.re a notary public
for identifcati on, due itn one a*ld two
y* are, for the see and benefit of all p.ar- ut
ties int.restea. 8aid notes to be aecur, d
by ve,,dor's lien and a, ecial mortgage upos 4'
the property purchased. Said laula to be 4
offeed in lots of 4(a aees each.
J. KEMP, Jr., Sheriff. ui
Culfax, Li.. Mach 22. L2r9. pt-612
Notice of Final Proof. p
L.Axo O':cL AT~ TarrcIrt-o-, L4,
Febranry 5, 18~. l
Notice is hereby gia i, t;hat the fllow
ing-nami d settler hb. ietl notioe f his i
iUatetiotn t, Iatke liinal ipra f in sntt,lot ga
of his eiatl. and thait said prlrot wilI be
made before the jla1t:e or it, lhs a;:w'nce 1r
the clerk of the di-trirt aclr.t, at Gull~x. I
.a., on March 23, leO, vie:
Edw-sd S. Bolton,
Homtnatesa Entry No. 1795, for the a hat of
w qr see  t m n r 4 w, i. Meridiau.
He nanmes the followilg witnessest to
rove his (cotilnncua resaldence uponl. ,ad Ei
altiveti'ani of. ai.d landa. viz: itieh:i.d Wl
tobinaiI, Aanon- Antho,ly, 't. $. ata.r, 9th
sill Brue, all of Montaumery. 14a. i a..'
feb 9 6t-pf $7 hegi.aer. I
TO SUILD TRIEM Our sew ATLAS, atlm.t JVlt. -t!BN IB1.
TOUILD THM. ortait ,u B w~ Y
owe okmdf Th.h ootahm a u and a
New, eea fa'fl, sad L e H(d m a
lhow. bow y an buraild a uslmo and hew efnkt com
1 iaeheed..-., e,, cee.veuet, healthyltb, t nm a we, a mbu m.,
w ar m anl d ebaenu hel e w abl n II Sra me,
The DeLo ch Variable Friction Feed. '
Hs ~wo EL, and is fuln d warerat thed to increas. e mcapacity
he only aw Mill in existne that will work succe l
_ _h o _ 4 h p y. b Fit s iz eema de e. )ti.do 0 , 0
TwosnTm.C Phastom. Rock FPAUN, M
The DeLoach Variabe Friction eed.al
3·\,,'rrjm r' *ai . . - -
HAS No EQUAL, and is fully wnarranted to increase capacity
rt cent over and cos lt fenoth mill in the Unite States
e only Saw Mi in existLnce that will work succesfllO.
vith only 4.horse power. Five sizes are made (5,000 to 50,4)00
eet per day) and feed can he varied from 1-16 to 12 inches in
tCflty, or anywhere between the two points mentioned, and
hat without sawyer changing his position, or even removin=
us hand from thme feed lever.
Send for large illustrated catalo e of Saw Milla, Corn and,
lour Mills, Turbine Water Wheels, Mill Gearing, Etc.
tCPThe DeLoach "Chaunpion" S.w Mill Dog !.ali no equal
rorth $75, and costs nothing with DeLo:iuFl ' i `1.
l owj Ma s 4 " & * S % w .Asy ..
lHaving prn chased the .nore and War:
f house of H. V. Measin & Bro., be is no
0 prepared to offer his custaomers
Extraordina.ry Bargains
n ,-IN
General Merchandise,
IIats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Sad.
dlery, Crockery, Hard
ware, Glassware,
etc., etc.
All Country Produce bought at ruling
market rates. feb 9
Twelfth Judicial District Court, Parish of
Uiaant, L..--o. 163.
C. A. Pierson va. W. 8. Calhoun.
By virtne'of and ti satisfy a writ A. fa.
i.'a~ad ,out of the 12th di-trict court in the
ab,,vA styled and unnmbered suit, I have
iSiezl. ai d will SBer for ler. at publio
auctiln. in ftoit oa the court house door,
ill the town of C'oltax, La., between the
hours prescribed by law on
8.TI'RDAY. March 30, 1889.
tl./ llowing dese·i.ti lauds situated l'in
thi," Iarlh of Grnmt La, to-wit:
' he s hf af ne qr and e qr of inw qr sanad
e hit af sw qr aid at qr mee r7 and t bf of
ne qr of se 33 t 7 n r 3 w. o sutai.iang 440
acres of land, (wore or lewa), seiaed as the
Plolperty of A. U. Ifargis garuislas in the
ualve 'uit.
Alba ne qr of no qr and t hf of noer, aud
,e qr of aw qr and a, ht of we qr andu qr
of as qr see '2. and aw qr of so qr and aw
,ir of saoo 26. all ij t 7 i r3w. contai.iKag
4ot) acrea oat hiud, (more or liea=, and seised
as the property o"f . 1'. bhackelfurd, gar.
niahee ill the a.ve " snt.
.se, a ahf of ue qr and ,ea qr of aw qt
,-ce 34 t 7 u r 3 *, tUntaintig 1t0 ?ores
of la d. (tn r:r I.,-.., a(id t.rizatd al tlw
p[rperty of B. F RMoute, g.trui~ioe it the
above snit.
Al.*, , hf nw fr and a hf of ne qr and
Slit aat sw qr aLd 1w qr of aw qr ae .ih
7 u r 3 w, . uth.iuiig 230 ,. tse of lutd,
Setz-d4l a- the j.r yPetl of W. J Bu'loa,
garl inhde i:, the ailsre sui..
Trma s , , sle --Cash with beweatt of ap
" bs3- d. i~f 14 .eiajrifT
Independent Red River Line.
Tle gr-aut 'Frig:t Carrier,
W. T. Bo,aadlnaan, Master,
Eugene Bat row & Walter Parker, Clerks,
Will 'eave New Orle.t, Saatnday, March
9th. for .Jeffi ron, S!,reveport, C Ifea. Alex.
r~"'rli., l'i:.evi:ll and all way landings on
e1d olver.
'T ' . Wel s. agent. Colfax . La.
- ,, ., . ', , m m ii
The Farmers Alliance
8t amers RENTELL and MAROO.
The 8entell will leave New Orleans for
n Shreveport every ten days.
The &ara bi running regularly now in
the Jefferson Ted.
G. W SENTEI,, Jr., A l ,t
e 7 190 Graovier 8, New Orl4nus.
Fashionable Millinery.
Mrs. C. E. Charleville,
Having been engaged specially with
Millinery bhalnes for somae tle respect
fully aolict, patronlage from tih lades of
aGd. ra.paish. end her your orders for
anythbing in the millinery line.
Will take pleasure In buying. Atting and
selecting all articles of dress gouda and
fancy fn nishings for ladies.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Jan .89
Louisiain State Lottery Comp ny.
Ineorporated by the Legielature in 1868,
ain to Eduetiotal and Charitable pnrposes.
9 and ItL franchise nade a part of the pfres.
.nt State cpatitattion, in 1b79, by an over
whelming poular vote.
Its oaAD tTlA m t lSSAlt DRawrsose take
place hemi-Annualy. (June and Deo-aan
bee, asd its GeaNp sermat YuVasa M asw
Seos take place on each of the other toe
month. it the year, and are all drawn in
publie, at the Academy of Musie. New
SOrleans, Ls.
olio 'We do hereby eartify that we supervise
or, the arragements for all Monthly and
the Semi-Aunusl Drawings of The Loauidaa
State Lotrer Co. .anl in person manage
and control the Drawingsp twmselves, and
in that the name aure ecodtd with honesty.
fairnees, and in good faith toward all par.
ad tis, and we anthoris. th(ompany to use
of this certillcate, with fac-alamiles of esr sig
sntures attached, il its advertisementa.'
c aComlea-' es.s
w We the nadersigned Banks ad Bankers
tU l 'wl esy all Prizes drawn in th: Louisiana
i, 8atr Lotteries, whie ay be presented
at our counters.
ad R. MM. WALtLET. Preet. La Nat. Bank.
t P. LANAUX, Prest. tat.. Nat Bank.
d, A. BALIWIN Pr-t. N. O. Nat. Bank.
, ARL OHN, Preset. Uniu.n Nat. Batk.
p- At the Academy of IMude. New Orleans
Tuesday, April H14, ss.
CAPITAL PRIZE . $300,000
1 Pri , of I00.00s iT.... D....e 00,000
ta ot00; T ntlats.. ,i .00
, Prie of P0,000 is....... 8 60,000
I Prie of 100.000 is.......... 00,000
I Prise of 610,010 ao......... 0, 000
h Prise of 5.0t0 arei ......... 26,000
2 P'lses of 10110 are......... X0.000
00 Prizes of .010 are........ . 25,00
2i P'lze of 1.000 are..........95.000
iOo Prizest of 0 ae......... 60,0(1,
2t00 Prias of 300 are......... 8o04
500 Prises of 200 are ....... 100,000
APPUOIIArtrso Pasiia.
100 Prisze of 5M00a are...........$ .0 000
100 ,.,. 310 me............ 30000
100 do. 00ue ......... 0,00
TsaUtaez. Pauoss.
999 o. 100 as......... 0.900
990 d. 100wro............ 09,100
3.134 Pals,. amounting to......$1.054,N500
Norvs-T-lekte drawing capital Prises
awe not entit.et to termnialal Prises.
F'V.,r Clnh iat.a, ,or ant further In
*t ruth 'n 4 'ir..l, write legibly to t' e n':
d r*ignedi, el u.lv atatialt ourr he*ldtane.
tl~act. 'luat), a-trmeet :d Naumber. Iair
i.l a; ruan u ii delivery will be a.a,,r,,l
b'\ ),na urc~lusing ad Ekuv,.lpe ba..i,,g
youI tuit ad lrr.s
Wa.:d Iuotal N,,trs, Expreaar Mone-r or
de.l. of New YOrn Exehantje In  rUilary
Iater. thI;rreuy by exire- ,at , r ies.
peuce) sdidraaed M. A. DAUI'HIL,
iew Urteansl. l.
Ada.reeu Regiaterat Letters ~
w UMw OWsxe, LA.
RnaYita TRA orr· 0 DlnLs ia the pr:e
'f the smw.eat part or ftcticm of a tiket
istued in any drawing. Anythinlg i our
anan, o'tered at a lees pries, i. ehaher a
eounterf it or awindle.
of Frizea iIs etalSa'S aa t;mna 3ino1.(L
-anse of New Ott* a',s. a; d thle Ticket are
silned by the Pres~dent of an inWitoation ae
vi onr ChArta rd right. ns reengzeus ;i
the I lg'est (;anrt: tr thof hwe.e f al
Siltllitltl.,at . anil an), y oa as a.hee*. '
limei the is.
at siklBI
val that a
u atra mas e.Snha ekil IL 
armeuatistinger'tiagB u
Merchant and Dealer,
ORY 00008
General Merchandise.
e, Also Country Produce bought and sold
at ruling market rates. ap5
**t NOTIC'E.
for Twelfth Judicial District ;ourt. Parish of
uwd Grant, Louisiana.
'Hd . V. MeCain & Bro. and H. V. '.fCain &
Co. vs. 'Their Creditors.
Notice is hereby given to the creditors of
H V. McCain & iro. ant H. V. lbo aiu &
:D. Co., of Montlgonaey. Urant pariah, La,
that they Lave made a volvwi.tary surrender
of their propert[ for the lensit ."f their
creditors. which hats beenl soauped by the
court. and that all further Iroeeediags
against their person and proeert: be statsyd,
and thai a meeting of their creditors will
l. Ie bheid at the ofkoe of 8 ii. tShackelford,
es, clerk aid ex.--.ei, notary public, ta the
as town of i;olfax. 81tae of Lo.nielans, ona
m. the 29d day rf April. lat9, afor the 'unrpove
er. of explainitg exacti tete sanlat of their
atapective claims, std to vote for and el.-ct
ae a SUdic to adwminiter the iprpertv there
s- aurrendered. Witness the Hen. A. V. Coot,
W. jdge. on this 14th day of March, 1t"4.
,w - Cler Dibst. Court.
A true copy.
8. . 8ACKELPOR)D, Clerk.
ad A fine three-year old JACK.
SFor terms apply to
J. it. McNEELY.
A8 priees from
n oe oes upba . wihout a
rival for st oi..
i abof tse _ut to pmajspwg
Our Goods
no". " Caw
-oS fas"
Ask year $9 shiww p
lmau fiM nInS Co.
!. O.m Dar s ^
lAP a, 001.
*20 $28
'laa~a -

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