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Sctmcrattic ~ournal, btbtftb to lotal anb 6t tral Stbs, Jiterature, sdirtt, 7griralturt, ett.
Published Every Saturday, at
Colfax, Grant Parish La.,
One copy, ,one year................$1 50
(Ie cop,,y, six mouths ............ 75
Six copics. one year................ 7 Sf
Payable iuvaui.lly in advanle.
First iusertion charged double price.
SPACs, It, lan. m". 3m. 6w. lyr.
l inch... 0 1 50 3200 500 900
2 iaanches. I 2 25 3 75 5 25 950166 0
3 iawhaa I 50 3 04) 5 00 7 5ol12 0023
4 inches .2( 375 6 25 8 7515) 00 25
5 inc hea. 2 50 4 50 7 0,0 100l; 50 :10 00
i column 4 50 d W 12 50 17 50 30 50 500
1 column8 0015O 15 0 0 .0 001 80 O
Utticial ad vertisements $1 per square for
r4t iusertion; each subsequent publica
tion 50 cents per equare.
Brieft ommnnications upo snlbjeete of
,ublie interest solicited, but noattention
wrill Ihe paid to anonymons writers.
Addressa CuloxlCI.x, Colfax, La.
SJudinial AdaertieearNt mast be paid
for is adrnses, or hey pwill be dles aseda
after the first insertion.
Notary Publio and Attorney in
Collections and Homesteads a spleialty.
All business promptly attended to. Ofee
in CHIIonIcts bilding. Colfax, La. Car
respondence promptly answered.
Attorney and Counaellor at Law,
Will practice in all the Conrts of Orant
and adjoining parishes, in the 8npreme
Court of the State and ind the Federal
Court. Jali
JOHN A. Wnu.Axs,
OOLFAX.......... ..,. , OIIPlAIA
il Prai ies , i all lsaOoarta. asil
Parish Surveyor.
Will run lines on short notice, and is
fully prepared to locate Homesteads for
Settlers. jyb
Coffees, Candies, Crackers,
Eno., EM.rK EKV.,
8 URE00,, I.E
For Catalogaes Addi a
it. i oDe , Waseinstos New Jaes.
l . A. Uo . O ooaS.I
OpP. paww O g. W as, inuevou. 5. 0.
Gentle Annie]
Autumn now
m., - Is Coming On
And, in order to meet the ever-in
creasing demand of his customers
for new and seasonable goods,
G. W. Bolton, P", ,
Eo Has received, and has in transit, a
full and complete stock of Select
fall and winter wear, consisting of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Ladies' and
Men's Hats, Shoes, Etc.
Special Attention#
Has been paid to the needs of the
trade in quality and prices,and all
r. oods have been bought at figures
00 which will enable him to give his
customers splendid bargains.
he Very Lowest Margin
In profit consistent with fair deal
0 ing placed on all goods. His stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Furniture
and Notions is complete and will be
Or sold lower than ever before.
Tom Padgitt's Saddles,
To be found at no other house in
of town. Buys for Eastern Spinners
so and pays the highest prices in
Cash for Cotton.
Y New Stock--ý
An Invoies of Autumn Goods just
received, purchased fer cash, and
all to be sold at astoieshingly low
prices, by the Old Reliable
', B. TURNER, Pine,, ll, La.
Everything New in his learge and
well selected stock of Notions and
8aummer (oqds, Clothing, Ladies
Trimmmed Hats, Men's Hat, No
tions, Shoes, E ta, c.
Autumn Styles!
All carefully selected with special
view to the needs of the trade.
Also his usual full line of Hard-.
iware, Cutlery, Crockery, Saddlery,
Staple Groceries, and
Plantatie Supplies.
He invites spedsl attention to bs I
lstock of Fziture , bkpt
io-Ls gekr rooms an the ass
thing sotd So g at
Rock Bottom Figures.
Colfax High School.
The Trustees of the Colfax High School
for Males and Females take pleasure in
annoaneing to the public that the sreond
Ten Mouth Session of this school will
begin on the list Monday of Septem
ber, 1596 No pains will be spared to
make it a first-class High School.
saTES or umorrsw.
Piar D *pantt - - - r mouth"
( V'ee41 ~, !tr .al ,0" ".
Iesidsstal see s cats per session.
Good board can be obtained on reasona
ble termn Two hotels ti tow, sand ser
eral private beoarding houses in town and
vIeionty will board cheap. Those having
children to edueste should send them n I
nsd give as a fair trial. We are In the
raes to stay.
R, 8. CAMERON, President.
Secretary Bosed of Trustees.
Colfax, La., July 10, 1896.
m ******M /e
St. Louis . Chica3o t
gTI FIlTE? 1 RI B Ila. p
IA Palae:7 *z zhes.5
L P. Tuesse, *, P. & ,A.,
...We tre leaders in low prices.
BUSH & RAND PH, Fairmount, La.-.
Give us a ceal and we will convince 70 beyond a doubt that we are leaders in low prices Having bought for cash we
took advantage of all discounts, and sell exceedingly low. In order that purchasers may judge for themselves, we
herewith print a long list of our leaders, hich include all lines of merchandise, groceries, dry goods, notions, eta, wvs:
aeple sad Fancy Oroeales.
best famil Sor per barrel $ 10
peel per brr 00
iri bbe des per pound 6%. sad 6
alver leaf laid psr pound 6
tobacco, a god 12-inch 1st plqfoer S
1002 pounds of navl tobaooing ar a ,at S1
aph Lrst-eams Olawva two 1-poo a rs foor S
oal oil per gallo a t IS
Sotpondsut f an,.cy elow clrified aer 10
2 pouds of afa a for 1 00
Pillar Rek plddmaper man 1S
Americsa sardines S per box or boxes 15
ardiane in meetard per bee t
French mrdines. key opener. hboxes for s
Vienna amumgs % pound an oaly 15
flUl weight ogs' e aun for o
sanned corn one-pound cs ae1
condensed milk, dime and M l o d 50
mixed pickles, pint bottles onip " 0
p ippln es. p aseod ca
sorted aror pound cas I1
akngpowders 6 cs ads a s. Be a n
matches, o daom boxes only 6
cofee extract. Reles' brand, 8 for S
Staple goode asbject to market Suctuatioee.
Notleus and Dry Geeds.
eorets at Ss. f ie. $1 00 and Is
combs. 6% to 8% inehee, from So to 15
ad toilet asop, a for sc. or I dos for
three pod stee thimles for
.oad tooth brabshes from ks to 0
ie, vales, so, ae, M.P We ad
olatlr bedtto br id for ard fr d
mattere. ateesr 1f
men's 4-pl liaea cua fromi to s
ball sewing thread lo p n. or 10 balls
two spoolse d Sooad thred 5or
bras pinefor
14 rice shirt bettens for 5
73 ria drees buttons enly n
pal diem bttons. dos., S, Go, 7I and S
safet pins per dos en
lead pencil, rubber tipe, six for
rit tablets. lines. e ad per
writing tablets, countinm i sheets
writing tablet liuso. So, and 30
Our Firm, composed of T. C. Bush a Beverly Randolph, will conduct buiess at Fairmount, La., and hereby inform
their friends and the public generally th the now have on hand, and will keep in supply, a full stock of goods, which
they will sell at prices that defy oompet Remember the name and place,
BUSH AIl RANDOLPH, Falranount, La.
i The Judiciary System.
- Judge W. F. Blackman is out in
', a late issue of Town Talk, propos
ing a new judiciary system. His
idea is that "judicial power should
" be vested in a supreme court,
eonrts of appeal, district courts,
is exactly the present arrangemet, '
but the Judge proposes that: "ju,- a
tices of the peace shall be required
to stand an examination before t
they are eligible to election." This t
examination to be conducted be
fore "a committee of two lawyers
and a citizen of good standing, ap
pointed by the district judge or
the governor." This he claims e
will "elevate the office of justice of
the peace and fill the position with '
respectable and competent men in '
each ward." The jurisdiction of '
the magistrates he proposes to in
crease, and says they should each I
be paid a salary by the parish of r
8 $400 a year. In addition to their '
other duties he proposes that the
justices act as police jurors, the of- c
floe of police juror thus absorbed.
With all due respect for the un
doubted legal acumen of the Judge, i
we must say that we think his pro- v
position as to the method of admin. f
istering justice is closely akin to ,
the most clumsy, objectionable and d
expensive that we have yet seen.
The examination of candidates,
aside from its cambersomness, a
smacks too much of centralisaton,
and any such supervision would
prove extremely objectionable to C
the people, to say nothing of the
favoritism that might be exercised
by the committee through partisan
ship or prejudice.' The duties of
a magistrate require very little
learning, the main requisites being
common sense and honesty, such
as almost any ordinary farmer in
the land may possess-the simple
ability to know right from wrong,
and the honest desire to deal justly
between men.
No, sir; let the lawyers hasv all
the other maehinery, but let the
common people continue to man
age the office of justice of the .s
The combining oa justice of the a
pesaee and police juror into one of
fine will hardly ofet the increasd ed
slary and the strings that would bI
bs put on the magistrate by the e- I
aminiag board. If shorn of that
examintion or mock eivil asrvies
sature, the schemse might be a.. a
SedLr' hairpinsdl for
b iible h~m irpin for
mrura, large else double eides 5
ats...  watered nbbon ba yd to 15
oldery, per yard. from do to 15
d c wide torebon lace, all colors 20
bato a bert col valeueien lace, so yd to 10
towels, good values. So to a
en towel., good values, so to 10
de me 8 ir, Ito, Iai . So. to 40
J s "n a r , d t,c. , toe to 3
r yard. Be w and I
tickiug .3$. balker tickig 10
dometi. DBe,. So aud 7
EgLamalo a10,, lI, tcaad DO
so to a
rats, aes and Cul ing
' tom bo ats N to 4
e hats from oto Ia
of sho ompletefom e to $ 50
s ba oaer falds gs 157
pe'e derebir tr0 e 5ed t8S
's drilling drawers Se and a
e.umpers 3e iad US
'a overale i80o sad 1n
Dra and Medllelaw.
tiae. Ios S, os e 4 as Ie. 8as
oill. I. ac. Is 8 4 c Ie, Be. 18
and lphur per pound 5
~ he per pou
D ia regular ime for 75
nor' famous antiap only a
mberlmai'epaia bael. Io and 40
liver pills.e boxes oaly 18
gaWqlninae, er ouace S
q extr rt bardd, per bottle 10
esprits of nitre, per bottle 10
regorio and landenum, per bottle 10
as a slight measure of econ
y, but otherwise it would hardly,
If the present system is to be re
. ed, we think the single change
allowing nine or ten men, in a
of twelve, to iad a vedict,
im. Get rid of the evil of theob
stinate and corrupt juror, and we
will save more money on mistrials
than it will take to pay the magis
trates' fees.
Geo. M. Pullman, the palace car
magnate, died at his home in Chi
cago at 56 a.m. Oct. 19th. He is
supposed to be worth about $20,
000,000, nearly all of it the result
of his enterprise and genius. He
was noted for his philanthrophies,
and the town of Pullman, where
his works were locnted, was model
ed and governed saccording to his
ideas, by which all of his employes
were made happy and comfortable.
The report of Chas. Davis, offi
cial in charge of the weather bu
reau at Shreveport, shows that the
average date of the first light frost
in north Louisiana is October 15th,
while the average date of killing
frost is November 9th. He makes
up his average from the recorded
dates for the last 24 years.
Chas. A. Dana, the noted editor
of the New York San, is dead, hav
ing passed away at his home on
Long Island on the afternoom of
October 17th.
'Tih very often wondered why
We do not follow up the plan
Commended no in days gone by,
And let the oalee seek the man.
The truth is-and it may seem rough
But truth is often impQlite
That there are bw men big enough
For osoee to know at sight.
-Wbhingtom Star.
Now that the country at large
has "caught on" to the commercial
quarantine business, itis about
time for the scare to subside and
normal trade relations to be re
Say, how would it do for the
shotgun quarantines all to be rais
ed, and let the people go gunning i
a while after yl.low fever liars?
Many a man fails to see a good
chance to-day beeamse he is looking
haek at the opportunity be .mied
Many man has convineed the
woide was a fool by arguing he
was a philosopher
Haadware sad Cutlery.
· "ing hateheas Hunt's No. S 40
aes. Hut's beveled Yankee 70
o hickory axe handle 10e. le and 0
"-rt sa ied buckee
wa.quar ter pails 15
.guart oedar buckats, brass boope a
t pe pons ood value. four for 5
tea spoons good value, six for s
boxwood measure rules, each So and S
pocket knives, Sc. 8. 100. 1I, lie, to s
tab kives per seat of six, 00 to 1 00
od isars, at the low price of 3o
and .Leples I0inob 4
and eles. s.inoh 4
Sp ýg.light, 4c. e, o, 90 and up to 1S
. hlae heay, sSc. c, c, 0Be alnd up to 3
-p landooeB, es. 105 1 woei 1
mooertd ooprr rivet for 11
threepapers of good tacks for 5
ils. to 1 inchs lo, fom t to 1s
agricultural wrenhes, band 10 tinch. SO and 80
Tiaware asd Ru:dries.
LaUoo galanied tin oil mema 7
- .ln paintin oil eans
La a tin oil oun lie. hlf-4lloc oil can I1
trnws basis mnfrom to a1
allvanised wash basen only 1
S ans fm=n Sc up to
two tin pint cups for
dish pan, large air . from sc to S
eofte 4rippes 13lie. and 18
okS Os, Sclbm sad 1s
Dateh baskets, laris, ie to t0
tin dipler s, lfr a to e
liap burners. o, andt.a eand 10
iu seem prlor lamp oomplge only
ras pe per ound u
botk by tecro 150
o dd sheull per box, 12 gnogs. S and t0
empt shellsi..t gaute blak club 00
S6 W eartrId. r cester Ir per box S
gun een. per I only a glaswar is
plote. sad pea are guaranteed to suit.
What has become of the report
of the treasurer of the achool funds?
The board ordered it to be pub
lished, and the public would doubt.
less like to have a statement of the
condition of the school fund at
least ones a year.
oldest member of the U. 8. Su
preme Court, has resigned on se
count of old age. He has been up.
on the bench nearly 36 years, and
having attained the age of 81, he
is entitled under the law to retire
on a pension.
To the Pub:ic:
Fearing that some of the citizens
might think me discourteous because of
the delay in answering letters of inquiry
promptly, I have to explain. I have re
ceived an unusually large number of let
ters within the past three months Aside
from the expense of postage and station
ery and the time consumed in writing
letters, it necessitates an investigation in
nearly every imstaune, and, as I receive
from six to a doen letters in each mail,
it is evident that were I to attend to
these inquiries proo;ptly my other ofi
eial duties would subfr from nglect
Our perish now has about fourteen thou
sand population, and this -offie is head.
quarters for almost all official informs.
ton. There are certain duties I am com
pelled.by law to give precedence to, such
as preparing for and attending the courts,
getting out papers in civil and criminal
procedings notarial work, making oat
homete papers recording and copyinc,
drawing juries, waitin on attorneys in
office, exhibiting records to eallers, et.,
etc. This character of olelal work re
quires prompt and immediate attention
at all times, and for the performance of
which I gave 10,000 bond. The liberal
policy of this offce in at work and credit
so cuts my income that I am not able to
employ a regular deputy clerk. If I did
so it would force me to exact fll rates 1
cash down, thus placing the extra cost on
thepeople. Soif Ido notansweryour
letters promptly don't "cuss," but write
sa.in. I will always take pleasure in
gmling the citizens of this parish the full i
benefit of the inrormation contained in
this oece without charge, and free ad
vice on all such matters as I am posted
on, but they must be patient and give m t
time. Toars truly,
W. L. Saxaonrza o,
Clerk District Court.
[soPrrr.arraz staor.]
Oteila Proceedings of the Pollee t
Jury of Grant Parish. t
Clts. Ls.. Oct.e, aM.
CLAuI A n OaD.
H. G. Gesdwrynom'r t es. I lday.... $ s t
cD. eap, briElary............... t .
Th elaim of . a Icroixl ipetor
of weights and measures, fIr the par- t
chase price so weights and measures for
use of ianpe·kw, was laid ver until next
imeeting e in JasUary, BM.
T o0eommieme oa park farm, as
heretofore ppoin, n requested to
continue their amlaloms sadelport
in fall at the nat regular meetingT
ar, 1808.
lie sheriff made a report of theol.
leetso of lieseses, wh" was received.
The body thln adiaed uttil the '
C. C. Richards, O. C. Watas,
I N. Duke, IL. a s
J. C. CAaouw. Itdesnt.
J. E. Dws, 8ecretary, t
The Grand Jury on O'Malley.
New Orlens, La.. Oct. 14, Iat.
8. O. Goodwyn, Colfax. La.
* e * I inclose you a ropy of the
list of offenses committed by O'Malley.
for which he has been Indicted, and which
you can rely upon as being abrolately
correct as far as it goes. The list is ta
ken from the special report of the grand
jury of this parish on YOMalley, filed in
May, 1891. From it you will see that
O'Malley did serve a term in the Cleve
land, Ohio, workhouse for stealing. He
sued the States for slander for so saying,
0 and the States procured a copy of the
o record of his conviction, and brought
o down here the keeper of the workhouse,
who identified Dominick C O'Mailey as
the individual, whereupon O'Malley dis
Smissed his suit. So far as the desre of
s the citisens of New Orleans to kill him
6 in March, '91, is concerned, you are ab
o solutely correct in your statement. We
searched this town for 48 hours to find
him, and if we had found him we would
have hung him on Canal street at the
Clay statue in broad daylight. You are
at perfect liberty to give me as your an
I thority in this matter, for what I tell you
SIstrue. Yours very truly,
Joan WWrio ns.
Extract from the report of the
grand jury as to the killing in New
Orleans Parish Prison of eertain
persons charged with the murder
of Chief of Police, Henneesy, made
to Hon. R H. Marr, judge of
Criminal District court, May 5th,
1801, that portion of the report
specially treating of Dominick C.
S"From the beginning of our investla
tion there is eon tinuous evidence brought
to our attention of the pernicious corbi
nation of what is known as the D. 0.O'
Malley Detective Agency. It advertises
in the Daily City Item and by a sign
board at the oflce that one of the ablest
criminal lawyers at the bar is the attorney
for the agency. We know for an abso
lute fact that the bank account is kept
and checks drawn in the name of O'Mal
ley A Adams, the interested parties be
lag D. C. O'Malley and Lionel Adams.
Buch a combination between a detective
and a prominent eriminal lawyer is un
heard of before in the civilised world,
sad when we contemplate its possibilities
for evil we stead aghast.
The indictment of D. C. O'Malley for
perury was based upon most undoubted
evidence. It came originally from Cleve
land, Ohio, where he was convicted of
Spelyareny and committed to the work
Sthebo of tbCcityof where be
mrved a term epirle Jma 1 S.
maot was basedde t afflavit agit
one Ed. Shida, which O'Mal after
wardseontradited under oath; but he
managed to secure an acquittal, owing
to the timely disappearaneo of the affda
vit, which he alone was interested in
having suppressed. Later he was com
mitted to the Parish Prison for attempt
to ley blackmail upon one George
W. Randolph in the prosedings against
Randolph for interdictiou. The follow
ing record is verified by oficials, showing
his numerous ofenses before the crims
nal court of this parish:
First-No. 9478, July 8, 1884, indicted
for attempting to prevent witoesses from
appearing and testifying. Nolle pross
qmued April 28, 1888.
Second-No. 4788, May 9, 1884, indict
ed for threatening and intimidating a
witness Acquitted May 19, 1884.
Third-No. 29(3, June 3, 1879, pleaded
guilty to carrying a concealed weapon
and sentenced.
Fourth-No.Na 879, November 3, 188,
convicted of assault and sentenced.
Fifth-No. 980, April 1, 1881, pleaded
guilty to carrying concealed weapons
and senteneed.
Sixth-No. 8878, January 3, 1888, plead
guilty to carrying a concealed weapon
and sentenced.
Seventh-N pleaded guilty to
earrying a comesd weapone and seat
Eighth-No. 724s, December 4, 183
convcted of carrlng a oecealed weapon
and seteaosed
Ninth-No. 741, May S9,188 indclted
for aseault and battery.
So pernicious to the admlnieratien of
justice was his doings and methods found
that whil Judge Roman presided in the
criminal court he ordered O'Malbley he
excluded from the court rom. ThBis was
duriir the tame bhl prmet amit,
LiZ!l Adams wadl i attorney, aend
it is a ignifinot fact that the two in-.
diotmieant. against O'Maly for tmper.
ig with witeamme were not brouht to
trial, but erve solle prossqulsd E the
dstriot attorney j prior to the exis
tion of his term.
The inside view which we were enabled
to get of the i on of this agener
throogh City e Collins, abun
dantly orrt od froam many asres,
eonvinese that it had at its eomamd a
band of perjurers, blackmailers, suborin
ers and jury tampermsw, ad that has fr
some time been s elemnet of diserad in
this community and a stumbling bloek
to the administratioa of joastoe which
ahould be eradicated. That its caaes
of crime has not been cut short is a mat
terof wonder, ad I, o doubt, duoe to
the fact that O'Malty and his co-workers
have beaded bfcpgAr for selfd peswv
A man ca't get out ot debt by
borrowing ,-oney.
Noeas ued ser wirth eald This
m. ~n d r s a quart
It is easierto sign threenotes
than to pay one debt.

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