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SFetmrratic ýournal, btboteb to docal anb * eral ebts, iteraturt, Scintn, ýgritulturt, Eft.
I -- - - - -- ----- --m- *---- .--.- ---mm
Publishbed Every 8latrday, at
Colfax, Grant Parish La.,
H. G. OODw'T N,
One copy,.ne yer..ar...............$1 50
Olie c,,o'y,nix moutlhs .............. 75
"ix ."Ipies. o03e year............. 7 50
1'uyable invaai/bly in lavance.
First insertion charged double prie.
aPacs, It. l. 2m. 3m. 6m. lyr.
luch... l 501 21 3! 6 00 900
Y incle. I I 4 55 751 9 25 50 15 00
3 i uslw I1 3 3UU5 001 7 501 00 23 r0
4 i.hees. t0 3 7. 6 e 7515 00 5 1 5
5 in bee. 2 4 57 0110 00 Ill 5 .1O 00
i c.lumnn 4 01 N 12 - 6(l7 50 30 51 1 00
I colnmnll N OIS 00125 4t:5 01850 00 80 OU
',lcisl adlvertisemeuts 1 per equare for
r.t ianertion; each seabeeqlent publiea
rion 540 cents per square.
Ilrief eonmmnnicationa npoun abjeet of
p'llic iuterest solicited, bet noattenatio
will be paid to anoymoaus writers.
Address: CItnroxciwt. Colfax, La.
wJAdieial Adetrtieasea mnet he pe
for is adrasew. sr they oil e dlma.etaeed
after the $ret laeertiea.
Attorney at Law, Notery Publie
aud U. 8. Commlestoaer,
Will practice in alil the courts of the
Fourth Judicial District, and in the Su
preme Court of the State. 4C2-7
Notary Publio and Attorney in
Collactions amd Homesteia a p s iialtr.
All bu'.in.s promplly attended to. Ofiee
in ('4TOrlcLU building. Colfax, Ia. (or
respondence promptly anawersd.
. Ws. C. ROBERT,
Attorney and ounaellor at Law,
«l il sa diia aloirthsr _rn_
aselt a~joimlag psrishes, 45 the Innrrum
Court of the tote aoo dir.>1e li
Jom A. WuLIAms,
COLFAI ................LQTISIANA
Will Practice In all thr Ceerts. anl
Parish Surveyor.
Will ran linen on short notice, ad is
fully prepared to lecate imeseedas for
Settlers. Jy5
Coffees, Candles. Grc kel~,
o., Ero, ERo.,
. A
O. A.8N O W &CO.
as. ame~4me. eplYmset . •
SSIENIF aunmin
Ow.r4'E. rrSmUOrrmYSrlL*.
Gentle Anniel
Autumn now
Is Coming On
And, in order to meet the ever-in
creasing demand of his customers
for new and seasonable goods,
.. W. Bolton, i...,*
Has received, and has in transit, a
full and complete stook of Select
tall and winter wear, consisting of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Ladies' and
Men's Hats, Shoes, Etc.
Special Attention.
Has been paid to the needs of the
trade in quality and pricese, and all
goods have been bought at figures
which will enable him to give his
customers splendid bargains.
The Very Lowest Margin
In profit consistent with fair deal
ing placed on lloods. His stock
of Oruorries, Hardware, FPurniture
and Notions is complete and will be
sold lower than ever before.
Tea P itt's Saddles
To be found at no other house la
town. Buys for Eastern Spinners
sand pays the highest prices in
Cash for Cotton.
New Stock-
An Invoice of Autumn Goods just
received, purchased for cash, and
all to be sold at astonishingly low
prices, by the Old Beliable
B. TURNER, ImnM,,, e.
Everything New in his large and
well selected stook of Notions and
Summer Goods, Clothing, Ldies
Trimmmed Hats, Men's Hat, No
tons, Shoes, Ete., Eta
Autumn Styles!
All eaeefully silected with special
view to the nes the trade.-
Also his usual fell lie o Hard
ware, utlery, Crockery, Saddlery,
8taple Oreeries and
Sinvlts spcial attention to his
-wr, lere of l d ne
thigl od om sb et
Rock Bottom Figures.
Colfax High School.
The Trustees of the Colftx High flebool
for Males sad Females take plesunre is
anouneing t tthe pubi that the second
Tea Meeths Seeioa of this oobol will
begin on thbe Vrst Meaday at Ssptem
ber. t96, No pains will bk spared to
make it a first-class High Schoeeol.
ases or winos.
'4mar D ptmest - . *b3 per mewth
N - - t: w ". "
He .Voee sad lasre $10" ""
seldeatasl fee s oets per seessie.
Good beard en be obtained on reasona
ble term. Two hotels in tows, sad sev
eral private I esrdin boses in tows sad
viclaity will board cheap. Those baving
chihirea to edneste should eand them is
and give s a fair trial. We are la the
race to stay.
R, S. CAMEBON, President.
SBoretary Hoard of Trustees.
Colfax, La., July 10, 1806.
eAN o wr ~s
St. Louis . Chicag
YE FUtu 1 En IIL
A Pulses . wheetls.
Sm esms tiet for tasrIr
We re leaders in low prices.
BUSH & RAND LPH, Fairmount, La.
Give us a call and we will convie t beyond a doubt that we are leaders in low pries. Having boaught for subh we
took advantage of all discounts, and sell exceedingly low. In order that purchasers may judge for themselves, we
herewith print a lon list of our include all lines of merchandise, grooeres, dry goods, atiosa vs:
WMapi. and laee Goeerlos.
b ribd sides per punMd a4 ad a I
silver lad lad  or pound -
_l pounds of mavy tobasc o per b _at
tbso-o, sieaod Imi, two l mr forr
- oil per gallme at
Poadper at llm e lari --r . 1
n uB mperliow aarildle sug I
Piar kook .usmpmi cas
Ameriena sadine s per bo or I boxes
rdines in musdtad p bom
runcmh audi.. keoy opeor. hbome for
Viena masag. ½ posed ean only
ooll oilht orp I for tord
punned coin bed, o.-pound cus
iaoed mlkd. dim Ud Maoli, S nd
mixed piokoes pset bottles os
pi. apples poun d as sad
assrted alnvor uI nomad im a
bkil powder. 8 e s I or 1 bad
nkseN. ne doses eass usly
,e bastroet. Bes' brand, I for
Btap. roods subhet to mrket iustt es.
ebs. 54 to 8t inom e, fol o tob
p dtebet st oap. dfor Sme,r I dos fors
mist_ bsd bat per e aeo o
three ood se thimble for
god tth brs.e from ae to
pld poed al , vares. 10s, Se led
eoI utte, na for
.wrtd ,do broaid, fu.. Smr fod
mem'o ta lathr belt. onl y
men's 4.l ihe eels from 15e I
t sll snthread le aer bll or 30 bIe
to pols of .eord tlhread foe
-0 baes pint for
144 ris sit buttos for
Sri dress ttem.. only
piee pbttoma. dosa.e, oe, 7oS, and
te p bc r tips. six fr
Sream arp.d iat paper
tin ta m, .monteamrs 100 aset s
writin tabl lims. k. We Sad
Our Fira, composed of T. C. Bush Bvsrly Bandolph, will conduct bueinm at PFairoat, La., sad beseby nlorm
their friends and the public generally they now have on hand, and will keep in supply, a fI sek Io goods, which
they will sell at prices tbat defy compe ' member the name and place,
BUSH & BANDOLPH, FParmewt, La.
Meettig of State Committee,
Chairman Krutteehnichtt bas is
seed a call for the, Democratic
State Central Committee to mOa
vene at Alexandria, on Tuesday,
Nov, 9th. Mr. J. IL Williams is
the member for Grant perish,
Wins pprisb. As there are sever.
al matters of importance for the
committee to decide, and the quar
antine regulations may prevent a
quorum being present, these gen.
tlemen should make it a point to
attend, or see to having accredited
proxies on hand.
Tuesday, Nov. 2d, was the day
for elections in the States of New
York, Ohio. Iowa, Kentucky, Col
orado, Nebraska, Massachusetts,
Maryland, Pennsylvania and Vir
ginia. Owing to the quarantine de
lays our papers are five or six days
old when they come to hand, and
we have not been able to get any
news as to the general results.
The election of mayor in Greater
New York is one in which much
interest has been centered, and the
death of Henry George, one of the
four candidates, on the eve of the
election, only serves to increase
the interest, as there was no cer
tainty as to were his strength
would go on theday of election.
Later-Michia n, Iowa, Nebras
ka, Massachusetts and Pennsyl
vania are claimed by the St. Louis
Globe Democrat as having gone
Bepublican, others doubtfuL In
New York city Van Wyck, Tam
many's candidate, is said to be
elected beyond any controversy.
There is a great deal of ignorant
and foolish disuemsion indulged in
of late as to the different types of
fever that have prevailed in this
and other States for the past two
months. Charlatans and tadpole
doctors have had full sway, and
because a few cases of a very mild
type of yellow feer bare prevailed
in the cities along our Gulf coast,
the entire country has been work
ed up into a perfect spasm of un
reasoning and foolish fear, by the
doctors reporting dengue fever, ty
phoid malaria, and all similar dis
eases, as yellow fever. We this
week publish ans interesting 'liag
eosis by Dr. I. A. Veasie, show
leg the distinction between dengue
and yellow fever, which all should
read as matter of information.
ele peonik. per doe. 5
$Oit idme hairpi. fors I
eather pares. large miue double sides i
elk. atm e watered ribbon to yd to 1$
Ildle inch aide torehe lao , daler so I
whiteabatter oolvaLlenlen a hoy, e y.
taoweig. sood vale.~ oe ,o, a
towel, good valae. Sc to 1S
peude a. Se pair, ir, 1i. Io. eto 0
e'shal bese.rpaar parIIo, 7e, II
' oskidg., blacfk u . aoyh to D
drae good. attees per yard
peroales. .. oaliba. 1o p t to
stripes. bheeks a rs aid per yard
-4rillinng r to 71e pr d. j ena le to
. at. 1.
tad lar o be a Ite o, e ad
Nateb. ase au rtlootugl n
maeats hats from e. to $0
tofh she oeooplete reme e to
' al le ather bk t.. shoe, a bargpla I
me's his or tell d ae re 1UI
un pal. .perpair, tro.. U . 11
ma's drilling drawers e ad a
men's jumpoere e a sd N
ma's overcalls O and a5
Drgs ad Nedlel e.
tarpeatiae. oe as e 4 tee.e, 8 oa I
eastorEL I. ise. s joa, 44 Ia , Ia.e$
epeom ilt, and alem per pound d
espperas and smulphur per omad 5
omaaia..euar $lse for
nr'. famros atai only U
mberlain' a pii am. Io soad a
tt'o liver pill, ae boxes ouai 18
" W qalinio, per ounce s
- extradet a.or.d, per bottle 1
smet prita of nitr. per bottle o
t dmorio and Isadanum, per bottle n
A Daniel Come to Jadgment.
The generally accepted ides, in rela- I
e to naming the thirty-six Delegates
tlarge to the Caetitutional Oonven
.ioo, is that they should be nominated
Sthe reospetive Senatoral districts.
We hope the State committee will ree
omed this plan.-Colfaz Chronicle.
You bopeso. Brother Goodwyal But
les forced to do it by popular de
omaid It than will the devil qms-a
pleadin jsol That s a rough else
slon, but we beel js that wy about
the State ventral commitM. --Shrve
pot Progra
Yes, we hope so, and believe it
will be so. We have long saince
quit the baud of doleful croakers
who have lost all confidence in
their fellows. It takes about all of
our time to keep up with the overt
asets of men and their actual trans
gressions, without going into the
prophecy business and trying to
divine their intentions. We be
lieve the average man intends to do
right; and, believing this, we ac
cord our fellow-citizens who com
pose the State committee the in
tention to act honestly and intelli
gently. They were put there be
cause they were thought to be
trustworthy; and we believe they
will prove to be so, despite your
uncharitable estimate - adopting
this or some other fair and satis
factory method of selection. Who
made you a judge of men's inten
tions? Just bide your time and
see bow far short you are of being
a prophet in the land.
The story of the rescue of Miss
Cisneros from the Spanish prison
in Cuba, by Carl Decker, the news
paper correspondent, rivals the
most thrilling story of fiction.
This young (Cuban lady, a mere
girl of 18, was arrestd as a spy
and imprisoned in a guarded dun
geon. Some two months ago
Decker formed the daring resolve
to rescue her, and, with the aid of
two or three equally daring spirits,
within two or three weeks time
actually accomplished her escape,
by filing out the iron bars of her
window and assisting her on board
of a ship bound for the United
States, and she and her gallant de
liverer are now in New York being,
royally entertained and feted by an
enthusiastic populace, who always
admire bravery and daring, especi
ally when there is a pretty girl in
the case, to be rescued from vile
President McKinley has issued
his proclamation, ordering Thurs.
day, Nov. 56 to be observedas ma
day of nationael thanksvig.
Uasdwo e sam Caery.
shi p1i su hdtehtes.e Ha' No. O
.se sases. Huat's bevldd Iasaks.d
.qst wood waer pls h
)edr beret., boope a
spoaes. sood v ft esr fo p
tea speos. od vales, fee I
boxwood meiaure tes, ash Is sad a
pst hairlves. Be. s. 3., ISe. lt s.
bleb alve pw. sti . to 1o 0
hopr wa i i te lasw [k eM
andl ha .sk
strap w s lit, 5e. Ike, to. umd to I
--mis klqss. hwvqS, e. I. Is, e10 d up u I
6056 p.dlsk. Is. Ios, . ii.s gad S
Ies. $ to tS le ekh.Is. 1t. eII
-sreJ a wse, b ýN l0 e. s and Na
Twtehs. ad as. dries.
.J l. malaed lim all s em I
..-l p tin elt emas
ie ti emsa s. hsdm l ~l elm
_.wMas h tOaa m a
talvaulash wash beslas sIt 15
block hti r 5ir pm. rs. !..p i 1P
two tII plat empasfe
dis aa. la geslas. from Is to
e-s- drippers. se. U. asd N
muersd buke s I, is,. sad Ii
m shsp millk.s 4e a $
lamp hrmases. I ad $. at as ad I
glaes stem parmtr pnempltt ely I
aowdsr as, hsads M
leured shik r per he U sms. w . .in S
pl t. snd prises armsumsated to s t.
tw· mi n I# .... w
Thi imue ehds VooL 0. Nov. 2, 1877, 1
this editor arrived in Colfax and took I
charge d the mas . (Conm amore.
Henry George, the great apostle
of the slngle ts theory of govern
ment, died in e-w York on the 8th b
inst., from apely. He was one
ty at that ily, iiiB it ii theaght i
the eaio et ght on his 1
death. He hadmi e the campaign
its most sena tiemal features, and
his ehanes of eleeson were consid- 1
eyed fair. Hia.es r as journalist,
politician and aeher has been bril
liant, and he was one of the most
noted men of eordar.
We regret to lear that the olee
of the Lake (Mbles Echo was
burned last week, and the entire
printing outfit destroyed. It I
is said to have rhes insured for
half its value, .mithe probability
is that publicatisawill soon be re
sumed, in which event we wish it
renewed and continmoes prosperity.
Deasge Taw WTew Fever.
Dr. H. A. Veie, the visitiog phlea
at the Isolatios Hosial bha had much
experen in yellow fay pnotioe. ]g
18 in whih pear a au a studet at
the Oharity BHepital, .util 1878, he bad
oportait to mea- or lemof the
diease, while ddmg the epsdemic of the
latter year he tr~aeshb diemas s.d
noted it symptoms i dlbret localties.
presentatiwed -2 TimesDemo
era yesterday sgebihs views a- to
the t pe othe ums fever.
"The fever p~vt re," he replied,
"Is what, years ago, was known as an a
olimating fever, sad is a mild form of
yellow fever, the s as mild form of
any contagio..s or infeetioms disease, and
is governed by many at the peoulslarties
of other ooataqio.s dim s. In the ma.
jority cases at ie.. rW -.
so by the long reldeased c those
attacked in a semi-trpal climate, or
partial immunity by htredty, oe or both
parento having hsme aer immune
by contracting the ss In lormer epi
demil. The prevailirg type mems to
prove fatal only when ther are complica
ting diseases, es iallU of the kidneys.
Dr. Veasie was qmd as to the
simla.rity as to the t,,prevaUlitna ,ong
the Gulf oese at pasmat amd er
formsof epidemic fever. He"U:
"The disease mseet IY.lto ktbo -
ded with this pres- k i dugne.
Denge efeveri alw he am. It is
always mild, and ul prova fataL.-
Tbousads eases o, and no one
dies ofE I Slsveikt. hloely very fee
ble personea, thos ila s etremse of
i life, either vary yem r very od or
those sferiag from some otl ae
tioe, who emremmb to as stta~si den
gue. Dengu.faver sp ad wifldr.
while yellow fever mes with a sort o
ste dy march, IlB f an army.
"Degue lver, ito.  iniaLl history
resembls very mi the kld t o
yellow bever, bea ewes rileet orm
the latter fever eass he ditlguisbeld by
careful essaisatam. gne, as I have
stated, always ,msts !i, mine symp
tom. Itbegis wihp all ower theb
body, back, head libsh asd all the rsº
ele. As ttlshe mesre ery bo fevera." It
' Hone alm same "brek-bos fever." Is
Is awmorisaysllledddn rtver,owlmg
to the peculiar gait of t soevalesce.
which wm not unlike that afected
the clam known at the time as "da
Both fevers are fihered is with a
bet yellow lever Iches are prilpally in
the bead and bck. ieu fever p.
tients complia Itlly; lo fever pa
tinte are muall qul a.d have a ples.
ant mile, which s very peculiaor and
often remalns after death. I denague
fever tbere is an expmeson of pain.
Vomiting occurs o both diases, but
is not distinctive in either. In yellow fe
ver there a muooh more tiof the
stomach. In deoue there is a primary
irruption, ollowed ia a ew days by a
meoudary erptio, and the skia ger
allypee In yellow fever, during
the t stages, thei s is red from om.
getio of ospillarys, and in time turna
more or less yellow. The skla sedom
peels ci n a mild form of the disease,
and I am peakl g entirely of tbis type
of the fever. The eye in both deegue
and yellow ever are s d and water
at first, but In dege they clear up
remain white, there being as dabsece
any yellowish tinge. In yellow lever
eves in the milde st the whltes
th eye is more or les yelow. If a sam
ber of eoavalesests are mse with the
whites of the ee tin with yellow a
physican wld m h go amoes ,f he
rid t dleams s yellow ever, and
not d~erc
nci' ¶u re ad puls range m
Sgreat ala in diagnouin,epecialy
Stypleal chart is made. reis a w mt
of correlation iof anse and teme
in yellow ever, a ow pulse and hih te
perstae, a ponted out byour feutrl.
o tow asa, the late Dr. s a FsgeR.
Alsol bnw temperatare, Irrg.
lar ad sdow puse at the emd o ths fever,
m beam chow by the yomger Dr. C.
twho calls the two the sunature
adof at yellow evel.
"Albumin in the urice is aimply as -
dintion of theseeity eofayic
and is seldom and In den . It is alse
absent In mild forms of yetllow er."
The Psreial Dmaubter.
The prodigal son may return,
but how about the prodigal daugh
ter? Asfar as the world a coa
cerned, there is no mercy for the
returning prodigal daughter The
son may wallow in the mire and
a1th of pollution, feed upon the
hsks of sla and infamy, and if he
will come bac in becoming rai
ment and koo at the door of so.
ciety, he is aely received within
its portal. rrageable daugh
ters smile nd dluper sweetly at
tinernd dat.tlsusrg~e te
dearfrlowto do better now that
be as sows his wild oats. But
the repeatant daughter! Ab, bush,
breathe not her name within the
preoincts of society! Keep her out;
pash her onward to the suniide's
grave, and appease your riphteoos
indignation, return to petting and
caressing the dear boy who has
mades start to get beck tothe
path of reotitude. Ten to one he
sever case back. Be knows be
can wade up to his eyes in sin and
still keep his pteo in society.
As. rTee in et
eakness mass Im tJI the leme o
ambisis and sbag beaem. Te hbled is
he themes awrae l- ihdeer is
m aeifrdlsee A dUscewar
Ilres s m timt e t will nmmtr eer
to think "le
male diseaes "
could only be
/ýd teate. d after r n
Sl. sIek I ,t she tmsk
asdg. abut theta
ine c s bee sew demee
est that a lse-esaths asl the
-e ci meastual dierdeu
-shemas sin uick eesI and
epeeder Weme amis a
eine · e c CerL mem
a~rC se a Zm t mdadamraW

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