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g bemocratic journal, bebotcl to local anb 6neral ietos, iteraturt, Stiute, $grirniture, 'tt.
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Publishcd Evcry 8.aturday,t
c J'qfiix, Grant Pariah La.
Ka 0. OOX3W'FI,
.i py,'oe yeaur..-w...._......$1 50
z p coyy, xis monuihs.............. 75
piewl,irx one ytnr............... 750
mysisea iuvuiably in advUea.
rot iunertion charged double pdwe
'-. u-c, It, 1. ha. tan. m. tr.
;;;ba... WI 1 it 5 b1:*nle.1a25575 9 0
153ieiust.IO 1253t 7 11 154
1 inekml-U1 3 75 0 H75113 0
Vaa41m. d 00 1 7 15 15
.a, _ ibcir r 090 iamsa ·a t B a W 06 C~
~MimIr a lvswtuineteets $1 pe-e cgas o
10,t awrtion; mob ab ·gasat publi 1
sfl50 seats per squar..
° v1f,.wmuuaies Bo a apextcs o
144s interest solicidted, btrai~
li to pia to sonyontClar nps- writers.
riII. ~i'd k Into u·ct/~I
- ALd4cu.: CIIunmtcLM. Colfas. La.
A!'Jawr ..u..e . bIs ewi k Uw e p.4
, '. pna wfw AsAre be rwm0m
i t, s asJLaw, root! Paws.
sad U. S CIL r 15se,
Y WD( ,DZ, LA.
-`' *I~ a in s1 fl gusr ot the
?ou hJu4lcial*Ifdý i sad m theSe
. !, mie Comit of the SaLe. oU
us sai rrd Horesteei spsekit r
iwss pro* y sttenieit 5". 0"a
n..tr~ caEirmoj brii tom. 4. cur.. Ce
;Nilils~pty rtublo sJAta
:tcolaa ulaepmlult v.
SWK. C`.
itomeg SR4'O.CSt at her,
id jlniiag ý $.p$ e
Alp-,u A.WL xS
~Pariah Surveyor.
`Wrrum.=i S. Asesle Yeises, and
jam' ý e Is
.-;JOS~ t
Gentle Anniel I
Autumn now
Is Coming On
And, in order to meet the ever-in
creasing demand of his customers
for new and seasonable goods, E
G. W. Bolton, Pineville,
Has received, and has in transit, a tlc
full and complete stock of Select
fall and winter wear, consisting of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Ladies' and
Men's Hats, Shoes, Etc. ta
Special Attentions s
Has been paid to the needs of the to
trade in quality and prices, and all 0
goods have been bought at figures e
which will enable him to give his
customers splendid beagaians.
The Very Lowest Margin A
In profit consistent with fair deal- An
ing placed on al good. His stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Furniture Vii
and Notions is coomplete and will be fas
sold lower than ever before.
Tom Padgitt's Saddles,
To be found at no other house in
town. Buys for Eastern Spinners ,
and pays the highest prices in 6o1
Cash for Cotton.
New Stock-- c
An Invoice of Autumn Goods just
received, purohased for cash, and
all to be sold at astonishingly low
prices. by the Old Reliable
B. TURNER, Pine.lile, La.
Everything New in his large and 1
well seleeted stock of Notions and "
Summer Goods, Clothing, Ladies
Trimmmed Hats, Men's Hats, No te
Utons, Shoes, Ete, Etc. w,
Autumn Styles! tb
All carefully selected with special
view to the needs of the trade.-
Also his usual full line of Hard- de
ware, Cutlery, Crockery, Saddlery, 1
Staple Groceries. and
Plantation Supplies. - do
He invites special a$tention to his p
large stock of Furniture, kept
in his spacious rooms on the sec- us
ood floor. Examine his goods be- t
t fore purchasing elsewhere. Every
e thing sold for cash at fr
Rock Bottom Figures. ti
Colfax High School. ti
The Trastees of the Colfax High School
for Maes sand Females take pleasure in
annouuoing to the publie that the seeond J
Ten Months Session of this sebool will G
begin on the First Monday of Septem
ber, 1l96. No pains will be spared to i
Imake i a irst-class High School. tl
aSTis or rOs. It
SPrimary Deptmat - $81 50 per month
i, . • - . - 20 . b
Musse. Toaludlnstramestal 5 "0 "
leeidetal fee m e*, to per session.
Good board can be obtained on reasons- I
hie terms. Two botels ia town. and evr
oral private Learding bouses into town and
vieinity wHll board eheap. Those having C
children to edneate should send them in
and give in a fair trial. We are in the
race to stay.
R, 8. CAMERON, President.
Seeretary Board of Trustees. j
Colrax, IA., July 10, 1896.
s W 2Y S 4# t
S ow anU ,a n o o W
ONs OW Tte
St. LouIs - Chicago
Wheeag - all as ege, ·rt"L ,.
TIB ~~S~ Tfm W . lij. ,
p. A Palaw om Whees.
se assess. t11 seeua tfr amb
L P. TUIISU, 0. PI & T. A.,
C . -.
_We are leaders in low prices.
BUSH & RANDOLPH, Fairmount, La.-A
Give us a call and we will convince you beyond a doubt that we are leaders in low prices. Having bought for oash we
took advantage of all discounts, and can sell exceedingly low. In order that purchasers may judge for themselves, we
hbewith print a long list of our leaders, which include all lines of merchandise, grocere, dry goods, notions, etc., vz:
maple and F..acy Groceries. sI
best family or per barrel ao
pearlmdper barrel 10
bacon ribbed sides per pound 6%e and '1
idver leaf lard per pond le
tobao, a good t-iobh fsat plug for 5 oil
104l ponds of nasvy tobacco goln er 2 at 20 1n
oap. first-clas (live, two 1-pond rsa for 5
caloil per gallon at 15 on
god syrup per allon o nly 25i00
Spounds ot any ellow laried sugar 100
igpoand of fa ncyr riosfor 100 ma
10 pounds of splendid coffee only 100l
Pillar Rook salmon per can 1d
American sardines S per box or 6 bores dp
ardines in mustard per box 10 pet
French mardir ei, key opener. 2 hoxes for 25 d
Vienna masage. % posed can only 15
fall weight oster. a cans for . n
eanned corn beea, one-poun d cane 1
condmerd milk, dime and cnelia, to and 10 .
mixed pickles, pint bottles only 10 l
pine apples. 2 pound cans s
ms. usorted flavors, 1 pound cans i go
bing powders. 8 on and 16 on. c and 10
mat&es. one dosen boxes only 5 lac
coffee extraet, Bei ' brand. 3 for 5 ma
Staple goods subject to market fluctuations. li
Notioes and Dry Goods l"4
corsets at 15c. SO Se, $1 00 and 1 n
combs . 6% to 8% inches, from sc to 15
good toilet soap. for 5c.Qr lds for 25
blek head hit pins, per doen 5
three good steel thimbles for I
good tooth brushes from 5c to 10
pip. rood vala, o 10o,o l5ao. 900 and
cll tt s, six for 5
etherta ed braid, wr yards for 5
men's tan lather belts at only 15 t
men's 4-pll linen cats from ISc to 21 0
hefll sewing thread l per ball. or 30 balls 15 ep
two spools of 6-cord thread for 5 n
g brss pins for 5 C
144 rice shirt buttons for 15
S rice dres buttons only 10 Ti
earl dres buttos. do. e. 6c, 7. 8. and  CI
isafety pins. per dose". 5
lead pencil rubber tips. six for 5 P
%reaa 6pead ndote paper ... l
rriting t s ontaining 100 shesets 5 '
writing tablets, linen. 5e, se and 10 p'
Onr Firm, composed of T. C. Bush and Beverly Randolph, will conduct business at Fainrmout, La.. and hereby Inform
their friends and the public generally that they now bave on band, and will keep in supply, a full skck of goods which
they will sell at prices that defy competition. Remember the name and place,
BUSH & RANDOLPH, Fatrmnount, La.
A primary election has been or
dered for Thursday, Novemrber 25, VC
1897, to nominate a Populist candi- 'h
date for the Constitutional Con- in
vention from Grant parish. The ar
Populist executive committee, in A
making the call say it is necessary b4
to elect a Reformer (with a big R) iQ
from Grant parish to this conven- i[
tion. We will see what they mean to
by "reform" by the sort of man
they put forward for this impor
tant trust. ti
Mr. John C. Blackman, son of t
Judge W. F. Blackman, and a re- ti
cent graduate of the law depart
ment of Tulane university, was in- ii
troduced to the court in Alexandria a
last week, and his name ordered to b
be placed on the roll of attorneys. I
He will practice in the courts of a
Rapides, Grant and surrounding
parishes, and also in the Supreme 1
The Populist executive commit- e
tee met in Colfax last Saturday, I
and instituted measures to raise a c
hurrah in order to get their people I
out to register, as they seem so far I
to have shown little disposition to E
I turn out They have had circu
Ilars printed with the view of giv
ing information on the subject, and
also propose to put men on horses
and send them around to dnll the
ignorant in the way registration is
to be done.
The Democratic State Executive
S(Committee which met in Alexan
dria on the 9th inst. have called for
a convention to meet in Baton
Rouge on Thursday, Dec. 9th, for
the purpose of nominating 36 can
didates for the State at large as
delegates to the Constitutional
Serry He Sinned.
i Ediar CoCfax Ckronicle:
In your last issue you said: "Fe
lix Boyd, the colored magistrate in
ward one, seems to have queer
ideas as to what is law and justice.
A late decision rendered by him
indicates that he thinks it all right
for him to connive with his own
son to beat sn igtiorant old woman
oat of a bale of cotton."
What I did was not an error.of
the heart but of the head. I have
cancelled the judgment and will
hereafter try to obey the law.
Yours respectfully,
FaLt Born.
Theabove is good as far asit
goes. Now let the parties refund
all the aosey they wrongfully ob
taied, and by sueh restitution
shrw their contrition and honest
slates. rlmesst sisee So and 8
slate penels per dosen 5
eight dosen fadie' haurpina for
80 invisible hairpins for
leather purses, large size double sides 5
silk. sateen a watered ribbon so yd to 15
embroidery, per yard, from 4n to 15
12 yds inch wide torchaon lace, all olors 10
white a butter col valencien laoe, So yd to 10
cotton towels, good values. S to 8
linen towels, good values. 8 to 1
suspenders. 8e pair, tlr. 15c. S0 to 40
men'n half hose, per pair. S. 0,7, 10o to 10
ladies' stockings, black a fancy. So to S
dress goods, satteens per yard 10
percales 6e. aelicoes 4Ie pr yd to 6
stripes,. checks a rescue plaids, per yard
domestics, per yard. Sc o and
trilling l6 to ?7c pr yd. Jeans 10e to 18
mattress ticking 8%c, feather ticking 10
bleached domestics, Sc. 6o and I
kerchiefs So to 1I
looking glasse 5s. 10c, 16e. i, and 30
good tubular lanterns only 6
Hats. Shoes anu' Clothing
ladies' tom boy hats 20c to 40
man's hats from 25 to 3 75
line of shoes complete from =Se to 50
ladies' all leather battm ashoe, a bargain 98
men's bale or fall dress congress 1 7
esus anpets, per pair, from to 1 t
men's top shirts 0to. Mea. O0, to S
men's undershirt.s 0e, ISe and 1
men's drilling drawers 25e and 1
men's jumpers Hr and 50
men's oversalis 500 and 75
Drugs and Xedlelae .
turpentine. I as Se. 2 as le 4 os 1e. 8 oN 1
castor oil. 1, s S. 2 os on, 4 os 1t, 8a 18
epeom salts and alum per pouned
coppers and sulphur per ,.ouna
root ginger per pound 10
sarsaparnlla. regular asase for 71
Tichnor's famous notiseptic only t
Chamberlain's pain balm. 30c and 40
Tutt's liver pills, 2So boxes only 18
P a W quinine, per ounce e
fnavoring extracts assor Pd. per bottle 10
sweet spirits of nitre, per bottle 10
paregoric and landanam. per bottle 10
This issue of the C(UaolxcNt begins
volume 21, under the management of its wi
present editor. For twenty years we
have faithfully recorded the happenings
in this community, nothing extenuating of
and setting down naught in malice.
And now, with cheery words and renewed
hopes for the "good time coming," we fr
make our bow and start in to do our part th
in bringing about the era for which all
have earnestly labored and waited so N
long. _
The Cause of Hard Times. 6
The following terse way of put
ting the case, by the Murfresboro,
Tenn., News, is the best explana- th
tion of why we have hard times 'r
that we have yet seen:
"We let our timber rot and buy fene- M
ing; we throw away our ashes and grease i
and buy our soap; we raise dogs and buy
bogs; we let our manure go to waste and fa
buy fertilizers; we raise weeds and bay Ia
vegetables and brooms; we catch 5 cent
fish with $4 rods; we build school houses M
and send our children off to be educa
ted; and, lastly, we send our boys out
with a $40 gun and a $10 dog to bunt l
10 cent birds. Yes, times are hard."
The thriftlessness of our south- J
ei n people is painful to contem- a
plate, and in these latter days of i
calamity howling, when every other 7
man you meet is a finanoial states- U
man in embryo, a plain unvarnish- '
ed statement like the above is a ti
refreshing change.
Precincts by Number.
The police jury have numbered r
d the precincts in Grant parish as b
follows: r
Ward 1- Colfaw, precinct 1; Fair- m
mount, precinct 2.
Ward 2-Pollqck, precinct 1; N ugnt,
precinct 2; Bruce's mill, precinct 3; Ba- I
dad. precinct 4.
Ward 3--Creeds, precinot 1; Antonio,
r precinct 2.
Ward 4--Buckelew, precianct 1; Linee
camn, precinct 2.
r Ward 5-4-bristisn Hope, precinet 1. t
Ward 6-Sammerfleld, precinct 1.
Ward 7-Montgomery, preinact 1; Iatt
ehurch. precinct 2 1
The Bieuville Bell says Mr. J. J.
Waits is reported to be on his way
to Alexandria to begin the con
struction on the north and isoth
railroad through this section. We
. hope the rumor is true, but have
no information as to the certainty
it of the thing.
n The Shreveport Joarana says bit
metalism is not dead. Of course
not. Bluq its innocent heat, so
e long as socad money asd common
sense continues to rule in this
country, bimetalism isn't going to
it President R G Caldwell, of the
d Natehitoehes Normal school, an
pounces that the fall term will be
m gin Nov. t4 KEamuinatimes fir
at admision will be held o 8strddq
90th ibstat 9s a m.
uaaI a i and Cutle y.
hingling hatclhets. Hunt's No. 2 40
steel asi. Hut's beveled Yankee 1Y
I ktekr -oe bukY e lts 15i and 10
,4uaart wood water pois . _
oquat oedar bokets, I brass hoops U
o spoons, good vmae. four for 5
tea spoons ood alue., six for 5
boawood measure rules, each 5s and 8
pocket knives, Sc. So. 10o,. 1. 15o. to 35
table knives per set of si., 30o to 1
rsgd r s, at the low inc of
Ii and eg. i4
Sra hin ges light, 4. Ic, o and p to II
stra hines hearvy. c. Sc, 0. nu dS, ol
-opd. padlo_ s 80, 1.ic.o le end U
uingor halancess. raw 5 pounds weight 11
100 assorted opper rivets for
thnrepper of dgood tacks for
ules. I to 1S inohes long. from to to
agricaltural wrenches, b and 10 inch. So and 00
Tinwar sand BSn.drles.
5-gata n galvnised tin oil cane I5
-allna plin tin oil cae N
allon tin oil can 1. halfgallon oil can 12
ti wash bauns from nc to 10
,lvanised wsh basins only 1
,.-u t measures for 5
ok tin rnin pens from so op to 1
two tin pint oups for I
dish pane. large sse. frona 2 n to n6
coff-n drippers ie I.o, 15. nd 18
_--yeesd Qbuckets tc, SO, Ir and IS
qngh bukets, large iss, 11o to SO
coffee mills. from So to 8
tin dippe from sIo to 8
lamp cimneys at a bargain, only 5
brseatand8raps Itt 1
amp brne. No1 and datto and 10
glase stem parlor kmp complete only/
gram rope per ound
swhot hy the s 150ý
emsr shbells. 12 gaue black lub .
8aW catridre c8 center Are, per box
-n u s, perboa. only 5
Or i o moekf r a d glassware is con
plete. and prices are guaranteed to suit.
The Populist State Convention ori
will meet in Monroe Nov. 17th. be
Boaz.-To Mrs. J. H. McNeely, f
of Colfax, on Saturday night,
Nov. 6, 1897. a girl. A message o
from Mansfield brings word that be
three days previous, Nov. Sd, Mrs. Ii
J. B. Williams, sister to Mrs. Meo- a
Neely, also had a new little boy to "
arrive as an addition to her house- I
hold. _
Mr. Jno. P. Hadnot has bought lii
the property of his deceased broth- P
er, L. H. Hadnot, adjoining his al
Hickory Grove place in ward two. m
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. ragan, of Lees
ville, and other members of the
family interested, were in Colfax
last Saturday, and agreed upon the
sale for the price of $1600 00.
The SuBapreme Court convened in
New Orleans on Monday, Nov. 1st,
Judge Nicholls, Breaux and Miller
constituting the bench, as they are
immune, having had yellow fever
years ago. None but consent cases
will be tried, all others continued.
The law prohibits the holding of
this court elsewhere than New Or
The New Orleans States says one
I reason why the present yellow fever
has increased and spread more
rapidly is because it is of such a
mild type that many people, afect
ed with it, do not take to bed, but
keep on attending to their business
and moving on the streets and thus
communicate it to many others.
Few deaths have occurred from
the present type of fever, per se,
but in almost every death reported
there were com plications with some
other disease, liver complaint, kid
ney disease, etc., which the persons
were amlicted with before taking
the fever.
e Miles and Knot&
e A statute mile is 5280 feet. It
y is our standard of traveling meas
are, adopted from theEnglish, who,
in turn adopted it from the eA
, mans. A Roman military psee, by
which distances were measured,
was the length of the step taken b7
` Roman soldiers, and was approxi
wately fyve feet long a thousand d
i these pames were called in Istin a
0 mile. The English mile is, there
fore, a purely arbitrary measure,
I nacted into a legal measure by a
Sstatute during the reign ofat
- Queen mbeth; it has no eco
- neetion with any seale in nature.
r A natiel tmile, on the other
brid is equal in leuth to one-.it.
y tiet of the leagth ofa degprtee a
great cirleo of the earth. But the `
circumference of the earth is no
where a true circle; its radios of
curvature is variable; hence, the 0.-, fa
nautical mile, as a matter of fact, =
depends for its length upon the
shape, as well as the size of the in
globe sailed over; and hence, strict ..r
ly speaking, the length of the naun ==
tical mile should vary with the lati- i
tude from 6046 feet at the equator
to 6109 feet at the pole. Such ex
treme accuracy is not necessary in
navigating, and cannot be well at
tained without any undue labor.
The English admiralty, there
fore, have adopted 6080 feet as the
length of a nautical mile, which
corresponds with the length of one
sixtieth part of the length of a de
gree on the great circle of a sphere x
whose surface is equal to the sur
face of the earth. This gives the
length of one nautical mile as equal
to 6080.27 feet, which is very near
ly the value of the admiralty mile
adopted in the English navy. Prac
tically the nautical mile is 800 feet
longer than the statute mile. In
other words the nautical mile is
equal to 1.1515 statute miles; or
one statute mile is equal to 0.869
nautical mile. Multiply nautical
miles by 1.1615, and the product
will be statute miles; or multiply
statute miles by 0.869, and the pro
duct will be nautical miles.
fIecks' 1686 Almanac and apr.p.
We are informed that the 1808 Alma
nac of Prof. Irl B. Hiksm i ow ready;
and, judging from it past hBtory, it will
not be many weeks in anding its way in
to homes and oYass all over Ameries.
It is mush lauge sad Ser than any pre
vious idue. It oontalas 118 pages, i
splendidly printed and llotrated om fins
book pepet, baing the finest portrait ev
er given of Prof. Risks. It can mo longe
be denied that the pubtltiom s ot Prf.
Hiks have becoa e a neseastty to the
family and oeommsrelal li of this eoon
try. His journal, "Word -rd Works,"
saide from itntorm, weaher and stsla
omical features, ha taken rank with the
best literary, sebstifs- ad family mega
m3ass of t aae. D1a3 tesv hearsr
and report. See the Hichl Almanaru
and paper foe yourself. You will thm
know why they are so pop tlar. They
are educators of the millions, sad ari
rated sateguards to property and human
life. It is matter of mpe receord that
Prof. Hclke has soretold for many years
all great storisoods, droeths and tor-.
nadoes, eve the oseant terrible dreuth
over all the cosuntry. The Almanac alone
-is5 cents ao y. The paperl 100K a
wear ith the Almse asM a premiem.
Boad to
Woes as£ Wemus Pye. Co.,
Mal I ost Si, St. Louis, M
Keep your eye on the man who
is quicker to see a fault than to
discover a virtue in others.
A Wemaeswl sieSver7y.
r )The ladm q eark fe s my rmet
s *ay wemieri dieseerie la useie
bat one t1 have 080p4010d
0 OWliasessLY shl ý
man, woman or pe as take S witout
ruaniy t asrila d
d7d t5l do ..hbrr e ben. Pee eas.Ls by
a sat dissesmb"
cosh only be
suck freatmerO
sllest saout thsir
MI Wineof Cael hasiicw dolseL
ssa zegl a 's asflests
It bhenmaiesP frYs t rwo s
Is- hown eae reaqidckr elend s
0- rmnbs that esam su nr l t
my enses, I s Ol wed
waR .tbssd*et a re. t sumsoby
icr ", Is
to all 4':

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