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The Colfax chronicle. (Colfax, Grant Parish, La.) 1877-1981, February 12, 1910, Image 1

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Significance of the Carnival
D 6 qept in the Badraound-Grand Free Pageants
for the Genseral Public--The secal Aibbgeue
Only for Specially Inted Gests.
Ne Orleaus Picayune: Few of
Ofer visitores t this season under
St h Mae eaet signiicance of the
vew Orleans'Carnival celebration.
Q oeue they know that the
O airvl is tbhe oe of the gay
s sual. smon which precedes in
C.tholi.e co urneities the begin
Let o kt, which is $ peaiten
' 4 *Rak ow r ten days beosre
opt the ga eties" of social Its
in balls and iprties so
tothe givers and their in
" - while os the last day
wo of the eseson there are
ýF iprooesmions and pageants in
ts,*t ad on dthe last Toss.
Cthan as uMandI Gras," or
T bmsday, there is general pub.
ask lIg is the streets.
` ss tivities s at duali
OathetbI eenutrles of seduth
hiE4ps, wb the eliyate isi
mesg topermit, ad tshey
adopted in New Orleaws
whMch were tithe ends.
s the Freach settIbaets ih
beerallI ar the a dio i
_& sulsud the - aemir t
S*w qaly .albrast. I
get.ion4etumsly asked is
whi mt Osnheel sel. I
*Wh a. Is t&i$eial
«W' AIpw*dualo
rtpsit i" tbi publie pa.
sm ** a evetiyad in am
*hmI b M .sl it the "al.
4ibrat emposmes he gasmo
the.U d tbdI'll.7 I
ist Calfl thedlisy
qtr 4%,h p uses of driving
hiesas str dnas paposu, r
6wbno.n ase latterly
3, socfaslhm . I
(ty aghedi uselal t so-i
4m eatme to thee as
W W tvto ecva .eabs I
et *aSYis V or havre land- a
a: rA d thal wh.1 the as a~
atisbio sad ball of the i
me at &t - .it t
la ievs~js, those of New 4G
. only invited gustsh p
Is inwqg to such qaestione p
t tsoaes aeeesary to give ti
slestsle. .The Carnival g
a lr Orleans is not as
No mer- w
wae Maasiutaeq'g na is cie
a somelttaWl our a
aei no amsess lor lx
adse, miod: Awsm
;w Tihe Asmraesi N
Dow 9" a d Alt
4xi''Ai Lix.t ·.p. Coin
* f·~t~tArf Ciirrh 9
1 hvdmw a'* Oh e s
jsrr p rm
ý_ a rew e6 #thesset to
eat ctoe.tst t1o8
iueeb ss~ernesm he.
60" the dei th e delif.
at imflgaad the
Mrim~ses mtrehra carrs
r f era aae iforaser
Jo. earmkimn i
-mg abru1ry '154
' lette, arr ergse will
.heros colas is
'2 m eS -.
of public do not know the managers
- of these celebrations, and far les
e ca strangers visiting hers disco
m. or them.
. The four public street pegeants
ty are given by as many separate and
in wholly uinonaocted seret orgasi
a- nations, eahob being concerned only
a- with its particular display or pe.
gemt, which is given freely to the
Spublic. The gIaad sais assem
. balg V'hich iollows ee sheet
Sdisgplay is devoted esaueively to
Sinvtited gpests, sad ao !my ion=
Y * si ma will parehase admission.
SWhether the Camniral eelebrlas s
*eald e changed from tb ppe.
a sI. an eielaive funetions whic they
r aer madow ten sad genera beld.
a- ems propoitiomns i view .f th
abjesti which has never been asrL.
oey coas reid in ,i th hgalf
century ad am#esaea# omesa.
i auoolatiss have had charg
Sof these.
e Te waed "aorival" is fr e the
4 *u" 16S . the *ssap.
p- .titblde h6ss NeUb lergs.
Ei A.foea t de Ims wth hair
bidaS*y, whist is art e sidr
a Atuesay. New Osies is
I Let R Sait ipso eu e o .'
tar eaiicri rgiw; a
dad Om ians-UW a r
*******esent eai.ns
tai.dty 1dw"atea se
esmsy ~awe +e ..'
pesseinaWessepb has
edft aval~ta as.ysýoisd, ntewM
-es Uee a cs
folve War et tnedadhtg t
pie te ew eues*. os
the m* n 4.e
cbntseod 6 Ueskee owapshe
mtinued seesa1i the erovb*.
who f r. yin to Yeas v 1 ae
City to e the mwdertal displays
and iueidntbly t qnsy th.ml j
hospitality oMf a-peopti s for C
their disploutie sand ab ily
fhe strawget enjoy a stay is
their miat.-rtoie.]
d"~ ik p:.ti'ý ýee
be req iri· l
where eossmpmmfs(by6!
dhisp~b .ta. the a
Noeoe t, i eal
tzg e~hhep,
*lose wImb - h
04" Prletased o th Pd. a1
Continued from last week.
On motion of Mr. Nugent, seo
onded by Mr. Clinton, it iwau r
solved that the same -cystem a
working the public roads sertie4
ing tends therefor, as carried ot
in the year 1909, be contineed for
the 7ear 1910 only, all coneatets
irs entered into heretofore for work
-us public roads are hereby abrogated
-v." amt annulled, the seame to take ef
feet on the last day of December,
ts 1910.
-d On motion of Mr. Purvis, se -1
_. o0d.d by Mr. Clinton, Mears. T.
y La Deen, D. L Drewett and aB. D.
SPIfeber were appointed ro.d e..
e vianers for ward seven, aBd tbey
~.-are hereby directed to meet at
e Uarge, La., on Saturday the 18th
_ day of February, 1910, to organise,
c. olaording to lAw, and take acbrge
. _of the roads of said ward for the
yearl 1910.
i On mstion of Mr. Bollitt, se.
oaded by Mr. Clinton, Mees
SJame S taneld, T. F. Gry ad (
Niek Roberts were appointed road t
| reviewers for ward six and direct
ed to met atAlohab L., Saturday i
-Pebrury 18th 1910. t
SO motion of Mr. Porvi,se- t
by Mr. Nugent, the prmi
Sdenmt, Mr. J. W. Dunesa, was an
torised to advertise for bide for
+ald agent, aooording to law. I
SOn motion of Mr. Prrits, ee
o cebe M b . radford, the eg--.
elar order of busines vas suspend
s ad earimlttee work taker p.
On nesming theI regular order,
eas motion, the. mai of
banded in tnlhe 5 .igg
:. .•- ,Eae t a . 'tsi. rse
lb o iHoll soo Poler J.r1 _
We, your coemmttee on easme,
have exminned the books of- the
.Ptish Treamurer andlAd theapsai
rec oept for a f w eres.
h were cornetd, said A
silms ,ofthe las ou $14M.
sto Ath eedit of the periLh. ,
We ak ye to give the te· a
ret a quietus up to J3m.at2l
S191Q bespeatfnlly sebhitsd,
A. IL Noeart,
- 0.. Jo.nes
' . A. Baansja. ,.
i n- OatioM ly .made ad f;
On e o above report was
ed tasd the parh treasmrer gi*b
his qiaetus, as untolmeieud.
On motion tely made 'sad
oded the report of the
io olpias, hanedwl by P.
G. C.hPnso hafrma., aid P.
Blllitt'nd John ltoob as elopt
t dand the clims, beaefasttoe
-as llows, were allowed:
J WDnas n(pe dieu.....
John p(Cteo, edem......;
Ci Jobes6 , anim......-...
O 0 Neast os........
JwOrr, revewiag rem -., -
vaei#S  .. . . '* +t'... " il 
dS.... . ...
P L Mihmjin-.. .. +
-Wris,4 .,, ,
itbd mg+ ,~,  ,.+ i
r t~d~ 9iii .~;
a'Sj:rto~~,' ~ l
7 )feaidsis PrianibarCs., Ltd.,
dvertipeid road 0e`1hg A8
SDIaily Tow. Tak, -mm.I..... L4
* Tb. Outher w m jsmtel, w ......
The assOrs ,name..<.. Oft 1
t aild ageat, rad ork in {
r wud 4...................11i
N iMe Lbr 0o, wwb rd 1.10
n od wo h want 1-
rnesI etiag ...........
There being so aruthat t-.ia
bare the body tsipo~ikjer
thes 19, 1914 for sy a
bogsles tbso a ernIs bin at.*
bodf. J. R ,Dtefi ,
PCas*thriy sh pph m'rn t
tqricat gooe iat r ' euvk'
"bftIipp6u e aida 6l1q
ant. It is tree OraSiim a ,
tr.eof mmn. Sftar4d 1
itad menaa thatote
tihdes -n Is. -t"in
'Fhat man rs e  il m. .
Sare while he was is ja-l, d-.'
New York Bancier,.
"Ye, bat hiser. at was: i
dad tht d'i' `+w'i* '.
.~"- - . -,mot
Pr the swt frsbe p M*a
slar orsk.s b tleu \
. X d - : " . l 2
i' i
·· y
~tl.rt .
r ^ .·r
" p- n L- M '"
; ý-w. -t i/*
r ,. Y a _ r r -\ t - ý ýi .. 4i ` pi {'} t "
x ; SýfA
?~ I
;i 4 I P,
I.~ . 4~5·
"""ýri r 4 f si.
jrii :i- 4- *, '4A·
·ri Yý.fs.".
···r6· It ·r
i -r*,i··;
M iZ?'· 4ý.ý-#ioC w 2
amt*ý " %.'!* " M
; "°"4!aýI:jiW

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