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Absorbed the GRANT PARISH DEMOCRAT May 1, 190
1 Democratic Journal, devoted to Local and General News, Literature, cience, Hgriculttue, 6tc.
A Lesson to Texas Farmers That Lou
isiana Farmers Should Learn.
Careful experimentation and
investigation covering a period of
ten or fifteen years has satis
factorily proven that Texas grown
seed produced in the nighbor
hood where it is to be planted is
the safest, best and most produc
tive that can be used.
As almost every one knows th(
silk on the cob where the silk is
formed is simply a hollow tubl
leading to thecob and cannot pro
duce a grain of corn unless it is
fertilized by the pollen or fin(
dust that falls in great profusior
from the ripening tassel. If
conditions are favorable for croi
growing and the stalk that bears
the ear is well bred and vigorous
and the stalk that bears the pol
len is its equal or superior in
these desirable qualities, then
great ears and full plump grains
are the happy result. But if
either party to this union lacks in
these qualifications then the re
sults are not satisfactory.
Every corn grower can greatly
increase his next year's yield by
a careful system of cultivation
and selection from his own crop
this season. It is very harmful
to allow positive inbreeding with
corn, that is, to allow the pollen
from the tassel of the given stalk
to fertilize the silk on the ear of
the same stalk. To prevent this,
choose a few acres of the very
best of your corn where all con
ditions are favorable, good stand,
good growth, etc. Mark off, say
thirty rows, about the center of
this good patch seventy steps
long and pull off the tassel from
every weak or inferior stalk in
the first row to prevent pollen
from these runty stalks from
fertilizing the silk of your strong
stalks and thus dwarfing the
corn. In fact, it would pay big
to go over the entire corn field
and pull out the tassels of every
feeble stalk. Thin the corn in
row number two to one good
stalk to the hill, three feet apart,
absolutely destroying all weak
stalks in this row and detasseling
or tulling out the tassel from all
of the stalks.
Asthgten rows in this patch
5art'` be your seed producers
every stalk must be a good one.
Treat row number three and all
other rows of odd number as you
did number one and treat all other
rows of even number as you did
number two. To be sure that no
mistakes are made watch the
corn closely for five or eight days
after the first tassel appears, as
some of it may tassel earlier than
the balance. See that these few
acres are carefully and frequent
ly cultivated, aim as near as pos
sible to keep the top soil for about
one-and-a-half inches deep, well
pulverized practically all the time
until the grains are hard on the
When this corn is ready to
gather, pull and keep for seed
the best ears on the strong stalks
in the even rows where the tas
sels have all been pulled, as these
ears will have been cross fertiliz
ed, that is, fertilized from the
pollen not of their own but of
their strong neighbor-stalks.
In gathering these ears for
seed it will pay to give prefer
ence to the goose-necked, ears,
that is, those that have bowed
their heads. The fact that they
have turned over instead of
standing upright indicates, in
the first place, that they are
heavy ears and in the second
place that their shanks are com
paratively weak. It is desirable
of course to perpetuate the heavi
est ears, and it is also desirable
to perpetuate the tendency of the
ear to turn down when it ripens,
u" as this insures perfect protection I
of the grain by the shuck from
the rain that would otherwise
run into the ear and to some ex
tent damage it. o
n Hang this corn in a dark, dry
place to preserve it carefully for h
next season's planting. Repeat
- this breeding process from year t
to year, and this alone, other
is conditions being equal, will add L
twenty-five to forty per cent to
the value of your corn crop.
Try it. HENRY EXALL, t
Pres. Texas Industrial Congress. a
c a
, Tribute to Louisiana. a
Louisiana is a centenarian. On April n
30, last Monday, she celebrated her
one hundredth anniversary as a State.
IS The history of the section is full of
is color and picturesque interest. The
-. French settled at New Orleans in nr
1718, but the cast of political dice in p
Europe threw the territory under
Spanish ownership some years later'
s and then a reversal of the dice threw ir
if it back to France. It was thus that r(
in the United States fonnd it when Jef- ct
ferson came to the presidency-mixed fit
in its racial elements, and jealous of
our use of the Mississippi and of our
IY trade depots in New Orleans.
y Jefferson saw the complications that 1in
n must follow, the ceaseless bickering SE
that must mark all intercourse between is
us and New Orleans unless we owned tt
it. The first plan was to buy the city h
h alone as a trade market and port of
n entry. But Jefferson was quick to see m
k that this would not settle the question fiJ
of river navigation, and that it would
leave the town as a constant invitation
to the spirit of adjacent lawlessness.
Y The thing to do was to buy out all SU
- French interests in the south, and ex- CO
tend the control of the United States to
as far as French rule then held sway.
Jefferson realized not only the desira
bility but the absolute necessity of
S this, and so, with the assistance of th
n Robert Livingston, our minister to
n France, and James Monroe, made ape- Sa
cial envoy to help with the plan, what
is known in history as the "Louisiana
Purchase" was negotiated and con- fr
9 summated, the United States paying bC
e Napoleon $15,000,000 for the tract out m,
g of which was later carved nine States. a
d This purchase was the red letter in
Jefferson's administration; setting out
to buy a city, he bought territory 19
Senough for another nation. The whole i
d country stood amazed at the transac- gI
tion, and his enemies sought vainly to
k make political capital of his act, de
elaring the purchase to be "unconsti
tutional." Mr. Jefferson's frank ad- Of
mission that it was without "constitu- C1
tional warrant," and his request that yV
h congress make everything legal by lii
proper ratification, silenced his oppo- in
nents, while the public at large ap
plauded his act and his frankness.
This happened one hundred years ti
u ago, or in 1803, and was commensurate- 11
r ly celebrated by the St. Louis exposi- w
d tion.
o It was not until 1811, eight years af
ter its purchase, that Louisiana wasY(
permitted to write a constitution and a
' apply for statehood. In 1812 the ye
L5 statehood was granted and another M
n star was added to the rapidely increas- di
ing number on the national flag.
Since that time the history of the 8
section has been an integral part of 0
" the national annals. In spite of the uI
It French and Spanish blood tinges, the .
11 people are Americans, deeply imbued E
with the American spirit and loyalty.
In 1815 the battle of New Orleans
made the city a world cynosure. Dur
ing the civil war it was the scene of g
Ssome thrilling episodes and occurrences. h
d When the biull ratifying the purchase
of the province went to congress, only N
Stwenty-five votes were cast against it,
and all of those by Mr. Jefferson's po
i litical and personal enemies. Every
- year that has gone to the rounding out s
be of Louisiana centennial as a State has
,f been a vivid vindication of this great- hi
est of Jefferson's policies. T
Tennessee's congratulations to thel
,r Pelican State, and may the next hun- ki
r- dred years mark for her as much of of
Sloyalty and progress and domestic
S iness.--Memphis Commercial-Ap
y ACard.
This is to certify that Foley's Honey ril
l and Tar Compound does not contain ce
*e any opiates, any habit forming drugs,
dor any ingredients that could possibly
harm its users. On the cottrary, its
great healing a6d soothing qualities
le make it a real remedy for coughs,
i- colds and irritations of the throat,
le chest and lungs. The genuine is in a
ellow package. Ask for Foley's
e one and Tar Compound and accept t
I, no uttut. J. W. Duncan Co. Ltd. I
The United States has the Biggest Bat
tleship in the World.
Newport News, Va., May 18.
The battleship Texas, greatest
of the super-dreadnoughts yet
constructed for the United States
navy, was successfully launched
here to-day. As the big hull,
gay with bunting started down
the ways, little Miss Claudia
Lyon, daughter of Col. Cecil A.
Lyon, republican national com
mitteeman from Texas, crashed
a bottle of champagne against
the bow. There was cheering
and the scream of steam whistles
and sirens as the vessel gained
momentum and finally plunged
into the green waters of the
James river.
In the Texas the American
navy has the biggest and most
powerful battleship the world has
ever seen. She carries ten 14
inch guns, arranged in five tur
rets, and her secondary battery
consists of sixteen 5-inch rapid
firing rifles, a heavier armament
than that of the biggest British
battleships, which carry 13%
inch guns, with a much lighter
secondary battery. The Texas
is also the fastest battleship in
the world by several miles an
hour, and has the heaviest and
most approved armor of any
fighting craft ever built.
This is for Men Only.
If it is a lady who has this is
sue of our paper in hand she will
confer a favor by handing it over
to her husband, father or bro
ther at this very point, and retire
to the next room while he reads
this article.
Thanks! And now we have to
say to our men readers, that the
women must be saved-saved
from themselves. The S t a t e
board of health of Colorado has
made a thorough investigation
and diagnosis. There were 433
cases of smallpox in Colorado in
1908, 1,906 in 1910, and 1,394 in
1911. The increase is due to the
growing popularity of "rats,"
"Janes," pin-on-curls and other
species of false hair. This sort
of hair, largely .imported from
China where smallpox has been
very prevalent, began to be sty
lish in 1910. Note the increase
in smallpox over 1908. The use
became general in 1911. Note E
the corresponding increase in t
1910. Here you have it! The l
women are simply wearing small
pox on their heads. Everytime e
you yield up a dollar for a rat or a
a Jane, you imperil the life of E
your wife or your daughter.
Moreover, she may spread the
disease to you. How are you n
going to save her from herself? a
Oh, don't ask us. It ill becomes
us to tell any man how to start '
anything in his own hom e.
Every man to his taste, and the -
L~ord keep your taste on straight!
But you can see that you have
got to get rid of the smallpox
hair, even if you have to eat it, I
can't you?--Sioux City Daily
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A learned judge holds that a woman
has a right to go through her husband's
pockets. Possibly the judge does not
realizse that woman has exercised that
right ever since man began to wear
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be cheerfully refunded for goods that are not entirely satisfactory.
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k* eepers, delivery wagons, collectors, loss in bad accounts, etc.
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* buy a bargain we sell a bargain.
8th BECAUSE our method of selling strictly for cash enables us to pay
t cash for goods, and we pick up bargains credit buyers never see.
S 500 women's sailor hats,
values up to 50c, only .................... ........ g
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Peoples Cash Store
W. B. Strother, Mgr.
Railroad Avenue Colfax, Louisiana
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Ch .. A ...
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