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The Colfax Chronicle
Published by Chronicle Ptg. Co., Ltd
H. 0. G. 6OOWYN, Managing Editor.
The price of ice remains firm- no
matter how many icebergs are sight
ed at sea.
The buffalo is overloorel when it
placed on the new nickels. It has
bong served on $10 bills.
Most of the jokes at the expense of
college men are written by smart guys
rwho quit school in the sixth grade..
After reading the advertisements a
bachelor might be pardoned for won
dering what makes a princess slip.
Chinese patriots seem to be burning
their fingers trying to take their re
public off the fire before it is done.
The sultan of Turkey has more
trouble on his hands, but a revolution
Is a mere trifle to a man who runs a
The Chicago woman who demanded
$10 for a broken heart is not what
"might be called a devotee of frenzied
Warning boat rockers is nothing but
a waste of energy. A man foollsh
enough to rock a boat is too foolish to
take advice.
Having "the blues" is regarded as
a possible sign of approaching insan
Ity. This makes it possible for a
man to be his own alienist
I"at soup and grow healthy," says
a doctor. In addition to its health
giving properties it sometimes devel
ops an ear for music.
In New York society it is proper
for mother and daughter to play polo
oa opposite sides. Father and son
have not yet started tatting contests.
Every time we bear of a Joy-rider
whose automobile has been wrecked
beyond repair we feel a little more
sere than ever that the world is get.
1ag better.
By the time the last of the lonesome
moodles who ask public officials to
itnd wives for them has passed away
the world will be well along toward
the millennium.
Observe the man who haughtily re
tss to help wash the dishes when
at home, but who gladly performs the
most menial duties of the camp while
he is in the woods.
Possibly some physicist can tell us
why it is that a hammock scarcely
tgi enough for an able.bodied man
Iaddenly increased its capacity when
a pretty girl hovers into sight.
When a restaurant orchestra takes
e of its occasional lapses from rag-I
time into a dirge some arrangement
ahoulQ be made to prevent the waiters
from weeping into the bouillon.
Baltimore scientists propose to
Blake a careful study of the mental a
a.ection known as "the blues." Any a
town that has a tail-end baseball v
4am will be able to furnish plenty c
st subjects.
About the only person who does t
set pay according to what he receives c
IS the 1-'d-headed man, who is charged 
jist a. much for a hair cut as any a
male relative of the seven Sutherland I
lstems. 1
southern Illinois reports a shortage b
at spring chickens. Stories of disas
tr to the peach crop of Michigan t
eam be and are received with indif- b
ference, but this, it true, is a matter a
d importance. 1
That the lobster is becoming ex- P
tflet is the foreboding of many who a
may be presumed to be informed on *
the subject, and the next generation l
may know it only as a human type. l
"Find Well-Dressed Girl; Mind
mamk," says the headline in a Chicago
5mper. It's easy to find well-dressed
sem anywhere whose minds are so
mar a blank that the difference isn't
worth mentioning.
As iightning six times struck a cas
le where the reigning family of Bel- y
glam is staying with royal guests and
hart nobody, modern science will at
mce begin investigating whether roy
alty has any peculiar insulating power
which might be developed for modern to
The advent of the auto, many h
tfered, would result in decreasing de y
msds for the horbe, whereas the con- d
trary would seem to have happened, b
with New York state officially taking tl
Sp the problem of an actual scarcity I
t steeds. There is still work for old a
Dobbin to do. p
That youth is not necessarily a mat- e
ter of years, despite the Oslerlan t,
theory, is proved by a Philadelphia T
woman, who at the age of seventy- s
eour Is not only preparing to wed, but al
i. also about to take a trip to Europe tl
to do It T
Philadelphia women are so prone to bi
grimp that It has become necessary bl
to remove mirrors from elevators in to
that city. We hope it may not be hi
se so bad that Philadelphia mer- re
mhats will be compelled to have their
t gtelass windows frosted. b(
.A. ...
. t
- . -
.....: ... ,..L -..::: ..-. .
-|MBERTO, the future king of Italy, is here seen playing in the park of the royal palace at Rocconigi, with his
--usisters, left to right the Princesses Jolando, Mafaldaet and Giovanna.
Motor Car With Wings Is Latest
in French Capital.
Cuccessful Experiments Have Been
Made With Machines That Combine
the Principles of the Automo
bile and the Aeroplane.
Paris.-Paris is gossiping over the
latest type of motor car-one with
wings. M. Bertrand de Lesseps re
cently drove some distance from the
capital in a machine thus equipped.
M. Filippi is another searcher in the
same field, who has been even more
successful. Filippi based his trials on
the principle of the bird's wing and
aind at producing a propeller which
should realize the same effect as the
beat of a bird's wings in the air. The
propellor evolved is not a screw, but
a bride of wood, broader and thicker
in the center than at the extremities,
one of which tapers off nearly to a
point The other is comparatively
wide, looking like a wing, concave on
one side and convex on the other.
Furthermore, both ends are curved
backward, forming an obtuse angle.
The whole is inclosed in a cage and
measures only about 55 inches in dia
meter, not projecting beyond the
gange of the car in any direction. The
maximum speed is 2,200 revolutions
a minute. This air propelling system
enables the constructor to dispense
with the most delicate and compli
cated parts of the machinery at pres
ent employed-no more gear boxes are
required us a change in the num
ber of rotations is substituted for a
change of gear, while progress back
ward is obtained by reversing the
movement of the wing. This backward
rotation also serves as a powerful
brake when going downhill and does
away with "differentials" and back
In traveling the friction is reduced
to a minimum, and the car seems
hardly to touch the ground, raising
no appreciable dust, and consequently
inflicting but slight wear and tear on
the tires, while the comfort of the
passengers is improved. In general
appearance the car used recently re
sembled an ordinary torpedo type, but
the rear part forms an extension.
from which projects the axle carrying
the wing. The 40 horse-power motor
is in front, and connects with the
wing by transmission chains. There
is no other mechanism, and the wheels
all run free like the front wheels of an
Young Woman Hurries to the Place
and Hears Shot-Man Will
South Orange, N. J.-Writing a note
to the girl he loved but could not aar
ry because he has a wife living, and
stating therein that he intended to kill
himself, Julian Dillon, twenty-two
years old, sent a bullet into his shoul
der. The note, which was written to
Misa Marie Blanchet, advised her of
the place he had chosen to end his
life, so she, with Miss Marie Don
nelly, a companion, hurried to the
place in order to prevent the act.
As the two young women approach
ed, Dillon waved his hand from a dis
tance and disappeared into the woods.
Then they heard -a shot. Charles
Stiastny of Vose avenue happened
along, and discovered Dillon lying in
the bushes. ,He sent for the police.
The wounded man was taken to the
Orange Memorial hospital, where the
bullet was extracted with little trou
ble. He is expected to recover.- Hei
told the police it was an accident, but
he will' probably be placed under ar
rest on his recovery.
Dillon is the son of wealthy parents,
both of whom are dead, but he never
ordinary automobile. One lever only
is used to start, and move forward
or backward, by reserving the rota
tion of the wing, and there is One
pedal by which ex tra brake power is
put on.
The whole car weighs about 1,320
pounds, or, with its three passengers
and the necessary equipment, about
2.000 pounds. A start was made about
4 o'clock in the morning, in the pres
ence of several spectators, and after
showing off its capabilities in various
preliminary maneuvers the car went
off on its Journey of 300-odd miles
amidst cheers. The travelers sent
telegrams reporting progress from dif
ferent points on the way, and arrived
safely at Lyons. The future trade in
terests involved in this experience
may prove of immense importance,
and the new type of wing may turn
at superior to the screws so com
monly used in the aeroplane. In the
trials made by M. Filippi with a view
to finding the best shape for the wing
the present model gave 70 per cent.
of power, which is at least 10 per
cent. more than has yet been pro
duced by the best known screw propel
ler of the usual type.
Dared by Companion, Young Woman
Braves the Waves With Bruin
at Venice, Cal.
Los Angeles, CaL.Miss Anna Fred
ericks, a pretty beach girl, went swim
ming through the breakers at Venice
accompanied by a half-grown cinna
mon bear.
For a while it looked as if the great
seal of California had come to life
and had gone forth for a paddle in the
Miss Fredericks was one of the
thousands of bathers along the ocean
front. She was clad in an attradtive
silk bathing suit and was accampa
nied by several friends, when R. L
Pierce of Pasadena strolled by leading
two half-grown cinnamon bears which
he secured in northern California
when the bears were only a few
weeks old.
"I dare you to take one of the bears
in swimming," said a friend to Miss
The young woman took the dare.
Her escort, after futile attempts at
dissuasion, secured one the bears. The
little animal was quite tame and trot
shared In the estate because he mar
ried, a few years ago, a chorus girl.
It is reported here that his wife de
serted him when she found that he
would not have wealth. He has been
living at the Hotel Belmont, New
York. making frequent trips to South
Orange and paying attention to Miss
Blanchet .
Society Woman Does This as a Pro
test Against Petty Graft
of Employees.
Newport, R. I.-Mrs. O. H. P. Bel
mont is doing her own marketing this
summer as a -protest against a sys
tem of petty graft, which she says has
become well-nigh universal in the
households of the wealthy summer
colonists here.
"This system of graft, by which em
ployees profit at the expense of em
ployers, is all wrong," says Mrs. Bel
mont. "We pay our aids good wages,
for .which they are expected to do a
certain service. It is certainly unfair
for them to expect to make a large
sum of money on commissions that
are bound to come out of the pockets
of their employers."
People of Brockvllle, Ont., Laud the
Memory of Commander Who Won
Detroit in War of 1812.
Brockville, Ont.-A monument in
honor of the memory of Gea. Sir
Isaac Brock, who was in command of
the Canadian forces against the Amer
lcans in the war of 1812, was unveiled
in this city with interesting but mod
est ceremonies. The local chapter of
the Daughters of the Empire, to whose
efforts the erection of the monument
is due, was in charge of the ceremo
nies. The principal address was de
livered by Col. Samuel Hughes, the
Canadian minister of militia and de
The date for the unveiling of the
memorial was appropriately chosen,
since it was just 100 years since the
surrender of Detroit, with whic
event the name of Genersl Brock is
most closely associated in.Americe
General Brock was born in the
ialand of Ouernsey in 1769 and had
a brilliant military career in the Brit
ish service before he was sent to Can
ada. He was made a knight of the
Bath for his victory at Detroit, but
he survived his honors less thean two
ted down to the surf line with Miss
Thousands of beach visitors throng
ed the water front to watch the novel
performance. At first the little bear
snorted and fussed as the spray
splashed over his nose, but finally
with a little grunt, he ducked into the
breakers end followed the leash whioh
Miss Fredericks carried.
Chinese Who Take Ship Passengers'
Clothes Make Odd Mistakes In
Returning Them.
San Francisco, Cal.-The Chinese
are assimilating Caucasian customs
tast, but their Inability to diferentiate
between masculine and feminine garb
or to understand why ait hose are
worn only by men caused sixty-two
cabin passengers of the liner Man.
churla much Inconvenience at Shang'
hal threq weeks ago.
The Manchria, which arrived from
the orient recently, was ordered Into
quarantine at Shanghai because of the
death of a steerage passenger from a
communicable disease, and alli
sengers were oriered ashore to take
a plunge In a perm-killing sltloa.
Each was assigned a bathroomi and
the clothing of each was taken away
for fumilation." The Chinese negledt
ed to mark the clothing. A edate
man of sixty received a corset In llei
of his waistcoat. Many of the women
received men's socks, others no stock
ings at all, while many garments
went astray, never to be restored to
Captain Dixon, veteran of many a
storm, fled to his cabin when the wom
en appealed to him.
Police Hold 500 Bottles for Bashful
Claimant at Wlmington, North
Wilmington. N. C.-Five hundred
bottles of "Turkey Mountafin"* corn
whisky, neatly packed away In gunny
sacks, await an owner at the local po
lice station. A wagon ostensibly
loaded with hay broke down in the
street and when the police, "seeing the
trouble from afar," arrived on the
scene the negro river took to his
heels, leaving the property without a
claimant. Following a senatoriaLcam
paign against "blind tigers" here a
week ago, no one has-the tem'rlty to
claim the goods,
Treasury Clerks Are Caged Like Camorrists
TOgg ECWtonoY
WASHINGTON-When one looks
on the picture of the Camorrists
in their cage in Viterbo, where they
were being tried as instigators of
crimes and members of criminal or
ganizations, it comes right home to
the clerks who work in the treasury
department -in Washington. Since
the economy cranks got to work they
have turned the old treasury depart
ment upside down. The secretary 1
the treisury has a little walk of his
own, a little elevator of his own and
a driveway made through a portion
of the treasury plaza purposely for
him, none of these to be used by the
common herd at all. All are protected
by gates of wrought-iron from inzaslon
of the clerks or any of the assistants
about the treasury department Be
fore the economy commission got in
their licks there was a sort of placita
in the heart of the treasury, the
white stone walls being built up
around it. When so many of the cor
ridors and other rooms had to be
taken up by private elevators, drive
and runways for higher omdisis, this
Alexander Bluffs Ajax In a Hymeneal Mix-Up
A LEX Power and AJax Tobey, two1
leading members of the colored
back alley 400, who were related by
marriage, inasmuch as Alex had led
Ajax's sister to the hymeneal altar
and p:omlaed to provide board and
lodging for the rest of her satural
days,. were arraigned before Judge
Douglas of the police court on' a
number of charges ranging from
"cUssinl" to "scrapping."
The statement made by Alex was,
that the lightning defier Invaded his
domicile and In the presence of his
copper colored spouse had used lm
gauge of a very tabascoltic variety
Alex further testified that he bad piek
ed up a stick of steve wood with
which he persuaded Ajax to desist.
Unlike his famous prototype, who de
fied the unseen, Ajax wilted when he
saw that piece of timber in the mus
cular hands of the brawny Alexander,
and beat it. He didn't take time to
leave by the door, but Jumped out of
the back room window, which,, t his
precipitate fight he ditaot stop to
open. The result was disastrms-ft
the window-end the smoky Ajax
sought protection of the- police.
"What broeght about the dlteulty"
queried the ighland eetaint w-ho
is 'presiWdl over the police euort In
the abssee of Judge Hugo (to) L
Capital City Post-Ofice Cats Always on Job
AR the postosee employes hare
doinla their datt"
"Y " sd Postmaster N. A. Mer
ritt curtly.
"How aboat the cats?" be was
"They are on the job, oo"
Thea Mr. Merritt stopped to com.
sider whether Washuastn had any
-ats oa the o cial pay roll or not. He
wasn't s-are, but Inaisted that they
were Vorkins ovettime provided they
were recognised civil service em
Whereupon. a espy of a scanda
loes report conceralng Philadelphia
eats was shown to him.
Philadelphia has had her putosoee
supplied with a cofection ea i hb
class eats. As soon as then cats re
ported for duty at Uncle Sam's ofce
Uncle Sam's Official Fish uesser Is Let Out
isttes govenment has n s ht
Job. Per years the government has
beeght live salmon upon the good eye
of aveteran fisherman, who took a
squint at eich ash and then put down
In his book what he guessed to be the
riht weitht. The bills were paid aso
mrdai-ly-thousands of dollars.
Every year the govelmieat boae
from $00 to 1.000 lIve salmon for
breeding from the weir owners on the
Bucksport. Verona Orland and Penob
soot shores,. The price paid is the
market rate, from 20 to 5 cents a
pound. with 60 cents bonus for eaelc
Ash for the trouble of keeping therm
To get at the exact weight of a live
salmon is practically impossible, for
it is very delicate work at best in
dipping them from the "peasd" ti
the weirs to the "car," which is an
eld doty filled with water, carefully
ined with cotton fiasnel and covered
sith a netting, which is oovered o.t-.
Ode with canvas The Utamoet tean
r.a is aecessar7. fOr tn th alpsg ibe I
plaelta was fied up as a sort of a
glass house, and several hundred.
clerks fired oat Into that. Of course,
the sun beats down on this glass
house from the time that it rises until
it sets, and the result was that about
half the clerks were ill all of the
time from the heat last summer. So
this summer they have put a great
canvas over this glass house, and
keep water running on it all th time.
The poor clerks that work / under
this are turned in in the morning,
and the Iron gates are-closed like a
stone prison, and to get out to get a
bite to eat in the 30 minutes they
have at noon they have to tell their
name, age, nativity, place of resi
dence and a lot of other family his
tory. At least those who have to eat
say that it seems to them it takes up
enough time to give their pedigree
from the Revolution to now before
they get out without having to do the
same things to get back in, and tgat
takes up at least 10 minutes from
their scant half hour from eating. It
is said the iron cages are necessary
for the safety of the money which the
clerk# are counting, but the treasury
department has been running for
about 100 years with no such safe
guards. and there hasn't been (100
lost in the whole 100 years. So, after
all, the clerks in that section of the
treasury department haven't any
thing over the Caimorrists who were
shut up In steel cages every dry.
"De leagwidg dat nigger used was
"Do langwldg dat nigger used wm
do wust ah Is ever heead."
"Wdat did he say?"
"He say 4-n an' h-Ull an' or heap
mo' itch words."
"Bow about yoU, Mythology?" asked
judge Douglas of Ajax.
"Ah alnit never seed him, Jedge; he
ain't in cote."
"I mean did you use the profanity
as ehdrged by Alexander."
"Ah belongs ter de "robaca class'
of de lust African church, an' ah
don't nevah ume so-l'anity whataum
ever. Hit are a mistake, Jedge; dat
nigger Alen he done Iled erbout hit."
"In the laaguage of a popular song.
'lBoebody Lied' in the case." said
the court"
"However, that Is neither here nor
there, and much as I regret the ne
oasity o Imposangr a penalty on such
distinguisbed personages, you will be
requred to deposit $5 each in the
hands of Clerk Bill."
there they immnediately contracted a
bad ease of Philadelphia hookworm.
Although on the omotal pay roll. so
runs the story, they tell Into lie,
formed a union, and announced them
elves old time Philadelphia conrva
tive. the maloe have recoveret*nin
their scare and the cats are takins
An Immediate investiation was or
deed at which Assistant Postmaster
Loris Robinson preelsided. Testbpony
wase to the credit of the local ofie,
sad developed the following facts:
No highly enultured civil-service cats
were on the reglster. No eats of any
kind bad ever sought octal appolint
meat, lhoesh some were on the job.
It any eat-crusader ever finds his
way on duty bent into the post-omee
he most likely will be lynched. The
postofice cats have good records, and
count their friends by the omcial reg
SWhen snmmopd before the Inves
tigateag committee, the cats did not
"Always hustling In the interest of
the rvc" chuckled the division
., JuSt -AMH
alone is stamagely delicate. So it is
that weIhtr them is entirely out of
the question,
The government has for years hired
a veteran fiserman to make the
rounds of the weRts on the little power
boat and keep aecount of the fish. All
the man had to go by was his judg.
meat, bat be could tell by a glance at
a fish, even In the semidarkness of the
car, about what it would welsht-ten,
twelve, fourteen or perhaps sixteen or
eighteen pounds. It was guessing,
Perhaps the government ofcelale in
Washington didn't approve of paying
out money by guess. Whatever may
have been the conclusion, the gov
ernment. guesser tas lost his job.
Ueratter twelve posads will be the
Axed weiht oa evei salmon paeid Ds.

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