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The Colfax Chronicle
Published by Chronicle Ptg. Co., Ltd.
HI. G. GOODWYN, hManaging Editor.
County fairs are an infallible indl
cation of cooler weather.
Missouri's peanut crop is short, but
the country's crop of peanut politics
is a wonder.
A paragraphist asks: "Is poker a
gambling game."' Not with some
dealers we know.
Dr. Anna Shaw, who avers that
women will fill men's shoes, presum
ably refers to Chicago women.
Man went to attend the funeral of
his mother-in-law and found her alive.
And yet some people are not satisfied
with* their lot.
A motorcyclist, to be sure, might
give the girl behind him some sort of
handlebar to cling to, but he usually
eems to prefer the hug.
Stil., there is nothing to show that
a "synthetic" rubber tire will be
cheaper or last any longer than the
kind you have always bought.
If stimulating the thyroid gland will
make men taller, scientists o:ght to
be able to tap something or other to
make men wiser, handsomer and bet.
"Pie," says an exchange, "is an ex
preision of the soul." Yet most of us
have been under the impression that
the exprlaslons were due to night
bMkl fightl judge is at a loss to
decide whether a lobster suffers when
It Is boiled, but it is a well known fact
that a lobster suffers when he pays
ow one.
Wen Eve dolled up in the new
spring style ig leaf Adam, no doubt.
wrote a letter to the newspaper com
ilaining about the shocking styles of
the day.
SInce a New York man has estab
lNlked a farm to raise butterflies, it is
easonable to suppose that some other
man will soon start to raising butter.
ae files.
Add to the list of pessimists the
man who last spring bought an ex
peusive lawn hoe with money that
he might have used in pursuit of
Ift you dnet eltwee this is a talk
t1e nation you should note that 6 1
per eet. of the world's telephone
seils tn 1911 were registered In the
Utited States.
Man is a queer animile He arises
/a rhteea Indlgnation at the
thuobt of a woman wearing locks. s
lead yet rlbk aM eye when eme climbs
me a street car.
Wmts to New Jersey. whose hbus 1
bhad rfused to take her to a moving rt
letare show. deftly hit him on the
esad witth am Az ad you shall re
slve as it were
Aeeortag o oe m estimate, it costs
41,00 a year to kep a hydroplane t
I eunmissimon. One could keep a
white elephant for that sum, and not
Save half the trouble.
After a Brooklyn woman had run
he bouase thirty-fveweeks on $65 her
husband left her, saying that she was
ma wife for a poor man. Evidently c
she overted the brute!
It has been established that the an
demt Egyptians had the hookworm.
Aad despite all their wisdom they ap
parently lacked thymol and epsom
The Bouth Jersey peach crop is said
o be the greattest ever known. A
eaeh of a crop, as it were. s
A lobster may suffer when it is be
lag cooked, but think of the agony of p
the lobster who foots the bill.
A bed-very bad-sign of the times
s that convicts are gaining the sym
pathie ear of justice by writing bad
athetic ear of justice by writing bad
La public is alarming.
An English physician says that In
0 years the majority of the people t
e earth will be insane. Judgting by
he political arguments, a lot of them
mon't have to wait that long.
An tnveter has completed a ma
sahe for making cheap cigarette at n
~he rate of 15 a minate, and now all
kt Is requitred is a cheap, aoncerroe.
a mchie to conasume them.
SAnother atre. has obtained a dl- s
trs from hr hrsbuand, but will not. in
he fsar, ease the press aents to to
emane oemplatnlng about the popular- t
;l of the moving pctue shows. w
In the midst of new senations and w
• g delopmennt the unloaded i
s till kllina its vicetime in the
ged old-tashloned way. a
Ohio women have formed an anti- he
gemp league. Such charity ought to c
v ve we the fashleable slas of the m
Ibble skirt ad the cigarett. a
"ol wome are born beautiful, but sc
t show that a great many mre
beaty thrust upon them by so s
andr who write ut thear P
J~d' 'X ý dG `"
* ,
iij::iDl!~` ii,,.~i···' i 
IIOTOORAPHS from London o1 the funeral of General Booth reveal graphically the love of the people for
- the founder of the Salvation Army. The cortege was one of the greatest of modern times and passed through
streets thronged with hu~deds of thousands of mourningr people.
1 1 l 1 1 l l /
Fear the Extinction of Species
Through Reckless Waste.
Board of Agriculture and Fis1rleis Is
sues Report Warning Agalakt the
Consequences of Excessive Hunt
Ing in Northern Waters.
Wushington.-Danger of the total
extinction of the ahale through "over
fishing" is dealt with in the thirteenth
annual rtport on fisheries, issued by
the board of agriculture and fsher
It is unquestionable, says the re
port, that In the case of a slow-grow
ing and slow-producing animal like
the whale, although, owing to its wide
raag, It will probably never be ab
solutely exterminated, ecessive
bhoting speedily results In a very
marked depletion of the stock.
The practical extinction of the
uasqae and Greenland whale Asbhedes
has abuniantu proved this. It must
be remembered, too, that this result
was brouglt about by means f the
open and hand harpoon-methods i
which are now obsolete.
The Greenland whale was a com
paratively - sluggish and timid sat
meal whose captore by the method re
ferred to preentet little diMculty,
whereas the rorquals and other ape
ide were not only too swift, but too
dangerous to be attacked In the same I
manner as the "rlght" whale.
tWlth the lntroductio, however, of
the harpoon with explosive shell, dis
charged from a cannon mounted, In
the bows of a steamer, the conditions
were entirely changed, and the ape.
cies formerly immune from attack
could now be hunted with impunaity.
The result of this revolution in the
conditions under wh(ch the fishing
could be prosecuted Is seen In the
enormous dimensions which the in- I
dutry has attained at-the present
It is estimated that in 111 b
tween 19,000 and 20,000 whales were
captured in the southern hemisphere
alone (South Georgia, South Shetland, 2
South America, South Africa), to
which has to be added the catch In t
North America, Japan, Faroe, Iceland, 4
Spitzbergen and Greenland, and thee I
agures will probably be greatly ex
ceeded in 1912, as numerous new com- e
panies have been formed to exploit t
Alaskan, Australasian and Sandwich
island waters. t
This wholesale destruction must In-.
evitably tell its tale within a few c
years, and, as a matter of fact, in New- a
foundland and Iceland fears are al- t
ready entertained that the fishing is a
on the decline.
It would not, therefore, be a ma.- 0
ter for surprise If, within a few years, s
Woman Saves Her Money Because
Her Ticklishness Starts Too
Mush Row for Robbers.
Kansas City. Mo.-Being ticklish
saved Mrs. Francis Justine from los
lag her purse to robbers and a meet
tag that might have been terrifying
tuaned into an amusing affair. he
was on her way home when two arm
ed men eommanded her to walk back
with them to the shadow of a ware
"We want money, that's all," they
said. "So throw up your hands."
She obeyed and tnforrs4 them that
her purse was tucked in the top of her
corset under her arm. One of the
men tore open her waist and trust ln
a hand. It came out in a hurry to
clap over the woman's mouth, as she
screamed "Don't!"
"I didn't mean to cry out that way."
she laughed, as the hand dropped and
gave her a chance to speak, "bat I'm
awfully ticklish and I just can't stand
it may be found neceastary to estab
lish something in the nature of inter
national control, and the precedent of
the Behring seal fishery shows how
vexed a question whaling may ulti
mately become.
Its Endurance Wears Out All the
Quadrupeds In Bench Show In
Sausalito, Cal.--One lone sea lion,
with a strong pair of lungs and a dis
position bordering on, acute melan
cholia, nearly broke up the dog show
at the Marion County Kennel club by
developing a bark that was such a
challenge and inspiration to the four
legged canines that they had to re
Starting early in the morning, the
big seal, which was exhibited only as
a curiosity of the deep, and not be
cause of his vocal possibillties, howl.
ed all -day, and the dogs, big and
Ulttle, howled with him. Braced
against the railings in front of their
kennels they threw their souls into a
chorus that would have intimidated
an ordinrry saL But this one was
When nightfall came he was still at
it, In good votes and golng 40 howls
to the minute, but he was alone In
the .el4. The peodle and-the terriers,
and even the long-winded hounds, had
barked themselves *o a whisper.
r Traffic in White Slaves Profitable
to Many.
Expert Who Seeks $1,000,000 and a
Uniform Law to Stop Tmffie,
Makes Some Startling State.
ments About the Evil.
Washington, D. C.--"rom 15,000 to
20,000 girls between the ages of 13 and
25 years, a majority of whom are as
tive-born Americans, are the victims
each year of' the white slave traic In
the United States. About 50,000 men
and women make an 'easy' living ev
ery year selling, buying and living go
the earnings of these girls."
Stanley W. Finch, for 20 years an at
torney and omfficial in the department
of justice, made this startling state
ment. When Mr. Finch made the
statement above quoted he qualified it
by saying that it was a conservative
"White slave tramc in sqme form or
other has existed for 6,000 years,"
said Mr. Flinch. "In Europe it has
The continued efforts of the mee to
find the purse, while Mrs. Justine's
protecting arm wouldn't stay up,
threw her into .ts of laughter, which
so disturbed the robbers that, as she
sank to the pavement they ran, The
policeman who aame up as she rose
and brushed her dress found her
very gleeful over her experience.
"Headache" Pay Stopped.
Washington.-The new provision ti
the army appropriation bill providiag
that no olcer or enlisted man shall
receive pay for absence from duty
caused by disease resulting from his
own intemperate use of drugs or al
coholic liquors, or other mIscoaduct,
is now in effect'
Arrested for Giggling.
Rome, OG(-Because they siggled
during services. Rev. Mr. Curtis qf this
place" had two daughters of L G.
Waters arrested sad put in Jail charged
with disturbiag public wershla
Parls Papers Make Much of Two
Days of Sunshine--Fear
for Crops.
* Pars.-For two days last week the
sun shone in Paris, and the phenom
enon was reported in all the ne#*
papers under spread heads, for never
fore since anyone can remember
there been such a cold, rainy,
dark August in France. On not one
day this month has the thermometer
reached 74, while the average tet
Perature has been a little below that.
The lowest previous August average
was 79.
Camille Flammarion, the eminent
astronomer, says the records at the
Observatory of Paris, which was es
tabllshed under Louis XIV., more than
200 years ago, show that there has
been a gradual increase in the rainfall
since 1688.
This year rainy weather has been
general all over rance, so that, fear
is felt for the crope. Already there
Was been cosdenram e talk in the
newspapers of probable saufering next
winter. Althoush these discouraging
reports are regarded as too alarming,
it Is realised by all that, nless the
weather changes fte the better soon
great damage will be dona
Gesell Freosces FeSe.
Plsa.--Some deteriorated freoes
by eneosso Gossoet, the Italian paint
er of the ffteenth cetugry, have been
discovered in an oratory on the high.
way leading to the Cptle loJ timo.
The preservation of the frescoes It
been carried on with fluctuating sc
cess for 3,000 years; in the Uilted
States, with varying but ever grow
ing success,. for 100 years."
Desire for fortune and "easy" living
on the peart of the dealers, and the sus
ceptibllity of young girls to fraud and
deceit, are the causes, directly, for the
tartling growth of the trafic In the
United States, Mr. Finch said.
"One million dollars will suppress
the traffic, and for $250,000 a year It
ean be kept suppressed," said Mr.
Mr. Finch began his reel campaign
for suppression of white slavery last
May, and the system he has perfected
has been installed in Maryland, Vir
ginla, District of Columbla, North Car.
olipa, South Carolina, Ohio, West Vir
ginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. It will
be worked in all the' states of the
Union by May 1 next i .the money
holds out
The system provides for at least one
local officer of the department of Jus
tice in every city in the United States.
The work of these oficers is to keep
track of the inmates of every ques
tionable house, know who are the pa
trons of the cafes, and take cognizance
of all the suspicious and new chasr
ters who came into their districts.
"White slave trace is being rapidly
Isuppressed," declared Mr. Finch, "and
once it is suppressed, itwill cost only
a comparatively small amount to keep
it down. What is 200,000 or S00,000
a year if you know your home are
prtested from these mostoreqt"
BEurts are being made to have sal
foim 'slave" laws enacted i, al tel
stet, and with this la more crim
 will be apprehend.
evermmet Egineers Ma, Nave te
Abandea Survey of the rioeng
River Coal Plelds,
Cordova, Masks.-Teegho e ad
vices received from Katala state that
the barge load of supplies for the
Eve government engineers seant north
to explore the Bering river coal fields
has broken loose from the heug and
is being drtien to sea by a gale. If
the suppes are lost the expedit~or
will have to b gabandonrd for this
Scientists Believe There Is, a Reason for Bogs
w ý .ý Oi r ý a w wý Mf wI ýirf
WASHINGTON.-8eeretary Wilson
v o lookins for bedbass in his oZ
cl and not his private capaidty. Mr.
Wilson wants all the bedbugs be can
get, and furthermore he is willing to
pay a fair price for them.
This is not a hobby with Tama
Jm. In fact, he has no intention of
ever coming In personal contact with
the unpopular bipeds or quadrupeds
or centipedes, whichever class they
happen to belong to. Mr. Wilson
wants as many of this species of the
bug family as he can buy at a nickel
apiece--or purely experimental pu
On the old Lewis farm, near Vien
a, a few miles from Washtangton,
the department of agriculture m an
tains ad experimental farm. Every
class of buss that have any part what
soever in tfarm life are Wingbdl studiled
by the department's scientists.
In the railroad station at Vienna
this sign was postd:
"WANTED-Bedbugs. Pive eats
will be paid for each bedbug dellv
ered at the oece of the expeimental
Ah, It' Was a Sad Day for "Count" Preard
J SAN PERREARD. te son of
Paris; he of the Cafe de Perreart,
was disconsolate the other day.
It was the Sabbath and also the an
analversary of the fail of the astl.
And for the irst time in years the
"count," as he is amiarlyr heew.a
aled to observe the day. The count's
oelebrations have been notable events
in Washington for years, but the
count let the day pus quietly beeaseo
it fell on a Sunday.
veerything about the Chatbm: de
Perread was normal, exaept that
froma a window bresed the triemlor
of La Belle France.
Stilled were the dcaiklg glass4
because It was th Sablath day. The
hearty chanting of "Te MarseSiles,"
Us only the count could chae t It, was
not wafted out Into Thirteeth street
from the chateau windowq as k the
In fael retr ueetmo the emat
recalled the elebratdios at jpete._
year and his frlends eaissed tee.
The boa vivaats of the tows, who emi
Pereard the count, recalled the trlpp,
down the river as his guests atn
ow he used toe eheat the cabaret
Agriulbral Deparment n Aid Hsewives
NO branch of the Ulited StatesP sI
ernment comes so neu, to tLhe Ue
of the people as the depatmeat at
agriculture, which heals with the cot*
ton and other Abers of which our
clothe are made, the Socks and
herds we ratee, the crops we prod~oe,
the food we eat and the timber o
which our houses are built.
The closeness of the relation be
tween the department and the people
is in great meaare due to the fact
that the ue which s made of agrt
cultural products reoeives as much
attention as their production, and the
great bulk of these products is used
in the home.
Commenting on thi8 phase of the
department's work Secretary Wilon
Turkey Trot New? Danced 500 Years in Borneo
, ,m .,dIL[ ,L
SWILL be ea m to meny dobtless
that the mueh "tticsed "turkey
trot" has been danced to the rata god
of a savage tribe i the north of Bor
see for more than ive hundred years.
Several yrpas wroe of one e Wash.
insgto's exclusive reles were a
tonded when Pfrt. ldward Dsa
sme, a Washtngot dmoalig mstsr
mad. this statemat to them ddagl
a Lteeun o the hiest y da4elae.
Professor Daviuma said thbt the
"tret" Is one of the holy of hules
it ie religion of the savage Kruts.
When thme in-Ms a Pu9tmagesd dry
spel these helsthadg gsatives per.
orm the trot day in ady earout ant!i
the great rain god has heard their
prayers. The proessor- vlted the
naoth of the island several years ago.
He says be saw them daes around
the image of th god an entire night
During. the latter part of the
ighteenth oe~tury the turkey trot
wh- introduced into the daning
sabools eo Italy and PPortgal. and
Soon everybody Was dotgl it. tn the
Arst part of the nineteenth emts
4t griualy died ont.
frnr of the depsrtieant of ageril
.The farmers of Viennas ntend to
alt at the farm and make sure that
aopommdatioms have been made for
the safekeeping of thel bus.
Some of Uncle Sam's scientists be
Heve there is a reason for bedbugs
and If they manage to substantiate
this theory they intend to put them
to work at a more gratuitous task
than that upon which they are gner
ally esagd.
There Is a theory that most self
respectig speces of bugs will have
no dealings with bedbugs--n fact.
thy wilt not live in the same neigb
This theory is based upon two 5-.
sumptioUs. The mrst is that bedbugs
are sesappers and beat up and kilt
anythins else that happens to cross
their way ia begdom.
sew the dopaftment of agriculture's
sientists have about decided whieh
bgs do the most damage to frudit
trees. These enperimeats have been
carried on at the Lewis .arme for
many months. The must deadly bImss
as ar as fruit I so enerned. haerabeen
segregated In bapses and bottles.
The bedbu s are to be introduced
to these select fruit killers and then
the cientists are gClag to see what
f the b es carry of the hab
S..aUncle o may try to Induee
m to leave their present abodes for
rrut orchards.
O A -
sG- a- dtr od Paris. And al 
sembaeed how the cosut aused to say,
wh askes b-ow he wuold glebeate
th taduedssemee ea of Prunoe:
O *t will be a. rande Urs"
The amttamta .sbudpy has about
a . Uk a hmse l W$ oAut as
the' ouat would have bad I tthe
Ma.tewm at aso the oaly waw tR
head of t hoses of Perrard coeul
omete tiW day was to lp a littl
green lat, as it kt.id threugh a
Iona Of @ ga. set as the time the
rtsIdlr batesd I the bres from thk
eassaet of the,oafe..
The coust euld acot have a pubtl
party, and so eo had mssa It was a
bad dar for ianes.
And the count was very. very ad.
"Pa.hwrel t hdustries were ag~
e st by seLemtYe -O e4
sles at was sad tat silntaska h l.
ese byL ezpeusmse was m n r
ostly thea gnMeag It by yuteimmj
ftudr. 14 Sal y ;atelr that we
eoas to reals that It It equally
protable to etuft the hoskeepers
"Nity yers ago few such ques
time had ben take to the tlabra
tory aia w ubesaes pave lastrUetion
in sac sebjects. Today very mnsa
me and wesea of s estie traitnag
hav tes theu bose pribles to the
lhberatuy.n e e we Uadiag ways of
helpiag the b to solve her
"The department of agriculture bas
-stua many quletons whiMb reais
to the use of agrieltral products on
the farm and tthe home, but per.
haps omea of them haq a lcleer e.
lation to the' household than the n~
trittion lvestigatlons of the office of
experiment stations, whlchhare to do
with the use of agricultural products
as human foeds and where object Is
to help the housewife in her' eforts
to provide good Ulytag at reasonable
cost without undue Iabor."
fth. clura otblyt . Npab aId Pwe
tusa useda :-iaotn ry aesast the
theI na dea' bet the ph *a e
aerrs.n ed 4at es amiates favored
t. e the Sposd that it was good ex
erciee. In the eshfoabIo dancing
sheools at Rea it was all the rage
for a short tlmeat T es of the tur
key trot can be seen I the folk
dancees of Swtaserlad. Prtagal. Spain.
Italy and Freauc
*'n ;88 8 Itallaa named Glovanni
Cuia latrosIaed tbe rnoe to Saa
Franelase For a ttme it was'not ap
g secated. ma6c oUtside of Barbary
Codit ireles. 'hed it came to New
York and sotatfa pemitnent dancln
sstart it nate the Fear

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