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The Colfax chronicle. (Colfax, Grant Parish, La.) 1877-1981, November 23, 1912, Image 1

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I. - I 't, -
L , 2 A ,
Air mmintk8asof. Nine WI .
Tern at 00 mduik- ts submitted to
the pemp is of L amIniaS. at the Nov.,.
bs ditesoa were defeated and nine car
1 dad. eoadhg to the O*il retarn.
6ipW +b the Srmtery of Stat., with
m-mush-tht of Nxtcbltoes-mi.
ý º dm t t eree, refunding debt
?h.meidwnts defeated were:
1- -otrgesdsing remodeling
fStS sttom of aesseesmeat and
t4 15,111 votes for and 0,.
zYr -' 1b Anthor ia the paribes to
#resgha tezatis. fota period of
pets: n l/n teld l eaterpri.es 1
And lmpitveomnts made by ienml
,. 1 t Ib l 390 for and 48,
-Uummp' ng hrom txatlo. all I
{ r'- b rd o t, ith15,841
andi~iI IS, agi y s 1
ý& 4. 4JbAdmggdsjg the exempti of
toad min to the amIont of
ith *1 vtes for and um 41!;i
vs '3A msemp " citensfen pare- I
lI sadYz xths terms of aam
p ,4t25fri forMi,%- Im
f taxation the l
!N are this ,eoen. *i
fo r i
l 'w to serve on Is
- heudi hi. of thL rIt. p,
t o o M z a ilood s
isr haw e, with 1?,41 voesb
dW n.#amed the
!wi,%P~i hy. thr elt
~* '
Eaw$.dy eiwa6iy Inwied to te
Holiday Opening
na's Moet Attractve Conuercial Event
tll u t ad VeWeu b.- k ad gfrb, sad habies fuel
at Ubkiis tI~g ammace all through thhgcjlel. It itms
K' · lmpwtsa U ctaa prhIdy v amt 0i
e·I- ; ,~~ia~eaunark
*a k 'tcdek aid luiiq hiswgk s ted, tho VarIety Sim's Hdidsy r
s Th. .".1 lb. the bS hr.m dami L Z i 's
d1.-ik.cr ~rWee Ghin mrq wLb (swtoar k* evcrygtbbt* fgsto
'!! $ .Iv 81.6 wE o o - ý.zMb w dnt sifthe dhpt
, :. '!E3 33A uadzu lUNG TU" RAMWEN ALONG
th L It wU biw, vii a glmhi wi.smhs tIs
8"590. i wn fim.7 &iU h $ wq
w sift list ab". The Var it lig 4ma Its #inmqpmg Is make tbhg IIdro smE a
ui eai. Huwt, it wggm tog p It git~s ýt bmm.muWis The., It
toe the m. Th f Imm or s a tce wmt ie ma th
tl a !araam t e g a~ li 80"0 lb. f1re o rut v l e as Mu fro ws C ases to = " m W "b
s; i s tii es Useta tio dshesi to b4.w qama wkd to wqmkr d 1.
t g ae'' ý s mI sa m tpres avr !tiers wid twee et sa tite As
83awD zua a a., ao ir ian as vat U& f r o r :o us -
hut ~ h~9r dais r'tolc· in d maeIw~m Tbsu umael~
s Beet -
ISgI a m 1u
wE ,i beW''ytb"g1,
·LORIDD a~res ~llt BIP.P~l as~o: ~ F
~T-·'·~ i VAR~jVy STOR
~i~ut Sn~~r~igiN, j'p
I. Na --Exemptig from taxation cor
to porations formed for the purpose of
m- lendnlag money onf u lands at a net
a- rate not to excesed per sent, carried
as with 5,375 votes fec and 21,210 votes
-th agaos't.
Is- No. 8-Exempting from taxation the
bt legal reserve of life isuranes comp- ]
nies organised under the laws of Louis-.
lans, adopted with 27,94 votes for and
at 20,71 against.
ad N. -A one mill tax for the pea
,- sloning of the Confederate sodihers,
carried with 43,187 votes for and 12,30
to votes against.
ot No. 11-Amending the registration
Slaws of the State, carried with 3443a
1- votes for and 17$5 votes agtainst. (
3 No. 18-Creating the aditional di
triet esort for Caleaslen perish, with
SI Ua,1s votes and 16,1e votes aainst.
I 'No. 14-Allwing the ards tie right ,
to vote god road tax, with 2,7r votes
SI for and l, 6 votes agast
f Na 16-Allowi ag a u lpipties to
S rendig bnds to retire b to r ad
metato dig, with ",41  votes for and
17,874 Ves against . a
SNo. 15-Exteadbg the period for the
seamptions of the proposed steamshbip r
Hae, wIth Wl,M votes for sad 19,714 '
e votes agalast. tl
No. 11-Pitwidlag for the Alling of a
Sjdiialvaesais in the Parieh of Or
r leaNs bp esetia, lith 27,75 votes for
sad 13,7 votes agast. a
- With two parish. ashing, the
r vote fer pessdil selectors in Lodltl
ahathe rreenteae elti was fol
laws: Desocrats, at 1 regraves
i,:1 ; R e pau b i e n , 3 , 7 7 4 ; S o c la l s t s , M,
"`t is a pleases to tea you that "l
ChMobaisi's lienay is the Al
last emaghn L ave ier tad," be
wuoes Yrs. Rugh Ceawsbela of Lava -
al,, ga. "I hLae mused with- sa my
mad eo nm havmbeesa h-.
lý .hemua " Par sahe by ýaJ.*.
Jaerewlta at t o le Cl a gst R
heu at I. W. Dumean C., Ltd.-Ado. den
x- O~Sil Proceedins ef the fowm Cfe
t Colfax, La., Nov. 7, 191S,
ed The town council met this evmig in
asan adjourned session, with MayorR IL.
Jeter presiding, and Aldermen J. Q.
SLong, F. B. Cole and J. I. Swaford
. present. Absent, W. A. Brownles and
SG H. . MeKnight.
ad On account of the absene of the see
retary, the reading of the mimites of
.the last meeting was dispensed with.
The following claims were presented
San allowed:
J. W. Duncan Co., Ltd............ $17,50
J. M. Straughn, making tax
Sroll for 191. .... ........... 10 00
HE. D. Brister, sindries............ . 0
Colfax Livery Stable, account
H. D. Brister ...................... 860
i Total ............................... P I7
The marshal reported the following
t collections:
Licenses ................................. ^ 10 50
S Total :.:........................... $165
j He exhibited deposit slip showbug
sme to credit of town.
a On a motion duly seeonded the tax
roll as made out by J. M. Srbamhn
was seepted, and same was plased in
the hands of the mlarsh and elsat, r,
and he wasinstmuted to presed to
Solleet the taxes for 1911
STmere being no further busles the
oacnl adjourned.
. R. .Jarm,
JQ. LouK, Mayor.
Ssee. pro tm..'
Oatr a lhi Raft
but the crowd cheered, as, with arned
hbmb, be held up a small seent ,
"Fellows!" he sbo ted, "thiadsml . -
Arnial Salve I hold, has vr,." 1
beat for baens." Right! also fe bos
~smn, sores, pintl .essmano i, g
sqpahmw, Wbruises pila It
S e et a pat Dixie Pharmassy.-Adv. .
J. R. McNeely will receivea ina few
a a car lead of geuoine Tear Red
Rust Proot Seed Oat. Place yeaw or
der now.-Ad,. tI
ass- Pse uip a'T7 ?w*.m >Mw art~
112. Verds, La., Nqow .~ig.
Pti. b. Row ah Divirg a to! th
t. R. p.rlk ±bus ia Wday 4iW iqsl
Q. owisa, nd was.gd t o odwat 1
aord prariSi 4, aJsr wbl* as Nws at
Ssad the-pmkr l- wa - t w wi 0Aa
- 1! rate
b: i `"Hor to bare ' Nodl obol,"
tstd MMa LY. Durham.
3-'"Wba haturesz 8h.d wta
.7,f0it t" vmdk?"-Mr. "R. A. Carpastar.
4-"Noesl Racitetdas I Nuaberb
6860 -Melt"' ss L~a. i
-i-"![ sritatior h ~r
so -Ns .a.
8-6 b-"A TKay DWay to the in
Win .-AI e ~to s-.p 1. N. Immt
B U Sciumas?-er. ; aa
0 0 t'" Y4 e at di. I
- ltrtsi Ndieos a iA te Bssarbit
6 40 SQL?~r"-Hiss 4td4 and M4 BYti.B
--Addimu -Myi. WnIsbt fmmee.
tax peintuodast ao LtayrsI pars ps
gha A motaon was this aat sod 0a9
11 ina,-tatUbelt * two.~ in's
ILr at Coifax. Catirla
to Thur. buh no .a.t .
the faL.
J. IL Joe I
"d Sk asui, I. Muum 4 M
on: udwrad an Mum4444 4miy 5ppsg
,s an st da brew h a. rai-C s~t fa
It .33a.m. a luny a s wer .a
Y oths jtoftsstb $o m~
o hsfnwhs S Wamar at
es -.s pilot the 'sad ba>atgh
M "ITuad n Yparr 1 ath," *im
Ui. is saild and i~ixl;
" 15 _tr drrit w
dm't wtoft e I W w. V"
--"r r9br ' ..
-o'tw i ta4q.64i at dm U
hsw ha:464 r~arw8 o1 k, MANd
maks-s ausds sk. eisdlb .*i j .
"..r Uqieei ýir'rl -
" atv-wages -eo yawk~mr~m
L-i. *V *.iU, and U. ;lR.:
'se'arfifertbrs s. Lorft,ºi~~ or:
4+oeopas aeR i alast ;4akea +ea. .
us i lisila rn wet- a6 Amr
bat rinatgr Wabi it;sh .W
whet. aim sc doNkj s ds . a
Stns yatsa at *ad sr.i3ro
wm'eistadssi o.m d Iii, b
..& owt of tt - a sa y_ - :
q46t. a andd al mst 4hmeri . w
dpr dath.T.Lddga. I wIt
This qatrrn at - mad
-~o a takjiwmirab~y3I. 4bii
-d Fclw m bk kuet dL.~SLa
S'qb has ears w wrads ami:
nii~s hanI had psbu~t a
em, vmet-t-MamdjIJ~.
~Cs, uymwb Mrndm~ waSa.
-i ~n*ki deehee '-thew4
A~w'a& abbtpetauh r
Ur~a.'Wm m a
emrns~s ta buas thu i
inasb amu i~ir at
* aad
6-1 - W
J r ;
_d 4'"ýý(4 * ii ."s"y t
.. of 4
irw ý. Y K. '.,.
ýý ±a. yIo'."ý ý, a
r t t r;B· ·:·;'
*.ft 4
i. ~
~* i-?-.;·
*- II3.14
br3ld *·~L~T~I

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