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Out-of-Town Customers
Now brought into closer touch with
Holmes' store through
Purchases from Holmes' will be delivered free of cost to the purchaser, just as to residents
of New Orleans, and out-of-town customers will no longer have to figure the added expense
of postage or expressage on a purchase as previously, for we deliver, free of charge, mer
chandise weighing 11 pounds or less, and not over 72 inches in length and girth combined,
as per Parcels Post regulation.
We wonder if out-of-town customers realize how much Holmes' is really doing for them by
Just as in most forward movements in Department Store Work, we have been and are the
leaders, and just as in every other movement inaugurated for the ultimate benefit of our
customers, there are bound to be followers, and in time other stores in New Orleans will
offer free delivery, and in this way, through Holmes' inaugural free delivery by Parcels
Post out-of-town purchasers will finally get free delivery on purchases made anywhere in
New Orleans.
Thanks to Holmes'
Our out-of-town readers of this announcement will do well to remember that not only havy
we a Mail Order service that is prompt and efficient, giving as careful attention to commis
sions by mail as if purchase was made in person, but we also deliver anything under the
Parcels Post regulations "FREE OF CHARGE."
Postoflice No. 15, in Holmes' Store, has been appointed by the United States
Government as a station for receiving and transmitting Parcels Post
Parcels Post Stamps and any information regarding new
Parcels Post Service can be obtained from the Postoffice
in Holmes' Store.
D. H. HOLMES CO., Ltd.
Paris, New York, NEW ORLEANS Establin 18hed
Berlin, London in
S 4toLftar rnmidlt.
Published by
H. G. GOODWYN............. siasria Edstor
A. M. )OODWYN .................... Aitim
Subsorlotion 81.00. In advanse.
Official Organ of Grant Parlah Sbchool
Board and Town of Colfax.
Ofcial Journal ef Grant Parish.
SATURDAY, JAN. 11, 1918.
Notice to Postmasters.
When a newspaper remains un
called for at a postoffice by the
person to whom it is addressed
it is the duty of the postmaster
to notify the publisher, giving
the reason for non-delivery. We
call the attention of postmasters
to this law because it frequently
happens in the absence of in
struction that a publisher contin
ues to send a paper to a person
at a postoflce after that person
has gone to another place. The
observance by postmasters of tho
postal regulations in this matter
will confer a favor on us as well
as the subscribers to the paper.
On Wednesday Mr. R. W.
Richardson, president of the
Grant parish police jury, receiv
ed a telephone message announc
ing the death of his cousin, Mrs.
Florence Brashear, wife of Mr.
Joe Beauregard, of Echo, La.
She was well known to many
Colfax citizens. Her remains
were buried in the Pineville ceme
tery on Thursday, Jan. 9. She
leaves two brothers, Preston and
Monroe Brashear, and three sis
ters, Alva, Frances and Mabel,
all of whom reside in or near
Alexandria, except Mabel, who
lives at Lewiston, Idaho.
Cat the Mai Cost of LiviSg.
W. H. Camm, Wminnebago, Neb.,
te hImw bew Id it. My two children
bd a vs. bed .oib and the doctor's
m es dithem no gopd. I got a
,qs.bt ],f 's Barn 'rm. Com
wes NEW sad Md fd their
iw gIrMil' tbar one
's 7 sad Tar
IM J. Wk Dun
Schoel Beard Proceedlgs Not Yet
Ready for the Printer.
The new school board of Grant
parish held a two days' session
last week, on Friday and Satur
day, and organized anti transact
ed a large amount of business,
but it being the end of the year
when voluminous reports have to
be handed in by Secretary J. N.
Warner, he has not been able to
send the proceedings in for pub
lication this week.
The board organized by re
electing J. H. McNeely as presi
dent and J. N. Warner as parish
superintendent, Mr. I. J. Rine
hart was elected vice president,
and the Chronicle was re-elected
as printer, for which compliment
we feel duly thankful, and shall
endeavor in the future to do our
full duty, as we have ever tried
to do in the past.
Mr. R. M. Irwin, U. S. Inspec
tor of River Locks, etc., who has
been located at Harrisonburg
and Vicksburg for several months
has had his location changed to
Riverton, La., and sends us a dol
lar with the request to change
the address of his Chronicle to
to the latter plan'
The police jury was in session
four days this week, counting
Jan. 8, wherein only committee
work was done, but the clerk
was not able to get the proceed
ings written up m time for us to
publish them this week.
Mr. Lee and Miss Sheldon, the
new teachers for the Colfax high
school, who take the places of
'Mr. Long and Miss Turner, re
signed, arrived o. k. and entered
apon their duties last Mo .day.
Dame Rumor has it ttMr.
B. B. Long and Miss ella
Turner, formerly teacherain the
Colfax high school, have IKen, or
soon will be, united in
in the city of Shreveport.
This remedy ba no mperior for
oughsmb ad rsL It is pdt, to
take. It contains no opium or other
nsrcotic. It always cures. For sale
by all dealers.-Adv.
The People's Democrat Suspended.
The People's Democrat failed
to come out last Saturday, and
in the mail of that day, a lot of
statements were sent to subgsrib
ers with this information print
ed at the bottom: "The Demo
crat has been suspended, hence
this statement."
No notice or other information
about the suspension having been
given out, the public has been
left to guess at the cause of sus
pension or disposition to be made
of the plant. A special in the
N. O. Picayune of Jan. 8, says
it is thought the paper will be
edited by the Socialistg, of Winn
field, and that E. A. Mathis, its
editor, "will either work on the
new staff or engage in farming
in the future."
A petition is being almost uni
versally signed by the citizens of
Colfax, asking Mr. J. Q. Long
to run for mayor of the town, in
place of Mr. R. R. Jeter, who
has resigned and moved to Flori
Assessor Murrell and his as
sistant, Mr. J. M. Straughn,
has been at work this week mak
ing plats and getting ready to
list the taxable property in Grant
for the year 1913.
Mrs, Jac Bloch, accompanied
by her mother, Mrs. J. Plonsky,
will return to Colfax on Sunday.
Mrs. Bloch has been visiting her
mother at Washington, La., for
the past week.
Messrs. R. Rambo and T. H.
West were among the visitors to
Colfax on last Tuesday attending
the session of the police jury.
Mr. L. L. Roach moved into
Colfax on January 1, he having
bought the Welch residence in
the southern portion of town.
Mrs. Rob is now in charge of
the Brinker hotel, and will run
it this year.
Chremk Cmstdpatiom Cuared.
"Five years sao I had the worst ease
of chronic constipaton I ever knew of.
and Chamberlain S Tablets cured me,"
writes S. F. Fish, Brooklyn, Mich.
For sale by all dealers. -Adv.
'Weil Bros. & Bauer
Our January The Big Goods,l
Clearance Sale Etc
Is Now Farnished
In Full Sway On Appliation
Inaugurates to Out-of-Town
Z Free Delivery by
* We have always been anxious' to get in closer touch with the rural customer
Sand this system will be the means of having our wish gratified. There is a
great future for the mail order business, and if Fair Treatment and Right
Prices demand recognition we expect tp retain our title as the foremost
Mail Order House of Central Louisiana
Purchases made from Weil Bros. & Bauer will be delivered free of cost to pur
chaser. You will no longer have to figure the added expense of postage and
expressage on a purchase as previously, for we will deliver free of charge mer
chandise weighing 11 pounds or less, and not over 72 inches length and girth
combined, as per Parcels Post Regulations.
Our Out-of-Town Readers of This Announcement
will do well to remember that not only have we a Mail Order Service that is
prompt and efficient, giving as
careful attention to commis
Sweeping signs by mail as if purchase Ladie' its and
Reductions On All was made in person, but we Costumes at
winter also deliver anythling under January
Wearas the Parcels' Post Regulations Clearance Pric
"Free of Charge."
me- - - ********
Parcel Post Rates of Postage
Parcels weighing four Qunces or less are mailable at the rate of
one cent for each ounce or fraction of an ounce, regardless of dis
tance. Parcels weighing more than four ounces are mailable at
the pound rate, as shown by the following table, and when mailed
at this rate any fraction of a pound is considered a full pound.
1st Zone *d 3d 4th 5th 9th 7th 8th
Lo/al Zone Zone Zen Zone Zone Zone Zone Zone
Weight- Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate ate Rate Rate Rate
1 pound .............. $0.05 $0.06 $.07 $0.08 $0.09 $0.1 $0.11 $0.12
2 pounds ............ .06 .08 .10 .12 .14 .16 .19 .21 .24
3 pounds ............ 07 .11 .14 .17 .20 .28 .28 .81 .6
4 pounds ............ .08 .14 .18 .22 .26 .30 .87 .41 .48
5 pounds ......... .09 .17l .22 .27 .32 .87 .46 .61 .0
6 pounds ........... .10 .20 .26. .82. .38 .44 .66 .61 .72
7 pounds ............ 11 .28 ' .30 .37 .44 .51 .64 .71 .84
8 pounds ......... .12 .26 .34 .42 .50 .68 .73 .81 .96
9 pounds ......... .13 .29 .38 .47 .56 .66 .82 .91 1.08
10 pounds ......... .14 .32 .42 .62 .62 .72 .91 1.01 1.20
11 pounds ......... .16 .35 .46 .57 .68 .79 1.00 11 1.32
IThe local rate in the first zone applies to parcels sent by a city
man to someone in the.same city, or on a rural route starting out
of that city, and also to parcels sent by someone on a rural route to
someone on the same rural route, or to the city from which that
route starts, or to someone on another route starting out of the
same city. The zone rate for the first zone applies to packages
sent between cities.
Special parcel post stamps must be used, If ordinary stamps are
used packages will be held for proper postage.
Mrs. L. E. Folden, aged 36
years, wife of J. A. Folden, died
at her home near Colfax, La., on
Tuesday morning, January 7.
1913, at 4 o'clock. She leaves i
her husband and four children,
her father, four sisters and three
brothers and many friends to
mourn her loss. Her remains
were buried at Bethel graveyard
on Wednesday, Jan. 8.
May the blessings of God rest
on the husband, children, father,
brothers and sisters. The jtdg
ment will bring us all fage to face
and we shall know as we are also
The ladies .of the Woman's
Home Mission Society will meet
at the M. E. church on Tuesday
Jan. 14. All members requeMeA
to be present
Hiats for Beae pers.
Keep Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound always on hand, and yee can
uiekly bad off a cold by its penmpt
se.. It containts no opiates, a
soothes the inflated ar passage, top
the cough, and may save a big dc a
bill In the yellow package. J. W.
Duncan Co., Ltd.-Adv.
On Tbmir W to Flrda.
Thursday night, Jan. 9, .Mr.
R. R. Jeter and family left Col
fax for theirnew home at Tarpon
Springs, Florida. They will take
an ocean steamer at New Orleans
in the Gulf and Atlantic coasting
trade, in order to reach their new
home, which is on the west side
of Florida. The move is made
principally for the health of the
family, although the country is a
fine and prosperous agricultural
region, famous for its health re
Mayor Jeter has made us a
good citizen, and hasa great
many friends who regret to se
him move away from our midst.
The Chronicle wishme him and
his family health and prosperity.
henped After Fiftem Yeah.
W. P. Broyes made a mueneful as
h aai. - blad d e r t r e a b b F
f lian i released him and wil do
jus-the same for other. He sep:
"Tbeyuend a most sever backmbe
with ittbladder rr egulade sad
alt yla claim for thea." R
iem snbsitets. J. W. Dema n Co.,
A Newr aker is Tow.
A new banker arrived in Col
fa last Wednesday night, Jan.
8, 1913, and we understand that
he is to remain here and do busi
ness permanently. For the pres
ent he is associated with Mrs.
J. E. Swafford, apd will remain
with her for an indefinite period
to take instruction of her and
Mr. Swafford as to his futureA -
ties and responsibilities i~ the
banking business. The general
impression is that it will take
about twenty-one years for him
to catch on to Mr. Swafford's
methods for doing business at
the Bank of Golfax.
Mr. J. W. Collins, of Verda,
was in Colfax yesterday, getting
ready to go to Indianapolis, Ind.,
to be treated for a cancer. This
is the same institution at which
Mr. S. . LCroIx is being treat
ed, and pe understand Mr. L in
tends to remain two weeks long-'
or, having been greatly benefit
ed by the treatment already re
$100 Reward, S100.
l lN d u i tra W :R be l mmi t tIrans
ta Ie.. tm is vme msse4 a emi this m..
S-em hmm te toe mu aldl t ntag4 atuty. abat b
Sa fluea"nm s O *..... sro a seMtie.
m r. la~m.x It Ir kamsn .
to erle . t+. S uard soe, t gat pmu-e
meraser ti t ra up the *=Wemit"ad
A eeti od wItl be held il thep wahu
Os Seathalt h ebayw 1fo thea M
ar ei. i n favor ofn the adoptS o
5' j hf an .edine pro
lb the eitisres ward on, Grant pOr
", La.
S aldse"t wil bebld in thiward
eo katuray, February ii iýS for the
parpems of ascertaining rIlether or mot
th apee an to favor of the adoption
-: ýe. - jury of t an odinance pro
hibitig bhog frof running at large in
the ward. B. S. CAAERON.
Clerk of PolJe Jury.
8 Scat-class farm mules.
1 iyokeof oxen.
4 s mew farm wagons.
6 nsew lg wagon.
1 ladmwey.
Ifyowmat to buyfor c adsauin
Adems, J. C,
-ms fa.

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