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New Santa Fe Trail Along the Fort Lyon Irrigating Canal in the Arkan"
sas Valley, Colorado.
The "See America First" spirit is
talkng a new grip on the western
st tes, according to information re
ce:ved from that sectii.. They say
out there that "if you mnust see Eu
rc()e, why, see it; but see America
in the Rocky mountain region just
now the advocates of this patriotic
princip:e are talking a great deal
about the south and are urging peo
ple who live in the west to visit the
southland and get in closer touch with
it, people. In Colorado. especially, is
this true.
Colorado has had many southern
people within her borders within the
last year and a special effort is belng
put forward to induce more to visit
that state in the summer months.
From Texas and Oklahoma last sum
mer, It is said, a large number of
people Journeyed to Colorado in their
automobiles. They entered the state
by way of the great Arkansas valley.,
which is said to be one of the largest
irrigated areas in the world, embrao
ing more than 600,000 acres.
A new automobile highway has been
Carbonati Hill. In the Ladvlllo (Coloraldo) Mining Distrlist.
The total gold output In the United
States from 1901 to 1910. Inclusive,
was $17,216,800. Of this production
Colorado oontrlbuted $217,876,100; Call
fornlal $184,141,000; Alaska, $144,756.
000; Nevada, $0,522,000; South Dako
ta, $6S41too.
Although many surface deposits of
bonnt are have been exhauted.
there are now more and better oppor
tanitifes for proftable mnitng than
ever before In Colorado. Mining cost
have been reatly reduced by the u
tension of electric power lines to ner
ly every mtning district of the state.
Recent developments in the appllca
Annual Output In Colorado Alone ls
$14000000--Farmers Receive
From careutully compiled facts and
figures the total investment ln the
seventeen beet sugar factories In Col
orado is found to be $19,250,000. From
the same source of information It is
learned that the. annual output of
these factories Is approximately $14.
000,000. and the sum paid by the fac
tories to the farmers Is more than
$,00.oo0,oo00 each year.
These factories are operated by
cO peales, but plans are under way
foar the building of several factories
ea cooperative basis.
To the farmers the sugar factories
a l dependable marLt The price
A h f ~ arrand before the crop
g pits sad Is based upon amount
4 thg esntain. Contracts with
.aggImsd i va of plant
-. 1r the Is $5-per ton
ssthaw 14
built along what was known as the
old Santa Fe trail, but now called the
.Jew Santa Fe trail, which has been
designated as part of the trans-con
tinental highway. For miles and miles
this highway is said to be as smooth
as a city street The route leads to
Pueblo, designated as the Pittsburg of
the west, owing to the vast steel
works in operation there; thence to
Colorado Springs and on to Denver.
Colorado people are pushing the
construction of automobile highways
in the state and are looking to the
southern states to do the same. so
that during the winter automobile
owners from that state can motor
through the south.
Colorado has 33,000 miles of roads.
of which 30,000 are passable by auto
mobile and 4,500 miles are improved
roads. Good hotels and garages can
be found in every town in the state
where the population exceeds 1.000.
according to information sent out
from the state highway commission.
From this same source it is learned
that Colorado expended $1,750,000 on
its roads in 1911, and will expend
$2.400,000 in 1912.
tion of the cyanide process make it
possible to earn dividends by extract
int gold from ore that a few years ago
was east upon the waste dump. The
construction of deep drainage tunnels
has made it possible to work mines at
a greater depth.
Cripple Creek remains the greatest
gold camp lD the state; but.in other
districts. especially in the La Platas
and the rest of the San Juan district.
many new producers are developing.
Colorado continues to produce sil
ver and lead in large quantities, but
in the last two years zine has ranked
next to gold in importance.
The beet sugar companies have a
large number of forty and eighty acre
farms that can be rented either on
shares or for cash. Expert advice is
given, free of charge, relative to plant.
ing, Irrigating and cultivation.
Both soil and climate to Colorado
are exceptionally well adapted to the
production of sugar beets. Water for
irrigation provides the best insurance
against droughts. The soluble salts
of the soil have not been leeched out
by excessive rains, and during the
growing season there is a maximum of
Beets should be rotated with other
crops such as alfalfa. wheat and pota
toes. Alfalfa especially is necessary.
as it acts as a fertiliser and is the
basis of all general farming in Colo
Cattle raising and dairynla are nat,
ural adjudcts to the beet sugar n
dustry. The beet tops, pulp and mo
lasses can be made to add to the earn
lags of the farm when used for the
fattening of stock or for the produc
tion of milk
Beet growiang, therfre. tis eom
lag recogniead as asa apartant )actor
in the prodeethve eapaclty of the tarm
rather than as a Npelp rla 
His Stomach Troubles Over.
Mr. Dyspeptic, would you not like to
feel that your stomach troubles were
over, that you could eat afly kind of
food you desired without injury? That
may seem so unlikely to you that you
do not even hope for an ending of your
trouble, but permit us to assare yon
that it is not altogeteer impossible. If
others can be cured permanently, and
thousands have been, why not you? J.
R. Barker, of Battle Creek, Mich., is
one of them. He says, "I was troubl
ed with heortburn, sndigestion, and liv
er complaint until I used Chamberlain's
Tablets, the~ my trouble was over."
Sold by all dealers.-Adv.
Sheriff Sale.
Thirteenth Judicial District Court, Par
ish of Grant, Louisiana.
W. J. Swor vs. J. R. Gross.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of a writ of seizure and sale issued out
of the Hon. 13th Judicial District Court,
Grant Parish, Louisiana, in the above
entitled suit and t:, me directed, I have
seized and will offer for sale at the
principal front door of the court house
in the town of Colfax, La., between
the hours prescribed by law, on
SATURDAY, JAN. 25, 1918,
the following described property, beized
as the property of the defendant, to
A certain tract of land described as
beginning 64 yards west of the south
east corner of northeast quarter of the
northeast quarter of section 9, township
8 north, range 4 west, Louisiana Merid
ian, running west to the southwest cor
ner of said forty, thence north 178
yards, thence east to within 10 yards of
the east line of said quarter, thence to
south to the point of starting, compris
ing 15 acres more or less, together with
all of the buildings and improvements
'lgrms of sale, cash, subject to ap
This December 20, 1912.
Sheriff of Grant Parish.
Bankrupt Sale.
In the matter of Clinton Mercantile
Company, Bankrupt.
No. 849 in Bankruptcy.
In the United States District Court for
the Western District of Louisiana.
By virtue of an order of Hon. George
S. Taylor, Referee in Bankruptcy, to
me directed in the above entitled mat
ter, I will offer for sale at the principal
front door of the court house in the
town of Colfax, La.. at 12 o'clock, noon,
SATURDAY, Feb. 1, 1913,
tne following real estate of aid bank
rupt, to-wit:
i'he south half of the northeast quar
ter, the north half of the southeast
quarter, and southwest quarter of the
southeast quarter of section 21, town
ship 6 north, range 2 east, La. Meridian.
Terms of sale, cash for not less than
three-fourths of its appraised value.
Constable Sale.
State of Louisiana, Parish ot'Grant,
Sixth Justice Court.
Henry Rose Mercantile Manufscturirg
Company, Limited vs. V.
Moreau & Son.
By virtue of a writ of fleri facias, is
sued out of the Sixth Justice Court of
the parish of Grant, La., and to me di
rected in the above and entitled suit, I
have seized and will offer for sale at
the store of V. Moreau & Son, at Aloha,
ward six, Grant parish, La., on
SATURDAY, JAN. 18, 1918,
the following desqribed property seized
as the property df the defendants, to
One lot of dry goods.
One lot of groceries.
One lot of medicines.
One show case and contents.
Terms of sale, cash with the benefit
appraisement as per inventory on file.
Constable of ward six.
W. C. . & J. B. Roberts,
AfttornU6s and Gouns610or
Will pr.ctlce in State and United
Mtatee Courts.
Ottfiuc at fJcxamdria and Gollax, Loalalas.
l'OLFAX ............... LOUIBIANA
Will practice in all the Oourts,
Office over the Bank of Colfax
Teleph6ae No. Ib
"After four it our ffmily had died
of consumption 1 was taken with
Sa frightful cough and lhmg troube
but my lifo was c=-d and I gained
87 pom!unds through us!ag _
W. B Patterson, Welington, TeTa,
PRE se.d o1.0 AT AU. Du.slst.
Turn Over
a New Leaf
Iy swbscrthsiu
II - t , , i
A Here in a LJghttmae.
For years J. S. Donahue, So. Haves,
Mich.. a civil war captain, a a light
house keeper, averted awful wreckr,
but a queer fact is, he might have been
a wreck, himself, if Electric Bitters
had not prevented. "They cured me of
kidney trouble and chills," be -writes,
after I had taken other so called cures
for years, without benefit and they al
so improved my sight. Now, at seven
ty,, I am feeling fine. For dyspepsia,
indigestion, all stomach, liver and kid
ney troubles, they are without equal.
Try them. Only 50c at Dixie Pharmacy.
Harry McEvoy Brennan
Lawuer and Notarr
Practices in State and Federal Courts
L. G. O'Neal
Leeated at Colfax, La.
Salesman for
Junius Hart Piano House
G. C. Chandler, M. D.,
Sp.elas&st Is dimases at
Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat.
$pstsela and Irtitsleal qeas aLlwap oe beast
coop~e 8Id.. Rooms a sand s4.
Attorney at Law
'- Fr sh, la blel Para
Scarntee1 Is Plese
mu 'har r. ,ritesot ur
wr :'1 r".; peatlpemd oUT
th.k l ..uty es* . . >.
| Vi.ndre See Imup, l pof rieqO a.
peknq. sem t erea he ~eew . Isele s
Toml h Acte - Qdkk l Re.gt
et rid of your Deadly Kidne
Airlment, that oet you a high pri
money. OtheI ar cured tbem s .
by the pm Op mad telY ue of LIY
HEADICr, and ALL te may rir
troublstsOthat ow tyuahigh pE.
I.E not beyond the re hef edicie No
to.acine can do e, Ian 8aydowpsckags
L W. Danua, C., Lt L, Agaats
Wea. s .f the ig d type
w eas .1 supon.er edocadoe d i
ref whew & eee a I
foce at their opises, highly I
pram the wooderfl cemnctiv.
borhirh' Stom h ad Liver Ta
d o rma's lfo from firP dl,
thrrdh the deals f mtdut.
i* m safer orusre roA~blema d.
mmiCi Chamerlan' Tabletm m e
id aryuwhbrea t 2Sc a os.
wmwm a ve, m mm
i WeM"s Paegene s
which will bMd ypor harest fmed
A* you mwiualr or
- ir* a - , mo
A frrs wiut3 -91ti
iTo were poleýt 's tei a ~ ý e ta eite
A. in the CatakilBe a g irl r.ed
horsebeck at midnight ad svmd many
liv.s.. .j deed was glorious but tives
are ofte saved by Dr. King's New
Discovery in corinR bng troube, eeags
and colds, which might have ended in
Facts About Tarpon Springs
Delightful farm homes on the Gulf coast.
Fine Citrus fruit land on account of its soil, water.
protection and drainage.
Fine truck land on account of its fertility and
Best opportunity in Florida land on account of low,
price and liberal terms.
For further information write for booklet, giving
full description, to
Tarpea Springs, Fla.
6ul Rit6 Orosr
ar J0..D. B IOSTON, gr l'oor
in the Blua Store Next to Texas Hotel
Railroad Avenue : -Colfax, Louisiana
A Full Line of
sTD1C and Ifally U6 o6s f1
Always onI HIand
These Prices Speak for Themselves:
7 bars of Isusdry sop,.....i5c
16 pounds of the best granulated sugar for......P l.
8 bosiof matches... . .lee
The same low prices prevail on all of my
groceries on a. STRICTLY CASH BASIS .
C · I' -... ..
tionc Furnl rctls Go.
L. C. JOSN. Ja
Retil rnitreL
Third and Bearegard Streets, Mezamdria, 1s.
·- ·- - -- --- ·- - .. . ... . ...
8015 AssI1s
GM1arlr Ol S0as at banO8s
and Standard Saloig Madllns.
lbp We Pay theiFreight '3I
rMardi Gras
.87 Round Trip f1 COLFAX
JANUARY 27 to UEBY. 4, 19i3
ti5tRmil. UmrT P9, N 31
With privilqg at .xteamdo t Mn or2 a on deposit of tick
et ad wavauot of Pf
AA N. . . - _- I i
4 ' -E -- - 9811+
t.:+"+'""-, '" ... •'+A+ ...'+ : -+ + ;; . +£" *+
UhlI*saw om. I"td
-~ wisin Z ~. l w.S~t
ai'Lby Dia'~i
.dl fou' ~n ro-iil

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