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Absorbed the GRANT PARISH DEMOCRAT May 1, 1961
H Democratic 'ournal, devoted to Local and G~ncral Ncws, Litcrature, Science, Rgriculture, 6tc.
Official Proceedings of Grant Parish I
Police Jury.
Colfax, La., Jan. 6, 1913.
i The police jury met in regular session.
All the members were present.
The minutes of the regular meeting
held Oct. 9, 1912, were read and approv
ed. Also the minutes of the called
meeting held Nov. 29, 1912, were read
and approved.
Mr. S. W. Johnston, who was form
erly employed as superintendent of the
parish road camp, presented a claim
for $975.00, alleging that he ought to
be paid for the month of December j
1912, and for the twelve months of the e
year 1913, at the rate of $75.00 per
On motion duly made and seconded
the claim was rejected. LaCroix, Wat- t
son, Morgan, Blewster and Dunn voted r
in favor of the motion to reject the c
claim; Pruettvoted against it.
Mr. Ellis M. Adger, special agent U. i
S. Department of Agriculture, address- t
ed the police jury on the subject of I
"*Farm Demonstration Work." 1
Mr. B. E. Woods, Farm Demonstrat- 1
or for the parish of Grant, addressed
the police jury. a
Mr. Watson moved that the contract I
with Mr. B. E. Woods Farm Demon- a
strator, be renewed. The motion was a
duly seconded by Mr. Blewster. The E
vote was taken and showed four (4)
against the motion and two (2) in its a
favor, and the motion was lost a
On motion of Mr. Dunn, seconded by r
Mr. Watson, it was resolved that an I
election be held in ward one on Satur- c
day, February 15, 1913. for the purpose a
of taking the sense of the voters as to p
whether hogs shall be allowed to run at
large in said ward, and that the clerk t
of the police jury be and is hereby au- j
thorized and directed to provide ways t
and means for holding said election. p
On motion it was ordered that La- e
Croix and Pruett be and and they are'
hereby authorized to have the abut- b
ments of the new steel bridge on the t
* Bayou Darro constructed, and to make a
such arrangements as may be neces
sary to enable traveling public to cross e
the Darro while the bridge is being con- e
It was also ordered that the president,
treasurer and clerk be and they are
hereby authorized to issue warrants in C
sett1nent of such expenses as shall .be I
incurred on account of these arrange- I
The claim of W. A. Atwell, for $150, J
action on which was deferred at the
last meeting, was called up. On mo
tion the claim was rejected.
The police jury then adjourned until
Tuesday, January 7, at 9 o'clock a. m.
The police jury met pursuant to ad
journment. All the members were
R. S. CAYsRON, President. 1
Colfax, La., Jan. 7, 1913. i
The minutes of the meeting on Jan. t
6 were read and approved. t
The claim of G. B. Turner, for $24.00
to compensate him. for fence moving I
and also for value of right of way on t
model road from Colfax to Pollock, was t
--: L . -'ge claim was rejected.
-'On motion it was oridred that the l
president, treasurer and clerk be au- c
thorized and directed to issue such war
rants as may be necessary to settle the I
monthly bills of the superintendent of a
the road camp, the said warrants to be a
issued when the bills are approved by t
* the superintendent
On motion the following names were a
added to the list of baupers: Mrs. M. a
Burnam, Wm. Spikes, Robert Young a
and Norman Williams.
F. P. Bullitt, of Aloha, was named
as agent for Mrs. Burnam; Mrs. J.(
Hataway, of Aloha, as agent for Wm.
Spikes; J. W. Duncan as agent fori
- Robert Young; and M. E. Randolph as
agent for Norman Williams.
Mr. Daigre, acting for the Board of I
Highway Engineers, came before the a
police jury and submitted estimates of I
the comparative cost of bridge con
struction and the construction of con- i
crete culverts on the model road from I
Montgomery to Colfuax, at the crossings
on Boggy Bayou, Confine Bayou, and a
the Dry Bayou at Johnson's mill.
On motion it was ordered that the I
contractor be and he is hereby in- I
structed to put in concrete culverts at i
the several crossings named. a
A petition was presented asking that I
a public road be established leading
from Little River at Ransom Rambo's a
place to the Pollock - Rochelle roadi
where it crosses the Iron Mountain I
h railroad.
ii On motion the petition was granted,
--a i e road was declared to be a public 1
d,- the same to be opened without
---see to the parish. 1
SBank of Colfu offered to payII
to the parish $1A50 per month for a
supply of water for the bank building,
to be drawn from the tower tank on the
court house square, the bank to put in
at its expense, the necessary pipes and
connections. The offer was accepted.
The police jury then adjourned until
Thursday, January 9, at 9 o'clock a. m.
R. S. CAMERON, President. k
Colfax, La., Jan. 9, 1913. 0
The police jury met pursuant to ad- b
journment, all the members being pres- a
The minutes of the meeting of Janu- a
ary 7 were read and approved
On motion Mr. L. O. Clinton was au
thorized to construct brick curbs on the
north side and on the south side of the
court house square.
On motion the president was author
ized to purchase eight slips, two for the
use of Mr. Blewster at Selma, two for
Mr. Dunn at Montgomery, one for Mr. s
Morgan at Antonia, and three for Mr.
Watson at Dry Prong.
On motion it was ordered that here- 3
after the compensation to be allowed
for the expense of removing fences b
along the model roads now under con
struction shall be at the rate of $30 for
each quarter of a Nile.
Mr. R. M. Dunn, Mr. C. W. Payne
and Mr. H. L. Weaver were named as
a committee for the purpose of confer
ring with a representative of Austin
Bros. bridge builders, with the view of
constructing a steel bridge over the f
stream at or near Ebenezer camp
It shall be the duty of this committee
to report to the president of the police
jury such proposals as shall be made by
the representative of the building com
pany. If, in his judgment the cost and
expense of the bridge is not excessive, a
president of the police jury is here
by authorized to contract with said Aus
tin Bros. for the construction of the
same. A
On motion the following budget of s
expenses for the year 1918 was adopt- b
Sheriffs salary .......................$ 500 00
School fund ......................... 13,750 00
Roads and bridges ................. 12,500 00 t
Court and criminal exp........ 4,000 00
Maintaining prisoners ........... 2,000 00
District attorney .................. 500 00
Treasurer and Par. Att'y...... 300 00
Justices of the peace and
constables .......................... 1,900 00
Printing................................ 400 00
Per diem and mileage of P. J. 500 00
Clerk police jury .................. 100 00
Sheriff's commissions............ 1,750 00 "
Assessor's commissions......... 1,750 00 1
Contingent expenses................ 8,060 00
Total.............................$4 ,000 00
Mr. Morgan, Mr. Preuett and Mr.
Blewster were named as a committee
and fully authorized to make such re- I
pairs as may be necessary to put in I
good condition the road spaces between
the bridges in the Big Creek bottom on
the Rochelle-Pollock road.
On motion it was ordered that the 1
president, treasurer and clerk be au
thorised to draw etch warrants against 4
the general fund as may be necessary to I
avoid the payment of interest on over
drafts for the account of the good roads I
fund, and they are also authorized to
draw such warrants as may be neces
sary against the good roads fund in I
favor of the general fund in 'order to i
restore to the general fund suinch sums
as may have been taken therefrom for
the account of the good roads fund.
On motion Mr. Prenuett, Mr. LaCroiZ
and Mr. G. H. McKnight were named
as a committee to supervise the con
struution of the steel bridge on thel
Bayou Darro, and it was ordered that
when this committee shall report thei
completion of said bridge in satisfast
ory and acceptable condition, the pres
ident, treasurer and clerk shall issue a
warrant to pay for the same.
The president announced that the
books and accounts Mr. Wm. LaCroix 1
as treasurer had been checked up and
found to be correct. -
On motion it was ordered that Mr. I
LaCroix be given hia quietus and hisa
bond as treasurer canceled.
On motion the president, tr'asurer
and clerk were instructed to hdraw a
warrant against the general fund in
favor of the good roads fund for the
purpose of correcting an error in plae
ing $9,600.68 to the credit of the gener
al fund which shbould have been placed
to the credit of the good roads find.
On motion the president, treasurer
and clerk were authorized to draw a
warrant in favor of the sheriff fr $99,
the same belg form amountJ incor
rectly paid to the perish tr$ater,
when it should have been paidt to the
treasurer of the school board.
The committee on claim, reported
the caims allowed and ordered paid, a
list ot wbkh i e attaeb.
The police jury then adjourned.
R. S. CAMERON, President.
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Official Proceedings of Grant Parish
School Board.
Colfax, La., Jan. 3, 1913.
Pursuant to a call issued by the re
tiring president, Mr. J. H. McNeely,
per, J. N. Warner, secretary of the
school board, the newly elected and
commissioned school board of the parish
of Grant met at Colfax on Friday, Jan.
3, 1913, for the purpose of organizing
and for the transaction of any and all
business to come before them.
The members were called together by
the president of the old school board,
Mr. McNeely. and on the roll being
called all members of the new board,
namely, J. H. NcNeely, of ward one,
A. W. Stewart,, of ward two, I. J.
Rhinehart, of ward three, E. A. Wall,
of ward four, M. A. Walker, of ward
five, Gus St. Andre, of ward six, and
M. E. Jackson, of ward seven, answered
to their names.
The chairman announced that the
next order of business was the organ
ization of the school board.
M. Stewart nominated Mr. J. H. Mc
Neely president of the new school board,
and his nomination was seconded by
Messrs. Jacks6n and Rhinehart. Mr.
Stewart acting as chairman placed the
nomination before the body, and Mr.
McNeely was elected unanimously by
acclamation president of the new school
board, and responded with brief but
pointed remarks, thanking the board
for having elected him president the
third time.
Mr. McNeely placed the nam4 of Mr.
Rhinehart before the body as vice presi
dent, whose nomination was seconded
by Mr. Jackson. Mr: Rhinehart was
unanimously elected vice president and
responded with thanks.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and adopted as read.
The field report of the parish super
intendent was read, and after some
favorable comment was approved.
After casting or drawing lots to see
who would serve the short and long
terms, the following resolution was of
fered by Mr. Jackson, which was duly
seconded by Mr. Rhinehart, and being
placed before the board was unanimous
ly adopted:
Inasmuch as the new school law pro
viding for an overlapping school board
becomes effective at this time; there
fore, be it
Resolved, That we, the newly elected,
commissioned and qualified school direc
tors in and for the parish of Grant, in
called session assembled, divide this
body into three groups, namely, First,
Second and Third groups. The first
group shall hold office for a term of
two years, and be composed of two
members; the second group shall hold
office for a term of four years, and be
composed of three members: the third
group shall hold office for a term of six
ears, and be composed of two mem
Be it further Resolved, That wards
four and six shall compose the first
group, to-be known as the short term,
and that E. A. Wall, of ward four, and
Gus St. h.ndre, of ward six, be named
and designated as the members whose
terms of otice shall be for two years, be
gining with the year 1913 and ending
with the year 1914. or January 1, 1915;
that wards three, five and seven shall
compose the second group, to be known
as the intermediate term, and whose
members shall hold office for a period
of four years, and that I. J. Rhinehart,
of ward three, M. A. Walker, of ward
five, and M. E. Jackson, of ward seven,
be and are hereby named and designat
ed as members whose term of office
shall be for a period of four years, be
ginning with the year j913 and ending
with the year 1916, or January, 1, 1917;
that wards one and two shall compose
the third group, to be known as the
long term, and whose members shall
hold office for a period of six years, and
that J. H. McNeely of ward one, and
A. W. Stewart, of ward two, be and
are hereby named ad designated as
the members whose terms of office
shall be for a period of six years, be
ginning with the year 1913 and ending
with the year 1918, or January 1, 1919.
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onded by Mr. St. Andre and carriel,
the school board went into the electioni
of parish superintendent.
Mr. Stewart placed in nomination J.
N. Warner, the present incumbent, for
parish superintendent, and Mr. Wallher.
nominated A. D. Flowers for the office.
A rising vote being taken, Mr. Walker
and Mr. Wall voted for Mr. Flowers,
while Messrs. Stewart, St. Andre,
Rhinehart and Jackson voted for Mr.
Warner, whereupon J. N. Warner was
duly declared elected parish superintend
ent of Grant at the same salary,, $1500
per annum, term of office to begin July
1, 1918, and to run four years there
On motion the board adjourned to
meet Saturday morning at ten o'clock.
Pursuant to adjournment the board
reconvened at the appointed t~e with
all members present except M. A.
Walker, of ward five.
On motion of Mr. Jackson, duly sec
onded by Mr. St. Andre and carried,
the president and secretary were auth.
orized to pay charges on house used for
a schoolhouse at Willow Grove.
On motion of Mr. Rhinebart, duly
seconded by Mr. Jackson and carried,
the school board set aside $200.00 for
club work of the parish for the present
year, and that Mr. Carpenter, the di
rector of the agricultural department
of the Verda High School, be ameciat
ed with the parish superintendent in
making such an apportionment of thews
funds as they think will be most bene
fcial to the boys and girls eagaged in
this club work.
Mr. Stewart placed in nomination H.
G. Goodwyn, editor of the Colfar
Chronicle, as school board printer for
the parish school board at the following
rates, namely 85 cents per square for
the first insertion and 12 1-2 cents for
each subsequent insertion. Mr. Jack
son seconded Mr. Goodwyn's nomina
tion. The vote being taken resulted ia
the election of Mr. Goodwin unani
mously for school board printer for a
period of one year.
The'ort at th u adegt siulk dupr
ment of the Verde High school as I
read as asbmitted by Mr. Carpetea*,
the teacher in charge of that 'work. 4I
The report was received by the board .
and after some discussion Mr. Carpen- I
ter was compltmented on the good show
ing made, especially with the stock.
The parish superintendent .x ained
and exhibited his accounts as kepi by .
him and invited the inspection of the 1
school board and any one else laterest
-ed as to the correctness of the set mnt, ,
.or for their general information as to
thbe school fnances.
There being no further business to
come before the board it adjourned to
meet subject to the all of the preskient.
J. HE McNArtr,
J. N. WArawm, President.
Secretary and Parish .Supt.
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Prelamatlem el leties. for. May r. 4
The following ordinane and reaoln- I
tion of the Mayor and Board of Alder- t
men, of the town of Colfax, Grant pa. a
ish, Louisiana, was oered by Alder- P
man Brownie, and seconded by Alder
man Cole, and on being put to a vote
all members present voted in favor
thereof and the satD weas unanimously
carried, by sections and as a whole, to
"Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen, of the towh of Ccl
fax, Grant parish, Louis i a, in regular
session convened.
Section 1.-Tht by virtue of the an
therity veste in as by the Cematitm
tiar and laws of the tte o e #Ilmm, ~
ad-aespsially Act Ul2of the AMist
t *Gera SUAa.m m a the hge ) d.
u Louiian e thie year aM We do
*, hereby order order an eletion by the
: quaHed otets, residet of, mad stit
d led to rOtae te s a lMatpelea dlst of
.- t6e town of Colfa, for the allowig
r- odke to-wit: yaot of the Town of
Co(ufz, amd we do oer " peordanes
d with said Act, mad the mwuani pel adop
y tod,,tero.,  d of Article of the
a Co ,itita of the State of Loosb e,
t- adopt.in tthe year l, that the aW
r, election a 5s be beld os Tuesday, Ft .
to Jary i18, " -'1
Seetioe L-`-Be it further crtl ,
to etc., that the said electia shall b e L
toI ducted ad hbeld 'der the umWtl ele
t. tison laws ef the &ate*of Lcoianse, md
that the fodlowa: A. W. Lewle, J.
[. Dualbeo D. K. Me.1, k _t, Am "
em, and Jo.l Y. Dor. e4
Sh'eby appoiatd to hold the said m
l ci l'.ecto , as thi thre be mad i
. s.ated . ed a ths oals ItW eathbrly
v Fnttl.tO m law in tlOe debs e teir
' section .r-De it further ardmindv
Setc., that this rdi se'o
. m * .t eia o n, Cor which the
oaf- here ! dseclre to be, dabs
.- be published in tt', CdlaSS 8"
eQii Jpl ral , d w at o i0.t( or
far, for a pied of '
stlma 4.-Be it 1 ;br e Qin4PL
etc., tast ml erdbmnese r . P01 W Of
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.to nay of the 6ri o th, "
Sance, be* mad the ssme i s Leseby re
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