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081elal QOgan of Parsh.
OdBell tO an of Colnm
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Columbia, March 23, 1894
Mr. John J. McDonald of New
Orleans, is the authorized agent
and solicitor for THE WATCH
Ratliffe, the slayer of Jackson
and two other men at Kosciusko,
Miss., has been acquitted.
Portugal still refuses to give
up the Brazilian insurgents who
sought retage on boardbher ships.
The tariff bill has at last been
reported to the Senate, and Sen
ator Voorbeis has given notice
that he will call it up on the 2d
of April.
Miss Pollard has decided not
to kill' Col. Breckenridge in the
event she loses her suit against
him, but will punish him by
writing a book,In which "Willie"
will be bhlef hero.
Th reain storms we had here
i o'bloekl,. .ionady, until
Tuesday morning, seem to have
been general, as far as heard
fronl, over all the States in this
immediate section. The rainfall
at Camden measured 7- inches,
and the Onahebita there on Tues
day promised to be higher than
ever before known. All the
creeks and mountain streams in
Arkansas were on a flood boom,
and frequent washouts entirely
buspaended raitoad trafic. A big
rlse in the Arkansas river may
now be qlooked for.
Ele xoeee Plmahed.
Bi lisig the truth and apt
ness ofthe old adage to the effect
that.JoVe helps only them who
help themselves, Mr. Cioero 0.
Bridger, alter a bitter experience
of two overflows in suesesion,
abouthe middle of last August
set bhlself to work to build his
own diet lines of defense against
the antnal onslaught of the de
vouring waters, and be has well
sueeenedd .
After workin faithfully and
enaere al t serven months,
and' d~r,~la~ l~a ~es : O
leveeiin at iat bf his place
that # absolutely protect 140
acres from thiheight of the last
three ovaows- This levee is
S?.1 lmiles in luulsIagtb, sdin it
are 13 stiotnles 'whlch will arve.
age O tinithiaeigbt,2Tto28
feet ee a~ croaw, and 100
fms~elng Tb. baulee of his
leves Isf apr~ova4 straegth in
bs` anodurownr , sad willi verage
la inhght*hak 1 t 8 fet.
The iigineering wotk was
dbw~M"t.LZ't . s ub fe;~ arE
lab Sroru wbo deseves much
rseditbhste soacragy In egitab.
lhigfiefgelhts and levels Ioribe
Thligin lwater whih ofalle in.
side the lines of this levee all
drains to one point, and passes
out through a 20-inch pipe, which
does the work to perfection.
When the Mississippi reaches
a dangerous height, and people
in the Tensas basin are anxiously
scanning the news from Possum
Fork, Mr. Bridger can rest com
paratively easy; for he now has
enough of his place protected
from any water not much higher
than 1890 t.) make expenses.
Tried Carbolic Acid.
A friend of ours, on the other
side of the river not far from
I here, has a good many bogs, and
among them that dreaded dis
ease, hog cholera, frequently
ravages, causing him considera
and much worry. The
other day,, a rager passing
through the country told him
that a tablespoonful of crude car
bolic acid in milk was a sure
cure. Our friend, glad to find a
.cure for the hitherto-considered
incurable disease, at oice ac
ceptted the remedy, and wrote to
Dr. VanHorn here for a pint of
the stuff, accompanying the or.
der with this question: "Will a
tablespoonful of crude carbolic
acid KILL anythingp" The doctor
sent the acid and wrote in an
swer: "Yes. A tablespoonful of
crude carbolic acid will kill ANY
THING." Our friend, though,
thought he would risk the ex
periment on three of his afflicted
porkers, and proceeded to ad
minister the prescribed dose to
them. After he had drenched
the first hog and let him up, he
turned hisattention to the second
one. By this time thrfirst hog
was dead; and by the time he
got through with the third one,
the second one was ditto. The
third victim lost about as little
time as his predecessors in join
ing the big majority. Our friend
iow saysrat be Is satisfied on
two points: One, that crude car
bolio acid will BILL; the other,
that crude carbolic acid will cURE
cholera, and that the stranger
was right; for, when be got
through the physicing process,
every cholera germ was killed,
and the hogs were-dead. But
he don't thtnk. he will try that
remedy any more.
Preventive fe rHog Cholera
Owing to the prevalence of
hog* cholera of late years by
which our farmers have met with
much peconiary loss, Truth ap
plied to Mr. Charles Schuler, of
DeSoto parish, one of the most
successful raiters of hog and
hominy in this State and who is
known as a remarkably Intelli.
I gent and progressive farmer, for
the remedy employed by him in
checking the ravages of the fatal
disease in question and in an
swer received the followiog:
K'a omE, La., March 10, 1894.
Editor Truth:
Dear 8ir-Acoording to prom
lis made you at Q)alhoun last
mronly called cholera.
'to two gallons offinely hoop.
pod polkroot add one gallon of
water; boil until well done. Mix
some meal or wheat bran with it
and let cool Then let the hogs
eat as muich as they cboose.
A twenty.fve gallon pot hold
ing two-thirds root and one-third
water will be suident for say 30
hogs as one dose. Repeat the
dose for three or four weeks.
Polkroot should be used roma
the middle of March to middle of
May, it belng almost worthless
later iu the season. Be certain
that the polkroot tea is strong. I
aveused the remedy for five
years with perfeet success.
With kindest regrds.
Yours truly,
aOns. SOHama.
.Baton 1Bouge Truth.
Of Citizens of Caldwell Parish,
March 14th, 18943
We, the undersigned citizens
and taxpayers of Oaldwell Parish,
La., herein protest against The
action of the Police Jury of tiis
Parish in authorizing a ten thou
sand dollar courthouse to be built
for the parish, by levying a tax
on property holders thereof, with
out first consulting said taxpay
ers as to building such an expen
sive courthouse, under the Im
poverished condition of the peo
Sple brought about by short crops,
Soverflows and low prices of cot
I ton, obtained the past few years.
And more ps ticularly do.we
protest against the action of yoiur
building committee, created by
-your honorable body, in ma g
a contract for the buildin of
soti, or persons, with
vertising plans, and specifca
tions, to the lowest responsible
bidder for said building, thus giv
ing free competition, and giving
I our own citizens, as wefl"as
others, an opportunity to bid on
Now, therefore,unless thiscon
Stract, which we understand is
made, he cancelled and set aside,
ior a public mass meeting of citi
I zens and taxpayers be convened
to obtain their opinion . and
wishes as to the building of such
an expensive courthouse, we
hereby give notice to the Police
Jury, and all others herein con
cerned, that we shall resist the
enforcement of the payment of
any such increased taxation upon
any or all such taxable property
that may be or is liable to tax
ation under the laws of our State.
We, the undersigned citizens
and taxpayers, sincerely think
that a five thousand dollar build
ing for a courthouse, under all
the circumstances, giving to the
contractor the material of the
present, or old courthouse, would
be quite sufficient to warrant the
building of an adequate court.
Given under our hands: ,
WH Hall, a Swift, J PMills rs.
ILL B nuett by J C Mills.
EL Wright,CA Ferrand, J E
alian. H B Powel, John Carr, J owel,
II I Filhtol, Brumby Burch, A J Gore,
John Boyd, L H Wooten. H 0 Blanks,
J Larvin, W B Reitzell, W C Meredith,
J A Witt, T W Williams MrsJ L Winn,
Levi Bunks. H M Simmons, B 0 Thqip
son, RWBatson, WJ VineyarJ, D
Caldwell, 8 5 Gregory, A W Johnsob, W
H Thornhill, T Costes, W E Coiea,
8V Keenan, OR Cody, FI Meoork,
VPrinoe, RE Guynn, J Austisan, B
W Milner; 3E Marron, G T Mowye.a,
NM Davis. COR Ftrrand, Emile Gitud,
H !loob per Girod agenm,AL Wina, M
M Collins, J J Gregory, W L Preinall,
J B Meredith, Leon Simmons, J. W
Caldwdll, JO Kirkland, Wiley Wals, T
K Owen. J L Gregory, Mrs 8 J Owea, J
r P Adkins. C A Traylor, AO C Clod4, P
Bailey, TM Fisher, E V Feirand, C H
Cloyd, J di Gilbert, Gerome Siinmcies.
Beware of Olatmaenut dr
Catmrrh that Contatgh
us meroory will surely destroythbe
sense of smell and completely de
range the whole system whenuon
tering it through the mucous r
faces, Suob articles abould aoer
be used except on prescri as
from reputable physicians, he
damage they will do is ten to to
the good you can possibly 4 vs
from them, EaBl's Catarr re,
manafactorel by F. 3. O &
1Co.;roledo,O. contalas no m
and is taken internally, and
directly upon the blood and o
sure you gtis th. genuine. is
taken internallyj and amad. ir
· ledo, Ohio, by F. J. Oheney
r Price 5c. per bottle. 8oldI
Druggists. d
Constable Sale.
9th Justlee Cort, Clidwelli*
D. J. Dun, vs. Nelson ou
Note is hereby given that by I
of a writ of PA. isued out
Bon. 9th Justioe Court and to
rnted, thavesel md adwil ofer
at the Ma&sistrAte' obe, ward
wel Puipht U., betweenll
sale on Satrdar, Apr 7th,
ioiOWiDa desorbed popertoy
Qoe lT Teardng. s
Bised as the proper of deft
Mad will Vs smo. to ' y said
Tens, of mst-cash with be
appainemhto 1W
-This March 108le.
S T. Lab Kma
Coastable 9th Justie 04
Nn J. IW. Batotf
Garvin, Texas.
Nasal Catarrh
Originates In Impure Wood
Mooeed's Sarsaparllla Perfectly Cures
We do not need to watebh Intently to see or
hear the victims of catarrh on every hand. The
frequent cough, the blowing of the nose, the
Sdisagreeable hawking, the fool smell, and other
) symptoms which betray the presence of this
very disagreeable disease, are noticed very gem.
orally. The disease is an inflalnmation of the
aueous membrane. Its direct cause is Impure
3bood. It oure is Hood's Sarsaparilla.
"0. I. Rood a Co., Lowell. Mass,:
"I was Arst troubled with nasal estarrh is
Il, but it did not glipe n much trouble until
M, wkea I beame so weak that leould not
do any kind of manual labor. I moved from
this state to MisslsslppI thinking I might fAnd
SSee relief. At the same time I was undergo.
T lag treatment for my complaint.l After a short
time I returned to Texas and continued doctor.
lag for the disease but did not realize any bens
) St. I wasvery low when I deided that I would
I Try HMood's Sarseaparlla
sad I sa compelled to state that before I had
takhenall of the first bottle I felta radicel schange.
The terrible headache spells had left me and
Imy appetite had come back. JI felt that I was
golg to get well so I purchased oanother bottle
sad felt so much better after taking it that I
) replenished my supply. I am new using
SIke fth bottle ad thank God, for I feel
Like a New Man.
Any who wish to learn moreeonoernlng my ase
may address me and olss stamped envelope
Sand I will gladly tell them all." Joan W. BAT
CLIri, Gari, Teas.
Ilood's PII sure Constipation by reston
lag the perIstaltleactionof the sllmentryeaash
School Land Sale.
Notice is hereby given that I will on the
lot Saturday of April, 1894, offer for
sale at the Court House door in the town
of Columbia, La., the following school
lands, to-wit:
The E 4 of See. 16, T 12, R. 3 Bast Said
lands are known as public school land. pSaid
land will be offered for sale to the last and
highestbidder at not less thanit' appraised
Terms of sale-Ten per cent in cash and
the balance to be paid in nine annual io
.nu.mmeI. withdntatrast at ahe rate of 8 per
cent per annum; said payments are to be
secured by special mortgage on the land
with personal security in sjlido.
R. R. Rznarsa.,
Ex-Officio Parish School Treasurer.
Eatray Notice.
Before me the undersigned Justice of the
Peacsee in and for Ward 4, said parish, per
sonally appeared W. C. Meredith, who be
ing duly sworn declares that the following
described stock have been in his range
for Afive or six months, and that to him the
owner is unknown, to wit: Five head of
stock bogs, marked with crop and hole in
one ear, and under bit in the other ear.
Sworn to and subscribeJ before me this
8th day of March, 1891.
8. D. 8. WAK.Rs,
Justice of the Peace Ward 4.
passe or M bIUIPUiOC~wwaram 4T Atmarmer cowBTm~ar.nOCn
Notice is hereby given that I
will sell at public auction at the
court house door in the town of
Columbia, La., on Saturday, the
31st day of Marheb, 1894, to
the last and highest bidder, for
cash, the following described
property, to wit: One Cream
Colored Ball 7 or 8 years old,
marked with split in right ear
and under slope in left ear.
The same having been reported
to me as an estray by A. J. Gore,
Justice of the Peace for ward 1,
Caldwell parish, La.I
(isoJ.yer rny band and seal
ofid`aly this the 19th day of
February, M 1894.
M. L. Mcou,
Clerk 4th Distriec Court.
Education i the only afe inaestmenk
a pp a better per cent than anything
else on earth.
The third session of the Ols Institate
wil bgpiFebrUry 17th, 189. Instration
wil be given in the following departments
of eductioD :
Nathematis, History, Languages,
solaeoe, Bookkeeping ad
Commercll aw.
We give you soa opportunity to finish a
course of study every twelve weeks. This
is the o* school in the State that does
this. We do it by the most Iamproved
ormnal methods and by uslng the very best
Itfs isessmry for youe to hae more
than one term as a branob, alrlgbt, but we
do not bold on back foranythng.
Connes andb with as aet tersmt.
T ýitionin coliesgdepartent per session
of thsee mon$ , 0
: oard, $8er month.
3 .WImON, B.&.Presdent,
J.. PAUL JONUB, &B. A. President
Jommeroial Dpartment, Ols, L.
Cicero C. Bridger,
General Merchandise,
Consisting in Part of Dry Goods, Crockeryware,
Tinware, Woodenware, Notios.
Hats, Trimmed and Untrimmed, Clothing, Gents Furnishing
Goods, Boots, Shoes. Gents Hats, All of which are
IF I aim to please my customers by tair dealing. Give me a trial
Columbia, Main and Pearl Streets, La,
N. 0. Institute Removed to 21 PrTytania Street.
j. C. Murphy, Pres. J. 5. Meyers, VsPrs. J. W. Plrdsa, See. mamITo
Te- Ileee on1hs of Log lma1 , lW.
. W. Adams General Managrer. l"
Lr. Alonzo Givens. Medical Director. & DaN
For the treatment of the Liquor, Opium, Chloral and
Cocaine Habits, Nervous Diseases and Tobacco Habit,
by Dr. Leslie E. Keeley's
Chloride of Gold Remedies I
The Keeley treatment for the Liquor, Opium. Moa.khine and Tobacco Habits has received thbe ee
r· elnent of the United States, for use in the State sad Military Homes foer disabled voluteer sblWe
and sailors. Also the official approval of aunerous state, muniipal and medical authorities.
rPoleeJury Preeeedlseg.
COLUMBIA, La., January 2d, 1894.
The Police Jury of the Parish of Cald
Swell met this day in regular session with the
following officers and members present
ward 1, O.Call; 2, C. U. Fluitt; 3, W. 8.
Howell; 4, R.R . Redditt, President; 5, J.
P. Coates; 6, C. C. Jarrell; 7, O. C.
Myers; 8, H. 0. Hebert;9, W.HB. Willis; 10,
no member.
Minutes of previous meeting read and
J.P. Coates and W. H. Willis, committee
appointed to view and receive the bridge
over Bill's creek, reported, and recom
mended that the Police Jury order that the
samie be paid for. On motion the report
was received and adooted.
The committee on claims submitted the
following report of claims allowed, which
war read and adopted;
Ned Gail, pauper claim...... :...... $1 200
R D 8 Walker, J P,........... .... 3137
R M Milner serving as witness inq'st 9200
CA Ferrand .. 496
A J Gore " " "... 3 75
JCltodrigners " " "... 200
HR Filhiol " " " . 9200
WH Hall " " "... 200
HW MeLeod " " "... 00
A J Gore Justice fees bill......... 500
W H Willis special com. on bridge.. 3 O20
JPCoatee " " " . 260
W H Strickling buildingp bridge.... 3000
RR Reituell feeding prisoners...... 200
M Matterson, making coffin T Green 5 00
Orrin Call P J.......... ......... 370
JP Coatee, PJ. 1 days cervices.... 500
T J Armstrong, pauper............. 19200
Total,......................120 57
We, your committee, beg leave to report
that we have examined the foregoing so
counts ad And them correet.
Respectfully submitted,
W.8. Howau., (balrm n.
On motion theyfollowing ordinance was
read and adoptes:
OnnDIuAC No. 9.
Ordinance levying tax for the year 1891
for the purpose aingthe current ex
penses of the parish or the year 1894.
Sac. 1. Beit ordained by thePolhoeJury
of the parish of Caldwell in regular session
convened. That an ad valorem tax of Ten
mills be and the same is hereb levied on
the assessed csh valtion of the property
of the parish to pay the current expenases
of said parish of Caldwell for the year 1894,
the same to be apportioned as follows to.
General Fund Tax mills.
Publio School Fund Tax 1 mill.
Special Court House Tax 3 mills.
SBa. 3 Be it further ordained that this
ordinance take effect from ad after its
I adoption.
Apopted January 3d, 1894
R. B. anom, President,
A. . HoUDLtr, Clerk.
The following ordinance was offered anad
I adopted:
An ordinance appointing road overusers
throughout the parish of idwell forthe
year 1694.
8so. 1. Be iWordalnedby the PoliceJury
of the parish of Caldwell I regular sedon
convened, That the folio p named per
sons be and th are hereby appointed
overseersof the different roads throughouto
the parish for the year 1894, to-wit:
New aKentucky Road.
1 division, W. G. Faermund,
S " . V Bay,
3 *I G. W.Dunn.
Colombia and Vernon Road.
1 division, S.F. Bay,
3 " J.B. Merealtb,
1 3* J. M.Huandley,
4 " J. M. ulka,
5 " Chas. I. Turn.
Colulmbi sad irod Road.
J.F. Grod.
Columbsia sad Bargimabro ead.
I division, Sylvater 5sown,
3d of 1st P. . Ba,
I diavision, V.3. Bashlag,
3 " J,. .Voemataie.
Colrnbiapand Monroe Rea.
1 dlviason, 0 0 p111
1st of 2ad. E. MLX nshes,
2d of 2d T R Smith,
S division, H. W. McLeod.
New Cut Of RBoad.
L. H. Bair.
Winnsboro Road.
A. B, Dut
Month of Lafourahe Road.
B. A. Hebert.
Buckskin Boad.
1 division, J. J. Butler,
2 " J. B. Lowe.
Vernon Road.
1 division, J. A. Meredith,
2 " T. J. Meredith,
3 HBD 8 Fluitt,
4 " TB McLain.
Boeuf River sad Lafourahe Road.
Lee Washington.
Pine Bluff Road.
1 division, W. B. (!hsndler,
2 " W. J. Webb,
Cox Boad.
T, J. Da".
Alexandria Read.
I division, J. N. Tarver,
2 " J. M. Elliott,
3 " A. H. McDaniel.
Three Notch Road,
B, C. reer,
Copenhagen Road.
1 division, J W Price,
2 " BA Humphries.
BHumphries Boad.
AL Humphries.
Columbia and Barrisonburg Bast Lank.
1 division, RW Doett,
2 " T J lams,
3 " Ba"ls Johnson,
4 '" JDMc8waina.
b " 1 Lively.
('astor Landing Read.
TR Meredith:
May Road.
Levi Regers.
Smithiand Read.
1 division, BBRH Manly,
2 J J Oregory.
Maudl Beid,
H B Miller.
Wall Read.
o W WalL
Thomas Read.
J 0 FPisher.
Newport and Monroe Road.
W H Morris.
Montgomery Ponlat Road.
1 division, 8 0 Ooats,
S " A 0 loyd.
Bo, . Belt farther ordained that this
ordinane tal uirt fto asad after is
Adpe o, anuary sa, 18.
. B m es , FPresidest.
A. B. mumaru. Cheu.
and Can ne plwere o d e T du 0u T
Os mtionm the Hureane road is des
away with, ad the heady beetofoes work.
in thoared repleasd on the ldt &lviio
o the Alumenr" road.
O motlos al the hbads a N. Parad's
place sad all thomeon Mrs. eaneW pies,
eseti. gthee who live iamm s em
te lew t O ad are plsed e the 3d
division of the Columbian Messee asd.
On motion the reaed iMlsUi b60 Mem*
roead Coluabin road at Yr. Peueatd'
lse to the ullaed eCeo( her eby ade
am p re ad and maed a of the Id
i of the MYe aed $ umbi read.
On mothls b aits ew heads wee
p aeod ethe A dividsea ibeL lebidad
broady ; S - e La de sr yJe I*e t
Os moths timole Imsrs of eColsueas
On oth s s M dIo Jury ae4Jsu 1 u.
.1. Lm i a er, Reiddet.
A. . S enar, Glek.

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