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Orikae oolBoard
Published Every Friday.
8. D. 8. WALKER & . O. WfILLIA'S8
'erms of Subscription
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at personal c araoter will ý
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o wn insertion in our columas pate
Iist tbe their manuscript in` our omeec
*6t lal than Tuesday mornlag, otherwi e
it wlt ve to lay over until the next iease.
Ta WrcaTcuax is not responsible for the
views and opinieas of correspondeunt ap
pearing in it columns.
olumbia, Maroch 30, 1894
Mr; John E. McDonald of New
Orleans, is the authorized agent
and solicitor for Ta WATCH
The trading boat of the Dieche
Bros., at Prairie Landing on
Benf river, with all the contents,
was burned last week.
The Franklin Sun tl.inks it is
reasonably certain that the Ma
sonic Temple at Winnsboro, the
building of which was com
menced last Saturday, will be
finished in May.
Next year Easter will occer on
April 14. In 1896 it will fall on
April 5; in 1897 on April 18, in
1898 on April 10, in 1899 on
April 2, in 1900 on April 15, in
1901 on April 7 and in 1902 on
Mareb 30.
T hereigt gdepot of thtev4
a P. In Mouroe, together with
..eaurIy the wholeo amount of
Sfteigh there stored and many
valuable papers, was entirely
destroyed by fire Wedneslday.
morning about 3 o'clock.
. Presideat Cleveland will al
most certainly veto the Bland
setgluorage bill If he does, it
will never become a law, for the
requsite two-thirds vote can
"ettfr be securd to pass it over
. his veto, and the "repose," now
enjoyed by the money bholers of
the great money centers of the
country, will be left undisturbed
"for a while longer.
-  dergast, the murderer pof
 Mayor Harrison, was to have
,. been banged last Friday, bit at
. abe stll moment Judge Chatlain
,granted A stay of execution tn-|
til pril 6th, by which time the
t "ipjeinto whether ir not lie
-, . .kt beoomae o:nsane since sem.
,JaE p ~.seldn-po lhim will
bave been trsed by a jury. I
a f eq the puuisln iH t
-i:i thei it sasys Ishall Ibe
mwea News.
'. aadg oR river h
:, g ,o1: 6very hlg, and still
-ý`? 4Ch aaily, , there is nothing
lmake us riously
:, rael a over ow 1ati. tihi e.
is Inow fallng
~~t·.~ ··- .-" !
line, and from there, down to a
slort distance above New Or
leans, is slowly' rising
At Memphis on Tuesday the
river was stationary, but at Cairo
a rise of 8 inches in 24 hours was
The upper Ohio is lailing, and
no inmtediate danger is threat
ened from that quarter.
The Arkansas, from its head
waters down, for a etnsiderable
distance, is tadlbug rapidly.
Protest of Taxpayers.
March 26th, 1894.
We, the undersigned citizens
and taxpayers of the Parish of
OCaltwell, hereby adopt, endlorse
and trge all the reasons, tmcts
uati legal olbjections st ilt. /a
public irOtest by our fatlhtw-a tt
zens and taxpayers, published in
your vainable t paper on the 23rd1
lust, wily we sltutlld nIot pay Ithe
taxes attellll'tedl to Ie imioseýl
on it by the Polite .lJry t"t iald
Vell Parish, to Ibll sllruh all ex
peusive courtlhouse tit this par
ticularjuncture, anud urge It ad
ditotion somiCe other ire soln ili al
legal objections. In the first
place, even if the citizens and
taxpayers were able to bear such
a burden at this imtue--and we
say they are tint-there is no ne
cessity tfr such all expensive,
and costly courthouse, for suchli ai
diitlinutive parish as Uttihlwell,
being eslly about 24 miles square,
and whose asselsllent rolls are
among the Ilwest of thie poorest
parishes ot the State. The court
holuse, which we nlow have, was
bnilt in tore pr, sp'ronis times
thanit we now have at a co.t of
only $2,100, all told, and whet, I
new, and tfor a long series of
years thereafter, answered all bhe
pm poses for which a courtlhouse
is neededl for the admlinlistra' ionl
of jlstice, and nlo CotIIdliimLt was
heard from our people as to the
size of the house i1 their Imost
prosperous days. We believe
that with all expenditure of Four
or Five Hudred dollars, judici
.tlaid ou ot our presrnt
rthiouse, it can be strentrh
enledautdl repairtedl us tto mltake
it asi good ats whent first coon
structedtl,alld it will stalnd as lolng
as aily ain llOW over 21 Y'eatll et
age will live, nlllless illown down
by a cyclone or bullrlnt lwn, alilt
will answer all the Ipurp.ose oftl
coullrlhouse for such a plain, llardl
I workllg lpeople as we Ihave in
our uparib. Owing iltsahrl eropla
resetl overflows antd low prices
ofcotton fiat sever.nl years Imrt,
I the tfarlers could hardly nlake
r entoullgh tor a Ihare sBllsitelt'e.
SWecontenl that at Ihis ltime i
ir nlluweee ry, unjllut anIl op
pressive to ,addle the taxpayers
with a debt of $10,00 Io bulild a
Illcurtlhoae. I il our opinlion it i
simpl)y rdiielulois,lsppressi venuan
tultnreas4lttoabie. If a nlew onle was
t ietewssary, it dshould not cost eover
SAt the plroper ltime, if this cx
travalllcte goets ot, we will slhow
that all tihe iprnte~:illng of lthe
PoIl,u Jnrmy ald lheir nlsumitte~r
Sin attelllptig to aidelelh the tax
Ipayers lth a debt of $10,0(l) to
build a .courtholluse are illegal,
nUll and void. The act of the
mllldiK CeOllnittee, Ill akingll
a a ittract with a st rainger Ibfoie
u advertiainir their plansaud spel.
I Saintbla (O-It tImrmll tltotis, Iat
i onmiattme was requwrRI t4 do by
Sthe ordlinanee oftlhe Poll Md iry,
isef ~dtself anilaelent to lave h..'r
entret aotaliledl, if there were
no other illegal prnteedjings.
SWe herIey make ort pnrotest,
I and give this plublie unotie to ad
e ncerned that we will not pay
the tax atteumpted to be iqmniposel
oi 11 to build a $10,01.1 atart
house, unless comupelled to liedo so
lby law.
IWA• Jin.h,N N tbe. A IIrd.
ST kr.t1,bd n, WRMcirtwt , J F
ArodaUt. AJ idY.MCh.u., DM Mt
]l1b*tI , A L HIumphbrn, John Bar...
,Ao lnaiphtrie. BT !tarmw, E F
lmegm, rJ.ttplaphrmaJotba uriWen,
SP U.sin, FraLk HeMr, R A Ores. A W
arwull 5 K P llmplrast W Vumpamph.
t u.JD D " t r, M mtII4t. Will
I sesusme, W4I,1U . 0  Ilk'l, WT
ituunnob. Wltar 'Wlbtl .te, I A
ilsas J * Xet·thbn, t O 1'e. I -
t'mrr, Fr YP~r.~eouseb, B A- NRtsh
~Jt'J .. W D pr. 8('
rta.i..w,?1c ao . kCV Vamuer, RI
Vincent, Frank Grant, J A Hnmphries,
W OLo4e, D E Paboock, J T Rianchey,
A P Stuart. J U Humphries. S Mc
Cla'y. taoe P F'litt. A P Fluitt. J N
Volatine. John leader. Au E toberts. J
E Harelan. , D Wainarihl. B J Price.
Wm ade. E E Volenine. Henry
Haynea. W O Lillry. S F Bridget. Pre
ton V,,lentins. A H lnhm . J.'eff
Johnson. T P Tingle. G W ~phbries.
3 J MeLen~ndon. Stephen W1P n. Wade
H Houth W F Pierc"o.
Appeal for Asslstance.
The following appeal in behalf
of the Soldiers' Home has been
addressed by General Watts to
the Police J uries or the varions
parishes of the State:
F eby. 22, 1894.)
To the President amld Memberslof
the Police Jury, Parish of
As Countlnandler of the Coltti'tl
erate Veterans, I cititjider it ia
dtily that I owe to t -,.maitued
,Iand dlisablted soldiers;. a duIty
that I owe to yoli as 8rStllla
tive Itolyof the var1,sint Pariuslis,
to apIpe'a to youl fur aid tfr the
Sullliers' Hollme, Ikeutied in New
I fteel eoliulent that you will
1ike Iall alilpropliaii ti t ir thi
stiredl in-iBoste; that otitr action
wollihl I atilgervt'l bIy 3ur clloll
illltels, alill for which .you
oilld receive she grailtlle otf
those yo't aid, anlld as well ofi
every ,:Vmfederate soldier. The
paridas of Itaidels anild Lfa3ty
elttlhave iav already uaItle alplro
p iatiolls alld I iappeal to youl to
a d int the same liheril manaiter.
'The g(ovetr. mnli't of the Uniteli
State's aids ands, provides for its
disabled asolliers-let uts helgl
utlrs8. (oR. O. WTTr.
M1ajor Genersal (oiimman0ding La.,
l)ivision U. U. V.
All appropriatiun.s shoild Ie I
sent to Col. Neil Willett, ib,9
(ravier street, New Orlte'ans.
Rosefeld Itemas.
Editor Watchman:
I saw a few dlot from our little
village, Rosefleid, a fbw weeks
ago in your worthy Ipaper, writ
ten by my fellow sttlde ,ll and
it gave me conturge to write also.
The weather has beten some
what too wet for rarming to pro
grtess very rapidly, Alit we lave
beell having our -14l 'ut intu
rolling logs. It has been the or
dler of the day ftr several weeks.
Our last elontest was held on
the 10th oft March, ansMr. D. J.
Bedsule's bright little nit, Uhris
Ilaln, woll the mutnlal. ur Ucus
tests are a grand sll * and I
think a great work, ~at alay
thilng that the ladiesel is always
"zreat ,you klnow.) hTle next
tontest a ill be held the 14th
of April.
Mrs. Squiles and er lovr'y
graInld daulghter, M Eo llma,
Irightecuei tnar ,comul lily with
their presence last eek, anlJ
after a short visit rnllred to
their home at Ooltsenh en. We
holpe their visit was I ph aanuat
I oe, aand that they w I rtmem-e .
Iher the next colntest.
Miss Blanche Hanel y left last
.atrlnlay ifor .elena, to attend
sIshol. Shle will i e t hlreei
,moiths. Dr )ing tl .timae she
will be greatly Im Iy the
".yotIII pujlet of Ro . .
Mr. A. V. 8Smit,, 4 Olh, is
teachillng scho Jl alnatett liriles
fron here at thle Tarvr schnl
h n ie. He isataexcellet tealter,t
and we wish hnim Urstnh leduirce
We ad the pleam liten*
Insg to a brilliant aei deliv
ded by the 1Rev. 8. .!O,-of
Otta, tlast sday. .
We regret very its the tll
nes u oUf frueel h'le, formler
p antor of Itreelieid ti irb, 1ev.
E. M. Brians. He haelmuatlend
ing school at Oila, i~'i*hile o_
a visit to lhis relativislind friends
iot RoBefield was tahkmi sddeinly
very ill. We hope y~ i lrlI to0ti
The 'OtnUg oplg pleas
antly eutertaitled s lat Frday
night at the rtshidnee of Mr.
Willie Banchey. Our teacher,
Mrs. Ida Hanchey, spred no
paituts in nakitg sr ajoy outr
selves at the eatertainment.
As I have exhustled my bud
Sget of news, I will ity s•end
t ing my best wis heo the dlltor
and hb spaper. . W. H.
Oct your agonqt . Baled
dit & Cos They*wH-il ia youn
in t. .me and quali. .
Husband and Son
Imqure Blood, Boll., Car,
bunoles, Rhoumatlsm
Perfectly Cured by NMed's.
"C. I. Hood Co.. Lowell, Muas,
"My husband was dleted with boris for 1igM
years. He reaeid sweuorl preclptlons em.
dllerent phyuelas but d ldnot eallst say be
trom the l e Las spring his seek was
Mearly covered with Itttle bofls whieh would
break and run a little and then beat only I
others to take their plae. They pew Ir m s
ber sad sie until they turned to erbuseles. eo
bepan t think they weald kill him. Everythbg
the detees did seemed to
AgIravate the Disease.
Ne at Isot bought a bottle of Ineeds lSasN
gilasad when he had taken half of It his Nes
wasu well sad he has babut oae plmpe lame.
"The remainder ,t the medlela Iln to my
twelve year ol boy Willie Masoy whe had
been alleted wi abumsiais fromhbslalih .
N badly thatb I iet he wult always be
c Hod's ia r e It nc to o himk
aueh ioodtha t oe loauded to glve IS a
Uvt el spri xy taeal p. & e
betil slwa ,ploat he iy have bee - kire--g
tie evr a man New say be.r.nesed w erne
> are4 stn a erIesl weeh pa~ to us W kipa
hlll." bus. Joss At!trre. 0u 5,
Mood's Plle we head made, ad prsi
Slgaportloes appsease. U. a bet.
School Lasn Sale.
Notice ia hereby given that I will on the
Ist Saturday of April, 1894, offer for
sale at the Court House door in the town
of c'olnmbia. Li., the tollowing school
lands, to-wit:
lThe I of 4eo. 16, T 1I, I. 3 East. Said
lands are lown as public school land. aiad
land will be oIre.l for sale to the last and
highest bidder at not less thanit appraised
Terms of ale -Ten per ost ia ash and
thal annasu to be 1iA.ia annuud in.
stallments with iaterest t We ate of 8 per
cent per annum; said payments are to be
secured by special mortgaee on the land
with personal security in A .lido.
1R. R. Itanr ,
Ex--fBeio Parish School I'reanrer.
Estray Sales.
Urth or LOUssLa, c Mr3es'n ornc,
sessa or As1warsr. I , tanumc-r ovr.
NottBo is her.*hy given that by virlr.
olf authority veatdl I mP., hlit i will on
.ateoIrlsv ihe 14th day nof Aprl, 1894
,off r for sad*.'te1 sll to the highest bid
d4r, 5 herel of st.ck bogs., wsrked wilth
crop an,,l hI...n to one ear andl inder bit
inl the, other ratr.
Tbh minme having hean nr ported to me
an b.ring eosrays by I,. . N . W.lker,
J.satiee o.f thb Pene forward 4, Caklwell
Parish. La.
Give.n inder my hand anl u al e1sEIall.y
this thel 29th day sof March, 1594.
Mh I. M nco,
Cl(rk 4th District strt.
Notice itl hereby given that I
will sell at pnublio Alction at the
toe rt ionue door In the town of
CuolmlUba,. I, , on Saturday, the
31st day of March, 1894, to
I lie Itat alld highest bidder, for
cash, the following deserlled
property, to wit: One. Cream
(.Colored Bull 7 or 8 years old,
mtllrk'ed with split In right ear
and tinder slope in left ear.
The same having heeni reported
to mle as an estray by A. J. Gore,
.lstlei of the Peace for ward 1,
Caldwell parish,'L .
Given utIlder~y 1nhd 5d meal
offlaially this t '1 th clday of
February, 1894%
M.'L Macox,
Clerk 4th Distlrict Court.
Education is the only safe Inveetmeat,
and pays a btter per seat than aytling
else on earth.
The third sesi of. the l01 Inastitute
will begin ffbrury 11t ,18. instretlaon
wyB behsa in the followlmg deprlteats
of e." tia
Mathematics, History. Legeges.
ueeaoe, Hookkeapngaad
tommersoi La .
We give yo an potaty to taim a
smue of dy every twelve wees This
is tshe only school I the late tal dos
Mi.. We do It by t .emg. li eared
nermal method sand by using te very beas
If it is seen a r o pl he mere
than one ters eon a amcsh, aStight, bot we
do not hold wo bk for anything.
Came and be with as mnt term.
Toftioni ae con depeutat per selem
Bof c nd b$ month.
L iNIL) l B. & desid ,
SJ.P.L & OULOl, P.,.A. Jreemt
oa n.mseoui Department, 01k, IL.
Cicero C. Bridger,
General Merchandise,
Consisting in Part of Dry Goods, Crockeryware.,
Tinware, Woodenware, Notios.
Hets, Trimmedand ULtrimmed, Clothing, Gents Furnishing
Goods, Boots, Shoes. Gents Hats, All of which are
3E I aim to please my customers by tair dealing. Give me a tria
Columbia, fteai and Pearl Str(ets, I a.
N. O. Institute Removed to 21 Prytania Street.
). C Mrpbhy, hr J B.. .wrs, c.ts J. W. W bab.Ir. ba tu d
The I1e In slle d 1t U1laa, .
For the treatment of the Liquor, Opium, Chloral and
Cocaine Habits, Nervous' Diseases and Tobacco Habit,
by Dr. Leslie E. Keeley's
Chloride of Gold Remedies I
SThe Rel Weatmst fer be Uqge Oplis, Murphi .sd I.Tb.m Habits rG. ecei ver t
asm5t (f te Umsd Staesa. kor is t he Sate and s ilnMts7 Homs far dliesbed ve)Umer selds
adl sailors. Ala hbe eIa Isl apalm sd of ammres seate meldeal ead s .l sI aetbeeki.
P1llheJury Prmaeeedfg.
CoLmrIA Is.. January Sd, 18!14.
The lPolio Jury of the Parish of Cld.
well met this day in rgular suses with the
:ollowina oMu s and members present
ward I, O. call;. . l U i. litt; 3, W. S.
Howell; 4, R.B.. feddit, President; 5, J.
P. Cotoes; 6, C. C. arrell; 7. . C.
Myers; 8 H. O. Hebert;9, W.I. Willis;10,
no ,nember.
linutes of previous meeting read aad
J.P. Cotes ad W. H. Willis, eemmitt.e
appointed to view and receive the bridge
over kill's creek, reported, and recoa.
metded that the Polee Jury order that the
s nou be paid for. On motion the report
was received and adopted.
The committee on claims submitted the
following report of laims allowed, whieb
warI read and adopted:
Ned Gall. pper eaim ........... I1t00
D S Watr ,,, ,...... .... 387
M Miluer ri 'a witness lai too00
t A Ferr#nd ' " '... 4
SJ (Gore " "... 3 75
J( Rodrigtners " " " .. o011
I lI Filhiol '" " . 900
W H lall " " "... 2 00
HiW MeLeod " " "... 00
A J Gore Tutice fees bill ........ 600
W H Willis special en. on bridge.. S io
iJP e .. .. eo00
W H Ntrickling buildinl bridge.... at 00
R R Beilsell feeding irisoners...... 0 00
M atterson, making coa 'f Green 6 00
OrrinCall P. ................. ... 370
J P i'oste. P J. I days ervices.... 6 00
I' J .rmtrong, pauper............. I 0
Total,...........................IO 57
We, your committee, beg lave to report
that we have similned the fonlgoing S.
counts and and them corret.
Respectully submitted,
W. . Hoiwnua r bsair a.
On motion the following oerdinanee was
red and adopted:
Oasusna No. 9.
Ordinance levying ta x for the year 18t
for the purpose of laying th n erren
penses of the i or tr year Ilt.
tiso. 1. Be it ordalned by the Pohloe Jury
of the parish of f'als.twll In regular emsioa
onve.ned. That an ad valorem tax of Ten
mills be and the seae is hereby levied on
the assessed eh valuation of the property
of the prish to pay the Current expeases
of said perih otf 'aldwellfor the year O4
the ias to be apportioned as follows to.
General Fad Taz S mills,
Public rehool Fund Tan I mill.
Ipeelald ourt House Tax 3 mills.
Sin. Be it farte emsalnsd that this
ordinano~ take fefet thm Mad ater it
Apoptued Jamnry 1t. 1L.
aN .l asee, President,
A" R. dures. Clerk.
T'he slow ng ordipee was dared anad
Oau Ar No. 10.,
sormadl.n appelnthes ng u * ovenr
S, bo. paushe o tihswelferth.
Sm.1. i e. ordMadby the Paleery
of the parish of CaMwell in regal.r semelis
eonvened. That the falsovisa named pee.
sees be sand the are ` appointed
oveuseesof the different rads throqet
the parish for the year 18. to.wit:
Now em ky Road.
I divilMes, W. G. VPr omd,
$ ~ 0. W. Duns.
- Columbia ad Vern n Bead.
s divisio S. J. by, .
3   .s a l" 5 eth. l
3 " I . un.l y,
6 " Chs. I. TnrneL.
5 o.. bi r sd rrsor Bd.
I div is, Bi5vester maows.
I N. W. eatao.
Idisitefld. L flamahm,
4d..1 T ''r P smith.
$ divi.ion, H. W. MeLeod.
New (ut Of Road.
L. B. Hair.
Winlmbore RBad.
A. B, Diet
North of Lafourehe reed.
N. A. Iobers.
auLcksi Booad.
I division, J. J. Rutior,
2 " J. . Lowe.
Verse oead.
! divinos, J. A. Meredith.
S e T. J. Merdithb,
2 " H D NF init,
4 ' I B MPlain.
Beeuf River and Lafeurehe eadl
Lee Washington.
Pine B1 llRoad.
I diviaosi, W. .E h8adle,
f , W. J. Webb,
Cas Bed.
TJ. O Ca. a.
Alesasdria Read.
I diviaiea, J. I. Tarv r,
"' J. M. llieott
5 " A. B. MeIasid.
Three INtleh ead.
N. (. Greer.
Copenhalrs lesd.
I division, J W file*,
S A Humphries.
umphries Bead.
A L Humpbrie.
Columbia and uanierrsobua ea hnk.
I dividles, a W Doe~t
1 T TJ Jmese,
S"i BHarai Johbses,
4 " J D eSlwaia.
S ' T.P Livtely.
f'atetor Leanding ea
TR Meredith:
May Read.
Levi Rogae.
miithand led.
I divileis, I B Mealy,
- " IJ Tgery.
Manhi eal.
1 5 Milner.
Wall Rad.
O W Wal.
Theiam ed.
J O lit sr.
Newpot sad Memse BNead.
W n Nerrve.
Meoatgumery leS lead.
I divieIs, so 0c ie.,
S "* A Clad.
Manso, ! aU elsat .beegaIlk gth
almsane bake lt at bee sald at Ms
Are. ILd X I t sahpilla. Ut.
iams . o se smlled hie i
away wMit, and tses hath Noel '
leadthv dmsoaemdseth.I ,
o*fna Ans ahIs ,ad.
pas.' The a sel . d e ,
or als b t.im trtl s
trbed CI*olwmbia M$ l ab ý
bstothe miealsd Csoi Qe ,r*
abe I sreada marek a Y. i w
dVmbles 61 the as "esi ,«.
pi heeLb #d dle visi m i
Ommad;o a lb lessee dr~atA.r A0
AI Yk tl'll d~ Cl L

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