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Published Every Friday
1Etecrcd at the postoffice at Columbia,
La.. as second-class mail matter.
Subscription-$1 per year in advance
Columbia, La., Feb. 16, 1912.
Washington Letter.
Have you noticed the new
Washington letter appearing reg
ularly in these columns?
If you are not reading them you
should begin at once to do so. Our
Washington correspondent is
George Clinton, who is a close per- I
sonal friend of the president and
various cabinet members, sena
tors and congressmen. No other
newspaper correspondent stands
higher at Washington thanGeorge
Clinton, and his letters are by
far the best that we have ever
read and had the pleasure of of
fering to our readers.
Our news columns cover the im
portant transactions of congress,
but Clinton writes of the people
who are making things transpire,
and his letters are always intere
sting and timely. They are strict
ly non-partisan, and all the more
This unusually strange feature is
only one of many that this paper
contains and we promise our rea
ders some especially attractive
features and special articles dur
ing the year 1912.
Police Jury Proceedings.
* Columbia, La., Feb. 5, 1912.
The Police Jury met this day in
adjourned session, with all mem
bers present except J. W. James.
Minutes of Jan. l9and 10, 1912,
riad, and on motion carried.
The report of the special com
mittee appointed at last meeting
of the police jury to look over
the prorosed route for a public
road to extend from the Dyche
School House on the Smithland
road to Columbia, made a verbal
report and recommended that
the establishing of a public road
at this time in said section was
imrpacticable, which report was
On motion carried, the follow
ing named persons are hereby
reiieved from paying the special
road tax for the year 1912,to-wit:
Tom spillers, Mack Spillers, S.
A. Varnell, Fred Roloff, A. W.
Wagner, Peter Flemming, Chas.
Jenkins, Henry Riser, Allen B.
Wells and Tom Wells, it being
the intention of the police jury
to relieve said persons from pay
ing the special road tax in nu
ireration for their services in
keeping open a road leading from
Columbiato Smithland road.
On motion carried, that por
tion of the second division of the
Kentucky road from where the
road leading to Clarks from
Columbia leaves said Kentucky
road to where the road leading
out of Clarks, south west or
west, intersects said second di
vision of Kentucky road near
Brushy creek, is hereby tempo
rarily abandoned, and said sec
ond division of the Kentucky
road is hereby made to extend
to the Library building at Clarks
and from said Library building
west as now marked out, to the
Kentucky road near Brushy
creek, which said road is hereby
made a public road through uthe
town of Clarks as aforesaid,
Petitions from the citizens of
Grayson, asking for a donation
of $250 to assist in establishing
an agricultural school at Grayson
was read, and on motion carried,
the sum of $250 is hereby appro
priated to assist in the establish
ment of an agricultural school at
the village of Grayson, said
amount available when said
school has been located and in
operation, and is hereby made
payable to the Parish School
Board for the purpose as above
Petition from the citizens of
Grayson and vicinity requesting
that the first division of the
Grayson road be changed so as
leave the Columbia and Alezan
dria road and cross the railroad
near the depot at Grayson and r.
run on what is known as Spring
street through the pasture of W.
B. Grayson, and in front of the
new school building and to inter- i
sect said Grayson road near the
bridge on Hurrican Creek, was n
read, and on motion carried, said t
request was granted, and the c
said Grayson road is hereby
changed and made to cross the
railroad near the depot at Gray
son and extend along the route v
indicated in said petition.
On motion carried, H. H. Rogil-' J
lio and W. F. Hmphriers are
hereby appointed a special com
mittee to confer with Mr. C. E. r
Slagle, Gen. Manager, La. Cen
tral Lumber, Co., relative to the
collection of the per capta tax of 1
persns in the employ of said
Company, subiect to said tax, e
and they are hereby fully auto- F
rized to expend said tax when t
collected, as they may deen best. c
Board adjourned until 1 p. m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn- ,
All Persons who had come be- c
oore the Police Jury for the pur
pose of bidding for contracto to
work the several roads in wards I
three and four were requested to
hand in their written proposals, j
after wich the Police Jury, dn
Motion carried went into execu- (
tive session for the purpose of v
examining said proposales and
finding the following named per
sons ot have made the lowest
bids for the following roads, they c
are hereby awarded contracts for I
working said roads for the year
1912, to-wit: Roads in Ward
Three,Clarks to W. Scott Howel's
place on Columbia and Alexandria
road, W. S. Howell, at $12.50 per
mile. Gores to Kelly, K.E. Hum
phries, at $25.00 per mile. Kelly
to Cox bridge on Bayou Castor,
P. M. Humphries, $15.00 per
mile. Hawkins road, P. M. Hum
phries, at $12.00 per mile. Ken
tucky road, from Black Bayou
bridg to LaSelle Parish line, P. s
M. Humphries, for $65.00 for all I
of said road. For 1st, div. Colum- ;
bia and Alexandria road in Ward i
three, and 2nd, div. of Columbia a
and Alexandria road, R. A. Vin
cent at $15'00 per mile. 3rd, div.
Copehhagen and Summerville
roab, P. M. Humphries, at $2.50
per mile. All public roads in Ward
four, awarde to Jno. W. McKei
ten at $21.75 per mile.
Petition from citizens near
Smithland asking that a public
road be granted to exend from
opposite Smithlend to Riverton
was read and no action taken.
On motion carried Sam Dortch
is hereby appointed overseer on
IPine Bluff and Vixen road, vice
W. L. Steele, over'age, and Fred
Winn on Marshes landing road,
vice G. Allen Fisher.
On motion carried, the special
committee appointed to have a
system of severage put in the jail,
are hereby authorized to received
said work when completed, and if
satisfactory, to pay for the same.
On motion carried, A. M. Led
better is hereby awarded the
contract for keeping the Ouachita
Steel Bridg,for a period of Four
Years at $30:00 per month, the
same to include the painting of
said bridg and to do all repair
The Clerk of the Police Jury is
hereby requested to prepare con
tracts and bonds to be executed
by the several persons who have
been awarded contracts for the
working of the several roads here
in before mentioned, and for the
keeping of said Ouachita Steel
Bridg, in conformity with the
specifications give said cotractors.
On motion carried the Police
Jury adjourned until the next
Sregular meeting, thefirst Monday
in march, 1912.
H. H. Rogillio, pres.
SR. R. Redditt, Clerk.
S ie 'oe't Lip lNow. I
No more limping for Tom Moore of
Cochran, Ga. "I had a bad sore on my
r instep that nothing seemed to help till
I used Bucklen's Arnica Salve," he
[writes, "but this wonderful healer
Ssoon cured me." Heals old sores, run
ning sores; ulcers, boils, burns, cuts,
Sbrumaes, eczema or piles. Try it. Only
25c at all drugists.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
()ffice at Baton Rouge, La., January
19, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that James
O. Wyatt, of Rosefield, Louisiana, who (
on August 25. 1910, made Homestead (
Entry No. 03161, for eB of set of seec. , i
and e~ of net, sec. 12. towship11 north, ]
range 4 east, Louisiana Meridian,hastiled
notice of intention to make Final Corn
mutation Proof, to cstal)lish claim to
the land above described, before
Clerk of Court at Columbia, La., on the
26 day of February, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses: James
A. Hudson. of Rosefield, La.; Gross C.
Hudson, of Rosefield, La.; William R.
White, of Holum, La.; William L. (
White, of Holum, La.
John F. Nuttall,
Jan 62-6t Register.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Baton Rouge La., Januany
19, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that William T.
Wade, of Kelly, La., who, on March 6, i :
1903, made Adjoining Farm Homestead -
Entry No. 26795, No. 01424, for net of
set, section 26, townsip 12 north, range 3:
east, Louisiana Meridian, has tiied
notice of intention to make Final
Five Year Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, beforei
clerk court, at Columbia, La., on the I
27 day of February, 1912. i
Claimant names as witnesses: Gilbert i
Auttonberry of Clarks, La., Cary E.
Claunch of Kelly. La., James F. Brad
(dock of Holum, La., Wiley H. Wade of
Clarks, La.
John F. Nuttall,
Jan 26 Register.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Baton Rouge, La., January
20. 1912.
Notice is hereby given that Dotta
Cusetta Moore, of Vixen, Louisiana,
who. on December 12, 1906, made Home
stead Entry 27719, No. 01908, for sw¼
nwj and nwl swr, section 20, town
shhip 15 north, range 2 east, Louisiana
Meridian, has filed notice of intention to
make Final Five Year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, be
fore Clerk of Court, at Columbia, La.,
on the
26 day of February, 1912.
Claimant names as witness: William
H. BFnister. Arthur M. Cook, John N.
Gregory, Walter N. Reynolds, all of
Vixen, Louisiana.
Jan 26 Register.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Baton Rouge, La., January
20, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that Airthur
M. Cook, of Vixen, Louisiana, o; on I
November 27, 1906, made Ho stead
Entry 27635, No. 01886, for n set,
sw) net, ne& swk and set nwk, etion
31, township 15 north, range east,
Louisiana Meridian, has filed no e of
intention to make Final Fivy ear
Proof, to establish claim to t land
above described, before Clerk of rt,
at Columbia, La., on the t
26 day of February, 19 2.
Ciaimantnames as witnesses: illiam
H. Banister, Dotta C. Moore, J hn N.
Gregory, Walter N. Reynolds, all of
Vixen, Louisiana. 4
Jan 26 Regster.
It is now 20 years since our
business has been established.
During all of this time webave
found out that there are ilen
ty of good and pure whiskies
of unknown brands to thel con
suming public. We havenmade
it a study to purchase thervery
best, direct from distillery.
There are a few well a~lver
tised brands of merit and we
carry those brands in steelk.
If we fail to quote:' our
special brand, then leave it to
us to select the same for :you.
Simply tell us the price and
what kind of liquors you want,
we will send you the very best
Sfor the money. ! .
Kindly remit by Express
Order or Post Office Money
Order, Registered Mail or
Bank Check.
Prompt service; ordersfilled
Ssame day received.
We also pay highest rices
for Hides, Wool and Furs.
Lieber Brothers & Co.
Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealors,
SMonroe, La.
I have bought a controling in
terest in the black Arrabian
Stallion (Arab), 16 1-2 hands
high, a great combination horse.
I will serve him to a few good
mares at ten dollars. One`dbollar
entrance fee, rest due when. colt
is born. J. F. Stuart will have
the horse in charge at China
Grove plantation duringi the
spring season.
Dec 1-3m A. P. Stuf:
We are prepared to b all
kinds of job work. :
Physicians and Surgeon
Columbia, La.
Office at City Drug Store. All
calls given prompt attention.
(Successor to Dr. J. Q. Graves)
Office, Columbia Drug Store,
Physician and Surgeon
Office, Woodmen Building.
Columbia, - - - Louisiana
Will practice in all the courts of the
5th Iudicial District and Supreme
of the State.
George Wear. Francis E. Jones
Jena, La. P. 0. Box 96
Will do a general civil and crimi
nal p;actice in the District Courts
in the Parishes of Caldwell, Winn
and LaSalle and the supreme
Court of Louisiana.
Church Appointments.
Columbia-1st and 3rd Sundays
at 11 and 7:15.
Standard-2nd Sunday.
Clarks and Master's Chapel
4th Sunday.
Dirt Bridge-1st Sunday a,
3 p. m.
H. W. MAY, Pastor.
Grayson, La.
I have pure bred Mamoth
Bronze Turkeys for sale.
Toms $5.09, and hens $3.00.
w. B. Grayson.
Laids of all Description
Bought and Sold
Joan R. BROWN, - Columbia, La
Alexandria Steam Laundry.
J. N. KRAMER, Prop.
Shirts, negligee...................-----------------10
Shlrts, plaited, puff or fancy-......12)
Collars, Buster Brown or fancy......5
Cuffs, per pair..-------... .....---------5
Waists -------------__...--.._15 to 25
Ties -------....................-----------------......-------5
Drawers.....-- ..-----------..-.....6 to 8
Undershirts ---..--.---------......6 to 8
Night Shirts .................--------------10
Socks, per pair ......................5
Handkerchiefs-- ..-- ...----.....--.....----- 3
Handkerchiefs, silk .................4
Vests .. --------------......................-----.---20
Coats, linen--- ......................25
Pants, linen _.....-................25
Overalls _.-------- -...................12je
Jumpers ...---------------...........-- .....12tc
Towels ... ------- 3 to 5
Table Cloths_ -- _------- 10 to'25
Sheets ---------------................ 10
Pillow Cases_-- .-----_--3 to 10
Napkins .------- ..........-.......-2)
Bed Spreads_----------- .-10 to 25
Cleaning and Pressing Steam Process.
Suits_ __.-------------................$2 50
Coats .. ------...................1 25
Pants .-----....--------------..............--75
Vests -----.......-------------...........-50
Overcoats ._..............2 ----------200
Skirts -... .--- ----------1 00 and up
Waists ..........--------------1 00 andup
' Cleaning and Pressing--Dry Process.
Suits _.............--------------------....$1 50
Coats ... ------------------.................75
Pants ...--------------------,50
Vests - . ......------------------- 25
Skirts ...-...--50----------SOc and up
Waists ...------........-- 50c and up
Cleaning and Dyeing.
Suits ___-------- -- ............ $3 50
Coats .............--------------------- 175
Pants --------------------_ ..1 00
Vests ...----------------------...75
Overcoats-- ... ........------------- 3 00
Skirts. . --.1.........1 50 and up
Waists___ .-....-----------..-1 50 and up
Prompt delivery and Shipments.
Columbia Barber Shop.
Every Citizen
of Columbia should have tele
phone service in their business
houses and residences. The tel-e
phone is a necessity as well as a
convenience. You cannot afford
to be without one. Our long dis
tance'service, with which your
connected, affords communica
tron (with every important city
and town in the United States
and Canada. Reasonable rates,
service unexcelled. For further
information, call manager.
Frisghtful Polar Winds
Sblow with terrific force at the far north
and play havoc with the skin, causing
red, rotgh or sore chapped hands and
lips, that need Bucklen 's Arnica Salve
to heal them. It makes the skin soft
and smooth. Unrivaled for cold-sores,
also burns, boils, sores, ulcers, cuts,
I bruises and piles. Only 25e at all drug
T. E. FLOURNOY, President OLIVER B. MORTON, Cashier.
F. G. HUDSON, 1st Vice Pres. F. D. GIBBS, Assistant Cashier,
J. S. HANDY 2nd Vice Pres.
Surplus and Undivided Profits.....$125.,000.00
Every day you feel the lack of money to take advantage
of the opportunities which come your way. Get ready to be
come indipendent, and start a bank account today-Tomorrow
may be too late.
Our officers are at all times ready to be of assistance to
This is the Only National Bank in Monroe
Successor to Mecom & Brown
Columbia, - Louisiana.
Pearl Street, Phone No. 33.
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Toilet Goods, Per
fumery, Soaps, Brushes, Syringes. Everything
Kept in a First-Class Drug Store.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Day and Night
DR S. H. BROWN, Proprietor.
S S.OWN090
E. Fudickar.
Uriah Millsaps,
F. P. Stubbs,
Guy P. Stubbs,
Eugene Wolff,
Jno. P. Parker,
S ®IElll D. A. Johnston,
W. R. Mitchell,
E. Fudickar,
Theo. Marks,
Sol Meyer,
C. E. Bynum,
Travis Oliver.
This Bank desires to offer to its customers the benefit of
our facilities for handling their cotton during the season
We have an experienced man in charge of our cotton de
partment, who will exchange your bills-lading for warehouse
receipts, insure your cotton, display your samples in our sam
ples in our sample rooms, and if desired, will sell your cotton
and collect proceeds for you account. There will be no I
charge for this service.
If you desire to avail yourself of this service, consign your I
and write us a letter enclosing your bill-lading covering ship
ment and we will endeavor to carry out your wishes.
Capital and Surplus $312,500.00
S , o

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