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Mr. Monkry-Yes, ray dear; I or
dered the latest thing in fig leaves-
Impotted direct from Ujii--for bath
ing suits for you and Jocko.
Mrs. Monkey-Oh, you dear, sweet e
thing! How lovely! Oh, won't I cut
a figlire on the Congo this season!
1802 Reynolds & 34th St., Savannah, r
Ga.-"My head began to get sore and
all around the edges got white with t
the ,isease until I was quite scared.
I thought all my hair would drop out. c
It came out by handfuls, and my head
itched so I nearly scratched the skin
off. It was full of dandruff which
showed plainly in my hair. I also
had trouble with my hand. It peeled I
every t"rae I put it in water, and it
was so badly disfigured that every- c
body noticed it and asked me what It P
was. It was red, and burned awfully.
"Mly mother tried several things but t
they were unsuccessful, and it seemed
as if nothing did it any good until I
started to use Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment. It had lasted about four weeks. t
but th.en it started getting well and
my hair stopped falling completely.
Now it is cured. My hair is now nice
and thick and is growing to a nice
length. I also used the Cuticura Soap
and Ointment for my hand and com
pletely cured it." (Signed) Miss
Hattie M. Jones, Nov. 8, 1911.
Cuticura Soap ,and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dept. I., Boston."
Explains the Undertaker's Grouch.
"Who is that fellow sitting humped
up and muttering to himself out there
on the horse block?"
"Aw. that's Ezra Toombs, the under
taker," replied the landlord of the
Steedee tavern. "He's feeling sore
over the way his business has been
going of late. You see, the doctor
gave Judge Feebles two weeks to live;
that was six weeks ago, and the judge
is up and around now and figgerin' on
marryin' again. Evqry time Ezra
,meets the doctor: he asks him, 'How
aout its hey?' apd they have a row.
,' :,.": "/ a" " >p . '" " " " ' " .' .m tn. ,.
e vane of the chuirch across the
street;' Ezra sayi, by Heck, he's about
ready to move away, things is so dead
here."-Kansas City Star.
Big Difference.
"Did you have any osculatory enter
taln~pent at your party?"
"N'o; only some kissing games."
If .you wish beautiful, clear, white
clothei. use Red Crose Ball Blue. At all
good grocers. Adv.
Most of our comforts grow- up be
tween our crosses.-Young.
But a Symptom,a Danger Sig
nal Which Every Woman
Should Heed.
Backache is a symptom of organic
weakness or derangement. If you have
backache don't neglect it. To get per
manent relief you must reach the root
.f the trouble. Read about Mrs. Wood- r
all's experience.:
Morton's Gap,Kentucky.-"I suffered t
two years with female disorders, my
health was very bad
and I hada continual
backache which was
simply awful. I could
.* { not stand on my feet
long enough to cook
o . a meal's victuals
without my back 1
nearly killing me,
and I would have
tions I could hardly
bear it. I had sore.
mess in each side, could not stand tight
clothing, and was irregular. I was comn
pletely run down. On advice I took
Lydia E. Pinklham's Vegetable Com
pound and am ernjoying good health. It
is now more than two years and I have
not had an ache or pain since. I do all
my own work, washing and everything,
and never have ;backache any more. I
think your medicine is grand and I praise
it totll my neighbors. If you think my I
testimony'will hblp others you may pub.
lish it."-Mrs. OLLI WooDALL, Mor
ton'' Gap, Kentucky.
If you have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound will help you, write
to Lydia E.Pikham Medici e Co.
(confidential) Lynn, Mass., for ad
Vice; Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
t and held in strict confidence.
i;aimmw1i m"."WiWl~
educational, religious or charitable insti- surf
tutions, or to trustees for educational, re- sess
liglous or charitable purposes, shall be sess
exempt from this tax, unless such dona- ded;
tion, or legacy, shall be more than half on t
of the disposable portion of the testa- debt
tor's or donor's estate, in which case eral
the tax shall he imposed upon the entire due
legacy or donation and the legatees or surr
donees shall libe considered to be within to e
the thirtd lass. the
S. Such other special taxes as the 4.
Genetrail Assembly by a vote of two-thirds and
of all the members elected to each house dona
may from time to time prescribe, on
Article IV. und
1. The ;eneral Assembly shall have ti l
power to levy license taxes only on per- real
sons. par tInerships, associations and cur- acti
piortiont s engccd in business or occupa - plotu.
tions that fall snetly under the domnain furt
of the police power, and for that purpose ceni
to classify all such htlusinesses and oCli- c vt
pations, and to graduate the tax within the
eaclh cl:ass. hi
2. Iocal subdivisaons of the State go- - thti
ernment shall ha e the power to !tw y ,
licenses on lbusinessei. andt occupations ers,
falling strictly within the domain of the ban
police power as provided I in ti. forego- 'tati
Ing section for the State,. save that su'h !shat
local licenses as may he levied on traffic thei
in malt. vinous and alcoholic IlUnis shall tnrol
not Ie less than those levied ',, the State 'St.!
not less than those now or hereafter to tale
be prescrihied by the ;eneral Asseimbly as ,-ndi
nilnltuti local licenses, the
3. Such local subidivisions as each may si"
determine for itself shall also have the fiii
right to levy license tayes, classified an'Id cou
graduated with due rtipect to equality ed
and uniformitv wvithin .:i('h class, on all ma';
businesses and noepult ons not covered he
by Section 2 of this Ar''cle; save and ex- div
cept licenses on corp :'a tions. persons. 6.
firms and associations 'hlose p)ropl)erty or pan
business is among the sources of revenue tion
reserved to the State. and save and ex- and
cept licenses on individuals engaged In frait
trades. occupations and! callings involving ciut
the personal lahnr or skill of the nertson !of
to be taxed, and not falling within the I thei
domain df the police power: and save and rottll
extent corporations, associations, part- pan
nershins or individuals engaged in manu- hlis
facturing or Industrial pursuits whose afir
capital stock, or capital in business, is for
less than five thousand dollars, and not and
falling within the domailn of the poliee indc
power; and save and excent persons. Cece
firms and corporations engaged in agri- inst
cultural or hortlicltural pursuits. In no the
event shall' any such local license ex- ven
ceed one-tenth of one per cent of the frot
gross receipts of the licensee, provideld he
that no license shall he less than $5.00. Sta
nor shall the licenses provided for in alti
this section he levied unless the general or
property tax of each taxing locality, when pro
exercised to sixty per cent of its limit. bon
shall not be sufficlient to pay the expenses dolt
of Its government. Whenever a munici- cu
pal license equals the license levied by exc
the parish, only the municipal license cen
shall be due and collectible. ties
Article V. imr
1. All assessments of property for or
State purposes shall be made by a State or
Tax Commission, composed of three in
members to be elected, not later than iti
July 1st, 1913, by a Board composed of o
the Governor, the State Auditor and the o
State Treasurer, from among the quali- on
fled electors of the respective Railroad o
Commission Districts, as constituted at
this date, and they shall not be subject a I
to removal except for the causes and in of
the manner provided for the removal of at
district judges.he
2. The terms of the first commissioners 'ne
shall be for two, four and six years. O)C
The period each is to serve shall be die- in
termined by lot. At the expiration of cell
such terms, election shall be for the pe- bro
riod of six years; and commissioners shall he
be elected and vacancies filled for any
unexpired term by the qualified electors ton
of the respective Railroad Commission ftn
Districts at the regular congressional ts
elections held in this State the first Tues- ma
day after the first Monday in November
every two years; and at the said congres- Get
sional election held just prior to the ex- on
piration of their respective terms. O
3. The Commission shall maintain an min
office and have its domicile at Baton ut
Rouge, and the members shall reside in be
Baton Rouge and devote their time ex- val
clusively to the discharge of their du- the
ties. e
4. They shall each receive a salary of sul
Five Thousand Dollars per annum, be- n.
ginning January 1, 1914, and their tray- twi
ling expenses, not exceeding, a maximum nc
amount to be fixed from time -to time by ta.
I inUL'V'WIUl5, ~It= -IWE intl
; ul u . r e t.
. The chairman of the first Commis- pet
slon shall be named by the appointing sat
Board and serve until the expiration of `'
his term of office, and thereafter the Wi
Commission shall' select its own chair- ,e
man. Th hi
6. The Commission and the Individual thi
members thereof shall perform such du- tt
ties in respect to assessment and taxa- oi
tion as are herein prescribed, and such fdl
other and further duties as the General "o
Assembly may from time to time pre- PU
scribe. 0,1
7. The Gene.al Assembly shall pro- t
vide said Commission with an adequate th
clerical force. thi
R . The Commission shall have power to r
adopt and enforce such reasonable rules nu
regulations and modes of procedure, not thu
inconsistent with law, as it may deem ab
- proper for the discharge of its duties, and m'
to hear and determine complnints that frr
may be made against assessments, and sa
. other of its acts required' or authorized th
by law. an
9. The Commission shall hate power nh
to summon and compel the attendance er:
of witnesses, to swear witnesses, and to nu
compel the production of books and pa- re
pers, to take testimony under commis- th
I mion, and to nunish for contemnt, as fully all
as is provided by law for the district
Courts. The General Assembly may pro- .e
5 vide other penalties for violating the or- at
ders of the Commission. cC
10. If any person, firm, association or ca
corporation shall be di.satisfied with the "
* assessment made or action taken by the ,is
o'mmisstln. such perty may file a peti- or
tion setting forth the cause of ohjec- fo
tin to uch naessment or action of the
Commission or to either or hath in a "'
court of competent jurisdiction, at the th
domicile of the C(ummission, '.e*inst said me
Commission as defendant. lltber party ,
C may apnea! to the Sunreme Court of the rt
Stnte withput regard to the amnunt in
B volved: such apneels to be returnable ft
within ten davs after the date that the tt
decision of the lower court becomes final. de
All such cases, both in the trial and an
- petlnte court, shall be tried summarily, '
mnd by preference over all other cases, ti
Such cases may be tried in the court of C
d the first instance either in chambers or vi
at term time. n
V 11. No bond shall be required of said St
d Commission in any case in any court. p
dnr shall advance costs, or security for at
costs, he recuired of it.
8 12. It shall be the duty of the Attorney r!
d"Eeneral. and the various district attor- 5(
evei, on proner reonest or direction hv S
the Commission of the Governor. to aid 't
the said Commission in sll legal mattersa.1
and to prosecute and defend all cases in if
accordance with such renuests and uiree- Rg
ktien A failure on the nart of such law
ofiecers, when so requested or directet tont
perform the duties here Innosed upon ti
0 them, shall constitute mlteasance in 54
office. e V.
1. After January 1st, 1914, ai assess. rI
ments for all State purloses, except as a'
i hereinafter provided, shall be, c'un- '. 1 "
on or before April 1st in each year. 1 th
the taxes shall become due and Pay hte b
on the first Monday in June of each year. i,
a. nd shall become delinquent on the first a
Monday in Sentember in each year. Each it
parish and munclpalitv shall have the C
Fe right to fix the date for the completion ti
* of its local assessments, and the payment c
of its Iocal taxes and licenses, eeneral .,
, and snecial. until otherwise nrescrthed by a
J the (,eneral Assembly. Until otherwlie 5
provided, existing laws on theoe subjects 5
shall be operative. Levee district taxes i
y and forced contrihutions, exc'unive of .
produce taxes, shall he assessed and be
come delinquent coincidentally with par- 1
1* Ish taxes. t
2. Public service cornorations shall he 11
assessed on their physical pronerty and P
on their franchises separately, but the C
b* feneml Assembly shall have power to di- t
L rect the Tax Commission to assess the ;
property of such corporations at a valua- C
tien including both physical property and C
1 franchises, to be determined by gross re- ,
eI, ipts. or by dividends on stocks and in- '
Sterest paid on bonded debt, or by any <
otiher available method. 1
- . Incorporated banks shall be assesse,1 o
Sby assesstin the stockholders in the book t
' s..t the stoek, L e., capital utock, (
- surplus and undivided profits less the - "
- sessed value of real estate locally - tir
e sessed and taxed, and less such furt r idll
deductions of not less than five per ct frol
f on their loans and discounts to cover li
- debts and unearned interest as the c - is 1
e eral AssembBr may prescribe, which 4
e dauction shall be made only from t it irl
r surplus and und(i\vided profits; all to s Fish
11 to be paid by the banks and chlarged its
the stockholders. the;
e 4. Individual hankers, banking fi si
s and unincorporated banking assoeiati s 1.
e domiciled in this State. shall be assesdod
on the amount of capital, sutrlp'us d
undivided profits actually employed n it
e their business, less the ass sssed value ý
- real estate locally assesse, and ta the
- actually tand exclusively used t and e-l
- ,l vyeld in their bIusiness, and le:s; sthll rig
n further deductions not less than live gr on
tc(nt on their loans and discounts o.-o
- civer bad debts and unearned inter est ni
n the General Assemb(ly lLmay Prescribe, to x
whicht deduction shall he made only frint eigl
- their surplus and undivided profits. six
y 5. Foreign hanks and Individual ha-l-as 1
s rs, banking firms and unincortnura 1 ,
e ranking asa'clatiionms, donticiled out of e the
- state but doing business ill this state on
h shall be assessed on such proportion of cnt
e their capital, surpllus :tad undit. 1d call
t11 rofits as is atctually emrloyed in tils pen
e State, less the assessed 'value of real (- vidi
o tate ircally assssessed and taxed, actutlY pen
+ ;:nd exclusively used and emnployed n the
their Ibusiness in this State, and leac
y such further deductions, rot less tltn levn
e five per cent on their loans and dls- ni1
d counts. to cover had debts and uneart- con
V ed interest as the General Assem4 cloti
11 may prescribe. which deductions s 1ll1 o
1 he made only from their surplus and - pre
divided profits. has
, 6. Insurance, bonding and surety c an
ir panics, and persons, firms and asso - am
e tions enguaged in the insurance, inn con
and surety business, excluding hnwe r. sue
n fraternal Insurance companies and a - the
ci:itions, shall be taxed on a percente 3.
n of their gross premiums received u nfti
P their business done in this State. 5 whi
d! retulrn prermiiums and reinrsurance in c - the
- panles or associations aultlhorized toa ~Oev
- ibusiness In this State. The percent e
:0 afnreuraid shall not exceed three per ct n
is for all bIranches of insurance, hont s;
it iand sulrety husiness. except life td na
e industrial insurance and shall not - by
r. cled two per cent for life and indust 1 4
I- insurance. The special taxes to sup rt sat
o the office of fire marshal and fire dat
yvention ll reaus shall not he dedl site
to rom the premiums herebhy authorized 0 the
I he taxed. When by the laws of any ot r
. State or country any taxes. fines, p - lot'
n altles, licenses, fees, deposits of mo Y the
1i or of securities, or other obligattions r itr
an prohibitiorns are imlposed on insura e, till
t. handing or surety comrpanies of this S te tax
s doing business in such other State or ;
i- cruntry. or unon their agents thereln in ni
iy excess of such taxes, penalties, fees, i ren
te censes, denosits of money, or of sec - exi
ties, or other obligations or prohibiti s an'
imposed upon such Insurance, bon bly
or surety companies of such other S re's
to or country, so long as such laws conti
in force the same obligatlons and pr so
bitions of whatso:ever kind may be -fro
of posed by the General Assembly of snit
State unon insurance, bonding or su r istl
1_ companies of such other State or co No
id doing business in this State. lie
7. Irrigation canals shall be taxed not
et a percentage not to exceed two per tt lne
In of their gross receipts, only such real s- to
tate and the buildings and struct t rI
thereon, rights of way, machinery, t is tle
rs and implements as are necessary to e ia
operation of any canal shall be inclu Cfit
in and covered by this tax on gross - con
cf eipts. All other real estate and pers I
nronertv of the owner of any canal a s
at be locally assessed and taxed. A,
8. All sugar refineries, rice mills, - Ana
ton seed oil mills. cottqn seed oil | shl
n fineries and refineries of pretroleum 8ti
al its products shall be assessed on the lr Ipe
G market valuation. N
9. Until otherwise provided by e s
s General Assembly by a vote of two-ths of
of the members elected to each housell tax
operating mines of sulphur, salt or o t r
minerals, all oil or .as wells, all ast ae
un Iuarries. sand, gravel and shell pits sl11 thi
In be taxed unon a percentage of the gels wa
value of the product at the mlithiof npt
K the mine, well, quarry or pit. Thir - Cr
centage shall not exceed five per cht r the
of sulphur: three per cent for salt; t In
,a one-half per cent for oil and ish
i two per cent for rock and other , on
m inclusive of gravel, sand and shell s ant
by tax shall not apply to the t*oduct
Mes, ouarries or ti a o nil
s. personal purposes and does not a ne
ng same or its products or manufact the sa
of same into another product for sale. th
he Where gravel, sand or shells are taken ml
tr- from the'beds of public waters o from th
shores not subject to private ownershl, ish
lal the General Assembly may levy ospecial
. taxes per cuble yard of material taken he
a- out and may levy a different special tax jrt
ch for each of said objects of taxation. The c
ral Government of the TTnited States for any is
.,. mur~ones. and contractors engred in the so
enn-tructn of any nhile work fr. the on
*o qtate or for the United Rtates solelyfor tr
Lte the ,irpose of Psch uhile work e-Fu- ,vi
thorized to take free from taxation a
to travel, shell or sand from the bed; of th
es nublic waters and the nublic shorer of vs
ot the State. Every citilen of the State te
, shall have a similar right to take puch m
d materials for his own nersonal ue 'free p
at from taxation. unlegs they are taken for so
nd sale. All real and nersonal nroperty of hr
ed the owners of such mines, wells. quarries sa
and nit.s, ercent machlnery. tools andflm- ti
rer niements ahsolutelv easential to theon- w
ic eration of any mine. oil or .as well, tone v
to nuarry. sand. rrovel or shell pit, and ex- an
a- cent the products themselves while in ps
. the hands of the aroducer, shall be 1o- tI
ilv all" assessed and taxed. P
ct 10. All real and rne.sonal pronerty re- ft
on- served for Iocal taxation shall he acs ed hi
ar nt wnch Percentage not to exceed lf, per t
cent of it.s fair market value as each.o- le
or cal governing authority may establish,
the nad a lower rercentage may be eqtph- is
the 'Ished for personal than for real propaerty oh
ti or for the values of improvements than g
P. for land valnes.
the 11. Tn all ussesments of real pronItyI
wh~ether for lnoal or for State purposes, tr
the the va.lue of the land shall he assessed sr
aid sesarater'v from the value of the fmnrdve- it
rty ments: hut railroannd. nine line and cAnal i
the rtihts of wa.v, whether held in fee or n- i
In- der easement. may he a·ssesed sena ey re
ble from. or together with, the mnrovejnts i
the thereon as the Tax Commission maylI
l. deem most nrncticable.
ain- 12. Asessments shall be arranged geo- o
Ily ranphically as far as lanssihle either upon s
rca.the rolil or unon separate records andthe t:
o (-lneral As*Pemhl shall Pass laws pro- l1
or viarlint for the printing and puhlicatln in no
n'nmnbhlet form of the records, showing't
aid such seonatanhlonllv arranged assespments
art rnl for the sale of such pamphlets at at
for smnll price.
13. Wvery taxnaver shall have :the -
ney rleht of te-ting the correctness of his as- t
or- sessment 'in the courts within such time't
hv na the Gens'al Asmhlv maV nryatcrshe:
aid and no pronerty shall be assessed for a' T
ara, i sam In excesa of the percepntatse of its v
In fair market v1~le. as prescribed by the
'ec- overnlne salthority.
raw 14. State licenses and special 5tate
to ta'res shall be due and payable at iuch '
pon time as the General Assembly may pre- i
in scribe.
Article VII.
i. Every municipality shall have the
ss. right to provide, at Its discretion, by
as ordinance of Its governing authority, the
Sofficer or officers, who shall collect Its
1 taxes, and to fix the comnensation to
h!e he paid such officer, or officers, and the
oar, made of their election or appointment:
irst and every Parish shall elect by a vote of
ach its qualified electors the offidcer, or ofifi
the cers, to assess its property for taxation,
tlon the comnensatlnn of such nocer or offi
tent cers to be fixed by the Police Jury not
eral les than ten months before the electolnn,
I hy and not subject to change during the
-ie elected officer's incumbency. This power
ects shall not he xeried in the Parishes,
uxes nor in the Parish of Orleans as to asses-1
of sors. until the terms of office of the pres
be- ent Incrumbents exnire. After January 1.,
ar- 1914, and until the expiration of the
toen"m of said ofcerS, all local assess-I
I he ments shall he made by the assessors of
and ebrh Psrish and the assessors of New l
the Orlens at the present rate of comnenst
lua- collected hv thp Sheriff of each Parish x
and cent the Parish of Orleans, at the poes
re- ent rate of comnensation unless endh
in- cnmpensation shall be changed by the
any (1enersl Assembly. After January. 1,,
1014. Parish Assessors shall be coitpuen
eseed sated by the Parishes and the Assessors of
onok the Parish of Orleans by the City of Te'V
ock, Orleans. If under the referendum antoad
Siecnt submitted to the people at the same
time this amnendlrent is submitted pit'- Th
r tiding a way to relieve mnunicipaliti' in tl
tlfrom general parish taxes, subject to In prt
I obligation to contribute to certain funds. :ts p
-!is adopted. then each municipality so re- teria
- sievled fro01 such taxation, shall hat\e the etc.
r' right by its governing authority. to pro- Las
svide for the ippointment or elch'tion of I'w
: its own assessor or or assesors a;.n to fix critic
their compensation. that
Article VllI. the
1. In order to reinthttrse parishes and the
rnil nic'ialiti's now free frin parisp h plri
taxes for loss of revinue carused by the the 1
witihdlruval of the sorce(s of State r- And
enue from pTl'rish ;lid litnicip:al taxatioii. w.at
there is herelby gritnll edto c:tah parish and spe
to elach sucth runicil;pal ctIolro iatn the 1
It right to levy an adilitonal tax iof six mills tie I
r on unCegreg;ated proert'. bakd:
2. In order to similtirly reimnlirse 11S - to n
Snicipalities not now free front paris!l 111tff
taxes each parish shall levy (ntnrlltty for meat
(eight yetars after lTantiary 1, 1911, the bin
six mill tax af.rres::hil, ior so mnhii thereif hake
as may be necissa ry. atlt ou t if the pri- mad
ceeds of this tax enith parish shaiill, utrlhr rExp
Sthe supervision of the lTax ('.,ntmtissiin. at F
comllpensate each s-l Illunicipalit' high
within its limits for loss of revenue
elcaused by such withdrawal. Su i ch cnt
8 pensation to be made in the basis pro- 1
s vided in the followhing sentence for coni- A
' pensation by the State to parishn':s. If
the proceeds of such tax remaining to thro
geach parish, added to the proceedts of the fanc
levy of the one per cent tax now per
mitlltted to he levied, after Im laking ti men
-compensiation afolresaid, shall not he sit1f- gav(
Selent to repay to said parish the sumll it
*I would have received by the levy of its
present one per cent alimonlly tax on the tow
basis of the assessment rtlls of 1911, plus At
an increase of five per cent ron the
-amount of said tax. then the State shaiP him;
g compensate each parish the anronrlnt of
such deficiency as fixed and reported byv
tihe Tax Conlmisslon.
e 3. Any municiplality now free. or here
n after made free., from parish taxation
8 which is not reimnalri'ed by the levy' f H
the addit!ornal six mill :tax. tile power ti
Slevy which is here)by gr'nted to it, shall ev
h lie elpenslttedl by the 'ner:aIl A ssiembly to
otn the basis above provided for 'i1erntli
s:ation by the State to, the ParishesC tie"
d amounlllllt of shul cur!n.ns ion to ibe fixel ind
Sbyv the Tax I-'iotltriSin.
I 4. 'rTle oitigritior t. ma ne the comno'n
tsa:tions herein prloviled for shlill he mltin
datory ion the flenlra:l ;Ac;semlltr ., butl n,
d slchll (conmoelLat ions sh:ll ie made after Chi
I tlhe year 121. "I it
r 5. After the year E2l. no r'rish sh'll ru
Stlevy Ran part of such six: mills withrin catre
Yi the limit of any in,'m'no'ted tnnricipal- ante(
*r itv iandl sa:id mtnientlities shall le en- ihen
titled to levy nrid cocllet such six mill
e tarx for their (,win iccPrount. G
r C. 'rite claims of eachl Irash and mif
n nicrinality for cO!ni"elnstJion shll be pre- en i
s-ented to the Tax Comnmission. vlhich sti'l Of 1
- ex;(mine :eh Ini:,ms anil roenort the fe .ts
is nd its conlllrcins to the (leneral Asseon- Iov(
Slily on or before the first day of each
e revular session.
7. In reimbursement for the state A
1- source of revenue herein withdrawlr an
i- froml Ter nasesserd valteI'. rand for thll
b leint benefit of her alimonny and hier ex
Y isting one per cent debt tax, tlie 'ity of
I New Or'ears. aifter .T,nrlritr 1. 1D14. is
he'b,)v r:anted the lrr.ht to levy annurally
ni and shall levy annalnlt ast long as saild
t tone per cent debt tax is required by law
1- to be levied, tn additi'n-il t^x of six
5i rills. ftnt of tbo proceeds of th:is tax,
Is there shall he paid byv nrer"ene :,ntr
re ,lly to tile Tlnnrd of T.inurfntlit, of the
d ('ity Debt. for the hbnent of tie one eor
1- cent debt ta'. a storm oornlt to th',t wvh''lr
1l aid tax produced in the year 1l12 on the
11 se.^regated sourees of Ct^ot rev-'nnr sit'u
atedi withtn the cIty. limits aril the hal
ance of the nroeeoas of said six m\ill +`x.
I- shall gn to the ailimonv ftnd of the city.
4 9. Thie two mill ad valorem secial l
Ir *ewersee and w.ter t-x of thl (ie"r ^
New' Orleans shall continue to be levied
e as long as relnired hv law on the sorrces
Is of State revenue subject to an ad valorem
11 tax.
1i a. In case the referendum amendmennt
toe sibmitted to the penole pt the same time
11 this amendment is srllhrted nrovltline a
I war to relieve mn |inr nlities f.-r^ vPenerul
f nprlsh taxes suihject to an obligation to
- enntrihute to certain funds, is adorntel,
'r then the power to levy six mills of aidrl
Id 1nal taxe is hereby granted to all par
Id ishes voting for ourch rel'ase to he 1oe.ed
, on prnrerty outside of the municipalities,
is and.the power to levy si. mills of addl
l f 1 taxes is hereby .:sgited to' eich,
Selb . v so released to be leviti4' bn
.Its co.rorate Imlmit.
e ohlieation of the 0tete to ma1r con'"
he nen.ati'n remaining the same. Whether
he said amendment shall be adnonted or not
le. the power to levy the extra tax of six
enlmills hereby, granted to all maunlclpalite
an that are now exemnt from parish taxes\
Ia shall remain undisturbed.
lal 10. And whether said amendment shall
nl he adonted or not adopted. tlpe vollee
ax juries of the se,,ral narahes' and the
he toverninw authoritties of cities (the Par
ny ish of Orleans veentnor. pnr, towns not
he subject to parlsh taxes, shell levy and
ie colect rnd turn over" to the dulv connastl
or t,,ted school anthorities unrler thr miner
,- viaion and control of the State Boardn of
on Tr'drcatlon. an amount enual to at least
of three-tenths of the gros smormnt of ad
of valorem taxes, which they levv and col
itel lect. rovided that such amount shall
ch never he less in any narish or mp-tnic
'ee nallty than the greatest amoulnt due from
!or slWo n"lsh or mtinirnlaitv to the s honl
of bhoard from thle censtltullttonal three mill
les school ad valorem tax collected for either
in- the ear 1011 or 1112. taking the rear
-l whlich -ielded the highnet amoust. Pro
,me vided further, that cities and towns that
tx- are not exemnt from the Payment of
in ia'rish taxes shall not he renutired to nay
lo- this ad valorem tax If it he nlrendv im
posedrl hy the nnrish nuthorittles: rovided
re- further. that this ad valnrem tax shall not
red bhe imnosed to the mxlmlrm whenever
er the school board certifies that a smaller
In- levy will meet the needs of the schools.
nh, 11. All oroperty the taxation of which
h- Is reserved to the State, except proulets
rty of mines, of stone quarrles, of sand.
lan gravel or shell pits. and cE nil or oas
I wells, as well :as all other pronerty. which
rty may not he snecliallv exemnted from such
ea. taxation. shall continue to be subject to
red snecial taxes now in fartee. and shall he
e- liable to such specital taxes a.s may he im
nal posed by lnocal., snecial districts and po
In- litleal subdivisions In the future in ac
ely erdance with law: nrovided that no par
nts lsh or incorporated munlinallty shall
lay levy a arecial tax for the mrnnport of any
o- purpose which it is ohligated to take care
of nut of its ordinary alimnanv, until it
nnn shall have first exhausted its ordinary
the taxing ,nwer, upon an assessment of at
rn- least flfty per cent of the market value
in of the property subject to its taxing au
inq thority.
ats 12. Levy district taxes and forced con
t tribhtions shall contlnue to be levied
within each district on the sources of
the State revenue situated In each levee dls
as- trlct, and all levee taxes and contrlbu
Ime ltions shall be collected hv the sheriff of
Ihe: qch parishh. under existting law. and in
ra New Orleanst by the State tax collecto"s
Its until June 20, 1916, and thereafter by the
the collecting officer of the City of New Or
late 13. The taxes mentioned in the fore
uch going sections 8, 11 and 12, as to pronerty
re- reserved for State revenue, shall be based
on the assessment made by the State
Tax ~O,~( mission for State uronnes,e
h enualixed annually hy said Tax Cnmmlq
by min in each parish or minteinalitv to
by he thbasis of assessment therein locally
t established.
the 1. All revenues received by the State
ent: from all sources shall go into a fund
a of called the General Fund, and the Gen
ffi- eral Assembly Ahall apportion said fund
on, among all the public nurposes for which
of. taxation is levied, setting aside, however,
not each year, the following:
Inn, A. For the Genernl Public School Fund
the not less than one-fifth of the gross rev
,wer enlles of the State from all sources pro
'hes, ,vided that such apportionmment shall never
se- be less than One Million and Thirty
,re- Thnusand Dollars ($1.0nt.0M.000)
i.I B. For the General Enrtineer Fund, not
the less than Foiur Hundred Thousand Dol
ess- lars ($4C0,0cf0.00).
Sof C. For Confederate Pensions, not less
New than the amount provided or to be pro
na- . v!ted hr the Contit'tlnn.
cnt D. For the nGood Roads und, not less
hethan One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dol
I la Irsr (S15f .00fl0.00. plus the ahrol" -
es- ceeds of the State's moiety of the special
ch automoblle, taxicab and auto-driven ve
the hllde tax.
, e. For the Public Debt Pund not less
n- than Five Hlunadred Twenty-five Thonu
,n of vnd Dollars ($525.000.00) or not less than
New Sr Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars
ed- (S650.000.00). If the Public Debt amend
Pure From Start to Finish.
There is perhaps nothing in daily use
In the home in which kprity sso ioIn
po.rtant as it is inbaking powder.
its purity depends the purity of the m-n
tceials used the success of the bakltings,
,et. And possibly tis e one thig lkit
l:as served to make Calumert laking
f I'wder so much of a favorite witll the
critical cooks of the country, is the fact
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Takes Ugliness Philosophically.
A man whose face is hc.avily pitted
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fancy, has been able to extract amuse
ment from his appearance. Once he
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