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If cross, feverish, constipated,
give "California Syrup
of Figs"
A laxative today saves a Rick child
tomorrow. Children simply will not
take the time from play to empty their
bowels, which become clogged up with
waste, liver gets sluggish; stomach
Look at the tongue, mother! If coat
ed, or your child is listless, cross, fev
erish, breath bad, restless, doesn't eat
heartily, full of cold or has sore throat
or any other children's ailment, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syruli of
Figs." then don't worry, because it is
perfectly harmless, and in a few hours
all this constipation poison, sour bile
and fermenting waste will gently
move out of the bowels, and you have
a well, playful child again. A thor
ough "inside cleansing" is oftimes all
that is necessary. It should be the
first treatment given in any sickness.
Beware of counterfeit tig syrups.
Ask at the store for a Mi-cent bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which has
full directions for babies, children of
all ages and for grown-ups plainly
printed on the bottle. Adv.
Denver Newspaper Rejoices at the Re
markable Fall of "the Beautiful"
Throughout the State.
It has been said before. Let it be
said again. The snow that you swept
from your walks, that sifted down
your collars, that got into your hair,
your eyes, your tempers, is worth a
million dollars to the agriculturists of
Colorado. To the dry farmer who
plows it into his soil it will bring re
wards in a next year's bank account.
Lying in the mountains it will flow
down the ditches to the irrigationists
next season. On ranch, in orchard
and truck garden it means moisture
and money. To the city it means
health that always comes from sea
sonable weather. Wade through it
with a smile on your lips, shovel it
with song In your heart, roll it into
balls and throw at your neighbor with
a laugh and a cheery word. It spells
temporary inconvenience and future
prosperity-and a white Christmas for
the public tree that brought all Den
ver-all Colorado-into that new, bet
ter, greater, get-together bond of
friendship and work.-Denver Times.
She Made Up a Mixture of Sage Tea
and Sulphur to Bring Back Color,
Gloss, Thickness.
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, brings back the natural color and
lustre to the hair when faded, streaked
or gray; also ends dandruff, itching
scalp and stops falling hair. Years
ago the only way to net this mixture
was to make it at home, which is
mussy and troublesome. Nowadays,
by adking at any store for "Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy," you
will get a large bottle of this famous
old recipe for about 50 cents.
Don't stay gray! Try it! No one
can possibly tell that you darkened
your hair, as it does it so naturally
and evenly. You dampen a sponge or
soft brush with It and draw this
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time; by morning the gray
hair disappears, and after another ap
plication or two, your hair becomes
beautifully dark, thick and glossy. Adv.
Dummies Arrested.
Dummies used by a Pathe director
in an auto wreck at South River.
N. J., had the dilstinction of being
shot at and arrested by Chief of Po
lice Oppenberger of that place re
cently, according to a New Prunswick
newspaper. The dummies, when not
In use, were placed in the store room
of the Washington hotel. Some jok
ers told the chief that some men were
stealing cigars from the store room,
and when he arrived and saw the (lim
figures in the darkness he called upon
them repeatedly to surrender. Re
ceiving no answer he blazed away
at them several times before he dis
covered the joke.
Calumet the Secret of Economy
The high cost of living nowadays, and
the way prices are steadily climbing sky
wards, is making economy in the kitchen
even more important than it was in the
good old days of our thrifty ancestors.
But how to achieve economy? There's
the rub!
In many lines, it depends almost en
tirely on the housewife's knowledge of
food1s and on her watchfulncss-but for
tunately, in one line, baking. economy
can be made almost automatic by the use
of the famous Calumet Baking Powder.
Ecornomy in baking, as every good cook
knows, depends not so much on economy
in buying the materials .s on the success
of her bakings. -Failures mean waste
bIgger losses by far than the savings she
makes in buying. And the fact that Calu
net absolutely prevents failures and
makes every bakIng successful has made
it the favorite of every cook that seeks
to be economical. In other words, Calu
met is the secret of economy in baking.
It is the purest, too-attested by hun
dreds of leading phystclans-and as for
Its general quality, it is enough to say
that Calumet has received the highest
awards at two World's Pure Food Exposi
tions-one in Chicago, Ill., and the other
In Paris, France, in March, 1912. Adv.
Of Course Not.
Jinks-There goes Simpkins. He
has a perfect wife. We ought to con
suit him, he surely knows how to
manage a wife.
Blinks-Useless; no man would give
sway a valuable secret like that.
(By E. O. SELLERS, Director of Evening
lDepartment, the Moody Bible Institute,
LESSON TEXT1'-Luke 10:25-37.
GOI.IEN TEXT-"Thou ushalt love thy
neighbor as thyself."-Mark 1_.31.
Probably no other parable given by
Jesus except possibly the Prodigal
Son, has made such a deep impres
sion as this (ne. It has inspired al
truistic service, promoted the idea of
the brotherhood of man, and served
to crystalize Christian thinking and
1. "What shall I do?" vv. 25-29.
(1) The first question. This lawyer
in his test question implied that eter
nal life was dependent upon his
works, a well nigh universal Jewish
idea. With a true teacher's skill,
Jesus drew from his own knowledge
of the law an answer to his question.
viz.: that, on the ground of doing he
must love the Father with an undi
vided heart; with all his soul, the
seat of his emotions; with all his
strength-energies: and with all his
mind-his intellectual powers. The
evidence of such a love is that he
must love his neighbor as himself.
Summarized the Law.
(2) The second question, (v. 29).
Jesus had not said anything to this
lawyer about belief, or faith, for he
was not yet ripe for that idea. He
had summarized the law and by this
law Jesus must teach him. Rom. 3:19,
20; Matt. 22:37-40. It Is one thing to
read and summarize the law, and
quite another to rightly apply it. It
is quite possible to be ultra orthodox
in our teaching and in our statements
of belief, and yet to fall far short
of doing. The force of this second
question is then, "Who must I love?"
He avoids asking, "Who can I love?"
The question was not as to who will
be neighbor to me, but to whom shall
I be neighbor? In answer to this
Jesus employs this wonderf'e parable.
(Note:-Explain the nature of a para.
ble and the Master's frequent use
II. "Go and do thou likewise." vv.
30-37. That this story is not alone
a parable but a literal experience is
pretty generally believed. "The way
of the transgressor" is a Jericho road,
and the traveler therein is bound to
be "stripped," If not always of his
prosperity, then of his character, and
will ultimately find himself "half
dead." If left to himself he will sure
ly die, Rom. 5:6; 6:23. Jericho means
"curse." Who then is the man I can
neighbor? Any wretch that is pass
ing along the Jerico road. Remem
ber that Jesus is dealing with the see
ond half of the summary of the law.
Three classes of men passed this
man; (1) The Priest, of all men the:
most likely to help that fallen one,!
created in the image of God in whose
worship he led. It Is easy to find an
excuse for this exhibition of heart
lessness. The danger of robbers; of
being suspected of complicity in the
crime; the duties of his important of
fice; the danger of contamination; a
work not suited to his position in life.
Let us beware of too hastily judging
the priest until we examine ourselves.
(2) The Levite. Perhaps he had
seen his superior in the temple wor
ship; he drew nearer than the priest,
perhaps for the purpose of investiga
tion, but offers no remedy. (3) The
Samaritan. This ostracized man
would have been snubbed and cursed
by the wounded man under any other
circumstances. He therefore could
certainly have been excused had he
followed the example of Priest and
Levite. He is a type of Christ dealing
in grace with one who had no claim
upon him. Note the steps: (a) "He
journeyed," are we to be found visit
ing the places of great need? (b)
"He came where he was," evidently
not from idle curiosity, but to meet
a case of need. (c) "He saw him."
Too often our eyes are blind to the
misery about us. (d) "He was moved
with compassion." The compassion
of Jesus was an active principle.
Does misery move us to action? Does
it send us to cases of need, or do we
wait for them to knock at our door?
(e) "He bound up his wounds." Not
acting by proxy; not sending him to
a public institution. Real charity is
accompanied by warm, sympathetic,
Christ-like, human hearts in action.
(f) "Brought him to an inn and took
care of him."
Love Is Costly.
It cost the Samaritan much to act
this way. Racial pride, aesthetic re
pugnance, commercial obligations,
perhaps family duties, to say nothing
of the actual expenditures of time and
money. But love is a costly thing.
Jesus himself fully portrays this pic
ture, John 3:16. The road was away
from God's city, Jerusalem.
It is not so much the doing as the
motive that compelled the doing. It
was not duty but desire, compelling
love, that Jesus Is exalting. Altruis
tic service never saved any man, I.
Cor. 13. On the other hand, to make
high sounding professions and not to
give a tangible, material evidence
which will affirm that profession, is to
sound the note of insincerity, Jas.
2:16-18. The teaching of this story Is
that the true abd accepthble motives
for altrustic, neighborly services, orig
inate In a love for God that embraces
man's threefold nature, body, mind
and spiriL
"Pape's Diapepsin" settles sour,
gassy stomachs in five
minutes-Time It!
You don't want a slow remedy when
your stomach is bad-or an uncertain
one-or a harmful one-your stomach
is too valuable; you mustn't injure it.
Pape's liapepsin is noted for its
speed in giving relief; its harmless
ness: its certain unfailing action in
regulating sick, sour, gassy stomachs.
Its millions of cures in indigestion,
dyspepsia, gastritis and other stomach
trouble has made it famous the world
Keep this perfect stomach doctor in
your home--!eep it handy-get a large
tifty-cent case from any dealer and
then if anyone should eat something
which doesn't agree with them; if
what they eat lays like lead, ferments
and sours and forms gas; causes head
ache, dizziness and nausea; eructa
tions of acid and undigested food
remember as soon as Pape's Diapepsin
comes in contact with the stomach all
such distress vanishes. its prompt
ness, certainty and ease in overcoming
the worst stomach disorders is a reve
lation to those who try it.-Adv.
Point of Information They Wanted In
volved No Great Legal Knowl
edge, If Judge Had It.
Here is one that was told at a tea
given by Miss Geraldine Farrar, the
singer, when one of the party re
ferred to the judiciary and the pe
culiar cases that frequently come be
fore the courts:
"Some time ago there was a homi
cide case in a western court in which
there was considerable doubt as to
the guilt of the accused. The trial
judge seemed to share the popular
"'Gentlemen of the jury,' said he,
in concluding his charge, 'if the evi
dence, in your minds, shows that
pneumonia was the cause of the man's
death, you cannot convict the pris
"Whereat the jury retired and In
about ten minutes the constable re
turned and presented himself before
the judge.
"'Your honor,' he 'remarked, 'the
gentlemen of the jury want some in
"'On what point of evidence?' asked
the judge.
"'None, judge,' was the rejoinder of
the constable. 'They want to know
i how to spell "pneumonia."' "-Phllr
delphia Telegraph.
Ruffin, N. C.-"My face became full
of pimples and blackheads, and
would itch, burn and smart. The skin
was rough and red. I was really
ashamed of my face. My arms and
back were affected almost as badly.
The pimples would fester and there
would come a dry scab on top. The
trouble ·eaused my face to be distig
ured badly and the itching would both
er me so I could not sleep well nights,
especially during warm weather.
"The trouble lasted me three long
years without anything doing me any
good until a friend told me about Cuti
cura Soap and Ointment and then I
decided to try them. After the first
application I could see some improve
ment. After using Cuticura Soap and
Ointment two weeks I did not look
like the same person; most of the
pimples had disappeared. At the end
of four weeks I was completely
cured." (Signed) Miss Mamie Mitch
ell, Jan. 9, 1913.
Cuticura Soap ahd Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free,with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post.
card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston."-Adv.
At Church in Holland.
In many parts of Holland men still
wear their hats in church. Moreover,
smoking in church is not considered
irreverent by the Dutch when service
is not in progress, and, it is said, even
the ministers sometimes indulge in
this practice.
Altogether, Dutch Protestantism is.
it would seem, from a certain stand
point, a comfortable form of religion.
One may keep his hat on in church,
which saves him many a chill; he may
talk freely and in his natural voice,
not in a whisper; he has a neat house
maid in a white cap and apron to
show him to his pew or to offer him a
chair, and he has ni e drab pews of
painted deal all aroind him and a
cheerful "two-decker' pulpit above.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills have
proved their worth for 75 years. Test them
yourself now. Send for sample to 872 Pearl
St., New York. Adv.
The Whitewasher.
Crawford-What are the duties of a
Crabshaw-When there's an acci
dent he must always find a reason to
show that nobody was to blame.
Same Here.
"Do you object to the income tax?"
"No, I only wish I had occasion to."
-Boston Transcript.
MM ig as~li~llE 11 IW l 1
If Youre Is fluttering or weak, use RENOVINL" Made by Van ViedtMansflield Drug Co., Memphlis, Tenn. Price $1.00
l I.
Invention Said to Guarantee Every
Shot a Bullseye, Even in
the Dark.
Charles Pechard. a police official of
Paris, has invented an attachmeiint
that enables one to shoot a revolver
more accurately in the dark than in
broad daylighit, the New York Inde
pendent states.
This attaclihment consists of a metal.
lic tube with a lens at one end and a
tiny electric lamp at the other. Ily
means of mirrors the light is directed
out througlh the lens as a slender cone,
and is sulflficientlv strone at a distanie
of someic four rods for all practical pur
Slposes. In the niiddle of the illumina
ted field there is a small dark slut
Iwhich cin(cidles with the line.of the
bullet s Licht. This eunales th inex
peltiinci d shootor to hit a slecte(d
part of the burglar's anatomnv «itlt
more certainty that hie (01l11l tisllay
in ordinaryi target Ipractice.
The h el(tri l current is sulliliid by a
s'mill dry h:atterv or a smorav habtttryv
i which thei otficer (:1ii (arrmy in hIis
pocket or which the defenlder of the
hlornre can place under his pillow. 'Ei'
light tubl can he attached to an oid
nary Ipistol, and it Ihay hie tisd as a
flash with h p'utiaful intent or mnrely
as a show of force.
Park for Millionaires.
Platis for the Ira nsforliation at ant
enornmous cost of thlie 14,llI-acre« I'alos
\'erdes ranch, overlooking Los
Angel s harbor and the ('atalina chan
nel, into one of tlthe miost miagniticeint
residential parks in the Inationi for
American millionaires, are being
made. Frank A. Vanderlip of the
National ('ity bank of New York and
his associates recently purchased the
tract for $1,7 50.00 for this purpose.;
The plans as they now stand promise
to involve an expenditure of $5,000,
Girls! Beautify Your Hair! Make It
Soft, Fluffy and Luxuriant-Try
the Moist Cloth.
Try as you will, after an application
of Danderine, you cannot find a single
trace of dandruff or falling hair and
your scalp will not itch, but what will
please you most, will be after a few
weeks' use, when you see new hair,
fine and downy at first-yes-but real
ly new hair-growing all over the
A little Danderine immediately dou
bles the beauty of your hair. No differ
ence how dull, faded, brittle and
craggy, just moisten a cloth with
Danderine and carefully draw it
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time. The effect is im
mediate and amazing-your hair will
be light, fluffy and wavy, and have an
appearance of abundance; an incom
parable luster, softness and luxuri
ance, the beauty and shimmer of true
hair health.
Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any store and prove
that your hair is as pretty and soft
as any-that it has been neglected or
injured by careless treatment-that's
all. Adv
No Cure for Cancer Yet.
In his annual report Dr. E. F. Bash
ford, general superintendent of re
search in the laboratories of the im
perial cancer reasearch fund, told the
members of the society that during the
past year there had been 12 claims
to the discovery of a cure for cancer.
All of these had been investigated and
no justification for any one of these
claims had been obtained. Dr. Bash
ford also said women were more liable
to cancer than men. In England and
Wales in 1910 the death rate from
cancer was 856 per 1,000,000 for men
and 1,070 for women.
As the London Times says editorial
ly in commenting upon this report:
"The only reasonable expectation of
curing cancer still rests upon its com
plete removal by the surgeon at the
earliest possible time after it is dis
covered."-Medical Record.
Will cure your Rheumatism and all
kinds of aches and pains-Neuralgia,
Cramps, Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts,
Old Sores, Burns, etc. Antiseptic
lnodyne. Price 25c.-Adv.
New Pipe Cleaner.
For cleaning pipes used for con
veying liquids there has been invented
a machine that forces crushed quartz
through them, much as bottles are
Mending Stiff Felt.
Breaks in stiff felt frequently may
be mended by holding under them a
lighted match, the heat causing the
shellac for stiffening to melt and run
Worms expelled promptly from the human
system 'ith Dr. Peery'. Vermhfuge "Dead
Bhot." Adr.
People with a vivid imagination
work the hardest-so they say.
Perhaps the nude truth is a bare
statement of facts.
Good Bowels Are
An Aid to Growth
Growing Children Need a Mild
Laxative to Foster Regular
Bowel Movement.
As a child grows older it requires
more and more personal attention
from the mother, and as the func
tions of the bowels are of the utmost
importance to health, great attention
should be paid to them.
D)iet is of great importance, and the
mother should watch the effect of cer
tain foods. A food w'ill constipate one
and not another, and so we have a
healthy food like eggs causing bilious
nefss to thousands, and a wholesome
fruit like bananas constipating many.
It is also to be considered that the
child is growing, and great changes
are taking place in the young man or
yotung woman. The system has not yet
settled itself to its later routine.
A very valuable remedy at this
stage, and one which every growing
boy and girl should be given often or
occasionally, according to th:' individ
ual circumstances, is Dr. ('aldwell's
Syrup Pepsin. This is a laxative and
tonic combined, so mild that it is
given to little babies, and yet equally
effective in the most robust constitu
tion. At the first sign of a tendency
to constipation give a small dose of
Syrup Pepsin at night on retiring, and
prompt action will follow in the morn
ing. It not only acts on the stomach
and bowels but its tonic properties
build up and strengthen the system
generally, which is an opinion shared
by Mr. John Dey of Bloomfield, N. J.
He has a large family a.d at ages
where the growth and development
"And Again, My Brethren!"
A certain small girl, wearily listen
ing to a long sermon by a minister
who had the odd habit of drawing in
his breath with an odd whistle, whis
pered to her mother that she wanted
to go home. The mother, expecting
the discourse to end, momentarily, re
fused permission. The third time this
happened the mother said, "I think he
will stop now in a minute." To this
the child answered in a clear high
voice, "No, mother. he isn't going to
stop. I thought so now for three
times, but he has gone and blowed
himself up again."
Just an Accident.
hill-Was he ever in a railroad ac
Jill-Yes, but he came out all
"What was it?"
"He proposed marriage to a girl on
Sa train and she refused him."
Water in bluing is adultration. Glass and
water makes liquid blue costly, Buy Red
C'ross Ball Blue, makes clothes whiter than
snow. Adv,
No Wonder.
"Young Blivins is very well de
veloped, isn't he?"
"Yes; his father was a photo
Coughs and Colds capnot hold out against
Dean's Mentholated Cough Drops. A single
dose gives relief-5c at all Druggists.
Undoubtedly a Tip.
"Was it a genuine tip Rawson gave
you on the stock market?"
"I guess it was; it made me lose
my balance."
Use Roman Eye Balsam for Rcalding sen
sation in eyes *nd inflammation of eyes or
eyelide Adr
Adventures of a Guide.
"What did that hunter shoot while
he was up here?"
"Me and a deer; both by accident."
No, Cordelia, it may not be a char
itable Instinct that prompts a man to
give himself away.
W* * 0WW LWLJ . M K*Flii
Every business man knows how difficult it is to keep the pigeon holes and drawers
of his desk free from the accumulation of useless papers. Every housewife knows
how difficult it is to keep her home free from the accumulation of all manner
of useless things. So it is with the body. It is difficult to keep it free from the
accumulation of waste matter. Unless the waste is promptly eliminated the machin
ery of the body soon becomes clogged. This is the beginning of most human ils.
Gn Tablet U or Lid Form)
Assists the stomach in the proper digestion of food, which is turned into health.
sustaining blood and all poisonous waste matter is speedily disposed of through
Nature's channels. It makes men and women clear-headed and able-bodied-restores
to them the health and strengthof youth. Now is the time for your rejuvenstion.
Bend 60 cents fora trial box of this medicine.
Send 31 enescent stamps for Dr. Piece's Common Seas. Medical
Advissr-1OO08paes-worth 2. Always handy lacase o f family iness.
AddresaK, V. IMEnrc, ReSate, N.Y
i MALARIA and as a TONIC
If not sold by your druggist, w 11 be sent by Parcels Post
on receipt of price. Arthur Peter & Co, Louirsville, Ky.
Establlshed 1865 Incorporated 19051
We are prepared to make liberal advances on consignments and offer you the
best facilities for handling your cotton. Write us for shipping tags.
* /.
C. '. L
must he watched. Little Mari' has
thrived especially well on )r. t'ald
well's Syrup Pepsin. Mr. Dey consid
ers it the right laxative for oulng and
old and has found none bhtt'r for
young children.
The use of Dr. ('aldwells Syrup Pep.
sin will teach you to avoid ciat lit rics.
alts and pills, as they are too harsh
for the majority and their effect is
only temporary. Syrup Pepsin brings
permanent results, andl it can be con
veniently obtained of any nearby drug
gist at fifty cents and one dollar a bo.
tie. Results are always guaranteed or
monvey will be refulnd(d1.
Families wishing to try a free saim
ple bottle can obtain it lostpaid by ad
dressing Pr. W'. It. ('aldi teli, 2:1 Wash
ington St., Monticello, ill. .A postal
cardl with your name and address on
it will do.
WhySuffer From Headaches,
Neuralgia, Rheumatism
Hunt's Lightnlng Oil0 quickly relieves
the pain. The Hurting and Aching stop
almost instantly. A truly wonderful remedy
for those who suffer. It is astonishing how
the pain fades away the moment Hunt's
Lightnlong Oil0 comes in contact with it.
So many people are praising it, that you
can no longer doubt. For Cuts, Burns,
Bruises and Sprains it is simply fine. All
dealers sell Hunt's Lightning Oil in
-25 and o50 cent bottles or by mail from
A. B. Ri6hards Medicine Co.
Sherman Texas
We rref, o hoase sd
Write for re8 n nees and
weekly pr lie ist.
M. t~lHL 45 (ti11V,
WOClnrILL, Mr.
Des rslaYnýhids,Ida
Woo fstalblisbed III6.
SThe Leach lSanatorlum,
Spublished a booklet which
Payton-Has he got a marrying In
Parker-YPes, one that necessitates
wedding a rich girl Immediately.
Putnam Fadeless Dyes do not stain
the hands. Adv.
Some people prefer popular songs
to real music.

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