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CASE of Mrs, HAM
Declares Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Saved Her Life
and Sanity.
Shamrock, Mo.- " I feel it my duty
to tell the public the condition of my
health before using
your medicine. I had
falling, inflamma
tion and congestion,
female weakness,
pains in both sides,
backaches and bear
ing down pains, was
short of memory,
nervous, impatient,
passed sleepless
nights, and had
neither strength nor
energy. There wa3 always a fear and
dread in my mind, I had cold, nervous,
weak spells, hot flashes over my body.
I had a place in my right side that was
so sore that I could hardly bear the
weight of my clothes. I tried medicines
and doctors, but they did me little good,
and I never expected to get out again.
I got Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and Blood Purifier, and I cer
tainly would have been in grave or in an
asylum if your medicines had not saved
me. But now I can work all day, sleep
well at night, eat anything I want, have
no hot flashes or weak, nervous spells.
All pains, aches, fears and dreads are
gone, my house, children and husband
are no longer neglected, as I am almost
entirely free of the bad symptoms I had
before taking your remedies, and all is
pleasure and happiness in my home."
Mrs. JosIE HAM, R. F. D. 1, Box 22,
Shamrock, Missouri.
If you want special advice write
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.,
(confidential) Lynn, Mass.
no appetite, Indigestloo, Flatulence, Sick
Headache, "all run down" or losing flesh, you
will find
Tut's Pills
lust what you need. They tone up the weak
stomach and build up the flagging energies.
The personnel of the British navy
is about double that of any other navy
in the world.
For genuine comfort and lasting pleas.
are use Red Cross Ball Blue on wash day.
All good grocers. Adv.
Barcelona, Spain, does a large busi.
ness in the manufacture of paper
Try Murine Bye Remedyfor Red, Weak, Watery
3es and Granulated ye1ndsj No Snartlng
just aye comfort. Wrte for Book of the
Spmall Free. Murine Bye Remedy Co.. Clcagao
Many an ambitious man has been
literally crowded to the front-in a
street car.
Animal Diseases.
Out of 57,000,000 animals inspected
in the last year 533,000 were found to
be infected with tuberculosis, and hog
cholera and cattle tick have cost the
producer anywhere from $100,000,000
to $150,000,000 in a single year.
Satan and the Cerulean Deep.
"I'm in a quandary."
"What about?"
"I have two invitations to dinner,
and I can't decide-"
"Which one to accept?"
"No, which one to refuse. One is
to a home where a young lady has
just come home from a piano con
servatory, and the other is where a
five-year-old boy knows a lot of redc*
tations."-Farm Life.
The Human Touch.
There must be a sensitive touch.
A visitor to a manufactory saw a man
molding clay into pots. Noticing that
all the molding was done by hand, he
said to the workman: "Why do you
not use a tool to aid you in shaping
the clay?" The workman replied:
"There is no tool that can do this
work. We have tried different ones,
but somehow it needs the human
touch." And how true it is that In
shaping lives for God there is need 6f
the human touch. We cannot do the
Lord's work by machinery. Jesus
touched men, imparting health, cleans
ing and salvation.-Biblical Recorder.
dements in esceent
withre'smm oregood
'fliers's easlon /
i I
(By E. O. SELLERS, Acting Director of
Sunday School Course of Moody Bible
Institute, Chicago.)
LESSON TEXT-II Samuel 6:12-19 and
Psalm 24. tStudy all of chapter t.)
GOLDEN TEXT-1 was glad when they
said unto me. Let us go unto the house
of the Lord.-Psalm 122:1.
This event probably occurred B. C.
1042, in the twenty-second year of
David's reign. It would be a good
plan to assign to various pupils such
subjects as: (a, What the ark was
and how it came to be lost; (b)
Where it had been since the days of
Joshua; (c) What occurred to it while
in possession of the Philistines; (d)
Who was Obed-edom? (e) Uzziah? (f)
Michal? (g) How Jerusalem came to
be the seat of government.
I. The Ark Recovered, vv. 1-5. David
realized that while God was the
God of all the tribes, still there was
no visible religious center; there was
the consequent danger of confound
ing the local place of worship with
that of some local Baal (god) and the
possible breaking up of the national
reliance upon Jehovah. Where Kir
jath-jearim was is not definitely
known, but perhaps it was eight or
ten miles west of Jerusalem. The ark
had lodged here for perhaps seventy
years. David and they that were with
him followed the example of the Phil
lstines (I Sam. 6:1-18) in their mode
of transferring the ark rather than to
have it carried upon the shoulders of
the priests (Josh. 3:3). Preceded by
"David and the house of Israel," i. e.,
leaders of the people and all others
present, they began the return jour
ney from the house of Abinadab.
II. The Ark Retarded, vv. 6-11.
They had reached one of the open
places used as a threshing floor when
the oxen slipped and the cart was
shaken. Uzziah, one of the two into
whose charge it had been placed, laid
hold of the ark to keep it from fall
ing. Why was he slain therefore? We
have already suggested the reason.
How to carry the ark was plainly writ
ten (Num. 4:5-12; 7:9). Neglect of
God's word gets many well-meaning
people into trouble, along with their
friends, also. The ark was the sym
bol of God's presence, and men had
to be taught to revere his holy name
and his glorious presence (see last
clause v. 2). Ussiah's sin was the sin'
of irreverence. He seems not to
have sensed the invisible God in his
visible abode. The result struck ter
ror into the heart of David and the
people, and the ark was left in the
house of Obed of Edom for a period
of three months. David's "improved
plan" was a proved failure.
III. The Ark Restored, vv. 9.19.
David, by thus abandoning the ark,
seems to have resented the judgment
of God, yet he must have realized
that God had sufficient cause for his
acts. The ark is a type of Christ,
who is Immanuel, God with us. The
ark contained the law of God, as
Christ enshrined the will of his Fa
ther. Over the law was the blood
sprinkled mercy seat where God met
his people (Ex. 25:18-22). In Christ
we find our mercy seat where we
meet God. Though this ark brought
judgment to Uzziah it brought bless
ing to Obed-edom (v. 12). Even so
Christ brings judgment or joy accord
ing to our treatment of him. Obed
edom so piously cared for the ark that
both he and his household were rich
ly blessed. If Christ is really in our
hearts we will be blessed, and Christ
abideth forever.
IV. The Psalm of Praise, Ps. 24.
In the Jewish synagogue this psalm
is recited at the carrying back of the
book of the law to its shrine, and in
the Greek church at the consecration
of the church. The twenty-second
psalm presents the suffering Savior;
the twenty-third presents the risen
Savior as the shepherd caring for and
leading his sheep, and the twenty
fourth tells of the reigning, glorified
Lord. The whole earth is Jehovah's
(v. 1) and no incident better teaches
the converse, vis., that he is God of
the earth and not a mere tribal deity. I
He "tounded" and "established" it,
and all "the fullnecs," and "they that
dwqll therein" are his by creative and
redemptive right Since we belong
to him we owe him worship and serv
ice-and a servant is one who
"stands" v. 3). The conditions of fel
lowship with Jehovah are "clean
hands and a pure heart" (v. 4), those
who deal with honesty and reverence.
"Vanity" and "idolatry" are frequently
synonymous terms.
The first and the fourth condition
relate to others, the second and the
third to one's inner life (see I John
1:6, 7).
The reward of acceptable worship
and service is "blessing from the
Lord" (v. 5). In verse eight we find
Israel's great name for God first used
in the Psalms.
He Is gloriously strong; this Lord
of the hosts of heaven.
In I Cor. 2:8, Jesus who was cruci
fied is called the "Lord of Glory." Even
so our coming King is "strong and
Mighty" and will prove himself
"mighty In battle" (see Rev. 19:19-21).
When he, the King of Glory, leads
captivity captive all of hibs followers
will have a part in that triumphal
Oct. 28, 1914:-"1 had eczema on
my face for ten years. Little red pim
ples formed in a small spot on my
chin and then spread all over my face.
They itched and burned me awfully.
I tried almost every remedy and treat
ment that could be used for this trou
ble, but nothing did me any good. I
used resinol ointment and resinol
soap, and was relieved in a day or
two. In one month I was cured. This
was six months ago and the trouble
has never returned."-(Signed) Mrs.
C. C. Roberts, Weatherford, Okla.
Every druggist sells resinol ointment
and resinol soap and doctors have
prescribed the resinol treatment for
more than twenty years.-Adv.
Hundreds Trill, Quaver and Roll in
Auditorium in New York
for Prizes.
A cot]mmitteo, of birdl- music critics
sat in judgmeant recently at Labor
temple, in East Eighty-fourth street,
on the vocal ac compllishments of sev
eral hundred canaries which had been
brought there from various cities un
der the auspices of the Central Soci
ety of Canary Breooders of America.
The birds were brought into the au
ditorium from a darkened room, and
as soon as they saw the light they
bhumt into song. The critics listened
intently. observing each trill and qua
ver, and presumably in their reports
will jell those in good voice, whether
they sang artistically or not and what
the chances are of this or that yellow
bird making good if he studies hard
and remembers what the critics say
about him.
Prizes are to be awarded to the best
singers.-New York Sun.
Had Pellagra Seven Years
Thanks God He's Cured
Cowards, S. C.-David G. Pate, of this
place, writes: "I am glad to say to you,
after waiting forty days, that I still feel
like I am cured of pellagra. I had this
disease for the last seven years. The
fourth day after beginning your medicine
I went back to work and have been able
to do my work ever since. I thank God
for your remedy."
There is no longer any doubt that pel
lagra can be cured. Don't delay until it
is too late. It is your duty to consult the
resourceful Baughn.
The symptoms-hands red like sunburn,
skin peeling off, sore mouth, the lips,
throat and tongue a flaming red, with
much mucus and choking; indigestion and
nausea, either diarrhoea or constipation.
There is hope; get Banghn's big Free
º book on Pellagra and learn about the
I remedy for Pellagra that has at last been
found. Address American Compounding
I Co., box 2087, Jasper, Ala., remembering
money is refunded in any case where the
I remedy fails to cure.--Adv.
• Trickster.
SJohn H. Finley, New York's cOm
missioner of education, said in Al
bany, apropos of an argument on Bi
I ble reading in the schools:
S"This argument is straightforward.
SIt does not shift and jump and beat
Sabout the bush. It isn't like the tricky
. "'Which would you choose,' his
teacher asked this schoolboy, 'the
Stenth or the twentieth part of an
· "The boy answered that he would
, choose the twentieth part, and then,
, noting with his shifty eyes his teach
Ser's frown, he added, hastily:
"'I don't like apples, you know.' "
- Washington Star.
Important to Mothere
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Signature of
In Use For Over a0 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Osatoria
Sarcasm in the Box.
Judge-Then when your wife seized
the weapon you ran out of the house?
Plaintiff--Yes, sir.
Judge-But she might not have used
Plaintiff-True, yqur honor. Maybe
she picked up the flatiron just to
smooth things over.
To Drive Ott Mataria
And Build Up The System
rake the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill. TONIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every nabel showing it is
(Quinine and Iron in a asteless form. The
Quinine drives out malaria, the Iron
Duilds up the system. 50 cents. Adv.
Truth may not be stranger than fic
tion, but it's a great deal shyer.
For thrush use Hanford's Balsam.
A man's ideal figure usually has a
dollar mark in front of it.
Keep Hantord's Balsam in your stab
ble. Adv.
Let's not gouge other people while
carving out our fortunes.
iRu ,' * - OWUU.S' AIR 566156. P &0I ufWIb
"Dodson's Liver Tone" Straightens You Up Beter Than Salivating
Dangerous Calomel and Doesn't Make You Sick-
Don't Lose a Day's Work-Wonderful Discovery
Destroying Sale of Calomel Here,
You're bilious! Your liver is sluggish! You feel
lazy, dizzy and all knocked out. Your head is dull,
, your tongue is coated: breath bad; stomach sour and
bowels constipated. But don't take salivating calomel.
It makes you sick, you may lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver which causes
necrosis of the bones. ('aloniel crashes into sour bile
like dynamite, breaking it up. That's when you feel
that awful neusea and cramping.
If you want to enjoy the nicest, gentlest liver and
bowel cleansing you ever experienced just take a
, spoonful of harmless I)odson's liver Tone tonight,
Your druggist or medicine dealer sells you a 50 cent
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone under my personal
money-back guarantee that each spoonful will clean
your sluggish liver better than a dose of nasty alomel
and that it won't make you sick.
Dodson's Liver Tone is real liver medicine. Yo'll
know it next morning because you will wake up feel
ing fine, your liver will be working, your headache and
dizziness gone, your stomach will be sweet and your
bowels regular. You will feel like working; you'll
be cheerful; full of vigor and ambition.
I)odson's Liver Tone is entirely vegetable, therefore
harmless and cannot salivate. Give it to your children.
Millions of people are using Dodson's Liver Tone in
stead of dangerous calonel now. Your druggist will
tell you that the sale of calomel is almost stopped en
tirely here.
Money From Snakes.
Lewis Anthony, well-known Ware
farmer, expects to take legal action
against a negro named John lIam
meond because the negro killed a large
rattlesnake on Mr. Anthony's farm, at
cording to a Waycross (Ga.) corre
spondent of the New York Sun.
Mr. Anthony catches all snakes in
his settlement and sells them, and he
figures that the negro has caused him
a loss of at least $1 in killing the rat
Hammond was working near Mr.
Anthony's farm, and when he saw
a rattler he lost no time in getting
it out of the way. The snake had
thirteen rattles and a button.
May Be Kept So by Cuticura Soap
and Ointment Trial Free.
To have good hair clear the scalp
of dandruff and itching with shampoos
of Cuticura Soap and touches of Cuti
cura Ointment to dandruff spots and
itching. Nothing better than these
pare, fragrant, supercreamy emol
lients for skin and scalp troubles.
plq each free by mail with Skin
Address Cuticura, Dept. XY,
Bos Sold everywhere.-Adv.
His Wedding Celebration.
"It's five years ago today, and I'm
going to celebrate my wouldn't wed
"Wguldn't wedding? Wooden, youl
"No. Wouldn't. Five years today
since I asked a girl if she'd marry me
and she said she wouldn't."-Browning
A Lady's Suffering Was So Intense,
That At Times, She Was Unable
To Straighten Her Body.
Walnut, N. C.--"About 12 years
ago," says Mrs. S. W. McClure, of
Walnut, "I began to fail in health, get
ting worse all the time. I wasn't able
to do my work, suffering awfully at
times with pains in sides, especially
the right side, and none of the time
was I well.
Sometimes I could not straighten
up my body for the intense suffering.
I suffered more or less all the time,
and was irregular.
As Cardul had helped others. I
started trying it. I bought six bot
ties, and after using two or three bot
ties, I commenced improving, getting
better all the time, until I was entirely
I became strong and healthy, gained
flesh, weighing 120, being just a
shadow when I commenced taking
Cardul. My work is a pleasure, and I
feel like doing my work since, for the
cure was permanent, and I have been
well and strong ever since.
Cardul is a fine medicine for suffer
ing women, and I recommend it to all
my friends who have womanly
Thousands of women have written
to tell of the help Cardui has been to
them. Cardul is a mild female tonce,
acting especially on the womanly or
gans. It has shown itself of great
value to sick, weak women. It is
surely worth a trial.
Begin taking Cardui today.-Adv.
You would be dismally lonesome if
everyone in the world were as good
as yuen think you are.
Made since 1846-Hatnfrd's Balsam.
Beauty may be only skin deep, but
it is nearly always effective.
Famous Royal Artillery Band.
One of the most famous bands is
that of the Royal artillery. Many per
sons who have attained distinction in
the musical world have been connect
ed with the Royal artillery or its band.
Among them was Sims Reeves, who
was the son of a bandsman, and who,
in his boyhood, sang in the military
choir at Woolwich. It is, perhaps, not
well known that the Royal artillery
band is fifty years older than the
Philharmonic society, having been
formed in 1762. It has done much for
the advancement of music in England,
and has always enjoyed the advantage
of having a succession of eminent mu
sicians as bandmasters. It has always
been double-handed; that is to say,
the players are as proficient on
stringed instruments as on wind, and
can at any time assume the character
of an orchestra.
Queen's All in Flames
Obeying tradition, a bonfire was
lighted the other night at the gypsy
camp, Simonsville, and will be kept
until it consumes all the effects of
Tryphena McNeill, queen of the tribe
of her name, who died in a hospital
Fuel has been furnished by costly
clothing, including a $250 fur coat and
everything she owned or handled, val
ued at thousands of dollars.
Mrs. McNeill was the wife of King
Samuel. Her reputation as a seeress
brought many rich clients to her.
Waterbury (Conn.) Dispatch to New
York World.
Matrimony's Cost.
Timid Youth-What do I have to
pay for a marriage license?
Facetious Clerk-Well, you get it on
the installment plan.
Timid Youth-How's that?
Facetious Clerk-Two dollars down
and most of your salary each week
for the rest of your life.
Stick to Your Intentions.
Don't put off getting Hanford's Bal
sam of Myrrh until something hap
pens. Get it now and be prepared for
accidents. You will find frequent use
for it in your home and in your stable
for cuts, burns, bruises and any sore,
any lameness. Adv.
Not Seen Dead.
t Mrs. Styles-This paper says eagles
r and parrots are among the longest
lived of the birds.
Mr. Styles-Come to think of it, I
l guess that's correct. I never see 'em
on women's hats.
Over 100,000 packages of Allen's Foot-Ease, the
antiseptcl powder to shake lnto your shoes, are
being nsed by the German and Allied troops at
the Front becaue it rests the feet, gives in'
i stant relief to Corns and Bunions, hot, swollen
r aching, tender feet, and makes walking easy.
Sold everywhere, I6e. Try It TODAY. Don't
accept any substitute. Adv.
L After a woman becomes the wife of
i a great man she wonders what causes
his greatness to evaporate.
For wire cuts use Hanford's Balsam.
"I" is the only letter in the alphabet
of egotism.
f Caor the sick sad cts so etlrerentivefobr other, Liquid gives oath
-r') .. Soafe for brood mare ad anotbn hers tLH Mne, ,emadwy 3 e
$ a bottle; S and $10 a dosea. Sold by an drgnrtite and bonre Modo
boeus or et, express pad, br the manru~e reru ,
WOOD'S FEVER PILLS have stood the test
as the best remedy for Chills and Feoetr ad
all Bilious and MalariS Diseaes Once
tried always used. Sold by your draggis
"i- ' DR . . WOOD a 8018, CARO, I..
aoe aBO
Advice Needed.
"I will take the matter under ad
vihament," announced the referee in
the divorce proceedings, "and will de
cide the case next week."
"But, your honor," put in her coun
sel, "the appellant is immensely weal
thy and-"
"That," said the referee, "is the
point upon which I wish to be ad
visdd. This hearing is adjourned."
Quite So.
"You want employment and yet you
can't do anything."
"Sir, I was reared to be a lady."
"That profession is slightly over
crowded just now," responded the
business man grimly.
Get it to the bottom of the affected
part. Adv.
Some people are vain because of
their imperfections.
Backache Spells Danger
Census records show that deaths from
kidney disorders have increased 72% in
20 years. People can't seem to realize
that the first pain in the back, the first
disorder of the urine, demands instant
attention-that it may be a signal of
coming gravel dropsy or fatal Bright's
disease. The best prevention of serious
kidney disorders is prompt treatment
the best medicine is Dean's Kidney
An Arkansas Case
"'Wr Pet 1 Mrs. J. H. Plum
TUUS f' , lee, Walker and
Wall Sta., Claren
don. Ark., says: "I
was afflicted with
a dull, heavy ache
across my kidneys
and mornings I
felt stiff and lame.
I had bad dizzy
spells and my sight
was blurred by
specks before me.
My kidneys acted
irregularly and my
ankles swelled.
Doan's Kidney Pills strengthened m
back and kidneys and rid me of al
the distressing ailments."
Ct Dose's at As Sbemo.e a Ban
not only the old reliable remedr
general strengthleniltoec andaetlaWer.
Fot children as well as adults. Sold O60
years. fOc and S lbottles at drug stasoa
Slam. llost, ele., w.
epesm p's tee ats
UAtOLD sIOYEs, N De Is al An.. IreeMy , . I.
A new colony for the louth. How to loeta lrad was
rant to locsat land and make a boml uader ma
Element of P. H. lltzgerais, alkter of the Oresa
Georslta Oolony free Instoruaon. Addes 9
ramSw (mbsy rpss , s fnw lea.,. lUuum h
SUI)DAN Grass, choice pure, dependable seed.
Sir tcal price cash ip advance only $10 100
Iba. f. o. h. Lubbock, Tax. Mutual Tradlag Co.
W. N. U., LITTLE ROCK, NO. 22-191L

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