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lOgomeifle. ..I I 4num000... .
J. M. Steen of Ward 3 was in
town Wednesday.
Attorney Hundley of Alexan
dria was mingling with his old
friends in Columbia Monday.
L. F. Pine and A. M. Grayson
of Grayson were in town Wed
Mrs. Narcisa Walters and
children of Harrisonburg are the
guests of Mrs. S. H. Brown.
E. J. Langham has our thanks
for his renewal which he hand
ed us last Saturday.
The Misses Grayson's of Bun
kie are the guests at the home
of Mrs. A. M. Grayson at Gray
son, La.
Attorney J. C. Harper of
Winnsboro has been attending
to legal matters in Columbia
this week.
J. B. Meredith was in town
last Saturday and called around
and shoved the date of his sub
scription up another year.
The Monroe ball team came to
Columbia last Saturday after
noon and treated the Advertis
ers to a score to 6 to 5 in favor
of Monroe.
LOST-Between my house and
the post office, sterling silver
watch, inlaid with gold, 17 jew
els. Finder return to undersign
ed and receive reward.-B. E.
Miss Maud Hile of New Alba
ny, Ind., spent a few days in
Columbia last week with Mrs.
S. H. Brown. Miss Hile was en
route to the exposition and left
last Friday for San Francisco.
Mr. Roe Browne and little sis
ter, Marguerite, who have been
visiting their grandmother,Mrs.
SM. E, Reitzell, enu.-la,,Friday
with their aunt, Mrs. M. L.
Mecom, returning to their home
at Natchitoches, Saturday.
C. P. Carroll in company with
his family arrived Tuesday from
Ruston where his family has
made their home for the past
few years, but in future, they
come back among home folks
and will make Columbia their
home, Mr. Carroll's business in
terest being here.
Notice is hereby given that
the next examination for teach
ers certificates will be held in
the Columbia High School build
ing on July 26, 27, and 28,
whites, and 29, 30 and 31, 1915,
negroes. All applicants to be
on hand prdmptly at 10 o'clock
a. m., for the 1st day and at 9
o'clockn each subsequent day.
J. C. Hines, Supt.
The new grand jury to serve
for the next six months was
drawn last Monday, and with
the District Attorney got down
to business investigating was is
to come before it. Quite a num
her of people from over the par
ish have been to the parish capi
tal this week, having been sum
monsed before the jury. Follow
ing are the members of the new
grand jury: J. W. Clarkson,
Foreman; G. T. Mott, Daniel
Mlott, WR Rushing, WA Reit
zeU, RR Vincent, C R Elliott,
C P ailey, RF Gryder, J N
Gregory, J A Mayes, Vollie
Supt. J. C. Hines has succeed
ed in consolidating the Pine
Grove and Cotton Plant schools
aand the newgsehool buildinrg will
Je zcopleted in time for the
begiving of the 1915-16 session.
This coaspljbation will give that
section l sphbqQseond to none
.of the graded aph9pls in the par.
ish. In a lettedro i'o State Sup
eriedtendant flarris tegr' nes
; :altha~~atail5it8i n Otingft%~
Sbuildgciote (t~
s4oDilted F500 for the :benefit of
ithi s#'·';
.heck w.4td go fgr8ard t3fl.:
lyftrt iay15
4:. 4':~~:6~iii.~~!·~~
O poses the Convention
Columbia. La., July 1. I".,
S Editor Watchman:
n I have read with a great dI al
satisfaction, your several (aiKr-t t!
the question of the constitiutnnl
Svention, and since your view
with my own on the question : i
ginning to end, there can b" n, :
of difference between us a> ::
Spaign progresses. There ai "
matters in connection with :
a constitutional conventi:, \: 1oI
think ought to be brou hr to i';
tention of the people. ila. t 1,,!
be a heroic effort madle ; that c..
Stion to increase the tax=o :.e s fioth
more expenses for the pen
foreshadowed in a report
S State Probe Comniission i
- the convention regardirng 1, i
of the state. That report "ii
mend that the member:hi; (
preme Court be increased I.,n :
seven judges at a salari, ' .
3 than $8000 each, per ann;, .,
court of Criminal Appe'as , ,;
posed of three judges at a
$5000 each; continue thei p
of Appeals co' osed of.
f in each cii cu; #4 a sal:
each; redistrict the st:.: :
Stwo judges in each d:st:a C .
of $3000; create a e uatn .
Relations in the pa:i:.I :,.
two judges at a sana vy
in the place of theo pwt oi La .
court with one judy . 21 t
trict attorney for T jec, u..
at a salary of $1 01 an n
$1000 for office expense .
with fees as now iprov'idel i I I" .
constitution of 16s:(Art. "
that the judges shall rce ai ,..
) salary of NOT LESS TLi.`,
- it does not put any upji
these salaries, so for all 1
- payers know, these jud :
drawing ten thousandii do
And if the proposled neiw c.....
al convention should adopt t.
tion of the State Probe tcinuat a";.
ithe tax payers will stil I
what salaries they are pa :
Supreme Court Judge,.
Now, let's make a few c.ic . tio
if our supreme judges are u;:` a,"
ing the minimum salary of a.l. e,..:,
then the tax payers are e
$2500 per year for the
judges, but if the numbe i
from fiveto seven, and.. c
todraw the minimum s.t. a
per year, the tax payo e:
500 per year but it the :
judges are drawing $1iU,U O
year, then the tax payer ar.
$5000 for the support of tai ... :
in the event of the inc.ea-c L:i
membership to 7 judges, tihi c..ý ,-,
ers will then pay $7000 ler --atr..
the support of this court.
If a court of Crimnal A s i
ated with three judges at a .sa~la
not less than $5000 each p, . , LI
the tax wiil have at lea t $,aioof n.
more per year to-pay, but ti.ic
never know how much more til a tnatr
they will pay. If the framir in,
constitution of 1898 and those :
to frame the constitution of e
to deal honestly with the peupoe.
did they not, and why do taoy ,;:
that these judges shail recet ;e a sau
aryof $5000) per annum, instead of sxy
ing, "not less than $6iO L1." 'IE -r
the present constitution, ihere are cd,
district courts out side of iew : "i
leans, and three of them have t,.,
judges each, ata salary of .$3ouu e.er...
which aggregates $9~30 per year tiC E
the tax payers are paying ex :
for the district judges in iii LI
but if you double the numoer oi je
es as is proposed by the Sutat Lrum
Commission, then the tax payeri's , I
pay*$198000 per year fo tne L ppeor. of i
district judges; but, says soieto ,
the number of districts may be redel
ed-not much chance of that it you i
send the present district judges a.; 1l
egates to the convention.
The present Court of Apceals is com
posed of two circuits, eCxCL1iv or ihe
Parish of Orleans, at a sainty il (L~>1
each, per annum, hence we ari now
supporting six judges oi this cocrt it.
a yearly expense of $24000. Ii the
recommendations of the State t'iob e
Commission should be adopted by the
convention, there will be thirty Di .
trict Attorneys to pay at an expenzee
of $2000 each per year, Laggregatmg'
sixty thousand dollars. In adirimon to
this, the Probe Commission recori
mends that the clerk of the Suahn're
Court be paid a salary of $300u.
Now, under the present conditions, it
we know that we pay our supreme
judges $25000at least,we know that
we pay our district judges FkiJ00J0 per'
year, we know we pay our judges of
the Court of Appeals $2400i) per year,
and that we pay our District Attor
neys $30000 per year, making a grand
total of$178,000 per year for the sup
port of our judiciary system, but if (
the recommendations of the State
Probe Commission should be adop en,
we know we will pay our supreme jud- i
ges $35,000 per year,our court of (Gimid
nal Appeals $15,000, our District Judg
es $198,000, our judges of the CCuU ci
of Appeals $24,000 and our District
Attorneys $60,000, and outl clerk of
the Supreme Court $5000, making at
grand total of $337,000 per year against
$178,000 at present and a oilference o;
$159,000. 1n these calculations, I
have not included the salaries of the
district judges of the Parish of Orleans,
nor of the judges of the Court of Ap
peals for that parish, nor of the judge l
of the Juvenile Court of that parisan.
Butif your readers will read articlhs
118, 131 and 132 of the constitution of f
1898, they will see that that parish a
lone has at least 8 judges, 7 of whom
rgceive a salary of $4000 each and
the other $3000, thua making an ari-d
tional expense of $31,000. This, then
makes the present judicial expenses of I
the state $209,000 per year, and if the
report of the State Probe Commission
is adopted by the proposed conveCtion, I
said expense will beo$398,000 at leasl,
g1) tearing a balrincein favor 6f the 1
pbrtea~ut~stO'at o,- $I5r,Q00.
If ;tav c<onsioer d athse things, i
M - &iitoltt ri ia nde taialt you or 1t
7 t mat cb j9VcttsC tb1( hold
1* ms tonscttat~ - eotive n. t
W~ wou1:~~ ap,~l&~e t·'iate~. yo et
lng. your rdnewia~ to if~the tath
--u ' I
School Board Proceeding3
An ordinance ordering a spee
I election to be held in school
,istrict No. 23 in the Parish of
('ukhM1 ri, for the purpose of sub
litnil to the qualified electors
i he said school district the
Se'stion of the levee of a spec
1.e tIx of ten mills [10] for th
I roe of providing additiongi
S to th public schools of saL
I s nol district.
'in. 1. Be it ordained by the
in Board of School Direc
o' the Parish of Caldw ell.
,that a special election it
and is hereby ordered to bh
school district No, 23, in
Parish of Caldwell, La.,
;th day of July 1915, bor
* se of submitting to the
<e: electors of the said
c; strict entitled to sote
ias ge question of the levy
cial tax of ten mills [101
dollar of all property in
4id school district subject
:,rate taxation, for a peried of
Years, the proceeds of the
six to be used in giving
:Loa' aid to the public
(i'f the said school dis
*. 2. Be it further ordain
that the ballots to be
the said election shall be
(ed by the secretary of the
Board of School Directors
ball be in the following
aoosition to levy a ten
-101 special tax on
I property subject YES
taxation in school dis
No. 26, Parish of
vell, State of Louis
annually, for the
utl of five years, for N
ae purpose of giving ad NO
WiomaI aid to the public
s:chols of said school dis
>ee. 3. Be it further ordain
etc., that the secretary of
Parish Board of School Di
ecoto's be and he is hereby or
St :d to cause to be prepared
" use at the said election the
t. sheets, lists of qualified e
l rs, assessed valuation or
'wiP ty, blank statements for
iei purpose of compilation of
V te, in number and amount
axu other c, on blanks that.
nay be required for the purpose I
o' holding the said election, to
c th sami to be pac-d ~
he badlot boxes for use at tne
spective precincts, and to
onake provision for the tranmis
;ion of the ballot boxes to the
several precincts of the school
district at which the election is
o be held.
Sec. 4. Be it further ordain
ed, etc., that the polling place
shall be at the Copenhagen
S'hool House, and the following
tdree commissioners are appoint
edl: J W Price, H A Volentine
and WF Volentine, commission
trs and D A Humphries, clerk
of the special election, all of
vih.m shall serve without com
Sec. 5. Be it further ordain
ad, etc., that the Parish Board
of School Directors shall meet
at 10 o'clock a. in., on the 7th
I a' of July 1915, for Ihe pur
pose, in open session, of examin
ing and counting the ballots,can
vwssing the returns and declar
ing the result of the said elec
Sec. 6. Be it further ordain
ed, etc., that the president of
the Parish Board of School Di
rectors be and he is hereby in
st ruc~ted to give public notice of
said election by proclamation to
be published according to law.
Sec., 7. Be it further ordain
~ed, etc., that the special elec
tion herein arid hereby provided
*for shall be held and conducted
and the returns thereof shall bo
made under the provisions of
Act 256 of 1910 and amendments
thereof, and such other laws as
mnay be applicable.
J. C Hies.G. T. Martin, Pres.
Columbia, La., April 14, 1915
APursuant to a resolution passed by
the Parish Board of Schoal Directors
of the Parish of Caldwell, La.. at. its
called meeting held on the 26th day of
May 1915, I, G. T. Martin, President
of said Parish Board of School Direc
tors, hereby give notice that' in corn
phiance with said resolution, a special
election wvill be held in school district
Nlo. 23, Parish of Caldwell, La., on the
0th day of July 1915, for the *purpose
01 submitting to the property taxpay
(r9 qualitied under tite constitntion and
lawh of the State of Louisiana to vote
at said election, the following proposi
tion, towit:
SThe levy a special tax of ten, wills on
ed lrn all proprty in school di
jsubject to State taxation, anuupflysfm
4 ior the purpose of said spcala elec
Ition the poling place shall beat the
Copenhageti aSco Hu-e a. l the.s
In tbhe IpIi reInmOxI uol'ts
tion Alexandria `till has a
Sstaunch friend it th~ Person of
· i IH-lon. J. E. McCknaha of Itiv
f ortonl, Caldwell 0:U b. r.
I) \l(c(1lanahn haswr ', . trya
Of \t \o '' Altti llIti sW:ý,i.1
i; that the Alexaniria l .iha:m
r o.~ComIlerce inaugurate a
tampaign in Which they are to
ask every Alexan'dri1an antd Rap
irlian to write and urge their
f riends, relatives or othCerIs with
w«" ,m they ;nay have influence
in o'her parishes of the State,
to ,ýsk their delegates to the
constitudonal Con \'intion to sup
Sr Alexandria borý the State
C ra.itol. Mr. lciClanaian is
lthe gentleman wh, w'as a plromi
nent leader of North Louisiana
forces in tryingto britig about
the reoval question last year.
Aleandria Town Talk.
Hje esentative J. E. McCla
nahan and wife of Riverton were H
visito to town Thursday. {
Sev R. S. Isabel of Arkansassi
attended the Redditt-Faulk wed
din: that took place in Monroe
lIst Wednesday. Hle is also vis
itingi his daughter, Mrs. It. R.
aRedditt of this place.
Sfollowin commissioners are appoint
edc: J- Price, HA Volentine and
W F Vofentine and B A Humphries
as clerk, all of whom shall serve at
this election. all of whom shall serve
I At said eleetion the polls will open at
7 o'clka. mn. and close at 5 o'clock (
jp. m. ad the election will be conduct
edi in icordance with the laws of Lou
isian& licable thereto.
Noj also given that at 10 o'
I ciock , on the 7th day of July
1 15, aid Parish Board of School
Dire of the Parish of Caldwell,
La., eet at Columbia, La., and
in o ssion proceed to open the bal
lot b examine and count the bal
ints hAter and amount, examin"
and s the returns, and declare
the res of said special election.
This h day of May 1415.
Geo. T. Martin,
Pres of the Parish Board of
Sch irectors.
A true y
J. C. H' s, Sec.
The Crossett
Write us for
pics es
Crossoti Lumber Company
£rossett, : Arkansas (
Columbia Church-Preaching every 1s
and 3rd Sundays11 a.m.and 7;30 p.m.
Prayer Meetinf-Every Wednesday \
evening at 7:30 o clock.
EbYworth League-Every Friday ev- .
ening at 7:30 o'Clock.
Woman's Mision Society-let and
3rd Wednesday in each month 3 p. m.
Womeijs Prayer meeting--Every
Tuesday afternoon 3 p. m.
Sunday School-Every Sunday at 10
a. m.
Business meeting of Board of Stew
ards Monday night after let, Sunday
in each,month.
Preaching every 4th Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p C m HR
Peaching every 2d Sunday at 11 a.
m. and 7:80 p. m.
Sunday Schooleevery Sunday at 1C
a, m.
Sunday. School at Woolen Lake
(Rieliand Parish) every Sunday gfter
iooi at 3 p. m.
Preoehin every lit Sunday after
Roon'at 8 nt h_
UNION CUKVH (NWar Holum P.O.) a
Preaiiire vtYer4thJ Sunday after
eo0R 3 at c loek, o e
P1'reac~hipg IatIuIiii oud every 4
cth SlndY MAFd k Pastor.
U 1
Honest Toil and Properly Directed Energy
Are the key notes to success. Very few fortunes are made by
chance, some are inherited, but most of them are won thro' per
sistent effort
Keep Everlastihgly At It
"Success is not reached by a single bound;
We mount the ladder by which we rise
From the lowly earth to the vaulted skies,
And we mount that ladder round by round."
Grayson, Louisiana
We pay 4 per cent on time deposits for 6 months whice equile 4 olo compounded
Body-Handsome in design and proportion.
Oven-Large and roomy 20 x 26.
Flues-Extra large insuring fine draft.
Damper-Two piece construction operated from top of stove. It
is so con'structed that it will never wrap or hang.
Grate-Er'Ta heavy basket grate. Simplest grate on the market.
Linings-A tra heavy so shape will never burn out.
Fire backs guaranteed fifteen years.
Center Post-Same as fire back will out last stove.
Clean Out-Large and easy to get to directly under grate in front
of stove.
Ash Pan -Ashes fall from basket grate into large convenient cast
iron ash pan with bail.
Top-In two pieces bolted with extra heavy braces.
Long Center-Made in two pieces, extra heavy.
Covers and Centers-Very heavy, extra braces will never warp
or get out of shape.
Rods-On the outside of fire box.
Reservoirs-Reservoir construction porcelian lined, water always
hot. Trouble proof.
Material-New iron, The best right from the mine to the stove.
Weight 450 lbs. Price $37.50
Exclusive agency at
T. L. SORRELS, Clarks, Louisiana.
OR MONE R_: ' vnED.
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