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Published Every i:rd-dav
EL nta er at t al  ,- ii. ":
La.. as ~,,.,1,-11a . rT: ,L ; .
O Ilil i %1 1; ( I j ': r ,{ I ''1 ' ,. ." t : i 'i, " " ,' i' 1'
(.u l I ..' s.hi ti
Official Journal of C, weil Parish.
Parish Fair,
1.''5;:1. ' , . .h
at L'e
S ..r u, . t"hat I (i
ill ie ' ii
intr ),in m!ý the Third se
S'ir.i 1air U l
,lJu t, 10 11t h be
f r\ ti', . ;I le i, a tes are
ctob - 1 191. l et 1 i If
ý" rU l 1 , ' li' ºi.
yo ri t l exi:, "its, , Il hal betters sv
m ik' t a t o in t t direcition fe
urigh a t ' . T L tair will le
for theld at i., the citizens are
of t lw k, li ,V i everything
it i 1?l
in their ,"t 1 to!tards the fair.
A fair i not \ hild without. t I
exhiv, is :ai,, t 1.'e, imanagemt entt i
khope ta h,v . exin tit iifrom evi - thi
right ao(v' . "lii. Ii'air will b,' o)f
anheld at , arish. The la-citizs
dsf (r.:'i nt (lroi.'s everytho uring 1
pass any that has been placed r !) ( the fipo.
A~ far :;!,.t Iii IK .l w11~ ithout l!
('ahi'W 'S1,- :.1. tC rnm agemc~t.i
ho)pe t,, ha'.e a. e.xIL :it irom eV- th,
t'arin(.r i, the larish. Th~e Ia-gi
d i( s (1( .art ; nt )I'ro!iis& to suirin
pass any t" at ha.- been p~laced po
on displlay in the parish. Quite ne
a numl er, l'ro' over the p)arish, rin
say lhey, are re:,.y to place their be
exhibits on Lxi.i:o1 il at the pa
fair. Let every :.an, woman wi
and chili in Caldwell parish a
boost the fair. tu:
ere is a re - h
ousness and anxiety felt just gi
now throughout the country on m
account of the cotton prospects,
says an exchange. Last winter thl
and sjriv.g the newspapers all to b
over the South exerted all mt
their powvern of persuation to in- ti
d(luce the planters to) r; d(.ce their M
cotton acreage, and plant more ee
food stuff, e;c. Eit it seems a
Mr. Farmr has followed his
usual pr.eie of promising to tI
cut the areage, and then plant- g
in: a few acres more, relying on
the other feliow to do the cut-j
ting. Now, if M,. Farmer finds e
he has, after all the warning, a
raised mre cott.:n than 1 here is r
a demand for and the price sinks
to the bottom, ire has no one
but himself and his own cupidi
ty to blame, and he deserves :ot
sympathy. The only thing left
for him t,( do is t, go out in the
back stable lot and kick himself.
There wil le nmay attractions
at the fair this year that will fur
nish an:usmen:t for the crowd
that wijl gather at; Grayson on
the three ,av.; next month. A
mong them wili by the opportu
nity given many of us to see an
aeroplane, which is, no doubt
a sight that many of us in Cald
well haven't h-ti the pleasure of;1
seeing one Oh these machines 1
flying arouni in the air several
hundred fvet in the air. The
promoters of this flying machine
and who are iV hopes to have it
completed in a few days are, T.
J. Lively of war! 2 and D. M.
Calhoun of Carks. This machine
was patented Feb., 17, 1914.
Mr. Lively passed through Col
umbia Tuesday morning, en route
to Grayson where the work on
the aeroplane is going on. He
tells us that everything will bel
in readioess to make a test in a
short while and we would be
safe in announcing that one of
the attractions at the Parish
Fair this year will be the flying
machine. These two gentle
men belong to ;he progressive
set in Caldweii at I are doing
their part towa. 's the success
of the fair in furnishing :an at
traction that will "e the means
of drawing a large crowd to the
fair this year.
J. E. t;,din'r,:y Ca!ndidate for ni
sht 'ii'~ 'f th ' I tli ' t I1 1'a'l- taLa
So i t
at.nds, 1avi~l sp  l h is a;i(
'ii i ind I Ibas a good d m( i;r evory
}i" i tat i t a i have t al
i1uIbe 01 ýiW .5 tihit will Slip- car
1 1' t h i in ti c C iin g p ri ml 1 y , dp i
t't wnill b hart l,' to lind an
oi}ic'r that can suripass his. ,ir.
1 Lo\y is alway5 tftuni at his
stre oul. \Ve take pleasure illn
prl' :'Utg his itame, to the care-\ot"
i,1l C . o ineatioi mdi the vot ers
o 1ands, a in spent h is .h l' ,
f iAnnouncement
On net Mnday, the 1thll
i ist, the olumbia iigh School
Sili opSen in reguiar session, of- b.
frin the fully acreid hvi ted course
tf st will be hari tod f ior aproed
Higo Schiols in the State of Lou
landr tpohat tan sucrpassful co-s.
pletion ry which a s tu(lent is a
warded a State High School Di- th
ploserve a. e take leasure
It i, of course, ime tossible ftcar
the majority of our boys and "
fugirls ts go to college, o to attersd
ofthe arious nstitutions of learn
ing that are located at redisatant thcourse
points. The tuition and other Lou
financial conditions too hsrd to s a
be met by many of our popile It.
But provision is made by our IDe- man
partmient of Emiucation to place Tilt
within tmajoe reach of evbory anboy
and gi rl, free of any chargge for, d
tuition, a standard High School per
the ssapory expenses make the
tgirl are incireased beyond
measure. of our p
So let us take advantage of
Buthis provision is, and give to the,
anbos and girls of today (who are for
Sto be the men and women of to
1 morrow) nothing less, surely, *
tuition, a High School education.
eduaterial wealth ma bthe sqande
ed in aday, bint an educa betion ids
an asset 'hat will ever be avail
S able, and cannot be tagen awa.
s Our rural schioos candot give h
o thorough courses in the higo ar
to bgrades. he time isnot suficien of to
n for the numthinger f rades a rural
school tacheigh must nchl educssarilon d
teach; the equipment is nt ad- I
Sequate for the proper present- t
, ation of th sulbjects requil ing b
is practical laboratory work; and, C
in not a few iiistances, the teach- P
ers of the rural schools are not g P
ie qrualified to teach the liigher
-branches as they should bet d
.o taught. Thus, forvardous rra- c
ft sons, the ural school carnot
reasonably carry on the work a- a
T bove the seventh grade, and se
cure the proper resupis.
s Again, let it be remembered v
s that the High Schools are not t
established to toe sole beneit
of any particular section, but
n for the entire parish, and the t
courses are open to any stu- I
u- dent in the perish.
n ith increlased ifacilities, such
it as laboratory equipment, etc.,
t- the Columbia High School offers
Of to the people of any section of
ef the parish a thorough High
al School course, and invites the
"e patronage of all who will but
n"e take advantage of it.
it All possicole assistance will be
'. given in the matter of securing
' boiard, etc., and any inquiries
L will be gladly answered upon ap
p· tolication to the rinsectcipalo
Ntei Principgl
-e Notice of Trespass
a All persons are hereby warn
b e not to trespass upon the fol
be lowing described property, conm
of mionly known as Perrin's Island
sh to-wit: s w 1-4 anB lots 3, 6, 7,
Sand 8, se 1-4 of nw 1-4, sw 1-4
SoJ n 1-4 and w 1-2 of sw 1-4
e-of sec. 36, lots 10 and 11 of sec
ve:33, all in cp 14 n, r 4 e. The a
ng bove priperty having been post
ess ed thisday. All persons tress
aIt- possing upon the same will be
ns dealt with accerding to law.
SColumbia, is., otse . a i. 191o.
The most thrilling entertainment In
the history of the I.ouilsiana State lFa::
is lromised this year, when Miss lu:hI
Law, a famous young woman aerial
lerorform r, will give daring exhibitions
She will makae her flight Wednesday I
Novemrll 3, and render her e(cond!
pro-ra i on Sunday, NovemLer 7, and,
all Of th,s attractions will be abho
l, ely fre, to the, visitors to the Fair.
1 I alw, who operates with 1a
v, i. 1 ,li-plane, measuring 40 feet
frl'll til to tip, gains an altitude o,
g!,r it I.'";- leet, and goes throulgh
Ft ni1s that compel spectators to hold
thei r breath in amazement. Cork
;(cr',w and spiral glides and plunger
of hlillnlredsr of feet are among the
veflturlll s1nole fea:s she tackles. As
tl.e -i'eat mac(hin,' shoots downward it'
10, . as if it will plunge into th,,
cart.. atirying the courageous littl,
dri,. er on to her death, but her nerve'
the spl aratu. make it possible to avoid
*a .tt .
that altitude he limbs to the bottom
of the hi-plane, catches hold of the
wires, swings his body down and then
SIt is declared to be one of the most
marvelous aerial feats ever accom'
Miss Law, who is one of two fegale
ii(ense holders under the Aero Club
of America, was engaged at big
pense for the pleasure of the Loul
Fair visitors.
Wi retary N
ruegggrhoff, Shreveport, for det
Boys participating in the e
and judging contests at the Lout
State Fair, November 3 to 8, will
the privilege of instructions by G(
cultural experts, the benefit of
and lectures by prominent vlis
and the pleasure of recreation on
SFair Grounds and the novel expe sU
r of living in a tent. This will all C(
Sfurnished through the State 4 St
School for Farmer Boys. Acco di
dations .free of charge in the in
which will be pitched near the agr er
tural building, will be furnished all th
boys exhibiting in the corn, pig, t h
cultural school and other juvenil CC
partments, as well as those p UI
t pating in the boys' Judging cont pl
l Thi. feature of the Fair will be SE
e der direction of G. E. Nesom, who
charge of extension work for t~
t farmers in Louisiana. and A. I. R t3
of Baton Rouge, who has charge ir
the l oultry. They will take the bo
around the grounds and through ta
buildings each morning and lecture
d various features of the big show. if
t the afternoon there will be recrea S
it for the boys, and at night they f.
it hav4e the privilege of attending ilii
trated lectures by prominent agrifel
e turists, livestock men and other 8
1- Fair visitors, in the lecture room. b
For catalog and other informatio
h address L. N. Brueggerhoff, secreta.
In a building 80x160, thoroughly yve
tilated and Illuminated and conven
lently located along one of the large
concrete walks and drives there Wil
be found the poultry exhibit at the
Louisiana State Fair, November 3 to I
inclusive. There will also be found hun
dreds of fine chickens, turkeys, ducks
pigeons and other valuable and at,
tractive poultry specimens on exhibit,
judging by the interest being taken in
the plans for the mammoth show.
n- Fifteen hundred dollars in premiumn
e will be awarded in this competition
n- wi-ich is open to the world. Mani
d, , siana fowls art to be shown, eh
7, denting the growth of interest in poul
4 try raising in this state. There will bo
4 furnished good pens, the Empire sort
and capable attendants
e esides poultry, there will be a d
a- ilay of suilplies, such as incubators
brooders, etc.
-. sI. Gates of Baton Rouge will be
eDa las; thendent C. P. Van Winkle ol
be Dal s the fudge, and R. e. Bruce, New
3rcas, assistant superintendent.
Apply to Secretary L. N. Bruegger
es sof' Shreveport, for catalogue.
H. L. Hanchey
In our announcement column will Ib
L i nd the announcement of Mr. 11. I..
il *,"hey as a candidate for police jur.
ii nemiberof wtird 3. sobject to the ;'
Iri to of the (demoriatic primary dr.
IlancheV is well k0nown to the voteri
SIt watrd 3. p('o'sS the clualificat+''ll 1t)
S this csiti;.tl id cht lcttd V it
make a good ieiiimbeir o1 that bi v.
.\ submit his otiae' to It ctaret
considerationl of the votlrs of hi:o \wa
We are authorized to atnnorunce l:.
W. E. GODFREY as a candidate (or
t re-election to the oflice of shlriil' I,:
S('aldwell Parish, subject to the acti .,i
h of thedemocratic prim)ary.
We are authorized to announce M51R..1.
e E. McClanahan as a candliate fro shi
itf of Caldwell parish subject to thel
iaction of the democratic primary.
e We are authorizedt to annlule 11 :.
tlidate for Clerk of Court. slj, ct t,
the action of the demiocratic Ir'inary.
We are authorized to announce Mr.
W. B. Perkins as a candidate for as
sessor of Caldwell parish subject to
the action of the democratic primary.
We are authorized to announce Mr.
J. F: STUART, as a candlidate f',r
assessor of Caldwell parish, subject t,,
the action of the Democratic primary.
A Card
To the Voters of the Parish of Call
Owing tothefactthat the office of
Tax Assessor of the Parish of C'aldwell,
now pays more than ever before., regar
less of the two percent commission al
lowed, under Act No. 252 of the Acts
of 1910, on the assessment of special
school tax for the year 1914, and as
I the people of the Parish have seen tit.
or have been forced, for the past sev
eral years to levy these special taxes,
! in order to carry on and maintain the
public schools of the Parish, I see co
reason why the Tax Assessor should
n demand this two percent, or $:351.0;
I per year, from the school children of
e the Parish, whose parents are straining
every effort to meet the paymeut of
these taxes, in order to carry on this
good cause.
Now, therefore, if the people see fit
t to elect me, as Tax Assessor of the
( Parish of Caldwell, I dohereby and by
this declaration, bind and obligate my
e self to assess the special school tax of
b the Parish free of charge.
• , he rema' r of my platform will
espectfull ,
We are aut orized to announce
. L. Hanchey as a candidate for po
lice jury member from ward 3, sub
ject to'the democratic primary.
Sheriff Sale
Thirtieth District Court-Parish
of Caldwell-State of La.
Goodbar & Co., vs No. 1497, J.
J. Stallings.
By virtue of a writ of fi fa is
sued out of the 30th District
Court of the Parish of Caldwell,
State of Louisiana, and to me
directed I have seized and taken
into my possession and will off
er for sale at public auction t,
the last and highest bidder at
the principal front door of the
court house in the town of Col
umbia, La., between the hours
prescribed by law for judicial
sales on
Saturday Sept., 11, 1915
the following escribed proper
ty, to-wit; 0 lot of general
merchandise, ow cases, scales
and safe, situ ed in the sotre
building occu d by J. J. Stall
ings in the to of Grayson, La.
Seized as the operty of the de
fendant, J. Stallings, and
will be sold to tisfy said writ
nd all costs i he above num
bered and enti d cause.
. Terms of sal cash, with the
b enefit of appr ement.
W. . Godfrey,
Sheriff of Cald 11 Parish, La.
Columbia, La., ug., 26, 1915.
. In the Distric ourt of the
an United tates
 For the Wester istrict of Lou
iI isirna, Mon . Division
St In the matter o J. Stallings
: Bankrupt. No 169 in Bank
a ruptcy.
a To creditors of oved named
at bankrupt of G son, La:
bit Notice is hereby en that on
in the 17th day of gust A. D.
1915, the said J. tallings was
Sduly adjudicated krupt; and
on. that the first me of his cred
L itors will be held the office of
o , the Referee in th ty of Mon
oul roe, La., on the h day of
,, September, 1915, 10 o'clock
in the forenoon, hich time
ls the said creditors y attend,
Drs. prove their clin appoint a
be t.'ustee, examine bankrupt,
o1 and transact such her busi
[eh ness as may prope come be
fore said meeting.
eMonroe, La., Aug, 1915.
R. H. , Jr.
Referee in kruptcy.
. .lephones on
Farms at
ii Low
If there is no telephone on your farm
write for our Free Booklet telling how you
may get Service at 50 cents per month
and up.
A postal will do!
Farmers' Line Department.
13 years ago a little furniture store was open at 121
Nrt.i Second street, Monroe, La. Through the full 15 years
it haIs iro,!ressed and prospered until today it occupies four
lii flurs 70 x 150 and besides commanding an enviable po
sition in the merchandising affairs of Monroe. it is recog
nized fr ani w wide as one of the leading furniture stores in
the state.
which it numbers thousands, the very maximum valuo for
the niney in every instance.
15 years experience in buying and selling furniture,car
pets and home furnishings has taught us what our custo
mers want, and where to obtain it for them. Our furniture
gIaes into a mii-njrity of the homes of this section, it furnish
es comfort to the home of the well-to-do business man and
the planter; an;] it answers the need of the working man's
No matter what may be the size of your pocketbook you
will find vh:at you want here and save money on it,
"!IFrom the Cheapest that is Good to the Best that is
132-138 North Second St. Monroe, Louisiana.
Freight Paid on All Orders Over Ten Dollars.
Subscribe for The Watchman
Subscribe for The Watchman
()"  ),I b. I I) IIANA
F. P. Stubbs, Pres. ;'
C. E. Bynum, V-Pres.
: Travis ,Oliver, Cashier
H. N.LThompson,
_ . .Asst-Cashier
s · Depository For
Ample resourses, conservative management and courteous
treatment alike to those of large and small means.
Thr question is not whether you should have a bank account,
but where you should have it. Our large capital and surplus is
your guarantee and safeguard.
We invite your account and have every faculty for efficient
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