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'The Caldwell Watchman
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Chief Executive Says His Thoughts
Are Mortgaged Beyond Recall For
the Present-Has Forfeited
His Liberty.
Washington. - President Wilson
expressed his view of the gravity of
the international situation which con
fronts the United States to a delegs~
tion of Virginians, who asked him to
visit the Manassas battlefield late this
"We are all hoping and praying that
the skies may clear," said the presi
dent, "but we have no control of that
on this side of the water, and it is
Impossible to predict any part of the
course of affairs."
The president was reminded that
some time ago he had promised to go
to Manassas to dedicate a tablet.
"When I made that promise," the ei
president told the delegation, "things n,
were just beginning and a great many of
things have happened since whie'i n
have altered not only the aspect of b
our own affairs but the aspect of af. a
fairs of the world. My experience ti
here day by day is that questions turn f
up so suddenly and have to be b
handled so promptly, and sometimes F
with so much thoughtful discretion, v
that I really dare not let my thoughts
go out to other matters.
"I could not come to Manassas with
out having something to say. It would
not be worthy of the occasion if I did
not make preparations that would be
worth while, and that is out of the
question. My thoughts are mortgaged
beyond recall for the present.
-". "*< 'dp4 feel that I have lbtseled
my liberty for the present snd that
my nearest duty is the most obvious
and imperative duty. I have been
obliged to say this to all invitations,
however tempting in character, and I
would not be worthy of your trust if
I did not come to such a conclusion,
because I know that you want these
international matters taken care of
as best we know how and I ought not
to send my thoughts afield."
Germany Wants Cotton.
Berlil.--German cotton men are
taking up the plan.to purchase Amer
ican cotton. They sent a wireless to
the German consulate in New York
Augubt 31, offering to buy 1,000,000
bales at 15 cents per pound on deliv
ery of the cotton in a German harbor.
Ten Lost in Sea Storm.
Mobile. - Captain Malcolmn and
the crew of nine of the British
schooner Curacao from Port Arthur,
Tex., to Kingston, Jamiaica, were lost
when the vessel was wrecked off
Grand Cayman in the hurricane of
August 13.
Second Maritime Power.
Washington. - The European wer
has placed the United States secondl
among the maritime nations of the
world, second only to Great Britain.
However, the increase may not be
Bernhardi to the Front.
Berlin. - Gen. Friedrich A. J. von
Bernhardt has been assigned to a field
command at his own request by Em.
peror William. He has already left
for the front.
Hopes to Crush Villa.
Washington. - Administration oR
dals are watching the situation in
central Mexico, where Carranza's
forces are planning to launch a gean
eral attack against Villa.
Austrians Are Loyal.
Chicago.-A mass meeting of for
mer subjects of Austria-Hungary con
demned the action of Ambassador
Dumba that caused the United States
to ask his recall.
Boycott German Goods.
Melbourne.-The entire membership
of the House of Representatives o;
the Federal Parliament, the legisla
tive body of the commo',wealth ol
Australia has pledged itself neve:
again to purchase German goods.
Courthouse Burns.
Memphis.-The old Shelby counts
courthouse, one of the historic land
marks of this section, was destroyes
by fire of undetermined origin. The
1ons was estimated at $60,000.
Rudolph Forster has the title of ex
1 ecutive clerk in the president's busi
0 ness family, but the "mainspring of
Y official business" would be a better
name, for he is the man who places
t before the president the matters that
f- must have his attention and keeps
Strack of those matters until they are
Sfinally disposed of. Mr. Forster has
) been in the employ of the White
N House for eighteen years and his ser
n, vices are considered invaluable.
Berlin. - The commander of a Ger- Nev
man submarine, which has returned to at c
its base, has reported to the admiral- T
ty that he torpedoed the liner Arabic rec
in the belief that the Arables action will
indicated she was about to attack the ball
submarine and that he fired in self-do- pac
fense. few
The submarine commander's report mel
says the submarine was engaged In be
destroying a freighter when the Arabic bal
was sighted. The submarine then was cha
on the surface. On,
The Arabic, the commander declar- hot
ed, swung around and headed toward an(
the freighter as if to attack the sub- rat
marine. The commander of the under- me
sea craft remained in doubt as to the the
Arabic's intentions when she changed
her course a few points, but still kept
headed in a direction bringing her
nearer to the scene.
The commander reports that he con
t tinued to observe the actions of the
liner until he saw the Arabic again G
change her course and head directly S
for the spot where the submarine lay, a I
as it she had sighted the undersea an
boat. co
Then the submarine commander, be- C
d lieving his craft was in danger, he de- of
e clared, submerged and tired a torpedo.
1e Texas Banks Lower Rates.
Houston. - Reduction of one per m
cent in the rate which the clearing
house banks of Houston will charge as
in the farmers of the state on loans made n
Id on cotton placed in bonded ware
n. houses was announced to the oficisls
gt of the Farmers' Union Cotton Com- Ci
pany by the bank members of the at
Houston Clearing House Association. fe
The reduction, which is from 7 per al
cent to 6 per cent. fr
y McAdoo Wants Improvement.
SWashington. - Secretary McAdoo b
appointed a committee of treasury of. -
ficials to investigate and make recom
mendations to place that department
on a "more efficient, economical and P
business base." Mr. McAdoo says in b
a letter of instructions to the commit.
lor tee that his experience has taught him t
.es that there is room for many improve.
lip Aeroplane into Crowd.
Washington.--Twenty persons were
injured, three fatally, when an aero
o plane dashed into a crowd of people at
a Labor Day celebration here. Oscar
Cook, a Chicago aviator, lost control
of his machine while landing after a
short flight, lie was not hurt.
British Steamer Sunk.
London.-The British steamer Rou.
rhe manie has been sunk, presumably by
a submarine. The crew has been land.
ed safely.
that y
ed th
Warehouse Will Be Able to Handle maki
Over a Million Bales if the Mer- Flow
chants and Planters Will Send to ti
It to New Orleans, anin
New Orleans.- orde
Definite and tangible evidence that sume
out of town bankers and merchants graz
are greatly interested in the new pub ani
lic cotton warehouses of the Dock rFlo
Board was received by Manager furto
Breckenridge in the form of a letter
from Young & Hughes of Dothan, Ala. J.
enclosing bills of lading for six cars pres
containing 300 bales of cotton shipped Gro,
from Dothan to New Orleans and con- vice
signed to the new warehouses. e
Young & Hughes are not only large of I
cotton shippers, but J. R. Young of reck
the firm is president of the Houston stte
National Bank of Dothan, Ala, one of of
the prominent banks of that section of his
Sthe state. Dothan is a point whiig the
has not heretofore been considered as tort
New Orleans territory, and it is very the
gratifying to the warehouse manage- to
ment to know that cotton is coming wh:
t from competitive territory into New t'
thOrleans so early in the season. Doth- mi
an is an important cotton center, and vie
the probabilities are it will ship con- lin
siderably more cotton to New Orleans
this season.
This shipment is only one of a num- be
ber that will be started to New Or- be
. leans within the next few days. J. M. pr
Foshee, of Red Level, Ala., has ad- al
vised the warehouse he expects to I
ship 1,400 bales in the near future.
The Farmer's Exchange, of H~eleand
its cotton to New Orleans. he aw
ser-Goldman Cotton Company, of Fort le1
Smith, Ark., expects to concentrate at die
New Orleans the cotton it assembled sai
o at other points last season. Nh
i- The warehouse now is prepared to
ic receive 110,000 bales of cotton and
n will have storage capacity for 240,000 co
e bales within ia month. Additional ca- re
. pacity will be availabe within the next e.,
few monthst,but, with the capacity Pa
rt mentioned above, the warehouse will so
in be able to handle more than a million ce
ic bales of cotton this year, if the mer- n
is chants will send it to New Orleans. TI
One of the compresses at the ware- re
r- house has been running tome days o1
ird and two more will be ready for ope- si
ab- ration within a week. The manage- it
er- ment expects to unload about 2,500 at
the the warehouse within the next week.
______a fc
Assistant Attorney General Barrow, th
George W. Atkins, traffic man of the plF
Shreveport Chamber of Commerce and wl
a number of attorneys for South Louis- pli
ana railroads left for Washington to di
confer with the Interstate Commerce
Commission concerning the extension
of the order entered into to cover all ci
Texas lines, which were included in na
the supplemental petition. The object bE
of the conference is to get the com- vi
m!ssion to grant authority to these al
lines to publish the same class rates ci
as have been prescribed for the origi- lih
nal lines parties to the case. gi
Richard Boudreaux, of Attakapas b
Canal, was brought to New Orleans
and sent to the Charity Hospital suf
fering from a pistol ball wound in the a
abdomen. He had returned home s
from a dance, and in alighting from n
his buggy his revolver dropped from c
his pocket and was discharged. The t
ball entered his stomach near the na- I
val, and inflicted a dangerous wound. t
The collegiate and pre-medical de- t
partments of Loyola University has
been officially opened. Prospects for
a successful year are very bright, as I
the first day's enrollment showed the r
number of students to be only one t
short of the total number in attend- I
ance during the past year.
Hal N. David, advertising manager I
of the New Orleans American, asked
for the appointment of a receiver to
manage the affairs of that publication,
alleging that it is indebted to him in
the sum of $1,079.27.
Sigur Martin of St. James parish
has notified Governor Hall that in ac
cepting appointment recently as depu
ty clerk under Clerk of Court Laiche
at Convent he vacated his office as
representative of his parish in the
Dr. E. I'. Flower, of Baton Rouge,
president of the L.ouisiana State Live
Stock Sanitary BIoard, visited the 110o
hewl Solms n eighborhood *of Ascension
pIarish to inv'esti;ate th lie occurrenc'e
of several case.s of charbon in that lo
Five or six htoad of stock have died
during the summer from in illne:s
which some of the cattle owners COU
claimed was caused by the eating fat
cockle-burr weeds, and it seems that
a similar condition has prevailed in
that section for the past few years. A
specimen of the blood from one of the
dead animals sent to Dr. Flower, and OFF
a bacteriological examination reveal
ed the presence of anthrax germs.
After visiting the neighborhood and prel
Ic making a careful investigation, Dr.
Flower traced the source of infectionI
to the river bottoms and found that
animals allowed to roam there were
being infected with the disease,
through the alimentary tract. He gave
orders that for the remainder of the
at summer no cattle shall be allowed to Wa
ts graze on the river side of the levee,
b and stated that if this quarantine is icus
,k rigidly maintained there will be no mei
er further deaths from charbon. the
er et -the
a. J. B. Fasterling has been elected hot
rs president of the Louisiana Citrus got
ed Growers' Association. He was the
in. vice president, and was promoted by lcal
the board of directors to fill the place
ge of It. S. Moore. The latter, who was apt
of recognized as a national as well as a heI
on state leader, died during the first year t
of of the association's life, and just as ms
of his important plans for the industry in a
art the state were maturing. The direc- on
as tore will carry out these plans, and at th:
,ry the same time they felt called upon Ih
ge- to pay feeling tribute to the executive tho
ng who had impressed his ideals upon the of
ew work and whose loss is the state's m
th. misfortune. John Meyer was elected it
Ind vice president in place of Mr. Faster- wi
on- lg. e
The rice shipments that have not
im- been reaching New Orleans are not
Or being stored and held for advanced L
M. prices, but are being consigned to Don- of
a-. aldsonville, Abbeville, Memphis and
to other points, according to a state
Ire. Lht. made by Captain L. V.
"n the teamer America. p
hOw e lies in tagie st
'ort planteft, can ship their crops by rail
at direct to these points, obtaining the
ded same prices that they would get in
New Orleans.
Several days ago George B. Taylor,
chemist of the State Board of Health,
received a package containing a small
flask or "tickler" of whiskey accom
panied by a note, signed by Anna Gip- hay
son of Mansfield, saying she had re- to
ceived the package by United States s
mail without a decipherable postmark.
The Gipson woman must have sus- m
pected something wrong, for she at tor
once took the bottle to Dr. E. L. Per- sib
singer of Mansfield, who advised that
it be sent to the state chemist.
Having failed to pay their poll tax
for 1914 seven employes of the Sew. Ag
erage and Water Board of New Or- stE
leans have been dismissed from the be
service. The men were laborers and Si:
drivers. Superintendent Earl said of
'. that the law requires that all em- pi
ployes must be qualified voters, and
d whenever it is learned that an em
;- ploye has become disqualified he is
o dismissed. Pr
n The catalog of the Teche Fair Asso- ! as
11 ciation, which will hold its first an- to
n nual fair September 24-26, has just o0
"t been issued. The association has pro- of
n- vided for a series of lectures by state
e and government live stock and agri
5s cultural experts, and also will have in
i- hourly attendance other experts to sr
give personal demonstrations to in- th
terested questioners. There will also E
is be a daily parade. al
is -- bi
if- The appointment of Henry L. Sarpy, A
he as notary public for the Federal Re
ne serve Bank at New Orleans, was an
m nounced by Dr. Paul H. Saunders,
m chairman of the board of directors of ri
he the institution. Mr. Sarpy is well I1
la- kn6wn as a notary and practicing at- ti
id. torney, and has for several years been t,
notary for the Whitney-Central Na. -'
le. tional Bank.
or Arthur Dunn, 19 years old, of 2511
as Decatur street, New Orleans, was ar- c
he rested at St. Louis when he attempted t
one to pawn a valuable brooch. The pawn- c
nd- broker recognized the brooch as being I
similar to one stolen when thieves
smashed the window of the F. W.
:er Drosten Jewelry Company's store Sun
ned day and took diamonds valued at sere
to eral hundred dollars.
in The rural school department of the
State Board of Education of Baton
Rouge have collected lantern slides
Ish depicting various school buildings,
ac- equipment and grounds throughout
pu- Louisiana showing the educational de
che velopment of the state in the last fiX
as tees years. They have been arrang
the ed for stereopticon exhibitions to sc
[email protected] lectures on that sublect
President Wilson and Secretary Lana.
ing Are Considering the Testi
I snony of the Survivors
of the Arabic.
Washtngton.--Count van lernstorff,
the German ambassador, returned to
Washington to initiate informal dis
a cussion with the American govern- Gen
ment supplementary to the note from comm
the Berlin Foreign Office regarding the r
the sinking of the Arabic, with the Gour:
d hope of paving the way for formal ne
gotiations for adjustment of the siten- wi
e ation growing out of the loss of Amer
lean lives in the tragedy.
The ambassador is optlmistlc in
spite of the growing serious concern
here over the state of relations be
i tween the United States and the Ger- CAP
Ls manic allies, following the receipt of T
ina disappointing note from Germany
on the Arabic and the request from
at the recall of Ambassador Dumba of
n Austria. It is held in German circles W,
I the Arabic note, with its reiteration requ/
he of the announcement that rubmarines ambi
. are under orders not to sink peaceful Dum
ed liners without warning, Js in t-cord tion
zr- with assurances already given the the
State Department and confidence 's bass
felt that an agreement can be reached the
for arbitration of the question of re- Yorl
paration. stori
mot President Wilson and Secretary offic
n- Lansing are considering the testimony alth
on- of survivors of the Arabic, all tending so a
te- . show the Arabic was torpedoed atta
without warning while preceding not
peacefully on the high seas. be 1
has been he offio
a Prbes lpatehes stating that the am. - g
the bassador would be recalled without the
making an issue of his right to plan Ara
Austro-Hungarian strikes in American givi
munition plants were accepted as so- woi
curate. tha
, fihij
nail Wilson's Vacation Over. tE
om- Washington. - President Wilson pov
has given up all plans for returning bre
to Cornish, N. H., this year. It was I
tes said at the White House that he con- her
ark. siders his vacation over and will re- bet
sus- main in Washington to be in personal Sta
at touch with the European and Mexican ed
Per- situations and prepare for the next bill
that session of Congress. wa
French Steamer Sinks.
tas Paris.-A dispatch to the Havas het
Sew. Agency from Algiers says that the fr
Or- steamer Ville de Mostaganem has all
the been sunk by a German submarine. St
and Sixteen members of the crew, three
said of them wounded, have been ha
em. picked up.
em- is On Efficience Board.
e in Washington.-James I,. Wilmeth of
Prescott, Ark., chief clerk of the
Treasury Department, has been named
sso as member of the Board of Efficiency
San- to eliminate "red tape" and to work
just out economies in handling business
pro- of that department.
agri- More Gold From England.
ve in New York. -- fold and securities A
s to said to exceed $i,000,000 in value.
tn- the third and largest shipment from
also England to New York Within a month, i
arrived from Halifax, where it had
been brought by the British cruiser
arpy, Argyle.
.s an- Return F-4 Dead to U. 8.
ders, Honolulu.- The dead of the subma- t
rs of rine F-4, in eight caskets, draped with h
well the American flag. were placed aboard 1I
g at- the United States steamship Suppr
been to be sent home. Shortly afterward P
Na- the steamer sailed for San Francisco
Italians Claim Success.
2511 London.-The Italians claim to have
as ar- captured several Austrian positions on
npted the Cadore frontier, while on the rest c
pawn- of the Austro-ltalian front only artil (
being lery actions have occurred.
SW , To Rebuild Causewvay.
a Sun- Dallas.-That the Galveston cause
t ser- way, which was rendered useless in
the recent storm will be rebuilt 1
stronger than ever was announced by
of the F. G. Pettibone, vice president and
Baton general manager of the Gulf, Colorado
slides and Santa Fe railway, one of the prin
Idings, cipal lines entering Galveston.
al de Italy Follows Allies.
ast Af- Paris. - Italy has declared cotton
Lrrang- contraband of war, a Rome dispatch
to -C announces
General Sarrail has been appointed
a commander of the French forces at
g the Dardanelles to succeed General
Washington. - President Wilson's
request for the recall of the Austrian
ambassador, Dr. Constantin Theodor
Dumba, has broadened into a situa
tion involving Capt Franz von Papen,.
the military attache of the German em
bassy; Alexander Nuber von Pereked,
the Austrian consul-general in New
York, and possibly Count von Bern
storff, the German ambassador. The
official view is that the ambassador,
although technically involved, is not
t so seriously concerned as the military
I attache or the consul-general. It is
not unlikely that both the latter may
be recalled :or disiissed from the
I fg and as tDr tion of
t the sinking of the White Star Hr..
I Arabic, after Count von Bernstorif had
I given assurances that full satisfaction
3 would be given if it were established
that a German submarine sank the
ship, official Washington views the
triendly relations with the Germanic
n powers strained more toward the
g breaking point than ever before.
is Hopes that the submarine crisis had
a- been safely passed and that a break
e. between Germany and the United
l States had been avoided were displac
.n ed by misgivings. Talk of the possi
:t bility of breaking diplomatic relations
was heard again, although this time It
involved both the central powers, on
the theory that Austria after having
her ambassador virtually dismissed
1e from the country might stand with her
, ally in relations with the United
. States.
9 Unofficial reports that a second note
, had been started from the Berlin for.
eign office for Washington furnished
about the only basis of optimism In
official quarters, so far as the subma
rine controversy was concerned. There
was no official intimation that another
ee communication was on the way, but
ed the American reply to the Arabic note
cy prtbably will be delayed until officials
can learn whether to expect anything
M additional from Berlin.
It may be stated, however, that
nothing comes in the nature of a medl
flcation of Germany's explanation,'an
le American note will reach Berlin prob.
ie, ably early next week, which will set
am forth the views of the United States
th, in a brief and unmistakable manner.
lad - -
Peary Offers Services.
Portland.-Robert E. :'eary, who
was retired by act of Congress with
na- the rank of rear admiral, 1tas offered
Ith his services to the Navy Department
ari for any duty he may be called upon
to perform in the developrr.ent of th3
ard program for national defense.
Remove Two More Bodies.
Honolulu.--Two additional bodies
ave were found in the engine-room com
o partment of the hulk of the F-4. The
est condition of the bodies wa:; such that
rtli identification was Impossible.
Pope Benedict Gratified.
Rome. - Pope Benedict expressed
use nis pleasure over the fact that the di
in plomatic negotiations between the
ult United States and Germany had re.
Iby sulted in a promise from G(;ermany to
and modify her submarine warfare.
rin* Rhode Island Judge Killed.
Providence. - Justice William S.
Knowles of the Eighth judicial district,
was assassinated just after he had left
tton his bungalow in North Scituate to
5tcb take a trellev car for Providence

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