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. he alwell aFI atCJan
Loving Cu Present
ed to McClanahan
Loyal Democrats Show Ap
preciation of Sheriff
The loyal Democrats of Colum
bia, Grayson, and Clarks pre
sented Sheriff McClanahan with i
a beautiful and expensive loving
cup at the c.;urt hou:s in Colum
bia on Saturday ni:ht, and one:
of the larg,e: c'r.'ds that has
ever assetabled in Caldwell's
temple of j ost:ee was on hand to
parti:cipate in the presentation.
The presentation was made by
Represent~tivw Sorrels, who in
his usual happy and graceful
manner mn:de a mist feeling and
appropriate addr&'ss, which was
repeatedly interrupted by long
and loud aspplause.
Sheriff M:cClainahan, a natural
forceful and cloqiuent speaker,
was notably effected when he
arose to respond, but soon had
his feelings under apparent con
trol and respt)nded in the morst
able and appireciative manner,
making a short talk but one that
rang true ";nd sincere in its
every word and tOne.
A Really Clean Refrigerator
The. Celebrated
"Rlanney Refrigerator" K
Is a Really Clean refrigerator
The Porcelain lining in the Cabinet style
is moulded of one solid piece of Porce
You use porcelain dishes, washstands, bathtubs and
kitchen utensils---why not a porcelain-lined refriger
Perfect circulation of dry cold air
saves ice bills and food waste
We purchased two solid cars this season, which guar
antees you just the kind and size wanted, and a price lower
than you could possibly obtain elsewhere. This large
purchase enables us to maintain the same prices we have
made for the past four years, notwithstanding the fact,
that all the factories have advanced their prices over 25
per cent.
This is one of the many advan
tages of buying from us.
A solid car of chain and lawn swings just
received. Our No. 1 swing is made of solid oak,
full bolt construction, has best quality souldered
linc! galvaaized chains, very heavy hooks, and is
nicely finished the new brown Fumed finish.
Special this month only $2.70 42 In.
Special this month only $3.15 48 In.
Everything marked in plain figures
132-138 North Second st,
Frei ht paid on all orders over $10.
We Do H~h Class Printing for Particular People--Try Us
T'le cup presented was one of '
i the handsomest ever seen by this
wri er. and was really and truly
a thing of beauty that will be a
joy forever.
Immediately after the pre
sentation, upon the invitations
of Sheriff and Mrs. McClanahan,
the meeting was adjourned to
the Sheriff's home at Riverton i
wh.er :refreshments were servedl
'and the good health, happiness
and prosperity of all were
pledged many times, and all
"w 'nt as merry as a marriage
be!"' until the wee sma hoirs of
mo:rning arrived to speed the
parting guests homeward after
a p:easant evening.
- -I
I have handled Blackman's Medicated
Salt Brick for over a year and find it gives
entire satisfaction. I think it is a sure
remedy for stock when wormy and in a
weak and rundown condition. It loosens
the hide. stimulates and gives an appe
tite. In fact it does all you claim for it.
Samter, 8, C., 1.17.14, B. J, BARNETT.
Two Most Interest
ing Lectures Sunday:
The Life and Habits of thQ
Acadians Told of by
Two interesting and instruc
tive lectnres were delivered here
Sunday by Rev. Ireithaupt, ofl
the Sunday School Mission De- I
partment, upon home missions, I
that were appreciated by large
colngreiations at the Methodist
r The speaker took for his sub
ject the work in South Louisiana
where sLill dwells the Acadian
farmers in the land of Evange
line; where Protestant cnurches
are not, and where many have
never the gospel expounded by
any save the Roman Catholic
Spriests; where the simple tra
ditions and varied superstitions
brought from far-away Nova
Sc ,tia a:e as real as ever among
the simplle, u!leawned but kind,
gentle and generous Acadian
The speaker was well versed i
up,,n his subject, has spent a
long time among the Acadians, '
knows them and their peculiari- I
ties, and knew how to tell of
them, which made his lecture of 
more than passing interest, an '
to those of his auditors wh i
ha eJ& eled o*l " tho
Lafourche, Teche, Terrebone,
Etc., his talk brought back I
thoaghts of pleasant days spent
among the Acadian people.
Smith Butler Opens Up
in Nice, New Quarters
Smith Butler, the popular and
suave tonsorial artist begs leave j
to notify his friends and the
general public that he has open
ed in his new stand where he
will be pleased to see them.
He is making many improve
ments in the shop and will have J
them completed shortly when he
will have one of the best equip
ped shops between Monroe and
Mr. Butler is an artist in his
line and will have associated
with him, Earl HIamilton who is
also a first-class workman.
He is making his shop sanitary
in every respect and asks for
patronage guaranteeing his work
"Charley's Aunt"
Presented at Clarks
But was not Well Attended-
But Play Pleased the
By special request the play
"Charley's Aunt" was present
ed at Clarks Monday night but
owing to the fact that it was not
generally advertised the attend
ance was not very large, though I
those present were highly en
The cast was made up entire
ly of Columbia High School
students, the play having been
, presented here during the cornm
s mencement exercises, when it
received :the absolute approval
land unstinted applause of the
auience and theatre-goers of
Clarks who miss the show are
deci4ed losers.
Prominent Couple Wed
in Bank of Caldwell
IIr. W. I. Redditt and Miss
(tissie Davis were united in
mtairriage on Monday night at 9
o'clock in the lobby oi' the Cold
I well Rank. Rev. Yar,borough
performing the ceremony after
which the happy and popular
cuple departed for Monroe and
otoer points. The Watchman
extends hearty congratulations,
and wishes them all happiness
I and prosperity.
Water-Mellon Time
in Dixie's Land
Of Course We Know when
Due but Preparation
Everybedy is acquainted with
I"Watermillion Time" but least
we forget the Watchman rises
to ask if you are preparing or
its proper celebration. There is
no reason why we should i;ot
have'em for July 4th. Will you?
Mark Twain got our senti
Fnents when he said of the water
ielon: "When one has tasted it,
eknows what the angels eat.
n ot --r Southern water
melon that Eve took; we know
it because she repented."
Will pay highest prices for all
kinds Oak and Red and Black
Cypress ties on the Ouachita
river or Iron Mountain road
;W Columbia, ::::: : Louisiana
Columbia Seniors f
Are Entertained
By Their Friends and Ad- I
mirers and have Royal
Good Times
There is nothing in the world
like being a senior for then the t
very pleasantL-st things in the't
I- w, rld come your way: one con
h tinucus :. und of pleasure, and to
.r be a senior in ('olulmbia is the
ve:'y acme of seniority.
in M.Irs. Ii. C. Blanks opened the c
i, flv of hspitality last week by a
ss en.eriaining tile ,ei;iors at a 6 a
o'clock luncheon, and this enter- \
tairiimet was in keeping with
the splendid and brilliant aifairsd3
d for which Mrs. Blanks is noted.
On 'T hurisday of last week e
"n Mrs. S. P. Walker entertainedi
the seniors and faculty, serving t
de:icious refreshments and an- o
other pleasant eveuing was en
th tered in the seniors al unin;.
st Tuesday after:looa Prof. and
es 1M:s. B. H. Redditt entertained
or th: senior girls and faculty at a
is three-course lu:nceon, and at the
ot close of the third course the
1? young lady graduates were pre
ti- sented with beautiful and appro
er priate souvenirs of the occ.,sion.
it, The seniors of the cambia
Lt. High School may well . that
'r "Life is a song, And w drift
w alor, , After Comm, ment
Da. "
Reception antri ance
for Our New Sheriff
YouiLg Mca of Columbia will
Royally Entcrtain the
New Sheriff
On Tuesday night, June 1:;:i:
the young men of Columbia wvil
tender a reception and dance to
Sheriff McClanahan, andi the
boys J)rop,)se to have a tal,
and genuinely pleasant time !ti,.t
Swill long he remembered b: a!l!.
The Dance will occur in the
court house and vwill be strictly
,a card affair, admission o!btain
able only by cards which will
go forward with invitation next
iusic will be furnished by tKi:.
1Moaroe Band and there will ie
committees on arrangement,
tior, music, reception and gen
eral and it goes without the sa: -
1 ing that the affair will be one of
r the most elaborate ever havin,,
i occurred in Columbia.
ae that 900% of
M IMi 8 them are infested
M UME with worms and the
8 owners never suspect
it until they show
slgns of slekness or
when butchered, clus
l ter of small white
Abdapll ~worms are found
about the kidners and bolls on the livers.
Why not prevent or cure this? DR.
is guaranteed to do that Others have
proven it. George B. Wiemer. of San Jose.
l., wrote us on Oct15. '15 that two of
his customers cred their hogs with our
remedy in six or seven days after several
of the herd had died, and another mer
chant, Mr. W. T. Dodds, of Downs, Ill..
wrote us on Nov. 11. '15, that a number of
his customers had kept their hogs healthy
by the use of our remedy, while other hogs
were dying all around them. Why not try
it It not only rids bogs of worms, but
they take on fat more r s ad when
butchered, their mi am -ea- a, taty
and autritb s iag a r ich and sat
ural flavor t u som- ontly with beIathy,
properly-fed and well eonditthod hos.

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