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Local and Personal
Th candidates for judge are
Sate's Attorney Richie spent
sevral days in town this week.
,ttorney J. C. Harper of
Wnnsboro was here Thursday.
3.ev. Alford has just -closed a
siccessful meeting at Grayson.
If we go to war with Mexico
tie 1st La. will be right there.
Major Burroughs was a Jena
visitor recently.
W. E. Geren visited Alexan
dria yesterday.
If war comes suppose we or
ganize a company here in Cald
If you hear "assembly" come
on and fall in and get a choice
position in the forward rank.
The session of the grand jury
this week brought more than the
usual number of peoplo to. town.
Miss Nada Meredith is home
again after quite an extended
Just received a full line of'
tires, tubes, oil and grease at'
May's Garage. 30.tf
The dance given last night by
the young ladies of the town
was greatly appreciated and en
joyed by all.
Last week we failed to include
the name of Sammie Meredith
among those going to Winns
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Sholars, of
Choreh Point, will be at the
head of the Columbia High
School next term.
Lost-Key ring with one Yale
key, two suit case keys and a
button-hook. Return to this of
fice and receive reward.
For Sale at a Bargain--Splen
did saddle, and 'buggy mare; 7
years old, perfectly gentle, not
afraid of automobiles or trains;
also one light buggy and harness
will sell separately, apply this
office. 29-2t
R al Estate Notice
Do you want to sell your place
your house and lot or timber or
do you want to buy you a home?
Do you want to change places or
do you want to rent? List |your
property with u3, if we don't
sell it you are not out a thing, if
we do sell it you are still not out
anything. We make ours on
price. We have hundreds of
names wanting homes in this
state. List with us if you want
to sell. If you want to change
homes se us before you buy. We
have some nice homes for sale
from 40 acres to over 1000 in a
block. Will you list with us at
once. Rogers Bros., Columbia,
La. 6-17tf
Notice is hereby given that
the next examination for teach
ers will be held , in the High
School building in the town of
Colgmbia for whites July 24, 25
and 26, and for negroes 27, 28
and 29, the same to commence at
9 a. m. each day. Applicants
will be governed accordingly.
J. C. Hines, Supt.
I have handled st
Salt Brick for ovlr "
eaute. matifaction. t Ik.t
um.eldy tot aatokem,_,n wor,, and InC;
mweak and ruted eodi [email protected] It. 1
th bids. ast ita tle and gv, B tPc
t 0b In fact ido, aI p, lm fo nt.
ba..m S. c. 1.~1174 8* * '1BSIL
F. N. Scott and N. A. Wash
burn, of Winnsboro stopped in
Columbia Tuesday evening for
a short while.
The case of the Stute vs Biti
mus Pool which was tried in
Winnfield resulted in an acquit
tal of the gentleman Wednesday
Lieut. Thornhill has suspended
practice in the courts of law and
equity and resorted to the arba
trament of arms, and is now on
duty as a full-fledged soldier,
Radford's Restaurant, oppo
site covrt square is the place to
find just what you want at the
most reasonable prices. They
are specially fitted up for serv
ing ladies who are solicited. 30tf
We have a nice line of fruit
trees, all kinds in Columbia.
Call on Mr. A. P. Stuart and he
will show you the trees. I stand
behind these trees with my
We are indebted to Mr. Kee
nan for a rare curiosity in the
shape of a petrified foot which
was brought up from the river
by a dredge near Riverton. The
shape is complete though very
small and in the instep was
found a brass screw. Anyone
desiring to see it may do so by
calling at the Watchman office.
Following is the announce
ment of the wedding of one of
Columbia's charming, popular
and accomplished belle's: "Mr.
and Mrs. Cornelius P. Carroll
announce the marriage of their
daughter, Ethel, to Mr. Floyd
Wilson Walker on Wednesday,
the twenty-eighth of June, nine
teeu hundred and sixteen. Co
lumbia, Louisiana. At home af
ter July 10, Ansley, La."
Corn for Sale Very Cheap
I have for sale 400 bushels of
good sound ear corn for sale at
65( per barrel in crib on my
place. J. M. Lucas, Riverton,
La. 30.4t
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at
Baton Rouge, La.
June 7th, 1916
(Proof under Act 6-6-12.)
NOTICE is hereby given that Joseph
D. Thompson, of Columbia, Louisiana
who, on Mar. 1st, 1913, made Home;
stead Entry, No, 06260, for
wi of set, nel of swt and swt of ne*
Sec. 15, T 14 North, Range 3 East,
La. Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make Three Year Proof, to es
tablish claim to the land above descri
bed, before Clerk of Court, at Colum
bia, Louisiana, on the 22b day of July
Claimant names as witnesses:
Bpnj. F. McHenry, Columbia, La.
William Campbell, '
Elmo May " "
Jas, D. McLain "
E. D. Gianelloni,
Published in "Caldwell Watchman"
Columbia, La.
Mammoth Jack
Notice is hereby given to the gen
eral bublic that in the future I will
stand my famous thoroughbred Mam
moth Jack one mile west of Holum at
and under the following terms. First
payment of $: to be made at service,
the remaining $8 payable when mare
proves in foal, either in cash or by a
E. W. Braddock, :: Holum, La.
Public notice is hereby given
that proposals for the custody of
the parish funds for the two
years begginning July 1, 1916
and ending June 30th, 1918 in
accordance with Act 816 of 1.910
and Act 205 of 1912, will bel re
ceived up to noon July 3, 1716.
All bids for such funds will be
opened at noon by the police jury
in session on said day.
J, A. Warner, Pres. P. J.
J. B. Thornhill, Clerk P. J.
Suggestions for Making Our Town a Better Home
Town-Chairman of National Bureau
Says Start Now and Keep It Up
the Year 'Round.
SINCE Hercules diverted the river
to renovate the Augean stables
"Clean Up" has had its place in
the world's vernacular. With Spring
the desire to refurbish comes sub
consciously into the hearts of men
and women, and communities. But
without direction and sustained effort
the expression of that desire, in the
form of the ordinary "Clean Up Day"
or "Week," is apt to result in a super
ficial sally against filth.
Years ago Allen W. Clark, a St. Louis
editor, made up his mind that this
natural "Clean Up" instinct could be
turned to account, that it could be
developed into a real campaign work
ing toward definite ideals and accom
plishing permanent results. And so,
in May 1912, Mr. Clark founded the
National "Clean Up and Paint Up"
Campaign Bureau, with headquarters
in St. Louis. He hoped that a thor
ough-going movement, national in its
scope and practical in its principles,
might take the place of the "annual
bath" idea as expressed in the old-time
"clean up day" or "week."
A National Civio Movement.
For four years the scope of the Na
tional Bureau's service has rapidly ex
tended until this year it is co-operat
ing with more than 6,000 local com
munities in the organization and di
rection of real "Clean Up and Paint
Up" campaigns, not "days," or
"weeks." Continuous campaigns for
homes and hometowns beautiful, sani
tary and sate, conducted by permanent
committees, and involving the co-op
eration of city and town officials, club
women, commercial organzsations, the
children, fire prevention interests, all
business men and property owners,
is the goal aimed at by all of the
National Bureau's propaganda.
Mr. Clark declares that the bane of
any community is the citizen who
lacks even a semblance of interest in
the community, and that, strange U
it may seem in a democracy, absence
of this interest seems to be pretty gen
erally prevalent in the average Ameri
can community. Such a citizen would
have "The Town" or "The City," what
ever those names may signify when
the body of citisens is elimiated,
keep the streets and alleys clean, pr'
serve the public and individual health,
eliminate nuisances, make everything
in town spick and span and satisfao
tory-while the citizen sits back and
looks on.
The real "Clean Up and Paint Up"
campaign, organized on the plans of
the National Bureau, gives everyone
something definite to do to help make
their hometown beautiful, sanitary
and safe. And the campaign's edu
cational influence should work stead
ily the year 'round and year after
year, automatically eliminating many
nuisances caused formerly by careless
ness or thoughtlessness of property
owners and tenants.
A Suggestion for Our Town.
The methods for accomplishing all
of this suggested by the National Bu
reau are well illustrated by a brief de
scription of the local campaign or
*anization in St. Louis. With various
adaptations this St. Louis plan has
been found practicable in any city, no
matter how large or small.
The entire campaign is under the
direction of the Continuous St. Louis
"Clean Up and Paint Up" Campaign
Committee, of which Charles M. Tal
bert, director of streets and sewers,
is chairman. On this committee are
various civic and business leaders, in
cluding the leading club women of the
Each member of the general com
mittee is chairman of a subcommittee
responsible for some definite depart
ment of the campaign's activity. The
Director of Streets and Sewers is
chairman of the committee on "Refuse
Clean-up," the chief of the Fire De
partment is chairman of the commit
tee on fire prevention and the head
of the Health Department is chair
man of the committee on housing re
A partial list of these campaign
committees, with notation of some of
the objects of each follows:
Committees for the Work.
Street Department - Household
waste, permanent plan, improvement
of districts which will be center of
interest in coming National Demo
cratic Convention, smooth paving,
signs on public buildings, rubbish
Landscape Gardening-Ordinances,
campaign among property owners,
yard planting campaign among chil
Fire Prevention-Clean up rubbish,
roofs, condemn shacks that are fire
risks. .
Housing-Insanitary yards, privies,
tenements, lodging houses, garbage re
Vacant Lots-Reported by Boy
Scouts, flower and vegetable gardens
by school children and Real Estate
Exchange, weed cutting, bird boxes.
Flower Boxes-In congested dis
tricts, downtown and opposite Union
Unsightly Advertising-Posters on
buildings, "For Rent" signs, ordi
Appearances of Buildings--Vacant
4igs, painting, lighting of promi
nent corners.
Street Drinking Fountains--General
and on downtown corners.
Smoke Abatement.
Publicity-Billboards, posters, street
cars, circulars for children, buttons,
newspapers, moving pictures.
Speakers-On general subject, also
on special phases of campaign.
District Organisation-Report nui
sances, see property owners and urge
to clean up and paint up and plant
School Children-Distribution of
printed matter, school gardens.
Police-Report nuisances, distribute
directions for rubbish collections, re
quest co-operation of residents.
The chairmen of these various com
mittees should be the city or town
officials or civic leaders who are most
interested in the work to be done by
the committee.
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior, U.
S. Land Office at bBaton Rouge,
La., June 10th, 1916.
Proof undar law which entry
was made.
Notice is hereby given that
Levi Day of Oolumbia, La, who
on Oct. 11, 1910 made H. E. No.
08216 for se qr of sw qr Sec 13
and ne qr of nw qr and w hf of'
nwqrSec24.Tp12N, R 4 E,1
La. Meridian, has filed notice of
intention to make five year proof
to establish claim to the land
above described before clerk of'
the court at Columbia, La., on
the 26th daA of July 1916.
Claimant names as witnesses;
Thos. McKee of Columbia, , La.
Robert Crick " "
William L Mayes " "
HIouston Mayes " "
E. D. Gianelloni, Register
Pub in Caldwell Watchman, [Co
lumbia, La.
I will pay 35e for 1st class white
oak, post oak, cow oak, overcup
red heart gum and heart cypress
6" x 8" x 8' cross ties; 10c for
second class; 25c for 1st class
red oak varieties, 6c for second
class; on right of way of the
Iron Mountain on grade. Regu
lar inspections, reasonable ad.
vances. J. H. Cordill, Contrac
tor, El Dorado,IArk. 7-1-6m
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior, U.
S. Land Office at Baton
Rouge, La. June 15th 1916.
Proof under act 66-12
Notice is hereby given that
Oliver K. Haddox of Vixen, La.
who on April 14, 1913 made H.
E. second under Act 3-2-1711,
No. 06361 for ne qr of ne qr,
Sec 24, Tp 14 N, R 2 E, La Mer
idian has filed notice of intention
to make three ytar proof to es
tablish claim to the land above
described, before clerk of court
at Columbia, La., on the 29th
day of July 1916.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Nath. S Presnall, of Vixen, La.
Jas. D Fisher "
Alva C Banks of Mt. Pleasant"
Wm. W, Mann " " "
E. D. Gianelloni, Register
Pub in Caldwell Watchman, .Co
lumbia, La.
Error in Dates Given in
School Board Proceedings
Special attention is called to
an error of dates appearing in
the School Board Procoedings on
another page. All dates of the
elections, etc., contained therein
should be advanced one week.
These dates will all be correct
ed next week but ;fearing some
one might be mislead we call
the matter to their special at
tention in this issue.
ýýýrr vYr ra r. PI .ýyI wý.ý ý_
Helps With the Lessons
At night when the children gather around
the sitting-room table studying their lessons for
the next day, the telephone often rings. A little
neighbor a mile down the road wants help from
his school-mates. Children as well as grown-ups
get pleasure and profit from the farm telephone.
o you know how little this servic costs and how
valuable it is ?
See the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or
write for our free booklet. A postal will do.
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Company
Fire, Tornado, Rent, Liability, Accident,
Health, Burglary, Steam Boiler, Plate Glass
We Write Automobile Insurance
FIRE-From any cause whatsoever. THIEVES-and
the bepredation they may commit uder certain con
ditions. COWSIONS-and the repair bills of same
We also insure farm property, against loss
by tire, such as Dwellings, Barns, Feed
stuffs, Vehicles, Horses,' Fences, Garages,
We represent the largest insurance compa
nies. They pay losses without discount.
There is none so good, and the best is what
you want. Write today for full particulars.
We will call at your place of business or
residence for a personal interview : :
Brown Buildin Colmbia Louisian
P. 0. Box13
Notice For Publication
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at
Baton Rouge, La.
(Proof under Act-6-6-12)
May 23, 1916,
NOTICE is hereby given that Jodie
W. Meredith of Columbia, La., who
on May 13th, 1913, made adjoining
farm Homestead Entry No. 06416 for
SW} of NE}
Section 17, Township 13 North,
Range 3 East, Louisiana Meridian, has
filed notice of intention to make Three
Year Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Clerk of
Court, at Columbia, Louisiana, on the
12th day of July, 1916
Claimant names as witnesses:
Willie C Heater, of Grayson, La.;
William L Rogers of Grayson, La.;
George W Martin of Mt. Pleasant, La
Benjamin A Wiles of Grayson, La.
E. D. Glanelloni
Pub. in Caldwell Watchman, Columbia
T;respass Notice
The public are hereby notified
not to trespass in any manner
whatever upcn my property de
scribed as follows, n half of sw
quarter, nw quarter of se quartr
and all of the ne quarter of se
quarter, Sec. 12, Tp. 12, N R 3
E, containing about 125 acres
and commonly known as the
Sizemore tract, as the same is
now posted.
J. C. Pierce
Grayson, La., 5-17-16. 24-6t
For Sale or Trade
House and 40 acres of land in
Winn Parish, 6 acres opened.
Will sell at a bargain or trade
for a car. For particulars call,
or write the Watchman. 24.tf

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