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The CaIdwell Watchman
VOL. 30. , SEPTI ,
:io.L FRIDAY, I ' I(2, l
Cave-in Reported By W. J. Moget,
State Engineer, in Charge of 1=on
chaitrain Levee District-Siough
ing Several Hundrcd Yards Long.
A, graveyard will hay Io -acri
fitjedi to the (ncruacini. 1iIt f>r th
.:issippi river at St. to bri.I t pr(,%
the living from .ts tnodi wat trs. A -
rious cave-in of the baniik of th,. rijt
at this point has n("ee1r. 1"d at n0( wl
levee and the ceunethrv. imnimdiateiy
behind the levee, must be left outstoe
of the protection of tlih new embank- I
The State Board of Engineers hesi
tated about abandoning the present
levee line because of the location or
the graveyard. But the cave-in is of
such serious proportions thlat tlhe
board has decided a new levee is iu
perative. The sloughing is said to be
several hundred feet long and extends
to the foot of the levee.
The cave-in was reported by W. J.
Monget, state engineer in charge of
the Pontchartrain levee district. Mr.
Monget also reports a serious cave-in
at lope estate, three miles south ,r
Baton Rouge, dnd at Sharpe, in St. a
Cbathls p'arish.- The engineer said ii
caving of the baiks has started at r
prydtically every bend in the river, v
If litcontilnues we are going to
hW Al ;ian-sized job on our hands,"
Mr. Hnget said.
--VYr a em ers o General Leroy of
Stafford Camit, V. C. V., voted to re- hi
turn to Mrs. Clara Kinney of New Or- hl
leans, widow of Captain William Kin- t,
ney, who commanded the Shrevepor! tI1
company of the Third Louisiana in- it
fantry, during the Civil war, the reli- tii
ment's battle flag which has been in t<
the camlfs possession many years. In b
making the recuest that the flag be re- n
turned to her. Mra. Kiinnie stated th;l o
it was to be put vwith of her relics 'f e
Louisiana's part in the Civil war in
Memorial Hall in New Orleans, .
The city of Shreveport. through the a
mayor and (ity cof!fmi(ssioners, offered n
the Shlvepai t Waiterworks Comrn
pany $7i,0.000 for its plant.t as it stands,
and $50,000 ad;dilional if delivery is
made within ninety days. 11. Hobart
Porter, president of the American Wa- C
terworht; and Electric ('ompany, own
er of the stock of the Shrevepo-t '!
Company, agreed to submit this offer f
to the bondholders and to give the
city their ansyer at the earliest pos
sible moment.
Extensive preparations are Deing f
made for the second annual fani
which wrlhl be held at Opelousas on
O6atober, 6r7's nd 8. A large number
of additional sheds and buildifigs have '
been constructed to care for an an
tielpated increase in exhibits. The
fair held last year, the first, attemot,
was very successful. Dr. it. M. Lit
tell, president, predicts that the 1916
show will be on a much larger scale.
A paper manufacturing company or- I
ganised by officials and stockholders ,
of the Great Southern Lumber Comr n
pany, Bogalusa, filed its charter with
the.clerk of court In Franklinton. The
company has an authorized capital of
$1,000,000, with $500,000 already sub- I
John U. Vining of Amite City, who
has held the secretaryship of the Tan
gipahoa parish police jury for the past
two years or more, is a candidate for
custodian of the state house. The p- I
sition is now held by Col. T: J. But
ler of rontchatoula, a Hall appointee. I
'jd. ) IeNeely of Colfax has on cx
hibitlon -in his office three pumpkins
which measure fifty-five inches in clr- 1
cumferefnce. The pumpkins are a fair
average of four wagon'otids selected
from a big crop, fron' which the send
will be saved for hinxtlyear~' planting.
Rev. Sam Small, famous evangelist
and prohibition lecturer, will visit
Donaldsonvtlle &nd, will address a
oUblic m9etign 1in the courthouse. i e
will ipeak .at Houlna and at Napoleon
Romel Nigh School is threatened
'$lth temp6'aF'~uspension on account
U a lack of tr~uffl~ieIt funds to main
I.tither ll l. lw arhapint , hator +'r ho
f o repres\ni(M# . P'airbanks. Tha.
hb ~;;:.1 now in ?the f han -ds of a recelivr , i
':P S epv!:i r. bttit !'it. n.P.
r t .in I ad ih- and ,, I \tars
VMr. byM-Iairbanks s rtrsn ted b
ii tlla r ( tiiip n ' M. ; I+" it field (lf'
1 'i( the lotsgie of 1 lielf 1(r" of iiti'iaI pir
arney Herrce iii tod pero i k. nf
Farhmer Cithe prIlrtv atllsiysiand Oliv'.
Lhen th ca,11 v as ca'lledI. for tr~ial' d
nd Ril.'!Or. 1andI~le of lMonroe. r ~r
W the istrict cof rtyAt ofrneyr1. th:
il f+sIeld4 wasd ap Ite uinrato ad hoii
a it r resddent r i. ,tirhan . T hro er
"! b anin ank thouha n so rittlecev . .. t
:1:. fa id to empiloy !{c a.Itto n .1 '.
was represented by o 11donide)1d Potei
p lerntein and Shoadfrit.eLuiln
SMr.e Fair banks irep hresenodb
torf nteys ricknitsin ad lsowIri 111
armri( Ct.llas, Mr. Satpbs an rnd Ol
i 'iet the aisc wrycuofuale nr trhiel
ldthe DintrictueCtour and rosrne(t at.
I oi fsield lan valouetei thator vin to
t toepresen Mr. Fairbankstuted li oThet
re prsenth, now cndtre ha oma dcivery
Ta reesented bu Hdns are aou. thts,
pittedl adaiready fhor the Lotuisanao
Sa Farnsteoi e ld at Shrevepot a
th fiersthn 'wert ainn oyte idut
o entraiesbnkits insereseo an be
brick teelt and concrete peswine brunC
hAsbeene buitrat a nd ct of1i00c0. To
dtaecro is a.riculurall o hfhi More
the atgle isclhoa hsry bee gloode n tr
teodeln Dair.tioon a rocthe order a
oilfeld laomnd values ineo that vicnit
todve auddnt hio s shall diroy per
I he operted autia smalswl cost Thed
t m dairywill thown the littale oft
o fi cntrution and wnequpen.n
e present vhimors Do i onter ed ca ber
tnauh howrsto, chiprove thei ethe od.
Tmhee sne barldins hae bour chuonre
ring rLater and perfcts hat the ison
from eertqiyin seaition ofoth Unted
States prom tibe ohel ate ohr hevrec
t hel firt "wee Sn U.Ooviber- 3lnd- 4Qro
or bre kIng liv stock shows atew ti
S .tion s ateeadle soltbe hwine wld
ta daiydrinehefi of isarcluall claibies a
r fine coante andidat. e will sowine
tP residentopaed at a d s , cosf. LTis
mdlanglanivrsity schorman ofthel cost
mit con selction ofd Rhodpent scoan
The Pswirie barns hanve fourandre
anf eLtousiana, an onces with ther
in wat er. andherfebth santtary con-er
di niex qualiyin ion of the ionafr t re
frscho larsi fomdtis sate nit be
rhel ates L.0s. Otorber of and 4. rom
aongreaiosge hpavestcs thoe beain
t fion i suceSflaly t l be Terwl
eachoose on e ca irn Wo wilalsgo n
tion rsidenced abot Oxfrd Universiy,
lo Enland notobvler, 1917. o $0
The Pairite farthrsm Lands Company
haser ntrm intoreatcontrc wit,00 tho
Payne InvShestenot Compnry, of ma
r haNeb.,whrebtte agiptrl asatteioncernd
otrac ofrlaniatio.amedaey souathd ,i
d Lake dy-ats Te firgrnst crwds deof e.
ebrak farmersh bouight o her byme the
no Pyne Compny lneft after purhasbing
tinur than 600u acre of0 land.ws e
0 fipled by tE St. Smathy anktand rus
e lwhiaolovll-ea.ol TElno sum of$1,
000andthen furthe Lesumlof wspe cent
per annu sainterstv ond $4000 from
Janutarty 15,l 1913 are Inovd.shreo
dtheshotefi groundis, h wattmdestroyle
by fire. aoThe rinmomter aestriking
.w.y'w "s''": 'Vii yý:.:.;v'vw 'i 4:.i'v: i~w..µ...:Sy!" v :"t' ,.
National Child Labor committee. At thtleft of the picture is Dr. A. 1. McKelway, Southern secretary of the child
labor committee; next to him Mrs. COBtance Leupp Todd of the National Onsumners league: reading to the right
Miss Helen L. Sumner and Miss JullsC. Lathrop, assistant chief and chief, respectively, of the children's bureau of
the department of labor. At the rift of the picture (with gray head) is S 'eretary of Labor Wilson and next to
him. directly behind the president. R~erelentative Keating of Colorado. author of the bill.
WWashington.-Violation of Amert
can neutrality by a British torpedo
boat, which held up and examined the
Philippine steamer Cebu within the
territorial waters of thie Philippines
was reported to the War Department
by Gov.-Gen. Harrison. The dispatch
the subject of a vigorous protest t c
Great Britain.
The incident occurred one mile and
a half off ('arabao Island. According C
to the report of the steamer's master,
Lieut. Bailes, commnanding H. M. S.
destroyer No. 2, boarded the Cebu, ii
made inquries about her passengers
and took both the ship's manifest and a
her passenger list. Apparently the p
of!icer was searching for a man named 0
Ihady, who was not found.
On releasing the Cebu. the lieuten- a
ant made thi; note on her log: V
"Boarded at 3:30 a. mi., 9-11-16, ex
amined and;l passed."
There has been more than one com
plaint about the activity of the Brit
ish vessels around the Philippines,
and while Gov.-Gen. IHarrison's report
furnishes the basis for a specific pro
test, it is probable that Great Britain
will be called upon to restrict the
operations of her patrolling squadron
generally in and near the territorial
waters of the islands.
In order that there might be no
mistake about where the Cebu was at
the time she was held up, her exact
position was given by the master as
"Latitude 14 degrees, 16 minutes;
longitude 120 degrees, 35 minutes, or
one and a half miles from Carabao Is
Carranza's Control.t
New London, Conn.-The American
Mexican joint commission devoted it
self to determining the xtent of the
control in Mexico of the Carranza gov- r
ernment. It is said that upon the
showing made by the Carranza gov
ernment depends the possibility that
the Washington government will re
voke its warning to Americans to r
stay out of Mexico and encourage
their return to their properties there.
Evangelist is Beaten. t
Fort Worth, Tex.-Evangelist Ham
of the Ham-Ramsey Revivalist team
was knocked down several tit s zu a
local hotel by a man who had taken
offense at statements Ham is said to
have made about a member of his
family in- a sermon her. The evalngd-
list created a sensation when he en-j
tered the tabernacle where the re
vival is being held and announced
that a gang had beaten hint up.
Orde _d From Panama.
Pantrma.-T'he Panama government
gas ordered P. Priam, said to be 't
ni aish Ilian a revoutionary propa
zandist. to leave I lie country. Ie re
used to go, nod has engaged lawyers
a tight 11w case. The British minis
1916 Text-Book Issued.
New York.-The Democratic text
book for 1916, issucd here by the Demn
Jcratic National Congressional Com
mittees, contains 484 olages. Its sio
gan is "Peace With Honor, Prepared
ness, Prosperity."
dlon.-Additional gains along a
more tihan a mile and a half
were scored by the British in
ng their offensive north of the
-ue trench,' Utoront-ee
to was taken and further territory
orr thousand-yard front near Cour
celte was captured.
A Moquet farm the BIritish finally
too the fortifications, for which te; c
opising armies have been contend
ing for weeks. Quantities of war
mnIattial and nunmerous additio:nalI
prilers were captured. The text
of t. statement follows:
"Suth of the Ancre our troops
ach'ved further successes. in tHi.
vicity of Courcelette, we extended
ouitains on a front of about 1,000))
1 the neighborhood of Thiepval
brained a considerable success
b apturing the hostile fortification
'n as the Danube trench on a va
of about one mile. Here the
e iy abandoned considerable rifles
quipmnent. We also captured the
gly defended work at Moquet
Spossession of which had been frc
contested for some weeks past. re'
.-le number of prisoner is In- ,
CPing. ed,
Snumber of successful minor en- till
t*uses ewre also carried out by us
4lifght on our parts of the Briti:sh .
-. hay
Birth Control Favored. car
T1b4ines. Iowa.-Representative plo
oines physicians and heads of Vat
$institutions under the jurisd!c
tIiof the State Board of Control fi
W oin record as in favor of birth bro
col at a meeting held here. It wa.
wfeclared that the practice would aer
rt In less crimes, disease, social
And other evils.
Carriers Get Increase. has
shingtorn.-Salary increases for of I
ricarries provided in the last post- blei
olbill will be applied to the fiscal tire
Ylof 1915. "Postmaster General ribs
Bson secured authorization from floa
tbmptroller b.-the treasury to use resi
tiexpen ed :14mnce of the 1915 woo
tritQfi'ae 1hq.k Pay to carriers.
Aransas County is Dry. DI
)us Christi, Tex.-Aransas latic
et, Texas, moved into the proht- dire
bicolumn, the "drys" winning ai ranl
S1 option election by a majority Ame
Olvotes. The county four years Phil
Sted prohibition, but for the past high
tars it has been- wet. tile
:'Ferdinand .o the Front.
s n.-King Ferdinand of 1tul- Ot
ays an official statement, "na- Brid
!ed by the crown prinic and sibili
f of the Bu!garian cabinet, ha brii
at mahin headquarters oR tha l
front to confer with the Cer- Ithe ':
S 1perot ." -
treet Car Was Speeding. De1
~Worth, Tcx.-The police cam- and
gainst speeding extended to capcd
ars and a motorman on Flemp- Sal;'a'
was fined $25 for fast drni. Abou
ing U
I.midoin. -liritish troops fighting in
MIacedonia have captured a salient in
Sthe Iu!larian lines north of Mucuko
hall yo, says the otticial commuuication is
halt isuted by the British War Office. The
Sthe British ga.ns were maintained against
the counter-attacks. Some Germans were
"itory A wireless dtlspatch from Rome says
Cour- tha at the general council of the cen
tral powers, at the headquarters of
nalty the German emperor, an offensive
I tlt, campaign in the Balkans was mapped
tend- out and that Germany will send 200,
(i6O men and Austria 100,000 for this
pa urpose.
ext 'Th' British have made further
text progreos on the Somme front north
of Girnch'y, it was announced officially.
__ "'fho general situation is uncliang
d ed," says the statement.
"South of the Ancre there were the e
usual artillery bombardments on both r
pval sides, hostile artillery being particular-n
l iy active in the neighborhood of the
tio P I'ozieres windmill and south of Thiep
ion val. Some further progress has b en
the iade by us north of Ginchy. e
he "In the neighborhood of Souchez f
the we carried out a successful raid, tak- t(
ing some prisoners." e'
met The British official communication bý
e from general headquarters issued m
ast. reads:
"The general situation is unchang
en ed. South of the Ancre reciprocal ar
tillery bombardments continue. Im
us "On the .ront, between Arras and i th
i Ypres, artillery and trench mortars sh
have been active. The enemy fired a Ut
camouffet near Mount Sorrel and ex- Y
ivy ploded a mine near Neuville St. vie
of Vaast. re
lc- "There was considerable aerial pa
rol fignting. Two hostile machines were Sul
rth brought down in flames and another
t was driven to the ground. One of our
,id aeroplanes is missing." I
ial wa
Concrete Ship Is Built. Co
Christiania.-A new type of ship cas
has arrived here from the shipyards bri
!or of Christianiaiford. The ship resem- gin
st- bles a huge barge, is constructed en. the
at tirely of concrete, except for steel tlg
al ribs. It is the first stone vessel ever alit
mn floated. It is said that the hull will and
so resist damage better than steel or
15 wood.
Detroit Now Fifth City, stor
Detroit, Mich.-Detroit hac a po ,u- bor
is lation of 820,778, according to the city mat
it- directory estimate. The directory ratl
A ranks Detroit as the fifth largest Sect
v American city. New York, Chicago, ceiv
s Philadelphia and St. Louis are given ferrt
t higher ranking. )Detroft was ninth in com
the population list of 1910. be
Will Build New Span.
- Ottawa, Ont.-The St. Lawrence 01
Bridge Company has accepted r.spon. Fair
1 sibility for the tall of the Quebec tial
rbidcg' epan and gave notice that It Indit
;n ill r;place the- span and complete audi
I the V 'idge as soon as possible. com'
Four "Army" Guests Die. pie I
Detroit. Mich -Fiv' mnen are dead
and a score of others narrowly es
I caped frcmn a fire whech swept the At
-Salvation Army leduoMIiz buildfuq. Itshe
* About 75 perzons were in the bufid- nos
Ileg when the fire was discovered. StatE
SFrom the Number of the Dead and
Wounded Picked Up By Pur;u!ng
Forces It Is Estimated Losses Pro
bably Were About 250.
I. Paso., T.S 'I'\o coluwies ut
overn' tie! rava:lr, buler I n. Ma
as Itatis ild Col. JoMa 1arriro. are
pur ,uiuig killa arid his rsain band.
Which madle' thei Hidalgo day attack
ion ('hihuahuil Pity, into the rugged
Santa Clara (anyon district to the
northeast, according to reports to
the (Gen. Flrancisco Golnzales, coiiuinand
i ;sit in .Juarez.
ht, The bandits are well mounted and
ot f apparently were leading the de facto
to forces over the jagged rocks, ruinous
to the feet of horses, into the can
Syon. Persons familiar with the coun
try pointed out that should Villa
reach one of his lairs in the district
the government troops may have the
Nr greatest difficulty in finding same.
L All reports indicate that Villa's
force numbered approximately 1,500
and was opposed by the garrison of
I OF about 7,000. The Villa casualties also
=f. are said to be considerably larger
than first indicated. From the num
Sber of dead and wounded picked up
by the pursuing forces it was esti
S mated the losses probably were about
at in 250.
cuko Villa himself directed the attack.
c lis- according to the dispatches, but did
Tne -not enter the town, remaining across
ainsthe the Rio Churiscar. to the northwest.
ainweret with a few hundred of his reorganized
were "gold ones:'." When his followers had
a'fallen baci. to this point, it is assert
cen- ed, he directed the retreat.
rs of, A detachment of 20 Villa cavalr*.
nsive men engaged ('arranza infantrymen
pped on the second floor of the state
00,palace, according to additional de
this tails of the attack by ('iihiuahua City,
received here by Andreas Garcia.
ter Mexican consul. T'he bandits rode
orte their horses up the stone step; to the
ally. second floor in pursuit of the go-vern
aily ment guard, which fell back before
a them. De facto marksmen picked of
tiie six of the mounted bandits as they
both rode into one of the rioomnt, the re
ilar- mainder making their escape.
the The consular dispatches added that
Jose Inez Salazar, one of the most
ae notorious of the Mexiern bandit lead
n ers, was killed in tihe engagement,
lrez following his liberation from the p'nI
ak- tentiary. Salazar, contrary to
earlier reports, is now said to have
ion been killed fighting with the govern
.e' ment troops, his former jailers.
ng. Allow Relief Ships.
ar- Washrngton.-The Turkish govern
I ment in a communication received at
nd i the State Department consents to
ars shipment of relief supplies from the
I a United States to famine sufferers in
ex- Syria. The action reverses the ps.
St. vious attitude of Turkish officials vho
refused <wo urgent pleas by the db
lal I partment for the privilege to make
re such shipments.
er -- ------
ur 3,375,000 German Loss.
London.--German casualties in the
war during August, according to a
compliation here from the German
ID casualty list, totaled 240,90.9. This
b8 brings the German total since the be.
n- ginning of the war, as compiled from
n. the same sources, to 3,375,000. These
el figures include all the German nation
at alities, but do not include the naval
i1 and colonial casualties.
Honor Futston's Order.
Washington.-Major General Leun'
ston's request for the return to the
u- border:, probably for trial by conrt
y martial, of Captains Laas and Was
y rath, quartermasters of the First ahd
It Second Illinois regiments, was re
), ceived at the War IDepartment and re
n ferred to the ('central i'~partment
n commander with instructions that I*
be complied with.
Fairbanks is Stricken.
a Oklahoma (ity, Okli.--'Ihar' /
Fairb:enks, Republican vice
atil canlidate, suffered an
Indigestion while ndiresy /
audience at the auditopIj/
compflled o qui; sp5eY ,
Utr0 and durIng the -
pie left the buildi
New G
Ilshes the
nos as Gr

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