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tion a
- ii,ear
A. I. IMORGAN. Editor. South
•F V5l*F X. TURNER. 1:d14
* PbUbthei and Proprietor. I
p - -- lishe
tUBSCILIPTION : - 00 : PE YEARI. desigi
Saturday, - - A i Zt t;. 1892. 1M
The outlook at the Carnegie works i expe
is still quite thratenin. well
Tle IlIo:estea.l trullh. have negr~
a-,lready c-.t ovr a million d:Ulars. cities
T'he couIiderationi ,oi the anti-most
opti:n ,il la, be'en' ptospo.led until wahot
_ee .er. [ope
The recent elections in France manay
show a gain of ti) Iepu,licanus over from
the Conservatives. doing
The cholera has entered the Ger- m r.rit
man Empire, and is imaking sad gathe
havoc among the germans. g caun
There were' 1081 deaths in New go b:
York last week, of which number, sibly
771, were in tenement houses. obsei
- the I
The menacing movements of ecpi- the 1
tal invites physical resistance in the drift
. most available and effective forms. Nort
Alice Mitehel, who murdered
Freda Ward at Memphis, has been bers
declared insane and has klen sent to ore
r; the asylum. and
alegislation for Lou- agri
amounts to nix. It was legis- a sti
lattlug for the Pelican State with the horn
pelican left out. sort
S_ i--_
The Citizen's Savings Bank is the were
name of a new corporation that will men
soon be organized in Vicksburg, with men
a capital of $50,000. and
summeasumes---- -
The City of Paris, Inman line, like
crossed over from Eagland to New witl
York in.5: "Jays, 15 hours and 58 min- met
utes. Almost like ferrying the Atlan- tow
tic. con
Se. es
Governor Jones, the regular Dem- I
_ ocrttic nominee was triumphantly gre
elected Governor of Alabama on alr(
Monday last His majority will go and
over 40,000. far
s-- ill
Mr. Carnegie prefers staying in tee
his old world home until the trouble poi
-blowIoaer. He has not as yetgiven ine
any indication of returning to the
United States at an early day. sat
Leader Balfour's return to Parlia- de
meot for thi east division of Man- en
dtlester, will be- contested on the bo
ground that fraud was resorted to in is
the last election. If Balfour is un- ol
seated the Conservatives will be bad- th:
ly whipped. be
A committee has been appointed,
and for several days past, has been
ensagid In enquiring into Congress- .
ioal! d~hi~ eness. The charges were th
made by Congressman Watson in at
book he published. m
Ibhe'largest cotton seed mill in the PI
world is being built a little East of di
Sherman, Texas. It will use up 432 '
tons o~ cotton seed in 24 hours, r
which means the quantity grown L
with 800 bales of cottoa, .
L-- o
The Relpublican programme'in the ti
Southern States during the present
eampaign ts to give all the aid and a
eomftn t possible to the People's par- i
ey, they hwving no hope of being able a
to break upthe-solil South in any 1
other way..
The Gaines judgment against the
city of New Orleans amounted to
$923,788. Of this large amount
more than two-thirds was- absorbed
by lawyers fees and costs, to-wit:
$658000. The suit has bece pend
aing since 1834.
Tiherae must be a confiurmed fellow 1
feeling between the Aliance people
and the Republicans. The Alliance
folks treat the latter with marked
i -bimdnesr , while they continuously
dusomnee the Demeerts. Candi
dato Qmaby should not allow such
- -
Duarig the 14 hours ending at
S o do on Moay' lautin the city of
New York there were 268 deaths, the
.heaviest mortality for one day, in
twenty yearsu during the week up to
*Se above date 1454 human beings
obd.L -A terrible death rate, and
mstly attrihbutable to the extreme
Wh , thu dake ot Devoneie
 alms tle queer est week her aj
.7'11 rj~# hqeu Ills~t
at (~H16PI D hutm
TION OF TIME. people
The tangling up of the race ques- by
tiont and making of it a veritable bag- the
biear to worry the people of the tors wi
Southern States and excite the mor- All th
oid.ympathy of those living North- for yes
ward, has been 4ifectually accom- ly alon
'lished by inexpsrienee i writers and workin
designing politicians for party par- The:
pos1c. of clos
Mhiany writers have given their im- have d
pressioin of the black people and have
their views of the race situation from ti o ne
experience in crowded cities. It is of ctor
well known that while some good factorlle
negroes go to live in the towns and aolley
cities, the most of them are of the shout tl
most worthless character of negroes aSit a
who have deserted from the farms,
plantations and cotton fields with the Me'
hope of living without labor, and toll f:
many of them in order to escape failed
from the penalties of their wrong Col
doing. A crowded city is not the frol
place to judge of the merits or de- from
merits of the colored people; the pourte
gatherings there as they now exist harm<
cannot possibly be a fair criterion to harmy
go by. No true conclusion can po ry is
sibly be arrived at, besides the city Thi
observer is bound to do injustice to by M
the black man, judging of him by which
the heterogenous masses that have i nmpol
e drifted to the big cities, South, vallel
North and West. gress
While there are to-day large num- say.
n hers of ingenious and competent col- broni
ored people following mechanical
and other useful pursuits, the natural
tendency of the masses is towards Wi
i agriculture and rural life. In such ocrac
- a state of being they feel most at sions
1e home; it has decended to them as a Seve
sort of heritage from the days of the t;,is ,
past, and has become to them as it ces 5s
we ere, their natural cdling and ele- t1101on
11 ment; and indeed only in this cle- w
mh ent can their characters be fairly mrisf'
and justly estimated, and anything the (1
like an intelligent judgment formed ued;,
w with regard to their future develop- seutn
n- ment and the relation they will bear Zeal
n- towards the white people they may shom
come in contact with in their busi- ever
ness pursuits in the years to come. A
- Now to arrive at this we must to a tetrn
In ii
ay great extent be guided by what has in gr
©n already transpired in this connection well
go and what the black people have thus itat
V asp
far done for themselves in our own and
immediate neighborhood in the very tend
in teeth of many difficulties and much re-e
ale poisonous advice injected into their and
'en inexperienced minds. the
he The history of the carpet-bag cru
sade in this section with its attend
ant political persua:lings, and the shi'
ia- devilish work that was then done to bcc,
an- embitter the black man just out of icot
the bondage against the white residents, thu
'in is familiar to the minds of all the
nn- older citizens. It was but natural '1
ad- that a lengthl of time should elapse wa
before the prejudice produced in the brui
minds of the negroes by pestiferious Ali
, radical renegades should be irradica- we
een ted and pass away, so they cowld in- mu
ere telligently look aruond, think for
Sthemselves and find out their capaci- is
ty, station and location in the econo- Pa
my of human hlife. Much time has
the past, and the finding out process is C
of developing with increasing rapidity 'n
432 year after year. In other words, the an
urs, race question is settling itself; the vii
own problem is being solved by the black
man showing what he is capable pt
of and he is taking a proper place in e
Sthe the soci'l economy.
sent Here in the parish of East Carroll hi
and we have over one hundred and twen- as
ar- five-free holders, some of them own
able as many as four hundred acres of
any land : most of them have well culti- D
vated farms, with comfortable homes, N
out houses, stock and all the neces
t thesary utensils to make the farming
Sto successful and abundantly prosper
out ous. They have their churches
rhed which they regularly attend: but the
: education of their childreh seems to
end- e the most engrossing care withS
them. To this matter they devote
ellow their best energies and most thought
cople ful attention.
Besides all thisL they are coming
ie to the front in eommeroial puresuits,
o csly vicing with the whites in their knowl- i
a adi- edge of the prices corrent and cotton
The negroes in our small parish
are property owners in realty and
Sat personaltty to nearly the sum of two I
of hundred thousand dollars, and con
s, the tinue to accumulate steadily notwith
1y, in stan the many adverse cireunm
to stances y have to oontend with.
A marked feature of this progre
Supon the is pi the colored people
Is the eatire egnaring of tI social
equality queseDk; it is EIwer re
ferred to in ay manner, tshape or
.bl he form, except to be mnilhglyiddicledd
-* as a delusion and a stare of te put.,
advie Y They are learpg, ad many of them
seess- already know, taM theaitfure social
r,*ts sttup is eatirely depqbQI upon
*, it is jths e.s&, and wbhlet byl* pmeud
Mnt olf Iad prg th~eyr asar
slowly but surely solved by the black
people themselves. They look for Mr
nothing but what they are entitled to ppol
by of their own ezertions. If missiot
the iltical demagogues. and agita- The
tors will hands off all will be well. ittee
All the black man wants now, and called
for years to come, is to be left severe- Our
ly alone to attend to the business of
working out his own destiny. that ti
These are solid truths, the result
of close personal observation, and we Sen
have devoted the spluice to this ques- parish
tion because we know the negroes are date f
of necessity, important and essential veutio
factors in the welfare of this great Son
valley,. and every thing in reason duriun
should he dne to encouriage and as- organ
sist them in the progress they are want
making. The
Messrs. Bickhamt & Moore. cot- in Ve
ton factors of New Orleans, have Sature
failed for a large amount. the cc
Col. A. W. Crandell just back Thi
from New York, said to an Item re- Ce n i
porter that 'the Democracy through- electo
out the Empire State is in perfect will ft
harmony, and that Cleveland's victo- It I
ry is beyond a doubt. fully
The river resolutiois introduced! Gains
i by Mr. Boatner in the House and have
winch were considered of so |much :r
e importance by the inhabitants of the humi
valley, werh pigeouholed by Con- breat
gressman Robinson so the pal)ers city
I- say. The actual truth should be 31st.
I- brought out. Gc
Chas. J. Boatner. ocra(
at th
Within the next few weeks the dent The
h ocracy ot the Fifth Louisiana Congres- enthi
it ional D)istrict will be called ulion to
nominate a candidate for Cotngress. TI
a Several namnes have been mentioned in
te Ibis connection, and present appearan- cong
it ces seem to irdicate that the nomina- bubtI
e- tion will only be secured after a vigor- a str
ous contest.
e- We should regard it as a positive nonC
ly misfortune, so far as the interests of T
the district are concerned, if Mr. Boat
Sner was not reominaited and re-elect- voce
ed ; easily the first or all of our repre- 3ar
- sentatives in ability. his industry and Go
ar zealous advocacy of every nmeasut o eal
calculated to advance ou.r inter(,ts
, should certainly comnmend hint to T
i every democrat in the di-trict. ratio
Altkoughl only serving his second rti
tern, M r. Boatuer has tak^a: high rank and
in the Congress of the nation, anud is the
as regarded as one of its most useful as bi
on well as ablest urin bers. While ble
s nmt' not lIimscelf make" ant active can- A
vass, his frlendl should make it for hintm,
n and leave notnhing undocue that wouldhi gro
ry tend to procure his renomination and Shr
ch re-election. We owe it both to hitn han
cir I nd.to ourselves-Ex. wec
We earnestly endorse every word of y :
ru- the foregoing and stand liy ' Boatner.
Pd- rivate lainm, who had his head tile
the shaved for sholuting at Il anestCead,ha s the
to ibecoime one of the t eat ainus of the shi
of country.--lPicayunI|e.
And wished his ftingers were tll ca'
the, thumbs during his suspenusion. to
iral The jury in the case of Alice Mitchell
pse was out only twenty minutes, and el s
the brought in the following verdict: tio
s "We, the jury, find the defeudanti tri
Alice Mitchell, insane. and believe it to
ica- would endanger the safety of the cotl
in- munity to set her at liberty." slit
for The rice region of ouir prolific state lie
ai- is on a big boom. The Lake Charles
mo- Patriot says:
has The condition ot rice continues in r
s is Calcaseie parish excellent in every re- h
speat. The acreage is unutstally large, an
i and estimates now made place the ini
the anticiplated yield al.ove that of any pre- isl
the vious year. re
lack T'i'he last issue of the Ferret, a paper wl
able published in New Orleans by colored h:
e in people, goes it strong for the Leonard p
faction of the IReplublican party and 0
rroll hIts the Warmothites vicioulsy. I; at
wen- asks: Sl
own How can the honest colored voter .s
follow the lead of Warinoth, who tells 1
him to keep in the hack-ground; of
ulti- [)onnelly, who fought to enslave the
mes, Negro, or of the carpet-bagger Mc- II
eces- Millast,' whose enmity is open and pro- Ii
claimed? a
g Captain T. S. Adams, President of p
er- the Farmer's State Union, has been at- o
rehes tending the annuial meeting of the ft
it the Union in Monroe this -week. Before
leaving Baton Rouge his response is to v
With sundry inquiries were as follows:
evote I your union strong ?
ught- ,Yes sir. Strong enough to lhohl
the balane of power in any State elec
tion." I
VWill the melmbers of the union take
i, any interest in the fall election of mem
nowl- bers of congress? t
totton "A very active Interest air, and
they will 'land' men favorable to their
views Isint least three districts."
r and The Shreveport '[te vigoronly
>f two attacks the fanaItliati croppiang out in
o. cagreie h1 eoineslto with the
t- World's £3i on 8ti0adY. and closed a
slinging editorial asl folows:
r h We resect every one in their
bhonet allad. stieere religious -beleZ but
,we detest .it atmieit in every shape,
people eepcialy .ialwhet diAguised under a
social cloak of Pharasaleal religion. You
will not allow the workman and his
Sre- family to go to the World's fair on
ape ar Stnday, and pass a day of innocent
liculed enjoyment ans iihformiation of the
wonder-e manaI lll, the creation of
L pat na siteteet whirlh the Almighty has
ithem gi ven him--o be it--lhe needs some
social iseertio for his week's toll ofr bread
a t~aattoeb, al Wiill have it in
apansine sha'&peo von spd him to the
prPud beer s.en isteeas, wrilt his ftkmily
ame, na ya. 4 tyou call ihbl a
Mr. John C. Wickliffe has been The
appointed one of the Worl's fail com- ill thee
missioners far Louisiana. Nov. 8.
The Congressional Executive Com- nseveral
mittee of the Fifth District has been gan, wl
4tate at
called to meet at Monroe to-day. siatetict
Our latest from Alexandria shows Ther
i that the press gang in that city were tio1al
having a glorious Rapide time. Oreg;"
Senator Montgomery of Madison will ch
parish, is much spoken of as a candi- benatot
date for Congress in the coming con- h gi iat
vention. other
Some of the Baton RIouge people r Alai
during these dull summer days are R ate ,
organizing People's party clubs for sen.ati
want of better employment. ,ta4 rk
'The Foster and McEnery factions tativee
in Vermillion parish harmonized on tativee
S Saturday last and united in forming cht,oSi
the congressional committee. F'elton
' The Leonard wing of the Republi- officer
e In party has put out a Presidential 8.
. electoral ticket. The Wannothites state
wt ill follow suit beyond a doubt. congr
I Unite
- It has cost the city of New Orleans i;eput
fully $1,000.000 in resisting the lel
, Gains suit, which could at one time i eoul
1 have been settled for $200,000. U
11 Mr. Chris Chaffe Jr., the genial F!o
e humorist and clever gentleman, Unit'e
- breathed his last at his home in the ocrat,
' city of New Orleans on Sunday, July it cot
e 31st. oticel
Gov. Foster will address the D)ein- tiyes
ocracv in New Orleans this evening office
at the Cleveland ratification meeting. and a
' The gathering is expected to be an tlate
o enthusiastic affair. anlli
The political cauldron in the fifth office
congressional district will soon be u ClO
a- bubbling fiercely. We want to see state,
a straight Democrat nominated and in co
te none other. ) Uem
of The Baton Rouge' Truth and Ad- lo'
it- eleve
: voc.te are playing a little game of i8.
se- .arlyoo all by their two little selves. Kr
,d Go slow peace loving people, the office
t c weather is orful hot. cong) 1
to The fuss about the purchase of the in cc
td rations for the overflowed suffers, tiL
Ik and the method adopted to transport m
is ! the food, has proven to be a verita- resel
as ltre
Ire ble tempest in a tea pot. lur
""- According to Superintendent Har- M
grove, the reserve school funds of tiv
nil Shreveport have been irregularly stat.
iil handled. Ile has a letter in last in l
weeks Times that tells the tale clear- a U
I oly and conclusively. Re
Fifty-two applications have been 'tat
gad tiled in the Superintendents office for I i
has the three vacant Peabody scholar- brie
the ships. The examination of apph
tll cants will be extended from the 1st o
to the 10th of this month. Uni
hell When Judge Gunby presents hun
and self before the Democratic Conven- tati
tion in the fifth Congressional dis
1lnt trict, if he should have the temerity stal
e it to do so, the first question that UL
mshould engage the careful attention l)e
aof that iuportant body will be: Is sta
lies he a Dnemocrat? gr_
There has for some time past been a Iel
e brutal tendency West oif us, to oppress ta
rge, and maltreat the black man, espeiallv cn
the ill Bienvil.e and the surrotuding par- Ut
pire- ishles. Thie well behaved, lawabiding, lte
responsirle citizens have had nothing
per wvhatever to do with the outlrages that t
otredc have been committed upon the colored Sti
nard people time and again in thlese parishes. ca
and On the contrary, they are more thani
Sit alixiusIIS to lhave the hoodlums and irre
spl:nsible youn'gsters who indlige in
oter such wanton brutality nunder cover of ats
tells darkness, brought to condign punish- cm
; fment. To this end public meetinigs U
M.c- have been held andi rondeumnatory rese
pro- lu.iions of the most pronunced kind un- mI
animoulsyv passed, denouncing the per- ir(
ut of petrators and invoking the heavy hand.
, a at- of justice to fasten ulpon them and en- t _
Sthe force tde laws. We find thle following
tefore in the last issue of the Louisiana Ad- a
a is to vance, published in Arcadia: i
Tuesday night of hlast week, a negro a
boy about 16 years old living with
hold Jamnes Nichollson, in Claiborne parish,
eelec- was taken ofer the line into Lincoln
pariah. and whipped until his flesh was i
take a mass of jelly. I
nem- It is no wonder the good people of
that section are. seriously arroused
S and when their valuable labor is so outra
their giously treated; but it is evidently no
small matter, the thuglike thing must
ronlv have been going on for seome time and
)Ut in been winked at so often that the cruel
lh perpetrators have increased Ian numbers
ed a nd become emboldened by the silence
and snpinene.sot the eitisens, for C~on
their frere Drew of the Advances who .is
a ite fearlessand fully posted in jhe matter,
ader a says :
You Some one must have nsrve enmough
ad his to bell the eat Who will it e?
reir on The Ei.ltor of the Ad'anee stands
cccent ready to give $26 towards seuring-the
of the onviction of a tny atiity of whip
ion of ping a negro. Now ab want to se the
ty has practical work done, and sisea ready
a ome to bear our part of the hmriart of
rbread money and responibilI.
'it We are prou4 of Bg&frew and t~e
.mr position he les taken in tbis;iaport
I ihis a Idtt utalr, for tia thndft o'r Steis
tieteii vihhe endl our kt4* teek
The Elections of 189i. - Virgi
-tiles in
The elect ions of 1892 include those iu ture to
dll the statesifor 444 prsiddeattal else- vice H,
tora, which will be held on Teasday, Wa=l
Nov. 8. All will be ehosed by the state o
several states at large, except ia Michi- con.gref
gau, where two will be chosen by the United
,late att lqa- and ten by congressional pubHic
,listr icts.al
There are also to be elected the u- and lt,
tional house of representatives (t o iun Coi:
menbers have already been choeaatt a Unitt
Oregon) and state legislatures, w fleti ler, f)
will choose twenty-six United States Wia (
senators (one senator having already state o
been elected in Ithode Island by the counr
legisintture chosen this .year). The Uitell
otlher elections of the year are thus 101,
Alabama will elect governor and stale '
state officers Aug. 1, and nine repre- Unit
senitatiVes in congress Nov. 8. Units,
Arkansas will elect governor and itub
state officers Sept. 5 and six represen
tatives in congress Nov. 8.
California will elect seven repre~en- Noti
tatives in congress and a legislature to ten has
choose a United States senator, 35ce lor ott
row df
Felton, epublienun, Nov. 8. If no
Colorado will elect governor, state ten da;
officers and two representatives Nov. grante
Connecticut will elect governor, A tr
state otfficers, four reresentatives ill . T.
congress and a legislature to choose a Aug
United Stites senator, vice Hiawley, Nal
IRepublican, Nov. 8. that
e laware will elect a representative Boatr
e in ongress and a legislature to choose returt
a United States senator, vice Gray,n term.
i)emocrat, Nov. 8. of tit
I Foriu.a will elect governor, state the -
officers and a legislature to choose a asnd b
United States senator, vice Pasco, Dent- for hi
*e ocrat, Oct. 4. and two representatives at lar
i hI congress Nov. 8. 'h
Georgia will .elect governor and state at tht
oflicers Oct. 5. and eleven represents- last tt
i tiyes in congress Nov. 8. asert
Idaho will elect governor and state ee'
Ig officers, a representative in congress I
;. and a legisiature to choose a Uuited and
n States senator, vice Shoup, Reptbli- 'l'h
can. Nov. 8.
Illinois will elect governor and state per I
tl officers and twtenty-t we representatives to L.
3 in congress Nov. 8. T1
Indiana will elect governor and first
e states officers, thirteen representatives istem
id in congreso, and a legislature to choose
a United States senator, vice Turpie, Ot
Democrat, Nov. 8. andti
d- Iowa will elect secretary of state and at 0
eleven representatives in congress Nov. croi%
of . then
Kansas will elect governor, state d y
he otlicers a'ld eight representatives in fote't
coltngress Nov. 8. talk
Kentucky will elect representatives lead
he in conzress Nov. 8. I whe
, ouisiana will elect six representa- whil
r tives in congress Nov. S. get i
Maine will elect governor, four rep- of C
ta- resentatives in congress, and a legi-la- vite
ture to choose a Untied States senator, danl
vice liale, RIep.. Sept. 12. ty.
ar- Maryland will elect six representa- -
of tives ill congress Nov. 8. uinan
Massachusetts will elect governer, bief
ly state officers, thirteen representatives ti-,
st in congress, and a legislature to chioose had
ar- a United States senator, vice Dawes, wht
Rep., Nov. 8. the
Michigat will elect governor and otle
Sstate otticers. twelve replresentatives ill
colng'res, and a legislature to choose a gode
for United States senator, vice Stock- deton
ar- bridl-e, Rlepublican. Nov. 8. t
ph- Minnesota will elect governor ati'l lie
state oticers, seven representatives in ter
lst congress., atd a legislature to choosea a ha
United states senator, vice Davis, lRe- ch
publican. Nov. 8. * mo
sm- lississippi % ill elect seven reptresen- I;
en- tatives in congress Nov. 8. Clo
dis- Missouri will elect governor and lar
ityv state officers, fifteen representatives illn a
congress anwd a legislature to chloose a
that United States senator, vice Cockrell.
tion Democrat, Nov. 8.
IS Montana will elect governor andt
state oflicers, a representative in coil
gress antd a legislature to choose a
United States senator, vice Sanders,[
n a leplublican, Nov. 8.
re Nebrasnka will elect governor antd
r state officers, six represeiiatives in
ally co.,treCs, and a legisltture to choose a rel
Par- United States senator, vice Paddock, s
ing, lRepublican, Nov. 8.
Ing Nevadal will elect supretlle court gi
tht judge, a representative in congress
th t nld a legislature to choose a United
tred States senator, vice Stewart,, Republi
hes. I can, Nov. 8. e
than New llampslhire will elect governor J
ir-e- an'1 two rei.,rstentlatives ill cotngress
No,v. 8. p
e in Ne.w Jersey w II elect governor andt
er of stile oficer's, eight Ire)re'sell ttlivete itl
ish- coungres andt a tlegilliture to chlloose a .
ttigs United States setiator, vice iT,)dgeti t,
i. l),.liocra, N tov. 8. . I
reos- New Y,,rk will elect ctlie jutlie of iJT
d lut- thie court of appeals, thIirty-liour rep- c
er- ttcuattivte ii coilgt'ess, atld .lte as
hantld set)tly of 128 nellbthers" to take part 9
in the electiot of a United 't ate's sia- p
. en- tor. vice Ilisc,'ek, l'R.ttpublicau, Nov. 8. S
wing North Carolina will eloet govcruor
A l- and state ,oilicelrs and nine represeuta
tives ill c:tngrt' Nov. 8.
N ortl i)akett will elect governor
negro and state tllicers. a relpresientative in
with coetgress and a legislature to choose a
ihcol United States senator, vice Cnsey, lie
h vas publican, Nov. 8.
Ohilo will elect secretary of state
and twetty-one representatives in con-J
le of gress Nov. 8.
oused Oregon elected supremne.court judge
ontra- and two Republican representatives in
congress June 6.
ly o Pennsylvania wil elect Inirty rep'
must resenlatives ia congress and a legisla
e and ture to choose atUnted States senator,
cruel vice Quay, lRepubilcat, Nov. 8.
Riorl Ude sland elected R .pnlia
siene- governor and asRtittblieas lelaturCe,
whieb has re-elected Ahileh, Siqb
rCon- licas,' to the United SIrtes sneatef
b o is April 9, and will elect two represents
ttiree in congress lNov. 8 -
South Carolina will elect goverfbTI'
and state otficers and seven represera.
noh tatives in clngress Nov. 8.
it je? ulth Iaktla will eJct govedor
stands antid state ofcers and t we sepret&l*
iggbe dives in colgress Not. 8.
w hip- Tetiessee wil elect governo'r anad
sthe stateo ocela, -tan repreOlsttCaivs I
otady coltres#'atd a legislature to chocriw i
S f Untited State aenatr, vise Bats- i)md
Nov. 8.
ad tbe Texas wil elect gvetaor and state
Ipor- odicers and htirtee represenutatives in
congress Nov. 8.
SVermont will elect governor sut4
atse o-ieri. two .wpiseaatlv ha
aM ad a lsegislatut'eI ae8oe
Susati* D s tate. CtIr, tibve liroct~ei
- " 6. .e ." 6. -.
- Virginia will elect ten represesat
tites in congress Nov. 8. The leglasa
ture to choose a United 8tatessenator -No f
vice Huuton,.appniuted pro tesn. Lion of
Washugton will elect goveranr sad ea Is
state officers, two representatives hi master
congress and a legIslature to, choose a posatm
United States senator, vice Alies. Ie- Whe
puhlican, Nov. 8. a post
West Virginia wili elect Governor withdi
and state officers, four representatives in case
in ccn:ress and a Irgislature to choose guardi
a United States senator, vice Faulk- the ei
ierl, D-lliocral, Nov. 8. provid
Wi, cousin will elect governor and and I
!state otilfers, ten replresentaitives itn stamp
cougrezs and a legislature to choose a letter
United States senator, vice Sawyer, payni
i itelullican. Nov. 8. Po
i \Wynuiiilng will elect governor and saine
state ofticers. a representative in col- their
Sgrets and a legislature to choose i tainin
Unitc.l States senator, vice Warren, bidde
It-.ub!lienu, Nov. 8. uallsi
Notice. writti
Notice is hereby given that J. . N. Al- A I
't len has applied to be appointed atminitra- oe
e or of the aucesson oft Mrs. Minerva Spar- guari
row deceased. penst
If no opnonitlon be made thereto within gar
ten days the prayer of the petition will be gurt
granted. D. TGMPKlNS. $ me, t
Clerk 7th Dist. Court. .. Iv
A true copy: tare
t. T. S. DZLOxY, Deputy Clerk.
August tig tltt2.
Natchitoches Review: We trnt t
that the constituents of lion. C. J. dse
'e Boatuer will reward his services by De
ie returning him to congress for another ers
F, term. Mr. Iloatner easily ranks asone erc
of the brainiest representatives from
ie the South. certainly from Louisiana, prey
a and he has accomplished a great deal Pot
t- for his district as well as for the state
a at large. ing •
The first bale of new cotton was sold day,
a at the Cotton Exchange on Saturday oflict
last by W. I. llodgson & Son, auction- duri
ters, for account of Ferdinand Gumbel for a
e & Co, to whom it was consigned. to bi
It was raised in Bee county, Tex., char
li. and is classed strict good middilig. coat
The bidding started at seven cent Seat
:e per pound. and went to nineteen Cents,
es at which figures it was knocked down
to L. Christ.
This is the highest price that the
-t first bale brought in many years.--Ciy Wf
Item. for
ie, One Bowman, a Third party man cru
and a follower of Kolb, made a speech Cra
tid at Opelika, Ala., the other day to a past
v. crowd of ,egroes, int which he advised yet
them to conime to the polls on election is e:
Ite d t with shot guns and ready to en- aflo
in force their rights. It is this kind of she
talk by unscruplous white men which to c
ies leads ignorant negroes into trouble shil
where they are left to hold the bag for
ta- while Bowman and metn of his class her
get oil with soundl skins. The people I
)- of Opelika. wlirte auit bliek. should in- this
la- vite lowllnial to leave. hpenmnseh'l is a 189
0r, dangeronu customer in any cotnulllni- obl
ty.--States. Ii.
ia- Mr. Powderlv. general master work-t g
lman bf thlcKuir his of Labor, a peared til
rI' before the Pinkerton intvestigale
es ting comlinte last week. lie said hlie rat'
s I had some personal kiiouw ledge of cases
e, where violence had been exeirci~ed by tiI
the Pinkerton mell ald haiI heardt of
si other cases fromn \vwh lie considered  d
good authority. ilt, read a statement sea
a denying the allegations of the Pinker- b
tons before thecomutmittee.
a Ml r. Powderly went on to, say thatl)b
he had been investigating the charac- cn
u` ter of the Pinkerton men and thus far tht
a had found eight of them of doubtful wi
character, despite the Pinkertons' testi- 1l
mony as to the character of their em- ex
ployes. One of them, Webb, was cr
and charged with laurder. four with burgl- in
a lary, two with wite beating and one I
wiih arson.-New Delta.
ro l. a
cell. G. , Xat r 0 0 , h
and . ~ Oudl 3r? fn
olt- eCC
Sa -and- ri
ers, General Contractor.
Sin r-Estimates made for buihilig and
se a repairing dwellings, stores, gin houses
lock, and pnblic buildiigs.
Prices reasona' >, and all work
ourt guaranteed.
SJuly 28. i
bli- Budget of Parish Expensse. i
An ordinance fixing an estimate of pariash
expenses for the facal year commenteintlg P
r utor Jdlv Ist. 18i and ending June i. 18113. i
ress lie it ordained by the Poliee Jury of the n
parish ot East Carroll In regular session
Sconvened. Tlhat ttle following budget of
tparish expenses is hereby fxed for the fis- I
cal year ending June 3(1~,. 151, to-wit: hI
use a A ssessors fees............. .... g a 00
lett, i teriff in criminal matters.... 0 01) 0I
Witness fees ...................... . . 1000 00
Jurors .. .......100000
Justtee of the Peace e .......... n00 o
ep- Constable fees ......... . . - . 0
e as- Contingent expenses ...O 00
Road. bridges asnid levees .. . 1500
yart Police Jury expenses .......... 300 00
a- Public printing ...30
v. 8. Sberifs fees-prisoners to penieo
rur tiary, lunatics to asylum sad ser
vin proces beyond the pariah.. 400 00
Quarantine ................... .
eor guppor of pau ers. ........... 8,0
i inia fees tor feedinug prnisoer.. t a)
Parish Treasury, fo salary ...... 300 00
osse 5 Attorney's fees ......... -. 0 100
y, Ie- Sheriff waiting on court . ........ 10
Coroner's sal'y and attendances,ete 2l. .
state 00s 0 at
Son- Judgmnt favor Jne. ;. Leonard
dueFeb. 1, 1~ 3 .... .. ......
udgne for levee eergeneyfi"d..- - 14--
ives in $1tN000 so
J. STEIM, Frridoent,
V rep' C R. EauLLY. ,lsrk5
ator,, NO,1 tiC .
larte t tasi.-Neatee is h_.ery gt#vss $b00
BJ-asesaen t, s'011 lb Iowa of 't _ll_. !
eate for te flwiA. D. a.
.e a. w e... ... .. .o .tt e t o . s sa d |
t rl RobLCtust,
e'i I n~ -tr Qre N~r 61~D
1 z _
1 0 Lag4I. - 5
'L lamwft
;91CL: i ·1 it1
[email protected] Rallag
No person engaged la the presmen.
tion ofainis ag4a tsbe Goveramlt
can tawfully hl d di: elo e of poet
master, or be elploIu ,i as asstalnt
postmaiter or clerk i, atpt office.
When a letter has been deposited at
a post office for mailing, it may be
withdrawin by the writer or senderor
iu case ofa minor child, the parent or
guardian duly authorized to control
the correspondence of the writer, as
provided in Section 481. Postal Laws
and Regulations of 1887; but~ If the
stamp thereon hat been enom1ed. such
letter emianOt be re-mnajld without
payment of postage anew thereon.
Postmasters are onli xseeted to ex
lamine postal cards fala .
their offices for the o jr U
taining if they co
bidden by the tO
mails; and u .erp n
aslt tir a 1 thereonl .
written| or pr ted tet
A pension Iter adlsre tC
iouner in ear l
guardian, or
plensiouor, shou
It has been decided
meirt that a post usaet
Iv serve as a me Ia
ture of his State. a
11) many iusts p
tLins of let ters re ered utterly la.
distinct and illegib by the reckless
use of the poet. lug stamp. The
r Department must .1st upon the aa
ercise of greater by pestmasteti
and their employ ith the view of
preventing the evil goestlow.
SUnder the provisions of Section 481,
Postal Laws and Regulations of 1887,
postmasters are prohibited from clos
ing their offices at intervals during the
Id day, for any purpose whatever. The
'Y office must be kept open contlnuaesiy
u- during ese hoers of business; and if,
el for any cause, the postmaster sebliged
to be absent, the office must be left in
:., charge of a duly sworn assistant, ta
contemplated by the provisions of
nt Sestion 49&
ts, No
V1 The New Mammoth Crnime.
he According to reent. advices from
y Washington, preparttPs are making
for the launch of the new 740W-ton
an cruiser which iass been buliding at thy
ch Cramp shipyards for more than a yeal
a pas t. This vessel is the largest cr
ed yet authorized for the new navy, sad
an is expected to be the swiftest warsbip
n- afloat. Hler designers intesded tihat
of she should not only possess the power
ich to overtake the swiftest of nwere be
bie ships, but be able also to keep the en
tag for an unusually long period owing to
ass her great coal-carrying capaeity.
pie The contract for the construetion of
in- this ship was awarded in Novem r.
a 1890, and according to the terms ofthe
ni- obtigation she is to becompleted with
it1 tw,, Vears from the date of thealia
Sing of t he collt ract. 'rie launch of the
ed ship withiin the inext few weeks shows
that ,hite wok upion hrhas progressed
raplidiy anrd thuLt she will be ready for
ses deliveryt. tohe Government by the
Liv ttielu pcifietd.
The h liser in question is not ittiod
i.ed ed to be a lighting ship in the stalet
ent sense of the term, but is designed to
ler- be essentially a commerce destroyer,
hence the will possesstreat speed sed
Lhat be able to keep the sea for a les
ac- cruise. She is to be provided wdt
rar three screws, and itt tbt-esspe t she
tful will be a novelty i naval eonstPLitloI.
esti- This feature of her motive power is
em- expected not onal to-give the ship io
w4s creased speed, but to enable her to
.maneuver more readily. ' oh
Stract caln for a speed off *"
knots per hour.
Althongh notlitded to be strictly
a fighting ship, the new vesseld wit
have, nevertheless,asbtlbelontly
ani batuelv. Her main a
consist oT oile 8-1mt be g
rile, two .64 f leaders,9tmil
twelve 4-inch dYirp e gms lae
or* secondary battery will coulut oftles
tv.four I sad 6 ppuudet rap&*e
used uns, four maehine im5 sad si tor
iuede*ubes. Thd beer4 gnus will be
protected with hevy rmier *blietts,
and tihe lighter gns by 4 am.Sd 84a
armor plates. Theshlp will,th anI ee
prove a frtsildsble antaguet t1e all
but the heaviest battle-ships, lnree.
ialthough her rmission wili be ulm ito
arist prey upo anm enemy's coumSeres, there
i is oi doubt but that she wUil beab. to
or tIme uake a good fight if need be.
asioi This ihnmeuse craister will be ed
tgo to take part in the granldaval revl
to be held next ')sy.ki oonaeetion
.o 00 with the World'. gatr selebrtlion, sad
I0 00 Is expected to sompare fhfpibly wih
05 the best ship. of her -tyle mt to
ao io American waters by the *orvtg *
w it0 which will participate it the -
Stional naval review.-PbieyaY".
, The two factionJ.ye J)erags
in Terreboune havys unltei, d a
300 00
l o hrmoniously ps
ueo oo P m te
aino 110
A ese. i Coffims Jade sad Trin ssiht to
L'epr. msar1 l$S4T17

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