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Sn thi
attsdyy, : - - August 6, .899. acres
- - tract
I'. F. Montgomery, year.
Gell Eglam tad Th
Pa bury
rnow prepared to rue lifnes. locate lands,
·qorwet, Suralsh full descrlption ofloca- pecje
oas,. timberao., and make plats of surveys inug c
iro levels forpuiposes of drainage with pro
ie~ make estimates ot banhankmente, that
itfalles.brid building and public works Iwa
[all deseriptions.
Dr. R. W. 8EAY, i
Pactltoner of close
*dlee, B"te rge and Obtetrtcs. ifore
d resadence on Albha plantation. 1their
Boeek's Ben,.d uee
'--,-, x t
lb discl
elan and Surgeon. N4
Oeice on Lake street.
Will practice in all the branches mar
Profepoion. Calls answered brig
ptly day and night. f4ir
Wt. D. SELL, << l
Surgeon and Practicing Physietan*. I.
(Obstetrics a specialty) air i
WIi respond to all calls, day ornigllt'.
.s It ernard dru store. Sesldenee R
Imet to Methodist Church
A. e. ANDER , we
ug PJuclan onj 5f** ll
answered promptly day and night. mot
see at the Owen's residence on Oossypla tow
Plantation in the nth ward. be i
* Z . J. DZLOT "
Practiees in the Courts of the parishes of in
~at Carroll. West Carroll and Masdson. and wi
litourt ofAppeals and Supreme Court of
Will attend to the purchase and sale of ten
gAs in East Carroll and the examinatto t
'ttles to same. to 1
1I also negotiate torloans on real estate or
make payments of taxes for non-resi
pt attention will be gilu to all
siness placed in his hands.
Lonal a Parish News. the
- - - --- hay
1ow does she look hyphenated ? Tb
Advertise in the Baoocr-Democtat. Ks
Patroelae and support your home Na
er. in
Ltseoious blue figs are becomiug sis
Old Sol's rays came directly down
pon us Weduesday. to
Mr. Chaplin from the .Bend was iu ho
an on Wednesday.
Some warm days this week and br
out you forget It de
We have been in a melting mood du
early all this week. to
The court proceedings will be fund en
where in this issue.
Mr. J. G. Pittman from hollybrook
as In town on Monday.
Col' P. U. Quays from the Bend
ted L'rovideuce on the 24. al
rummers are again peting in an th
,earance after the deluge. !tiI
'ourt convened for the special jury or
on Monday morning. i,
to court house has been crowdell ial
colored petole this week. di
H. enry Kroa~ger tr(y Con- iu
was in town on Tuesday. :
Itobi. Nicholson trqm the first le
was in town on Tuesday. b
laintt ofioo-much rain come to, h
sfrom l portious of our pari:h.
Mr. C. II. Webb from the secotnd
d visited our butrg ot T'uesday. tl
Cobwebs grow across the doors of P
he merchaut who does not advertise. j
Jr. r. R. , Moore from Stoewartdale,
was In attendance at court this week. I
.The cotlinued rains have loweried
collon crop estmates in the sccond jO
2 iMr. Keeling inventor of tihe ice usak- I
uacthitse, left for Gcorgin on ''Tues
last, I t
"Capt, R1. N. Rca from the Alabama I
plantation, camie down to Providence
.a Wednesday.
.... Judge gave the negro who bur
II)l -r. Bell's premises a counple of P
Sinthe peb . 1 i
ThI very best job printing done at j,
4Senaer-Democrat office at the low
(t (l sof ice since the advent of
lag come outof the tanks 1
cant ...
I *at fO
qauie aLek
-il'. V. y
sent us
huitiue onme.
will continue to appear
- Ydays fro0 this isue,
nateemed jillj friend.
;gk. J, w~VI) , has been in town thLi.
wveedS. atthtg mtelrily with his inum
e ws triends.
41.. E. J. Delony and lad)y returned
eToan Teupas, wornltE We re
to karnttbatta th9 oe
thUe ) ry ot f tis
• .. r~ wI I tl:obllp et . at like
.Th  oat will labowr
to ipulIII5ly promotl
a Oae good tnra
edale Ia East Car1
~t ha time t hel
In the parish last year on which taxes At
were not paid, two tracts, 320 and 80 ceive
acres, owners unknown. The two low <
tracts will be brought to the front this extr:
year. with
The Judge's charge to the grand sl'eal
jury very properly directed their es- 1,
pecial attention to the crane of carry- are
lug concealed weapons, and intitimated onr:i
that the accidental shooting business of nel
was being carried too far entirely for Wi
public safetyv I
The retiring police jury of our parish sa~s
closed up all the business that was be- I !
fore them on Tuesday and turned over knoi
their seats to their successors. The sholt
new Police Jury will meet on Tuesday can'
4ext and lprepare fully tor the regular
discharge of their duties. on a
Notwithstanding the extreme sum- (Gro
naer heat that now prevails, we tinl debt
bright flowers carefully nurtured by the
f4ir hands in many shady nooks ais if in
tle flower loving ladies were ready to
eAaiam Wordsworth, "And 'tis of tI
my fai t at every fRower, cnjoys the serv
air it breathes," suff
Rev. R" S. Isbell having returned '
i from the district conference at l)elhi, a di
where he was hurriedly called directly beft
on his return from the sea shore camp mat
ground, will hold service to-morrow can
morning and evening at the Church in ban
town, whert everybody is expected to out
be in attcnsdatce and join in the sacred ing
Tom. Galbreath's levee experience is of I
extensively told in a recent issue of the val
,t Times-Democrat. We thought that wh
d while here a few days ago he was so and
eagerly engrossed with a personally in- ray
) teresting matter that lhe had no time saf
to pay any attention to levee questions, fut
or even overflowed sufferers. Mi:
Iw- il
t11 he school trustees met in town last tih
. Monday and selected the teachers for wi
the school out on Lake street. We
have not been able to learn the names
of the Principal and first Assistant. in
The former will be a gentleman from n
it. Kansas and the latter a lady from nc
ae Nashville. Miss Dessey Bell will con.i 'C
tinue to fill the position of second as- sic
gsistant. I
Mr. Albert Belden left for Memphis Ca
Fn on Monday morning. lie gob there Ci
to take a position in the large wholesale i M:
in house of the Oliver Finney Grocery lai
Co. Our young friend Albert is a W
d bright, promising product of Provi-!
deuce, and will no doubt by his in- ti,
d dustry, integrity and close attentiou co
to his duties, build himself up in the Ihn
Ud employ of the big house he goes to. In
We certainly wish hint all the success la:
ok possible. re
' ~ -- . . . . n
ud On -Monday nighit of last weekl
about 9 o'clock a negro known by the t.
ani the name of "Chunk" was quietly sit- h:
ting oa he porch of a neighbors cabin mi
ry on Butclh's Bentl, when a darkey sup- p
posed to be one, John Collins, calne
elli along, bade Chiuuk good evening, and d
directly began shooting at him, wound- t
n- i lug him in the index finger of the left w
hand and the angle of the jaw on the 1I
rsat left cheek. Dr Seay extracted the
buml!e. Chunk will get well. Collins
to has disappeared. k
d One among the first small matters
the new Police Jury should attend to is
of providing a proper and ample hitch- d
se. ing place for those who are summoned a
frogP tile country to attenud court.
krThe're were well on tovwards a hutdred "
people in atttendance on Wednesday t
Slast, some to go before tihe grand jury, 1
others to testify in court, many of them a
k- had come a long distance at short t
tes- notice, with but little money and no t
hitching place for their animals. Let I
.a us have a hitching place for the credit e
nee and dignity of the court requires it.
r Robert Dorsey and wife two colored I
e of people living on thie Live Oak planta
tion four miles from town concluded to
at go to church on Satturday evening last. ,
ow- before starting they locked up their<
dwelling, securlug their three young
it of children inside, with a coal oil lamp
ink s burning to keep them from becomiug
rl . y returned fromn
r eligious exetise they found their
med downu and the charred
f their children among the
dren destroyed by the fire
ged respectively six years. two
Iears, and three months. The very
thought of sipch little ones locked up
lon perishing in agony amid the flames with
tu s no means of escapti is horrible to
Sthink of, yet the careleessness continues
r the for we often read ot such cruel occur
pear goes in thie country papers South.
sase, ---
lend, Mr. Phelpe'Roberts has been ap
la pointed coastable for the third ward
nm - of East Carroll, vice Robert Diggs,
who faile'd to qualify.
Iraed The Ranadell residence and grounds
e re- on Lake street are things of beauty,
lnnes delightful to look upop, and evidencing
exquisite taste and fine judgment.
em Mr. D. B- Beard from the first ward,
this made as a pleasant call on Wednesday
ike last. Come again Dan, you are an
agreeable and' sabstantial visitor
labo The total aisesed value of propertr
n oo t la East Carroll for 1892, is $1,27b,765;
t r~ a *2,620ess than last year. Lepecli
lion by overltow caused the reduction.
Take hart, be stroag and brave
Cwhttf theetonad( dloUraiin fall, and
uel the o-re lock weary and weatbher
tha re. irers rwitl iletter tiames here
About the close of last week we re- L,
ceived from our highly esteemed fel- The
low citizen Mr. J. P. Alexander an IPrei
extremely highly interesting letter Ni l
with the following enclosure, which Owen
speaks for itself: Quay;
-St. Louis. .uly 0. 189i. Tbe
Mr. J. 1'. Alexander.Villa Vista.La.:-We 14th v
are extremely pleased to inform you thatt Clai
w e lhave s'uceeded in haviug the relierf comp
coanlittee ship to your landiug "25) sacks was r
ol meal and Galt pouads of bacon. We re- that t
ceived notiee to that effect this morning. to adi
With kind regards. we are truly yours. not ct
HUROBT. ATKINSOT ('t). that t
Mr. Alexander in referring to ii pure
i sayas : w t
I feel assured you wlil be glad to sait
know of the kindntess that has been aessi(
shown us by the relief committee ot Cot
St. Louis. A few days since the goods tro
came and have been dlistributed her,
r I believe it would be ditiiult to find e;ko 5
on any plaitation a mlore deserving bond
tenantry than I have had on Pecan olic
- Grove. They have always paid their
I debts and we have prospered. But (CanH
the disaster of this year's overflow as I
Swe have been, marks the last chapter PTI
., Polio
in the history of the *"Bell plantation La..
We are certainly rejoiced to learn dell.
timel bled
of the timely needed and well de- of th
e served relief sent from St. Louis to the nieai
to a
sufferers. aclti
d The history of the Bell place is but Roo,
a disheartening repetition of what has chati
befallen other plantations along the that
margin of the father of waters, and Mor
can be briefly told thusly: Caving viaial
banks, ruinous moving of dwellings. ent
n out-houses and other buildings. wind- Pre,
:, ing up with leveed out. We well re- uni
member the plantation when it was rI"
regarded as atmong the choicest pieces iour
is of property in the big bend l~iow and I_)
le valued very highly; no indications CHA
at whatever of a caving bank in front, I
so and considelred safe from river
u- r ravages for the time to come; but no mol
le safe calculations can be made as to the ed 1
s, future movements of the muddy in"
Mississippi. We sincerely sympathize trat
with the Bell plantation people in itt
st their losses by overflow and other- tiel
or wise
us till
les Thire has recently been a redistrict- CV(
ut. ing of the Internal Revenue depart- M11
nw menut in this State, and Mr. Powers the Jll
ani collector has appointed Mr. John W. tot
n-Cooke as his deputy in the sixth divi- sid
as- sion which embraces nineteen parishes,
Bienville. Bossier, Caldwell, Caddo, Ju
his Catahonla, Concordia, Claiborne, East wi
:re Carroll, Franklin, Jackson, Lincoln, at
ale Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Rich- at
ry land, Tensas, ,.Union, Webster, an.1 Ju
s a West Carroll. an
vi- Cooko is a colored man of unques- th
in- tionuabl, ability, a Republican of Ott
on 1 course, but he is one among the best, lu
the having by his own individual exertions i
to. hbuilt uti a solid reputation as a good i It(
ess law-abidinag citizen, well deservintg of,
I respect andl rec,gnition, and a butsiness ,s
I man of un loubted integrity- We cer
ee tainly e)ongrttulatt Coke on hit ap- I
the I . o
poiintment, because, it reminds us ofi
bi. shi appointmnent m:tny years ago as i
f untl route agent on the Bend packet
I Pargoudl, J. M. White master. The
mne aBend boiits carried the ,,mail int those
anti d:1s. They hal always been havinag I
• ti- id
eft white route agents, Cooke was the first
negro that had been appotintel and I he
tboys on the boat became restive be
the cause of Uncle Sam swopping off the;
liwn nhite nia name, Muirdoch for a d: r-ri
key namel Cooke" Eight en years ag? n
trs the contdition of things were va.stly dif
o is ferent from what they are iow, tie i t
tch l darke- tlhenI was in bad odtlour on gener- i
ned al pr'inciples andl prejudice rata hligh,
urt. Capt;aiin White was interviewed hy us
Ired who were then as now a journahlst, and I
(day an intimate friend of Captain Jim's
Thy The Capt:ein exercised hlis authority
hem and gave Cooke a chance, mwho was i
hort then only 18 years old, with the result.
no that in three months, Murdoch was
Let forgotten and Cooke after rtaying s
*edit eleven years on the route giving full
s:ttisfaction. came to Providence whlere
he has remainedtl ever sintce elgagedl in C
redi mercantile putranuits. )eputy Cooke
It vill visit the several parishes in his
d to division as soon as practicable andl wei
last, bespeak for him kindly treatment be
heir cause he is well worthy of it. i
mp The Banner-Demlocrat sends greet- I
mp ing to its many patrons and numnerous
ing friends, wishing thlem good health, with
fromn abundant plrosperity, and a long life to i
their enjoy both.
rred 6ow and yearling thieves are get
Sthe ting bold enough to be caught on to
in this neighborhood. Several year
fire lings have been wanttonly slaughtered
two within'the past tow weeks.
very Misfortunes never come singly.
d up Our bob-tailed rooster died auddenly
with and some scamp without the fear of
e to God before his eyes, captured our bull i
inues t yearling this week. So we go.
cur- Good green turnip patches in the
S fall are fine things to have in the
ap-country. Don't forget this hint. Now
war9d is a good time to Low the seed if you
igsa have not already done so.
u uds
tuty, The following remedy for Dipthe
neiug ria is said to be the best known :
At the first indication of diptheria
ward, in the throat of the child make the
esdsay room close, then take a tin cup and
re an put into it a quantity of tar and
turpentilie, equal parts, then hold the
cup over a ire so as to till the room
peprty with fumes. The little patient on.in
705; haling the fumes willl cough up and
rca- spit out all the membranous matter,
eetion. and the diptheria will pas off. The
brave fames of the tar and turpentine re
1, and maoves thea metter in the throat and
sahier affordsthe rlief that has bartsedttthe
herae- akili of physIcians.--CSleutiOSo Ameri
Lake Providence. La,. August 2. 1892. have
The Hon. Police Jury ot the parish of.I
Fast Carroll convened at noon this day. Th
Present-Messrs. McRae, Quays and Toml
Nicholson; hlias. R. Fgelly. Clerk.
Absent-Messrs. J. Stein and Geo. S. folios
Owen. . befor
OUpon motion of Mr. McRae, Mr. P. D. I b -
Quays was elected President pro tem. Job
The minutes of sessions o' July 5th and t:
14th were read and approved. ry
Claim of It. W. Graves for additional Blotu
compensation for additional levee guards
was read, and it was unanimously resolved t#10 C
that the clerk of this hoard be instrueitd 20 dt
to advise Mr. Graves that the board could
not entertain said claim, having paid all LiHen
that was demanded and the tund for that ih
purpose having been exhausted.
Upon lmotion of Mr. Nicholson a recess Nt
was taken until 3 o'clock p i.
At3 o'clock p. in.. the board reassembled. folio
same nmeItbers present as the iorning Snit
Contract and bond for seining in Lake lieUt
Providence, which had been awarded by prisb
the District Attorney to Messrs. Peck. Bar
ber, Gargaro and spuriock at the stnt of Sti.
830 5s0 per month, was read, received and
bond approved by the board.
There being no further business. the
Police Jury adjourned sine die.
P. D QUAYS. President pro tent.
CHAS. R. EGE LLY, Clerk. V A
Lake Providence. La., August 2. 1;92. shatl
The newly appointed metmbers of the and
Police Jury of the parish of East Carroll. otU
La., Messrs. l-o',t. Nicholson. F. X. Rans- Wt
dell. P. 1). Quays and C. A. Voelker assem- W. F
bled at the ottlhe of Chas. i. Etelly. clerk denc
of the Police Jury. presenting their coin- date
missions and having qualified, proceeded ion,
to a temporary organization. C. R. Egelly Mr
acting as clerk. tren
Upon motion ot Mr. F. X. Ransdell, Mr. cor
Robt. Nicholson was elected temporary that
Schairman. solic
Upon motion Mr. Quays. it was resolved Aug
Sthat in consideration of the absence of
Mr. H. K. Barwick, one of the newly ap
ponited members, and it being deemed ad- [II
g visable that every member should be pres- for ']
ent and have a voice in effecting a porut- by
cent organization,. that the election of a 1hav
President., Cerk and Treasurer be deferred year
until such time as Mr. Barwick should ap- I cal
pear and qualify. bIup';
a There being no further business, upon
motion of Mr. Ransdell the Police Jury ad
Siourned to meet on Tuesday, August 9th. -
8 CIA. it. EGELLY. Clerk.
r! Week after week for sonie two shtl
I moiths or more past we have attempt- imp
re ed to be weather wise, and while Lel- For
Sing of what had been in the way of
e rain, clouds alnd sunshine : We have -
in our wisdom, banking on past expe
rience assulmed to tell what kind of N
weather was going to be for a week or ria
two, and even a month in advance., cen
and what a bungle we have male of it uni
i- every time; After the down pour of
May, we had June coming in with sa- Jai
l Jubrious sunshine and the young cot-(
I ton rows as clean as the Providence
side walks where loafers most do con
' grgate, but alas to our great dismay,
, iJune had its down pour silst, and our
It wisdom on the weather market was
n' ( at a heavy discount from the word go
h- -but nothing daunted we tackled
bl .
July with golden tints, hazy skies
and well fruited cotton fields, but at
"sI the close of what should have been. a
of sunny' month, we were completely de
It' lug d and drowne-l out' Now Aug.tst
is in its first week, the July rains are
rnot yet dried upi. What, yes, what
of can we, with any approuach towards St
ess safety and certainty say about the
er- I wether? Thus far it has been worse T
tp- !ixed than fried wool and we have hi
obeen in the fry, or rather in the soak i
kit every title. ,I
We ie give it up, A:igtst can go ahead P
Son its own accounttt, lth wish was pare'it 1
e to thel ftvo,'rat' prc:dicitious we weekly
Smadte it the interest of the planters,
hebut uttr wihtl Cs have been persistentll
ite disreigarded by the ctlerk of the weather I
the and we throw up (indignantly) outrt
e coimi;sioi as d'putty weather clerk S
r- for thids neck of woods and our parch
tLf tmetit as weather prophet we'll turn b
over to our sali'e servitor. ihe cot- itl
t ton crops ill the parish, all things con
rsidered. are doing much better than a o
s person would suppose the mtoistturet
i woull admtit of-dry weathcer front
.n's now on atnlld a very late frost would t
it. make its wait somewhat cheerfully to
ws hear from the back counties. So mote
,vas Turnips, potatoes ambntaes, are do
s ing well. Hay harvesting is soakingly
set blck. Business is dancinrg atten
lldlatce on thie weathlec: waiting for
1 in chartge.
oke Health is good; asprinkling of fever
his here and there, tlihat readily passes
away uinder thie treatmenlt of the expe- I
li e rieiced practitioner. AllA things taken I
be- together are nrot so bad, but they might
be worse yet. There is amnple room for I
eet- i improvement.
syitI The special jury termi of the 7th
e to District Court was opened on time
Moiday mortning, and it has been
business all over from the start.
gto The Judge, District Attorney, Clerk
ear- and Sheriff and his numerotus deputies
ered have all Ieen industriorusly devoted to
I their several duties, so that thie clear
l. ing out of criminals has progressed in
n the most satisfactory manrner possible
r of for the ends of justice.
bull The grand jury has been busily en
gaged eyery day, and are at work this
morning (Friday), eudeavaormng to
the eomi'lete their labors before the close
Now of the week. They had found twenty
you one bills up to last evening, chiefly for I
tminor offL'enes.5
On Thursday morning un
Black wa tried on a tr of , rr
the- der, he having brutl . y 'beateh his wife
to death, it was a el killing, and the
heri m District Attorney paitted the dismal
the deed in all its d k :n devilish s,:es
n fore the jury tMr. F. X. "anedell,
.J the who was up .tetd by the 1ridge to de
room fend the en ti made ,tlch a clean,
fn.o- close cu arg-ment slter the law,
and, pleading /presuasively for tite pe
The servatlo f the prisoner's life, that )de
Sto jry beimig out nearly an h i,
a td ird e £ verdict of manslaugft.r"
;irmdataud beard.Ihe ead
w~slCtB 1't eei reasonitW and
wealth of oratory, would we think
compare favorable with the beat we
have heard.
Through the courtesy of Clerk
Tompkins we are enableid to lay the
following criminal court proceedings
before our readers this week :
John Maymon, two year in peniten
Sti:ry; Jim Collins notsentenced; Henry
Blount, $10 or 20 d:t3s; Tout Wade,
$10 or 20 days; Chas. Figures, $10 or
20 days; David Walker not sentenced;
Ilenderson Black not sentenced; Chas.
Richardson not sentenced.
Nolle proseqluies were entered in t he
following cases: Frank Berili;e, Tnbma
Smith, Harrison Washington ' and Tw
linry Peck. Tilhe foregoing list of
pris.oucrs are all of the colored persua
s ua-ion.
.. . ........ - Patle
We are authorized to announce that Mr.
W A. Blount is a candidate for Town Mar
slial and asks for the support of his friends loWe
and the voters generally at the electionu on
Monday. August 8th next.
We are authorized to announce that Mr.
- W. F. Dillion is before the voters ot Provi
c deuce soliciting their suffrage as a candi- gg
date for Towu Marshal at the coming elect- sReal
Sioun, Monday. August 8th. Ir
M ir. P. B. Woods hereby announces to his effe
friends and the voters genearilly within the Tbr
corporate limits of the town of Providence I
that he is a candidate for City Marshal, and ever:
solicits their votes on the second Monday in COt
f August.
To the Voters of Providence. _i
Ih [ hereby announce myself as a candidate N. 0
- for Town Marshal to till the vacancy caused
- by the resigunaton of Mr. W. E. Dunn. i
a ilaving lived in your midst for fourteen the f
d years every voter must know we well, and suit
SI can safely and confidently solicit your u
bupport for the position I aspire to a
Respectfully, Jo Q. LTO u
I Jae
ain Stands for Sale. de",
We have for sale an 80-saw Gullet gin he
'0 stand with feeder and cendenser. or one mile!
1 Gwatilnev So-saw stand with all the latest culti
t" inmproveuents. Both stands good as new. land
1 For prices and full patricuiars, apply to Tnl
I BLUM & WOOLF, mile'
if Goodrich's Landing. lllawara, P. U. La. i had
ei - --- the'
e- otice. mile
of Notice Is hereby given thatJulls W. Doir trali
o ris has tiled her tinal account of administra- y,
or tion in tie succession of .1. F. Dorris. de- ix
Sceased, and that sae will lie homologated Goo
unless opposed within legal delays.
it { This ±2d day otltily. lt9a2.
Clerk 7th District Court.
J- July '93. 3t.
ce e is erey given
ie has ade appaton toquallily as ex-ofico
1. a
i re
hat Successio otice.
rds ' State of Louisiana, parish of East Carroll,
Succession of Amandittewart.
the Notice is hereby given biat Jesse D.
'see T 'omnpkins, clerk of thLe 7th district court.
has tirade application toq(juallity as es-offcio
de administrator of the succession of Amanda
oak Stewart, which is shlown to ies vacant sue
cession. It there be no opposition within Ce
legal delays he will be allowed to qualify as
cad prayed for.
Read and signed this 23d day of July A. .
t . 12. . F. MONTGOMERY.
kly IJudge 7th Jud. Dis.
o", I A true spy :
l I .1. ToMPKINs, Clerk. Jy-30-3t.
het' Constable Sale.
erk State of Iouisiana. parish of East Carroll.
. Third Ward Justice Court,Sol Dreytlu ss
i- vs o Washi d reean.--No. )79.
Iat Bv virtue of a writ ot g f a to me directed
' tb the hi lou3d .lustice Court. in and tor
oht- t ire parihi of 'ast Calroll. I will proceed to
o sell at piubic auetion at the door of the 3d
"I- Justice Court. Firewnll's tall, in the town
.tii a of Providence East Carroll parish. la. on
Saturday. the 13th day of August. 1892. be
tnre tween tile heors prescribed by law, all the
rum right, title and interest of Wash Green in
and to the following described property,
mhld to-wit:
to One large skiff with three pair of ears.
to Seized in the above suit.
,ote Ternis of sale-cash with the bencfitof
aprilse nlent . I
W. II. IIUNTER, Constable.
do- July 3X. 1802, :t.
ten- Sheriff's Sale.
State of Louisiana. parish of East Carroll,
Seventll Dbistrict Court.
ever Siduey & J. Bernlheiuler vs David Dreytuss. n
No. Il!t. o
tses By virtue of a writ ol firies taeses to
xe mno directed by the Honorable Seventh -
De istrict Court for the Parish of East Carroll
kl aforesaid, in the above entitled cause. j
iht will proceed to sell at public auctiou.at the
(llor of the Court House. in the Town of
n for Pl'rovidence. East Carroll Parish, La., on
Saturday the 3d day of September, 1802.
between the hours pkescribed by law, all
7th the right, title and interest of David Drey
tuaslin and to the following described prop
1)c Dwelling house in Block 7, and Lots 11.
12 and 13. Store-bouse and Lot 3 in Block
I. East  of Lot 3 on the North side of
lerk Lake street and buildings thereon. Stock
ofmerehandise in store as per inventory
uties ettached to writ. 1000l feet lumber more or
'Iis in lot back of dwelling.
Ad to zed in the above suit:
lear- Te a of sale, cash with the benefit of
apprai ent. J. W. DUNN, Sheriff.
e il Sherifffiee. Providence, La., July 30th,
isible 1812.-st
en-I - Sasl.
Othis ne 40 h.p. Stedman boai, capeityf r,
Sto one 30 h. p. Stedman a eag e.
cloisei pipe and aU lixtures wvd Oli'
engine and boiler. - I'
enty- One .inddo b bonR's ball igve
all the fitttis to eonnset toe
Oune istednua lforce plimp. ength 2. feet.
SO)e line 11-1th shI 16i. one cas
Four cast iron pull
iroin pullv.xl1. stands. band feed.
Two 8-saw Eagle and
a uthofwhich a rea o overhauoing in
a wife w rlej l hada been rim one sea
stoe only ne s a d will guarsatee to gin
Ua "all th re for a seed earrier- t
S et friction ecotton press, la test
S will gurat tl give excellent i
o01 ug aity barrela.
c n , I. Bgr it wth some repairi
wfiI~Jwli iider a to t tlrty bauhels per hLour.
plr lg, I, very good eqsdttIetl, will run two
tor 0 oe-sous- . . _ ae
"t a i The boiler ad cinea P r
dtion, and tba bolitr aas e.e.ll..
ig'fr. For Iee sand peeteI
gL and L P r i'; :
Real Estate and Loin Agents
Tom Pa Uth; ra' ti'ig ulim "
PalIhes of East Carroll. West Currell, ladtiea pnd Coleet Comaty, At -
iouaiht and sold en Ct'el.maisie
a'Loatns on. improved real estate oa the installment ls speedily a
lowest rate of inacest negotiated through the lEquitable eMgage O
Cig'Will also lease property, collect rentd, pay taxes sad conduet a GIIe
Real F.state Business.
'-'No charge for Property entrusted to us She esals less nto ft
The Parish Surveyor has a desk ;in our ofee, and will ttnead to
everything in his line.
Corresoondence Solicited, . e.a i
"~-Refer to Vicksburg Bank, and State National Bank, and  
N. O. La., or any citizen of East Carroll parish.
T7WTe oter for isale on eWIl
the following Plantations in their entirety, or in 40 or BO Osere o
r suit purchasers Wiv Oak ~ l ae, se aeree-About 4 aies
Valentine place ,.utO ac-es-Aboutt 4 miles from Providence this Is a Mae plaatMU
from the river, directly back of Goodricb's a high staetes eulttle. with is. ,
landing. honses fr eld lbands, Sln.ht15 h.
- Jack Chamlhis plpe,. 7 wrns-C)rn Joe's The DordsI pIha. _e ·set- 11
hrvon. 1S miles from Providence. 4110 acres from Prevldsues. pSe*sl aeres ilet L
der cultivation berore the war. aion now and ovr 4110 befre the war.
SKellerpfiare. .n acres--On Dry Prong, 9 The W. E. fans store on Lake dis.&; a
n mileS frnm Providence. 250 acres were in new capacPious bloUldisg, and a ed
,t cultivation in 1511: this is a fine tract of noes atad. -
land which can be band very low for cash. The lands that werem, o e
Tngram place. 12º acres--On Dry Prone. 8 tore the wars a state4.)m e, ewat I
miles from Providence. nearly all of which cultivation agaiwiltbhot.tert
a. had heen clearedandincultivati on befor We also have a nesher of vr 
the war. ots at low igures I the town
Casrawavy 1nke place, s20 acree-Ahout 4 de.ce.
miles from Montirello ftlly 100 acres of this Bellagxo pseatasm,'" sitsuated as Le
· tract was in cultivation years ago Providese. about five miles from IFist
a- I York Plantation. ltnuated on Old river; denee.~atalliaif `al ae s. _, t6 PsM
- +i x hundred acre. in fine state of cultlvtion. l.re ear will ret Ia eni, with mI esaad
d God houses, ditches &c. &rmingimliimeats.
-TCaill and examine our lists.
.kifi, OIaih fnr Caida hint,
Proprietor Wharf-boat. Lake Piovidence, Ios I
The attent'on of close cath buyers is ehlled to my stoat of Hay, C,.
oil, Oats, Bran. Cement, Ship Stuff. Barb Wire, Meal, Salt,
Lime, Iron Ties and Brick.
ti Highest Price Paid for Cotton 8ed.
bin Consign Freliht Care Planters' Warehotius. Caiise'es twiks - d
roll. -WORKER LI
Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iro, Tin RelI
o Britching and Somkestacks, Lock and GOermithing,
ti, 8gJob work of every desriptiou promptly dme.
lie. Wash. .Green,
'eiryman, Ksail oanh aenbAlac IO1aWbtO*o
oWill carry pasaengers from Provideoce Id Mayersville asnd on to the Ril
Road D)epot at Iolline Fork daily. The hack leaves lie IAted lryr
ss. nmorning at 9o'clock, wit h the mail. Special trips made w·*tir ed. Al
odeors left at IHamilton'e Lake Viewilotel ill be l:ruPt"ply attl ded to.
SIndepnedentCotton Oil Co.,
on .ge weve O Frlea~Im , Zma.
'f The "zndepende&t" pyys a blgher O3
all. Seed th&1n a Otherb o
Ihock ', t. ank y ether
e o Every Lauding handles sLekas bht the
tock our Sacks. Ask for INDEPZNDEIiT,
utory them and dent take the "ED SA(K."
re or any others.
oes not belong any TRST', thcrefor i~ iS to iLe
it of lhe "Inee t~er to sell the Iludepeideut" their cotton und,
.,g. interest of ev LLIAM,. t
0th, 'ravelag Agent. . .
Vicksbt.rg, M.is. _
i Capit"al '
1 )OLIN B, MITLNGL, Prejhlnt, t F.M. ANDI EW' ice-Preldes
g i N A. C1. LEIfT Asaiit t teeretarY.
P'ogluti Assurance Comipatly, of London"
stest Wenters AsouraaceCCompauy, of Toronto ;
ilent Niagaralaneorawire Cs.gss..y, of New Y;ork;
.pair Ueorg'is Hoese nsurrea, Companyt ot -.olusob i ~t,
, r. Equitable nlsuraUce Co-tupa , . Meridian, 3le..
" belt- New Orleaws Insurane ()saoaoy, of New O .rleans, .
It'11ir21Sr .. ...~t~oi~i~ "E4i - -'",

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