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D. T. ",MRG ,N'. Editor.
Publisher antd Proprietor.
C1 ...I.'T..... i sOT' f'P Y TE -
S:!ur'lay, - i'ember 3, 1892
.Tlhe hIlirsgcd liarvert in November
w:W a co:mh',te finiture. The Al
liance ubligt;nms did';t p:an out well.
Tle i:rgt wire rope ever mauu
f:. inr., ws maile in Cardiff, Wales,
last w:ek ; two miles and 108 yards
JTAiniy 1. Diveuport's uccounts as;
sup:,erviOtr of electi-n in New Pork,
.vi!l be close!y scrutinized before
being pail.
A special session of Congress is a
Repubhiean notion, which President
Clevehmui1 would do well to ignore
Entirely. The country needs quie
tu' le.
The Mercer county, N. J., grand
jury fli their report to the court last
week re:onimended the establishment
of & whifpting post for wife beaters.
Seiai 9 grand jury.
Mlassachusetts has re-elected Gov.
Russell with a plurality of 2,968,
whilc the Republican Lieut. Gover
nor has a plurality of 9,961, which
Vas mixing things badly.
Chicago by her 1)emtnocratic vote,
and the vote of Illinois, have forever
sileneeil all cavllilg and envy with
regard to their haviag the World's
fair teld within their boundaries.
0Gioeral Cyrus Bussey's report is
a clear, explicit aud exhaustive doc
umtent. The General is assistant
Secr tary of the Interior, and has
proven himself an excellent officer.
Very larhuge quantities of corn is
ejcnu shipped to Mexico. Last week
thexe were over 600 loaded cars of
the ocereal blockaded at San Antonio,
Texas. Equal to 300,000 bushels.
Miss Ella C. Knowles has been
elected Attorney General of Wyom
ing. She is 28 years old and a bril
liant woman in every way. Born
and educated in the State of Maine.
In .the iBordeou. ,murder case at
Tauntfo, Mass., the impression pre
vails that the grand jury will not find
a true bill agaust Miss Lizzie Bor
den, nbw is jail charged with the
murder of her father.
The city of La-Union, on the gulf
of Fonesca in San Salvador was tum
bled into complete ruins by an earth
quake last week. It was a place of
several thousand inhabitants and
quitia niunmber of lives were lost.
The colored Demoarats of Sumter
oounty South Caroliia, celebrated
she e!ctiou of' Cleveland in grand
style'lat week, and resolved to join
the colbred Denocrats of Charleston
in their, elehration.- Surely the
the Arittralian ballot law proved a
complete success ifu quite a number
o-the States. No State needs such
a las inore than Louisiana to pro
tect its material interests against ig
noracc and dishonesty of unserupa
loes cohered voters.
The Salvation Army with General
il4i4 ton.Boot1 and all its attend
ant officers are having a spirited
tihb holding a convention in the city
otf~ew York. There were officers,
bd'iileagates from 462 ofties present
tO eebrate the 13th year of the
Anrmy's existence on the continent.
Thtbrrhe osrted- li(iNois in 1888
by 22.000 iaority. Vleveland car
Sied .b State in 1892 by 27,000 ma
irdAfferenee of 49,000 votes.
--as--a-l- Kas tiher. my countryi
.tjit ld t the falU tvey rampant
ikical weni diiwn, and there tet
'ber a tay until tihe far oft dolns
'ptessgt kcCeok & h Oetober's
Forum, says "-tat thereare 4,394
-pre~t ablyrvetes An. the State of
~wutip4ia~ i~ ~& Z~tl~SqP(E$ ~if
'C ~ 4rtl esf.hi
WVe backf `3t
over the cond I i on
lthis cta in f ag aftnd
Seompari'n It with the present rela
tive situalion of the inhabitant., we
ca:)not but be startled at the change P
that has taken place. The class dis.
tinct ions were rarely e sr meniti,,ied, S
!the doctrine of American equality ir
Sw:,s duly respected and milli uOuit,
were rarely met up with except in a]
sonie rare il .t:::ces where sudden I
and phenomeniIl ilncrease in values
had taken place. While on the al
other hand, extreme property with L
pauperism was scarcely known. et
T'hrift, indusryv, success and con
te,:timcnt, marked the progress of al
ttie working classes all over the w
country. t(
llow far different is the condition
of the people to-day relatively, p
Lordly mansions surrounded with si
hordes of pampered laeqteys, can ri
be found in large nunibers in the u
big cities of the country. Myriads p
of .tionairs living in the lap of m
luxury, apeing the titled. nabobs of
the old world in all their pride and tc
vanity. Anglomaniaes of the most le
pronuinced type removed as far ol
away as possible from the high u
mi:,,led simplicity of the founders al
'of our government. b
I'These are the men who by virtue
of their nionied power crowd to the D
very front of affairs, exercising a C
ruinous influence over the people's ,
interests. 1;
On the other hand, look at the -
poverty, misery and degradation of el
the masse.; in the crowded cities; o
pitiable to behold, yet they are hu
man and belong to the same race of 1
!people as those who move around-in p
mriided coahes, wear fine linnen and C
fare sumptuously every day. Such w
extremes are not in accord with the p
genius of our government. Such 1'
radical distinctions are ruinous to
the good old fashioned doctrine of v
A few more strides in the direc- h
tion we have been going of late and e:
the Amerieanrtocracy will soon '1
-, otvie all the viduted pretentions o
Iof Britain's emblazoned nobility. C
While on the other extreme Amleri
can poverty, pauperism and crime n
will rival St. filea, Smithfidd and h
the most celebrated dens of iniqui- n
ty tunder the old mou;archial govern- b
ments. s'
Indeed, to a great extent it seems ii
as though the old world was being c
trauifered intact on to this continent $
and many of its faults and foibles,
foolishly fondled as fashionable fads r
by the purse protud people of Ameri- s
ca; distinctions among mankind ti
must necessarily exist under any P
I form of Government. Industry will
prosper and have its reward, while i
the idle and worthless will of neces- t
sity go to the wall., The shrewd 1
economist will accumulate, wilde the
careless .and shiftless spendthrift will 't
squander. But the extremes here
now existing, are entirely too great p
I for the safety and welfare of a free t
government-a few comparatively t
counting their wealth by the scores
of millions, while the many are hope- t
lessly suffering steeped in penury a
and want. t
There is something unnatural
about such extremes existing, ee-g
pecially in a country founded upon t
liberty and freedom, and so unnat- t
ural that they foreshadow futugre dan- r
ger. The.rich few wilt be puiffed up J
with pride, prejudice and pomposity,
I while the poverty-trlekea many will t
become filled with ansullen disfiontent (
I and savage resentrament
It is sueh an inequality n the ot
of mankndthat engenders sociahldn, t
which soon merger into Anarhienml
and ~other isms, 1at sometimes rise c
in revolutionary might, espsingp,,io- i
litical upheavals:and ovoirthrowing a
Sgovernmetta.' There has been et(irlr d
demonstrations of tate betwqaee o a-8
- tal and labor; some of them quite .
serious tn eatent and eharaetei, and' I
Sit would be wedll for the law amIkrsid -
of the States anutd-o the Nation -i t
t give thibsa questc their earnest and4
a thoughtlal stention, for there is
safety whetw tite tites Are so digej:
ly drawn-betweeki -oney and ib0eP.
The money monarhebs will naturally
endeaor to donia te. Instances iof
the Eld have already traspired, bet I
t . should be itmetP ered that- i
imne be falmdx fati. teii i
3astro is to have two mails a s4ay,
VoPtec . :e$iait >trei r 6p
4 'resh c~tn fed pork was sold. in
Bastrop last week at five cents a
We are decidedly in favor of ex
Senator Jonas for the Collectorship
in New Orleans.
'he exchanges all over the country
are organizing in opposition to the
Hatch anti-optiori bill.
The Commercial says there are
already twelve applicants for the
Lake Charles postotlice, and more a
Vitrified brick for paving purposes
are exenslvely made in Shreveport,
while the Crescent City has no fact
tory of the kind.
The revenues of the city of Shreve
port show a balance on the wrong
side of the ledger. The Caucasian
says the receipts from all sources foot
up $50,000 per annum, while the ex
penditured are fully $55,000, if not
Ex-Lieut. Governor C. C. An
toniC, colored, Was tried in New Or
leans before Judge Moise and a jury
on Monday last, for obtaining money
under false pretences. The jury
after being out but a few moments
brought in i verdict of guilty.
William D)ickey, father of the Bill
Dickey who cavorted around East
Carroll during reconstruction days,
was sent tb the Maine Legislature in
1842, and they are sending him there
yet. He was re-elected at the recent
election, and is now eighty-one years
Jim Hall sailed for America on the
Majestic Wednesday last from Liver
pool, to meet Fitzsimmons at the
Crescent Club on March the 1st. It
will be a world renowned affair. The
purse is the largest ever offered
The Thanksgiving turkeys in Ray
ville were gobbled up before the time
came. Our worthy confrere Mang
ham lost a princely gobbler, which he
expected to give thanks over, but
'twas not to be. Another instance
of the old adage, "man proposes and
God disposes.
We notice that the allotment of
money by the River Commission for
levee purposes for this year is too
near exhausted to permit of anything
being done for the Reid levee this
season. A new line has been
laid out that will measure 600,000
cubic yards, at an estimated cost of
Our talented Congressional Rep
resentative Hon. C. J. Boatner,
seems to be devoting almost his en
nI tire attention to the levee interests
of Red River. We sincerely hope he
I will not entirely forget that the par
ishes along the big river in his dis
.trict has some claims upon him, es
SpJecial!y the town of Providence,
iwhich needs speedy attention from
I 'the river's inroads.
The Baton Rouge Truth's new re
1porter is a Jim Dandy. With hnim
truth or otherwise comes right handy
1the otherwise seems best to fit, while
rspinninag yarns he makes a hit; the
Struth he shuns, and shies, and feels,
as though he was near a Bronchos'
heels; but turn him loose, with
matchless grace he'll spin a yarn,
Sgive time and place, and all the uni
ties set fbrth as if his yarn was real
Struth. Oh he can write and 1---e
Sright handy, and is in truth a real
Jim Dandy.
Joseph L. Montiea, coin clerk mn
I the U. S. sub-Treasury at New Or
leans, is reported to have embezzled
a smallaaount of money from the
department by extracting one dollar
from everly bag containing $1000.
The inspectors when examining the
contents of the treasury weighing
instead of eounting the contents of
each bag, and when found only one
doi sho[, attributed it to abra
salo otj hemaoney by handling, but
whenevl it went as far as two dol
lars short they always counted. So
Sby this ingenious method Montietu
mnanagM to abstract oame $bO0.
When thq-sacks were carefully coun
ed they were found to contain. $O$9
Snste~ad of $1000 as the tag called
or. Thre were over .00 of them.
Turn-the inscala out will be the
S "sh't tey after Marhb 4, 1893.
There are seven Jewih rmemboe
in the pr~seintJoUsept f Commons in
O leCli*e I hiding out somewbere
Ii- Vkrga bci away rom ttbabiquiteps
Judge Carsp ofGeorgih, uiflkps
unit5e~i.so l his e•osteesot
Fifty-third Congress.
The s.aklie n t se-In Chlago foi
ATB City Item culls from the St.
vi p~-iAbe-Detmncrat the following
nutailof the frek1 $. D Carr
ine, wA1o once wa or W oro 1
delt itreet M4thodti Chbr
Nes Or'eans:
Aniogs those who advocated vig
orous mnissionary work were Dra. B.
M. Mu-sick and Beverly Carradine.
Ml'r. Carradiue in jpartiCular was for
,,quippling a nunmlet of gospel-Mwg
u is to go from s: reet to street among
the soultid poitionis of the city" to
spread the doctrine of Christ. Th
only way to reach the pepple, said
D)r. Carraline, is to go to them and
among them. He had spent years
of his life in that sort of work and
knew what it was. He had Leer.
laboring near New Orleans, a hot
led of Catholicism, and had preach
ed the Gospel in the streets when
seutim( !t was so against it that he
was attr.cked with rotten eggs. De
spite the showers of old poultry pro
duct he had kept on with his prea'ch
ing and had finally triumphed. But
every where the eggs were thrown
there was the spot that he resolved
to erect and did build missions.
And briefly criticizes what he psys,
It would seem as if Dr. Carradine
to arouse a favorable local feeling in
St.. Louis, had gravely slandered the
people of New Orleanls.
Dr. Carradine is evidently a re
ligious sensationalist of the most
pronounced type. Often in his ex
tremes doing more harm than good
towards the human family.
We find the following excellent
advice to planters in the Crowley
Signal, which we commend to the
attention of our readers:
Cotton planters should not let the
present good prices of cotton lead
them to plant too large an acreage
again next year. If it had not been
that only a half crop of cotton was
tmade this year, the prices would
have sqyed down to last year's
figures when there was an over-pro
duction, or more than there was a
demand for. This proves that if the
acreage in cotton is reduced that the
smaller crops will bring more money
than larger ones that cause over.pro
duction. Diversify your crops,
raise more corn and grain, and stock,
and you will find that it will pay
better than all cotton and all rice.
Election day was a cold, ugly day,
and the people of the Filth Congres
sional District had a dose of physic
to take. It could not be avoided,
and they took Boatner, says the Mert
ilouge Vidette.-Caucasion.
A very much needed dose to
work off the Populite political
poison out of the district forever
California Very Close.
A special from San Francisco dated
Nov. 28, sad s that the official vote of;
all the counties in California. with the
exception of San Francisco, give Har
rison a plurality of 6,422. The returns
from all but nine precincts in San
Francisco give Cleveland a pluirality
in the city and country of 6,112, re=
ducing flarrison's plurality, as ftr as
the canvass has been completed, in the
State and county to 310. A umber
of irregularities in the returns from
the remrnaiuing precincts in this city
may delay the canvass for a few days.
The figures given from outside coun
ties are based on the.average vote
given for Republican and Democratic
electors. The pluratlity is so small,
and in view of the fact that the vqte
for electors is divided, it is possible
that when the olulial vote ' has been
completed upon individual electors
the electoral vote "may be divided bec
tween Harrison and Cleveland.
Toy Pistols.
It mtnay not be generally known, tha
the sale of toy pistols for eartrldga or
caps is prohibited. Section 1247,-new
code, provides that "if .an~y person
shall sell, or expose for sale, .atry toy
pistol or cartridges or caps of any eon
trivanceby which such pistols are fired
or made to cause an explosion, he shall
be guilty of a misdemeanor, aid on
convilction, shall be panished by a flie
of not less than $6 nor more than $25,,
or imprisonment in the parish jail not
less than three days nor more than
thirty dys,.or buth."
It is sad to think that Mr. iM eeja
mlii Harrison had to eat crow £oshbis
Thanksgiving dinner, but he had the
satisfaptlos ot lubricatlng ,It with
some et Kentacky'a "Old Crow."
Mrsea·se, tbe oratorigeas popu)ia
womam,:r likely to be sint ~Is-: th
wild 8tate^4f Kaziiae #t thseUnited
aStJlsepe.J ~ a lse is, *iono4pt t
fquality she will have to pass throegh
opue a isellinihg proces, because
! "" w aotpatrively statst hat.
power .darnbomaet. a lst, Louiea~ n
Spany jnst o5gvaned proposes to mak*
theom to rivrls., of railra
inern $'.ey-wil biId boro ts ~4
',smalgr; than the ones now in tsytt
tb.,s)ISluihip, 4154d vikb one eagina
andhese ainters *' tlmae -to' seek
wheel Pt., #pe:y $ twentyk
eigbg *oiAty 'ath. mia hour. 4flt
jpssseh·:r ~ w~i lrt m · m
log di5 .at
frae~hgr iut wjt Igirrll - ~,l~iO l
titus. . ·
"Hitch Yo Horn Outside.
iladelphis Times: g
up for w atIresiy was-a albuntry
editor from the South--I don't know; ;
but he at once plunged into politics. b
He plied question upon question, which *?
with native courtesy I answered his
oansylables.2, Finally he asked meo
if I could tell himil why it was so nmany
tf hiao.oloes rbrethrw. ia,.Jhe South
were voting the DemocratiC ticket; if
I knew from personal observation that p
such was the case, and how they had
caught on to the fact that the Republi- b
can party was only using the colored
man because he had a vote, supple
menting his questions with the expla- D
nation that he was the president of a a
colored Democratic club in Philadel
I saw that smy only chance to save
myself from being questioned to death
was to do the talking myself so I U
answered his questions by telling him. J'
a story which Randolph Tucker told
on'Gen. William Mahone, the Republi
can leader of Virginia and the colored a
man's friend.
There was once an old before.tbe
war negro from Petersburg, Mahone's a
home, named Alexander Macedonian
Taliaferro, called. for short, Rastus
Toliver. The old man was a strong u
believer in Marse Abe Lincum and
swore by Marse Billy Mahone, though e
he had never received his -'forty acres
and a mule-" The old man died and
was buried, but the day after he came c
back to earth and went to his old mas
ter to borrow a mule. Astonished' the e
master asked the old fellow. ,"Why,
Rastus, what are you doing hereP 2
What's the matter with you that you
want a mule?" This is the old darky's E
story :
Well, Mlarse George, I'll tell you de v
tnuf, kose I'se sho you'll understan'
BRastus as you has alwayse; it is di
yer way : I got daid, an' I walked up
the steep road to the great big gatesb
ob heaben, and aftah I rung the bell
knob I sat down, kase I was mighty
tiahed. A big voice from inside said:
'Whose dat out dyah?' Says 1: 'Marse
Peter, pleas, sah, hit's me.'
, ,'Whose me?'
",Doan you know me, Marse Peter?
i'ie Uncle Rastas Tolliver, and I hopes D
you is well and all the angles, an' I
wants to get in for to see the place p
whar my ole mistus tole if I was good
when I died I'd be made same hlike she,
white as the driving snow, an' had t
wings like a angle. I'se come mighty
far and hope I has been good nuff; so
Slease Mars Peter let de ole nigger in.'
"Whar's you from?' says he.
,' ,Petersburg,' says I.
" 'Den you mus' know Billy Mahone
says he.
'" I does; he's a reat friend of the
colored people,' says 1,
,' 'W ell, he died this morning an' I
serpope he'll be along soon. P'rhaps f
he'll help you to git in"'
• 'Ob cose he will,' says I.
", ' Is you mounted, RastusP? says
"' MormtedP'
- ' Yes, did you ride up on your
"' 'No, sah kase I haven't got any
.' ,Well,' says he, 'I guess you can't I
come in less you'se mounted, so good
day, Rastus-'
S"I was powerful sorry an' I picked
r up my hickry an' stabted down de road,
for 1 was fellin', unconunon sad an'
down-in-de-mouf, when all of a sudden
I comes right up against Marse Billy
Mahone, walking wid he haid high up
same like'used to do in wah time, wid
his bran spankin' new uniform of sod
gers close, an' a solid gole sword at his
r ,'Hello, Rsstns,' says he; 'whar'se
you gwine?' I
, *Mornin,' Mars Billy, I'se bin to
heaben and Marse Peter wouldn't
lemme in 'doubt I was moAnted, so L'se
gwine back to borry a mule from Marse
George. but mebbe you kan help lie.
You'ie always bin the niggers' fren,
ant' you better tu'n back yo'self and get a
Sone of dem fine bosses you usne to ride
roun' Petersburg an' you can tek me in
as your sarbent.'
"He kinder look thoughtfrl an' I
know'd he was projectin', kase Marse
Billy has de recognishun of bein' awful
cute- Den he smiled an' said: '1
tell you wuat, liastus, we'll fool ole
Sent Peter; you git down on you
knees an' P'll ride you boss asbum"
r right in, an' onct we'se in we casi't be
Sput out. SeeP'
'Well, I tho't that was most cunnin,'
an' I downae on my huunkers, and
Is Marse Billy he got rite on an' says.:
1 jGe' p, ole hose I tell you, my ole [
llhoes I tell you, my ole narrow
bones did crack I But we went rite
Sup to th. igolen gate, an' my heart
was going1 defunoekerty flunety against
tmyolewblt, kahe I wase sbo' 8arm
Billy an' me was goin' rite e.
*'Rlpt'rapl rapt on the gate.
*... Wboe edvP ::
**4 *e William Mabhone, of lar
-t 'Is fr 'mounted, - gin'r'IP
*: ,Ye- .
* "'Wenl;,e' hitch yo' hoes outsidean'
' comerright m
"le Jes' walked rite ina and IneVal
ga14*aword. Imite kniowdd1rouldn't
iate no hatial in a JtibeSe, an' ld# I i
a ~ses to 1t*ng of it,I pecarseBlfl$
w :,4t too. So, Mars George , I
S h do ole nige a mule, wadt
na kinaen' oue of de bo op after
Sen I hitcb him ot. oh!
Iit in I'll te ll i de niggere
wot I#.~ es, an' deb wonpt vate for de
'Pnkbin.iowket no mo'."
S7th District Court. adels of Met. pell,
La.-D. llreyfuss vs Hi Greditor.-N
-1: v~baredf a writ of ate Ot me diree
lE'M dbeithe Ave entitled tmld bMlrt,
* I fiI~d r irets ~ .'ia i:bm5e "s.- at,,
t oL rltate ribtr tL-iiad2 ioj eret t oa
IbOtin ,rSed5 .in .. ...,
a e tto
Wiehi efier
for sale W and
River freul at - ware.
houses ae in st eeedlts; one 45
by 173 feet, ample storage room and olnee
attached ; the other,ft by 45 feet, st whatis
known as 's Upper Landing. The
landlngs long tp r ver fot embraces
tos itxerdas. w "ctiles to every
The Receiving and Porwrdig hbusiness
antt*aa proven one of the buslneei
points along the rver. A btbuhauee flit
a safe and good paying fvestient $eanstt
be found ln North Loea e .
For termas &e.. ap .ly to,
Lake Providence. La. '
Dec. 2, '98.
Lake Providence, La., Nov. 28, 102.
The Town Council met at their Hall
this day at 7 p. m,., pursuant to ad
Present-Hon. E. J. Hamley, Mayor;
Aldermen Egelly, McGuire and PurdX
and Secretary McCandless.
Absent-Aldermen Beard and Rops.
The minutes of Nov. 2, was read,
approved and signed.
The following Ordinance relative to
Licenses for the year. A. D. 1898, was
unanimously adopted, to-wit:
An ordinance to levy,. oolleot. and
enforce the payment of an annual
license-tax upon all persons, associ
ations of persons or business firmi sad
corporations puruing any trade, pro
fession, vocation, calling or business,
except-those who are expressly exempt
from such license by Articles 208 and
207 of the Constition.
Be it ordained- by the- Mayor and
Board of Aldermen in the town
of Providence in regular session cor
That there is hereby levied an annual
license for the year A. D. 1898, upon
each person, association of persons or'
business firms and corporations pur
suing any trade, profession, vocation
or calling. doing business within the
corporate limits of the town of Provi
dence, except thoee expressly exempt
from such license-tax by Articles 808
and 207 of the Constitution.
Be it further ordained, That ' Article
No. 150 of the acts of the General As
sembly of the State of Louisiana, ap
proved July 9, 1889, be and the same
is hereby adopted in so fag asit may
apply to persons doing business within
the corporate limits of the town of
Providence, in special cases herein
after enumerated, or prohibiting
clauses which may be hereinafter en
acted by this Board, which ordinances
must he adopted prior to January 1,
A. D. 1893.
Be it further ordained, That if any
distilled, vinous or l mait Equors or
other kind of mixed liquors be sold
with the business of retail merchent,
grocer, restaurant, oyster house, con
fectionery or druggist in less quantities
than five gallona. the annual 4itense
tax is hereby fixed at one hundred dol
lars for said separate business, exclu
sive of the regular license-tax upon the
character of the business herein enu
When the gross recefps are $3000 or
more, and less than *~AO, the li
cense sball be ...............TOg$-00 00
When the grossaussal reeetpts are
80 or mor, or less than $7,500
rie license shisl be................ 300
Whien the gross annualt receipts are
lS7,000 or snore,and les than$1,000
the lieense shall be.....,.......... 100 00
When the roes annual recetpts are
$10,000 and less than $O1,000 the.
license shall be .................. 00 00
When the gross annual reeipts are
$t5,0Oand leethian $90000 the 1i
canse shall be................ e... 600.
Be it further ordanied, That for
every business of keeping a. Theatre,
Opera House, Amphitheatre, Cieps'
or Menagario, Academy of Music or
any other character of amusement or,
publio erhibition within .the corporate
limits, the anuals lieuse ,is herely
fixed a follows, towift
When the performer number '1 or
amore, 250.
Wie. Zqeperforua number 50 or under
When the perfermnes nulber a or t'nader
hen the peormers numberlD or audeor
0o, 1.o000
When thb performersnu mLaberl or teder
[When tae performers uambet tess thIR
&BeIt further orfakeLsd, 'th where
any two or more bnsInabgep.e re com
bined, except as herein xpressly pro.,
vided for, there shall be a eparata i
onse required for un thIa4 of buelsap
Be it further ordahid ~'bal thrn
ordinaces take eteo frota anmd after
the 1st day of JanuaryL, A. I. 1808 .
v There being no furthr buainsAt
Board adJouraned us x . t
Dmee m,. ' s e
TeD. uleueahlhb esnCat m Apea r
.gp hA.,h Sam 54eesrtorn:a
stre next dooetad14HYI"
be and trutawort
duly hatkerise4'gesnt.
foey grearts, p ad
toes and
· d ~i ~4T j8,
Vessivb h r the * j p1* 4Crt,
pariah of most +arnl, * onag
Go Outer WGuas 4
3alterd Frankla i Charles
Was Myles t CharIey Mrris 4
Naee Royesl s Jimaos B
John Stocket * k Smith 8
Bail lDa Dyon 4
EE Base qTyler a
WT Wi ar i 1
Joe a evt.ove
4 SaMisbdlg ~
wr a age ares 4
.F M T or 9,_.1 - urman 2
.dRlehard .c Brown S2
W .Barne Jllr. '
Chris Dyl aekon. Fr S
Lmono Dai all l
CO Castle W Constant '
B Darlse C'lbel b Iabardson S
WmGm Oiven IJobn Bboefobbtn r 8
Allen Davis 6 A, drew Atlass 8
Alex Jobneo9 4 Jeof Graves 8
Mat Haihn 8 Mat King 3
Dave Caepell S W A Newaan 1
Wns Rodinson 5 Wa. Lewhi 4
Tom Gardner a Nick Io"se 8
Jesse Kent 8 Jergy Rassel 8
Joe Butler 4 Morton Hawkins i
Wm Davis 4 Geo s Owena
Joe Moore 8 J CeB 8 ,".
Jas Andrews 8 I J Grien 5
snat uela lls 8 aron Doll 8
M J dames 8 A Mershou 8
henry Sanders 1 C B LeWls 8
Tom mith ' T J Saunders >
aa R·oBynl S WllIei Henly 6
C-srley Howard a B B Davis
A true copy of the origual now on
#le and of record in wamy ofe,
Witnes my hand and .eal of o4fe
tble 12th day of Nov. 1892.
Clerk 7th District Court.
State of Leunlaau., parish of oat Cmrval.
7th District Court.
Mrs .. T.Sanaders. wife. va T. X. saMn
dersi bueband.-No. aS
This ease oming up fobr trial, after lduo
issue Joined end being regularly tried, and
the law and the evidence being in favor of
plaintiff and agatnst defendant, it is there
fore and by reaos' thereof ordered. ad
judged and deersedlbst plaintiff have and
reeeverjudginents gafst defendant in the
tumof two toousand dollars (tr',o00) with
5 per j ft udietl demand; that the
comm a aequets and gains existing
betw  ' latit and defendant be dts
olii d disolutioa to take efect fromt
thore ng of this suit, and that plalatiff have
judgment declaring separation of property
to exist between her and her satd husband.
Read and slgned in open Court, this 26th
day of October, 1892.
Judge 7th Jud. Dist.
A true copy.
J. rT. TorIxrs, C terk.
Nov. 1942-4t.
The Black Bayou store, situated 8 miles
from Lake Providence, in Fast Carroll par
The location is one of the beet in the par
sh,. being at the junction of the road lead
,ng from Lake Providence to Bunch's Bead,
and is surrounded by large productive cot
tolt plantations. making ft a desirable point
for buuiness. Stables, barn and residence
are attached to the premises. For terms,
New Orleant, La.
or to
Lake Providence, La.
Nov. 1W-t..
-. uccession ,Sale.
State of Louisiana. parish of East Carrell,
7th District Court.
SuBeeseion of A. G. Waddill, DeOd.
By virtueof an order and writ of sale Is.
sued by the Hon. Court atorsald. and
to me drected, 1 will sl at publie ses.
tionu o the last and highest bidder,
on Tuesday. the 8th day of December Is,
at the door of theCourthtselna said parish
andsEtate, the foliowiteg deserttred popenty
beLsaugs to the spseesetoa odA.. !. Wd.
l, eacd., to-wit:
An undivided3 mntererst in th foBlowlng
items, vz:
ODe small lot oefold farming implemet;
Onsold wo-bhorse wagon ;
Oane Makt pony.
Alsp the Undivided in ter i a eer-.
taBn house A let it the Araigaoe dditien
to the town of Providenee, kr this prsh
and S5atesronle n caburtatthret oppolte
: the reldenoe of. Gldenburg, and lately
blonpg to the estate ol Haney tbaefer,
Alhie the entre Ilterest in the Illo rwlg
; lnaovis:
Que old iraxle wagon;
A. lbahe following blanese due oe the
filowlg aecoants appearing on rthe tnven
er , to-wat:
Wva l,,,C,..0; ;Zeke Readel, 0.1;
wc a .via,# Z 4St Reee ;Wsn n,
MiIr I (IreSes . 8 .
0er 41O ; . ce
I0.. . 8 t"Tra.r.
For a le.i
R. J. Busy,,Mar.
F For k*ale,
OEO. S. OWr" N,
Vis roOer.
final a44e

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