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ayw . - - La.
Will practice in thpparrishes oIMorehotue,
)uachita, Richland. Franklin. Madison.
West Carroll sant attend every term ofcourt
In East Carroll: also theChrcuit and supreme
courts of the State. Will give special and
prompt attention to all business entrusted
to me. sept 3
Church Directory.
Divine servics in t~ie Methodist church as
Providensa, 1st and 3rd Sunday's, 11 a. m.
" t and 3rd 7 p. m.
P'ecan Grove. 3d and 4th ~i;,day's. li a. m.
Rransylvanla,2nd and 4:1. dt'un'da'a 4. inm.
Providence, Prayer muetlug, every Wed
nesday at 7 p.m.
Providence, Sunday School every Sunder
at 9 i S. m BR S lesLL. P. e
Atttorney at .aw.
Lake Providence, La.
Practices la State and Federal Courts,
S.Attornzey at L.aw,
L::k I'rovl'lence, La.
A' Judge ~Iiontg,,,trv's law office.
'I'. F'. MIontgornery,
Civil Enri eer and
Parish Surveyor,
Is now prerared to run liues, locate lands,
and corners i.:nmash full description ofloca
tions, timber&c., aui:r! ke plats ot surveys
run leves for pu !. p of odrainaure with pro
Sles, mako estimates of ,'nbankments,
ditch ebhridge building .... . public works
ofa' deserinotiona
Dr. R. W. SEAY,
Practitioner of
Medicine, Sargery and Obstetrics
Office and residence on Alpha plantation
Bunch's Bend.
1'. O., Brunette La.
Surgeon and Practicing Physiciac.
(Obstetrics a specialty )
Will respond to all calls, day or night.
Offiee at Bernard drug store. Residence
next to Mptbodset Church
Paytwent for medical services must
be made at the close of each month
posi ively,
DR. A. 0. TILLA.N,
Graduate Baltimore ('ollege of l)ental
urgery. Ciflee hours. 8 to 1:3.t--3 to t.
Over ('assell's Drug Store. Vlekelurg, Miss.
Services at St. James A. M.E.Church.
Sunday Schbool at 9 o'cl k, a. m., Preaching.
Sunday's at i1 ','cluck a. m. 8 and 7:rO o'clock
p . m.. and every Th iriay night at 7:3 p. m.
CLass e ery Tuesdrv night at 8 o'clock p. m.
Mlrst Tiuesay in each imouth at 11 o'clock it. m.
speaking meeting and att:51,o'elock p. T i. the
Lord's supper. J. H. Martin, Pastor.
Local and Parish News.
"'The darkest hour is just before day;"
That's what tha rld foltkvused to say;
The old folks no doubt thought they were
But now with us, each day Is darkest night.
The parish is sadly iu soak in more
ways than one.
Everybody going under, is the cry
this week.
Let every one who is able, assist the
helpless overflowed people.
Several conmunications came too
late for iinsertion this week.
Everybody going unuder in East
Carroll south of Lake Providence.
Bream and bank perch are the only
fishb that take the hook during high
'The destruction of the growing
crops this wrek has been terribly dis
t'rorection from overflow is becoam
ig c e'y 'ac;r',in, quautity in this
W esher rigat and beautiful. Sun
shiniug on water instead of cotton and
courn in Ea-t Carroll.
The suoffering ai, distress among
the colored peopl, is daily nlucreasing,
andi th, end is not yet.
Ncver before has onr ptrish suffered
so seriously from inuudation. The
ruin Is complete and Irretrievable.
The planting interests in East Car
roll are almost entirely conlfned to the
lhited acreage north ol Lake Provi
M[r. Geo. Guler was in town on
Wedlnes'lay. lie reports the back
water rising rapidly and going all
over the laud.
The best judges estimate that seven
tights of the cotton and ooru in culti
vation in East Carroll will be des
troyed by overfloW.
Henry Day instrucis us to say, that
he makes no charge going or coming
either uay to Schueider's lauding over
the plank walk he built.
Mrs. Scheu from New Orleane,
canue utip on the City of Br. LouisTues
day, ad will spend sonletinme visiting
the fatnily of Mayor Hamley.
The governlmenlt stealmer Meigs
came to our lauding Thursday moru
ing to asist in tying up the ends of
the levee at the Wyly crevasse.
Since the crevasse In front of the
W.ylr plantation on Tnesday the river
has been receedlng rapidly. Yester
day morning the gauge read 40: 30, a
fall of I and a half feetln three days at
this pelut.
The Rosa F. was sncceesfullly
laanehed on Wednesday afternoon,
got up steam at once aud came near
splitting the lake wide open before
Asslstat State E~gineer Thompson
reached Providence Wednesday Cven
g. President Ogden of the Levee
&BaM osme alse8 to look after the
ifrly break.
the person who borrowed the 82
ealibre Remnmington rifle from Mr.
-. C. MeRee aometime Iago, is hereby
motifed to return it to tblh ofee a
o as poSmeble to avdid uapleaseaut
t. i. 9. Telix amd lady of Chies.
Kg04 bridal couple who had beel
spendins- several days pleaeist gt
Arlington vlltleg dthe fatbs fI ilg M.
McoFullob, departed for i ` bots
on Monday last.
White folks stealhg chickens from
the overflowed negroes is about as
low down a business as ever was fol
lowed. We are told siceh vile deeds
have been done this week in the neighb
Ijorhoo' of the Wyly crevasse.
g- . 8eltf-seahng Fruit
1-2 Price-- $ete-se Fruit
p.-- Jars for sale at
-. J. Burney's.
The dire distress that is bound to
follow upon the heels of the destructive
flood that is now spread over our par
ish mIust be met by determined en
durance, persistaut courage and as
cheerful a will as possible under the
The lives of numerous colored peo
ple, big and little, were saved by the
untirini . exertions of the Providence
volunteers, led by our indefatigable
sheriff all through the overflow, day
after day, and often away into the
darkness of the night.
The levees, gin houses and all avail
able outhouses are being crowded
with the negro families that have come
up out of the overflow. Fortunately
thus tar the weather has been favor
able for them. Bad weather would
be productive of serious distress.
Government tents are badly needed.
iHon. C. U. Egelly, accompanied by
his son Fred, returned on Tuesday
from attending the Grand Lodge K.
of P. in Lake Charles last week. The
Judge looked as fine as new spun silk.
lie called at New Iberia while gone
to pay a visit to his daughter, and
round Dr. Artaud and lady in finue
health and prospering pleasantly.
All Sam Lee's store on Lake street,
with the courteous Celestial Appo as
manager, keeps the latest and best to
be found fur his patrons. He has
just received an invoice of '"Taylor's
one pound can yeast powers," which
they sell for 50cts and with each can
the purrhaser can make his selection
from a long list of handsome things on
the tah:c ; o cakes of fine toilet soap, 6
plated tea spoons, a variety of pitchers,
cups and saucers &c.
On Tuesday afternooui last while
little Felix, the son of our postmaster,
was fishing in the pond on the north
side of Lake street, in front of his
home, his hook caught on to some
thing heavy and after tugging away
fur awhile, he brought to the surface
the dead body of a little negro about
five year .lId, who had been missing
for a day or two. An inquest was
held on the body, but nothing proven
to show maltreatment.
The Bauner-Dxemocrat acknowledges
with pleasant appreciation a serenade
given the office by Jerry Blowe's col.
ored cornet band from Vicksburg soon
after their arrival in Providence. Also
the beautiful music Ilu )ed In front
of the editor's residence in the even
ing atter the picnic. We will have
you in pleasant and kindly remember
ance as entrancing melody maniplula
tors of the numerous musical instru
ments, as well as being under obliga
t.ions for your marked musical atten
tions to us. Come again.
A mass mneetuing ot prominent citi
zens was held at Firemen's Hall ot
Wednesday morning to devise ways
and mIeans for thie relief of the numer
ous people that are overflowed and
destitute in the parish.
Mr. J. C. Pitttnan was elected chair
man and Mr. T. D. McCandless secre
tary. A committee of five was ap
pointed by the chair to memoralize
Governor Foster for the necessary
rations to teed the hungry people
thrown out of employment by the in
undatiou, composed of Dr. F. R. Ber
nard, C. R. Egelly, T. D. McCatdless,
J. C. Bass and D. L. Morgan.
The m.t ibcial after being drafted,
showing 2000 weekly rations ,are
necessary for the support of the
sufferers was read, adopted and or
dered forwarded at once to the Gover
After a tree discussiori of the neces
sary steps to be taken for the safe and
most equal distribution of the rations
when they conte, or the next best step
to be tak,-tt if the Governor ftliled to
Ifespoud lavorably, it was determined
that the mass meeting should continue
in existence until its work was accon
plished, and that when it adjourned
it should do so subject to the call of
the chairman.
The question of appeal for outside
help was fully discussed, but the meet
nlug concluded it would be unwise to
do so until the Governor's action in
the premises had been duly reported.
There teing no forther biusiness, the
meetinag adjourned subject to the call
of the chairman.
The crevasse at Wyly's was over
O1600 feet wide at noon yesterday. '
Captain Townsend went down on
the steamer Meigs to lead a helping
band at the Wyly crevassue lThreday
"It le as Ill wind that blowb, no
Igood. Thle saw mill men down Ten
s are taklng adlvalntage of the pres
eat eied to out up ypsri logs to
Two oghtb l *. Igh
seeseding ,e thu ab a mIttle
-back wards and forwards---until
owners of the back aid bottom lands
had come to the couelusion that there
would be no high water this spring
They bad full confidence in the sta
bility of the levees in East Carroll,
both as to heighth and strength,but the
Arkansas l3vees, in Chicot and Desha
counties they dreaded; and on the
theory of no high water this sea
son, they proceeded to cultivate the
low-lying lands energetically, and
had promising young crops all along
the line, with bright prospects
of a prolific yield front the fresh
productive soil; but alas! the much
dreaded Arkansas levees yielded to
the pressure of the unexpected water,
and let down upon us four eeperate
and distinct streams of large volume,
so that today all the crops we
refer to in the low-lying-lands are
under water, totally, completely and
hopelessly destroyed. This is what
we may safely term hard lines.
Several. indeed most of the small
planters in the interior Pre persons of
limited means; many of them almost
entirely dependent upon supply mer
chants for the ordinary means of sub
sistance, and from present indications,
there is but little hope of the water
going down in time for anything like
successful re-planting.
The hard lines we are writing about
are not confined entirely to the small
crops in the interior. We are much
pained to learu that several planta
tions along the lake and elsewhere
will be encroached upn,, by the flood
waters that are still comiug. When
we bear in tuind the extremely short
crop of last year, and the very low
figures at which the bulk ot it was
sold, we cannot but be painfully im
pressed with the great distress that is
bound to ensue from the present dis
astrous condition of things in our
parish. Truly we may sadly repeat,
hard lines.
But in referring to the present
calamity and its dismal surroundings
it is not our purpose to "boo-hoo" or
magnify the misfortune that exists,
but rather, as best we may. put in a
few timely, cheering words of advice
that may be productive of some good.
The mouth of June comes in next
week; there is no immediate prospect
of the water going off the overflowed
lands where the crops were growing;
there are hundreds of acres of land
not Inundated that might be utilized
to some extent to keep body and soul
together as a dernier resort; "half a
loaf is better than no bread." We
mention this incidenutly, for we are
bound to suppose that all the sufferers
have been casting about for the best
means and methods to retrieve their
failen fortunes as far as possible,
which we sincerely hope they may be
stuccessful in doing to a considerable
The pulpit rather than the paper is
the place for what is known as preach
Sing but sometimes in cases of consid.
erable calamity and far-reaching dis
tress, the newpaper has a nitsion to
perform, a sort of outside persuasive
duty to discharge, and this, in our
opinion, is one of those sometimes.
Very few among the myriads of
humanity that do not sometime or
other meet up with misfortunes in
their pursuit of home comforts, com
petentcy, and present and prospective
happiness. Some unfortunates meet
adversity at nearly every turn of the
road, living a life of trials and tribula
tions-having their every effort for ad
vareement checkmated, yet still
striving on until the final struggle
come, that closes out all earthly anxie
ty and care.
There is no grander eight on earth
than to see a truly brave man fearless
ly struggling with adversity and bat
tling bravely to keep despair from his
door. This is really a part and parcel
of the brief life we live, and this is
mainly done under disheartening cir
cumstances in behoof of those who
are helpless dependents upon the
loving care and big hearted devotion
of the strugglers.
The situation in East Carroll with
many today, much resembles what we
have dimly portrayed; let them take
courage and struggle on.
"Have taith Ia the Master. The darket
Live 'till to-morrow, will have passed
Clay Peas for blale.
I have between 75 and 100 bushels
or Clay peas for sale. Purchasers will
please apply to me at Wilson's Point.
May 6. Im.
Bucklen's Ariteos Sav.
The Best Salve in the world for
Cuta Bruises, Sores. Gcers, Salts,
Rheursm, Faever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains Corns, ant all Skin
Eruptions, and positively cures Piles,
or no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price ?5 cents per box.
[email protected] Sale by J. S~ Guenanrd
Good sound IHAY for sale; 6.00
to 68.00 a fou on Bankmsradow
pl r . ..t
-when a soul burns with a g
purpose to achieve, al! obstacles be
tween it and its goal must hanish as
the dew before the sun l-that *if" is
the motto of the dilletant and idle
dreamer; the poor 'excuse of medi
ocrity-a word the truly great know
not, or. know it but to scorn. That
man should let no "if" arise on which
to Is) the blame nor make a mountain
of that puny word, that like a blade
of grass before the scythe falls and
withers when a humant will, stirred by
creative force, sweeps towards its aim.
Belire recalling the dissertation of
the Lpet on "'it" and 'ceirculnstantces"
just recited, we had intended to put
forth as our plea for such long silence
in the columns of the B.-D. that 'if
circumlnstalnces had not prevented we
should have been with you sooner."
but after the above we must forego
the excuse lest we find ourself con
victed of "lack of genius," dillotantism, I
mediocrity and pure cussedness gen
erally. The truth is that we have
tried to write but not hard enough.
Thanks to the kind editor of the
1B.-D). We did not pass the great
metropolis of the Cotton-Belt unno
ticed or unsung, and we acknowledge
ourself indebted in a good round sum
of good will and kind words. We
wrote an account of our river-trip on
the good steamer Chattahoochee for
the iianuer-lemocrat, but were in
veigled into giving it to the Conmmer
cial-[Ierald instead, and so the matter
We have never had any "eye-teeth"
pulled (nor for that matter wisdo:n
teeth either), but if the pain of that
peculiar extraction iv greater than
that experienced by our feelings in
being obliged to pass by East Carroll
without a "stoppage in trausitu," we
hope never to be forced to try the
dental operation in question. Es
pecially when we steamed along iu
pistol.shot ofWild wood audHoomestead
we fancied that the 'spirit of hospital
ity" stood with beckoning baud to
invite us in to join our good friends
iu their mnatitudinal repast; and noth
ing save the stern voice of duty held
us to our place. But the time is not
far distant when we hope to make up
for our discomfiture in earnest.
The best news current in the Hill
City just now is the same assurance
that must make glad the hearts of our
friends of Carroll, for the going down
of the mighty river is of equal inter
est and benefit to us all.
Business has assumed new life in
Vicksburg, and it is beginning to
'boom" in inverse ratio to the waters.
Our leading firms, Wright Bros.,
Warner & Searles, P. P. Williams &
Co., the Miller Grocery Co:, Lewis
Bros., and otbers are again smilingly
hopeful and look for a great future.
R. C. Just has made every improve
ment possible In a Jewelry Emporium.
The Hotel Piazza is entertaining ex
tensively. Laudaur is concocting all
maunner of cool drinks. Lacey has
been rushing the telephone systemn for
all it is worth, and that banner line of
steamboats, the Greenville & Vicks
burg Packt Company will soon hase
all of its boats In operation, and holds
them ready to accommodate fully and
promptly all alonig the river. The
Big Black is falling too, (we crossed
it today) and our friends of Hinds
and East-Warreu are safe in their
planting. The cool weather seems not
to have retarded the crops appre
ciably, and everything looks bright
and cheerful. Sunday School picnics
and excursions of all kinds are the
'order of thie day," and satisfactiotn
reigns supreme. The only dissatis
fled man we have seen is a "reporter,"
who says that life contains tor hint
nothing more than, a
"Cold roast beet for breakfast,
Fall chicken soup for tea ;
Coffee and cakes for dinner,
Tobedatj past .
Secures his shekels on Friday,
Is "strapped" by Saturday night,
Borrowsan X "'till I see you again."
And pays it. honor-bright.
Lives up a life-time in every 6 weeks.
Sees through men as he would through a
Writes with one eye on the dial of his watch,
And talk likes the doomed, with a mlnute
to liHe."
May a kind Providence keep the
staff of the B.-D. from such fate is our
prayer and supplication !
One little effusion and we are done:
There was a man with a tandem-team,
Who thought it an imposation
To be told that things may sometmlaes seem
According to-position;
That the hand of a "kid" may nothing
When singly extended in air,
But that two hands in a line, extended In
Is hardly considered fair.
What then of this fat? that acertain swain,
(Is it quite right to be done?)
Of his -liery untamed," now harmless
Wbile his rival has only atn
More anon. K.
It will cost you nothing and will
aurely do you good, if you have- a
Cough, Cold, or say trouble with
Throat, Cheat or Lnags. Dr. King's
New DIiscovery fo. -Conamlptlon,
Coughs and Colds is gearaateed to
give relief or money will be paid back.
Solffeers from LaGrippe toned It teut
the thing and under its use had a
speedy and perfect recovery. Try a
sample bottle at our expense mad learn
for ) ourself just how good a thing it
i. Trial bottles free at J. 8. Goussed
Dru Stres. Larusc se .an *Z.00;
N. Fuo SBE.
For Seeretary.
For Treasurer,
For Marshal,
Banner-Democrat :-It is needless
for me to say that your paper is al
ways a welcome visitor. Its columns
of solid sense, luterspered with pun.
gent paragraphs and witicisms of the
genial editor are always read with
Being native to the manor born,
and feeliung a deep aud abiding inter
eat in all that pertains to the weltare
of old Carroll, we must say that we
read witll astonishment and surprise
the ordinance passed by the wise
solotns of our pariah called the 'uo
fence law." It does seem to us that
this law was pasald, not for the ben
efit of the masses, but a favored few,
who are either the owners or lessees
of large plantations.
It is a well known fact to all think
inug men that the substantial prosperi
ty of a country depends upon the
ability of the producers of the soil to
be self-sustaining. .Raise their own
hog and hominy, their own cattle,
mules and horses, and Dot have their
corn cribs and smoke house in St.
Lotts or New Orleans; their horses
mules and cattle in Missouri or Ken
tucky; not to belong to commission
merchants, whose agents they really
are, and who in a few years will own
their land and their all.
Then we ask, Is it right, is it just to
the bone and siuue of a country, who
own or lease a few acres of land, to
force them to build fences to keep up
a few head of stock, that cannot do so
well as on a range? Now say there
are 225,000 acres of land in your par
ish and only 68,000 in cultivation,
now why not fence in the lesser
quantity and utilize the 197,000 acres
for stock raising? In our humble
opinion your solons have made a woful
atistake in this ordinance, and the
sooner it is repealed the better. It
will have a tendency to drive the
thrifty farmers from your midst, and
when they migrate, in what will your
wealth consist ? They cannot pay the
prices imposed by law when their
stock depredate. It will be coufisca
tion. In the name of the intermedi
ate classes. In the name of justice.
In behalf of glorious old Carroll. For
her welfare and prosperity, we say
repeal this law.
Business of all kinds in town has
been virtually suspended this week.
Water Coolers and Ice Cream freez
ers at very low p:'ices
t. J. BURNEY, Agt.
Levee Street.
Regisatation Notice.
The registration of voters for the election
to tie L eld on the 1st Monday, the 5th day of
June, 1893. for the election of town oflficers
for the town of Providence, will begin at
the Mayor's office on Monday. May 8th, and
close on Saturday, June 8d, 1803.
Assessor and ex-oficio Reg'r of Voters.
Providence. La., May 6, 1898.
~Sheriff's Sale.
tState of Louislara. parish of East Carroll
Seventh District Court-D. Dreyfuss
vs. his Creditors.-No. 128.
By virtue of a writ of Sale to me directed
by the lion. Seventh District Court for tIhe
parish of East Carrl aforesaid, in the
above entitled cause. I will proceed to sell
at public auction at the door of the court
house, in the town of Providence, East Car
roll pal ish. La.. on
Saturday, the 10th day of June. 1803.
between the hours prescribed by law. all
the right, title and Interest of D. Dreyfuss
in and to the tollowing described property
Lots 11.12 and 18 of Block 7, with resl
dence and other improvements; the E 4 of
Lot 3 on the North side of Lake street,
with the improvements thereon. All sit
uated in the town of Providence, in said
parish and State, seized in the abve suit.
Terms of sale-The sale will be made to
the highest bidder for whatever the prop
ertv will bring on twelve months credit,
the purchaser to furnish good and sufficient
joint security and special mortgage on tihe
property, with interest at the rate of 5 per
cent per annum. Outoftheamountofthe
adjnicaetion the purchaser shall deduct
and pay in cash the costs and taxes esti- I
mated at $130.00.
J. W. )UNN, Sherif.
Sheriff's office, Providence, La., May 27,
1893- St.
Whereas, In conformiolty with law. a
specll election was held li. the town of
Providence, La., on May 8, 1816, for the
purpose of submitting to the property tax
payers the levying of a 1pecila 6-mill an
nual tax for ten years on all taxable prop
erty within the coporate limits of said
town to aid the Lake Providence £ West
era Railway Company in construetiag their
proposed road in accordance with their
charter and the conditions set forth in the
petition ashtag for sad the ordirance grant
ing sail election; and
Whereas, The Board of Aldermen having
in conformity with law canvassed the re
turns'of sasd.election and ascertainled the re
sult to be in favor of satd tax now there
tore 1, Edward J. Hamley, Mayor of the
town of Providence, by virtue of the au
thority vested it me by law and in accord
asuce with ordinance passed by the Board
of Aldermena, do tssue this my proclamation
promulgating the resulit of said special
election, hereby declarinlg sid special tax
adopted, there beln a majority of the tax
payers both Ln numbers and value nto favor
of it, and said tax will be levied, upon said
Rallway Compsay comptyltag with the con
ditions upes whleb asae was voted
Gltea under my had and seal of the
qwn ot Provideseetls lay 16tbh. A. )D.
1808. E.J. HARLEY, Mayeor.
Lake Iomt.J REetaurant,
Regular meals 256s. Meals to order
50ots, Transient Board aud Lodging
$2 per day, Rooms b0cte per day.
Speeial rates to day boarders by the
We ask the patrorafag the pasbe. The
table wilt be sppired IBsb the bat tLe
aarsot sterds. . s erved at sil heours.
lid. . Jeamde O'Suihl--
Pilling I eP tOs aee elty by an e uid P aS iG
Toilet and Fancy Articles. Pare Ciadle.
Landreth's Garden Seed.
IrSTABLItsrD 1870.)
Proprietor Wharf-boat. Lake Providence, Loulaisa.
The attention of close oash buyers is olled to my stock of Hay, Catr,
Oats, Bras. Cement, Ship Staff. Barb Wire, Meal, Salt
Lime, Iron Ties and Brick.
Highest Price Paid for Cotton Seed.
Consign Freight Care Planters' Warease. Cettes Sa seeaks always Mas
Copper, Tin and Sheet-iron, Tin Roofing
Britching and Somkestacks, Lock and aumsmithing,
1gJob work of every description promptly dona
Mississippi Home Insurance Company,
oapital. Vicksburg, Miss. $loo,o
Losses Paid siuoe Orgaisation $208,000.
JOHN B. MAlTINGLY, President, F. M. ANDIEWS, Vice-Preside
A. C. LEE, Secretary.
Phoenix Assurance Company, of London ;
Western Assurance Company, of Toronto ;
-American Fire Insurance Company, Of Philadelphias
Home Insurance Company, of New Orleans. La.
Orient Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conusetint.
Gi 1ouswe Iusurans e a Specialty.
•"a. 9. 3D 3Et. L , "ER-,
X~ala.e 1Pro''cJd.ena , Z.a.,
utbllshed Every Saturday
. A m w IeWRO~TTDHI om, ZLa.k
Subscription, B.00 ier Annum.
It will keep a faithful and correct record of ad the news of nteest that
transpies ast home ansd abroad.
Be Domocratlc to the core, and yet reserve theright to commens on
and oriticise the actions of the party whenever it
becomes nee~ssary.
The Banner-Democrat will be earnestly devoted to the welfare of the lilsi"
interests-in agriculture, commerer uand the natsral
advancement of the country.
The substantial welfare of the home and happiness of oar people will reeive
its thoughtful attention inovery way possible. It will fatuibul denoase the
wrong and firmly applsad the right, doing everything in its power. eetly and
late, to help along the wheels of progret s in this loou _setionl
will receive proper attention, but the etadatioaI lnterss at ·- b riaug
genera3tion will never be lost sight of.
The Banner-Democrat vislts nearly every family in our parish and npamef
othes In the parishes adjacent, and with a cooatly Iereadng
cirelation is a desirable advertiming ,Rediau4i
First ldas Job Work a Sp.ialy.
" - .i.

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