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m Times-P
hZNSmOVIDE1CE. LA. hneld aI
were pI
0. t. MORGAW. E4ditor.. Jury ait
UA)WS Di. TURNEfu against
Peilthe.r and proprietor. utti
SUBSiRTPT1?ON: S2 00 PER TEAR. ,hich
Saturday, - - October 21, 183 te
Such V
The Valkyrle was not in it. I'he think t
Vigi!ant won the three straight, and lIange'
the cup remains in America. cutters
Yellow fever still continues on the is a pc
increase at Brunswick, Ga. Also of the'
the per centage of mortality is climb- in the
log up. an ove
rot a2
The Supreme Council of the t
8eottish Rites of the Free and Ac- teir
oepted Masons met in St. Loui on mal
Tuesday last, to be in session several eo
" quest!
are as
Noah King, the leader of the gang Tlhi
of train wreckers, who wrecked the Irecal
Vandalia express sometime ago, got acpcr'
thirteen years in the State peniten- etc., d
tiary. day,
A conservative estimate of the energ
damage to the wheat crops by recent ,i.o,.r,
rains in Palsuse, Pattlach and Haga- coal
man regions in the State of Washing- struct
ton, has been estimated at five mil.- a l,os
lion bushels. Sol
A boy seven years old, had botlh doneI
legs cut off by a Michigan Central this N
train at Detroit last year. lie sued less a
the company for damages, and an ad t
verdict was returned against the suEti
company a few days ago for $75,000. the
Marshal McMithon, the gallant th
Duke de Magenta and ex-President the I
of France, died in Paris on Tuesday.
aged 85 years. He was created "«P'l
Duke of Magenta in honor of his gers
distinguished services in the battle i :gr
of that nrame. are i
-----I he a'
Representative Stallings of Ala- the t
barns, has introduced a bill in the last
House to place on the free list cot- larg,
ton bagging and other material for the
baleing cotton; also cotton ties. This Brea
is a goq~ ove for the cotton plant- that
er, although the best grade of bag- they
ging is selling for about ten cents a he
yard. ---- was
A recent road law passed in Michi- the}
* gao would bear emulation by other of I
States. It provides that users of i
wide wagon wheel tires, shall have a; ado
rebate on their road duty. It is es- in;,
timated that with the general use of issu
broad tires, roads can be kept in good i t h.
condition with one-fourth the labor (lad
that is now required. the
The Chicago Inter-Ocean says that ra
the Demoeratice party is the "dead cut
fly in thie ointment." The States 1an3
says "this is a small matter. A me
- close observer, and we might add, a thr
blind man possessing the sense of tihe
smell, will readily detect that the an
Republican party is a dead cat on
the pohltical trash pile." up
A terrible storm visited Columbus, n
8. C., on Satnrday last, and allicol
along the Atlantic coast. A score.D
ofelives were lost. In portions of ,
Florida fifteen per cent of the orange thi
blossoms were blown from the trees. i
In Wilmiugton,. N. C., the oldest tat
inhabitants say it was' thb most
terrific outburst of wind and waves 
that they ever witnessed. pr
There is a great row now going on ac
at Williams College, Williametown, ei
Mass., and grows oat of a severe
lasing. Some of the lads were
caught, and threats to expel them are
being made. The .whole class may fr
leave the college. The affair oe- i
earred at College Hall, which is t 
largely occupieLd by freshmen. A
deeon of the youngsters were the
vletims. Some of them were strip- i
ped and had '97 in large figures
painted tin green upon their backs. P
nome were decorated more beauti
lnlly in bright red ink; others es,
eiped quite easily by furnishing
soag aid danoce; two or three had to
sit dowa i a bowl of water and rowb
with toothpicks.
The silver qaestion is beginning to d
#ese erious trouble up the Dem
eate re ks, and the leaders recog- I
als the weold for action and say it
will never do to let the session elapse
without some result. They do not t
** a way out of the difficulty yet,
b" - they are conafdent Osene solution
Swlbe. yet reached. They say th
: * p- might as well disband at once
w- .-- setees laabily to legislate.
' : aS Ilst that eton of some kind
....M b the resit st the sysfon,
ead thby behlive Ri wW not be long
ufsM la I, thagqawl seems to be
·smasdon - rthe hIde that the par
~~ 4S lr1Sa~slh AmpO. s7t
~ .j~rap hb.4
J Log Catt.#t ind tihe JiqVOO'
TtmA,-e1).emooer et ;
The pleo'ple` Eaat Carroll ateAn i
neld a mass nMietiDn t Wi O
were present ,mubs ofhbe -ice
Jury a4 A) th er ok hto pgitest Utder
against the swaampers and otiers Foster
cutting logs in the interior of the Distre
parish, and preparing "ways" by Dist
which they can be floated out in the some t
event of high water and a break in practie
the levees that will flood the swamps. from t
Such work the, East Carroll people ito N
think contrary to public policy and sented
dangerous, for it makes the log- .-Col
cutters auxiou~ for an overfl-rv, and Ing t
is a power ful temptation for some Mr. A
of them to cut the levees. The log, board
in the swamI-s are valuless unless tharp
an overflow comes, 3nd are liable to memb
rot away. Will their owners see arefr
their property destroyed when a left c
small cut in the levee will mean those
housands+ of dollars to thenm? is the had tt
question the people of East Carroll lookit
are asking. He se
Thiniking it necessary to adopt 'oDte
precautionary measures, they Lave ation,
accordingly warned all log-cutters, the
etc., out of the parish within three frienc
days, and have take" unusually to see
energetic steps to enforce their Colth
ordirs by aplpointing an executive selec
conmmittee to carry them out, in- Madi
structing the committee to call out sente
a ,posse whenever it was necessary. the b
Som,ethiiig of this kind has beau end
t done before, but never exactly in
I this way. There has been more or ceive
d less antagonison bet ween the tarners work
a and the log-cutters for years, and the favoi
sauspicjon has always existed Two
) the latter cut the levees. That cony
ithere has been some levee cutting in and
tthe past, and mam'y attempts at it, is prog
w(t-'l known, and it was natural to Lake
sup I sjpl"o'e these were due to the log- pi at
pis gers and swtiamlers or to the lazy sissi
le t:egroes, who'want rattons, as they cout
are the only two classes who will preat
be at all belnefited by a flood. In forv
a- the two Mississippi levee districts yeal
he last year the farmers, finding that way
t- large rafts were beilg collected in beei
or the interior, in anticipation of a bev
his break in the levees, gave warning 200
at- that in case such a break occured uset
tg- they would not allow the timber to ETem
la be rafted out of the district. It lev
was a notice to the loggers that cub
hi- they would not profit by any cutting B
ber of levees. resi
ofi The people of East Carroll have her
aa adopted a slightly different policy; Boi
es-I instead of waiting for high water to hea
of issue this warning they have given he
od it long in advance, and will avoid the
bor danger by preventing the cutting of
the logs and the construction of the
hat rafts. They propose to render levee riv
cad cutting impossible by taking away|-e
stes any temptation to it. If the lumber- I th
A men have no logs in the swamnps ho
it, a they will not desire high water;
e of they will not care in the least for s'
the an overflow.
on The East Carroll meeting called
upon the other parishes of the let
Tensas dlistrict, Tensas, Madison ye
bus, and Coneordia, and the adjacent trn
all coun:ties of Arkansas, Chicot and h
ore, Desha, to join and co-operate" with 1,
them and take suclh early actionu in of
nge this matter as will remove all lemp- cc
ecstr tation to cut the levees. I
e i)St The Mississippi counties opposite,
ves which are iln the same condition,
protected themselves, as we have al
lready nuoted, some time ago. The c
g on action in both cases is a somewhat bh
own, extra legal one, but the people of Il
.ere 'he riparian parishe: have some C
were justitication for what they havedone.
Sare iSuiffering as they have for years ti
may fromn overflow, having lost millions s
o- ot dollars in floods, they feel them- a
i selves justified in the most eergetic
th prtoceedings to Irotect their levees. a
Thley belicve the resolutions we have
uimentiontd to lie necessary for their r
k protection. It is true that the lut- t
nbermien and lwampers have denied
n the stones- of levee eutting, sld have
ea a been indignant at the accusation.t
I toI Buit the levees have undohubtedly I
Srow been cuat, and the simple fact that
any class in a community should
have interests antagonistie and
tg to dangerous to ill the others is bad in
Ie- itself. It is to the rntereat of the 1
eo"- loggers to have an overflow; it ia
Sit destruction to everyone else in the
la parish. To permit suech a tempts
Snot tion to east is bad potiey. There
t are tnscrayplousa men in every butii
Uio ness; men who wouldt selshly suc 
fy thl 1e the rest of the world in crder to
ltonce e,,rih thensl . l i if pomib
kn to prevent them from doing so It
shoLad beR1.u. Thl s th view
seon i-t the gpople of East Cmrallt
tahk of the matter. It is impossi
sob bit for any communnty to tolerate
Spil an ,adstry t eut* p 'Rst.he .a. .
- td property oaf . qeu .pie li
the Loves. dl'ýaL(ti c
An in reeting bi of inuSormahon L
t o a bivt lter of a
i bhle. It p a lr to tbe .ry rp
.t a lr. A: GlIf oil hop 164y
tdieredi i *resigtati to Governor artie b
Foster as a member of the Fifth the col
District Levee Board. The Fifth pfanter,.
District Board is virtually the key to gOOd wL
the levee situation in the State, and helplesi
some of the best known and most r. fv
practieal levee men of the State have pet he i
from tunme to time been members of Wyly's
it. When Govtrbor Foster went tie colo
into office Madison parish was repre- few he
seated on the board by two members leaving
-Colonel F. L. Macxwell represent- peopler
ing the lower end of the parish and terest it
Mr. A. S. Coltharp the upper end. from bc
Colonel Maxwell was left off the less of
board and Mr. Gilfoil and Mr. Col- went to
tharp were named as the two Madison tate pil
members. Both of these gentlemen on dry
are from the upper end of the parish, oI drv
and the lower end of the parish was the do
left out of consideration. Under or saw
11 thbse circumstances Mr. Coltharp ority, (1
b had to devote soi.e of his time to I feel fi
looking after the interests of lower rescuin
Madison and finally gave up the job. was go
He sent his resignation to Governor to se(
't Foster and the Governor, after lelib- the wi
e ation, named Colonel Maxwell for ous pt
the vacancy. Mr. Gilfoil and commnii
' Colonel Maxwell are not the best of New O
e friends and Mr. Gilfoil does not care I aid fo
y to serve with Colonel Maxwell. Mr. l'hibi
ir Coltharp. it is expected, will be wade ,
e selected to succeed Mr. Giltoil, and ,
if that should prove to be the case he ut',
Madison parish will again bIe repre- T'hat
It sentel by her two old members of N,, I
P. the board, one living at the upper care ft
end and one living at the lower end !bgget
of the parish. about
Major Ii. B. Richardson has re- thewn 1
e' ceived the agreeable information that comes
rs work is progressing now under here I
favorable auspices upon the enlarge- childr
ment of the great Fulton Lake levee. u"''''
Two hundred and fifty Arkansas t.i th
at convicts are engaged on the levee, ti rlit
in and as the weather is good, excellen
is progress is being made towards the awi 1.
completion of the levee. Fulton for lh
to Lake is an old slough of the Mississip- thoetic
0g pi and the levee fronts upon the Mis- I am
zy sissippi river. This present work was cours,
ey contracted for prior to the last high til be
il water, but the rapid rise of the river actiol
ill prevented it from being carried I w
In forward. There was some delay this to hii
cts year owing to trouble over rights of jpositi
iat way, but these difficulties have all { ast
i been brushed aside. The work is sary,
a being done by the Tensas Basin frieu,
a Levee Board of the State, and over hegi
ing 200,000 cubioovards of earth will be
red 1used in the enlargement. The
to Teusas Board is also building the If
Eunice levee, below the Fulton Lake healt
It levee. It will contain about 100,000 Grip
hat cubic yards of earth. use
ing Mr. J. I. Gilfoil has tendered his Kidt
resignation;o (Gov. Foster as a mem- is3e "
are ber of the Fifth District Levee ftind
iy; Board. We regret very much to takil
r to hear of Mr. Gilfoil resigning, as Cou
yen he is one of the best levee men in G
oid the State.
;of T
the The steamship El Rio, which ar- Stal
avee rived at New York from New Or- Oct,
wleans on Monday last experienced T
er- the full force of the great storm and
had to remain hove-to for thirty-six ope
p hours. A Norwegian bark was hove- 119
tr to, and had oil bags out to calm the
seas. which were mountain high. A
to o ! ofire
.ied Mr. Jas. D. Bonston of New Or
the leans, who has been sick for the past day
io year, and is now in New York under
cent treatment of eminent physicians, has "]
atd had a decided change for the better. Fai
with The physicians decided on a change gre
n in of treatment, and there has been a wh
emp- corresponding and decided changeexi
in the result. il
te------ i
America in the race between the
t eoa. Vigdant and Valkyrie demonstrated Pr
to the entire satisPfaclon of the r
The civilized world that she can build
w hat better and faster yachts than Eng- ne
le of land. Now there is to be another 1e
contest betwetlen tlhe two countries,
oe and it is to be a race to determine tic
lone which can build the fastest locomo- off
years ties. Two of tue largest and nna
lions swiftest locomotives on exhibition rer
them. at the World's Fair are the Queen o
Empress, owned by the Northwest- o
ern Railroad Company, of England, at
vees and No. 999, recently built by the
their rangements have been made for a o,
ila trial of speed between the monsters M
lenied for a purse of 810,000, and ,t is shl
understood that the race wilt occur t i
tave on a stretch of the New York Cen- Q
attion. tral road, where there are four )
ttedly parallel tracks, between Buffalo and n
tthat Altanty, and very few and light at
hould grades. The officials of the New
York Central says that No see is
and sure to win because the enline can ut
bad in make 100 miles an hour from the 'd
f ate beginning to the and of the day and hi
its i j keep cool, and at the end of theal
: t run can go stus the round house and I st
be made ready for another run in lh
*P'- gire tainutes. The English railroad rc
There meni, however, have every conti-l (
rbbusi- deace in the .lility of the Queen cf
segiri. I Impress to win and are betting
rher to ney freely. The race will 1
r o osri the early part of Novem
ite tie fact that the
i vie w Valkyrie ld Britishere to believe 11
brm r see weald run away from the Vigs. s
lam, ad now abouid ker shampion I
nposst" lioomotiv'e bwdefeated by the 999, '
eleanteu Uerbtstt knock out 3,itahbell
19st ian e Teioml Eiglasd wsthbhis defatst I
i.- e witiia wilooksry muah likes set
pi iUs has. doctored for Ms
: . ur, U1ii'0 , ft
artfisheperiesil -pees isih ihý lS
the colored people as wenll inle WP
planters, and says he was doing all his l oWsPa
good work in thbinterest of the por thets
helpless coloired people and the plant- of 1aetOt
ere. Now lets view his course the soshal
pest Ave months and see how C0ediSt- gitir st
ent he is: W.fhe the levee brokesat from wee
Wyly's and washed away. pvsry thitig a
the ilcolored people possessed, except a Resolvi
few bed clithes---lany cases nt the eitIe
leaving themt that much-the white distrlct,
people of our larish, who felt an in-. t tot
terest in the future of our country ilar actia
fronl both sides of the break, regard- Besolr
less of occupation or station in fife. see tho.
- went to the rescue of these unforto- proecete
nhate people, and continued to work torestssf
until they were all safely boated out reol ti
on dry land. Was Mr. Davis among Executi
the itimber? 'Echo answers. No i the parts
I don't think Mr. Davis went near each was
or saw the break, except out of curi- dens B
osity, (poor dear colored people how can upot
o I feel for you). While the work of ifnecess
r rescuing these poor colored people urea as
was going on every effort was used Resole
r to secure shelter for them atnd tbe requt
the wires were busy asking ve.ri- whoare
ir ous poinlts for fool for them, and purpose
d commintti.tees were sent to Vicksburg. notice a
New Orleans anti Memphis to secure RB-soH
.e aid for these poor colored people. reque
r. 'IThis work e.,tinined for weeks and tihree
weeks in Mr. Ii's. town neighborhood, I93.
and tl di he. iln any way, by wsln or Y. I.
d eerd(, a .it tti rei i giig these l:e"il K. Bare
he now explre5se5 so mluch intlllerest i- ? ward;
'l'That aste reverationi would anl ,r Taylor.
SN., I flui iner all of this troubt'. aind Bakdi
r , care for thelr; after our po.tle hadl .Dvia.
Id begged charity to aal amount eqlual to Mitiv
about $16.000 to $20,000 antd kept min.1
e- the Iromn want until harvest time, in nt. .J,
-t comes Mr. I). as tie great Moses, sent Wyle
er" here hyv t,on WV. H. ttiaffe. to lie.:l t1l by
c-ii childr-ni of Africa ollt of the la»d of to t
. iol li-esl (till iand 1v-r-1 to 4, 'l ' fi tlt g o t hisi
i ith milk and I , u , tpet t. il and o
p1,lent I. ttilsi -I) . iv liht a gr.-. devor
e . big rutib (?) ih a' t. ' e
he The ll)nr- ))ettocratt charges fl agents
with a local they aked lne to write I medtat
for tlhei. which Mr Dlavis very pa- faritg
i thetically refers to, hellce this article* The
Sant very sorry le coutinued in a appot"
as course that I advised him against un- meeth
gh Iil be forced our people to take the Firn
er action complained of. Mece
ed I will state to him. as I have done Routh
his to his father. that allnost the firat pro- ThTu
of! position made to me on his arrival, Doi
all uias to make him him leave, if neces- bIttbu
is sary, vie et armis, and acting as his 0ift
friend, checkeo this sentiment in the Oi1d.
ver beginning. J. I) TOMPKINS. and J
Coe -
the If you are not feeling strong and J .
ake healthy, try Electric Bitters If 'La
000 Gripee" has left you weak and weary, Ha
use Electric Bitters. This remedy
acts directly on Liver, Stomach and are
his Kidneys, gently aiding those organsito
em- perform their functions. If yeou are cure
tn- licted with Sick Headache, )oun will Gael
vee fid speedy and pertuanent relief by
to. taking Electric Bitters. One trial will
as convince you that this is the remedy T
you need. Large, bottles only b0c, at
in Guenard Dreg Store.
The numiber of prisoners in the Edit
ar- State penitentiary on the first of
Or- October was 1028.
iced -
and The public schools of New Orleans
six opened up with an attendance of cons
S19,912 children. An increase of Lou
the 1190, or 6 per cent over last year. tests
At Silverton, Col., a terrible forest Virj
fire has been raging for the past few ltu
days. Several thousand acres of I
st valuable timtbr has been destroyed. (Oal
uder the - ol's
has The total attendance at the World' or
:tter. Fair has been over 18,000,000. The o t
;tge great event will be Manhattan Day, om
en a which takes place to.day, when it is ot
ange expected that 100,000 New Yorkers ba
will be in Chicago. Gov. Flower o
will participate in the celebration,
tedand it imore than probable that te
SPresident Cleveland will be on hand. san
uild I The States says that within the e
Eng- next fort-night President Cleveland io
t rhesr will send to the Senate the nomina- a
mine tion of ex-Mavor Guillotte to fill the i
onuo- office now held by Capt. J. B. Don
tand nally. Capt. Donnally has been Re
,ition ready for sometime to step down and a
n neen out, and will reside in New. Orleans co
rest after his retirement.
Sthe Iow mabout the New Orleans Post. s
Ar- .noastersbhill ? It is time that the rew
for a one should he ap'snlted. We shhik
i tte es Mr. A. W. Crandall is the man wlho, as
,t is should have that place. He i- a gtn.- l
ccur tlettnli psses9sfng alt the ticesseary
Ce- qualifications; therefore, i is hoped
ot'et- by a large number of ilnftt*il lutl
tird ie.nepoin here tC. he witlb~tlht !icky
light ap
Ne i w t)uriug the pres alenci offheGrippe
an the past seastns it was a noteeablt
te t fact that those who depended upon
ati Dr. King's New Discovery, not only
l had a apeedv rtecovery, but escaped
i all of tihe troultesonme after effects of
a nd the malady. 'This reltedly seetts i,,
n in havre a peculiar power in effecting
ilroad rapid cur.s- not otly in cases of L i
oonti- I Grippe, but in all Diseases of Throat,
-Tleen Chest and Lungs, mand has cured case
ttti tif Asthma and Ilay Fever of hbrl j
o wil stantding. Try it ansI becouvl.oed. It
o won't dilappoint. Free Trial ,.Bottle
atem- at oesard Drug Store.
yaebt · ----
st the During a heavy rain aad hail stenar I
. blieve ts Texas5 ihe bail drove the febe I
V igs- palst lte the ground so that ouly thei
uon t op- strand of wire was visible aad
g gg9, was almost on the ground. The rits g
itad ell was so beny that It eawed a muddy .
_ e_ a t ow lit Red river. The water was
eaat so heavy that the As lbah tehmstaUg i
tbrough it mosd bols t.e-*., g4pt ,
. ty tail. e hteav t y fog fotllw!ed .
, wleb w~I so desa that the re I
sembled. Thahereter f e-tr
sous sa ll be s owed to filers ASy
iob6wl i ts par"dsi Wt
from the wters of the rP ,t
ondaste arteall parisons agar= te g l se
aesoled. ier TheCteo por.eets. uwie- a
Sthe e bties** of the pt iah W E a otilevee
district, and also in the Teness Basin Avee
District and the conetes of Desha sad
Chient in Arkapsas, to meet and take sla F
liar actioft.LO
Resolved, That we pledge oeurselves.to
see these resolutions enforced, and-that
each citizen of the parish whe del to
protect our lands fres eoveriow, sod or
torests from atmber depredators, sig these
t resoultions.
Resolved. That the President appoint an
Executive Committee of three citiTses for
the pariah at large and two eiti.us from . ý
r each ward of the parish, of which the Pnl
dent shall be one, to se ithat thee ru n
lutions are enforced, with tall power to
call upon a posse of citisens to aid them
t if necessary, and to take suchb ther meas- I will
ue res as they deem necessary to aeompllsh
Sthe end in view.
Resolved, That the execative. emamlttee
d be requested to notliy at once all periolns r
i- who are cutting logs and lot-roads ltorthe .
d purpose orfloating timber to desaf atease
and leave the pariah within three ds)e iof
Snotice at their peril.
' Resolved. That the Banner-Democnat be OW
,, requested to publish these resolutions tot
thrree months
S Signed this 1th day of October, A. D.. f i
r P. D. Quvea. President' Police Jury; H.
K. Bari ck..n mtebr Police Juay 24 ward;
ol,. Nticholson. member Police Jury, lst
ward; G. A. Voelker, E. J. Hamley. . H.
r* Tavlor.J. W. i)Donn. Wm.S. Walton, J. D.
,ai Baldwin. Geo. F. Blackburn, J. S. OQe
nard, Endward W. Constant. Clifton F.
DWvia. A. M. Nelson. S. B. Kennedy. V.
SMontg"omr y.W. C. eR;ae. W. . henja- c
pain. .. Muir. as. S. MILliiin. J/A. Buck- C
, ler. Jos. E. uanasdll, T. J. Powell. W. G. b
St e following resolution was introdneed
Ie by wT . G. vl. and unatiwo esly adopted :
"W herea,. It lhas come to the knowiedtge
of this meeting ,hat ltaot agents are tn-
festing the parish.aud by false vtatement*a1
and other Impropl:r iufluencea are en- dmsail
anl deavoring to entice the hant' to leave the -
e refore be It resolved. That all labor IT g
Sagents are notified to leave this parish im
io mediately. and that if they persist in inter
a 1fering witL our labor that they will do so burg
lcat. their pe burg.
The following rxecutive Committee was Dr. K
a appointed to carry out the objects of the uiyapt
iii- Ineeting.
the eFirt ward-F. M. Taylor and Chse. ce
Webb. with I
Second ward-Herman Stein and A, 8. "LA
tue Routh. rereee
ro- Third ward-Jesasie Tompkins and J. 8. rene I
Val, enad.t
oal. rth ward-W. G. Watton and Tho. Cooks
e- Mabin. Ne
his Fifth ward-George Blackburn and J. 0. w
the Oldfieid. d
At l.arge-T. J. Powell, H. C. McGuitre Lung
and J. D. Dorrab. it.
There being no further .business the
meeting adjourned .o
J. A. BUCKNER, Chairman. $t.0(
and J . . GUaNRD, Secretary.
ary, Have von tried PIlatatfion Liver
uly Pills for habitual cosuroptiloi ? They susee
isto are perfectly delightful and a sure It
are cure. Price 26bct. Sold by J. 8 B'
will Geunard drug store, the
will the d
irdy The Confederate War an 8
, at betwi
An Illustrated Magaeine, . the ri
the Edited by General Marcse J. Wji*4t 81o 4
Softe O. 8. A.) ustes
Agept for the War )epartlmeat for wit:
the Collection of Confederate 1st
as Records.
The October number is now ready mad ra
e of contains the following: meIe
of rrP rre---Hon. Judah P. Bejsaamir. of
Louisiana, Secreta.y of State of the Con- of Lc
tederacy; General Braxton Bragg, C. 8. A.; ahlel
Commander Catesar Ap R. Jones. C. 8. N.; tor
Lieutenant Generals Amhrose P. Hill. of ort
orest Virginia. Daniel H. Hill. of North Ca-n
f i a he. and Richard (Dick) Taylor of Louis
Ieana. mor
Sof Illnstrationsi-Map of the Battle of Bi me
Bethel. Va.; The Battle of Wilsoo's Cree ag
yed. (Oak Hills, or Sprinrfield), Misouri-stse,
J3 by 184 inches. T
)ld' e scriptive Mtter-Blogrnphieail 8keteh app
orf(eoeral Braxton Bragg. .The Services
Th ofthote VinRONIA MERiMAC'," by CaPtin Ad
Cstesby Ap p . ones. C. 8. N. List of
Day, Offiers of the VGIoie ; AOcomplishment
Siof the Coonfederate Fleet. *The Battle of -
Bethel." as described by Generale J. Bank
rkers head Magruder and D. . Hill. ,'Opera
tious of Lhe Army in Missori from JulDtith
lower io August tIth, 1861. includlng the hattle
of Wilson's Creek (Oak Hills. or Sprint
t field), Missouri."' as described by Geerali
that Sterling Price ;Order of March and Com- lii
mands; Address to the Soldiers of Louals
hand. tana, Arkansae. Missourt and Texas, by
General Ben Mc'ulioch. Proclamation to
Sthe Peoe o1 Missouri. History of the
Civil War. C~hronologically Arranged. pa.
elanD Roster of the Oileers of the Contederate mo
States Army and Navy. and their Com
ina- mands. Ordinances ot Seceseio o dOl
Sthe Virginulr and Arizona. Confederate Ponos. I
Organization of the Troops in the Depart- p
Don- ment ot the Pentnsula. commnd tby
General Magruder. Abstract from the
been Return of the Department ot the penatlnula
nand ad Abstract from the I)epartmenit of
Nortolk, Major General Benjaman H. liner
leais commanding. Humors of the camp Fire,
tThe ovember number will eotsain ai
description of the Capture of Fort Daouei
Posi- son. by (eiabrah Floyd. Pillow, Buckner
and Forrest, and other interesting matter,
h besides Portraits. Battle Scenes. Maps, etc E
th The snb~crtpition price of THEa CONIR
gR saATE WAa JotUrAL is only #1.00 a yeari
a gn. singkic copies, io cents. AddreeM. T 'E
COxtxiDESATh Wan JouiNAi,. trzingten.
tssr Ky., and I1W Fifth Avrenue. New Ytrk.
iusi- -------- . -W -
of mi al2r and S6 leavee Stes. Opposlt. ..
td . It O' WorrelI's Wmrehoes.
I stur n Bofiers, BRseeOble end S 8 teh a
he Vain are y rar expertiene. MI woe-k g ar
iad ldy otsed. Coisty ordeiw si~elted
or wae gWA 4w 4i hee-sd' per tb
itimiuI bIoi~r fur rise ciheap
·~.·:li:i4 'L
LAKE PROVIDENCZ ........ ................... LA,
I wll furhieb cypess. , Ok, As Sa.d all kind o.f Lmber of the very
balhit. Bills for mber sawed to order, and all orders promptly
the lowest prcea possible. Save large hling ep s y patron
a ig my l. . PETLR MIEO..
New On5y raite. " ---oY-- to 21 P .yta-i- St.
ON We--r-s. " . W. airfat Sec. Va TreeONT
l l t Beads, M s ueas, 1 .
LA.E PROVIDCE,   .. ......... . LA . -
. IFrtl e futr eaten c; O fN the rn lliqu of Lumbhr Cof the ra
'-Cocaine Habits forNerv ssto order, and T order promptly
by Dr. Leslie M. Keeley's
T Te I4 o]f ald R e, xl. , . + o, .I
Cbloride of Gold Remedies I
"' go Ea Orse s fur the KA3ia OmoU M ach s d Tobacco , Rsbits hb re eived flo e
the Its eý t at f. Uni t ft e a s A the t ate 'S dlts Ma t ac ý q fwd disabted . otaat e usaJ "se
'n- sad.saucs. AIs OhsodoW sI O5 51 5 ,5, sdrlauthodk.
J. H. Wilson, 71 Clay S., Sharps- 1
burg, Pa., says he will eot be without i$0.
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- t6.
sumptionl, Coughs aud Colds, that itPerdi
cored his wife who was threatenAtd
with Pneamonta after an attack o' An]
"La Grippe," when various other our P
remedies and several physfiians bad theM.
done her no good. Robert Barber,o uoti ,
(Cooksport, Pa., maims Dr. King's the I
New Dioeovery fse done him mpore ame
good then arylhtug he ever smed for
Lung Troealle. Nothig 4kh t It. Try fuude
it. Free Trial kott es, at -O.emtard
Drug 8tore. Large bottle' be. and
Addministrator's 3sIel t
7th Dlstrtot Gourt for VE* V B p par ith
ishb laoulsiat -. . " 1m
By vrtue of a writ of Set nbsut rom a.
the Ron. 1oert sfprsid  .the above by J. .
styled succssiton I, Win. H. ,usie r. Ad
-minsrator. wiselsell at elie su_fo , at
the door of the Court Br usto said parta i
and Sttse. on
WeTaesday. the Itb dge of Novemtber,
betweens the hours presrobo d . by la,. all
the fight, title aud intere-stof the ucae J.
slon of Arthur Ulchartdsn. Dae d.., in snd
nd usted In ait Carroll parish Lou eia·, to1
mr witd a ma. to.r
wst. The Nlorth-eade quater of Section rna
twenty-seven in Township twenty Ifortb, aunt
ad range eleven fut. ooai-ataisl . - iAd
acres more or less.
2nd. tart of Lou $. w . sot - T r2, R.
T r. 12 K.. bounded s ouh by the oeath fi14
ot Lot dm and extenrdr g Ne thwctar In pDe.
f a perpoendlcelars ftom said hlie 8o t
foral a rectangle of forty acres bondaed T
SNorth by Edgewood. East by'Pbll Reqo uire
"s- lce.. West by Shepard trato and South by
!iagaman place, and OOtaJ ii acr es m
more or les. a
Y 3rd. One lot of farming implements,
zc wageo and buggy.osr _
C, 4tb. Two horses and on.e mue.o.
Terms of le--ch with the beneit o t
in Admlnistrator Sue. oe A.Rlehbardsoo.Dee'd,
oe Providence. La.. Ootober 14,$lPTsdt.
of J
Ira- nw OrIwa0sL kS Port and the Bend
Mee Freight and Passenger Steamer
dn- Mike Carbine.......... ... l ter
MeL F, C. Leathets..............lerk.
eby javes New Orleans
red. passing Prrvidence going up Tuesday
gate morning. Returning, passing Provi
Sfit 4r dente going down the same er'veniug
ms. This steamner reserves the right to
pass all landings that the captain may j
tb consider unsafe. K.
Dula _
nel- Leads the world to Busidnes
ner Ed---i
Every itudent, trlaed sq A,C. ST .IN, BSi-e
'vethre ert canOlita a Ccti reper at
gehi . -nAuf. P. 0.
D (pe day and evening.
Ao , E STARIn , Prest a idP. ,
JyT-2:2-ly1. Keok, ll .l
Tnet.anel E
e henoaar i Itt9I14I e elf aNgy1PSW
team ) pttll r pji .$ ..t
com ub $
A Hand ad e Cypress Cist n.
1,000 Gallons. $1.. 1,600 Gallons,
0. 200 Gallons, $26. 8000 Gallone.
I8$. A. RIGGS & BRO., No. $0
Perdido street, New Orleans, La.
Any one purehasiqg $1.50 worth of
Sour Plantation Remedles so entitled to
i tbeMemphisAppfl.-Avlslachne weeklyt
until January 1, 1894; or .1,60 retail,
I the Metaphis Sel,tar, wekly, ~or
asome length of time. The reueds
are guaranteed, o aUaU, or ats.. e
funded by merdebat of wbho purebMil
i PLANTATIOw PUaA CM.a [email protected]
s46 Second fit, Mempqr, Tea.
flaatal abwna CSe seod hlls
stops 'em quick, sud theys ever ,ois
back. If you don't believe iti try It.
If it don't stop 'ee ask for your neSy
Sback, you'll get it.-. Prieyo6etl-"e
* by J. S. Guenatc
mI. ... .
ow J. W.en,, ., m.,LDs P't
The meand( a W 0 I
eof ct., Br, Bores, Useers, Sats
femor umd lnev nr U -oires, T steum nh
beasthy locealliV.O 50 w5 m
Ha lnd. Cohtilbleint e oras al Sl
, rruptiho nsanrd posti aaere l,
fl em. Coet o resin sse'Sre pet fac of ah
ref unhs ded. lPm r of desins p sboo.
For S le bor y J. a I. G nasI
JOaN WL~ .
WKeeps on hand a h So a e of
to a
The est Salve in the worl. for
by Outs , Sores, UleCrs, Btts,
.I. ITheum, Fever Sores, ToIte., bpe
fHands, C:hilblains Cores, and ull Skin
be Eruption"r, and positively curies PIles,
or no pay required. It is gagreateed
to gIve perfect satlfastIes, or money
trefunded. Price cents per bo.
For Sal. by J. S. Gueard"
ad Undertaker. ae
na is (Lake e pr oidene
Keeps on hned e lates aewIS0.
o itiY-nJ n o w ,'I~'g~Si
:. - - 40spi~ri;LH~

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