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UlltunldaT October 28, :893.
Cemiellr and Attrney at Law,
Rayvll. - - La.
Willpracttee ntbeparis esoiMore onse.
Oles its, Riotland. Franklin. Madison.
West Carroll and attend every term of court
to East Carroll: also r eCircuit and Supreme
eolrts of the State. Will give special and
prompt attention to all business entrusted
to me. -ept.
C. s. WTLY,
A.ttorneoy at Law.
Lake Providence, La.
Pracffces In State and Federal Courts,
A.ttorney at Isaw,
Lake Providence, La.
At Judge Montgomery's law office.
Surgeon and Practicing P ylctlar.
(Obstetrics a specialty )
Will respond to all calla. day or night
OUce at Bernard drug store. Residence
next to Met odist C ure
Payment for medical services mln.t
be made at the close of each month
positl rely,
Graduate Baltimore College of Dental
urgery. Cmce hours. 8 to 1:I--83 to 5.
Over Cassell's Drug Store, Vicksburg, Miss.
Att~fornoey at .a w,
Lake Providence. La.
1r3rOece next door to P'oetofce.
Local and Parish News.
Cotton seed $20 at Psirdy's.
The countryolteded rain and got it.
Services at the churches to-morrow.
The way to do is to nip It in the
Newspapers should he paid-some
Dr. W. E Lotig was in the tburg onl
Levee work is progresiing floily
in the parish
Several loads of cotton seed from
the Hills this week.
Go to Filher's and get a spinner be
lore they ate all gone.
Mr. Vail Mnlugoltery took sick
while in the Bend last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Votight were up on
Suuday fruoi the.ieoond ward.
The Fifth District Levee Board
have a notice in another column.
Mr. J. 8. (Guenard took down three
prisons to le Siate pIenitentiary.
Don't ftrget to pay our collector
when hie calls on you t next n ,.erk.
Mrs. W. N. White went southward
Wednesday on the Ghattaboochee.
Robblns are plentiful. The small
boy will be on the bunt from now on.
Col. Jno. A Buckner, from theli
second ward, was In town on Wednes.
Mr. Buchanan of Floyd, brought in
about fifty bales of cottoun on Friday
If the .tie weather cotinues nimlch
longer, erotio picking will aooi be
Mr. Joh, R. Lee left on tie Leath
ers ftw the Charity rospital in New
Mr. Joe Wyly., from the Monticello
nelellborh-od. was ou our streets
Mr. WatterNewman piassed through
towu Friday morning last on his way
to the Ils.
Gatoun seel hals been brlought ln
from the Bnd this week aid sold at
our landihgs.
Mrs O. C. Wonom satl said Miss MaNrr
Dorruoh s4,ent a few -llY thisl week
with Mrs. U. N. Hall.
Mrs. W. 8. Brown, we are pleasued
to learn. has recovered from hter re
cent spelil of iekness.
The Julde antd District Attoruey
are determined tlat no lkodlnitnlm
shall prevail to Eastl Clarrl.
Miss 3satmle Unlier left on the
-Leathers "T .sdsy tighti for Vicks
burg to vilt the Misses Rout.
The Lat~iers pai..d down Tuesday
iglht with ik.$ hales ' of dr ett, re
celing 183 p4 Etar4"'. ItAJliag.
JMr. satd Mrt. J S. (iuetlird's ifallt
sea was tlU 9it R8 . Mr. (ntlerin
Owfi en4n . 8. Flf lManed is
5a of' tUh 8ium'a aSor weiht8 re,
ad is stationed at Bell Place, P. 0..
Sgood biilth afler a three weeks trip
i" ; ; hll. aehoib o is peogralstlmn
< iy qq4er the oper vlstoo of the
eletme preeelpa. Ninety8ave sobol
are tI the atleadsaes
- Mr. C. Aa VoetLer was in from the
Ued Weauesday. With good wath.
t i wmill be through piksieg atito
I .aboat three weeks.
The latre leve outfit of Davit A
Miss., to Lomgweal on the Chattahom
Slbee Tisdayi moralag.
: *p W Iaa t*at uMaeg a iOb.otI
lo . :R.q W pu iva.
#wi ~ x
orz 1
Miss Mary Beard, daughter of our
popunla townsman Mr. Jas. Beard, left
Thursday for Monroe. The charming
young lady goes to enter the Monroe
Acade, y, and the B.-D. with the rest
of her friends, wish her a pleasant
We refund money in every instance
when Plantation Chill & Fever Cure
falls. ~old b) J. S. Guenard drug
We publish this week a poem
cllipped from the Confederate War
Journal, published at Lexingtou Ky.
It is very pretty, and we know it will
appeal to the hearts of all Southern
ers, anil those who fought for the
Luost Cause.
51gAh Samn Lee's store Is on Lake
stret. niext door to Ilarrang's ''ousori
al esiabliisLtuent. Lee Appo, the relin
bi, and rust worthy Celestial, is his
Ii,.y .authorized agent. They keep
fancy groctrieb, p, can, and hazle nuts,
fruit of all kinds, fresh bread and cakes
from their own bakery, cabbage, pota
toes and vegetable, of all kinds-prices
cheepee, cheeL ee
We had the pleasute of meeting
Hon. Taylor Jacksou of West Carroll
on Wedlnesday. He is over trom our
sister patish on a little business and
remained until yesterday, when he re
turned. He reports good crops, pleaut
of money and the people prospering.
We wish we could say the same thing
fir East Carroll.
Two colored tmen, Ed. Simmons and
Ftrank Harris. vho live on the Bag
dad place and worked for Mr. Irvin
Davis. got into a difficulty on Friday
night tast coming from church meet
ing Ed. shot Frank through the
nose, and tl.en skipped fr, parts un
known. The wound is slight. Sim
mons is an overbearing negro and had
beeni illpostug on Harris for several
We would not urge an article with
out merit. We urge and guarantee
Plantation Chill Cure. Sold by J. S.
Gulenard ditg store.
President Ogden, Secretary Shieldts
anld Mr. Heiserodt of the Fftth District
Levee Board and State engineer II.
I. Thompson were in tiown Wed
uesdai. They passed up T'uesvday
'n the steamer Leathers, going
as far as Ashton. and then catne back
dOlwn the river by team. These
gentlemen are making a thorough in
sp'ction of the entire levees in the
Plantation Chill Cure i, giuaranteed
If it don't cure go and get 3our
niltey back. Ask your mlterchant
aboit it. Price 60cts cllt by J. S
Mr. W. 11. Schneider received a
telegram on Monday from the Presi
dent of the State University at Baton
Rouge informtting hiln that his son
Fredt, was quite sick with fever. lie
received anothc r dispatch on Wedues
day evetning saying that his son was
no worse, but wanted Jtis sister to be
with him, and M.iss Maggie left on the
;hatllah,ochtee for Baton Rouge. We
hope our young friend is not serious.
ly sick.
Next week we will seud out W. II.
Hunter on a collecting tour, and we
hope our friends will pay him as we
are very muchl lu need of money. We
know simes are hard and mouey
carerC, but we cannot run a Ipaper sti
wiid. There are several subscribers
who owe us for three years sb-critp
tion that should try and pay us. We
have sent them tihe paper regular, and
we hope they will pay our oolltctor
when he calls on them.
In another column we publish an
article from the Baton Rouge Truth,
-what whisky has dlne for a young
man now in the penitentiary," whose
bright and promising career was
ohecked aad his life ruined by the
demnu alcohol. The story is timntely.
and "we recomnmend it t the yonKg
mea who touch the wine-cup, with
the delusion that the possession of a
strong will power will be proof
against the eduetiou of stronuug driltk."
You cat, buy a small sugar planta
tioun outainiug about 100 ores beet
bayou anIl 260 upland, at the same or
lIs than large trsets cou-mand. The
owner is anxious, for persondal reasons,
to dispose f It blore January. There
is aothter year's lease on it, which
couid probably be aunulled st small
adaty. At any rate the figure at
which it is to be had makes it a bar
gain under any circumstances. Every
_ere now under cultivation In cane
aetd cotton (the low land.) The tim
barl i pine,. oak chinquepin, waluut,
eypeses Ac., Ac. ,Various buildings
sanffclen$ to wthk the.. land. L. J.
flakenyes, att'y-at-law, Aleandrla,
La., or DLr. C. P. Whitehead, Lamoedt
Bridge, 1 -,.
It will cost you lnothing and will
surely do you gIpt4 If you tatve a
Dough, old. ,or euy trouble with
Thrat, COeast or Luaeg. Dr. IEsl"
New D)lseavery fo, CasHSpt o,
Otughsl usd Golds ki -restee to
give relief, or moner will be pai b ba.
Sebrs-r tfrom LaGr/ppe feend Is lust
the thinbtg ad uPder e sue Ad
speedy and perfect rei~b1ey. Try e
Itsiaple bardle Mourgpeuee sadiahu
for earalf jui t hbe waod a asiug (
ri. aTotE btatles free at J. S. (GeeaIe
OeugtCs LasuYaOeLsU 4
;. ~ ·:~cl ':·y
The Fifth District Court has been
in session for three weeks and has
transacted a large amount of busines,
as the proceedings show:
In the various uite agaiinst Imniur
gluctk & Bros., the court rendered
judgment in favor of N. Goldsmith as
to the ownership of the property at
tached and for plaintiff's against Im
wmergluck & Bro. These cases go to
theb Supreme Court.
R. L. Day, Liquidator vs. J. B.
Donna!ly. Judgmeunt for plaintiff.
J. L. Davis vs. B. F. Brown. Judg
ment for plaintiff.
B. Lowenstein & Bro. vs. J. B. Don
nally. Judgment for plaintiff.
Jennie Cord wvent vs. J. J. Bohiuson.
Judgment for plaintiff.
J. M. Powell vs. Gus Plummer.
.Judgmnent for plaintiff maintaining at
tachltment on corn, cotton-seed and hay,
and in tavor of defendant as to the
horse attached.
J. M. Powell vs. Si Gentry. Judg
ment for plaintiff
J. M. Powell vs. Jack Grifun.
Judgment for plaintiff.
E. I1. Davis vs. Ed Richardson.
Judgment in favor of plaintiff.
E. H. Davis vs. Abe William. Judg
ment for plaintiff.
J. Stein & Co., vs. Ben Williams.
Judgment for. plaintiff.
Succession Geo. C Benhanm-appi
cation to homiologate final account
admtr. Judgment in favor of Mrs. C.
T. Ilenalhant, accountant.
Succession of A. G. Waddill-4-ppli
cation to homnologate final account.
Judgment for accounltant.
Reid, Murdock & Co., vs. J. ii.
Semuple. Judgment for plaiutiff.
irigtsu Casper & Co. vs. J. H.
Seiple. Judgment for plaintiff.
State of Louisiana vs. Henry Moore
andtd Henry Atlas. L:ircenv ; plead
guilty and sentenced to the peuiten
tiary for twelve months.
State of Louisiana vs. Mitchell
Johnson. Larceny ; plead guilty, and
seuntuced to the penitentiary for six
If you are no t feeling strong and
hlealihy. try Electric Bitters If -La
Griple" has lest otn weak snd weary,
use Electric Uliters. This remedy
acts directly on Liver, Sttlnach and
Kidnes s, gently aiding those orgausto
perf.orm their tunictions. If iou are
afliicted with Sick Iladache, Iou will
find sle'ey and perllianent relief by
takinig Eectric Bitters. On,. trial will
Conlitince yeo that thi: is the renited
yotu need. Large, bottles only 50c, at
Guenard l)rug Store.
Henry \V illiatns, alias -cow Henry,"
alias -'hog Hetnri,"' as arrested on
Saturdas evening last for killing a
cow belonging to Mr. J. C. Pitt isn.
Henry only- returned fromi the peniten
i tiary about six weeks ag,,, alter ser
ting a year for hog stealing. lie is
one of the worst, andl a persons cattle
and hIg- are ntt safe when he is
about. He is slick and hard ite catch.
angd has been before the courts more
than once for killing cattle. From
what we have heard he has been
"caught dead to rights" this time,
arnd woelt the court gets through with
him it will be "a cool night It August"
when he returns -e41 deo the same thing
over agaia." Iletry is an all round
thief It is to be heped that no loop
hole will be niadte so that he cant escape
conviciioii. lThis town must get rid
of such citizens as he is.
We learn from reliable eourees thlat
Mr. Jack Wyly Is charging tole for
creeuing the pontoon bridge lately
built across the Macona at the "Corbint
ferry." On account of it some twelve
or fifteen wagons that were coming
to Providence went to Ashton, tweoty
miles further away, rather than pay
for crossing. The merchants of the
town subscribed a hundred dollars
iowards openting up the road that
leads to the Macon and Mr. Matheson
furnished lumber enough to build a
large bridge across Joe's bayou, withl
the understanding that Mr. Wyly was
to fix the crossing at Corbin's ferry
and cut out the road. If this is a fact,
we do not thitk it is treating the
mnerchants and Mr. Matheson right,
as they expected to be repaid hy the
trade that would come tromn West
CarroUll. As it Is now. no one is bene
fted and the town of Providence
might as well have no road. We hope
our lnformlat hab beien misintormed.
Mr. R. C. reen bhat the sympathy
of the entre oommunity in the loss of
his estimable wife which sad event oc
cured Thursday evening. She will be
laid to rest in Providence Cemetery
this evening. A suitable tribute of
respect to he rmemory will appear
nvet week.
Mrs. O. J. Byerlte arrived Sunday
from Franklin, La., where Mr. Byerlie
has locateid. We are glad to lesarn Be
is doatg well it his new home. Mrs.
Bysrle is the guest of Mrs. V. M. Pur
dy while viitisagher old home.
Durtag the presvaleae of the Grippe
Seat asessos it was a nouiEceable
the- that thase whon depeaded ulpo
De. iElg's New Disovery, net only
hda spe Medy meovery, but escaped
ItJl LLe treobleoeme after elrets of
the maiaely. This remedy seus to
Iar.de piniar pwne ·t· ofectittg
-~our .4 Uaj Oex of long
iEr~ ig4reawmne4 I;
On Saturday night lai about I
o'clock as DBker Smith, colored, wan
on I*n way home out on the lake, and
when opposite the ice factory, he wat
jumped upon and shot at five times
one bullet hitting him in the nose and
another bitting him near the elbow
and ranging down, coaing out neat
the wrist. About an hour after Ithe
shooting Sheriff Dunn cantme into town
and arrested Linmore Brown. Paul
Gardham and a Mr. Holland from
West Carroll and locked them up
as the parties who Smith said did
the shooting. On Monday morning
deputy Bell arrested Eddie Beldon
and Albert Brock. who were also
placed in jail. On Monday evening
they had a hearing before his Hottor,
Judge F. F. Montgomery, who placed
Brown, Gardham, Beldom and Holland
each under $200 appearance" bond,
and $300 peace bond for one year.
There was not enough of evidence to
hold Brook and he was turned loose.
with from the Judge, which
we h c : will never forget. We
are sorry to see these young men
mixed up in such an affair of this kind.
their parents being highly respected in
this community. And we hope they
can produce enough ol evidence to
prove themself innocent of the serious
Mr. Editor:-Iu explanation of the
cause for my article last week, I will
say that I thought Mr. W. H. lDavis
knew who .Planuter" was when he
male his allsion to lhim. I have
since found out front his father that
he was totally unaware of the author
of the article signed Planter. andl am
sorry to have made ally austter to Li
communication. No matin is more
willing than I to acknowledge a fault
or resent a wrong
Matheson pays ONE I)OLLARI
more a ton for ctolt aspeel than ainyv
otlher person in Providence. it.
Is your life worth 50 cvnts?
I)uino (;hills; Agte; Congaitive
Chills; Death. "ihi, i* the t-ioluliion
of that ialarial chills' sai.ation.
Stop it intiite. Plantation Chill Cure
will do it, or it will cost yotu nothing
Sold by J. S. uuclnard.
Mr N. Fousse went down to Bruns
Sock, Mi-s, Saturday mnorning to do
somle n ork on a boiler atnd enigine.
When it come, to fixi-g up niachiin
erv, he has no equal in the business.
Why pay $1.00 fair a chill cure
when you call buy Plantatiou Chill
Cure of us at 50c. Sold h) J. S. ; utºi
ard drug store.
Gov. Foster has appointed Fer
nand Claiborne assessor of Orleans
parish, vice T. W. Hawthorne, de
ceased, on Monday.
For Rent!!
The "Cottonwood" and Wilson's Polnt
plantations. belonging to Ihe success of Dr.
Win. McCulloch
Apply to Mrs. K T. McCulloclh or
JOS. E. iLANi tDELt.
Lake Providence, La.
Oct. 28, 1893-4t.
To All Log Cutters.
At a mass meeting of the citizens of East
Carroll parisa. held in the town of Provi
dence on Wednesday. October 18th. 1893
the following resolutions were adopted :
in view oe the continued disastrous over
fows in our parish, and the danger to
levees resolting from the general practice
in our parish o floating out large rafts of
logsduring every high water;
Therefore be it resolved by the citizens
ot Fast Carroll parish ir mass meeting as
sembled. That hereafter no person or per
sons shall be allowed to float any logs or
timber in this parish during an overdflow
from the waters of the Misassippi river,
and we warn all persons against making
such attempt at their peril.
Resolved, 'That we respectfully urge all
the citizens of the parishes In this levee
district, and also in the Tenss Basin Levee
I)itrtet and the counties of Desha and
Chicot in Arkansas. to meet and take slim
Ilar action.
Resolved. That we pledge ourselves to
see these resolutions enforced, and that
eacbh citizen of the parish who desires to
protect our lands from overflow and our
forests from timber depredators, sign these
Resolved. That the President apponlot aro
Executive Committee of three citizens bor
the parish at large and two citizens from
each ward of the parish. of which the PresI
dent shall be one, to see that these roso
lutions are enforced, with lull power to
call upon a posse of citizens to aid them
if necessary, and to take such other meal
ures as they deem necessary to accomplisnh
the end in view.
Resolved, That the executive committee
be requested to notity at once all persons
who are cutting logs and float-roads for the
purpose or floating timber to desist at once
and leave the pari-h within three days of
notice at their peril.
Resolved, That the Banner.Demorat be
requested to publish these resolutions tor
three months .
8lgned this l11th day of October, A. D.
P. D. Qusys. President Police Jory; H.
I. Barwick. member Police Juay td ward;
itobt. Nicholson. member Police Jury. ist
ward; C. A. Voelker. E. J. Hamley, F. M.
Tayvor, J. W. Dunn, Wm. 8. Walton; J. D.
Baldwa,. Geo. F. Bilackbura, J. 8. GOe.
nard, Edward W. Constant, Cliton F.
Davis, A. M. Nelson. 8. B. Kennedy, V.
Montgomery, W. C. MaRe, VW. H. lienja-.
mln.D. Mir, Juas. 8. Milllklin. J. A. Buck
ner. Jos. itaMsdeli, T. J. Powell. W. 0.
The following resolution was introduced
by W. O. Wyly, and unanimrnosy adopted:
Whereas, it has come to the knowledge
it this meeting that latot agents are in
testing the parish.and by false statements
andt other Improper influences are en
deavoring to entice the hands to leave the
parish; '
Therefore be it resolved, That all labor
agentsare nettled to leave this parish im
mediately, sad that it they persist in inter
fering with ouar labor that they will do so
at their peril.
The tefollowing Exeeutive Committee was
appointed toearry out the objects of the
First ward--F. IL Taylor and .( has.
,econd ward--erman Stein and A. 8.
Tird ward-Jessle Teompklins sad J. B.
Fourth ward--W. G. Waltoa and Thos.
Flftb ward-Gejat Blleekbern ad J. .
smiLES Deerk %rD kir h
'eliis remedy is becomiintg so well
kno,:ý and so popular as to need no
apeckil faantiou. All who have used
El, ct. ic Bitters sing the same song of
pr:nhe.-A purer mediciue does not
exist and it is guaranteed to do all
that is claimed. Eleniric Bitters will
cure all diseases of the Liver and
Kldneys, will remove Pimples, BIolls,
Salt Rhettiau and oilher afl'ecaii'u caused
by impure blood.--Will drive Malaria
from the systeml Slud prevent as well
as cure aill Malarial fevers.--Fur cure
of Ileadache, Consutmptios and Indi
gestion try Electric Bitters-Entire
satisfactiou guarnnteed, or motey re
funded.-Price 50 c's. and $1.00 per
bottle at G(uentard Drugstore.
Have vyou tried Plantaton Liver
Pills for habitual consumnption ? They
are perfectly delightful and a sture
cure. Price 25cts. Sold by J. S
Guenard drug store.
To Contractors.
Settlements will be made on the irat
Monday of each month at Vicksburg, for all
estimates of the Board of State Engineers,
for levee work done under eontraes with
the Bolted of Commissioners of the Fifth
Louisiana Levee Distract
W. F. OGIEN. President.
W. H. SHIELDS. Secretary.
oct. 19-ti.
N otice to Fishermen.
Sealed proposals for the sole privilege of
seining Lake Providence during the season
189:1.4 from date of contract to April e1st.
1814, will be received by the undersigned
until W ednesday, November 8th. 18i8.
The right to reject any and all bids re
Clerk of the Police Jury.
Lake Providence La. Oct. 21 1898.
Tho Confeoerate War
An Illustrated bMagaz'ne,
Edited by General Marcus J. Wright,
(late C. S. A.)
Agent for tIh War )Department for
the Cillectiont of Cofederate
The October number is now ready and
contains the following:
t'ORTRAITS-Hon. Judah P. Benjamir. of
Louisiana. Secretajy of State of the Con
eleeraey; Gener.l Bra~xton Bragg, C. 8. A.;
Commander Cauesbv Ao R. Jones, C. S. N.;
Lieutenant Generals Ambrose P. iill. of
Virginis. Daniel H. lill. of North Caro
mlas. and Richard (Dick) Taylor of Louis
IllIIt+trations--Map of the Battle of Big
Bethel. Va.; The Hattle of Wilson's Creek
(Oak Hills. or Springfield). Missouri-size,
aý'by 133 inches.
Descriptive Matter-Biographical Sketch
if General Braxton Bragg. "The Services
of the VIRGINIA (MERRIMAC)," by Captain
Catesby Ap R. Jones. C. S. N.; List of
Otficers of the VIRGINIA : Acconmplishment
of the Confederate Fleet. "The Battle of
Beth.l." as described by Genera.s J. Bank
head lagrader and D. H. tilt. "Opera
tions of tihe .\ any it Missori. from July 25th
to August 11th. lti1. including the tattle
of Wilson's Creek (Oak Hills., or Spring.
ield). Missouri." as described by General
Sterling t'ri.e : Order of March and Com
mands: Address to the Soldiers of Louis
iana. Arkansas. Mibsounri and Texas, by
Gensradl Ben McCulloch. Proclamation to
the People of Missouri. History of the
Civil War. (:hronologically Arranged.
Roster of the Officers of the Confederate
States Army and Navy. and their Comn
mninds. sOrdinances of Secession ol
Virginia and Arizona. Confederate Poems.
Organization of the Troops In the Depart
anent of the Peninsula. command by
General Magruder. Abstract from the
Return of the Department of the Peninsula
and Abstract from the )Department. of
Norfolk. Major General Benjaman H. Huger
commanding. Humors of the Camp Fire,
The November number will contain a
descrip'iou of the Capture of Fort Donel
son. by Generals FIloyd,. Pillow. Bucknuer
,aI Forrest, and other instere, gt matter.
besides Por'traits. Battle Scenes. Maps. etc
The sulbscription price of TE LONFE'D
ERATE WAR JOURNAL is only g1.00 a year;
single copies, 10 cents. Address, THa
Ky., and 110 Fifth Avenue. New York.
323 and 325 Levee Street, Opposite W.
O. Worrell% Warehouse.
Manufa:'tures of all kinds of Steam
B',ilers, Breechling and Smoke Stacks,
Irn Shutters, Jail Works, etc. lie
pairing promptly attended to. Esti
mates made on short notice. Thirty
tire years experience. All work gunar
anteed. Cotntry order s solicited.
igA new 40 horse power tubular
boiler for sale cheap.
Machinists for all klads of work
furnished on appltoation.
gr'Refer to Vicksburg and Greenville
D. H. CRAWFORD, Prop'r.
1ew Orleans,Lake Port and the Rend
Freight and Passenger Steamer
Mike Carbine........... ....Master,
E, C. Leathers, ...............Clerk.
SLeaves New Orlesan
everry Saturday at6 p.m.
passing Prnvidence going up Tuesday
morning. Returnitng, passing Provi
denee going down the same evenigur
This steamer reserves the right to
pass all latdings that the captain may
consider unsafe.
Tulane University
The next Atantal Session of the College,
High School. atd 11. &aphie New
comb Memorial College for Wo
men, opens Octobesl 2s.
Bntrace ExLaamiatiosns September Pth
and 80th. Tne College is well
equipped with Librartee amdSlesa
tile works.
bhe University grant. abou~ t On
Hundred and Fifty Sulhaolarshps I
the Collegiate amtd the lirgbahool
DIoparttlnts. Rach $Shater ard
£Epreseth. Ii time SetaQ, b.h
appplrttuheua of 'sehoadre i
,p~e9;~rilr~ ··:.
Quenard Drig STor.
A GOeeral Assortment of Pre
Fresh ags Always on Had
Filling Prescriptions a specialty by an experienced and duly
- lidensed Parmacis-----
Paintera Supplies of all kinds.
Toilet and Fancy Articles. PureCandles.
Landreth's Garden Seed.
esTACLIS.11E 1870.)
Proprietor Wharf-boat, Lake Providence, Loeallaaa
The attention of close eh buyers Ie ealled to my stock of lay. Ora
Oats. Bran. Cement, Ship Stuff. Barb Wire, IMal. Sal
Lime, Iron Ties and Brick.
Highest Price Paid for Cotton Seed.
Oeaslsn Freilgh Care Plaler' Wauees. Cotto ses tanks dalWs a ba
Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron, Tin Rsorin
Britching and Somkestacks, Lock and.Onrsmitkhig,
aeJob work of every description promptly done.
Illl -- -
Mississippi Home Insurance Company,.
capital, Vicksburg, Miss.
Losses Paid since Organization $286,000.
JOilN B. 1 r IN;LY. President.' F. M. ANDREWS, Vice-Praesid
A. C. LEE, Secretary.
Phcenuix Assurance Company, of London;
Western Assurance Company, of Toronto ;
American Fire Insurance Company, of Philadelphia,
tlome Insurance Company, of New Orleans, La.
Orient Insurance Company, of Hartford, Connecticat.
Gin House Insuane a Speoialty.
m. ,. D]Dr-OlbTY, aR.,
alske .®eror2denoea ; B k
Published EZvey Satuiday
S3ubscrittion, S2.OO i"r Annum.
It will keep a faithful and corret reseerd of all the eows of ibt*dret that
transpires at home au1 abroad.
Be Dam~'ato to the eore, and yet revwe the right to *eoammet on
and oriticse the aetionu of the party wheneer it
becomes necessry.
''heBanner-Democrat will be garnestly deoted to the wethro of the le1al
ihterests--ln iagrloltore, commere sad the natural
adyaeeeeent of the nonutry.
The sabetantlal welfare of the bomeaJd hplpanns et our people wilt receive
Its thoughtful attention inaery way possible. It will faithful deoaace the
wrong and firaly applaud tte right, doing everything I it. poser. eaI sad
late, to help along the whedet of progreus ia tbhi loww seetiestm. l~plhtSs
wlfl recsive proper attee Igtlma th& s eduetieai lienet a
1earation will nevas be leek 4 -
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Th ae e.ra~ ~ p-~~ S
es~rs4^ Y~ *1*' u~t.*

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