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lturday, - - January 20, 1894.
Counceller and Attorney at Law,
Rayvills. - La.
Will practice n the parls es ofMore ouse,
Onac its. Rlcfland. Franklin. Madison,
West Carroll anld attend every term orcourt
in Fast Carroll: aiso t eCircuit and Supreme
courts of the State. Will give special and
prompt attention to all business entrusted
to ate. sept.3
0. S. W'LY,
.Attorney at Isaw.
Lake Providence, La.
Practices In State and Federal Courts,
..ttLornoy at T.aaw,
Lake Providence. La.
At Judge Montgomery's law office.
Surgeon and Practicing P ysiclan.
(Obstetrics a speettty )
Will respond to all calls. day'or ntcht.
Office at Bernard druti store. Rtesidence
next to Met odist C ore
Payment for medianl services must
be made at the close of each mouth
DR. A. G4 TtL*A N,
Denti.f t.
(Iraduate Baltimore .Cllegs eorDeattal
Surgery. C flce houns. S to J):.-3 to 6.
Over Cassell's DragStore, VIcldrg. Mlisy.
.Atorzney at L.aw,
Lake Providence, La.
ETOfllee next door to Postofbee.
Local andt Parish News.
This is the time to set out shade
The tax-payers shall remember that
term of Court.
The Police Tury proceedings will ap
pear next week.
The river at this point has risen 5 1-2
feet since the 11th lb.
President Quays of the Police Jury
was in on Wednesday.
Very few bales of cotton remain in
the parish to be shipped.
Services at the Episcopal and Metho
dist Churches to-morrow.
The water gauge read 10 feet and
rising on Friday morning.
If you want to secure an encore, be
sure to sing only one verse.
All unplaid taes are now deliQqU 4.
The penalty will be added.
Mr. H. C. McGuire made a lying
trip to Vicksburg this week.
Contractor Richard is hard at work
on the Misses LeMay's residence.
TiThe ury came vary near4tceiug
qtsas.ed oun .sother''tezitelity.'
Bear In mind that there is a In of
$5.00 for riding on the Centeterymtore
w lk.
Mr. It. F. Brown Is ready to ralse
the frame oe his. residence on first
That bumanity is depl ableiwwkiok
is ceoutimted to pity when it ingit
Mr. and Mrs. Irvlue Davis went
over to Flo.d on Monday to spend
a few days with relatives.
Thie river rose nearly ix feet at
this point, Iby tihe heavy rain of Samtr
dm7.:. d Suuday.
Mr. J. L. Moore is able to be out
after his severe suelo of oiekness,: we
Mr T.J. i'owell has a fresh sup
ply of grocerics; give him a sbare oi
the public patrounage.
Ot Fri,:ay last Shemriff I)mnn made
promptly hIis fonrih quarterly settle
flieut at liaton Rouge.
P:ay always classical music, for
hardly an.body tknows whether you
make a mistake or not.
'The world would be happier and the
people just as wise if they wouid
whistle tmore and argtue less.
The Joe Peters on, her Irip down
Mounday, put utf" 1300 packages of
freight at thle 'rovidience lauding.
In grief a friend, says an old writer,
is a ncomtifrtl, it joy a cheerful eo.m
parilon, and at at times a bed'd .tlf.
Messrs. Morgan Ilatnilton, W. 8.
Maguire and C:litlOU l)avs. have beet.
on the msick list for thLe -pst tew days.
Mr. J S. Miilikim is trittmlatg the
trees in the Arlington yird ; he will
Imate the prettest phl\er--t-N-orth
SLoutml~an. ~ -- *-* -
Circuit C(our4 ·^.;
Thi Leathers had a good trip up on
Tuesday. C(ot ton Is saout all shipped,
she otl habd S00 bales on her arrival
lt rrevidene.
epld14+ I•pp .'
Wi i baa p~n hesi:a 1 mtmfbeO l toe (tiab
it tpe lbIaiI
145 et.. w ofq t w ,i
t.. .,,td hD i
-a.we. , Ie.,d -fra R7. i . -
ithe~ 5ed w5Mi'vsi
State vs. D. K. Bingham, forgery;
five years in the penitentiary.
State vs. Jim Davis, burglary; four
years iu the penitentiary.
State vs. Henry Robinson, shooting
at with intent to kill; six mouths iu
the parish jail.
State vs. Geo. Smith, resisting an
officer and wounuding less than
mayhem; six mouths in the parish
State vs. Juo. Simms, murder;
State vs. Bud Love, burglarly; mis
State vs. Win. F. Manson, wounding
less than mayhem; 70 days in the
parish jail.
It L. Burwell vs. E. II. Davis;judg
ment for plaintiff. Defendant ap
pealed from the decision.
We refund lmoney iii every Instance
when Plantation Chill & Fever Oure
fails. Sold by J. S. Guenard drug
On Saturday morning, the weather
prophet announced fair weather for
Saturday and Sunday; he proved to
be grievously mistaken, for it began
raining on Saturday evening and it
never stopped until Sunday night
about 12 o'clock.
Dr. Oliver Wendell lolmnes in
speaking of smoking says: "It is
liable to Injure the sight, to render the
nerves unsteady, to enfeeble the will.
and enslave the nature to an imperious
habit likely to stand in the way of
duty to be performed."
The town authorities should, by all
means, paint and fix up the pump
house on the corner of Lake and Levee
streets. It won't cost much gentlemen,
besides, it is a living rememberau,ce
ot those who put it there and are now
laid away in the Providence Cemetery.
Mr. Fowler, the blacksmith, has
bought out C. M. WVhittingtoa's black
smith shop, which was located next to
the Firemen's Hall. Mr. Fowler's shop
is down below McGuires livery stable
on Levee street, where prices are rea
sonable and nothing but first class
work is turned iut.
At the recent term of our District
Court, on motion of District Attorney
Razslell the law license of Mr. L. K.
Barber was ordered spread upon the
minutes of the court. Mr. Barber was
admitted to the Bar of this state in
February 1S77 by the Supreme Court,
and was sworn in by the lamented
Chief Justice Mannit.g.
Is your life worth 50 cents?
Dumb Chills; Ague; Congestive
Chills; Death. This is the evolution
of that malarial chilly sensation.
Stop it intime. Plantation Chill Cure
will do it, or it will cots you nothing
Sold by J. S, Guenard.
We have been favored by The John
Church Company of Cincinuati with a
copy of The Musical Visitor. It is a
bright monthly, published at 15cts.i
a copy, containing $1.00 worth of in
formation about musie, mustsl itn,ete.,
and besides four vocal and tw iusttr
mental pieces by the best sU hoal ;,It
is lttst what all munical families
have. Subscription 1.4o a year,Id
dress The Johu Church Colts Ciu
uinnati, O.
W~iJ. &. P. Coats' Spool Cotton
at 45 less 6 per cent. This rine is
to merchants only.
W. N. Warrm, AGT.
One of the daintiest of the New
Years caleudars is that issued by.,the
proprietors of Ilood's Sarsaparitta.' It
will fully satisfy every expeatemlou ts
to bianty and utility. "Sweet Sixteen"
is the head of a beautiful girt, the
lovely picturo being lithographed in
many aetcate colors. The pad har
mtizes with the exquisite array of
color above, while the dates are easily
read. Hlood's Calendar may be ob
taiued of your druggtst or by send
ing 6 cents iu staomps for one or 10
cents tur two, to C. I. Iloud k Co..
Lowell, Maiss.
The East Carroll Guards, Co., C. on
Motnday received tiheir pirorata of tbs
Stanie ftuds for Military purpises,
amountlng to $200. 'This is about
$125 more than tlhe Company expected
to receive, lbut the applortionment is
tased on the numtnber of drills~d the
number in atteudance which was
taway up for the East Cirolrl (uards.
We hope to see Ihe Company ofit ln
the more money tbelCompn gets
every 4arter.
?ltPl aon Obuttsu e opss chills
ltops 'e. quiektand thetererer conme
Iud ifyoudoft' beliere it, tfy it.
f it dpeV satopse esM It yenlroeey
K 6'll$ it. Pd*O'*60ts, Sold
aeipierieto. 'itb his daieaj6 dur
dl, ttt est epidetaisgi wAibits
wrO tlyplyser~)~hsd e and
r.eSpy case it slakti i ., abtdp~tient
taks he ord" a* W ra'vd ex
posre. h thing ha* been
proi toee who hare p Dr.
~ o r k. tt eand
iI.di~r fob
We understand that the formation
of a literary club has been agitated,
and is in a fair way of succeeding.
Nothing would afford us more pleas
ure than to see a club of that sort or
ganized in our little town. Letting
alone the promoters of good sound
literature and other results, it would
certainly contribute wonderfully to
unite our people and make life more
The members of the club may rely
entirely on the support of the Banner
Democrat to promote the interest of
the organizatioun, and we have ed much
the welfare of it at heart, that we hesi
tate not in giving some points that
may help along the would-be orgau
izers of it.
Of course they should profit by ex
perience, and as we had here at one
time a well orgauized literary club,
the Iris Club, they should inquire why
it did not succeed.
Mr. J. E. Ranadell started the -Iris
Club and was the life of it during the
short period of its existene, one year.
lie worked hard to make it a success,
and during the few mouths of its ex
istence the club proved to be a source
of pleasure to all the members, but
especially to our young people.
Why it disbanded, we would at
tribute to three different causes; 1st,
the lack of interest on the part of the
members to bring in their regular con
tribution; 2nd, a tuoveument to make it
a dancing club; 8rd, that famous sup
per that killed itdead. In order to
make a success of a new literary club,
the members of it should see that they
do not make the same mistake.
flow could they be remedied, and
how could the club be made an inter
esting one, is the next question. We
would suggest that, as the club has to
meet at prilvate houses, that the meet
ings should take place, causing no ex
pense whatever to the person at whose
house it is to meet. Under no consid
eration should it be allowed to the
hostess entertaining the club to pass
around cakes, wine, refreshments of
any kind ; the club should expect only
a good warm room, plenty of light and
plenty of seats. This should be made
a never-to-be-broken rule.
The club should be strictly literary,
and have for its object the literary im
provements of its members, and under
no consideration should it be made a
dancing club. Dancing should not be
allowed on the same night at the resi
dence where the club is meeting.
That same thing shook the Iris Club
injits foundations, and came very near
killing it, and the organizers should
see that no discording element enters
the association. If they want to make
it a success, let it be strictly literary
and take in only people who want to
improve themsclves ihtellectually.
We said above that the supper the
Iris Club gave killed it, and we might
have said justly also, that it was dying
its own good death, and that the sup
per was only the final stroke. A lack
of interest on the part of all the mem
bers made the meetiugs dull, insipid;
only a few, and always the same,
brought their coutributious, and their
stock of interesting literature was
soon exhausted. Other members
would be appointed at every meeting
to prepare a contribution for the next
meeting, but most of them failed to
bring it, and the old reliable had to be
called upon to fill their places, which
of couse, doing without preparation,
they did without success.
We would suggest that, instead of
the President calling upon so many
members to bring conltributions to the
next meeting, he should only determine
at whose house the club would meet
t he next week, or the next month, and
rely entirely otn the hostess preparing
a programme for the entertainment of
her guests. In this way, she would
exert herself to make it a Ipleasaut
evening, calling upon the different
members of the club of her acquain
tance to furnish readings, recitations
mIusic, etc.
It is impossible for the President of
a club to interview personally during
the month every member that he has
appointed to give ~ contribution, and
see that they do it, and beg them to
do it; but the hostess at whose house
the club is to meet will see personally
that all have a flue timue aad that her
friends bring in their contributions.
With these retnarks rapidly jotted
down as we go to press, we wish the
new club all success, and gladly put to
its service the columns of the Banner
A Hand Made Cypress Cistern.
1,000 Gallons, $15. 1,5M00 Gallons,
#20. 200 Gallons, $26. 3000 Gallons,
$85. A. RIGGS & BRO., No. 60
Perdido street, New Orleans. La.
3•s*ken's Aates Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for
Cuts Bruises, 8ores, Ulcers, Sale,
Rhleum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chappet
Hatnds, thilblains Corns, and all Skin
Eruption., and posittvely cures Piles,
or no pasy requied, its guaranteed
to give perfeet saitilhetiob, or money
refbaded. Price 26 eents per box.
Pot' Sale by J. 8. Guenard*
Miss Annile Beldeno returned home
in tha early part of last week from an
extended viasi to Rev. Wm. Heart and
family ot Srew Iberi, Ia. Miss Annie
as. been ab-eut everal mnethb and
nte 0m bhe Imbek home.
Danner-Democrat :-Last week you
announced that you would give to
your readers the proceedings of last
week's Criminal District Court. I
hope you will keep your word, and
place side by side the two above
named criminals, with the penalty that
was administered to them.
The first one, Jim Davis, guilty of
petty larceny, under two indictments
for the same offense, one for stealing
a pistol, and the other for stealing
four or five dollars;
The other, Gee. Smith, also tinder
two indictments, one for resisting an
officer, and the other for striking a
darkey over the head and inflicting a
wound less than mayhem.
Jim Davis is an ignorant negro, who
bad no friend and no petition. Ilis
Honor had it in his power to send him
either to the parish jail or to the pjen
itentiary from one day to two years,
and be gave him, for stealing that
pistol and the four or five dollars. the
full extent of the law, that is, two
years in the penitentiary for each
offense, or four years in all.
George Smith shot at a man and his
wife here within the corporation,
resisted arrest, drew his pistol on the
marshal, refused altogether to be
taken to jail. Besides, in the last few
days he assaulted a darkey because he
refused to loan him his saddle, and
beat him over the head; being in
dicted for that offense, he refused to
be arrested by deputy sheriff Delouy,
and only when sheriff Dunn and a
resolute deputy went afterhim and he
saw he had to come, did he conde
scend to take his quarters in the par
ish jail.
On Wednesday last, he plead guilty
to the charges of resisting an officer
and wounding less than mayhem, and
the District Attorney entered a nolle
prosequi in the other charges against
The case had attracted considerable
attention, and all were anxiously
awaiting the sentence of the Judge.
Meantime a petition had been drawn
up by the lawyer of the young crim
inal, setting forth that "as George
Smith had plead guilty, the under
signed petitioners would recommend
him to the mercy of the Court." The
petition was widely circulated, but
failed to secure the signatures of many
people, and especially the signatures
of The Sheriff, D)eputy Sheriff, Dis
trict Attorney, Mayor, Marshal, etc.;
in fact, it had the signature of tnly
one of the officers of the court. It was
signed, however, by good many
young friends of the crithinal, other
people, and especially by that element
who are always proud to put their
names to any petition, and generally
sign without reading.
What would the Judge do? was the
current topic of the town. Most peo
ple said he would not consider tlhe
petition, as he himself knew too well
the value of any petition; and many
went to the court house on Friday
evening to hb ar his decision. Now,
his Honor, in each of tihe two cases for
which Smith was indicted, had the
same power that he had in the case of
Jim Davis, power to send Smith either
to jail or the penitentiary from one
day to two years; Smith's sentence
could have been therefore, as Jim
Davis four years in the penitentiary.
But Smith had a petition; and his
Honor taking In consideration, I sup
pose, Smith's- very exemplary life pre
vious to his indictment, and because he
had known his father, grand father,
etc., etc., sententced him to six months
in the parish jail.
Poor Jim Davis stole a pistol and
four or five dollars, and he is sent to
slton Rouge for four years; but Geo.
Smith, because be shot at a man and
his wife, and refused to be arrested,
and pulled his pistol on the marshal,
and terrorized him, and beat a darkey
over the head, and refused a second
time to be arrested, is recommended
to the very merciful Judge, who gives
him six ronths in the parish jail.
George had so well behfved that his
Hlonor decreed that the parish should
pay his board at the rate of $12.00 a
tounth, say $7100 for six months.
Webster defines justice "merited, re
ward or punishment." In this case,
"George Smith got the reward and
Jim Davis the punishment."
Fou-r "Eig sl0o
Having the needed merit to more
than make good all the advertising
claimed for them, the following four
remedies have reached a phenomenal
sale. Dr. King's New Discovery, for
consumption, Coughs and Colds, each
bottle guaranteed-clectrio Bitters,
the great remedy for Liver, Stomach
and Kidneys. Buckleu's Arnica Salve,
the best in the world, and Dr. King's
New Life Pills, which are a perfect
pill. All these remedies are guaran-.
teed to do just what is claimed for
them and the dealer whose name is at
tached herewith will be glad to tell you
more ofthem. Soldat J. 8. Gueunard
Drug Store.
hw arp sf6ard Stud at J. S.
Have you tried PIMuassio LIver
Pills for habitnal consumption ? They
are perfectly delightful asd a sure
cure.. Price 2~cts. Sold by J. S
uaiMard drug aetort.
Banner-Democrat :-The following
shows the folly of our presteit jury
About November the 9th, 1893, Jim
Bell and Win. Beuton were arrested
and put in jail for larceny, and were
hgId until the District Court met, when
the District Attorney filed the follow
ing i iformtation against them: "'That
Jim Bell and Win, Benton did steal,
take and carry away one sack of pea
nuts of the value of 65ts, and one
basket of grapes of the value of
70cts." To which charge they plead
not guilty and asked for trial by Jury.
The costs in this trial is as follows;
Twelve jurors, $1.50 each ..........I18 00
Witnesses ........................ 7 0
Witness certifiate ................. 1 00
District Attorney. ............ . 10 00
J l fees . ...... .... ........... 64 00
Sheriffperdiem, day........... 2 50
Total ........................... 93 00
One of the accused was discharged
and the other sentenced to be confined
in jail until the following morning at
7 o'clock. Is there no way to deal
with such offenses for less money?
This is a good document to present to
the constitutional commission.
Next week I will give In detail the
cost of the recent term of court and
the result thereof.
Why p.y $1.0 for a chill cure
when you can buy Platatiou Chill
Cure of us at 50c. Sold by J. 8. Gueu
drug store.
Gen. Juo. B. Gordon. Commander
in-Chief of the United Confederate
Veterans, will deliver his lecture, "Last
Days of the Confederacy," in New Or
leans on February 2d, for the benefit
of the Confederate Soldiers' Home, of
Louislanua. The gentlemen who have
this matter in band are dolng every
thing possible to make the lecture in
New Orleans a success, and have sent
out twenty-five tickets, at one dollar
each, to every camp throughout the
state, and it is expected that every man
and every camp will use every exertion
to-wards disposing of the tickets.
Camp No. 193, Lake Providence, La.,
received twenty-five of these tickets
and have them on sale at the stores of
J. W. Pittmau & Co, T. J. Powell, J.
N. Hill & Bro.,and at Jno. W. Keller's.
It is to be hoped that not a ticket will
have to be returned, because it would
show that Camp No. 193 of Lake Provi
dence had not done its duty. There
are only a few days left to dispose of
them, as the money will have to be in
New Orleans by January 30th. Old
Coufed's and friends, do your duty.
We hope our postmaster reported
the condition the paper mail arrived
in on Sunday last; in fact it is his
duty to do so. We think it is the duty
of the carrier to protect the wnail from
the rain, and if he does not do it, he
should be reported. Over half of our
paper mail was thrown away without
being opened.
Don't be caught riding or driving
on the levee. It is against the law.
From the traveling public, we learn
the roads throughout the parish are iu
a fearful condition and almost impas
sible in some places.
Charley Whittington has started a
"liberty" stable, as the darkey calls it,
next to the Firemeu's Hall. You can
not keep an houest man down.
We were ieased to see Mrs. Dr. W.
D. Bell out on her gallery Wednesday,
after the severe epell of sicknuess she
has had for the past eight months.
La grippe in a mild form is preva
lent throughout the parish. Go to
Guenard's drug store and ask for a
bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery.
Appe na opened up an eating
house next to J. W. Pittman's & Co's.,
store on Lake street. Everything is
neat and clean and prices reasonable.
Mr. E. L. Ilarang bas been quite sick
for somettme, but under the skilful
treatment of l)r. Bell, he was able to
be out attending to his business on
Sunday last.
We are requested to say that the
young men of the town will give a
social dance at the allal on Wednesday
night next, chaperoned by Mrs. F. M.
Taylor. All hands 'round.
The petition presented 19to the Police
Jury ou Wednesday on behalf of Mr.
T. Byrne and accepted by that lion.
Body, was just, auil their action will be
approved by every tax-payer of the
lion. H. K. Barwick, of the second
ward,'tEame up ot Tuesday and stayed
over to the meetiug of the Pollee Jury
on Wednesday. A large amount of
business was transacted by the Hlon.
The Providence Lumbar Company
are selling lumber every day. The
high lumber stacks that they had on
the yard are rapidly getting smaller,
and before long th6y will have to start
their mill a ruunning.
Costs only $2.00 per 100 qllnare feet.
Makes a good roof for years ad asy.
one can put it on
60 cents per ralio-; ia barre*l iota ot
4.H0 for See ploa tmb. Voter daa r
red. Will stop leaks i la tl or $'s
roofs that will last for years. T t,
Send stamp tqr samples sesd l Pa'.
GOu BLarnc looemIs CWa..
86k 41trrW. $roiwq,
Now 1iY*k.
Guenard P«:
3. S. GrI-tt xDIPAh
A General Assor'tmat on 'ff
Filling Prescriptlion a specialty byr. iranW
- licensed Ph4ta ''- 'a
Painteros Supprlae of a~1 had
Toilet and Fancy Artfoles. Potrs k ' 4a
Landreth's Garden Se4
6STAILISaEl 1l7.1
the attet'es .f sloe.... eash buyer. I eald
WIC ýýi LCCEALER II " Efl•, - .+ +.,_
Proprietor Wharf-boat. Wake e t
Y, Irut Tof Glow ""-. • + ..s+1. +.e4
Highest Price Paid for O#tto  .
tlba.. Frei .its s ne. 'a , we: 's.
- .-WORlER I
Copper, Tin and Sheet-1iin, Tin Rost l
Britching and Somkestacks, Lock and OGusmithiug,
AIgJob work of every d~oription prcOptly dean
Mississippi Home Insurance Coempan,
Vioksburg, Miss.
 1apitals - .,!1O.Ol
Losses Paid since Organization $285,000.
JOHIN B. ~I.lTINGLY, Presiaent, F. M. ANDREW'S, X ice-Preside
A. C. LEE, Secretary.
Phoenix Assurance Company, of London
Western Assurance Company, of Toronto ;
American Fire Insurance Company, of 'hiladelphia,
Hnme Insurance Company, of New Orleans, La.
Orient Insurance' Company, of Hartford, Connecticut.
Gin Houseo I~Znar a Specialty
subsoriotion, ES2.OO oer .Apiailm.
It will keeop a faithful anmd oorreet reoot of all theo sews of imteort that
transpires at home an~3 abroad.
Be Domooratic to the core. an yet reseroe the right to somment on
and criticle thfe Setions of the party whenever it
becomes oseeaery.
TheeBanner-Democrat will be earnestly deveted to the welfare tbhe local
interets--in ,gricultre, omapre and thematural
adwanoeeent of threl e,, try
Tbe subetantit wiUfre of the homer n. a qluesl t o o.2r14Ewf ~
ito Lhangbtofl attentionalP way ?9i
rong and firmly al.#l5i4* #
lads, to help a.-eag 4-S. . ... 1
sl r e,. j. ' . t... ii ,
5issrrrTralda will S ~ij '61..
.L.._- EII~Y
-: ~ ~ 1r~

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