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The Banner-Democrat. (Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La.) 1892-current, May 25, 1895, Image 2

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Publisher and Proprietor.
saturday, - - - May 25, 1895. held, iv
Safes be
------ SATU
The Knights of Pythias of Natchi
toches are building a Pythlau hall. and con
- ----- and min
The Republican Editorial Associa- are now
tion of Indiana, has accepted an inv1- lst of E
tation from the Cotton Association 1893 and
of the Atlantic Exposition, and will from a
attend during the month of October. di
said del
James L. Gibson, son of the late sadey
Major A. C. Gibson, of Madison propert
parish, committed sucide in New Or- sale, as
leans on Friday last. Only a few Beard,
months ago he married a reigning the i
belle of Cincinnati, Ohio. First
___ _ ~ an undi
The State Encampment of the G.
A. R. at Denver, Col., favors the Bell,
government granting pensions to acres;t
disabled and needy Confederate sol
diers. This great mundane sphere Borne
of ours is coming to an end. ng
the di.
We are pleased to see that Bro. ,et th
Hicks is now in full charge of the south
Shreveport Progress, and wish him a
success. There are very few papers ,e
in the State to compare with the Pro- e upt
gress. Hicks for Governor, what do m3
you say taes
Twelve saw mills, located on the Thl,
line of the Kansas City, Watkins & n
Gulf Railway, in the southwestern part Taoes
of our State, cut 605,000 feet of pine Doa
lumber per day, and two shingle mills taxes
in the city of Lake Charles, cut 200,- Gilb
000 shingles per day. n
The people of Illinois, Kansas.
Nebraska, Michigan. lowa and other Gral
Northern States, were treated to a of r
second winter last week. Almost c
the entire corn crop was ruined, and Taxe
has to be replanted; also the fruit Got
crops were almost ruined. id
The consumption of lumber in St.
Louis by planing mills, furniture Ht
factories and other wood-working an
industries, must amount to considersa :1
ble. During last month there ar- Tax
rived by rail 5,578 cars and by lie
river 4,080,000 feet, as compared o
with 4,122 cars and .2,018,000 feet R
received in April 1894.
The funeral of State Senator Peter ra
R. Morrissey, of St. Louis, Missouri,
who was shot and killed last week by a
his mistress, took place last Friday T
from the family residence. There s'
was no prayers over the remains and pi
no services of any kind at the ceme- Ta
tery were held owing to the refusal or
of the Catholic clergy to conduct the w
The Mansfieeld Democrat-Journal
says "there is not an honest man in r
the State who does not favor fair
elections, but a great many of those ,
who pose as reformers are actuated T
more by selfish interest than patriot- 2
ism in their utterances about ballot w
reform. Some of these so-called re
formers are accomplished ballot-box "
stuffere out of a job and are anxious
to again get their noses into the pub- r
lic crib."
The Fosteritee and anti-Fosterites
have held meetings in New Orleans
in the past week. The anti-leaders
are composed of such men as, Hon.
T. I. Tharpe, James A. Renshaw,
David Zable, John C. Wickliffe,
Carleton Hunt, B. R. Forman, Thos.
Brigham, P. Kelly, Judge John
Clegg, S. W. Booksha, Capt. T. A.
Marshall, J. C. Gilmore, John A.
Parker, Hon. T. Scott Adams, J.
Aby, Capt. J. Pinckney Smith,
Major H. J. Hearsey, Hen. B. F.
Jonas, J. J. MeLoughlin, J. 8.
Webster, R. Downing, Hugh Cag,
Judge B. H. Lea, Secretary Pollard,
of the Ballot Retform Leag; eN, I.
Skipworth, Judge E. S. Whitaker
D. O. Campbell, E. P. Brandoo,
Capt. Jennings, Capt. Cramisdy
Judge A. L. Tteot, Capt. Mrply,
Henry Meitsaler, D. A. Cwea.
Charles P. Johneon, B. F. Ezt
dale, D. B. Qalrk, mmd 1reak zeagia.
Lette#er were red trom the ked
agetleme., who are ia yi
* with the movemett Ju W 
veud~s 1B**4ekmiar
$ 1pba·
OTApTi pX ai" R
OF. u.'a
Immovable Pap iYs
Second and'
Parish of Est Carrolit at 1
Taxes 18944 de
BY virtue of the authority vested in me Firstward.
Iy the Coostitution and Laws of the State a , s • -
of Louisiana, I will proceed to sell at the 1N thes w54
principal door of the Court-house in which w of w% -
the Civil District Court of said parish is ofswa~
held, within the legal hours for Judicialwith TAct 1
Sales beginning at eleven o'clock a. m.. m.on Taxes 1a d
SATURDAY. THE 25th DAY OF FirstEad ;i
MAY, 1895, sand a w 4
ofsee i6, s
and continuing on each succeeding day Mand eoO
until said sales are completed, all movable wxtswa
and immovable property on which taxes d ofseeoJ
are now due to the State of Louisiana, Lhe e;w w5o i n
Fifth Louisiana Levee ilstoct,and the par. 4 ofce td w
ist of East Carroll to enforce the collect. -t o 8 e 9l
Ion ot taxes assessed for the years with Act 151
1893 and 1894, together with all Internt Taxes 9"O
from date of maturity as prescribed
by law until payment o1 said taxes, co1t
and fees at the rate f 2 per cent per month lnghram
until paid and all costs. The names of Third wl
said delinquent tax payers, the amount of of Provide'
Itaxes due by each on the assessment of taxes 1894,
said years, snd:the movable and immovable
property assessed to each tobe offered for Johnson.
Ssale, as follows, to-wit : ofThird e
V Beard, Mrs. M. C. Taxes is".
First ward. Fountain trat, 160 acres; being Tax
Sthe s w'  ofsee t3, t 18, r 1i, e. . . 10 3 LaL P
Taxes 1 ......................10 00 Lake Pro
First ward. Capers tract, 80 acres; being ment C
an undivided of s e of ec~ 14, t 18, n r 12, e Trdwa
Taxes 18814 ................................ 00 t s.
r. Taxes 164.
e Bell, Yancey & Ransdell. J. E.
Second ward. Author tichardson tract. 115 Morgan,
.0 acres; being the n e fre.et d of sec 27,t o0, lne. fih w
Taxeds 184 ................................ . undivided
re Burney, Mrs. A. Ellen.
Third ward. HIood-liome plantation,454 sores; MontgOr
being a part of the oginal Hld .Home ptanta- yrsw
tion fronting on Lake Providence, and om of w a
me.ingr at a point where the prolongation of lots andr
the ditch along the Hood lane road would inter- of n
. sect the lale bank ;thence south s6d w 11 chains; n e3 of
e theonce south 8734d w 7626-100 chsins; thence T
south bed w 90 36-100 chains to the hack line of Ta-MiNK
Hood place; 'hence w 7 litnks to (orner of lots
Sa nd 7 of set, t 21, r 12, e; thence n 74 91-100t eenp
chains to a set stake in the cane; thence n Mas
e i e05--I00 chains to a ditch bank: thence 44d Third
e up the centre of-the ditch to lake bank ; thence ide of La
3ed e tIc-t0 c.hains; thence a 48 4d e 18 20-100 Mr. L.
Io chains; thence asad 2743-100 chaints; thence a Taxes 19
f 0 3ed e 20 chains to the point of begimning.
..................................... 52 1 MoGari
taxes 1 ................. .... ......................110 econd
tares 1en4............... 08 taxe
being lot'
Davis. Dr. J. L. ii.
Third ward. Bagdad plantation, 114 aeres; Te S
S being a divided portion o lot or fractonal se- Taxes 1
Lions 15 and 161of t p2, r 13. . i. wi
art Taxes 181 .......................... 0 being the d
tie Donnally Chlts A. T taxes
Saw mill and outfit on Outpost plantation. Txes
ills taxes 1ie ....................... .... 17 ecod
taxes 1894 ...... .. ................. .. . 4 and I
O Gilbert, R.T. ,
First ward. Green place, s 20 acres; es i , se taes
34,o nw se 33, e t 819, nr1, e.. . n cd
Taxes 1893 .... ............ ............... of s
Taxes 1894 ... .............................. 44 .e.
as. Tam"' os
er Graham heirs, S. L. Taxes
Tyrone tract, 50 acres: beilng e of 100 acre
o a of land in the north part or endof se 8 oft n of
n r is e, and being the same reserved in the ax- of
Tost cha or Tyrone for Transylvanai plantation by q,, nr
S. L.rahm. r' Te 11
an d Taxes 194 ............ ............... .... a
mit Goldenburg, Zach 1iade
Third ward. Residene and groundson thew taxes
side of Church street. bounded on the south by taxs e
the honse known as the Coleman Bankas hons. 'ird
taxes :804 .................................. 32 d s
o Hall, Mrs. Ada L. a es 1
Third ward. Foree tract, 11 acres;" being an
ing undivided one-fl fth interest in and to lots 11 ,, 8tx 1
and 4, and fractional n w 3 sec ande ao see xe 1
lera :lot 5 of sec 23 of t 20, n r 11, e-.0 Seon
Taxes 1893.. ...a.........n .nd
am- Taxes 1894 ............................... tes' 1
taxee 1i
by Hlenry, Ransdell & Rnnsdell. es 1
ared (An undivid half of the following described Monti
tracts of land, same being Messrs. Iansdell &
feet Rans2ell's half :)
First ward. Ledletter plantatlion, 433 acres; ma
being westhalf of secea dw 5 of then ea4 see sda I
28oft IOr, n r 12 e.l
Taxes 189 anrd .189 postponed in accordance 15taxes
with Act 151 of ,14994.
'eter Taxes 1894 due by Ransdell & Ranedell.... $10 0 taxes
First ward. Mclahen tract, 80 acres; being eeigl
w ofneui, n se 0, t 19, nr 11 e. beingI
Sby Taxes 1892 and 1893 postponed in accordance taxer
with Act 151 of 1894. 1 of
Taxes 1894 due by Ransdcll & Ransdell..... 50 taes
Fifth ward. Pendleton tract, 1439 acres; being Secol
heres w 4 of sec 35 oft 22, r 11, and the whole of nw%
sec all ofsee 11 oft21. nrl11, e. ;
Sand Taxes 1892 and 1893 postponed In accordance w% of
with Act 15T of 1894. ta
emei Taxes 184 due by Ransdell A Ranslell.... 4998 151 o
sal Third ward. Sellers tract. 79 acres; being n 34
0f s W V of see 3 oft 19, n r i, e-.
Taxes 18ms and 1893 postponed in accordance Ran
with Act 151 of 1994. 8anll
Taxes 1894 'tue by RanAdell & Ranadell..... 3148 taxes'
First ward. Chilton & Johns tract, 80 acres; lid of
beiig et '4of n e ' of sec t of T 1, n r it e.
Taxes 1892 and 1103 postponed in accordance Fir
Taxes 184 due by Ranedell & Rasdell..... 3 50 lotse1
First ward. Copely lhnds: 20 aeres;abeinge 1t tax
fair ofstei.se t ofn w'ana e °ofsw'w 5ec2 Iblof
those TaxeS 1892and 1898 postponed in accordance .,
,ated Taxes 1894 due by Ransdell & Ransdell..... 36 98
Second ward. Cabletract, 68aeres;being lots tax
tiot' 2and f of see 25 of t 20, n r It, e. 1,110
Taxes 1892 and 1892 postponed in accordanie taxes
ballot with Aet il of 1894.
Taxes 1894 dne by Iansdellt A ansdell..... 3900 9 €
ed re- First ward. Donnan'trait, 880 acres: being the ,
)t-box d w 14 o' se '4 of sec t; a 'of e '4 ofsen
7 and the w ½ of se5 s5,f t 18, n r I, e. ' I
io Taxes 1882 and t814 postponed in accordance tale
with Act ill-of 164. tale
b Taxes 1884 due by Ranadell A Ransdell....317 70
First and Third wards. Denegre tract, 392' M[(
acres; being w '4 of sec 6of t 18, r i, e • sec
15, e '4 of n ww and ef ofsw'4 sec 15, n w'4 Fi
see 10 of tS0 u r lt. e;ail of seel, allof sect, bein
except the e ' of n w 4, e 4sacmatinwi,and ta
e1 t ofs W Of s n cl of sei Itaed n t of t7
riesls aecl° oft ii, i r I, east.
Taxes i16i and 1898 postponed in accordance r
eadims 11th ACt 151 of 1894. r
Taxes 1894 due by Ransdell A Ransdell...10068T
Hon. Fifth ward. Davis tract, 1438 acres; being the hou
w '4of sece, w of thesetald swioi n tow
oshaw, e'4ialise'"c ;nw'4andfw4 ofneoait nd n loti
w e 4ofse ofseeCos'ofW 5W of aeiO tax'
Ikije, ofta nrl2, e.
Taxes 158 and Is19 postponed in accordance 
Thos. with Act 1591,4.
Taxes 1s94dueby ltan, ell& t& Rsdell ....349 90T
hn irst ward. Gerson tract ;9 ares; being w'
of A e o o n e t19, n rtIb the
with Act 151 of 1014. tax
Tae 15 due b rdsl U& Ransdell ... 324 "
mJ First ward. lering trac.S acre; b n ½
of n elsec 15 of t IS, nttl, 0.
Smith, Taxes 161,e 884Id N o stponei d i .a.eed.aFlc o
with teti lotl.; bet
wa F, "hra r ,I.Ga,dies oahde Iraci, 40
0mg.aw, 14*4 ese92. 5 I ,
N1 Ga. Shroiwe.K1069 E~eltxoulae,15are;ll befag
~ an'
Taxes lflq~~l~aft*
(Siphy, r~~O~ Pqps ie. ubaeee5W63
X1i tb-0 wW&#l~-L i~JLOr '
Zeagie.. sm(I~Psa~tq t
- ~r ejg 1
IAp.P~~"Y ·rotx,ata
49C~PIQ l~doen#.5
ef ,lVwO esc is andwofa22.&tlI% Sitton. A" P.
s r i9, a n Third ward,
TaT s ~lam B 189 posponed in accordance light building
rg ,t5 4y5 84. Ra1ISGle...- 59 02 street, betwe
itI i-M'---~ o V . ... . . Fousse's shop
 >LWoq %11 . nm rO ta, s xes 1894,1
ne.. ýl!º S tt4d se rfgt+ qw'ý +,
ZeA i d!gs at pir setaosd in accordance Tompkins. J
wi, Act 151 of 1s94.
Taxes st due by tansdeg & hranledell....1 50 Third ward
Second and Third ward, Chamblso tract 8 2 ing the s 3401
acres; being a 4fof n w3 of o of t ? n r o othe n p
Salso n of ee , see and w of the parallel lines:
a;;IMof m 2 oft n te. same t and r
Taxes 199 and 183 postponed in accordance taxes 194, e
with Act iai of 1884.
Taxes 184 doe by Ranedell & Ransdell.... 28 IS
Firs ward. Byrne tract, 749 acres; being a e 34 Wyly, W. (
e se , and w 4and wand ne% ofn e 34 of sec First ward
1it,thaw 4ofnw14andse 4 ofaw14sec17. the e 34 of n i
W34 of-wtof sec 2 and seven-eights of the a V taxes i -t3
ofsw O s c 9oof t is ,nr12. e.
Taxes 8 and 1898 postponed in accordance Act II of j89
with Act 1rt of 1894. taxes• lS949
Taxes i3P4 due by Rbanedell & Ransdell....822 92 Second wa
First and secondd ward. Beard & Young tract, lot 4 of sec 8.
5006acres; being the wH of see , e 4 of . taxes 92-98
sdnwd see ClSt, w e 3 of t 19, nr iS, e;al ct5ios '94
of sec a6, eand 4.. f ntes 1 - e3 o
34 and deotfW ans sw14 w 34 se s5 wi 3l s "t
w w sw 4of nwK and w% ofs e ands e Frstwardn
el 4ofe f see S4: alt of sec 2o5f t 19, nr 11, the a6 of th
e; w ofn e lC ree 5, ea see 8. n of sec l7,w tsaxes 2
see and W 34 e • of esee7 .eM of se 6 and Act ~1 of 'J4
ofsee 18, t i n r 11i, .
Taxes 189 o and 159 postponed in accordance taxes 1894.2
with Act Isl of 1894. First war
Taxes due byRansdell it Ransdell...159. 38 lot i of sec,
Slots 8 and9.
wM of see
Ingbram & Davis. taxes 9 of sec
Third ward. Vacant lot s6, block 4. town Act 9bi o
I of Providence, La. taxes 1894, i
f taxes 1804, 91 5. First war
r Johnson. Dr. Andrew of saw se
Third ward. 80 sce; Being n of the sw A taxes of '
of sec 0, t 22, range 12, .... . 04 taxes 18-4, i
Taxes 1x ............... ........... 5604 taxes 50 9,0
Taxes 194...... .................... ...00 Second w
g of e V of
1 Lake Providence Ice M'fg & Improve- taxes 9,
g ment Co., Lim'td. Act 151 o1 5
. Third ward. One electric plant. wires and fix- taxes e894,
t0 First wa
Taxes 189........... .................. 10 acres; ben
of see 28. t
i Morgan, J no. N. taxes 921
e Fifth ward. Larche place, 20 ac res being an Act 151 of''
. undivided half of ses of t 22 n r ], e. taxes 994,
Taxes B4 ....- ....................
e; Montgomery, F. F. R. J. Wa
o First ward. Cooper tract, 80s ares; beng a Fourth
W_ ofnwM and n ofw a ,w 34 of ae and acres lotl
lots and o see 6; lot ec 5, n an e 3 es 189
er- of n w; lots I, 2 and and w of sl~ 1 and
s; neofsW 3of seeoft18, nr II, e.
ic Taxes 1898.............. .:::::.50 50 L.L. Wit
STaxes 9..... ....... . . ... 5010 Fl.thw
ots undivided
5 Messenger, Ed. both inch
4d Third ward. Barber shop and lot on north Macon
ce side of Lake atreet lying between the property of
oo Mrs.. L. Gardham and G. H. Sutton. taxes 9i
STaxes .................................. 00 Act 5 of
taxes 1894
83 McGuire, John Fifth w
13 Secondward. Hays o Guest tract. 41 acres; being w 3
be lot 2 of se 1 and lot of se1 of t 10, nIr taxes 9t
It, e. Act 151 of
STaxes . ..................... ......... 9.. . taxes l891
Taxes 1 4....................................
First ward. Cooley Ridge tract. 741 acres;
70 beingtheae 4 anae ofne of wsec I. w4 being an
Taxes 194 ........ 1..............
o 17 Second ward. Marx tract, 155 acres; being ltsa
4a 0 f5ie af17 of s a 4 of sec 90,t r taes
ll, e, and lot I f see of t I, n r 1, ... l taxes
T axes I6 9 ..
me Taxe s 1994...... .................... Fifth ,
Second ward. Powell tract, 1I0 acres; being w
, 4ofsaw4andsei4eofSW4ofes14, t1,nr taxes.
i4 1. .../7 56 Act 1o3w
Iaxe 18............. ................. I
Taxes 1894................... ......... es 181
L Second ward. MeNsal tract. 321 acres; being o
ne f . *iasw34os1e3soan e Miss joJ
by ....................... 2021 bein a
9 50 Taxes .lU9............................ 5 2,8
Thrd wrd. Sapletrat, lacres; being lots Macon;
iRand 4 se 4. t , o r. . taxes
hew taxes 189. ................... ................ 09 A ct 1
thby taxes3O1...............:................0 taxesl
ouse Third wa. Olds 0 ract. W acres; being an Fifth
02 0 mindivlded half of esC 39t ,n r 1 ,, e. acres;
taxes 1894.. .......... .......
San Third ward. Burchet tract, 68 acres; being all a
o sec 114 and lot 8a secn 4n1,e of nrw¢ s eSn t2,
1 ctaxes 1893.... ........... .... 41 78
taxes IS ............. ............4...
170 Second ward. Morgan tract. 380 acres; being
S698 an undivided 4 sec 32, t 0.n r 1, e. Is 1
taxes' 1593............................... 90 (10
taxes ...................... ............
SMontgomery, Mrs. E. T.&CarsonJ. 0 Est of
Secoid ward. Mcreal tract, 494 acres; being
sres; a undivided 14 of the w 5 of the e e.it, e 3, Sec'
seands c ofsw sews; aU sec isl , and a w 1 aw of s w
dance t:es '92-9 postponed in accordance with Act see 29.
10 taxes 94 ................................. t
being Second ward. Thompson place, 820 aures;
being na 4 of sec l s, t 1, n r 11, R.
dance taxes -to postponed in accrordance with Act T
151 of 1894.0 ý
..r250 taxes 1894 ........... ........ ........... being
bing .Seond wrward. Mooreplace.56 ac6 ; being b ee10
n w 3e of sec4; lots 4 , and 7 of. eec 5 t 1S,
l,e; also lots L0San n ne ofnw c 3, t 21, 1a
rdance w~of w1andne 4ofwn w 1 see 83t 01n r Il.e.
taxes 92-98 postponed n accordance with Act tes
. N4 98 151 of 1894. taxes.
taxes 18 04 ............ ......................47
g n Second ward. Anderson tract 476 acres;bein Mrs.
rdane e_ 5 . su4ande 4 of sw4and lots1, 2and
Sae n a of ir rw se.B t Ilre. Fo t
rdance First ward. Haywood tract, 724 acres; being south
8e V send fract na w eec 1,S, lt and , sec , tes
Staxes 2-9 postponed in o ce it Act e
151 of 1894. .1 . . . . . 8
srdance , 4nd ad. taeots 1t:3 re
I e i or frastor sc's 0' to 16bothIncusiveand thep
Sota taxes 92--B psond I aordgann with Act by0
151 of 1894. 1e
rord an axes o 18o...... .2 a.. . . . . . .; 1o
... s taxes 18 0 .... .. .. .
.590 MeGunire, . C. & John Fi
eg the Second ward. S acres; being a 34of
. 4 of se acres
3sec a, t 0n r. o 0e.
ordanci taxes 1898, 91' 04.
taxesl89t4, 500. c
ict. McGuire, H. C. t 1
n Fifth ward. Haywood tract, 20 acres;
ee c t being s 3 of sec 61, t, , r 1~ *, ,
d taxes 18820 16. . with
n. of taxes 1804, ao t0.
;ordance Priest, D. L.
.510068 Third ward. Newitown. ten-eleventih of
eing the house and lot in the Arlipgton addition to Cmi
s 14 ot n town of Proirldeuce, opposite the bouls and at
and 0 lot ot Silas Fulguni.
sec6o taxes 194. $ lo, 1026
coRdance Robinson Jordon -n
.54998 Third ward. Vaeant lot Ini New Town, sw
sing w 1 fonting on River bayou and lyint bstweeO eo
tbe property oa Mary Overton n, the p tap"
ordane ertyofW. H. Chadi & Co, Lm ad.
taxes ldt4, 9l 2 .
89igg Rasnsdell, J. E. and F.LX - sw
eordanre Second ward, Wood land tract, 140 aor is
being lot 8 and n 3 ' n w w and the8 • 94
o0 n w KC0 286. t , r 1l, e.
[ ActIM of 18Af1.
taxes 1894.P 8 75.
S, o0 ward. vlnson tact,  _ 821
"-. 5P-. i l;o1 and 6 ofe OO aa • w f)r tuw
. ad+n o ' e els, sO.e  ef c ee stee
sec-c-ane 2 5, ais tat 20. n r 11, e.
tales 1uSPosponed in a eeera!e18 D w
. 44. 5 aetlbl oe 84
_L b.o/a tng-eat o!7 5t 5 $.. I5'...
ad,,..b.-e- de,, ribe.; hadj-s,( | ..
strWOb - 3'. or Z.fasi
She eIUbsiA1Atwof
Sitton, A" P. "1
Third ward. Two-thirds of tbh electric
light building on the north side of Lake The Jere
street, between the Fireman's Hall and Louis. dB
Fousse's shop. 20th, sis:
taxes 1894, $ 00. terrisw:
Tompkins. J. D. essrs..Bn
Third ward. Larche place. 440 acres; be- the oldest
ing the as 4 of sec 46 less 39 acres to be taken houses in i
from the n part of said half sec between
parallel lines; also a w 3j of see 45 of the says:
same t and r- all in t 21, n r 12. "The in
taxes 1894, $33 98. almost ent
an excepts
Wyly, W. G. place reci
First ward. Wild lands. 76 acres; being can be ma
the e 3 of n e 3ol sec 6,t 18, n r if e.
taxes 9.93 postponed in accordance with a most im
Act 1l1 of s894. trade. T
taxes 1894, 94 80. from Indic
Second ward. Wild lands, 82 acres;beng cipated tl
lot 4ot sec 8. t 20, n r 2. e.would b
taxes 9'2-98 postponed in accordance .ith would bu
Act 151 of '94. S i
taxes 1894, $1 98. 3rd, silv
First ward. Wild lands, 80 acres; being and cotto
the a 3 of the a w 3 see I. t19, n r II, e. per pour
taxes 92-93 postponed in accordance with prop won
Act 151 of '`94. 000.
e taxes 1894, $5 00.
First ward. Wild lands, 4062 acres; being We are
Slot 1 ofsec6, t18, n r lLe;s s 3 of see 5;
lots 8 and9. and n e 3 of s w 3 sec 5, ands in cotto
w of sec 4 oft r U.. contr,
taxes 92-93 postponed in accordance with situation
Act 151 of '94. farmers I
taxes 1894, 28 85. and frig8
First ward. Wild lands. 40 acres; n w dct ond
of sw 3sec 26. t 19, n ru, e.
S taxes 9293 postponed in accordance with no ause
Act 151 of '94. would ni
04 taxes 1894, $2 50. forced i
i Second ward. Wild lands, 40 acres, n e rd cep
of w ofsec 2, t 20, n r I, e.
e- taxes .93 postponed in accordance with That
Act 51 of 1894. times th
ix- taxes 1894, $2 50. there is
First ward. Storey & Copelv tract; 240 produce
10 acres; being w 6 ofn w sec ands e fails to
of sec 23. t 19, n r 1, e.
taxes 92-93 postponed in accordance with attle, i
an Act 151 of'94.
taxes Af94, $15 00. in debt
from th
R. J. Walkeor.a
54 Fourth ward. Alabama plantation, 480 gom
acres; lots 5, 6 and 7 of t 23,n r 13, e.
gs taxes 1894, $174 00. cotton
050 L.L. Witkowski. season.
910 Fifth ward. Ashton tract, 900 acres; an
undivided of lot or fract sec's from 1 to 6o
both ncl;sive all of sec 8 e of Bayou *
y Macon ; all of sec's 9 and 10, t28, n r 12, e.
S taxes 92-93 postponed in accordance with T
6 00 Act 151 of 894.
taxes 1894, $113 75.
Fifth ward. Tom Davis tract, 80 acres;
res; being w e of osec 52, t23, nr e. tIe
r taxes 9G-9 postponed in accordance with STATE
Act 151 of ,894. d
taxes 1894, $5 00.
es; Fifth ward. Reclusa tract, 353 acres; Pald
w % being an undivided oof lot 2 of see 28, lot 1
of see33,w o! sec ,lots4, and 7 ands Bv
Se ofasw3sec 26, n w 3andq o f n o bthe
lots 3se85 oft 22, n r 11, e. ofLoul
taxes 92-93 postponed in accordance with rCi
Act 151 of '94. the
t 93 taxes 1894, 22 08. held,
9 Fifth ward. Cloman tract, 80 acres; 8 a Ra es b
n n w sec 33, t 23, n r 12, e. St
t r axes 9-98 postponed in accordance with
SAct 151 of '94. antu a
7aro taxes 1894, $5 00. rope
Miss Josephine Witkowski. Levee
Fifth ward. Ashton tract, 900 acres; roll to
20 21 bein an undivided 3 of lots or tract sec's 1. assessn
s s 2, 8, 4,5 and 6, all of se 8 lyng o Bayou intere
lo Macon; all o sec's 9 and 10 of t 2, r e. by la
taxes 92-98 postponed in accordance with antie
.0609 Act 181 of '9 ni
Staxes 1894, $105 87. ai
g an Fifth ward. Owenton plantation, 205 axes
so 1e sres; being lot 5 o the partition of the ld
so I6 ast of Mr. Lucey S. Owen. Being part of assesw
log an iract sees or lots 88, 52 and 53, t 22. n r 12 e. follo
taxes 1894. $3 8. E. H.
n Est of E. C. Jackson. Taxel
Second ward. 140 acres; being w On
se ea Sction o
W of s w p of sec 29 and lots 9 and 10, of pt
b Act see29, t 19, n r 11, e. ort
S i15 taxes 1894, $8 85.
sctR. L. Jones. a
Third ward. Wild land, 823 acres; 1 eo
Sbeing lot 7 e of sec 9 c and s w of Unit
n sec 10, e j of sec 15andnw see 14, hee
D rle s t 21, r 11, 8. one:
i taes 1893$518 of1.
taxes.1894, $51 60.
t rs. E. J. McMsillen.O
e thFourth ward. Elton plantation . 140
Ith acres; being bounded a by Upper Elton,
Se by Mississippi river, w by yrie and
Sbetn seouth by the 19Alright plantations.11, e
' pr tales 1894, $13 25. o
ourth l ward. Eyrie tract. 86 l
acres; being a part of the original Eyrie o it
u ntation and composed of lot 1 inpa
acres; being the e of sec 10, w ofw
Ssem ,n e e ofw sec 11 , w ofsec 14, t
S t1reof , ain t 1 n r 12, e.
'es 1893 postponed in accordance
taxes 18)Ml S 60.
Clara WiiEcilfli alid Mrs. EmilneGold
First to the Fifth ward, Wa14:laads.
5268 acres; being n u of a w of sEs,$,
- ojofsec 4,8 , tlig )t0 5td ,ll.
betweesee I, t 19, r r , e; Iw r fl
4aede* see ), t 90l. at 12e.; :W Iat
i...e . .
Fis wr. aenie 7y. 00 h
Cotton Avanc1ng.
The Jerome Hill Cotton Co., of St.
20th, says: T
deferring to the advaice on cotton,
itesers..8mitb, E adwards & Co., one of
the oldest and most substantial cotton 3 Bef
houses in Liverpool, in a recent" letter us. We h
says: d we are golf
"The improvement may be traced of it the I
almost entirely to the strength of silver,
an exceptlonal advance having taken WILL con
place recently. If this improvement or on time
can be maintained, it is bound to have and see uu
a most important effect on Manchester
trade. The long looked-for demand
from India would set in, and It is anti
Scipated that other Eastern countries
'would buy largely."
Since the date of this letter, April
3rd, silver has continued to advance,
g and cotton has advanced a half cent
h per pound, which on the American
crop would amount to over $23,000,
Vg We are pleased to see this advance It'UP
e in cotton and other products of the $384,46,
country, but there is a sail side to the Company.
1 situation, for the poor merchants and
farmers in the interior who were gulled POST
and frightened into selling their pro- r Lo
duct under five cents, when there was o
th no cause for it, are to be pitied. They WARX
would never have had this misfortune
forced upon them but for the unnatu
ral power given by the future boards. -
t That we are on the eve of better "
times there can be no doubt. However,
there is one danger to the Southern
3 producer ahead, and it is this: If he uNotice s
fails to raise his own horses, mules, adminlatru
ith cattle, hogs and breadstuffs, no matter Rlcbardsol
what cotton sells for, he will come out of his ges
in debt. He should take a lesson fom the
from the present value of cattle. Why will be he
a good tat steer to-day is worth as of May, 1i
much as a mule, and a heavy ox will
bring more money than two bales of A true e:
cotton brought the producer the past May 25,11
OF The Jh
Immth ovale Property Do- are ed
; 1nquent. Monday
:res; Parish of EastCarroll 1st on
lot 1 _Ju t
nd a BY virtue of the authority vested in me Jiry
n e bvthe Constitution and Laws of the 8tate Febnrry
of Loulsiau, I will proceed to sell at the th oni
with principal door of the Court-house, In which B ord
the Civil District Court of said parish is Judge7
held, within the legal hours for Judicial
e3Sales beginning at eleven o'clock a. m., on
w atutday, the 1st day of June, 1895,
and continuing on each succeeding daystate of
until said sales are completed, all immovable Sevi
property on which taxes are now due to the Lod
State of Louisiana, the Fifth Louisiana Lou
Levee District, and the parish of East Car- Mar
cres; roll to enforce the collection of taxes Lim
c' 1. assessed for the year 1894. together with all By vii
Iayou interest from date of mastturitv as prescribed me dir
12, c. by law until payment of said taxes, cost District
with and fees at the rate of2 per cent per month aforesa
until paid and all costs. The names of willpre
said delinquent tax payers, the amount of door of
Sdtaxes due by each on the assessment of ovide
i the sa'd years, and the immovable property Saturds
ar of assessed to each to be offered for sale, as the hob
i2 e. follows, to-wit: title a:
E. H. Davis. the fol
Fifth ward. Bellemeade plantation, 5so acres; All
being that portion of Lots or t'ractionlisections ground
34 and 35 lying north of Black bayou containing contal
",4 acres together with the back concession one-hal
thereto known as sec 45: also lots 1 and 2. and road w
e '4of n w 4; seceRs, t 28 n r is. e. thereof
e axes 1893 postponed n accordance with Act hnereo
151 of 1894,18 s Lake
Taxes 194 ......................1. Loe
S On said day of Sale, I will sell such por- proper
tion of such property asb each debtor will proper
10, of point ot, and in case the debtor will not the hi
point out sufficient property, I will without COi
further delay, sell the least quantity of said nt
property of any debtor, which any bidder theref
c 14, beredeemable atany time for the space of priutl
one year by payingthe price Kiven with o but
SherSif and ex-Oricio Tax Collector. annum
Providence, La.,April 27, 1804t. She
11th 1
,, 140 lotice to Mortgage Creditors, -
lton, East Ca-roll Parish.
Oeand (rIC3 o Xm Sx-Orco tate
T o 3 6 In confornili with Section 6, Act 85 of F
3 s86 1 otice it heby given to all parties 01
I Eyrie hoding mortfaOa upon real estate n the B
the year 1894 have not been paid tBat I will Dic
bmade the ste ofasene at the Court House Distr
door, on Saturday the 2bth day of May. A. afore
D. 1800, and that a umber o pieees of wll
property so delinquent are. now being ad- door
vertlaedin tbtsa newspaper in conformity Pr
with the law preparatory to such sale. Satl
, 1000 The attqtion of the mortgage creditors eis he
4 of w especially eali to these a-dvertisemetof title
sec 14, tax sal, and t are warnedto take such folio'
steps prior $o the sale, as may be nece ssry A
f to protect thei right. J W DU~ ti
Spart shertad ex-4t o a x Collector, Euast N
, ~rthel
neold- all
ofands,5 toge
an se$ts
··; '
I g"Before you buy any lot in Providence, be sure to come and see
us. We have bought the Charity Hospital property (Ingram field) and
we are going to divide it in lots for comfortable homes. We will make
of it the JEW PROVIDEICE; the'town is going that way any way, and
WILL oontinue to go that way. W e will sell a lot cheap for cash,
t or on time, or on credit any way a man Wants it from $10.00 up. Come
Band see us. MILLIKIN & IAMLEY.
The Mutual Life Insurance Company,
The wl ited Ciapy in the Iaite
. I 'tn n' i th LhIl! U Th Teol
Ie 3 Up to December 31st, 1689, it had paid to its poliy holders
e 1348,466,167.86, which is double the amount ever pasd by any other
ie Company..g
as 1c Louisiana and Mississippi. New Orleas, La,
uy ZRanoey aSell. I.as V t.Bc, Z
It w1
Succession of Arthur Riehbordson, Dec'd. surely
Notice is hereby given that W. H. Fisher,
administrator of the osuccession of Arthur Cough
Rlcbardson, dec'd., has flied a final account Throal
of his gestion of said succession. It no op- New
osition be made thereto within ten days Cougb
ires the date oh tis publication. the same
will be homologated. Signed this 24th day give r
of MaY, 1895. Suffer
J. D. TOMPKINS, the th
Clerk 7th Jud. District.
A true copy,J. D. Tompkins, Clerk. speed!
May 25,1895. samp
for ye
Court Terms. is. T
The jury terms of the 7th District Court -
arefixed for the first Mondays in January
The civil terms are fixed for the second
Mondays in March and October. $0.
Jury terms to begin on 4th Mondalys in $6.
January and June. Cvi terms to begin on erdi
1st Mondays in April and Novembei.
Jury terms to begin on 8rd Mondays in
Febuary and July. ivilterms to beinon
S4th Mondays in April and November.
By order of his Honor, F. F Montgomery. F;
s Judge 7th District Court"
J. D. Tompkins, Clerk. Mike
Sheriff's Sale. F. C.
8State of Louisiana, parish of East Carroll,
S Seventh District Court, Providence
e Lodge No. 2, Knights of Pythlas of
a Louisiana versus Lake Providence Ice mon
r- Manufacturing and Improvement Co., ena
S Limited.--No. 835. Th
It By virtue of a writ of Seizure and Sale to
me directed by the Honorable Seventh
t Distriact Court for the Parish of East Carroll con
bh aforesaid, in the above entitled cause. 1
of will proceed to sell at public auction. at the
of door of the Court House. in the Town of
of Providence, East Carroll Parish. La., on
ty Saturday the 1st day of June, 180, between
as the hours prescribed by law. all the night.
title acd interest o1 Derend.nt in and to
the following described property, to-wit:
All and singular *at certain Lot of
us ground sitjated in said Parish and State,
ng containing one acre; having a front of
n one-halt acre on Lake Providence or the
road which runs along the southern bank
Let thereof and ruuniug bark between parallel
lines two acres in depth ; bounded North by I
so Lake Providence; East and Sooth by -
or- property of John Williams ; West by
rill roprt of Estate John Martian, with all
t the buildings and improvements thereon,
ut consisting ofthe entire Ice Manufacturing a
i ,d plant of said Company, excepting only p
icr therefrom the Electric Light Plant, seized A
lnd in the above suit. m
Terms of sale--Twelve months credt,
Be- secured by mortgage on property sold.
the Out of the price of adjudication the pur- s
all chaser shall deduct and pay in cash edits of
Sprinting and court costs, amounting to a
Sabout the sum of$125lL00. and for the re- M
mainder, to give his twelve months bond
with solvent surety bearin 8 er cent per
or, annum interest from da oDUNN, Sherit.
Sherifl's office, Providence, La., May
11th 1885.-4t
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Fast Carroll,
Seventh District Court, The American
5 of Freehold Land and Mortgage Compaini
ties of London. Limited, versus John F.
the Riley-No. 843.
for By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale to
will me directed by the Honorable Seventh
use District Court for the Parish of East Carroll
A. aforesaid, in the above entitled cause, I
a o0 will proceed to sell at public auction, at the
ad. door of the Court House. In the Town of
ity Providence, East Carroll Parish, La., on
sale. Saturday the 25th day of May 1896 between
rs is the hours prescribed by law, all the right
Usof title and interest of Defendant in and to the
such following desecribed property. to-wit:
A certain tract of land In the West halt of
a ection (44) Forty-Four, and West half of
N. Section (45) Forty-Five, T. (18) Eighteen,
East North Range Thirteen East, being Lot No.
Three (3) in the partition offenods among the
helrs of so. 8, Rtchards, dated June 2th,
186s, and recorded in Book "N." page th of
the records of East Carroll Parish, Louas
tans, which lot (8) three was drawn by
Susan R. Perry, and for a more accurate
desaription of which reference is hereby
made to said ast of partition--contalphn in
all two hundred and seventy two and
47-100 (272 47-100) acres more or less,
together with all the buildings machinery,
mprovement and apptenanes reto
belonging or in any wise appertainiltg,
seized in the above salt.
/ Trms of sale cash without the benefit ofl
appraisemet J. W. DUNN Sheriff.
Sherits Oiee, Providence. La,, April 10th,
fes IDealer in
InT Pwfu SiPs a ooi
t Provideace for the
#1 re Osk Distillery ot
"+ V ai1mnd tu - Ohio.
It will cost you nothing and will
surely do you good, if you have a
Cough, Cold, or any trouble with
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Dr. King's
New Discovery foe Consumption,
Coughs and Colds is guaranteed to
give relief, or money will be paid back.
Sufferers from LaGrippe found it just
the thing and under its use had a
speedy and perfect recovery. Try %
sample bottle at our expense and learn
for yourself just how good a thing it
is. Trial bottles free at J. S. Guenard
Drug Store. Large asizeo 60c. and $1,00
A Hand Made Cypress Cistern.
1,000 Gallons, $16. 1,600 Gallons,
$20. 200 Gallons, $26. 8000 Gallons,
S$56. A. RIGGS & BRO., No. 69
Perdido street. New Orleans, La.
New Orleans, Lake Port and the Beni
. Freight and Passenger Steamer
-Mike Carbine.............. Captain,
F, C. Leathers, ............Clerk.
S_ Leaves New Orleans
I. ~every Saturday st6 p.m.
passing Providence going up Tuesday
• morning. Returning, passing Provi
dence going down the same evening,
This steamer reserves the right to
ass all landings that the captain may
In consider unsafe.
e -
dt". b* o ason s ihdwas.
ltl UlYtH l -IWOyE
,0 ar/ AfMWS, aIOm aM A tr r :
av *****DO*?I YO an" as
T o el 1 OSlimaxac
r e - - l o o ms & s o " a
le gPD * t thtof
e, I ,
eee.ams a
l of
Iu, o
et No
bb of . •
_ I, , Ji --
a bye
lesso, ' "
oTa e of CleaxRlache
x K osea #n is haws,, bet in
ory Vo V kaber w

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