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Saturday, - - - June 1, 1895.
Graduate Baltimore College of Dental
Surgery. Cfflce hours. 8 to 1:80--3 to 5.
Over Cassell's Drug Store, Vicksburg, Miss.
Lake Providence, La.
t TOffice next door to Postoflce.
0. S. WTLY,
.attoxz*ey at TLtaw.
Lake Providence, La.
Practices In State and Federal Courts.
Local and Parish News.
Attorxey at Tiaw,
Lake Providence, La.
At Judge Montgomery's law office.
Surgeon and I'ractlclng Pysician.
(Obstetrnea a specialty.)
Will respond to all calls, day or night.
Office at Bernard drug store. Residence
next to Metodlst CObure
Payment for medical services must
be made at the close of each month
Town election on Monday.
Get your tickets printed to-day.
Everbody has the bicycle craze.
Hunter is all right and has found his
Crops are growing nicely all over
the parish.
'Knights of Pythiase meeting on Tues
day night.
Ulev. IT. W. Knickerbocker preached
below last Sunday.
Father Mahe returned from Madison
last Monday night.
Mrs. K. T. McCulloch was in town
last Monday on business.
The Dramatic Club will give another
play about the latter part of June.
The only place of worship to-mor
row iun town will be at the Catholic
Criminal court convenes next Mon
day. We understand the docket will
be short.
Next Wednesday night is the regu
lar monthly meeting of the Board" of
Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Barwick, with
their little children, were visitors to
our town on Thursday.
Krippendorf, Dittmann ;& Co.
shoe is handled only by W. N. White.
Every pair is guaranteed.
Miss Dellah Bell was a passenger as
far as Vickseurg on Tuesday to meet
her sister, Miss Emma, who is return-t
ing from school.
The meeting of the Literary Club
of Friday week was devoted to Long
follow; and it Iassed off very pleas
antly indeed.
Members of Co. "C." come to the
regular meeting of the company Sun
day evening, and read article V of t
your constitution.
Mrs. W. iI. Fisher and daughter left 1
Tuesday morning for Greenville to be I
present at tht confirmation of the e
children of Mr. Abe Blum.
Fousee got initiated; he tried to
ride an "unbroke" bicycle on Monday.
He is confined to his room now, but
will be out in a few days.
Capt. J. C. Daugherty, United States
Attorney, has been here this week tak
ing testimony in the McCulloch case.
He left last Wednesday evening. t
We learn that on Wednesdlry night C
quite a gathering of the best element u
of our colored people got together c
and endorsed the present city adminis
Peasion attorney R.T. Gilbert has
sent in vouchers to Washington for
$1,800 pension money for colored peo
ple in East Carroll iu the past few s'
months. C
Base ball is coming to the front '
again. We hear the boys will play o
the Greenville team pretty soon. j
Filrst game In Greenville, second here.
Bee Mr. Stein for particulars.
Prom toe information we can gather
the condition of the crops throughout a
the parish are very good. Planters:are
well up with their work, and all that
is needed now, is hot weather.
Dr. Long of the second ward, is no
longer a batohelor. His good lady dl
has returned from New Orleans much at
improved in health and looking a no
great deal better. May she continue ,
to improve.
Neighbor Fouse got pretty badly th
hurt in the early part of the. week.
Immediately after returning from
VYlekaburg with his "wheel horse," the
animal shied off the side walk i8to the re
dltch, crippling Mr. Foumsse eonsder- el
ably. it
Next Friday night the school chiltd
tea of our white public school will l
lte a emrime of tablesnxs, rmedatieark
ri ae. The small primce of adai to
aon only charged to -pay ot the tl
tsgl; It le not gived to make mmtoy, e
be to pay the expenses only. de
The persea who attempts to v.i1e. rT
legally on onday wi boe they. a
aseL 4. .seu. iemember able
Perhaps one of the oldest persons in
5. the State died on the 15th of May in the
- second ward. her name was Lethia
Faulkner, but was generally known as
Grana Lethia. She died on the Ath
tal erton plantation, where she had been
6. living for the past sixty years or more.
Her exact age is not known, but in 1858
when J. W. Keene purchased her with
other slaves at a sale in the second
ward, she was then considered too
old to work, and had not done any
work for several years. Col. E. W.
Constant considers her at least 115
years old or older. She was taken
care of by the the Keene and Constant
., families, and never knew what want
was. Up to within a few weeks of
death she could thread a needle, do
Is. patch work, and took a delight in do
ing little things about her home.
The old colored woman was tender
p ly laid away.
;e. -
On orders of 265 dozen or over, will
pre-pay freight.
ipJ. &. P. Coats' Spool Cotton
at 45 less 7 per cent. This price is
to merchants only.
ce W. N. WHITE, AGT.
th Mrs. Daisy Chaffe, of Minden, La.,
came up on the St. Joseph last Tues
day evening and will spend a few
weeks with relatives. Her old friends
and acquaintances are glad to have
Mrs. Oral Powell of Nashville, Tenn.,
us formerly a resident of Providence, is
here visiting her friends and relatives.
er She is accompanied by her son, Dubose,
who is now a handsome young fellow.
ýs We hope Mrs. Powell's visit to her old
home will be pleasant in every respect.
ad As for Dubose-well, the young ladies
will look after him.
Rev. II. W. Knickerbocker left for
Oak Ridge last Tuesday to attend the
District Conference. From there he
expects to go to San Antonia, Texas,
to conduct a series of meetings, and
will not return before the first of July
c or the latter part of this month. Hie
expects his brother to be here, how
. ever, during his absence to fill the
I) pulpit. We wish for the reverend
gentleman a pleasant trip.
Some time ago I was taken sick with
a cramp in the stomach, followed by
h diarrhoea. I took a couple of doses of
o Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy and was immediately
. relieved. I consider it the best medi
e. cine in the market for all such com
plaints. I have sold the remedy to
a others and every one who uses it speaks
!t highly of it. J. W. Strickler, Valley
Center, Cal. For sale by J. S. Gue
nard. ;
On Friday night, June 7, at the
Opera house the Providence Graded
School will give an entertainment
Sconsisting of recitations, dialogues,
f tableauxs, plays, &c., &c. An admis. I
sion fee of 25 cents will be charged
't for all grown persons. Children free.
e Persons desiring reserved seats can
e secure them at the arug store at the
small price of 10 cents. Fine music
Swill be furuished for the occasion.
Remember the date. Doors open at
7, curtain will rise promptly at 8
We spent a few days in Vicksburg in
the early part of the week and had a
lchance to shake hands with a numbei
Sof old friends. We had the pleasure
Sof going down with Captain Cummins
of the steamer Joe Peters and was the
recipient of a great many hospitalities
at the hands of both Captain and
officers. The Joe Peters is very rea
sonable in freight and passage rates. 1
Only $2 to Vicksburg; round trip $3,
which is just one halt of what the
other packets charge. Patronize theo b
Joe Peters and you will be pleasd.
See advertisement elsewhere. a
We understand that colored- people
are coming into townl and registerimg
with a view of voting next Monday in C
Ihe town election. This is not rlght,
and the persons guilty of it will be In
dicted by the grand jury and tried
at bthis June term of court. We do a
not know who the parties are and for
whom they expect to vote; but we'
condemn such ilegal practiee, and
the citizens of the town are Outbp1C k
agaiast it. PerOLu. outside ol tow
sad eountry people have no right i
register in town tea dayg pat.i
election and clams the right It ii
[t is very wrong.
TLere's nessnetasse. and btr S
toead in othbr ~abe- 1t nim
Wor' peats, k*#tow ?
ubitLde~~rl . ~ ~ ~ i·.~_I
'ir- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 2 · ·::,J·' ··iZ
According to our promise last week,
we will attempt a slight criticism of
the play which was rendered so well
by home talent on the night of the
23rd instant. In the selection of the
a play good taste was evidenced, for we
e. think the audience was well pleased
with it; although we agree with them
lb that there was not much plot in it.
flowever this may be, we wish to speak
)o of the merits of the actors and not of
'y the merits or demerits of the play
15 "John Van Buren," the Rector of
' St. Mildred's, was well taken by Mr. C.
ut F. Davis. Mr. Davis' natural dignity
stood by him faithfully in the charac
ter of the divine; and he rendered the
to different passages abounding with
0- pathos with becoming earnestness and
r- "Ann Cruger" was personified ex
cellently by Miss Mary Montgomery.
Although unugll at the time, Miss
Mary upheld her reputation-apd as
II sumed a role not as much suited to
her as comedy. rhe closing scene of
n the first act with little Cain was well
is worth the compliments she received.
"Dick Van Buren," the wall street
banker, and brother of the Rector,
was taken by Mr. Suzett Maguire.
s' The part of a genteel villain is often a
a" difficult one to take, but Mr. Maguire
W impersonated the scheming stock
broker very creditably ; and so natu
re rally were;the thoughts of speculation
depicted on his face, that one could see
ý., the greed for gain there "oven in his
is mother's arms."
e. "Phyllis Lee," his sweetheart, whom
e, he had cruelly neglected, was taken by
s. Miss Carrie Hall. The young lady's
d natural looks, with her composed
t. features and sweet expression, made
as it seem gp f that particular part was
written expressly for her; for we do
not believe that "Phyllis Lee" has ever
'r been taken by any young lady better
e suited to the part than Miss Carrie.
e in point of merit, she did not fall short
6' of the role she assumed.
d And "Poor Judge Knox !" Would
Y any one ever have known him? The
e victim of a joke and the laughing
stock of all! But he come out on top
e and at last found the charming Mrs.
De Peyster to be without a flaw.
"Judge Knox" well sustained his well
h established reputation. Ile was never
better. And there was "Mrs. De
,f Peyster," who "dabbled in stocks,"
played by Miss Annie Hous. Miss
Aunnie had a very accurate conception
of her part, for her tone, gestures and
- general attitude on the stage indicated
o that she was perfectly at home. The
s pain depicted on her face during the
i "sprained ankle" scene was. worth the
admnission price.
"Alec Robinson," with "no dances
to spare and less money," was taken by
e Mr. Sami Kennedy. As Mr. K. is t
I naturally a sort of "Smart Alec" with
t less money and less sense than "Mr.
Robinson" himself, we will pass him
by; but for lull particulars of his act- t
I ing, go to the Bauner-Democrat's "pro I
º Now comes "Bass Van Buren," the
j charming, bright-eyed soubrette, "tired I
of dolls and ready for beaux." t. 1
fact, Miss Ella Rous, in this character,
looked just like a young miss just verg
ing into the romantic age of love and
sentlimentality, when every bird whis
pers of love and.every zephyr breathes
its witcheries into her listening ear.
The commenlatiou of the public well
expresses the opinlons of the B.-D. as I
to Miss Ella's sacting. lHer love passa- F
ges with "Alee" were very laughable.
Both Mr. Deeson and Mr. Brock, as i
"Cruger" and "Creighton" rendered
their parts very creditably. For be- '
ginners, they did well. Mr. Deeson's
laugh was immneuse. Mr. Brock, as
the waiter, was good.
"Botts," the organist, looked as if he
had been playing the organ u;for fifty ii
years sure enough, so good was his a
make op. For fear no one will ever
hear him play another anthem here, we
recommend Mr. T. S. Delony to anyB
church'tn the oountry that might be T
in need O~og organist. At chess he is
"Soph e," ai md, looked so young
sid bhox&* no. one would ever
have knov I" was Mrs. Frank
Taylor, had it not been metiueosd on B
the sporammo:
But we must no. org.t to mention
*catdu. Minja$. Osette hIQf le a astor
to em ~ All wesu ag that he C
tam . f..miqugak w~9eargu.'
wise. as these home plays, properly
be Lake Providence. La., May 22nd, 1895.
IThe Hou. Board of School Directors
of the parish of East Carroll convened
re to-day in pursuance of call of the Presi
ýd dent and proper notification.
n Present--lion. W. N. White. Presi.
dent; C. R. Egelly, Sect'y. and Supt..
Directors, W. Hi. Benjamin, C. H.
ºk Webb, J. S. Millikin tnd T. J. Powell.
of Absent-Directors J. C. Bass, Vail
My Montgomery.
The President stated the object of
the meeting, which he had called in
compliance with the wishes of some of
C the teachers, to ascertain the views of
ty the Board relative to their several ap
_ plications for employment during the
ensuing session, as the present one
would close on June 7th and the Board
lb would not meet in regular session until
id the 1st Wednesday in July.
The Secretary announced that since
_ the last meeting of the Board, Mr. T.
B. Goffe, residing in the first ward, had
Y' been appointed a member of the School
55 Board of this parish, and had filed his
es oath of office, which had been trans.
to mitted to the Hon. Supt. of Public
o Education within the required time as
prescribed by law.
!I The minutes of the previous session
d. were read and approved.
at The President appointed Director T.
J, Powell as a regular member of the
' Finance Committee, to fill the vacancy
e. occasioned by the resignation of Hon.
a S. H. Mobberly resigned and removed
e from the state, and also appointed
k Directors Millikin and Benjamin, mem
bers of said committee pro tem, dur
* ing the absence of the two regular
n members not present at this meeting.
te The Treasurer of the School Fund
is filed his report for the quarter ending
March 31st, which was referred to the
Finance Committee for examination
n and proper auditing.
y Upon motion of Director Benjamin,
', it was resolved that the Secretary of
d this Board be and he is hereby author
ized to make payment for the unpaid
0 amounts due for charts by this Board,
is provided he obtains a discount thereon.
o Upon motion of Director Webb,
r erector VW. H. Benjamin was elected
as one of the committee on appointment
of teachers, to fill the vacancy caused
9. by the resignation of Director Mobber
t ly, by reason of his removal fromn the
Upon motion of Director Powell, it
was resolved that this Board recom
e mend to the appointing board on teach
g ers the re-appointment of teachers of the
p white schools in Providence,Longwood,
Shelburn. Transylvania and also the
colored school in Providence, provided
proper application should be made by
I them, should they desire to be re-em
r ployed for the ensuing session, and that
e the salaries of the teachers so employ
, ed be the same as now fixed by this
Board, for this present school session.
s Upon motion of Director Benjamin,
a the sum of $20.00, or so much thereof
I as might be necessary, be appropriated
for the use of the Supt. in making his 1
official visits to the schools in defraying
D his expenses therefor.
Upon motion of Director Webb. the
building and repair committee were
authorized to purchase sufficient lum- c
ber for completing repairs on the color
ed school house in Liae Providence.
and report amount of expenses incurred
to this Board at its next reun!ar session
in July. The Finance Com.mt.tee filed!
the following report which ws c
adopted :
To the President and members of
the Board of School Directors of the
parish of East Carroll, La:
Dear sirs-we, your Finance Com- u
mittee, to whom was referred the re- 1
j port of the Treasurer of the School Fund t
for the quarter ending March 81st,
1895, beg leave to report that we have
carefully examined same which we find c
correct, supported by the proper vouch
ers therefor, and recommend its ap
We find from said report that he had
on hand at the date of his last report I
tiled on January 1st, 1895, for the quar- o
ter ending December 31st, 1894:
Acash balance of.... .........$ 84 95
Received since from following
sources :
From sheriff for poll tax......... 849 60
Interest on school sediton......... 2728 78
Gert. ofApp. from State.......... 790 75 t
From sheriff for poll tax ......... 81 85
$3t1 88 e
That he is entitled to credit for
disbursements as shown by his
vouchers ....................... 210 77 so
heaving cash balance in his hands
April 1, 18906.................... $74 11 W
We have also examined the follow- F
ing accounts presented which we have et
approved and recommend their pay- 6
ment to-wit:
C R Egelly, lor sundries ..........P...S..
Mrs Emma Pope, pad for fuel... ... 7 00
Robert Diggs, baullag eoal.......'... 80 C
Total claimes allowed..............980 2 e
B1pectn lly Submitted, it
T. J. Powell, tL
Jas $. Millikan, f u
W. H. Benjamin,
Finance Committee. -
There being no farther buasiness the I h
Board adjourned to meet on the 1st L
Wednesday 1, July, same being the
regular quarterly ession, unless other- I
wise specially convened. 1
W. N. WltrE, President. !
CH*A B. Bmatr, Seretary. I
Westtastuer, aeL, Matr 21, :1894.
oematime ago, on swakeaing oIe
moretaug-l fmad that I had rhemoa
t*.imany lke a y badlty 7b. h s IsBe
i~.im ke4 t~ iqy w ,re- t # M be s.--.
S m t
'54ii~4+$ l~orrii"a~~~~
I. ii~ 4
~i ~ gr~~
Wo want to tell you tbis week some
9 thing about a "*home," a house with
>d premises that you may call your *on,
i- even it it be but a hut, r'Thatdear hut,
our home."as says the poet. In speak
ing of a home. one would fain indulge
in a bit of poetry for
i ""Be it ever so humble, there is no place
ltke home."
We know little about poets, our
,f minds do not run that way, but we
in know something about a homae, and,
f besides, common sense tells us that
ý every man or woman with a sparkle of
; ambition in his soul. dbould possess a
ic home and should enjoy solid comfort
d "under hisavine and fig-tree," as says
i the Bible.
te When you live hi a recited house,
,. naturally you do not feel like improv
.d ing somebody else's property, and
is hence the broken panes of glass in your
windows, the pickets missing in your
c fence, and sometimes even your front
L5 gate off the hinges; you do not feel
like repairing it, simply because it be
longs to someobody else. But if it was
your home,' everything about your
e premises would be in apple-pie order,
Y for occasionally you have spare time,
and instead of spending it loafing
d about town as you do now, you would
stay at home improving your property.
Now, all of you who have not got a
"r home and look with terror to the
d monthly visits of the landlord, who
g never lets the first day of the month go
e without colleoting his rent from you,
n think how comfortable it would be to
have your own home, and make up
f your mind to have one.
*"Where there is a will, there is a
1 way;" only have the will, and we
will show you the way. Come and see
us, and we can tell you how to get a
i home. and pay for it, if only you have
t the mind to do it.
d Every day we are settling good citi
e zens in the New Providence, and we
have yet room for you.
e -
I Mr. J. S. G. uenard. the efficient
P manager of the Opera House succeed
ed this week in perfecting arrange
- ments to secure the Ste.eopticon Lec
l tures of the celebrated John Lavios,
for three nights at the Opera house,
on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
Ithe.11th, 12th, 18th inst Mr. Lavins
s has the reputation of being a flue lec
turer; he has visited most of the south
ern cities and was greatly applauded
for the grand and vivid descriptions
of the contries that he speaks about.
Ills lectures are illustrated by one of
the finest Stereopticons that e: er came
South, each picture being over 18 feet
tin diameter and standing in bold relief
on the canvass. One evening at the
lectures is said to be as good as a
two mornth's trip through the country
that he speaks on. Mr. Lavins Las
upwards of 800 pictures, and during
his stay in Providence, he will give
three lectures with corresponding
views. The first night will be, of
course, devoted to our continent, that
we know so little about, taking in the
principal cities of the United States,
and the superb creations of Nature
that distinguish our country above all
others, the Valley of the Yellow Stone,
the Mammoth Cave, the Yosemite
Valley, etc., etc., with finue Stercopti
cou illustrations.
The second night will be devoted to
the British Isles, England, Ireland and
Scotland, leaving New York by steam
er and lauding at Queenstowa, all. of
course, with illustrations of the 'auld
The third nighl, Lecturer Lavins
will take his audience to La Belle
France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany,
etc.,describing fully and illustrating
beautifully the principal cities of these
Mr. Guenard interviewed the IRev.
C. Mahe who has beard one of the
lectures and seen the views illustrating
it, and the Rev.gentleman assured him
that the Lecture that he heard was
flue and brought back vividly to his
mind and to his eight many cities that
he has seen in Europe. lie says
LRavins is good.
Remember the nights, Tuesday,
IWednesday and Thursday, lth 12th
13Lh tust., and bear in mind this is no
magic lantern.
Admision for threenght: Aduolts,
60 ceats; children, Sb ents. Adita.
sion to one night: Adults, 26 cents;
children, 10 cents
Gallery. Adnlsiouf to the tke
L# , mt;..e ,.alght,, 1. ets.
tItifollowing Ctike was handed as
r prtbfieatiuon
For Mayor,
For Secretary,
For Treasurer.
For Aldermen,
Carriage for every dimnpled darling in
East Carroll parish. We'd do it if
every mother knew she could get one
at wholesale price, direct from factory,
freight paid. and could return it and
get her money back if she or the baby
shouldn't like it. Catalogue free.
American Furniture Agency, Galona,
Spring and Summer Clothing.
Mr. Walter Goodwin wishes us to
say that he has just received his new
line of spring and summer samples,
and invites his friends to call and take
a look at them. On account of the
newtariff, clothes are much cheaper.
e m.irIssIs
he tatire Tear
May eater
At LAy Time.
ISDL ASD DIPll* awarded this school by
World's Oolumbian Erposition, forgreat ercel
lenee and improved methods in Book-keeping
maktng over 100 awards by Amorlen ana
Foren S 5xfoetions. uss hnglksh. Aoademii
and Sorthand Schools.
For as years renowned for its Eh Grad
Course. Philosophic System Lvnced
Aecoenting, Practical and tihcal Leo
It practices no charlatanism, and makes
so false statements and alluring promises to
Seoeave and dupe the unsuspectin. hIany
thousands of its students arc leaders I. all liaes
of uasisess.
Commercial Course Ouarsantced H!igher
and Superior to any other in tihe United :t.ftes.
Write for FitE Spe? scirmen i'racs ot oaol't
Great Work, 71t. pp., on Book-keeping.
Address: IO:. NOlCLi & SONS. ,ew Orieass.
I wish to notify the public generally that I have re-opened my Landing ad
joining Purdy & Schneider, where I will do a general Receiving and Forward
ing business. 1 will have a competent man in charge who will be there to de
liver goods at all hours. My rates are in keeping with times and are as fol
L lows:
All kinds of machinery. 5 per cent. Corn, oats bran Ac.. per sack........06
on freight bill ........ ............. All groceries, per pkg ............... .Oi
Wagons, Carriages. c.............. .25 Drygoods, boots and shoes ....... .
Horses, Mules and Oxen. 5 per cent Barrels ....... .....................
on freight bill .............. Half barrels all kinds .. ..... .06
Ltumber and BLick. S per cent on Flour and meal per sack,barrle...... .06
freight bill ............ Iron cotton ties, ... .. .08
Furniture, 10 per cent on freighi;bill Cotton, per bale.......... ....... ..1.11
Hogsheads and crates, each...........15 Single packages of any kind .........06
Pianos and organs, each............. .50
Liberal discount on alove prices in large lots. Consign freight care Matºhe
son's Ldg., Lake Providence. La. PETER MATHIESON.
You . tore ywseeryaº
Bicycles... -oo, o..m
Bckycle Beauty comes from graceful lines
and fine finish, in which points Columbi bicycles excel But
there is more than mere looks to recommend a Columbia.
Back of the handsome design and elegant finish is a sterling
quality that over the roughest road and the longest journey will
carry the rider with safety and satisfaction.
Buyr a CO!LUFIBIA o a
$ b oe..al Ola. e. d º.... n e. sls u ora
seerosT, usew voas, owoenq,
meovnmeso, wsssto
Sats two 2-ent stamps for a
O~olumbia CataloguMe I itf yon
call at a Columbia agency.
PArsaUN / HamPow a RMRR MRR
Guenac'd Drug Store
J". B. GQ-l;i'TE AxIAT, Propgriotor.
a General Assortment of Pure -
Fresh Drags Always on Eanr
Filling Prescriptions qspecialty by an experionced and duly
-----licmnsed Pharmacist
Painters aSplies of all kidAs.
Toilet and Faney Articles. Pare Candles.
Landreth's Garden Seed.
Inss losurance Cooipany,
Vicksburg, _Mis.
r Lgmpey, o*f Londona
.$+++ ++.-m- s,-.,..,.,UA ,.I +
?joppspa y, of Taroaso;
C s~paPnysj of 'Philadelphli,
t o s N yo f N e w O r.esa s , L a .
.earply of 1iaxterd, tonnectent
smewr3rT_ Iag
: zcvtce zL~i$ ·q
A ·i
I herbv I -
dence. On accoust of tio h
if the liass, I - w Uk ill tak
for *50 a year, the presentii ya~ s W'
being $)00. . a.
I hereby announce nh yfficifscautm
date for re-election to the olee of
Marshal of the town of Providensei
and respectfllty solicit the support of
the people.
I hereby announce myaelf as a
candidate for City Marshal of tlhe
town of Provideuce, and aisk thbe sop.
port of the voters,
45 less 7 on J. & P. Coats thread.
aond freight, pre-paid on orders for 25
dozen or over. White is doing this.
Can;'t he bent. This is saving fregirt.,
and at the same time the small
merchant can make anorder for exactly
what No's he actually wants.
CORN FOR SALE--Cboice white
home raised corn for sate at Vicksburg
prices. Apply at 11111i Bro.
Eleotion Nottoe.
In accordance with the proceedings of
the Charter of the town of Providence, La..
I hereby give notice that an election will be
held in said town on the 1st Monday, the
3rd day of June. 1895, for Mayor, five Coun
cilmen. Marshal, Secretary and Treasurer.
to serve for the ternm of two years there
after; and I do hereby issue my proclama
tion ordering that said election be held on
that day In accordance with existing State
laws governing elections and that the regis
tration books be open for the space of
thirty days prior to said election.
Witness my official signature and the
seal of said town this let day ot May. A. D.
189:. E. J. HAMLEY. Mayor.
May 4. 1895.-5.
Registration Iotice.
The registration book for the register
ing of persons within the corporate limits
of the town of Providence is now open at
my otfice, and will continue open until
June 2. 18105.
J. S OUENARlD. Registrar.
Providence, La., May 1.1811.

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