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The Banner-Democrat. (Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La.) 1892-current, June 08, 1895, Image 2

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-.. ..- brought i
JAM-E N. IltNEIL. the imnit
Publitiher and proprietor, that has
two year
River tU
qUBSCRIPTION : $200 PER- YEAR. Rier tc
trict on
- June 8, 1895 Two y,
atirda, - -weater h:
vim, rig
The Treasury deficit for May is tile U.
over $3,000,000 we have
better at
The gold bugs have swallowed the etner uS
Vicksburg Cointfercial-Herald. man t
Japan, after a rest of a few weeks, withstal
has started in again to flog China. week bi
The price of wheat is now 75 cents yards
a bushel, an advance of over 50 per Arkans
cent in six weeks. line, a
-- raise,
It is said that the cotton acreage line, w
has been decreased 2,751,000 acres, built I
or thirteen and one-half per cent. lions d
A silver convention has been called vertire
to lmeet in New Orleans on Monday uner
next to elect delegates to the Mem- and on
phis convention June 13. Mildlh
Gen. Ass S. Bushnell is the Re- own ft
publican nominee for Governor of to 1ecn
Ohio. The convention endorsed work,
Foraker for U. S. Senator, and Mc- few y
Kinley for President.
- - rise,
Gov. Morton, of New York, was existil
while reviewing tfe trooif Up
Day and was carried the U
ere he remained Midd
rwards. here,
and t
bt but that work
Fitzsim- La. Be
exas., Bunel
W ions1
to Henh'
arrested from Uppe
w oecal
anal and Baronne
aturday evening in Newi iosf
r attempting to draw a
n Mr. E. C. L. -lerwig. Bual
rominent Republicans.
lant warship of the world, Milli
the Gulliver was launched in the -eIt
eyde on Monday last. She has adis
placement of 14,253 tons; 2,250 tons be
more than any America wair- tf a
bip. She draws 27 feet, is 538 feet tra
iu length and 75 feet across the U
)beam. taa
The lbcycle women of Chicago have i
S~ eme so disgusting in their cos- of
tnmes that the aity council has bei
•*a4 an ordinance to prevent them
from wearing short dresses, knicker- sal
'bookers, etc., within the city limits. mi
e hordinance recites "that this erase ye
s :umed such proportions that it te
maeaces the public morals of this or
ctty," and "that it is unhealtBh th
un-American and unladylike for
ate appear in such costumes."
ordinance proposes a fine for
wo mn cUght upon the streets ol
·' "gbefuneral on Thursday last of f
cj.,ha A. Morris, in New Orleans, t.
of the largest ever seen in
:-~ c~ity. The TimesDJ)emnocrat in f
S qitIl eSs: "tt d4cath of r
S was an irreparable loss I
o had been the bene. !
- charity 'or of
; and t.e.y
b has none
or artificial in it,
itself in the
the impressible tear,
ag volbe and the agonized
kepubhcaa State e of
5aseebled In Ne
to select
LKEE8. The folIo
"'In time of change- tel
The old saying, 'in time of ,Lent 1l
peace prepare for war," is strongly ).no -f t
brought to rinnid when we consider tond in tt
the immense amonut of levee work indecentli
that has been non during the past the past gc
t eregarded
two years from tie mouth of White and disgus
River to 1'edford's, in Madison called ,*b
pari'sh, coverilng the :rd L. S. Dis- withOut re
trict on the we~t bank of the river. even you
Two years imnnumnity from high Christia|n
water has in no wise diuiniished the iols of di
t .whose dias
vim, vigilance and deterniiva.un of in their cc
s the U. S. and State authorities, and of all nmol
we have a line of levees even now coining tý
lbetter and stronger than the most is. It m
sanguine could have expected after all that LI
many more years of work. Not- literatrebook
s, withstanding this, there was let last ced boys
week by Capt. Townsend, of U. S. than a
Engineers, six hundred thousanO take gret
its yards in Arkansas from the the from , r,
er Arkansas River to the Louisiana Memnphi
line, all of which is designed to great
raise, enlarge and strengthen that time app
ge line, which has been practically re- depraver
es, built under government speci ica- hucomp
tions during the past four years. indecent
In addition to this, there is ad- In these
Svertised to be let on the 21st inst., and bri
lay uner the same authority, about one there w+
and one-fourth million yards in the passions
Middle Tensas District, along our vice an
Re- own front, from the Arkaness line now ha'
of to Bedford's, none of which is new `it nor
sed work, as our own line is safe for a tractive
Sc- few years from caving banks, but The thi
all designed, as in Arkansas, to coaceal
raise, enlarge and strenlgthen the fars I
was existing line. detereo
ots Upon application at the office of good a
ied the U. S. Assistant Engineer for the torah
ned Middle Teusas District, located plays,
here, the following list of contracts moral
and their extent and character of dation
that work was turniahed us: toleral
dyed miles yards. stark-i
sim- La. Bend-Ark. line to
station 190 ..........38 .10 Jqule 6'i.000
a., Bunh'a Bend ...t. .0 Enr'mt 7,004 ndig
Wilson's Point....... 10 ll.0 Bqute 28.00
Donna Vista .... ..1 a.10O En'mt 60,000
to HenihatIm's to Elton .. 4 7.10 Bqute 900 00
1'rgvideuce to Wyly's. 2 3.10 Buute 33,000 stable
Concrd to Honeistcad 2 E i'mt,Obe i
En'mt anini
Atherton to Stamboul 3 3.10 and 78. oin000 i
ene ) Bqute After
from UpperWilton andAirlhe 1 3.10 En'mt 48,00t0 A
Pecan (rove ........ 2.10 En'mt (i0.000 willC
nne En't ai
New l!.aderson, inlduding and t51,000 soo
a Dlitchtey and Omega.. 4 Bqute skcle
aw a tn'mnit flesh
wig. Buckhorn. (Upper).... 2 7.10 and 100.000 bee
) nute'm a
Buckhorn, (Lower)... 7.10 and37,00 irt
' Milliliin' Bend. ...... 6.10 Bqute 36.000 costi
in the Delta.................. 2 Bq te '2o0 0 slier
O'Brien's .............. 1 8.10 Bqute 0,00 auin
a dis- The above shows that work, will dirt,
atons be done on forty-five miles, more will
titwar- than half the levee line in this dis- .ug
es the trict. There are now two parties of coni
U. S. Engineers in the field, driving
stakes and cross sectioning the work stat
;o have in anticipation of the large number the
ir cos- of contractors who are expected to and
bil has begin work early in July. chi
t them Three years ago the Middle Ten- pre
nicker- sas District levees contained seven foo
limits. million yards of earth; after this ar
s craZe years' work, they will contain over bei
that it ten million yards; in other words, vat
of this our levees will be one-third stronger i
bhe alth- than they were then. tli
S The Ootton Bug. an
umes." - lou
ine for Mr. R. R. Justice brought to this tir
a streets office on Wednesday evening several qu
bugs or beetles, which is called thle fo
cotton bug, and were sent to un S
last of from Alto hy Mr. R. II. Brown, a
who says they are very destrucutive
to the cotton plant. The bu has
seen in six legs, is dark in color with a fine m
ocrat in fuzz covering its boeTy; it has three o
t ath of red stripes aeCross the back from the aI
hble loss head to where the body verges into
the tail, and is not quite half an inch t
S in length and has no wings. It isd
ty t of said that these bugs imnigrated i
and t eY trom Mexico across the Rio Grande
Sto into Texas, and evidently found
way into iomtsiana.-Richland
SIt is said that "the 1892-yard peti- I
has noneD ron of the Woman's Christian Tem
la in it, perace Union, with its 2,000,000
if in the signatures, now on exhibition in
lble tear, London, will be soon taken thence
ogonized to Grindelwald, Switzerland. In
August, the midnight ucan season, it
will go to Christiana, Copenhagen,
e of Stockholm and St. Petersberg. In
s th fall It will make the tour of the
ng Rome,
Indecent Literature.
The following clipping from an ex
change tells the truth in regard to
i letient ltterattre: "
noo the worst signs of the tinmes is *
fouand in the widespread toleration of
indecent literature. Many books that
the past generation would have been
regarded with unutterable loathing
and disgust are now rea'ld by tie so
called "best people," and tiiscnt..
without reserve in mixed companies of
ien and women. We sometimes hear
even young girls, the daughters of --
'hristio p ts. n ope"n:presso BOBE
of their dmiration for works B
whose distinguishing feature is fountl
in their cool and deliberate disregar are cheaped
of all nioral restraints. What are we heape
Scouling to? Is this thin s to grow? use in payl
t1 it does, the day of doom is before when
it us. It might is well be said once for Br en
r all that the people who revel in impure $3.75 to $
L- literature are not themslli es pure. A satisfactiot
bad book an the hands of inexpdrieli-o
t ced bos andi girls is more dangerous Complet
bed boy. and
3. than a viper in their bosoms. We
ia take great pleasure in giving a wider bl.5(
circulastion to the following parIgltph
from a recent brilliant editorial in the
sa Memphis Con mercial-Appeal:
to "The reign of the nasty is upon us.
at A great mass of the literature of the DO
time appeals to a nd'cultivates the most
re- depraved and licentious appetite of
,a_ human nature' it is to our minds in- In hite
comparably worse than the franku
indecencies of the old English drama.
id-In these old plays there was mch wit TE
., and brightness and play of fancy. and
tlspite g ess of the language 'EL
Sthere was no studied appeal to vulgar
,hbc assions, no purpose to apotheosize
ar vice and make immlorality respectable.
In many of the books auid ilas thato TAR
nefow have such vogue there is tiherI - T
ew wit nor art, nor any literary duality
a worthy of the name. Their only at- White ar
tractive .quality is their indecency.
bUt The thin pretense of having a 'moral'
to concealed somewhlere tbout them, put |
the forward in defense of ,onie of these
plays, is merely a fig-learf attached in
deference to the public knowledge of NUN
of good and evil. There is no ,moraln
the worth knowing that cannot be bette Variety
ed taght than by vile literature, indeent ariet
plays and obscenLe fictions. The only
acts moral they really teh is the degra
of dation of literature, the prostitution of
art, and the low state of morality that
tolerates the brazen exhibition of such WI
urda. stark-naked depravity."
00 new
pti0(t Indigestion in Horses and Mules.
f8.000 -
'hOu Occasionally, in a well regulated
3to0 sable, a horse or mnule is observed to
Sbworke in an utth riflry condtion. The
animal, 1 hen put to work, soon be
7e conies fatigued andl has to be relieved.
00 After a vhile the slightest exertion
00 will cause it to sweat profusely ; the
aninril Is now rapidlv losing flesh antid
1,000 1 soon b.ecomes little more than a liing R
iskeletoi. Before thlis falling ont in
flesh has progressed far, it will have
o .' been not iced that the alpetite of the a
animal is quite variable ; on somec days r a
; 7,000 ii will cat oeartily and upon others frequt
refuse to take a Iouthlalul Of food; warts
s3 .000 cosliveness and loosenea of the boweth dies a
2 ),t) alternate with earh other and the inpi
animal evinces a fondness for eatilg I aicil
rill dirt, soiled bedding and nmauurc. It Iiafi
re will often spetd an hour or more lick- foti
s dis- ing white washed fences and buc til salt
iugs. Wuhen the shove synipto this are
confinled to only one aninimal in the
rivring stable, it is sor.eiines very difficult to take
e work state what is the cause of the affectlon.( day,
Sometimes the teeth are foiund to be hair
nber the cause ; they are worn unevenly saw
tte to and perhaps have sharp edges or pro- horse
ectimng surfaces that lacerate the angr,
le Ten- preveitt the proptr nmastication of the L s
eeven food, or some ot thenl may be in thea
er this carious condition. If the teeth are
properly attended to, the carious one shor
in over being extracted, the disease will often on t
words, vanish. Frequentilyl the eondition is had
simply causedn by the animal eacquir- and
tronge log a habit of boltiug its food. In of t:
tis cease. thi e food should be spread war
over a large surface and tIus the a
antimal will be compelled to take a shot
longer litale in eating tliemcel. Some
S to this times wae animal will arppear to be thre
oeveral quite well and no cause an be foundl sd
le d the for its uuthrilticess, aut elle in this affli
t o u case the progres ows t nrds perfecitta i
w, health is slow even with the best of
it a fine much easier niatter to discover the
s t three catttQ, wihich being reinovetd, the thu
fro mth( atnimials will regain their former the
es itolt healthlitess. it may be found that to
Stiia ich the andimals are beitag fed with
• . It is damaged hay or corni and at the same t
niigrated d time are doitag hard work, or it ay e
Grande be that tlhey are watered alter being net
ted instead of bcfore; or the feeding ret
yy found IsR' be at irregular Beriod5 ; or they ie
aichland ana)y be ted at stated times bitt not al- thi
owed sufficient food. Occasionally
tihe cause is slnily the nteglectatig to pa
yard peti- provide the animals with salt. Lumps pc
tinaTern- of rock salt should be kept iu the ro
2,0000000 maugers or in other eouneaienat places .
where the taiules can easily get at it. Ii
ibittie in 'inhae first step towardts effectiing a
en thence cure is to see that the food is nour
nnd. In Ishiug atad that it is supplied in suffi
cieit qutaatitY and of easy digestion di
:.eeaon, it and that the aaaimnal be fed regularly, Ia
peneagen, being careftl that a supply of salt is b
sberg g In always oa hatad. Salt should be al- ta
lowed at the rate of one onace per
ur of the day per lnule. III those instatces
lgg Rme, where faulty provender is being used, 11
it should be discarded anti hay of ,
good quality purchased ; this will be a
Sbuad the cheapest course in the end. I
way of mediciue, it is a good puat (
give a pitt of raw litseed oil to re
om4bhe bowels any irritating a
te they might. cotaiu.
Sgive It the food a
14)iooWiag tauy b
bl " betst s
- 8ST0RE
are cheaper than ever before. No1
use in paying $5.00 to $6.50 for a
Bar when you can get one from LA
$3.75 to $4.50 that will give perfect
satisfaction. N
Complete line at
$1.50, $1.85, $2.25, $2.50,
$2.75, $3.75, $4.50.
In 'White and Colored,
From 10 to 25cts per yd.
t- White and Colored,
r Form 12 1-2 to 15cts per yd. a
,t Variety of Shades,
3ly From 10 to 15cts per yd.
Les. A new line,
From 25 to 85cts.
W. N. WHITE, Agt.
( ,..mmm
Warts on Stock.
In all agricultural papers there are As
frequent inquiries about removing Ics
warts from stock. VAi'- us reni- t
dies are suggest 3. Eu +, is apot
siuple homne remedy esiiy applie. may
which every farmer and stock ar':er nut:
hould know. The ingredients are ,q
found in every kitcheln: it is simply has
salt and lard - ,ure hog's lard, huc
Mis, using all the salt the lard will cure
take up. Rub over the wart once a
day, and in addition, tie a horse Ire
hair tightly around the wart. I 1frst It w
saw the remedy tried on a young is th
horse; the wart was large as a dollar, ilny
angry and bleeding. Two applica- as
lions of the remedy cured it, and wyh
there was no scar left for the spot pati
was covered with new hair in a S
e short time. The remedy was tried (dig
on two heifers at the same time; one ul
a had a wart as large as a man's fiet, m
and smaller warts on different parts Tat
1 of the body. The other, an ugly dise
d wart in the face. One application, Fol
C I think, took them all off. Farmers the
, should try this remedy, and report per
e through Texas Farm and Ranch, rib
d and pass it on to others having
is afflicted stock.--Texas Farm and
et Ranch. fr
It is funny how quick a newspaper of
a hears from people about whom it has to
a occasion to say something unconipli- mi
e mentary. A newspaper may say nice
he things about a man without end and
er the only attention he will pay to it is Gr
to smack his lips, look wise anti m
th wonder how that newspaper feller
found out so much about him. lie
a never thinks about repaying the klud
hg ness with an advertisement or by k
tig recommeuding some friend to adver
key tise. But let the newspaper say some
at- thing mean about him and all is
il changed. lie will forgot all about
past favors and do everything In his
ip"s pu wer to prevent his friends from pat- it
the ronizing the paper. But such is life
es among the swamps of Southwestern i
i. Louisiana.-Natchiltoches Vindicator.,
g a c
,nr- 4
uffi Never strike a man when he Is
lion down. Never abuse a mran who at- t
rly, tempts to do right because he stum
it is bles and tal's. Extend a helping hand
i al- to the one who grows weak by the
per wayside. Speak a word of encourage
uces meat to those who endeavors to walk
tsed, in the paths of virtue and truth, but
of whose flesh is weak despite the willlng
I be spirit. Take pride in writing on the
end. ledger of life a long column of credits
plan of good deeds that will overbalance
o re- the debit side of those of omision and
sting commission. Finally remember that
Stain. "it is beman to err but Divine to for
ed a ive."-Shreveport TiaLs. .
ad a __ ..__
sy be .- Between two evilasotl folks cooe
'Jo be witheaotu fau t hto bteb W
Plain, 5 to 25cts per yd. TI
Stripes, Plaid, Cords, Lace effects,
5 to 22cts per per yd.
Small and Large Checks,
5 to 15cts per yd.
A No. 1 quality at
20cts per yd.
9. double fold at 10cts.
double fold at 10cts.
st 14cts.
Including Brass Head Nails,
"at 6ets.
S Another lot of Wire Cloth for Screen
cts. 30, 32, 34 and 40 inches wide.
Small Pox Remedy.
A true
As small pox is prevailing, mere or May 2r
lese, in various sections of the country
thl lfollowing remedy for that disease, Job
fIrst given to the public by a corre
sponldcut. of the Stocktion (Cal.) Herald, office.
may prove inttrestiug, if not import- -
"I herc with append a recipe which
has been used to my knowledge in
hundreds of cases. It will prcvent or No. 3
cure sm,:ll pox, though the pittings
are filling. It is as unfailing as fate,
and conquers in every instance. It is
harmless ~ hen taken by a well person. and s
It will also cure scarlet fever. Here
is the recipe as I have used it to cure
my children of scarlet fever; here it is LE
as I bave used it to cure the small pox,. Mad,
W1 hen learned physicians said the
t patient must die, it cured:
a Sulphate of zinc, one grain : foxglove T'r
I (digitalis,) one grain; half a teaspoon- aedd
e tul of sugar; mix with two tablespoons- Atl
lul of water. When thoroughly year
' mixed, add four ounces of water.
Take a spoonful every ;hour. Either
Y disease will disappear in twelve hours
|, For a child, smaller dose, according to
io their age. If you value advice and ex
rt perience use this remedy for that ter
1, rible disease.--Ex
Bill Arp received a letter recently
from a committee of the Grand Army
er of the Republic to subscribe 25 cents
as towards a monument to General Sher
li- man, and answered it as follows:
"e ..I received your letter, asking for 25
nd cents to help build a monument to
is General Sherman, the hero of the
ut march to the sea, and wanting me to
ler send three other names and warning -
lie me not to break the chain, etc;, 1 will
go as far as any rebel-so called-to
by keep the peace and bury the past and
er- be friendly; but you must excuse me.
ee I have lived all my life in the path of
is that march to the sea, and for thirty
out years I have been straining my mind
his to see the heroism in it, and I can't do
at- it. It just shows how blind we poor
life mortals are. All the heroism I see is
ern in the retreat of Joe Johnston, who.
tor. with 40,000 men, resisted that march
of Sherman with three times that num
is her and killed more. man for man,
at_ than he had soldiers. There is where l
um- the heroism comes in, But we will
makd see a fair compromise with you. If
the you and your boys will contribute 25 *
cents each for a monument to Joe
alk Johnston, the real hero of the march to I
but the sea, we will let you build one to
Ilug Sherman and say nothing about it.
the We are very tired of all this ridioealos
edits gush about the' Grand Army of the i
ance Republic, especially when yeou know
tand or ought to know that you have on the
that pension rolls more men than we had
for- in the army during the war. Yon
eastt knock the truth out with mona
writh- oeuts gun a ' the
u 4
, ... IEfTO RS OF THE ......
p0V2ID 2T0 CE
We are prepared to furnish the traveling public with the best Carriages,
Buggies and Saddle Horses. a
Speoolal Rates sto Co zneroial aL
The Mutual Life Insurance Company,
he lutt Coupzy in the Unita
I ste, ~ the LAUSST in th oll,
3g'Up to Deoember 91_t, 1992, it had paid to its policy holders
$948,466,16.86, which is double the amount over paid by any other
Louisiana and Mississippi.
r. aYanoey e Ell. Local o A8 t.,
l.,l.ae Providen e" Em.,
surely do y(
Cough, Col
d New Disc
Road Coughs an
AND ON EASY TERMS. Sufferers fr
--- speedy and
The Yazoo and Misslssippi Valley sample bot
  Railway Company call especial atten- for yoursel
liou to the 600,000 acres of land in the Is. Tral to
famousDrug Stor
. lying along andowned by the Yazoo & Mis- 1,000 Gi
siseippi Valley RailwaY Company, and $20. 200
which that Company oers at low prices
and on long terms. Special induceme llt
and facilities efered to go and examine Perdido ql
these lands in the "Yazoo Valley," of Mis
sissipp. For further description, map and
any other informatioa, addresss or cas up
on e. P. StSx, Land Commissioner, No. 1
Park Row, Chicago. Ill.; or, GW. W. MctIN-- w e
en xis, Ass't. Land ommtissioner, Mesphis, Freigi
Mike Cat
de. - F, C. Le
BSuooe5don Motioe.
Succeslos of Arthur Rlchordson, D)ee'd. passing I
Notice is hereby given that W. II. Fisber, morning.
administrator of the succession of Arthur dence go
Richardson, dee'd.. has filed a final account
of his gestion of said succession. It no op- Thi
posltion be made thereto within ten days pass all 1
fron the date of this puldliJton. the sn r a consider
will be homologated. Signed this 24th d"ly
of May, 1843. J. D. TOMPKINS,
Clerk 7th Jud. LDistrict.
A true copy. J. D. Tompkins, Clerk. 8
O or May 5ofIfi8i. Cares
atry 5, .--
ease, Job work neatly executed at this
raid, office.
port- R1
lhuc I Prop, Phil's Saloon,
ut or No. 3 Levee street, Ii doors from corner
inugs Dealer in
It is Wines, Li a Cigars,
hre and sole agent in Providence for the ^
celebrated brand of
eitj IVs l E O WmSEZt, 10 TYa s OL0,
1 pox. Made by the Live Oak Distillery of
Ithe Cincinnati, Ohio. s
[glove Tbe purest Rye whiskey oa tle market, UV
- and used by he U. 8., govment for
medical purposes.
ion- Also Peobles OLD CADIISNT in cases, 20
ughly years old.
hours .L DoucLAS
is to W. Le
$ud ex3- $ SHOE.'t"oA 4
t ter nd odier speedlta~s for
otnlemen, Ldses. s
5 and stes aan the
c Best In the World.
scently assCertivoe ad.vet5I
Army en mct whiP appe.ar in
ScntTake eas Iebsis
1 Sher- inst on having W. L.
gfor 25 rwa name pe
tuen t to b .tam . a b
of the T,7O W .
we toor Y
w will
past and
iy min('O
san't do OP
m, march
bat num
we will LoxlrOTON. KY*. tar
You. If t}se'Uas as
It will cost you nothing and will
surely do you good, if you have a
Cough, Cold, or any trouble with
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Dr. Klung's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds is guaranteed to
give relief, or money will be paid back.
Sufferers from LaGrippefound it just
the thing aud under its use had a
speedy and perfect recovery. Try a
sample bottle at our expense aid learn
for yourself just how good a thing it
is. Trial bottles free at J. S. Guenard
Drug Store. Large size 50c. and $1,00
A Hand Made Oypress Cistern.
1,000 Gallons, $15. 1,600 Ghallons,
$20. 200 Gallons, $26. 3000 Gallons,
$86. A. RIGGS & BRO., No. 60
Perdido street. New Orleans. La.
New Orleans, Lake Mort and the Bend
N Freight and Passenger Steamer
Mike Carbine Clerk.
F, C. Leathers,
SOL e -e Leaves New Orleans
  every Saturday at6 p.m.
d. passing Prvi dnence going up Tuesday
'r, morning. Returning, passing Provi
rt dence going down the same evening.
p. This steamer reserves the right to
Y pass all landings that the captain may
ne consider unsafe.
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" Vtiwaa o Cone A
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y of Pow TOUrn
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eis hor
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