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I III. II .I I.. . 1O
PusIlbDer sad Proprteor.. p
S.urday, * - October 26, 1895. b
Announcements. C
Senator .............. ..........100 ft
Distilot Judge ..........................
District Attorney ...... .............. .... 15 tl
aep e~sentative.. .. .......... 1000
Clerk ... . .. .... ... 10 00
][ e.J.. ro. .......... .................. 0
pAorcJuronrs........ d
Juties. of tbe Paece................ 6 5c 0
(C sStable's ............. ...................
I respectfully announce myself to
the voters of East Carroll and Madison d
that I am a candidate for Senator of o
the 26th Senatorial District. subject to k
the action of the Democratic party.
I beg to announce that I am a can
didate for State Senator composing the P
parishes of Madison and East Carroll, s
subject to the action of the l)emocritic I
party, and respectfully solicit the sup- t
port of the suffragans.
We are authorized to announce ii
Judge F. F. MONTGOMERY as a can- p
didate for re-eleetion to the office of b
Judge of the 7th Judicial District, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
party. P
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for District Attorney of the 7th
Judicial District, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
I hereby announce myselt as a can
didate for re-election as Representative
in the General Assembly of Louisiana,
subject to the action of the parish
Democracy. C. S. WYLY. F
We are authorized to announce Mr.
J. W. DUNN as a candidate for re
election to the office of Sheriff of the
parish of East Carroll, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce Mr.
YANCEY BELL as a candidate for the
position of clerk of the 7th District
Court, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
I hereby announce myself as a can
.didate for re-election to thb office of
Clerk of the 7th District Court, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
Party, and ask the support of the i
voters of the parish.
708 C030NEL
We are authorized to announce Dr.
W. E. LONG as a candidate for re
election to the office of Coroner of
East Carroll, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
We are authorised to announce Mr.
C. E& EGELIY as as candidate for re
election to the office of Justice of the
Peace of the Third ward, subject to
the sation of the Democratic party.
Fdltor Banner-Domoct at :-As Mad i
son has honored with the most import
ant district position one of East Car
roll's distlngumsbed citizens, please nn
ouncoe that I have withdrawn from the
race for senator from this district.
Oct. 24th, 1895.
A $100,000 cotton compress is
going up at Monroe.
Thomas W. Hunt, formerly U. S.
Marshal of Mississippi, who died in
St. Paul, Minn., two weeks ago,
had $78,000 insurance on his life.
Mat Sunday the town of Algiers
opposite New Orleans was swept by
a devastating fire. Nine blooks were
6urned to the ground, aggregating a
les of 8800,000.
Two new gunboats were launched
st Newport News, Va., last Satur
dAy, one named "Nashville" and the
other "Wilmaington." These gun
boats are designed for service in
foreign oountries, such as South
Amerieas sand China, where it k often
noessary to ascend rivers to protect
Amerioan citisens and mesionaries,
especially. in China.
II- - I
Last Saturday was a day at the
Cotton Exbchange in New Orleans
that speculators will not soon foret.
Cotton took a tumble of fifty points
In the short -spsce of an hour, and
everything went wild with excite
meat. Bt this fall will soon adjust
itself again, for m spite f all minrep
rmesntations, the crop i shabort and
pltes are bound to go up.
Tbo Ehlan as Republican party
l ins a d way. Adrviees from New
Oarkss say that if eer there was
say ycohto In the ranks of the _e
gpibitoae party itobii stats, disor
gStabatie la theB 1 fis e the G. 0.
W-' 1p an extent # before ocompre
eimded has bees birught about over
StMweenk sope .t t the disgruntled
;mt bofters, i soy thatthey will
i · smee. of at·, negro in theirs.
'%i*. itgro wit be Ia
4bwe.Is now; but
J 7Wili*i at a con
'Irxa 'aga r NOoW.
Again has 8 D. M.eaery been
AT brought out to ge frest: No sooner
had his same bern propoeed by some
of his admirers as the opponent of
Foster, than it was taken up by the
people all over the State, and the cry
m of McEnery for Governor is now the
•. slogan that rings from the hills of
- Claiborne to the Gulf. The proba
15. bility that Justice McEnery will con
- sent for his name to be used as a
candidate for gubernatorial honors
has sent a thrill through the veins of
thousands of people, and it has in
fused a new life into the politics of
the State, such as the present Gov
t ernor(?) has not been able to do
during his entire past encumbency.
The preliminiary fight will take place
- in the State Central Committee,
when the opposing forces will be
s drawn up in battle array. What the
of outcome of it will be we will soon
to know. At any rate, East Carroll
will be found true to her first love,
to the old war horse of Democracy,
who has fought the battles of his peo
he ple through the dark days of recon
oll, struction down to the present. It
tic has been said that McEnery was prac
" tically dead. If he is. he is the live
lhest corpse our friend the Gover
nor(?) ever saw. There is no man
Ce in Louisiana who lies so close to the
an- people as Samuel D. McEnery. Let
of hun be brought forward, and the
ub- Fifth District will march in solid
phalanx towards the Crescent City
- to join the Democracy of South Louis
iana in the support of "the man from
'nh Ouachita.
... . . -
"ion The Excitement In The Cotton
The Picayune of last Sunday
an- speaking editorially of the sudd n
na, fall of cotton, says:
rish Yesterday witnessed considerable
" excitement in local cotton circles,
a- nd the flurry which occurred in all
probability marked the culmination
Mr. of the great speculative movement "
which has been in progress for some
the time. The decline which occurred
was in no sense justified by the sta
tistical position of cotton, and can be as
explained only in the blind eager- tn
Mr. ness to realize earned profits and to ur
the liquidate in expectation of a decline si
ict which everybody seemed to antici- be
pate at the same time.
The leading cause of the excite- to
CRn1 ment and rapid decline developed
sub- yesterday was the plot concocted by ]
vatic the bear operators in New York to fo
the stampede the Southern holders of at
cotton. They realized that unless P'
S. they succeeded in creating a diver- nE
-sion they would have to pay large a'
profits to the Southern holders of ai
Dr. cotton, and their friends, the New hi
re- England and Manchester spinners, t
r of would be forord to purchase the raw
n of material for their mills at a materi.
ally higher figure than they have
paid for several years past. They e'
Mr. accordingly spread broadeast rumors 5
re- and reports to the effect that the to
the leading bull operators in New Or
t to leans were liquidating, the purpose ol
being to create the impression in D
the minds of Southern holders of t!
cotton that the advance had culmi- w
ar- nated, and that, consequently, the tl
tn- time had arrived to unload their li
the holdings. The plot succeeded, and w
the wild scramble to sell which was ti
witnessed yesterday followed. h
The cotton trade throughout the h
South will now have a day's respite, t:
Sduring which the statistical position s
of cotton and the true inwardness of '
the recent flurry can be carefully a
J. S. considered. The Picayune believes c
d in that a calm survey of the situation
ago, will show that the decline which has
. already taken place has more than 1
discounted any top-heaviness which
giers may have existed in the market.
t by Everybody now realies that the
were crop a ill be a short one, so eminent
ig a an authority as Mr. Neill, who has
been more unifo rmly successful as a
crop'estimator than any other man,
ched holding that it will not possibly ex
atur- ceed 6,800,000 bales, and may be
tthe much less. No facts have developed
which can be considered as having
in- discredited Mr. Neill's estimate;
ethence, with prices nearly a cent
outh lower than the highestpoint reached,
ften it would seem that the time had ar
otect rived for merchants and planters to
rie, hold on to their cotton and wait for
a reaction.
SAt any rate, attempts to force cot
the ton on the market during the pre
eans vailing nervousness would only pre
cipitate further weakness; whereas a
rt. prompt stoppage of offerings would
oints permit the market to recover itself
and and in all probability bring about a
cite- favorable reaction. The Southern
idjst producers are more independent this
rep- year than usual, and are able to
market their crops to suit thein own
convenience, s well as their own
ideas as to value. Such being the
case, it would be wise policy for all
pety concerned in hadling actual cotton
aNew to withold offerings for the present.
was A falling of in the pressure to sell
. Re. would promptly bring about a reac
dor- tion in prices. What is now of the
. O. most urgent importance is to check
the nervous excitement and weak
Sness existing in the market, and
t over the sreat way of accomplishing this
atned is by withholding offerings of actual
wIl cotton untl satisfastory prices are
Spaid. In a short crop year like the
Spresent the produners must dictate
the price, and not the buyers, who
Sbt will have to have the jptia za any
e-o event, sad, conenquetly, hoald be
Able tJ pay fe~llvahee foirit
iKrisllbR1f D11115 1 & Co., M I,
ey. I'ww -IFICwP wfv wuw'
roll ki In-Razor Cap Toe. $1,90
Don Kd i
roll p
cy, and Ini Razor Plain Toe.
Cloth In Opera Cap Toe.
veTops, In Opera Plain Toe. to10
anthe and In C. S. Toe and Heel.
Let In O'"pera ToeandC. S. Heel.
ty In Opera SqureCap Toe.
ton W. N. WHITE, Agt
e Under the new election law in Mis- anc
d . . tha
sissippi, voting will not be so easy tn
1 as under the old system. The elec- pl
r- tion in November will be the first ix
,o under the new constitution of Mis- she
e sissippi at which state officers have Sa'
been voted for. A correspondent
to the Picayune says:
d There will only be one ballot, l
which the names of all candidates,
,o for state, county, legislative, district
>f and beat officers will be on-the
,! populite as well as Democratic nomi
nees. Under the old constitution W4
and laws each party had its ticket, Na
I and if a man got hold of the right do'
ticket, all he had to do to register ant
his choice was to hand the ticket to Cii
' the election officerg. All this is
changed now. and it cannot be too At
e widely published that it will be no Fe
easy matter to vote intelligently, Fk
Y especially for state officers, on Nov. del
rs 5. There is not perhaps one man in Bu
e ten, at first blush, who ean call the p,
r names of the nominees for state Sp
Be officers, either on the populite or
n Democratic tickets. And yet when
of they come to vote, they must know Sti
ii who are the Democrats and who are to
ie the Republicans and who are the Popu- T.
ir lites. The nominees of both parties
id will be all mixed in together on the JN
as ticket. The election officers will
hand each elector, as be presents C.J
be himself to vote, a ticket. He will
e, take the ticket and enter a booth,
on where he will find a pen and ink.
of With this pen he must indicate by
ly a cross mark opposite the name, the
*es candidate of his choice. He must in
,n not scratch a name, if he does he t
as loses his vote, so far as that particu- in
an lar office is concerned. In someof
ch counties where the populites have a TI
e full tickets in the field, there will be th
ahe t least sixty names on the ticket. s
ant Only a limited time is given, under nn
the law, for each voter to mark and to
I a hand his ticket to the election officers. sa
In, in
ex- fu
be No White aan There. w
The.publication some time back hb
te of the article ,"Nary a Nigger," hl
,t descriptive ot a Southern town in fr
which there was not a single negro, T
has evoked a counter article, P
to descriptive of a town in which there 13
for is no white man. This town is on b
Johnson Island in the Mississippi b
t river. just noth of Memphis. It is n
re- a town and is owned by a negro lc
re- planter" The island is eleven miles a
a in area and it is under the Tennes- c
ld see statutes. The town is a taxing g
elf district and not incorporated. Jud- tI
a son is the name of the place, named fi
em after the white planter whose son is A
his the mullatto owner of the island.
to The case in which he won the rich 0
wn property in contesting the will of t
wn the dead planter is well remembered o
the in Tennessee, and the courts duly ii
all allowed him part of the inheritance, c
ton since he was the only living issue of a
It. Judson. ii
ell So far as known Judson is the
ac- only negro town in America where
the there is not a white man. Elmer
eck Judson, its wealthy owner, allows r
k- no white t: come except on a visit. b
and The town has 450 inhabitants and is a
this well organized, since Judscn is ai
tal well educated and piogressive man. I
are He owns everything on the island i
the and most of the inhabitants are his
late tenants. He is a justice of the
bo peace and has provided happy
homes for the men who work for
Sbhim and enjoy his bounty. The i
islad is about eight miles in length
and in a few places is not more th
than sixty yards wide. The land is ed
unusually rich and fine crops are in
produced every year. There are
six stores in the place, with a few gi
shops, two churches and a school.- is
Savannah Press. hi
- 8
If you have any intention of going cc
to the North and East this fall or Pl
winter, you should advise yourself of st
the best route from the South and it
West. This is the Louisville and
Nashville Railroad, which is running f'
double daily trains from New Orleans c'
and Memphis through to Louisville, St
Cincinnati, Nashville, Birmingham, t,
Atlanta, Montgomery, Thomasville, e
Peusacola, Jacksonville and all other I
Florida points; Washington, l'hila, a
delphia, New York, Chicago, Detroit.
Buffalo atd all points North and East
Pullman Sleeping Car Service through.
Special low rates made to Atlanta
during the continuance of the Cotton
States Exposition. For particulars as c
to rates and through car service, write f
T. &. EINGSLET, Tray. Pass. Agent, DaIlas.
JNW. ElLENET, Div. Pass. Agent, New
Orleans. La.
C.P. ATOIBE, Gen'1 tra. Agent, Louisville
Ey., c
Every community is judged accord
ing to the education and morality of
its people; hence the most important
institutions of a town are its churches
and its schools. We will speak only
of the schools of Lake Providence.
The subject of education has been so
thoroughly discussed that anything we
say on it will prove but vain repetition;
r nevertheless, we want to call attention
I to the advantages afforded us on this
scorce right here at home.
In Lake Providence and the district
immediately surrounding it there are
four public schools for the benefit of
white children, and all of these schools
have unusually competent teachers,
hence every child in this community
has it in his or her power to receive
I free of charge a thorough education.
The school situated in the town of
Providence looks from the road scarce
e ly larger then a two roomed cottage,
I but it contains four large rooms well
furnished with desks and chairs, and
black boards, and charts, and the
e nucleus of a library. The yard is
o long, narrow and covered with grass
l and shade trees. Here at recess the
I- children play all sorts of out door
g games, and unconsciously build up for
I. themselves strong bodies that can
d furnish fuel for active brains. There
are four departments in this school,
and its curriculum, includes, a course
of mathematics extending from prim
h ary arithmetic through higher arithme
tic, algebra, and geometry, to trig
d onometry; a course of English extend
y ing from the analysis of simple senten
t, ces. through higher grammar, rhetoric
f and composition, to literature, a course
in geography extending from elemen
e tary geography, through, higher geo
,e graphy, and physical geography, to
astronomical geography: a course in
Sr history, extending from primary histo
's ry of the United States throug h the
L. higher history of the United States,
is and through Ancient History; a course
a in Latin extending from the first gram
,. mar. through the higher grammars,
d and through Caesar. Cicero and Virgil.
is The sciences taught are Botany Natu
t ral History and Physiology. And we
blush to say, thatthe children are also
ly instructed in the now almost obsolete
rr branches of reading, writing and spell
STh, it e t tg.
S Thus, It is evident thet any child is
this community can acquire a good of
education in the Lake Prpvidence pub tl
lie school, this public school whose
crowning glory is, it does not at
afford opportunities for half grown in
girls and boys to become what
is called '"accomplished." In one of
his novels Thackeray describing a
blaokguord that has gambled in every
watering place of Europe. says. ,"He
speaks eight languages with equal in- s
correctness." Likewise do those young i
pupils who beside the English course of a
study, take several extras. play, sing,
paint, "*elocute" and ",orate" with equal
Our schools here offer a plain good
foundation, of knowledge, on which ond
can afterwards, huild any intellectual
structure, whether it be scientific or lit
erary. Our schools are conducted by
teachers that are in touch with the mod
ern methods of instruction and are as
f-aily able to lead the;children undertheir
charge into fields of knowledge as are .
any teachers away from here. C
L -MeRae's for cheap groceries.
I--- i ...
Be it'ordained by the Police Jury
s of the parish of East Carroll, that
e from and after the
no fences shall be required in East
Carroll parish, and the owners and
lessees of all live stock of whatever
kind and description within said par
ish, shall be required to keep the same i
confined to their own premises, and
that any person whose land or crops
may be depredated upon and dam
aged by loose live stock after said
date, shall have the right to take up
f said stock and bold same under lien
t and privilege to secure the payment of
' the damages sustained by said party,
V as well as costs of keeping said stock
as hereinafter set forth. The amount
of damages sustained to be determined
'e by arbitration of friends if the parties
i; agree thereto; otherwise by any court
n of competent jurisdiction.
is Be it further ordained &c., That it
shall be the duty of the party taking
t up live stock as aforesaid,, to give
te notice immediately to the owner or
f his agent, or the lessee of said stock,
is if he can be found, and no charge shall
B, be made for keeping said live stock
y before notice is given, except when
'the owner, his agent or lessee of said
* stock cannot be found after diligent
f inquiry and effort. In case the owner
- or lessee of said stock cannot be found
." after diligent inquiry, notice of taking
I up same shall be given by posting a
<d written description of said stock and
1e the time of taking up same at the two
is most public places nearest to the plan
es tation where said stock have been
4e taken up, excepl n Providence ward,
or where the notice shall be posted at
or the post office and the door of the
in court house. The term public places
re is to mean stores, post offices and
1, office of justices of the peace.
se Be it further ordained &e., That
n- after notice in cases where owners,
1e- their agents or lessees can be found,
g- and from time of taking up when said
d- party cannot be found after diligent
n- effort, the person so taking up said
ic live stock, shall be allowed, in addition
'se to his claim for damages actually sus
n- tained by depredations upon land and
0- crops as aforesaid, fifty cents per head
ato for taking up live stock and fifty cents
In per day for eah bead of live stock so
0- held during the time the same are
he necessarily held, to enforce payment
Sof said damages a.d cost of keepuing;
Band said party shall have the right
u- after holding said stock three days, to
rs, dale from time of notice given, when
1. owners, their agents or lessees can be
"- found, and from time of taking up
weIsaid stock when so owner or claimant
so cath found, to lfstitute suit to enforce
ito their dilm.for ibtm ges dose by said
!" live stock and costs for keeping ae'm;
and pending trial of suit the party
I on 4t-c i up sle, L to s hai e k s
orlnated býy us. All succesful spSoulEt S operstas a ayularse .ut .en " "
thtsa wel-known fast tb thel aes ousao e in all parts on the Uyt Sl.a ht
few thousar Id dollares for the o in hundred Or two ha ndn red donea U.
rlo or more by those who invet a- few o .
understand sys.tiatie training.
T.Our plan doe not k e ole aout nvested on an trad. but bth Vs
our Daily Market Report. full of money-making pointers. ALL WRn. Our anuarl expais e
margin !trading fully. l gheat r efeagees In regard to our standing and success.
...... PROPB.IETORS OF TEl .....
We are prepare d to furnish the traveling publio with the best CarrIages,
Buggies and Saddle Horses.
Speoial tates to Cýjoverv1a1 " Mhen.,
The Mutual Life Insurance Company,
The D11Oet Compay in the oited
hSates, Bd the LAIU T is the Tll,
1 tip to December s81t, 1891, it had paid to its policy holders
$346,466,167.86, which is double the amount ever paid by any other
Louisiana and Mississippi. O. ew Orleans, La.
Y , .noeY Se11e, Lt.ooa al :.-E'ts,
.e.aaIe Providen1*1e. r.
right to retain possession of same and
to receive the aforesaid fees per day
for keeping sameo until final settlement *u
of the suit, which shall be adjusted by C
the judgment of the court. T
Be it further ordained &c., That N
all ordinances or parts of ordinances C
in conflict herewith, be and the same g
are hereby repealed. S
Fall and Winttr Samples. a]
Mr. Walter Goodwin wishes us to f
say that he has just received his new is
line of fall and wnluter samples, L
and invites his friends to call and take
a look at them. On account of the
uewtariff, clothes are tmuch cheaper.
Furniture at Wholesale Frioes.
We relresent the largest mauufac- F
turers of Household Furniture in the L
world, and sell to anybody at factory
prices. All shipments direct from the
Chicago factory. Our large furniture n
catalogue mailed to any address on d
receipt of 6 cents in stamps to pay
postage. Our special Baby Carriage
Catalogue, showing 68 new styles,
mailed free. American Furniture
Agency, Retail Profit Smashers
Galena, Kansas.
t For Sale.
S ine Peekin Ducks-Per pair, $1.50; trio,
Pure Red Jersey Pigs, very fine, and will
a sell very cheap. Call on me for price.
Lake Providence, It
For Sale or ]Rent.
P The Alpha Plantation in Bunch's Bend
t is for rent for 1896. or for sale. Will also
,f sell a Drug Stole outfit, a lot of household
terniture and farming Implimealts. Ad
dress Dr. B. W. BEAY,
t Lutcher. t. James, La.
a Court Terms.
The jury terms of the 7th District Court
it are fixed for the first Mondays in January
g and June.
The civil terms are fixed for the second
Mondays In March and October.
Jury terms to begin on 4th Mondays in
11 January and Jun. Ciil terms to begin on
k 1st Mondays in April and Novembel.
n TuNsAas
d Jury terms to begin on 8rd Mondays in
Febuary and July. Civil terms to begin on
it 4th Mondays in April and November.
tr By order of his Honor, F. F Montgomery.
d Judge 7th District Court"
J. D. Tompkins, Clerk.
o W. L 
$3 St
d, som.. . Ms fsW
at a" mnsea sue e
1l But in tie Wrld.
e an dsoeoovs eerM
d .., ws Ipss t isam
at aB s IastaII .
Id V40 asse- re $ss
at o sbe a4Um. m
Id T ,. o,',W, ,
ad Oh bbWia'a ·V. aad Ibis Out"
,ts ismatls dai for Esua, -Teaw, IsIS
SheRbeuSa d 1d Soren N
nt For sab by d atbst S e pe pbar
pto Fat i boass in a ameWty y s
tn ditr- ý . Cay's Caopdltde Powden.
They tern tbhs = n0 digui., aem
be l.dos of ts, e.0gmIamih m,
]p kidnea.Tjoy i and ds ro wtrmia lv
at ne .ti as oMd orpsp sah bo Vl
S Job work dsatly (suiUttd at th
oMC .iB
It will cost you nothing and will
surely do you good, if you have a
Cough, Cold, or any trouble with
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Dr. King's
New Discovery foe Consumption,
Coughs and Colds is guaranteed to
give relief,or money will be paid back.
Sufferers from LaGrippe found it juet
the thing and under its use had a
speedy and perfect recovery. Try a
san, pie bottle at our expense and learn
for 3 ourself just how good a thing it
is. Trial bottles free at J. S. Guenard
Drug Store. Large size 50c. and 1,00
New Orleans, Lake fort and the Bend
Freight and Passenger Steamer
F. C. Leathers, Captain,.
L. E. Boulet, Clerk.
Leaves New Orleans
every Saturday at4 p.m.
passing Providence going up Tuesday
morning. Returning, passing Provi
dence going down the same evening.
This steamer reserves the right to
pass all landings that the captain may
consider unsafe.
OeLU O aU, itsnas
e ..... g.a O as
I gsebss -emss 1e tse w hi
SIp PhiWs Saea,
o No. 8 Levee street, 8 doors from corner
Dealer in
Tin, Liuon a l Cigr,
and sole agent in Providence for the
celebrated brand of
t Made by the Live Oak Dietillery of
Cincinnati, Ohio.
The purest Rye whiskey on the market,
and used by the U. 8. government for
mediesal purposes.
Also Peoblses OLD CasiN? I cases, 20
years old.
de -e Wina
I ag as' hear
Coulslia n itte d Tle - d to 0"4..
t ia l I * " "

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