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JA-- ' . T U RUNU
P eeWa sad ?seprteto?.
Saturday, . - November 2, 189b.
Dtwrs ......A .......................... it 60
.,e .i s .tat re... . ..... .......... 10 00
O r ei ts ... .... ... .. .......... ....... S o
0t1s01 ...... 6 00
J ces of the P ce ......................
" oe riable' . ........... ............... 6 0
I respectfully announce myself to
the voters of East Carroll and Madison
that 1 am a candidate for Senator of
the 26th Senatorial District, subject to
thes action of the Democratic party.
I beg to announce that I am a can
didate for State Senator composing the
parishes of Madison and East Carroll,
subject to the action of the Democr.tic
party, and respectfully solicit the sup
Sport of the suffragans.
oa JUDOIl.
We are authorized to announce
Judge F. F. MONTGOMERY as a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Judge of the 7th Judicial District, sub
jot to the action of the Democratic
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for District Attorney of- the 7th
Judicial District, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
I hereby announce myselt as a can
didate for re-election as Representative
li the General Assembly of Louisiana,
subject to the action of the parish
Democracy. C. S. WYLY.
1olt saIM r,
We are authorised to announce Mr.
J. W. DUNN as a candidate for re
election to the office of Sheriff of the
parish of East Carroll, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
nI OtCLEa.
We are authorised to announce Mr.
YANCEY BELL as a candidate for the
position of clerk of the 7th District
Court, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
I hereby announce myself as a can.
didate for re-election to the office of
Clerk of the 7th District Court, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
Party. and ask the support of the
voters of the parish.
We are authorized to announce Dr.
W. B. LONG as a candidate for re
election to the office of Coroner of
ast Carroll. subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
We are nauthorized to announce Mr.
C. R. EGELLY as a candidate for re
election to the office of Justice of the
Peace of the Third ward. subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
Our paper last week was left in
chagae of Mr. 8. B. Kennedy, and
the editorialt appearing expressed his
personal opinion and not ours. The
Ranser-Democrat has entirely dif
forent views.
Bast Carroll will have only one
vote in the gubernatorial convention.
This hi the way we are to be paid
beck for the work we have done for
the anesem of the Democratic party
ia years gone by.
A strong pressure was brought to
bear on Justice McEnery to induce
him to enter the campaign as a can
didate for Governor. We are glad
to ase that he has positively declined
to allow his name to be used.
It t rel funny to hear a lot of
ofioe hunters equeeling against the
practice of ballot-box stuffing and
demadlng as bonest ballot, when
tbees very same creatures have been
placed in ofice by the very same
The Banner-Democrat can not sup
post any man for governor who has
such broanio ofoie seekers and Popu
ats tied to his coat tail as Adams,
Plokett, Gunby and Parker. They
an a dandy lot of mortals to talk
John H. Ioman of New York, is
said to have made 250000 out of
last week's sensational break in cot
an. . stys: "~I the crop is
oly 86id00 bales as many honest
Ssard" well laeord me appear to be
... .eso e , in ay opinion, wWil
uab t kigh In the neighborhood oi
ah Mdld teo t a lsnd without
s alae Ther. ae: no
.. . . , reespers
aedle thes
Os Tbrbbeot -i it, M» we
were reedy to d -to pr~-, we beard
that Rev. Josep Geinle 49f She
port bad died i Weir Orleass. We
only habed $Sse to make a brief"te
tion of his death, expecting to say
tbis week something more of him who
was so highly esteemed In our com
It would indeed be an easy matter
for us to give a biography of this
devoted priest, for the Shreveport
papers without exception have gives
eztended notices of his life, of his
ministration and seal during the 22
years that be lived in that city.
lie was born in France 67 years
ago, came to this country in 1860, and
was pastor of the Catholic Church at
this place from 1849 to 1878 Most of
the people here remember "Father
John," and speak affectionately of him.
Our predecessor in this sanctum, who
never forgot anything, used to tell
concerning "good Father John" a
store of aneedotes, illustrating his
zeal. his charity, his geniality. He
published in the Banner-Democrat
several years ago an anecdote telling
how the Father drained the church lots,
and the Shreveport papers must have
kept it on file, for they reproduced it
during the week following his death.
We publish it in another column.
Mr. Morgan was fond of narrating
how in 1878, when the yellow fever
was decimating Shreveport, and five
priests in few weeks had already fallen
victims to it, Father Johbs received
orders to go to Shreveport. A true
soldier of Christ, he hesitated not a
moment; he left here his little flock
that be loved so well and hastened to
Shreveport. With death staring him
dal!y in the face, he ministered to all
without distinction of creed, until the
fever disappeared.
The people of Shreveport never for
got his self-sacrifice, and Jews and
Gentiles, Catholics and Protestants
considered it their duty to accompany
his remains to their last resting place.
The funeral procession was a mile
"Pansy," the graceful writer of the
Shreveport Times, has thus beantifully
resumed his life:
"Father Gentille, one of the five
noble Romans who stood by the peo
ple through the terrible epidemic of
1878, and the only one of the number
that survived, was called to rest and
receive his Heavenly reward the past
week. His life was marked by his
friendliness to the friendless, sympa
thy to the sorrowing, compassion for
the poor and ready generous aid to
the needy. He had been suddenly
removed from the scenes of his bound
less usefulness, and the hearts of our
people, irrespective of creed, are sad
den over a great lose.
Shreveport claims a right to mourn
over his death, as was shown by the
weeping crowd that viewed his
remains for the last time, and to
weave strands in the garland of grate
ful memories that shall encircle his
monument. Methinks already he
hears the waves on the far-off shore
with greetings of loved ones, and feels
upon his placid brow the breath of an
eternal morning."
No better tribute could we offer to
the memory of Father Gentille.
Proeedings of the ]xeutive Com
mittee of the Seventh
JudieaI District.
Delta. La., Oct. 1, 18956.
The Executive Committee of the
7th Judicial District met pursuant
to the call of the Chairman.
The following members were pres
ent: Messrs. J. T. McClellan, Geo.
Spencer, proxy for J. B Snlyder,
Jas. Beard. Absent Messrs. McRae
and Broaddus.
On motion, Jas. Beard was elected
Chairman and Geo. Spencer Secre
The following resolution was
Be it resolved that this commit
tee be consolidated with the Sena
torial Committee, atld that in future
same haball have authority in all mat
ters relative to Judicial and Senato
rial nominations.
Be it resolved by the Executive
Committee of the 7th Judicial Dis.
trict, that a convention be held
in the town of Delta on Wednesday
the 4th day of December 1895, for
the purpose of nominating Judge,
Senator and District Attorney, bor
the Senatorial and Judicial District,
composed of the parishes of East
Carroll and Madlson.
Be it further resolved, that the
delegates to sand convention be
selected in the parish of East Car
roll at such time and in such a man
ner as may be determined by the
parish Executive Committee of said
parish-that in the parish of Madi
son the delegates be selected. in the
manner set forth by the resolutions
passed by the Executive Committee
of said pareh on September 27th,
Be it tarther resolved, that the
representation of the two parishes
be based upon the popalation as
shown by tbe U. 8. Censs of 1890,
under which each pariah shall name
one delegate for every one thousand
inhabitants and one fIr fraction
over 500 therefore. The perish of
ast Carroll shal be repreveated by
s1 delregte and the pariah of Madi
ue by 14 delegates.
Thea, being no further baeunes
2::r. ·.>...rS.
Betler Values Wcre Never Eflen 1 I
As Long as they Last they will
be Sold at the FolIowing Prices.
AT 19 CENTS, AT $1.00
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A FINE WEAVE, LINEN. AT 12 I-2cts Yard,
Will receive next week lot Matting, Smyrna and Brussel
Rugs, all sizes.
W. N. WHITE, Agt.
Set an Example--How Father Gen
tille Had the Church Lots
The Lake Providence Banner-Dem
ocrat published in its columns in July,
189S, the following article illustrative
of the late Father Gentille's character.
The good priest was in charge of the
Catholic Church In Lake Providence
in the early 70. "His born home
strength of character, cheerful dis
position and sterliugaiotegrity, secured
for him numerous admirers and warm
friends during his stay in our midst,"
say the Banner-Democrat." and his
name is now even mentioned with
profound respect.
"Illustrative of Father John's shrewd
judgement of human nature, we will
relate an incident that passed under
our own personal observation. It is
several years ago since the Rev. Gen
tills was in charge here. The town
improvements then were quite limited,
particulary in the matter of ditches
and drainage, and the location of the
Catholic Church and parsonage being
somewhat low, whenever a heavy rain
fall came along, the grounds around
were badly flooded. After mass one
Sunday, Father John called the atten
tion of nis people-among them there
were several who knew how to handle
a shovel-to the need of a ditch to
carry off the water, now that the wet
season was close by. Ile;naturally ex
pected some of them would come out
next day, but none came. The even
ing of the day following there was an
immense rain; early the next morning
about sunrise Father John was dis
covered with his pants rolled up to
his knees wadirg in the water and
busy at work digging away to drain
off the church lots. He had not been
there long before a number of the
members of his church could be seen
slinking along, one after the other,
with downcast looks and shovels on
their shoulders. They soon had an
ample crowd and went to work with
a will, so that before the sun went
down the drainage of the Catholic
Church lots in Lake Providence was
complete. The Father's example in
this iuntance proved more powerful
than his precept."-Shreveport Cauca
Proceedings of the Executive Com
mittee of the 25th Senatorial
Delta, La., Oct. 21, 1890.
The Executive Committee of the
25th Senatorial District, met pursu
ant to the call of the Chairman.
The following members were pres
ent: J. T. McClellan, W. H. Har
very and Jas. Beard.
On motion, J. T. McClellan was
elected Chairman and Geo. Spencer
The following resolution was
Be it resolved by the Executive
Committee of the 95 Senatorial
Distriot, that this committee be con
solidated with the Executive Com
mittee of the 7th Judicial District
Committee, and that in future the
satd committee be known as the
Executive Committee of the 7th
Judicial, and the 5tth Senatorial
District, and shall have authority to
act in all matters relating to Judi
cial and Senatorial nominations.
Therem eang no further business
the comamttee adjourned.
Geo. Speneer, Chairman.
, eeretary.
lf yee wast 4 get r.I p9 to Me
Hmt' *eok.
To-day is the day of remembrance
or the day of the commemoration of
the dead, and throughout the land the
cemeteries will be thronged with visi
tors, who will go there to decorate the
last resting place of their dead. It is
a great day in New Orleans, and
thousands of people will visit the
cemeteries of that city to-day to
deposit flowers on the graves of those
they tondly loved. It will not be
Amiss then for us to reproduce a con
tribution published several years ago
in the Banner-Democrat on "The Day
of the Dead." It will bear reading a
second time.
They, too, went through the world ; they
drifted down the river of time; we on the
shores heard their voices, and then we
heard naught else. Where are they ? Who
will tell us? Blessed are they who die in
the Lord !
As they drifted down, thousands of vain
visions appeared to their eyes; the World,
cursed by Christ, showed them his grand
eur, his wealth, his voluptuousness -these
they saw, but instantly eternity was betore
them. Where are they Who will tell us?
Blessed are they who die in the Lord I
A cross star off. as a heavenly beacon. ap
peared to guide their course : but all beheld
it not. Where are they? Who will tell
us? Blessed are they who die in the Lord I
Some sale: What is this stream that
drives us down ? Is there anything after
this rapid voysge?-We know not...., no
one knows; and as they spoke, the shores
were vanishing away. Where are they?
Who will tell us? Blessed are they who
die in the Lord I
Others some seemed, deep in thought,
listening to a still small voice, their eyes
riveted on the sun's last rays; suddenly
they sang an Inavisible dawn and a day
never ending. Where are they? Who will
tell us? Blessed are they who die in the
Lord I
Swept pell-mell, young and old. all were
soon lost to sight, as the ship driven away
by the storm. Sooner would one count the
sands of the seashore than the number of
those who rapidly drifted down. Where
are they? Who wli tell us? Blessed are
they who die in the Lord !
Those who saw them told that a great
let was in their hearts; pangs hove their
Feasts, and, weary of their labors, casting
their eyes to heaven, they wept. Where
are thev? Who wll tell us ? Blessed are
they who die in the Lord I
Out of the unknown region where the
river is lost to sight, two voices rise con
One says: "Out of the depth, I have
cried to thee, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice.
let thine ears be attentive to the voice of
my supphcation. If thou O Lord, should
est mark iniquities. 0 Lord, who shall
stand? But with thee. 0 Lord, there is
mercy and a plenteous redemption."
And the other: "We praise thee, O
Lord ; we bless thee; holy, holy, holy.
Lord bod of hosts. Heaven and earth are
full ofthy glory."
Thither also we shall go, whence come
these lamentations and this triumphant
song. Where shall we be? Who will tell
us? Blessed are they who die in the
Cheapness doesn't mean merely lit
tle money-it means value for your
money. We don't advertise cheapnese
because that doesn't express the facts
We tell you that they are better every
way than the so-called cheap goods-
then we say they don't cost any more.
If common goods are cheap, what
about good pants at the same price?
C. D. Wright, Commissioner of
Labor, in his tenth annual report,
which has just been computed, esat
mates that io the pest thirteea years
nearly $200,000,000 have been lost
through strikes and lockouts. 11Il
nois leads the states in the number
of strikes.
The New Orleans Leader says
that "the P6pullets hold the majorl
ty vote in twenty-six North Louis
isa. parish," which we do not be,
j hey..
The Female Jury.
It is reported that the public is
about to have an opportunity to ob
serve closely how women jurors will
try divorce and breach of promise
cases. Under the new constitution of
Kentucky women are eligible for jury
service, and it is the intention to give
the experiment a fair trial. One case
in which they are soon to hear testi
monly is that brought by a young
woman against a wealthy widower
for alleged breach of promise. Dam
ages are set at a high figure, and, to
atd to the defendant's horror, the pre
siding judge has declared that the
trying Jury will be composed wholly
of women I Women are said by
.vcmen, as well as by men, to be es
pecially severe upon other women. It
remains to be seen whether they will
be so when serving as jurors, or
whether their severity is to be con
fined to social circles, as before. The
chances are that if the plaintiff in this
case is not particularly good-looking,
and cannot show a broken heart, the
jurywomen will side with the man
and say he served the forward thing
right by breaking off the match.
The town of Hammond had a $25,
000 fire last week.
Mrs. James B. Eustis, wife of
Ambassador Euatis, died in Ireland
last Saturday quite suddenly.
Furniture at Wholesale Prices.
We represent the largest manufac
turers of Household Furniture in the
world, and sell to anybody at factory
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Chicago factory. Our large furniture
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Galena, Kansas.
J dgment.
Seventh District Court, East Carroll par
ish, Louistana-Mrs. Florence D. Bisa
ton, wife, vs. L. L Davie, husband.
No. 8e.
This case coming on for final hearing,
and having been duly tried and full proof
having been submitted of plaintiff's do
I mand, and by reason of the law and the
evidence being in favor thereof, it is there
fore ordered, adjudged and decreed that
the community of scquets and gains here
tofore existing between the said Lewis L.
Davle. husband and Florence D. Blahton,
wife, be and the same is hei eby dissolved;
r and henceforth there be separation of prop
erty between them: granting to the eaid
wife the right to resume the ad
I ministration and control of her estate free
from the control of her husband aforesaid.
Is is further ordered, sadudged and de
ereed that the said Mistress Floreese D.
Bilaton, wife as aforesaed. have judgment
against the said L. L. Davis. husbsad, i
the som of elvean hundred and twenty-lve
380100 dollars, with interest thereon at -
per cent. per annum from the tSth of Feb
ruary. A. D. 1875 until paid. and for the
further sum ot two hundred sad twentr
Ave dollars, with like rate of interest from
Marheb 81st A. D. 18/6.
It is furthermore oarder_ adjudged and
dereed that the gene mortgage ae
.howledged by the siL. L. Davie. beet
beand, a seeordanes with artiete 314 of the
Revised Civil Code of Loumitana and asn
t iLws of this State o the subject. said meet
- gags being of data July 8th, I89U ad re
eeded in tthis persa in a eegagn hook
rY"lesUd, b d o b4 same 15 hereby
reesanied and ordered enoared in favor
of ed wife for sihe sfremstd sums, with I
s teres-, to takeseemt t sthe sU - d--y,
Mo. readasend l ci m st tha
. 30th day ofpsf D.
Seweat rn b oe
:.mot 8ýY' Rit Sunstar, Csg 331.
tu e 4 a, ao#-m of. ss so, n rte do , - ,' - -
wT. F. MO TG OMERY. Ja. o. PURVely
Tsas b Et t t-51w o r Efl Profsa friUs anmaer avs ly ssW U
eare plp.a redsnct ml to frsh the traingald opubli wt dsohthe beta, tonpM,·
a fado m' paper IalYso oar Y s4Aa on bictEodsrcu a $Oh ete¶
(,rdaiy .zar1L t Report. fall oat u oney-makng pointers. ALL 11133. Otr oel eaphdte
aud trading fufly. Blaghtit rda neste reardt t our steading antd'aoess
o Buiher Infora adon addresso
TOThe X A ., C 3aay ke sad IOs
291 .40 I alto 1MlTilag, Cn ic l .
......PROPfIETOR5 OF THE ......
We re prepare46,17d .8 furhiish double traveling public with the bt Cay otes,
Buggies and Saddle Horses.
U~peoiaba Rtew to Comemeriail MzeO
ThLouie Mutsianual ife InsuranceMississippi. Comrleans, a.
"he nlet eCopy ii the niWl.
Stde uhePAidhinc the TeL
I9'Vp to December 1stt, 1893, it had paid to its policJy holer
$346,466,167.86, which is double the amount ever paid by any other
Louisiana and Mississippi. 0pNew Orleans, La.
Isak..e Prouid.eUOCe" TLs
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to the North and East this fall or(
winter, you should advise yourself of ot
the best route from the South aud
West. This is the Louisville and
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delphia, New York, Chicago, Detroit
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Special low rates made to Atlanta
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States Exposition. For particulars as
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T. . G ,MY, Trny. ltm. Amnt Daisas.
JNAO. K.LnT, Diy. hao. mgat, aew
Orleas. LL
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For _ale.
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Lake Providence, La.
For Sale or Rent.
The Alpha Plantation In Buneb's Bend
is for rent for 1896, or for isle. Will also
sell a Drug Store outfit, a lot of bousehold
terniture and farming implments. Ad
Dr. B. W. SAY,
Lutcher, St. James, La.
Court Terms.
The jury terms of the 7th District Court
are fixed for the first Mondays in January
and June.
The civil terms are fixed for the second
Mondays Into March and October.
Jury terms to begin on 4th Mondays in
January and June. Civil terms to begin on
let Mondays in April and Novembel.
Jury terms to begin on 3rd Mondays in
Febuary and July. Civil terms to begin on
4th Mondays in April and November.
By order of his Ronor, F. F Montgomery.
Judge 7th District Court
J. D. Temptlna, Clerk.
SW.L. Douc.A
$3 SHOEd.: & Jr.
And oims peeslamis tor
Oeatiemns, Leades. m5 or
anad mise are the
Best in the World.
see demlrptive avalrti
meat whianb ppesws La ts
mle o havtin W. L.
we same sad pries
smpde on boosm. sold b
T. j OWZ L..
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I R anlElS d for ess Teier, Slt
For sale by dria Pe ho
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)rug Store. Large size 60c. and $1,00
New Orleans, Lake fort and the Dea4
Freight and Passenger Steamer
F. C. Leathers, Captain,
L. E. Boulet, Clerk,
Leaves New Orleans
every Saturday at6 p.m.
passing Pravidence going up Tuesday
morning. Returning, passing Provi
dence going down the samer evening,
This steamer reserves the right to
pass all landings that the captain may
consider unsafe.
OCAR Or AU. anlV64
camses AY e tº
wbe.se~amn. alabeinaiM
1"b" *1ewM basme"
!itsame la$$ W. *M **4
SPre PilM Sae,
No. 3 Levee street, 8 doors from eornev.
Dealer in
TiN, Ulm ad , -
and sole agent In Providenoe for the
celebrated brand of
Made by the Live Oak Distillery of
Cincinnati, Ohio.
The purest Rye whiskey on the market,
and used by the U. 8. government for
medieal purposes.
Also Peobles OL CAsmlT in eases, ,
years old.
UIs sesale,
es b e stuesa
ase Pt sad
er t yeoars renowned Ifor Its  ie
us b eatatp sstm es
to :to f ano htarlsaumss, end mak
deseive aed dape be. M usthodso e Sil
tesslad of its odeate arel h ndma
ao bemse1s.
Commercial Coarse Guaranteed
and Superior tno ny other In the Calted
Write for FR~iK eceliena Paite e SOlNes
Great Work, Ts pp., on Dook-keep.g.
Address: GEO. SOULk R POXs.:ew SlaO e
Frake Provm Id . --te f.
It ,e an kaun ++a hlia to 'Or...dut e
,,lrr .++.-+..4 + ,q .
Kc~uM~cr Ittl kk dayl~t-

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