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L. K. BAman, S. B. KmNzmy.
Lake Providence, La.
WOsee next door to Poetofee.
C. 8. WYLT,
Attozn.e.y at Ilaw.
Lake Providence, La.
Pratim State a Federal Crt
Atto ery at IFsaW,
Lake Providence, La.
At Judge Montgomery's law office. t
Surgeon and Practicifng Pysicfan. I
(Obstetrics a specialty.)
Will respond to all calls, day or night.
O ts* at Bernard drug store. Residence I
next to Metodist Chure
Payment for medical services must
be made at the close of each month r
positively, a
Local and Parish News.'
The candidates are smiling. °
Mr. Charley Beard is on the sick
There I. very little cotton left in the Il
The rain has come, and the dust has a
Services at the Catholic Church at t4
10:.0 to-morrow.
It Is strange, but politics seems to n
be hard to be started.
The people continue to go to n
White's for cheap goods.
Yesterday was All Hallows, and a
legal holiday in the State.
Keep your cotton seed at home; b
prices are bound to be higher.
Civil term of the Seventh District
Court has been in session this week.
All IHallows was appropriately cele.
brated at the Catholic Church yester
day. a
Neighbor Fousse caught four large w
bass with a spinner on Friday morn
Ing last.
We have had dust for several weeks.
We will take mud now for several L
The Banner-Democrat regrets to
mention the continued illness of Mr. D
T. Byrne. he
The Leathers got a big shipment of ni
cotton at the Providence landings on G
Tuesday night. fu
Mrs. W. 8. Brown and children G
have returned from their visit in
South Louisiana.
Brackhouse turned over $6 to the bc
town treasurer for using obscene lan- w
guage on Tuesday. tb
John W. Cooke. the polite Levee ge
street merchant, came back from New pa
Orleans last Tuesday. tb
The Joe Peters went up on Wednes- sti
day morning, and since that time by
somebody is lonesome.
bow many speculators in cotton
futures in East Carroll were squeezed oc
in the decline last week ? in
Six dollars a ton is now being paid mi
for cotton seed by our landing keep- fu
ers. Not a cent in 14it for them.
The great levee contractor, Charles ol
O'Donnell of this plad, has ecured
two important oontracts in the La- ln
fourcehe district. le
We returned from our trip to the gr
Atlanta Expositlon on Wednesday de
morning. Next week we will say
something about it.
Our popular friend Mr J. 8. Gue
nard, has been confnled to his room for
several days with fever. Hope to see t
him out shortly, w
The new series of the Building As- re
soelatlon opened with 25 shares. The Is
merits of that institution begin to be
appreciaSted uas they should.
The merebhanls who do not adver
tise stand in their own light; it I s
evideot that the merchants who do of
advertise are doing ail the business. up
On aeconunt of a heavy ftreighbt, the I
Joe Peters did not pusmop until rfues- wi
day night. The boat will go lanto the
Memphis with a fbl load of ootton. the
Dr. I. W. Seay, an old time resident al
of our parish, now of Lutcher, La.,
was a visitor bhere this week. He
went out to his plantation in the Bend. tell
The telegraph line from here toto
Tallulah Is a faree; It Is down more thi
than half of the time. We should opi
bave a good service, we pay enough us
for itp
Priters' Ink says that The businss aix
man need have no cares es to the dis- Me
potlon of his wares, nor wall for
trade with wistful eyes if be will but
advertie?" her
Our frlend Leo Shields made a fly.
ing visit to Omega last week. Judg- t
aing ftom the frequency of his vislts to All
Omega, the levees must be in a bad Che
condition there. b
Trh veteran George Guler is re.s-Ht
palienr the Tenas bridge; when be "C1
gets troutgh with it, i: will be a den el
job as George does not not know how
to stight his work.
Dr W. i. Lo g paid a4Je ,,id
to Ike city oa Weduneday. o
tua 'pi the amea evening astei g
I'hId bhe norpl tasha in me amo di
W he bar no longue that some etbar I
teaw slilnens are ahead in the Istskre ems
.bPeis;t hose antaeu us wbo head &u
* # W rBs. o& ast~ l
On Tueeday Mr. UH.-teis iame saero
a colored man- by the atn.n W Cole
mR. msea NelMsh, who was wanted for bit.
Sting his wife in the head with a brick.
D' Bud Invited him around to the jail,
Y, where be he is now boarding with Sheriff
Mr. N. Fousse's little girl picked up
_ a pocket book on the street Wednes- I
day evening, containing money. Mr.
Foosse inserts a notice in another
D. column calling on the owner to:prove
property and get the pocket book and
They tell on a swamper of our ac- I
quaintance that he came to town last
week and at night engaged in a game
of cards. He remained too long, his
ce. mules got tired and walked home.
Some one beard him at night asking I
from a passer-by the way to the Ten
sas bridge.
Misses. Katie and Mary Decker left
see last Tuesday night on the Joe Peters
est for Columbia, Tenn., where they will i
th remain until next April. Columbia is t
next to home to these young ladies, as
it was here they spent five years at the
Institute; and we know that their
many friends there will accord them a 1
cordial welcome.
ck e
McRae starts a big gun next week,
he look out for him. c
If the U. S. Government makes no e
as appropriation for the levees this year, I
a number of engineers, levee inspec- d
at tors, etc., will be thrown out of em
ployment. Eat Carroll would suffer
to more than any other parish in the dis.
trict, as we have always been fortu- o
to nate enough to secure a full share of c'
these offices.
Mr. McDermott, of the Spengler
Manufacturing Company of Vicks- P
burg, came up on the Annie Laurie
last Tuesday morning and went on n
k. bosiness to the saw mill of the Provi
deuce Lumber Company. Mr. Mc
Dermott went back the same evening,
and reported himself highly please
e with our little town.
If you cant get what you want at
McRae's you might as well go home.
Why suffer with Coughs, Colds and C
La Grippe when LAXATIVE BROxo w
to QuINvi will cure you in one day. al
r, Does not produce the ringing in the la
head like Sulphate of Quinine. Put ci
a up in tablets convenient for taking. oI
n Guaranteed to cure, or money re
funded. Price 26 cents. For sale at
in Gueuard's Drug Store.
Our people should patronize only in
boats that stay in the trade during the M
. whole-year; pirate and tramp boats pi
that some only to get the cotton should w
e go back ampty. Of the New Orleans st
v packets, the Leathers was the only one na
that stayed during the summer. In.- as
s- struct the landing keepers to ship only ea
e by her. es
n The proceedings of the Parish Dem- la
d oeratic Executive Committee appear ju
in another column, and as they are of di
d much importance they should be care- w
fully read. The committee passed a
resolatIoa eatsang all parish end ward re
oslcers to pledge themselves in writ- b
ing to abide the result of the primar- h
les. This will knock out any dis
e gruntled candidate from running in- en
If yon want your old baggy to quit
ratling go to McJae's.
r The "Will Case" of John W. Saint
e et al vs. Charity Hospital et al, which
was brought by Mr. C. F. Davis in the
Srecent term of court to set aside the ab
e last will and testament of Mrs. Emma
SInugram, on the gronad of informality, gQ
was decided in favor of the defend
ants, his honor sustaining the validity ins
Sof the will. The suit was brought a
upon one point, namely, the alleged
e improper ealing of the testaleut. It lo
,. will go to the Supreme Court, where
o the chances are one hundred to one
the decision of this court will be
t afdrmed.
SMr. J, 8. Guenard the druggist will
L. tell you that no one is better qualified sa
Sto judge of the merits of an article lin
b than the dealer, because he bases hiJs n
Sopinion on the experience of all who
use it. For his reason he wishes us to
publish the remarks of other dealers 1
I about so article which he handles. bn
Messrs. C. F. Moore & Co., Newberg. la
Ore., say: ",We sell more of Cham-lo
berlain's Cough rtemedy than all Stc
others pat together. and it always Ab
gives good satisfaction." Mr. J. F. eitj
Allen, Fox. Ore., says: I believe
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to oe
beet I have handled." Mr. W. R.
-HItchoook, Columbus, Wash., says:
• Chamaberlain's Cough Remedy sels th
well and Is highly praised by all who
use it." For sale at J. . 8 Guenard styl
diag store. _ __
be remsred; tbore is eogh otMeilte
emiaatiag from it -to e -gsa'r ,er d
iwe.ions disases It 1J - .
II~UY .II za.
The faflowig cases ihave been dis
S is posed of by his honor Judge Mont
gomery at the present term of court:
Willie Dickey vs. Braxton House.
Judgment for plantiff.
_ J. 8. Guenard Ys. Pariah of East
Carroll. Judgment for plaintiff.
J. W. Saint et al vs. Charity Hoe-.
bit pital et al. Judgment for defendent.
ick. Edwin Booth vs. Robt. Nicholson.
ail, Judgment for plaintiff.
Richard Stewart. husb. vs. Dassie
rif Stewart, wife. Judgment for plain
Thompson, Willson & Co., vs. Sut
UP ton & McNeal. Judgment for plain
es tiff.
Mr. H. C. McGuire vs. R. W. Seny,
her Judgment for plaintiff.
Mrs, Bettie Jenkins vs. W. K. Spur
ove lock. Judgment for plaintiff.
ad Lheman, Moes & Co., vs. G- H. Sut
ton. Placed on dead docket.
J. W. Ryan vs. Delovy & Doran.
ac- Placed on dead docket.
set J. Stein & Co.. vs. Wm. Haynes.
me Judgment for plaintiff.
Susie McRae vs. Susie D. Hall et als
his Placed on dead docket.
ne. Chambers, Roy & Co., vs. J. V.
ing Dunn. Judgment for plaintiff.
o. Henry Johnson et at vs. Wm. Love.
Judgment for plaintiff.
Mrs. Nora Hunter, wife vs. W. H.
of Hunter, husband. Judgment for plain
Mrs. Julia C. Frost, wife vs. W. B.
Fill Frost, husband. Judgment for plain
is tiff.
as Mrs. Florence D. Blanton, wife vs.
be L. L. Davie, husband. Judgment for
sir State vs siamb Dixon; larceny.
Sa Thirty days in jail.
State vs Allen Walker, carrying Se
concealed weapon. Thirty days in jail. ar
:k, State vs Henry Atlass, carrying con- B
cealed weapons. Twenty days in jail.
State vs Frank Bell. Warren Dob
DO son, jr., Chas Green, Henry Lee and -
ar, Wm. Fuguay, shooting craps. Fifteen
c-. days in jail.
State vs Steve Knight; assault with
Per a dangerous weapon. Thirty days in SJ
Is- State vs Ed. Williams; carrying con
a- cealed weapons. Five dollars and
of costs or thirty days in jail.
State vs John Banks; larceny. Thir
ty days in jail.
er State vs Frank Harris; larceny and
assault to kill. Six months in the >R
- penitentiary. to
-Ie State vs John Lee; assault. Dis
on missed.
r-. State vs Wm. Carson; shooting craps. M
- Five dollars and costs or fifteen days in
e If you want your hogs to quit root- ist
zng call on MecRae's. n.i
at Sore Throat. Any ordinary case tic
te. may be cured in one night by applying pr;
id Chamberlain's Pain Balm as directed Ya
to with each bottle. This medicine is W
y. also famous for its cures of rheumatism Mt
he lame back and deepseated and mus- Gr
ut cular pains. For sale by J. S. Gue
g. nard. rec
e- tri
at Miss Mary Decker has kindly prom- the
ised the B.-D. to contribute occasion- an
ally to its columns during her absence sai
ly iu Tennessee. The readers ot Miss del
e Mary's interesting and instructive for
ts pieces will be glad to know that she an,
Id will not entirely forget us during her eac
is stay there; and it gives us great pleas- Dir
me are to say that our country readers,
u. as well as thcee in town, have given thi
y expression quite often to the manifest res
ease and fluency with which the young ral
lady writes. Miss Mary is a young ele
lady of culture, education and good nai
ir judgnment, ad her treatment of the the
different subjects upon which she bhas 181
Swritten entitles her to the just com.
mendation of which she has been the
recipient. We hope her stay will be
both pleasant and profitable, and that Ga
- she will return to us in the sprnng
with her wits and pencil both sharp.
' ened. Jol
What is It McRae wont have next Fr
t Talane Untversity of Louitsana.
SIts advantages for practical lnstruc- mo
elion, both in ample laboratories and
Sabundant hospital materials are un- Qur
equalled. Free access ia given to the
great Charity Hospital with 700 bris A
and 30,000 patients annually. Special Ral
Sinstruction is given daily AT TH BEDm
sIna o) T roca. The next session
begins October 17tb, 1896. For cata- ing
logue and information address mat
Pzsor. 8E.E CHArLaL, M. D., DEAN, 19
I New Orleans, La ing
el rP. O. Drawer 261. be
Iall and Winter Sample. he
-- pri[
Mr. Walter Goodwin wishes us to date
I say that he has Just received his new tarl
s line of fall and winter samples, R
sand invites his friends to call and take first
a look at them. On account of the elec
newtgriff, clothes are much cheaper. Con
Mr. Abram, a cotton buyer of Vicks. thir
burg, came up on the Annie Laurie com
last Tueeday for the plurplose of buy- '
- lug all the crop of our friend, atx of a
I Stockner. On Tuesday evening, Mr men
Abram and Miba Mary visited our
Elsewhebre can be seen the card of and
Mrs. L. K Gardham, who ha opened the
her retaurant to the ladies. Everr- 28th
thing Is nicely arranged, and ladies the
man drop ii and get oysters in all (
styles any time of the day.
The anumerous wire tSeane recently Nn
put up at the landing are worse thee
a labyrinth; they should be declared a who
public anleame. At -ight, no se of te
couM pmsirby extriate himself from T
them and be weal have to stay pe a h
oed p stiI iaytlghtL age
eviciee at tleaplesspsand tetho.
Cranberries. Fresh Pork Sausage in oil.
Ben Davis Apples. Fresh Pork Sausage.
Fresh Prunes. Pickled Tripe.
Bunch Celery. Pickled Pigs Feet.
California Fresh Fruits. Whittiker Hams.
California Evaporated Peaches. Acme Hams.
Evaporated Apples. Picnic Hams.
Dried Apples. Breakfast Bacon.
New Sugar House Syrup. Balogna in Olive Oil.
Maple Syrup. Hog Chittling.
Gold Drop Syrup. Sure enough Mangoes.
And that Buckwheat. Crabs on 1-2 Shell.
Heno Tea. Sauer Kraut.
Assorted Preserves. Pine Apple Cheese.
Assorted Fruit Butter. Cored and Grated Pine Apple.
Potted Chicken and Turkey. Rollmopps.
'Fresh Strawberries in cans. Chicken, Ox Tail and Turtle.
Fresh Cottolene. Soaps.
Fancy Candies to Suit the Most Fastidious 1!
Si&Brandy, Claret, Champagne Cider, Ginger Ale, Mineral Water,
Seltzer Water, Old Rye Whiskey, Imported Apollinaries Water, Imported
and Domestic Champagnes, Anheuser Busch Keg Beer, Budweiser Bottle
Beer, Malt Nutrine, Mereschino, Benedictine, Imported Sherry and Rhine
I am doing a first class Grocery FBusiness and a liberal
share of your patronage will be appreciated, and satisfaction is
guaranteed. Yours Very Truly,
W. C. oaAE, Agt.
id A New Orleans cotton man bet
ie $5000 last week that cotton would go
to 10 cents a pound by January.
Pursuact 'to adjournment, the Par
t. ish Democratic Executive Committee
n,ut on this 28th of October, 1895.
The chairman being absent, on mo
te Lion, R. N. Rea was elected chairman
pro tem.
Present--H. C. McGuire. R. N. Rea,
Yancey Bell, W. C. McRae, C. S.
is Wyly, Geo. F. Blackburn by W. C.
m MeRae proxy, W. . Dunn by J. S.
s Guenard proxy.
Absent-Robert Nicholson.
On motion of J. S. Guenard, it was
resolved that the candidates for Dis
trict offices be voted for directly at
the primaries ordered on Nov. 28th,
'- and that the successful candidates for
e said offices be allowed to name the
delegates to the District Convention,
as follows: The successful candidates
' for District Judge, District Attorney
e and State Senator respectfully, shall
r each name four delegates to the
p District Convention ; and that
, thej delegation to said conven
tion shall cast the entire vote of
n this parish as a unite in favor of the
it respective candidates receiving a plu
g rality of votes cast at the primary
Resolved, That the following be
d named as commissioners for holding
e the primary election on November 28,
a 1896.
e At Nicholson's store-Robert Nichol
son, Chris McGinnis and T. B. Goffe.
At Epps' store-J. A. Wyly, L. M.
t Gay and J. S. Jackson.
I sEcoo WARDo.
At Wilton store-H. K. Barwick.
John McNeil and C. B. Richardson.
At Atherton store-E. W. Constant,
t Fred Breithaupt and Abe Bass.
At Firemen's Hall. Providence-C.
1! Davis, Herman Stein and D. W. Gil
At Robertdale store-L. Fass, P. D.
- Quays and J. G. Oldfield.
I At Panola store-C. A. Voelker,
1 Ralph Aly and T. B. Davis.
Resolved, That the several candi
dates for parish and ward offices be
required to pledge themselves in Writ
ing to abide by the result of the pri
maries ordered for November 28th,
1896; and that any candidate, declin
ing or neglecting to make said pledge,
be held to be disqualified from receiv
ing the nomination for office for which
he is a candidate, by the vote of said
primary election; and that said candi
dates sign said pledge before the secrers
tary of this committee.
Resolred, That the voters in the
first, second, fourth and fifth wards
elect one member for the Executive
Committee from each of said wart's
respectively, and that the voters of the
third ward elect live members of said
committee, to serve for the term of
four years; any vacancy occurring in
s'tid committee to be filled by election I
of a new member b3 the remaining L
members of said Committee.
Resolved, That a primary election
be held on Tuesday, the 3rd day of
December, 1895, at the same places
and by the same commissioners and a
under the same rules as provided for
the primary election ordered for Nov.
28th, 1895, for the purpose of taking
the vote of the parish for candidates
for Governor, and that the candidate
receiving the plurality vote shall re
ceive the vote of the parish in the State
Nominaating Convention, and that the a
Parish Executive Committee shall P
select a delegate to said Conventi.,a,
who shall be instructed to cast the vote
of thei parish for saki candidate.
That at said primary the sense of
the voters be taken as to the advi.
abihty of adopting the proposed sufeRr- s_
age amdse~4aes to the oeoaaittion.
Tha a said prtmary a utaber of j
the 1)emoersatals st Casttal Cons
hastfta bet hsdb F,, OatlR la ase9f at
et vacancy in said committee from this
o parish, the new Parish Democratic
Executi"e Committee shall elect said
Committee adjourned subject to call.
R. N. REA. Chair. pro tem.
C. S. WYir, Secretary.
In this issue appears the card of
o. Judge F. F. Montgomery, announcing
tn himself as a candidate for re-election
to the office of district judge. The
a able and efficient manner in which the
s. Judge has discharged the duties of his
office, combined with his proverbial
S impartiality and correctness in decid
ing all legal points in the trial of cases,
makes any introduction of him to the
as publhc unnecessary; and this is partic
s. ularly evidenced by the fact that in
!, Madison, as in East Carroll, his quali
b, ficatiousa as a judge are highly spoken
)r of. With an experience of eigbt years
e ion the bench, he stands before the
n, people again, and we are of the opitn
es ion that he will prove a most formida.
iy ble opponent in the lists for judicial
iii honors.-Banner-Democrat.
me If the people of East Carroll and
at Madison parishes are awake to their
n- own interest they would elect Judge
of Montgomery without a dissenting
ne vote. We know the Judge personally
u. and can but add our feeble commen
ry dation of a man who has dealt out im
partially justice to all for the past
)e eight years. Every colored man with
ig an ounce of manhood should give him
] their vote, while he Is a died in the
wool democrat,he is an honorable man,
upright citizen and kind neighbor.
SWe hope he'll be unanimously re
The above is taken from the Calcas
leu Blade, edited by a colored hian,
John W. Dozier, who:was a professor
c. in the public school of this plare, and
was highly respected, not on) by his
own race, but by the white pepp)e as
well. We take pleasure ia ying
the comment.
Mrs. W. B. Meek, who resides at
Camp tonvylle, Cal., says her danghter
t was for several years troubled at times
with severe cramps in the stomach, and
would be in such agony that it' wad
necessary to call in a physician. Hav
ing read about Chamberlain's Colic,
e Cholera and Diarrhoea R!hedi she
concluded to try it. She fI t it
always gave prompt relief. Iwas
seldom necessary to give the second
dose. It has not only saved . a t of
worry and time," she says, ."but' also
doctor bills. It is my opinion that
every family should have a bottle of
this remedy in the house." For sare by
J. S. Guenard. -
Mrs. F. R. Bernard and childaen ar
riyed home the latter part of last week
from Tennessee, where they have been
spending the summer.
Dr. Stewart, Dentist, is now in
town, and those wishing dental work
done, should call. i is office is at the
residence of Mr. T. J. Fatherree.
In last week's issue we failed to
mention the return of Mrs. Philip
Long, who has been visiting for some
months relatives at her home In Ala
Peoket book cantatala memey. Owner -
can have same by proayi property ard
paylng for this sdverauser.
1. FOrIS&
Mrs. L. .. srdba bas meas p!rsa.
toes to eatertaletadaes 5smte A.-e Vnew
P~stautnaam dsdaihe the fid #151 tea
&l be b0best of 21
amarthe :2'. gam
Oiswa u t -1cm
t ateasj VG odt. 1 e to
whel mistake You ans't metn te ttI Kasin
retalitas Ib W eawt us thatit la, srfboat eh.'.
o ltwo wheel we ha . eer am.. sad. motrcme
me ts!has ahts a other whe r
Siu r tha we elf We corm o.
ll ms wboI ,rpaD 7S E W th WItede,
b'ir ms, ,.ta.a . &Ce
.- l n... .... a .. e - .w a..
~an~dh oa s ,as eatCeahgj., Isby ,mall.
weight, . h.#d t .7INd gIANAPOU, IND .
I wish to notify the public generally that l:have re-opene&t my Landing a-d
joining Purdy & Schneider, where I will do a general Receiring ad Forwr4d
ing business. I will have a competent man in charge who will be thefo to de
liver goods at all hours. My rates are in keeping with times and ae ma fr.
All kinds of machinery, 5 per coent. Con. oats bran MAe.. per sack...... .1
on freight bi........ A gtoceries, perpLI ....... .. ...
Wagons. Carriages. Ac............. .°b Drygoods, eboots a esh ...,... Al
Horses. Mules nd Oxen, per cent Barrel .... .............
on freight bill .............. Hal fbarrel all i11i aid
Lumber and Bsick. 5 per cent on Plouer and toal per bekbarrl ...... 1.
freight bill ............ ........ .. Ion eotto tes.... ............. .
Furniture. 10 per cent on freightbll Cotton, per bale ........ ............ .0
liogsheads and crates.each.......... .15 8ingle packages of any kind......... .N
Plano and organs, each............ 50 '
Liboral discount on above prices In large lots. Consign freight eare Meat'em
son's Ldg., Lake Providence. La. P`ER MATE8ON.
$ $100 W** d
. Columbia
Bicy le....
mhd l.a *b est is ever th dCeapest.
C"0ta cae Maybe the first cost Iof the peer
of this cpdylen d less Columbia will be a few dEllars mere t:t
Ain of ,iis. the price of the bicycle said to be "justas go&"
at istic °a. .. What if it ip? You will have few er latLePirs with
luýa ent, a Columbia-built Just as It shoat4 nt.e-e. ur
two as.Ce.nt contet in the posssalaion oft"i ssitdUea l AWdi
amps. will be worth all Of its cost.
S. Be Wise in! our Sab
ouenas and girls' ug. S; Oe
lr lllng Preserpton a speceia tyy lot conp g eAe i 2s
--iceased .Pharnmaat. " ... ..
Toilet and Fancy Articles. "Per. Cii h -
Landreth's Ba S
N.- FO US9 .
iPOP E MP -. CO. " *
SJeb wihd oesm a p e mpea. d s I . ... suer :
. A . LE ,,
Fiine Pbreusicrponw b speelaltmpeuy f b Is aS
As.soE ssua PO IDEN E, *te 4m:
BioptAuairi ho.er tS' an f-si-I W '
Britch #5-ing an tSom peeystacu a, Equ
~FYA~· I~M ~~~ ~. 3

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